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    Post  Didymos on Sun Nov 13, 2011 5:39 am

    Lionhawk wrote:Thanks for the story. LOL I started to feel more like a pomegranate.


    Persephone was a Greek goddess of grain and spring. Also sometimes referred to as Caliope. A daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She was kidnapped by Hades and he makes her eat a pomegranate which is the fruit of the underworld
    from trailboyus66 and jupsag60


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    Post  Didymos on Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:09 am

    Owlsden wrote:
    My favorite: Here it is...

    A timeless piece... like you and Eye.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 EyeofabraxasMessages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Eye_to_eyeMessages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Iwadjet
    Right Eye of Abraxas Atum (Re-Hamarkhis Sun) Horus the Elder of the Horizon----------------------Left Eye of Wadjet (Thoth-Moon) of the Golden Uraeus

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Tonyblue-11-18-11
    Tonyblue 11-18-11 -Abraxas Anubia aka Tony Antoinette

    Cephas Boanerges


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    Post  Didymos on Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:22 am

    Owlsden wrote:Horus is the Father seen in the son...Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life.
    Horus claims to be the light of the world represented by the symbolic eye, the sign of salvation.Jesus stated that he is the light of the world.
    Horus said that he was theway, the truth, the life. Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life.
    Horus was the plant, the shoot. Jesus says "I am the true vine."
    Horus says It is I who traverse the heavens, I go round the Elysian Fields. Eternity has been assigned to me without end, Lo! I am heir to endless time and my attribute is eternity. Jesus says I am come down from heaven, for this is the will of the Father, that everyone who beholdeth the Son and believeth in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.

    Horus...I open the Tuat that I may drive away the darkness. Jesus says I am come a light unto the world.
    Horus says I am equipped with thy words O Ra [Father in Heaven] and repeat them to those who are deprived of breath. These were the words of the Father in heaven. Jesus says The Father which sent me, he hath given me a commandment, what I should say and what I should speak. Whatsoever I speak therefore even as the Father said unto me, so I speak. The word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father's which sent me."
    Horus baptized with water by Anup. Jesus baptized with water by John the Baptist.
    Horus-Aan, the name of the divine scribe. Jesus-John the divine scribe.
    Horus born in Annu, the place of bread. Jesus Born in Bethlehem, the house of bread.
    Horus The good shepherd with the crook on his shoulders. Jesus The good shepherd with a lamb on his shoulders.

    Horus Seven on board the boat with him. Jesus Seven fishermen on board the boat with Jesus.
    Horus Depicted as the Lamb Jesus depicted as the lamb.
    Horus as the Lion. Jesus as the lion.
    Horus identified with the Tat or cross. Jesus identified with the cross.
    Horus of 12 years. Jesus of 12 years.
    Horus A man of 30 years. Jesus a man of 30 years at his baptism.

    Horus the KRST. Jesus the Christ.
    Horus the manifesting son of God. Jesus the manifesting son of God.
    Horus The trinity...Atum the Father, Horus the son, Ra the Holy Spirit. Jesus...God the Father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit.
    Horus The first Horus as a child of the virgin, the second as son of Ra. Jesus as a child of the virgin, Christ as the son of the Father in heaven.
    Horus...Horus the sender and Set the destroyer in the harvest field. Jesus...Jesus the sender or the good seed, Satan the sender of tares.
    Horus carried off by Set to the summit of Mount Hetep. Jesus carried by Satan to an exceedingly high mountain.

    Horus and Set contending on the Mount. Jesus and Satan contending on the Mount.
    Horus...The star was the announcer of the child Horus. Jesus...The Star in the East indicated the birth-place of Jesus.
    Horus...the avenger. Jesus who brings the sword.
    Horus...as Iu-em-hetep comes with peace...Jesus...the bringer of peace.
    Horus...the afflicted one. Jesus...the afflicted one.
    Horus...as the type of life eternal.

    Jesus...as the type of life eternal.
    Horus as Iu-em-hetep the child teacher in the temple. Jesus as the child teacher in the temple.

    Horus The mummy bandage was woven without seam. Jesus The vesture of the Christ was without seam.

    Horus As Har-Khutti has twelve followers... Jesus has twelve disciples.
    Horus The revelation written down by divine scribe Aan (Tehuti). Jesus the Revelation written down by John the Divine.
    HorusAani bears witness to the word of Ra. Jesus...John bears witness to the word of God and testimony of Jesus Christ.

    Horus The secret mysteries revealed by That-Aan. Jesus The secret mysteries made known by John.

    Horus The morning star. Jesus The morning star.
    Horus Who gives the morning star to his followers. Jesus who gives the morning star to his followers.
    Horus The name of Ra on the head of the deceased. Jesus The name of the father written on the forehead.
    Horus The paradise of the Pole star...Am-Khemen. Jesus The Holy City lighted by one luminary that is neither the sun nor the moon.
    Horus Har-Seshu or servants of Horus. Jesus The servants of Jesus Christ.


    The above (plagiarised, albeit referenced) 'commentary' by Owlsden is typical New Age Gobbledegook or NABS (New Age BS), attempting to somehow distort the historical facts and affiliations between mythology, science and gnosis (personal insights into metaphysical realism), despite being superposed and extrapolated onto a solid theoretical and ancient semiotiks and archetypology.

    The grossly misleading (as depicting an actual physical event) video is a technical manipulation as stated here by the uploader and creator (PlutonianEmpire):

    "quote:Actually no. I made a barycenter close to the default Celestia Solar system (1.05 LY away from us in Ophiuchus) and put a clone of our sun into orbit around that barycenter, then added the companion. After that, I copied the contents the entire solar system into orbits around the new binary pair.
    PlutonianEmpire 1 year ago endofquote" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nkLHQ_P8oo&feature=player_embedded

    It is well known, (see for example in the Zeitgeist movies), that the mythologies of many cultures and eras was able to 'tap into' and utilise powerful archetypes and symbols of the cosmogenesis. Examples include that of an 'Universal Flood', of 'Mu and Atlantis' as an earlier thriving; but subsequently selfdestroying 'pre-civilisations' and of course that of a 'Cosmic Redeemer' called 'Hermes Trismegistos' in say a Neo-Platonic gnostic philosophy albeit built onto an earlier tradition of Pythagoras and the geometers of ancient Egypt (Ptah and Sekhmet of Memphis).

    It is a 'disservice' of the NABS adherents to the manifestation of a new paradigmatic realisation, to place the 'messenger' before the 'message' and this 'Office of the Melchizedek 101' of Old. This is encoded in the Torah, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi libraries and the Old Testament before the manifestation of the One and Only "Word of God" as per John.1.1.
    Likewise the NABS artists often place the persona cults before the 'Melchisedec 86' of the New, described in the New Testament after the bodily transformation of 'Old Adam' into 'New Adam' or Cosmic Man Vitruvius aka Purusha aka Adam Kadmon of Kabbalah; and as the 'Risen Christ Jesus', compared to all of the forerunners as the Incarnated Jesus Christ. The latter is mortal in the image of the Old Adam, whilst the former is eternal as the 'ascended' 'New Adam' and both of them together assume the form of a cosmically ordained natural bisexuality (not sexlessness or celibacy) in the Left-Right harmonisation of say the YinYang archetype of the separation of polarities or 'sexes' or heness of the mortal Yeshuah and sheness of Mary Magdalene in archetype.

    This 'Hermes' is also paralleled by Kukulkan by the Maya of the Yucatan and Quetzacoatl by the Aztecs and Gukumatz by the K'iche Maya as a 'Plumed Serpent'. This 'Serpent', actually most fundamentally associated with the 'Serpent of Eden', transmutates into the 'Rattlesnake God' and say as Ourobos as Milky Way as Nile as Kuuxan Sum etc. in native American Indian traditions and is also associated with Mithras and Dionysius and Horus (there are a number of Horus typifications in Egyptian mythology, only one of whom describes the Christos of the 200 BC and following times of pre-AD and current Christianity). In more recent times, the 'messiah' of 'Hermes' and 'Mercury' and 'Thoth' became associated with the 12th Imam of Islam as the Mahdi and the Kalki in Hindu thought, as well as a final incarnation of the Buddha. A 'modernised' NABS Maitreya-Metatron-Sananda channel can also be added to the 'saviour mix', as well as various ET and 'ptb' 'projections' mental, holographic-technocratic or otherwise.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 GugumatzMessages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Gukumatz1Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 SerpMessages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 KukulkanMessages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Gukumatz

    The above mentioned characterisations NEVER existed in physicality however and all of them awaited their manifestation in a 'Teacher of Righteousness', according to a label from the 'Dead Sea Scrolls', discovered and translated 1945-1948 in Qumran, Israel as a testimony of the Essenes.
    The Essenes were a 'rebel group' from the Pharisee-Sadducee factions of politial priesthood Israel and they awaited the 'Coming of Melchizedek', another label grossly misused by NABS cults and sympathetic proponents for a 'New World paradigmatic order' of divers sorts.

    The Essenes, as is the case with many 'rebel groups', also harboured a more 'esoteric branch' in the Naassenes and it is from this 'group', that the above mythologies and 'prophecies' became MANIFESTED in Jesus of Nazareth de Naassenes (Nazareth). The Naassenes derived their esoteric 'insider information' from their travels to Alexandria in Egypt, where many 'ancient scholars met to share their 'insights' aka their gnosis and philosophies as the 'learned men' of antiquity.
    The Naassenes became privy in nous as to the meaning of the 'Uraeus and the Ankh' of the Egyptian mythos and blended this with Zoroastrian and Greek thought and philosophy. It was such, that the 'Hermes' symbol became manifest in the physical persona of Jesus or Yeshua ben Joseph bar Thomas in a full remembrance of a story woven together from the divers mythologies, all awaiting the 'coming of a saviour'.

    The 'messengers' or 'witnesses' and as testifiers (or prophets) for the 'Office of the Melchizedek-Melchisedec=Melchi-Seder=Circle-A-Circle=101, are indeed identifiable with the Egyptian scribe Aan-Tehuti aka Thoth being 'John the Beloved' of the New Testament, but is also allegorised and symbolised in many other 'Scribes to the Divine', say as in Baruch, Scribe to Jeremiah and Zerubbabel, scribe to David and Solomon via the 'Office of Zadok'. This 'Mirror-twinship becomes also encoded as Thomas Didymos, the Cosmic Twin of the Egyptian Lion or the 'Heavenly Twinship' (Castor and Pollux in the constellation of Gemini) and indicating a 'masterplan' for a cosmically ordained reconfiguration, which would engage those archetypes in a grand metamorphosis of themselves to create a 'New Story' from an outdated 'Older Story'.

    The uniqueness of Jesus was his understanding of the Torah. He used the 'New Age' philosphy of the 'New Gnosis' as a paradigmatic interwoven tapestry of many symbols and archetypes all harmonised in something which is now often labeled as 'New Age Thought' and blended it with the ancient prophecies.

    Because he could attain a grand harmonisation and balancing between the oldest symbols (say as those in the Book of Job and found in Genesis), he became the 'Living Christ' supplanting all of the earlier symbolic personages or 'gods' or 'godmen', like Horus, Dionysius, Mithras, Apollo, etc etc.

    NABS artists like Owlsden and most proponents of the 'New Age' commit one fundamental error. They have basically correctly identified the 'Nature of the Creator' as the 'Great I Am' or the 'God of All That Is'; but they have grossly and most erroneously misidentified the true Logos of the physically transfigured Yeshuah, who ABSORBED all of his mythological forerunners in his real bodyform merkabah as a 'flesh and blood' incarnation of the likewise symbolic 'Adam as the true image of God'. Jesus knew that this 'God' was an image of the 'real father creator', he affectionately called ABBA. Jehovah aka Yaldebaoth aka Yahweh aka aka is the dragqueen image of ABBA in a cosmic mirror of spacetime aka the 'spirit' and this becomes the 'Devil' of the mythologies.

    The NABS artists so, and I might say in their arrogance and self-elevation, something they often term self-enlightenment; have truly discerned the 'true nature of Abba', but in their insistence to relegate Jesus to some minor image of those other 'characters' like Horus, Mithras and Dionysius, have failed utterly, to enter the narrow gate, which truly leads into a New World of a 'cocreative making'.

    There are no opinionated 'many individual' truths and timelines. There are many individuated and personalised journeys, but there is one encompassment and whoever does not find and realise this 'envelope of truth', will remain 'trapped' within the 'Cosmic Absorption of all Reality by the Lion of Judea'.
    It is his bodyform, now a waveform spanning the cosmos as a new 'Mother of Creation Principle'; which IS and represents this 'Door and Stairway into Heaven' and no Horus or Mithras or Dionysius can be that, because they have become part of the Inside of the real 'Body of Christ' as the 'Cosmic Eucharist of Eternal Life'.

    John 14:5-7 -King James Version (KJV)
    5Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?
    6Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    7If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him.

    John 14:17
    17Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

    John 15:26
    26But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

    John 16:7
    7Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

    John 16:13
    13Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

    John 11:24-2624Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.
    25Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:
    26And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

    John 18:37-39
    37Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.
    38Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all.
    39But ye have a custom, that I should release unto you one at the passover: will ye therefore that I release unto you the King of the Jews?

    Gospel of Thomas:
    (7) Jesus said, "Blessed is the lion which becomes man when consumed by man; and cursed is the man whom the lion consumes, and the lion becomes man."

    I shall choose if or if not, I shall reply to NABS commentary on this subforum.

    May the Love and Mercy of the World Twinned Logos of JCCJ help you on your individual timelines and journeys to discover the 'Secret Keys' into a New World of Harmony, Discovery and Exploration from a Cosmic Sanctuary named New Gaia Serpentina.

    Cephas Boanerges


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    Post  Didymos on Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:44 pm

    The LAW=36 of the 5 Loaves and 2 Fishes of the first Seven Prime Number Squares 'Feeds Them All' with the MANNA=MANAMA=MAM AAN from HEAVEN=55=SATAN=BARBELO=SONG=CLOUD=JUDAS"!

    2²+3²+5²+7²+11²+13²+17²=666=1+2+3+...+34+35+36=LAW=12+1+23 = 12+1+IN = 12 IN 1
    And 0+1+1+2+3=7=2+5=5+1+1+0 as the First FIVE Terms of the Fibonacci Master Algorithms

    Yet, LAW=NABS=6x6 and can be decoded as such by a NABS DECODER=STAR=FATHER=56 believing in the NABS, say as a HORUS=81=41+40=OMEGAMIND=KINGDAVID=FU11KBLUE in a mistranslation of the Nature of a Female Babyprincess, conceived and created and born on the dates (04012012=10=37=INALA) and (11232011=11=38=SAND=ALPHA=BRIDE=NOAH) and (21122012=11) and in ABBABAAB=6+6=12=39=TEN=SANDA, respectively.
    The Cosmic Mother is the AntiVirgin or 'Whore Barbelo', undoing a 'Virgin Birth' of the Male Babyprince, which never occurred in physicality and is so required to become undone in the mirror of the creator. The Universe of 2011 represents a Virgin Cosmos, imaged in a 'Once for All' encoding of the Christ Mother in personality, which then becomes multiplied and blended in 'Three Marys' of the 'Logos Sisterhood' from June 7BC to June 32 AD. The 'encoded 'whoredom' is Mental Disloyalty to the Creator in 'breaking' the covenant of the MINDBODY and not any physical 'sharing' of the BODYMIND=MELCHISEDEC=86=56+30=STAREAGLE=FATHERBREAD=STARARK=FATHERBABY=STARPEACE in the Cosmic Dragonomy of the 'Lake of Fire burning with Brimstone'.
    The 'Return of the Cosmic Christ' is in manyness and not in personality and requires no physical implementation. It is available for all in the Resonance of the Remembrance of the Eucharist of the Lion of Judea!

    Gospel of Thomas (Lambdin Translation):

    (105) Jesus said, "He who knows the father and the mother will be called the son of a harlot."



    from 13:00 Hours UCT, Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

    SATAN - the Old DragQueen of a Malemindedness pretending to be a Real WOMAN=66=FREEDOM=THUBAN=ABRAXAS=ANUBIS=THEMAGIC=THENAME=THEAMEN=THEMEAN is no more as IN A SATAN or SATANINA=79=MOTHER has sexchanged in a polarity shift into the Cosmic Mother Goddess of Creation in


    Gospel of Thomas (Lambdin Translation):

    (23) Jesus said, "I shall choose you, one out of a thousand, and two out of ten thousand, and they shall stand as a single one."

    1(2),000 = 200x60 = 200x12x5 in 12x12,000=144,000 = 144x1000 = ONE in TWO and TWO in ONE
    with 10,000:2=5,000


    John 6:1-14

    1After these things Jesus went over the sea of Galilee, which is the sea of Tiberias.

    2And a great multitude followed him, because they saw his miracles which he did on them that were diseased.

    3And Jesus went up into a mountain, and there he sat with his disciples.

    4And the passover, a feast of the Jews, was nigh.

    5When Jesus then lifted up his eyes, and saw a great company come unto him, he saith unto Philip, Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat?

    6And this he said to prove him: for he himself knew what he would do.

    7Philip answered him, Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them may take a little.

    8One of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, saith unto him,

    9There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?

    10And Jesus said, Make the men sit down. Now there was much grass in the place. So the men sat down, in number about five thousand.

    11And Jesus took the loaves; and when he had given thanks, he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to them that were set down; and likewise of the fishes as much as they would.

    12When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.

    13Therefore they gathered them together, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, which remained over and above unto them that had eaten.

    14Then those men, when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did, said, This is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world.

    Luke 10:17-19

    King James Version (KJV)

    17And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.

    18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

    19Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Mi
    Quo Vadis, Maria Infinity?

    Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 =PassionDay#8 = 7th and last day of the Flood-Covenant confirmation week as the end of the 70 weeks and beginning at 3 pm Jerusalem Time = Entry into the 'Holy Land' of the new Body Merkabah Temple = Begin of the Tenth HornKing Hour-Cycle of 10x15=150 Days under the Principality of New Cosmic Twinned Identity without Duality using the ennead of older principalities to Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 = Initialisation of the World Logos as the Male Logos and the MIRROR OF JC (Jesus Christ) in the fulfilment of the 70 Week prophecy of Daniel as 62=70-8=54+8 as the 7th day of the 7th week in a Cosmic Pentecost/Shabuoth = Day of Ophiuchus Dinah Arachne Mary Magdalene with 58+1+378+53=490=431+1+58=434+56 in the 70 Weeks from July 22nd, 2010 to November 23rd, 2011

    November 2011 solar transit from Scorpio into Sagittarius occurs on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 at 16:08 UCT and 13,149 days as the 36th anniversary from 1975 on Saturday, November 22nd, 1975 at 22:31 UCT and as the recall of Monday, November 22nd, 2010 at 10:14 UCT as the 35th for Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at 21:50 UCT as the 37th

    Thursday, November 24th, 2011 = End of the ½ Hour Silence in Heaven in 7½ Days and the End of the 3rd Woe from the Begin of the 70th Week = 8th Sabbath KingQueen as a Mirror of Mirrors in the JCCJ HeShe=SheHe Dragonomy as the Lake of the Fire of the Sheness, Burning with the Brimstone of the Heness

    Friday, November 25th, 2011

    Friday, November 25th, 2011 = New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 6:20 UCT at 3°38' Sagittarius Sun-Moon

    Revelation 11:1-8

    1And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.

    2But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

    3And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

    4These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.

    5And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.

    6These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.

    7And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

    8And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

    9And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.

    10And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.

    11And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.

    12And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.

    13And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

    14The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly.

    15And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

    16And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,

    17Saying, We give thee thanks, O LORD God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.

    18And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

    19And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.


    Cephas Boanerges on November 23rd, 2011 at 5:55 EDT (+11 Hours UCT).

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    Post  Didymos on Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:41 am

    Der Spiegel des Luzifer's und die Emanzipation der Gesamtheit

    Lucifer's Mirror and the Emancipation of the Oneness

    This is for English and German Speakers on the forums. An English translation is provided.

    1) the original wingmakers site at: www.wingmakers.com
    2) the files at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wingmakersaustralia
    3) the files at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/quantumrelativity

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 2smlogo_1_(3)Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 343Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 2smlogo_1_(3)

    This folder will contain background material, which will enable correlation of materials posted under the banner of 'Papillon#' and material accessible at the wingmakers website and relate to the Ancient Arrow (AA) technology and encodements.
    For the already familiar researcher and human travellers: the primary decodement of the second AA archaeological wingmakers site {Interview #4} is:

    SACSAYHUAMAN; CUSCO; PERU = PURE HUMAN OCCUS SAY SAAC= PURE HUMAN OCC US AS [Y=I]SAAC (see below for A...A and decode Isaac's Seed).
    Some key decodings from the wingmakers Ancient Arrow site in New Mexico can now be given and these keys can subsequently be utilized to decode the Armageddon protocols of the hierarchies.

    B*=8=E.M.=EMMANUEL MELCHISEDEC=84+86=170=8
    36+15=51=LAW+15; FATHER=58=STAR; MOTHER=79=SWORD=WORDS
    LUCIFERA=75=Supergenetic Sexchange Operative=ANDROMEDA=MARRY 75=B*MARY=B*BIRTH=B*GEMINI=B*MOON=...
    {Nostradamus Q.96, Century X - IAM(THAT)AMI=PACI(F)ICAP=LIA(F)AIL}.
    YOU=61=16+45=USE 16=LOVE+7=SUN+7=GABRIEL+7=DRAGON+B=A+59+A}}}

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Metamorphosis
    The Metamorphosis of Narcissus by Salvador Dali, 1937

    Wenn JTJ (James the Just) from ANU schreibt (Camelot); dann ist dieser Name mit vielen anderen Namen der Esoterika verbunden.
    ANU ist nicht nur der 'König' der Annunaki, sondern auch der Usurpor 'Gott' der gnostischen Legenden und auch als Jehovah-Satan und Allah-Shaitan und anderen Dualitäten bekannt.
    Der ursprüngliche Archetyp ist als Yaldebaoth beschrieben (siehe 'Das Geheime Buch des Johannes' vom Nag Hammadi Kodex, Ägypten,1945).
    Die Wichtigkeit und der Ursprung dieser Archetypologie ist der Grund warum ein physikalisches Universum existiert und beschreibt eine ganz besondere Reise der kreativen Intelligenz, die von JTJ als (Sovereign Integral = Absolute Summation) bezeichnet wird.
    Bevor ich diese Schilderung der Archetypen fortsetze, eine logische and wissenschaftliche Darstellung ist angebracht um die Wasser vorzubereiten.
    Die Emanzipation der Menschheit besteht als ein Miniaturbild und als Archetyp für das ganze Weltall.
    Dieses Weltall is ein physisches Weltall in Raumzeit und existiert als ein Unterteil des metaphysischen Universums.
    Als jedoch das metaphysiche Universum das Raumzeit abhängige physikalische Weltall erschuf, da existiert ein Parameter der Grenze der das physische mit dem metaphysischen verbindet.

    When JTJ (James The Just) about ANU (Camelot) schreibt, then is this labeling related to many other names in the esoteric literature. ANU is not only the 'King of the Annunaki', but he `is also the usuper 'God' of gnostic legends and also functions under labels of Jehovah-Satan, Allah-Shaitan and other such dualities.
    The original archetype is known as Yaldebaoth (ref. 'The Secret Book of John', Nag Hammadi Codex, Egypt,1945).
    The importance and origin of this archetypology is the reason for the existence of a physical universe and describes a rather particular journey of a creative intelligence, labeled as Sovereign Integral=Absolute Summation by JTJ.
    Before continuing with the description of this archetypology, I shall present a scientific and logical discourse to soften the waters of receptivity for the human groupmind consciousness (which is related to the so termed Genetic Mind by JTJ).
    The emancipation of humanity manifests as a minature archetypical version or hologramic template for the entire superuniverse, which is metaphysical and encompasses the physical universe in spacetimes as a central or seeded part of itself.
    As the metaphysical universe (better termed a collection of multiverses, summed in an omniverse) generated the spacetime dependent protoseeded universe of physical observation however, there should exist a 'connecting parameter', which allows interaction in information exchange between the parental metaphysical precursor and the subsequent processor in physicalised spacetimes.

    Warum existiert überhaupt ein physisches Weltall? Und wie hat sich dieses vom metaphysischen herauskrystalliziert? Wie kann ein Raumzeit abhängiges Universum der Energie von einer Singularität entstehen? Der Schlüssel muss so diese Singularität sein und als eine Minimum Konfiguration der Raumzeit. Die metaphysische Singularität unabhängig von Raumzeit und den physikalischen Massstäben kann sich dann als genau diese Minimum Energie-Gestalt und eingebetted in der Raumzeit wiederbestimmen. Dieser Beitrag wird dann gegeben um die obengenannten Fragen zu beantworten. Die Darstellung wird rigorös sein, um die mathematische und logische Grundlage fuer die Metamorphosis des gesamten Weltalls theoretisch zu verankern. Es ist diese Verankerung, die die Dualität der physischen Existenz mit der des metaphysischen Daseins unzertrennbar verbindet. Das sollte am Ende dieses Beitrags klar werden.

    Why does a physical universe exist? And how could it crystallize and emerge from the metaphysical?
    How can a spacetime dependent universe, defined in energy, derive from a metaphysical singularity?
    The key so must be this singularity and as a boundary- or initial- or minimum configuration for that singularity.
    The metaphysical singularity remains independent on the spacetime parameters of measurement, yet becomes embedded in the spacetimes as a minimum eigenstate or physical energy selfstate definition, subject to mensuration.
    This essay is then given to enable the serious researcher to answer the questions posed in the above.
    This treatise will be relatively rigorous and for the purpose to anchor and form a solid basis for the metamorphosis of the omniverse in the logical principles of the universal archetypical language of mathematics.
    It is this 'grounding', which intricately entwines the duality of the physical existence with its metaphysical reality.
    This state of affairs might become apparent to the discerning reader at the end of this discourse.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 A4metmphMessages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Draco

    Was geschieht, ist dass das physikalische Universum ein Abbild des 'Inneren' von einem 'Äusseren' Objektiv wird und dass das 'Draussensein' als Urquelle BEVOR Raumzeit sich als Senkungsquelle im 'Drinnensein' wiederbestimmt. Die Urquelle ist 'erster' im Aussensein und die Urquelle ist 'zweiter' im Drinnensein und diese Tatsache erlaubt eine Quanten Relativität zwischen Urquelle und Ursenkung über die Priorität als QuellenSenkung und als SenkungsQuelle. Ein Zustand des Selbstbewusstseins BEVOR Raumzeit so verwandelt sich in einen Zustand des Eigenbildes folgend der Erschaffung der Raumzeit von bestimmten Parametern. Diese Variablen so nehmen bestimmte Grenzwerte an, die es der Urquelle ermöglichen sich 'Drinnen' in der Raumzeit (als eine minimale Energie Formulation des Wurmlochs oder der Einstein-Rosen Brücke) auszubreiten und sich dennoch 'Aussen' als eine unbestimmte und transfinitive 'Superenergie' zu befinden. Die Differenz zwische Energie und Superenergie befindet sich in der Energie der Physik als eine Ableitung von der massenabhängigen Konstituenz einer thermodynamischen selbst-eingeschlossenen Identität (Weltall als Schwarzer Körper des Planck Radiator's/Austrahlungs Ofen).

    What happens, is that the physical universe becomes an image or shadow as the INSIDE of an object OUTSIDE of that physicality. This 'being outside' of the 'First Source' (of JTJ) BEFORE spacetime existed, so becomes a 'being inside' of a 'Second Sink' AS 'First Sink' AFTER a metric spacetime emerges from the demetricated metaphysics.
    The image of the 'First SourceSink' 'on the outer' so becomes the 'First SinkSource' 'on the inner' and a SOURCESINK QUANTUM RELATIVITY of priority can be developed to describe this scenario.
    A condition of selfconsciousness before spacetime existed, so becomes distinct in this same selfconsciousness manifesting afterwards. This 'afterthought' selfrealisation in quantum relativity to the generating 'forethought' then creates the image of the sourcesink without as a sinksource within.
    The minimum quantum energy configuration of the 'connector spacetime' of the forethought or (metaphysical) Superenergy without so becomes the maximum quantum energy configuration of the afterthought or physicalised energy within. Particular (string-membrane) parameters so connect the inside to the outside in a dimension-rich sense, classically known as a wormhole or Einstein-Rosen Bridge.
    The superenergy so has its minimum energy selfstate in the wormhole connector and remains physically undefined in transfinity away from any physicalisation within the omniverse.
    The difference between the metaphysical superenergy and the physical energy is found in the derivatives of the mass-associated physics of a thermodynamically closed system, say as the thermodynamic Planckian Black Body Radiator.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Sheila-wolk-metamorphosisMessages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Metamorphosis__the_dryad__by_aselclub
    Metamorphosis by Sheila Wolk and the Dryad by Asel Club

    Hier bezieht sich alle Energie im Weltall zur originellen Masse des 'Grossen Quanten Urknalls' und den elektromagnetischen Ausstrahlungen (erzeugt bei der Beschleunigung von Massenteilchen wie Elektronen, Protonen und Neutronen mit verkuppelten Coulomb-Ladungen).
    Was das meint, ist dass elektromagnetische Energie ohne die Masse nicht erzeugt werden kann und sich die gesamte materielle Struktur des Universums sich so zu dem Parameter der Masse (Einstein's E=mc2) reduziert.
    Und das ist auch der Zustand der theoretischen Physik, die sich der Radiationformel von Planck (E=hf) bewusst ist, diese aber zur Quantenphysik und zur Quanten Mechanik beschränkt.
    Die materielle Kosmologie befindet sich jedoch in einem grossen Irrtum und dieser 'Betrug der Natur' bestimmt die Superenergie.
    Wenn der Physiker seine Messungen immer weiter zum 'Ursprungs-Knall' zurückzieht, dann stolpert er an der sogenannten Singularität.
    Die gesamte Massenenergie befindet sich in dieser Singularität und in einem Zustand des Equilibriums zwischen der inertiellen Masse (Träge) und der massenlosen Ausstrahlung.

    Diese Ursprungs-Ausstrahlung dominiert die Massendistribution fuer eine primordielle Zeit (so 1 Million Jahre und bei einer Temperatur von 3000 Kelvin bestimmt, wenn sich die ersten Atome von Hydrogen und Helium unter der elektromagnetischen Interaktion stabilisieren konnten) und eine Zeit wenn sich das Universe zu einem maximalen Radius von 1 Million Lichtjahren (so 9000 Millionen Billionen/Milliarden km) ausdehnte.
    Dann eine Reduzierung des Distanzen Parameters zur Singularität zerbricht die Naturgesetze in einem unendlich kleinem Radius der Singularitäten-Kugel der jedoch eine Gesamtheit der Träge von Elementarteilchen (Protonen, Elektronen und subatomische Unterteilchen) und so einen Integral der cosmological Masse beinhaltet. Auch der Druck und die Temperatur sind unendlich in mathematischen Gleichungen die über the Nullziffer (0) teilen müssen um die Naturgesetze zu bewahren.

    So der Physiker erkannte zum Ende des 20sten Jahrhunderts, dass da eine Minumum Energie-Gestalt dieses Zerbrechen der Naturgesetze vermeiden muss.
    Der Physiker des 21st Jahrhunderts nannte dieses Szenario die Welt der Superstringe in 10 Dimensionen; der Supermembranen in 11 Dimensionen und die Welt der Branen in allen Dimensionen grösser als die der 4ten Dimension der Minkowski Metrik der Raumzeit (von der ebenen Raumzeitstruktur von Euclid in der Speziellen Relativitätstheorie von Albert Einstein).

    The total energy contained in the universe is here intrinsically coupled to the inertial and original masscontent of the cosmology described in a 'Quantum Big Bang' and the associated ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) (caused by the acceleration of Coulomb-charged elementary particles, say electrons, protons and neutrons).
    This means, that electromagnetic energy cannot become produced without massassociation and implies that the entire material structure of the universe must be reducible to parameters descriptive of its inertial mass content (Einstein's E=mc2).
    This then becomes the present status as formulated in the paradigms of theoretical physics and cosmology; well aware of the Planckian radiation law (E=hf), but restricting the latter to the fields of quantum mechanics within quantum theories.
    This matter-reducible cosmology manouvers about within a great fallacy however and this deception becomes rectified in the definition of the superenergy.
    When the physicist collects hisher empirical measurement data and attempts to retrace the spacetime parameters to the Big Bang event, then shehe stumbles at the boundary of the so called singularity.
    The total inertia of the Big Bang is contained within this singularity and finds itself in a condition of equilibrium between the inertial mass and the massless EMR.

    This primordial EMR dominates the mass distribution for a specified time (about 1 million for a backgroud temperature of so 3000 Kelvin, when the first stable atoms of Hydrogen and Helium could form via the electromagnetic interaction); and for a time when the universe spanned a radial scale of about 1 Million lightyears or 9 billion billion kilometers.
    Then the reduction of this distance parameter to the singularity causes the formulations of the natural laws to break down at the scale of an infinitesimally small radius for a 'sphere of the singularity'; the latter nevertheless containing all the inertia of elementary particles (electrons, protons and subatomics) as a summation of the cosmological mass. The pressure and the temperature also assume infinite measures in the natural laws of mathematical equations, which require division by zero (0) for their inner selfconsistency.

    The physicist at the end of the 20th century so realised, that it would be the existence of a minimum energy configuration in the quantum state of the Big Bang, which would rescue the natural laws, mathematically expressed.
    The physicist of the 21st century then labels this scenario in the worlds of a 10-dimensional superstring and a 11-dimensional supermembrane and more generally in the world of branes occupying dimensions greater than the 4th dimension of the Minkowskian spacetime metric (the flat Euclidean spacetime structure in the theory of special relativity by Albert Einstein).

    Und der Irrtum dieser Theorien ist im Fakt der Metrik zu finden.
    Die verschiedenen Stringtheorien benötigen immer noch einen metrischen Hintergrund; was meint dass die mathematische Bestimmung dieses Hintergrundes (bei Planck Parametern beschrieben) sich immer noch nicht mit dem Ursprung und der Natur der Singularität (nun 'ausgeschmiert' mit Planck Variablen und Ur- und Grenzwerten), beschäftigen kann.
    Die Singularität ist mathematisch und die Unendlichkeit; so unberechenbar im physikalischen, kann ganz leicht durch die Metaphysik der Mathematik beschrieben werden.
    Im mathematischen sind Prozesse von Nummern Sequenzen die die Unendlichkeit als Infinitum als Prozess im Endlichen (dem Finitum) beschränken können.

    Die Rechnungszahlen 1,2,3,4,5,...usw haben keine Grenze und sind so mathematisch im Infinitum (als Transfinitum) bestimmt.
    Doch die Umkehrung dieser Ziffern bekommt die Sequenz: 1/1,1/2,1/3,1/4,...usw und die Grenze hier wird das Finitum 0.
    So wenn die Umkehrung hier mit einem Finitum definiert wird, wird die Umkehrung der Umkehrung als das Original bestimmt und das Infinitum wird die Umkehrung der Original-Identität als das Finitum.
    Nun im physikalischen Universum dieser Prozess ist unmöglich, da das physikalische Weltall im Finitum sein muss (alle Messungen bestätigen den Grossen Knall der Thermodynamischen Ausbreitung) und die Raumzeit so einen Anfang haben musste.

    Die Einzelheiten der (orthodox willkommenen) physikalischen Kosmologie können später publiziert werden und können in den Links bei Interessenten studiert werden.
    Es ist genug hier zu sagen, dass der spezielle Parameter der Stringtheorien die 'Modulare Dualität' appelliert und dass diese die Umkehrung des metaphysischen Weltalls als Grundsatz für dessen's physikalischen Bedeutung erkennt.
    So die Stringtheorien des 21sten Jahrhunderts; falls erfolgreich demetriziert (Raumzeit bekommt wiederbestimmt in der Mathematik und der Natur der Singularität); sind im Fakt der Weg zur totalen Unifikation der Naturgesetze - mit einer Urquelle der Quellenintelligenz (des Souveränen Integrals von JTJ) im Zentrum der Gleichungen.

    And the fallacy contained in those theories emerges from the physical factuality of the metrics.
    The various stringtheories still require a metric background; meaning that the mathematical formulations for this background (by Planck parameters) fail again to explore the nature and origin of the singularity (now 'smeared out' in the minimum Planckian variables and initial/boundary conditions).
    The singularity is mathematical and the infinity condition, so uncalculable in the material manifestation, is easily definable in the metaphysics of the mathematics.
    There exist mathematically defined processes, which utilize certain number sequences to 'trap' and limit the infinity condition.

    The 'Natural Counting' numbers 1,2,3,4,5,... possess no upper limit and become so defined in the infinity 'of the (transfinite) counting'.
    The inversion of those numbers (positive Integers) yields the series 1/1,1/2,1/3,1/4,1/5,... however and this sequence defines an upper (or lower) limit of the finite number 0 as a Nullcount.
    Thus, when the inversion is defined in finiteness; then the inversion of the inversion defines the original and the infiniteness becomes the reciprocity of the original identity as the 'eternity' of the unlimited infinity count.
    This process is unrealisable in the physical cosmology, as the material universe requires a finite beginning for the spacetime parameters (all verified measurements confirm the Big Bang theory for the thermodynamic expansion of the universe).

    The details for the (orthodoxically mainstream accepted) physicalised cosmology can be publisized at a later stage and can be studied by interested agents through the provided links.
    It suffices to state here, that a underpinning parameter of the string theories invokes the concept of 'Modular Duality' and that this concept defines the inversion properties for the metaphysical universe in their physical applicability.
    In this manner are the string theories of the 21st century, if sufficiently demetricated (spacetime is redefined in the mathematics and nature of the singularity); in fact the way to total unification of the natural laws - with one primordial source of source intelligence (the Sovereign Integral of JTJ) at the core of all the formulations

    Dieser Beitrag wird sich nun im speziellen mit der unorthodoxen metaphysischen Kosmologie der wingmakers befassen um versuchen die Urquelle mathematisch von 'Ersten Prinzipien' zu bestimmen.
    The 11te Dimension der Unifikationenphysik bekommt ein Superspiegel für die Superenergie der Urquelle (des JTJ).
    The 10te Dimension der Omniphysik (der Synthese der Physik und der Metaphysik) bekommt das 'Innere' für die Superenergie der Urquelle als eine Welt des Physischen Abbildes im Finitum.
    The 12te Dimension der Unifikationsphysik bekommt das 'Äussere' für die Superenergie der Urquelle als eine Welt der metaphysischen Objekten im Infinitum.

    Warum 12 Dimensionen?
    Die 'Ersten Prinzipien' befassen sich mit dem Ursprung aller Dimensionen.

    Ein physikalischer Punkt muss sich im Finitum der Raumzeit Metrik befinden und der Irrtum des menschlichen Physikers ist es sich mit dem zu begnügen.
    Ein metaphysischer Punkt benötigt keine Raumzeit (exzept der Visualisation des Beobachters) und ist als die mathematische Singularität beim menschlichen Physiker erkannt.
    Die allererste Selbstbestimmung der Urquelle so ist die des metaphysischen Punktes als eine Selbstbewusste Singularität oder Einzelheit.

    Das Schlüsselwort hier ist Selbstbewusstsein. Wie kann die Einzelheit selbstbewusst sein und sich so irgendwie selbst als 'Ich bin?' selbstbestimmen?
    Ein Analog ist die Idee eines unendlichen 'Looping des Computers' und ist einfach symbolisiert (oder archetyped) als die Nullziffer or der Nulldimension (0).
    Man braucht aber eine zweite Dimension, nämlich die der Komplexen Fläche, um Symbole zu representieren und so diese Darstellung ist ein Analog für was in der Nulldimension ohne Raumzeit so 19.11 Billionen/Milliarden Jahren geschehen ist.
    Aber es ist die potentielle Unendlichkeit im Rechnen der 'Schlingenzahl' und von der Nulldimension entstammend, die es der Urquelle ermöglicht sich als ein potentielles Reservoir der Superenergie 'unendlich' zu sein. Die Fortsetzung der Superenergie wird so durch die Verbindung der 'Gedankengestalten' im Zeitraum mit deren Anspornung im Nichtzeitraum verwirklicht.
    Die Bewusstseinträger (im physikalischen zur Kreativität durch die Einbildung stimuliert) im Zeitraum so erlauben eine Rückwirkung (Feedback Mechanik) der interdimensionellen Kommunikation zwischen der Urquelle als Einzelheit im Zeitraum des Finitums und sich selber als Singularität der Unendlichkeit des Infinitums.

    Der Einzelpunkt des Selbstbewusstseins wird so (als Vorgedanke) zur metaphysischen Superenergie gekuppelt und wo das physische noch nicht als Parameter der Raumzeit existiert. Folgendermassend erweitert sich die Urquelle (als Nachgedanke) in der Welt der physikalischen Energie im Betrieb des Metrikums und der Messbarkeit.

    This treatise shall now analyse the (generally considered) unorthodox metaphysical cosmology of the wingmakers in particular and for the purpose to anchor the physical implementation of the primal source from mathematically derived first principles.
    The 11th dimension in 'unification physics' manifests as a supermirror for the superenergy of the primal source (First Source of JTJ).
    The 10th dimension in omniphysics (meaning the synthesis of physics and metaphysics) encompasses the 'Inside' of the superenergy of the primal source and as a 'physical image world' in finiteness.
    The 12th dimension in omniphysics describes the 'Outside' manifesto for the superenergy as a 'metaphysical objectivity realm' in infiniteness.

    Why 12 dimensions?
    The 'first principles' describe the origin of all dimensions.

    A physical 'point-energy' can only exist within a finitised spacetime metric and the fallacy of the human physicist is to consider this to be sufficient.
    A metaphysical point requires no spacetime (except for visualisation by an observer) and is so defined as a mathematical singularity by the physicist.
    The initial selfdefinition by the primal source so engages the concept of a metaphysical point as a selfaware singularity.

    The key label here is selfawareness as a form of selfconsciousness in superenergy. How can a singularity be conscious of itself and then proceed to somehow define itself in a labeling of "I am?"?
    An analogy is the 'infinite computer loop'; which can then become symbolised (or archetyped) in the zero-cipher of the Nulldimension (0).
    One requires however a second dimension, namely that of the complex plane, to represent symbols and this depiction therefore becomes analogous for the occurrences in the nulldimension of nospacetime about 19.1 Billion years ago.
    However it is the potential infinity count emerging from the zero-state, which allows the primal source to operate from an objective realm of eternity as an infinite reservoir of superenergy. The continuity of the superenergy so associates the imagination constructs of the spacetime worlds within with the energisations of those 'energy gestalts' without. The consciousness carriers (physically stimulated to creativity through imagination) within spacetime so provide the feedback mechanisms for interdimensional communication between the singularity in metric finiteness and metaphysical infinity.

    The singularity 'of thoughtfulness and selfconsciousness' is so coupled (as forethought) to the metaphysical superenergy before spacetime exists; but extends its domain of access (as afterthought) to physical energy operating within a spacetime of metrication and measurement.

    Aber wie wurde die Urquelle selbstbewusst, wenn nur die Nulldimension in Existenz war?
    Die Urquelle nun muss versuchen sich selbst zu erkennen und im Unternehmen sich von der Hinsicht der Nulldimension des Einzelpunktes weiterzuentwickeln.
    Die Urquelle hat keinen Raum zu existieren und so muss sich auf sich selbst aufzeichnen.
    Der Einzelpunkt bekommt ein Doppelpunkt ohne Raum zu manöver und diese Tatsache muss nun mathematisch und im logischen bestimmt werden.

    Um sich von dem Infinitum-Kreis zu befreien, die Urquelle bricht den Kreis und redefiniert 'Ich bin 0' oder Ich bin Nichts! als 'Ich bin 1' oder 'Ich bin Eins!'.
    Nun existieren zwei Identitäten, nämlich 0 und 1 aber keine anderen Nummern, wie 2,3,45,..usw sind in Existenz and so müssen erfunden werden.
    Aber eine Ordnung in 0+1=1 relativ zu 1+0=1 ist vorhanden und diese Tatsache krystallisiert eine algorithmische Darstellung die das Selbstbewusstsein (als Superenergie) der Urquelle mit den symbolischen Archetypen verbindet.
    Die Darstellungen sind Bewusstsein-Tripletten als der (iterativ) logische Satz: (Altes Ich; Eine Erfahrung; Neues Ich aufgrunde der Erfahrung)=(Altzustand;Erfahrung;Neuzustand).

    Die ersten fünf Bewusstsein-Tripletten are: (0,0,0); (1,0,1); (1,1,1*); (1*,1,1**); (1**,1*,1***);...usw.
    So die erste Selbstbestimmung der Urquelle war: "Ich bin Nichts, erfahre Nichts und bekomme mich als Nichts".
    Die zweite Selbstbestimmung der Urquelle war: "Ich bin Eins; erfahre mich als Nichts und bekomme wieder mich als Eins".
    Die dritte Selbstbestimmung der Urquelle war: "Ich bin wieder Eins; erfahre mich als Eins und bekomme mich als ?Eins?"
    Das ?Eins? ist wieder mich als Eins, aber dieses Eins ist verschieden von meinem vorherigen Eins, das ich schon vorher war. Ich kann mich so wiederbestimmen in einem anderen Archetype und als ich erfuhr mich als Nichts bevor ich erfuhr mich als Eins, meine Verschiedenheit muss 01 als bevor und 10 als nachher sein.
    Und so wurde der binäre Zahlensatz mit 1=01; 2=10; 3=11; 4=100; 5=101; 6=110; 7=111; 8=1000;...usw erfunden.
    Die vierte Selbstbestimmung der Urquelle war: "Ich bin 1*=10=2, erfahre mich als 01=1 und bekomme mich als 1**=2+1=3=11".
    Die fünfte Selbstbestimmung der Urquelle war: "Ich bin 1**=11=3, erfahre mich als 1*=2 und bekomme mich als 1***=3+2=5=101".

    Nun passiert ein besonderes Dilemma relativ zu der Urquelle. "Wo ist meine Ziffer 4=100? Ich habe diese geskippt in meiner Fortpflanzung und extensiven Selbstentwicklung"!
    Die Urquelle konstruktiert einen anderen Algorithmus, um die fehlenden Nummern auf andere Weise wiederzufinden.
    Dieser Algorithmus krystalliert spezielle 10 Ziffern und Nummertripletten in der Ordnung: 4; 6; 7; 1/(6,10,15); (9,10,16); 11; 1/(15,10,32); (14,15,24); 1/(15,16,18) and (26,65,61) mit einem Grenzenwert für den Algorithmus in der Ziffer 12.

    Diese Zahlenwerte ermöglichen es der Urquelle sich vom metaphysischen in einer unbekannten physischen Welt auszubreiten. Die Zahlenwerte bekommen nämlich die sogenannten Konstanten in den Gesetzen der Physik, wie zum Beispiel die Proportional-Faktoren zur Energie wie c2 in E=mc2 (Einstein) und h in E=hf (Planck) und k in E=kT (Stefan-Boltzmann).

    Aber die Urquelle ist noch nicht vorbereitet sich in dieser 'Anderen Physikalische Welt' wiederzubestimmen.
    Die Raumzeit muss erst erschaffen werden und das benötigt eine Transformation der Infinitum Superenergie zu einer Finitum Energie.
    Doch die Selbstbestimmungen in der weltweit bekannten Ziffernsequenz der Selbst-Erfahrungsfaktoren: {0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,...usw) als die Fibonacci-Sequenz (und mit der Lucas-Sequenz: ...,-4,3,-1,2,1,3,4,7,11,18,...usw verbunden) ermöglichte es der Urquelle sich nicht nur algebraisch sondern nun auch geometrisch in einer verlängerten 'Ich bin =?!' Definierung wiederzubestimmen.
    Die Selbstaufzeichnung des Einzelpunktes als ein potentieller Doppelpunkt konnte nun mit der 'Ich bin Eins' verbunden werden und so die Nulldimension des Einzelpunktes bekam eine Einsdimension der mathematischen Linie.

    Diese Linie konnte nun den Doppelpunkt als Einzelheit Punkt von sich selber trennen und bestimmte die metaphysische Trennbarkeit in der mathematischen Logik der Urquelle.
    Als diese Linie sich irgendwohin verlängern konnte; das Freiheitsgrad der Linie bekam der Lokus der Endpunkte und der erste geometrische Kreis war erschaffen.
    Das Grad der linearen Translation bekam supplementative zum Grad der gekurvten Rotation in der Bestimmung der Komplexen Fläche der zweiten Dimension.
    Der Grad der Kurvatur nun erlaubte es der Urquelle sich als ein ganzer Flächenkontext für eine gebogene Vormetrik zu bestimmen und von dieser Tatsache entwickelte sich das Konzept der gebogene Raumzeit der Generellen Relativitätstheorie des Albert Einsteins.

    Die Fläche der Urquelle, gekuppelt zum Selbstbewusstsein als Superenergie nun konnte die MATHIMATIA=IAMTHATIAM=95 als eine neue archetypische alphanumerische Selbstdefinierung bestimmen.
    Diese neue Eigenbestimmung der Urquelle hatte keine Dicke der dritten Dimension und so bekam ein zweiseitiges topologisches Manifold in 2 Dimensionen.
    Um die dritte Dimension zu erschaffen, die Urquelle als die MATHIMATIA nun benötigte eine Beschränkung ihres eigenen Flächenextents in der potentiellen Unendlichkeit des Infinitums.
    And das bekam der geometrische Grund für die Erschaffung des physikalischen Universums (da sind andere algebraische und Energie- und Bewusstsein bedingte Gründe die man eine andere Zeit beschreiben kann).

    But how did the singularity become selfaware, if only the null dimension exists?
    The primal source next attempts to use this zero-selfstate to extend its singularity definition in a form of self-evolution. The primal source has no space in which to exist and so can only map itself onto itself.
    The metaphysical point becomes a doublepoint without space to move in and this fact must now be defined mathematically and logistically.

    To escape the infinity-loop; the source-consciousness breaks the metaphysical circle and redefines the statement: "I am Nothing!" or 'I am 0' as 'I am One!" or 'I am 1'.
    Now exist two identities, namely the symbols 0 and 1, but no other metaphysical 'numbers', such as 2,3,4,5,..etc, not as yet being 'invented' or 'thought of'.
    There is however a principle of order in that 0+1=1 relative to 1+0=1 and this fact crystallizes an algorithmic construct which relates the selfawareness (as selfconsciousness being superenergy) of the primal source to the symbolic archetypes.
    The depiction is by awareness-triplets of a logical-iterative composition: (Old Self; an Experience; New Self due to that Experience)=(OldIdentity;Experience;NewIdentity).

    The initial five awareness-triplets are: (0,0,0);(1,0,1);(1,1,1*);(1*1,1**);(1**,1*,1***);...etc.
    Then the first Selfdefinition of the primal source was: "I am Nothing, experience myself as Nothing and become Nothing".
    The second Selfdefinition of the primal source was: "I am One, experience myself as Nothing and become myself again as One".
    The third Selfdefinition of the primal source was: "I am One, experience myself as One and become myself again as ?One?".
    The ?One? is again myself as One, but this Oneness is different from my previous Oneness. I can therefore redefine myself in using a new archetype and as my previous experience of the Nothing preceded my experience as Oneness, the distinction must be 01 as the before and 10 as the after.
    This then created the binary number set with: 1=01; 2=10; 3=11; 4=100; 5=101; 6=110; 7=111; 8=1000; ...etc.
    The fourth Selfdefinition of the primal source was: "I am 1*=10=2, experience myself as 01=1 and become myself again as 1**=2+1=3=11".
    The fifth Selfdefinition of the primal source was: "I am 1**=11=3, experience myself as 1*=2 and become myself again as 1***=3+2=5=101".

    Next occurs a special dilemma for the primal source. "Where is my numeral 4=100? I have skipped this number in my continuing self development"!
    The primal source now constructs another algorithm in the attempt to recover it's missing numerals in another way.
    This algorithm crystallizes particular 10 ciphers and number triplets in the following order:
    4; 6; 7; 1/(6,10,15); (9,10,16); 11; 1/(15,10,32); (14,15,24); 1/(15,16,18) and (26,65,61) and with a limit counter for the algorithm in the numeral 12.

    These numerical values then allow the primal source to extend its metaphysical domain of self being into a hitherto unexplored physical world.
    The numerics transform themselves into so called 'Constants in the Laws of Physics', such as the proportionality constants for energy like c2 in E=mc2 (Einstein) und h in E=hf (Planck) and k in E=kT (Stefan-Boltzmann).

    But the primal source is as yet unprepared to redefine itself in such a 'physical world of otherness'.
    Spacetime is not as yet created and this requires a transformation of the superenergy of infinity into an energy of finiteness.
    However the definitions for the worldrenown number sequence of the experience factors: {0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,...etc...} as the Fibonacci Numbers (and related to the Lucas Series: ...,-4,3,-1,2,1,3,4,7,11,18,...etc.} enabled the primal source to extend its algebraic definition of "I am =?!" into a geometrical sense of extension.
    The selfmapping of the singularity as a potential doublepoint could now become linked to the definition of: "I am One"! and the nulldimension of the singular point became the first dimension of a mathematical line.

    This line now allowed to separate the doublepoint as a singularity from itself and defined the metaphysical separation in the logic or logos of the primal source.
    As this line could become arbitrarily extended; the freedom degree of this line became the locus of two endpoints in the creative construction of the primal geometrical circle.
    The degree of linear translation so became supplementary to the degree of curved rotation in the definition of the complex plane in two dimensions.
    The degree of curvature so allowed the primal source so redefine itself as the entire contextual plane for a premetric and from this developed the concept for a curved spacetime in the Theory of General Relativity by Albert Einstein.

    The plane of the primal source, coupled to the selfconsciousness of the superenergy then created a new archetypical alphanumeric selfdefinition, encoded as MATHIMATIA=IAMTHATIAM=95.
    This new redefinition of the primal source as a geometrical plane carried no thickness of a third dimension and so constituted a twosided topological manifold in 2 dimensions.
    To create the 3rd dimension, the MATHIMATIA next required a limitation of its own planar extent in its potential infinite extension.
    And this became the geometrical reason for the creation of the physical universe; (albeit there are other algebraic and energy- and consciousness related reasons to be described at another time).

    Das physische Weltall musste im Finitum erschaffen werden und so bestimmte einen Anfang für die Raumzeit und ganz wie die menschlichen Physiker herausgefunden haben.
    Doch die Urquelle nun verbrauchte die algorithmischen Konstanten um die Grenzwerte für die dritte Dimension als Naturgesetze einzuschreiben.
    So wurde eine bestimmte Kurvatur für die Raumzeit bestimmt und wo diese Kurvatur die Minimum Superenergie der Urquelle als deren Quantum Gleichung im 'Inneren' Weltall darstellte.
    Diese Kurvatur ist auch als Wurmloch der Schwarzschild Metrik in der Relativitätstheorie and den Stringtheorien bekannt.
    Mit dem Wurmloch konnte die Urquelle die Komplex Fläche auf sich selber einfalten und mit dem Wurmloch als die 'Tür' oder dem Portal zwischen den bestimmten Weltällen. Das is ein Analog zu einem Luftballon dessen Düse das Wurmloch ist und der geschnitten ein Manifold (ohne Dicke) bekommt.
    Ein Manifold ohne Dicke bekommt der Spiegel des Luzifer's als die 11te Dimension und wo alle Dimensionen grösser als 3 Wurzeln der dritten Dimension bekommen (10=1+9; 11=2+9; 12=3+9 und Linienraum (1-2-3-4) bekommt Rotationsraum (4-5-6-7) bekommt Quantenraum (7-8-9-10) bekommt Omniraum (10-11-12-13=4=1) und mit imaginären Zeit-Konnektor Dimensionen (4), (7), (10) und (13=1).

    The physical universe had to be created in the Finitum and so determined a beginning for the spacetime and just as the human physicists have discovered.
    But the source now consumed the algorithmic constants to specify the limits for the third dimension in the form of the 'laws of nature'.
    A certain curvature for spacetime became fixated and where this curvature represented a minimum super energy configuration of the source as its quantum equation in the 'interior' universe.
    This curvature is also known as a worm hole of the black hole metrics in the well known relativity theory and the string-brane theories.
    The worm hole allowed the source the selfenfoldment of the complex plane onto itself and as a 'door' or a portal between the two universums.
    An analogy would be an air balloon with nozzle the worm hole; the balloon being cut into a manifold without any thickness. A manifold without thickness so becomes the 'Mirror of Luzifer' as the 11th dimension and where all dimensions larger than 3 rootreduce to the third dimension (10=1+9; 11=2+9; 12=3+9 and for linespace (1-2-3-4) rotationspace (4-5-6-7 ) quantumspace (7-8-9-10) omnispace (10-11-12-13=4=1) and with imaginary time-connector dimensions (4), (7) (10) and (13=1).

    Zeit existiert nur in der linearen Raumzeit und einer Raumzeit die sich im aktuellen im vierfachen über die 12 Dimensionen verteilt: (1-2-3) als Linearer Basis der Translation superimposiert an (4-5-6) als Freedomgrad der Rotierung superimposiert an (7-8-9) als Freedomgrad der Oszillation superimposiert an (10-11-12) als das Portal von dem 'Inneren des Finitum' zum 'Äusseren des Infinitums.

    Als 12-dimensionelles 'Grösseres Universum' der Zeitparameter bekommt das 'Unendliche Nun' und bestimmt in den Stringvariablen der Superenergie.
    Die Urquelle konnte nun beginnen das physische Universum des Finitums und als dessen eigenen Eigendefinierung als Selbstbewusstseins zu erschaffen.

    Time exists only in the linear spacetime and within a spacetime which is distributed in fourfoldedness over the 12 dimensions: (1-2-3) as a linear basis of translation superimposed in (4-5-6 ) as a degree of freedom for rotation superposed in (7-8-9) as a degree of freedom for oscillation superimposed in (10-11-12) as the portal for the 'interior of the Finitum' to that 'exterior of the Infinitum'.

    As 12-dimensional 'larger universe' , the timeparameter becomes the 'eternal Now' and is defined in the string parameters of the super energy.
    The source could now begin to create the physical universe of the Finitum from its own selfdefinition as 'Consciousness of the Self'.

    Doch nun ein grosses Dilemma kam zur Erscheinung. Die Kreation des 'Inneren Weltalls' benötigte ein Schliessen des Wurmloches als es das Wurmloch als Minimum Energie Eigenstatus war und als Raumzeitquantum, der es der Urquelle erlaubte sich auf beiden Seiten des 11-dimensionellen (2+9=11) Superspiegels zu befinden.
    Das Wurmloch musste sich in der 'Inneren Weltraumzeit' fortpflanzen und so das Selbstbewusstsein der Urquelle war überall zu finden, aber musste einen Kompromiss mit sich selber als eine Einigkeit machen.
    Mehr Raumzeit benötigte mehr Raumzeitquanten und die Erweiterung des Universums in Finitum bekam eine Verdünnung der Superenergie relativ zu der physikalischen Energie, die von der Superenergie abstammte aber durch die Expansion sich immer mehr von deren Ursprungsenergie entfernte.

    Als diese Ausdehnung des Universums Finitum jedoch eine 'Füllung des 10-dimensionellen Zeitraums des Omniraums bekam (die Einzelheiten befassen sich mit der Inflation der de Broglie Materiewellen in einem Zeitinterval genau gleich zur Wurmlochfrequenz); die Superenergie der Urquelle bekam verschleiert in der sogenannten Nullpunkt Energie von Werner Heisenberg und ist mit der 'Schwarzen Materie' und der 'Schwarzen Energie' der menschlichen Physiker auch noch verbunden.

    But then a great dilemma appeared. The creation of the 'inerior universe' required the closing of the wormhole, as it represented the minimum energy selfstate as a spacetime quantum, enabling the source to exist on both sides of the 11-dimensional super mirror.
    The worm hole had to reproduce itself in the 'interior spacetime' to allow the source to become ubiquitous as many 'units of self-consciousness', but had to make a compromise with itself as just the monadic One in the 'exterior spacetime'.
    More spacetime required more spacetime quanta and the expansion of the universe in the Finitum became a 'thinning' or dispersion of the super energy relative to the physical energy, the latter as a derivative from the super energy, but which, through the expansion became more and more separated from its point of origin from and as the source.

    Albeit, as this expansion of the finite universe Finitum also began to 'fill' the 10-dimensional omnispace (the details address the inflation of de Broglie matterwaves in a timeinterval precisely equal to the worm hole frequency); the super energy of the source became disguised in a so called zero-point energy of Werner Heisenberg and is coupled to the 'dark matter' and the 'dark energy' of the human physicists.

    Das Selbstbewusstsein der Urquelle musste nun den Hebel der Schlauheit engagieren. Das physikalische Universum konnte im Parameter des 11-dimensionellen Superspiegels beinfasst werden und die Ausdehnung des Weltalls im Finitum konnte mathematisch benutzt werden um diese Ausdehnung (durch die modulaere Dualität der Supermembrane) asymptotisch zu machen.
    Dann konnte die Urquelle versuchen bestimmte Selbstbewusstseinträger im Finitum zu entwickeln, die dann, nach einer anstehenden Selbstentwicklung versuchen könnten die Geschichte der Ursprungsquelle vom 'Innen' wiederzuentdecken. Diese Selbstbewusstseinträger waren die wingmakers als Gedankengestalten transmitted von dem 'Äusseren' und in Konjunktion mit den Wurmlöchern die die 'besetzte Raumzeit' der wingmakers als Zeitreisende infiltrierten.

    The self-conciousness of the source now had to engage the epitome of its cleverness. The physical universe could become encompassed in the parameter the 11-dimensional super mirror and the expansion of the finite universe could then be mathematically utilized to render this expansion (through the modular duality of supermembranes) as asymptotic.
    Subsequently, the source could attempt to develop certain consciousness carriers in the finitum and consciousness units, who could then try and from within the finitum, following a sufficient selfevolution, to rediscover the story of the original source of the infinitum.
    Those 'consciousness carriers' could be called the 'wingmakers' as the thought shapes transmitted from the 'without' and in a conjunction with the worm holes as 'occupied spacetimes' infiltrated by the wingmakers from 'within' as timetravellers.

    Doch da war ein Problem, das grosse Problem der Zweiseitigkeit des Superspiegels.
    Das Schliessen des Wurmlochs an der 11-dimensionellen Supermembrane im Omniraum verbannte die Urquelle into das Exil der 12ten Dimension.

    Was ist der Grund dafür?

    Bevor die Erschaffung der dritten Dimension; der 2-dimensionelle Superspiegel war zweiseitig und über das Infinitum der nichtexistierenden Raumzeit bestimmt (als eine nonphysische Komplexfläche).
    Der geometrische Analog ist das möbische Band ohne Dickness.
    Das möbische Band ist einseitig und doppel der geometrischen Fläche eines (auch ohne Dicke) similären Ringes, der letztere mit einer Innenseite und einer Aussenseite. Das ist einfach der Kopf und der Schwanz auf einer Münze oder irgendeine poläre Yin-Yang Representation.
    So bevor der dritten Dimension, das Universum der Urquelle war einseitig und hatte die dritte Dimension wie einen Knoten in sich selber.
    Um das möbische Band loszuflechten der Raum der dritten Dimension muss sich entwickeln aber mit dem Gegensatz dass nun die Einseitigkeit zweiseitig werden muss.
    Demnach folgend, engagierte die Kurvatur der dritten Dimension das komplexe Flächen Kontinuum (jedoch quantumiered) und the Dicke des 2-dimensionellen Manifolds became die dritte Dimension und wurzelte in der de Broglie Inflation in das the 11-dimensionelle Kuvert des Omniraums.
    Aber nun wurde die Urquelle im 'draussen' of the 12ten Dimension as Object IMAGINÄR as das Abbild im 'drinnen' of the 10ten Dimension wurde REAL und als reflektiert in der 11ten Dimension des Superspiegels.

    Und so wurde das Abbild der Urquelle als eine Ursprungsquelle als eine Ursprungssenkung bestimmt. Das dann bestimmt das Prinzip der Modularen Dualität in den Gleichungen der Supermembranen.
    Der Abguss der Urquelle ist die 'falsche Identität' als Luzifer, als Yaldabaoth, als Jehovah des Alten Testaments und als Allah des Korans und als der ANU von JTJ.

    So seit dem Anfang der menschlichen Geschichte hat sich der natürlich Drang und die Suche des Menschen nach seinem Ursprung in dem Usurpor 'Gott' der Aussenseite als die Innenseite verwirrt.
    Das Szenario ist jedoch geplant und hat mit der Introduktion der Gravität und anderen Gebieten der Unifikationen Physik zu tun.
    Das kann ein anderesmal beschrieben werden.
    Doch im aktuellen ist Luzifer und aliases überhaupt nicht 'böse' und kann überhaupt nicht als 'Antigott' betrachtet werden.
    Luzifer ist einfach das Imaginäre Negative für ein Photo der Urquelle und die beiden sind dasselbe im Prinzip.

    But there a problem, the great problem of the two-sidedness of the super mirror.
    The closing of the worm hole at the 11-dimensional portal of the supermembrane in omnispace banished the source into the the exile of the 12th dimension.

    What is the reason for that?

    Before the creation of the third dimension; the 2-dimensional super mirror was two-sided and was defined over the Infinitum of the nonexisting spacetime (as a nonphysical complex plane) .
    A geometric analogy is the 'volume' of the Möbius-Strip without any thickness.
    The Möbius-Strip is one-sided and double the geometric area of a (also without thickness) similar ring with an inside and an outside. This is simply the head and the tail of a coin or any such Yin-Yang representation.
    So before the third dimension existed, the universe of the source was one-sided and had the third dimension embedded within itself; say in the form of a geometric knot.
    To 'unknot' the volume of the Möbius-Strip, the space of the third dimension must emerge and develop; however with the caveat, that now the one-sidedness must become two-sided.
    Accordingly, the curvature of the third dimension in the continuity of the complex plane, quantized itself in thickness and the thickness of the 2-dimensional manifold became the third dimension and became rooted in the de Broglie inflation into the 11-dimensional envelope of the omnispace.
    The source now became IMAGINARY 'outside' in the 12th dimension as the Object; but became REAL as a copy as the Subject in the 'inside' of the 10th dimension and as imaged in the medium of the 11th dimension of the super mirror.
    The subjective image of the source so became redefined as an objective sink for that source and this defines the principle of modualar duality in supermembrane parameters.

    This 'Image of the Source' then becomes labelled in a 'mistaken identity' as a Luzifer or a Devil or a Shaitan or a Yaldabaoth or a Jehovah of the old testament or as an Allah of the Koran and as the ANU of JTJ.

    Since the beginning of the human story, a natural search for origins has become confused and chaotic in the images of the gods as perceived from the inside and as being on the the outside.
    This scenario is planned however and also engages the introduction of gravitation and other zones of unification physics. This can be elaborated upon another time.
    Yet in the present unfolding of 'God's own story', Luzifer and alias are not 'evil' at all and should not be labelled as 'antigods'.
    Luzifer represents simply the imaginary negative for a photo of the source and both are principally identical.

    Doch in Beziehung zur theoretischen und praktischen Wissenschaft das Positivum der Urquelle und das Negativum des Abbilds sind unzertrennbar in der modulären Dualität der 11-dimensionellen Supermembranen verbunden.
    Das Positivum beschreibt eine hochfrequenzierte und so maximale Vibrationmodalität, die mathematisch mit einer minimalen Vibrationmodalität verflochten ist.
    Die hohe Frequenz beschreibt die Welt des Mikroquantums und die (fast null) Frequenz beschreibt die Welt der Makroquanten.
    Die Quellenenergien so diskutieren den subatomischen Realm und die Senkungsenergien diskutieren galaktische und extragalaktische Skalen der Distanz.
    Das Mikro-Universum ist mit dem Makro-Universum durch die Schwarzschild Metriken (von Schwarzen Löchern und den Materie-gekuppelten Wurmlöchern) der lokalen Bewusstseinsraumzeiten verbunden und es gibt viele Gleichungen in der Mathematik der Omniphysik, die das alles miteinander verbinden.

    So das grosse Dilemma der Zweiseitigkeit findet eine elegante Lösung in den Bewusstseinträgern, den menschlichen Abbildern von beiden, dem Urgott im Exil in der 12ten Dimension und der Aussenseite des 11-dimensionellen Superspiegel und dem Imaginären Urgott an der Innenseite des Superspiegels.
    Draussen ist er bestimmt im elektromagnetischen (E=hf=mc2 mit m=0 und f=fmax), jedoch der Massenunabhängigkeit, doch drinnen ist er bestimmt in der Trägheit (E=mc2=hf mit f=fmin=1/fmax).

    Yet in relation to the theoretical and practical sciences, the Positivum of the source and the Negativum of the image are inseparable and are connected definitively in the existence of the 11-dimensional supermembranes under modular duality.
    The Positivum describes a high-frequency and so maximized vibration modality that is quantum entangled mathematically with a minimized winding modality.
    The high frequency describes the world of the microquana and an (almost zero) frequency dualizes in the world of the macroquanta.
    The source energies so discuss the subatomic realm and the sink energies describe galactic and extra galactic scales of spacial displacement.
    The micro universe is connected with the macro universe through the Schwarzschild metrics (of black hole sinks and of white hole matter sources connected by worm holes) of the local consciousness carriers occupying spacetimes. There are many equations in the mathematics of the omniphysik that interconnect a variety of parameters.

    So the great conundrum of the two-sidedness finds its elegant solution in the consciousness carriers, the human imagers of both the 'original sourcesink' in the exile of the 12th dimension and on the outside the 11-dimensionellen super mirror and in the imaginary and imaged original sinksource at the inside of the super mirror.
    Outside it is determined in the electromagnetic (E=hf=mc2 with m=0 and f=fmax), however mass-inertia independent, but inside it is determined in the inertia (E=mc2=hf with f=fmin=1/fmax).

    Die Emanzipation der Gesamtheit so benötigt diese moduläre Dualität der Supermembranen, um ein neues Superuniversum zu erschaffen.
    In diesem Superuniversum, der Superspiegel wird wieder einseitig und der nötige 'TWIST der Raumzeit' wird eine fünfte Dimension vom Knoten des 7-dimensionellen hyperdimensional Universums auslösen.
    Dann kann sich die Urquelle in 4 Raumdimensionen und einer illusinären Zeitdimension entwickeln.
    Doch die Geschichte was dann so alles in einem linearen Universum im Finitum möglich wird ist eine Darstellung für eine andere Zeit.
    Alles Liebe zu euch allen und bitte erinnert euch dass alles was ihr als 'Nicht Ich' betrachtet ist doch 'Auch Ich'.
    Eines Tages wird ihr alle das schon ganz gut verstehen.

    The emancipation of the entirety so requires this modular duality of the supermembranes in order to create a new super universe.
    In this super universe, the super mirror becomes again one-sided and the necessary 'TWIST of the spacetime releases a fifth dimension in the unknotting of the 7-dimensional hyperuniverse of the quantumspace.
    Then the source in 4 space dimensions with an imaginary coupled time dimension can develop in emergence.
    Yet the story what then shall become possible within a linearized universe in the Finitum shall be a representation for another time.
    Love to all of you and please remember, that all that you consider not to 'Be You', nevertheless is 'All of You'.
    The day will come, when you shall understand this rather well.

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    "A most wondrous thing the Shadow is, a redeemer in all to succour;
    it can go where the light cannot abide, seemingly banished, it is not.
    For where the light is, the darkness flees, no longer present to endure;
    so to become illuminated is its destined journey and its troubled lot.

    But without the light, no Shadow can be cast, its such a splendid key;
    the dimensions reduce in space from three to two and all in just the one.
    Betwixt the light and the darkness it is and part of both for all to see;
    the Shadow of the body, does it not merge all in its rule under the sun?

    Whatsoever can cast a Shadow, must be a most wondrous thing to relay;
    as nature's very own offspring, the young ones grow towards their final goal.
    Enabled to bring peace to so many things appearing apart and so far away;
    the reconciliation for the suffering body with its spirit and its scattered soul."


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    Posted at 02:25 PM ET, 12/16/2011

    Comet Lovejoy survives sweltering encounter with sun

    By Jason Samenow


    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Lovejoy
    Comet Lovejoy emerges from sun to the surprise of some astronomers. Screenshot from video . Contrast enhanced. (NASA) The newly discovered comet Lovejoy defied the odds Thursday, enduring an apparent suicidal journey very near the sun’s simmering surface.

    The sungrazer Lovejoy passed from one side of the sun to the other, through the hellishly hot corona, coming as close as 87,000 miles to the surface. Space.com reports temperatured in the corona can be up to 2 million degrees Fahrenheit.

    While the comet survived, SpaceWeather.com reports Lovejoy “seems to have lost its tail in transit.”

    Lovejoy, a 660-foot mass of icy rock, was first spotted on December 2 by amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy of Australia. NASA says the comet was able to remain intact due to its large size.

    In “Dewey defeats Truman”style, NASA released a video entitled “The End of Comet Lovejoy ” in the hours before its hellish dive.

    “Welcome to the beginning of the end of comet Lovejoy’s billions of years long journey through space,” NASA grimly narrated.

    NASA video: The End of Comet Lovejoy

    Once it became apparent Lovejoy had survived, NASA dubbed Lovejoy a Phoenix “because it re-emerged similar to the phoenix of mythology.”

    But Lovejoy’s re-emergence did not surprise one government agency. NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) posted on its Facebook page its researchers “predicted that this comet would survive its close encounter with the Sun.”

    By Jason Samenow | 02:25 PM ET, 12/16/2011

    As some readers of the Thuban Data might remember:

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    As some readers of the Thuban Data might remember:
    LOVEJOY = 104 = 52+52 = GODDOG+DOGGOD = JERUSALEM = MELCHISEDEC 666 = EXPERIENCE = EXISTENCE = ... = A PHOENIX BEE = A ABBA PHOENIX BAAB = SPACETIME 13 = MIRROR 13 = A ABBA MIRROR BAAB = SPIRIT 13 = SWEETS 13 = the 13th bridge Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Icon_wink
    "Will it to be, so, it will be, and, so it is " 13 - Susan Lynne Schwenger

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    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 3 Empty[11-12-18 2:17:41 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: tony remember when - i mentioned roman feet - and, royal feet
    [11-12-18 2:17:58 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: all the old temples in europe - are built to that measure in 144 royal feet
    [11-12-18 2:36:36 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: The English word 'cubit' comes from Latin cubitum 'elbow', from the verb cubāre, -cumbĕre 'to lie down'; cf. 'recumbent'.[2]
    [edit]The Egyptian royal cubit and Sumerian Nippur cubit

    The earliest attested standard measure is from the Old Kingdom pyramids of Egypt and was called the royal cubit (mahe). The royal cubit was 523 to 529 mm (20.6 to 20.8 in) in length,[1] and was subdivided into 7 palms of 4 digits each, for a 28-part measure in total. Evidence for the royal cubit unit is known from Old Kingdom architecture, from at least as early as the construction of the Step Pyramid of Djoser from around 2,700 B.C.[3]
    In 1916, during the last years of Ottoman Empire and in the middle of WWI, the German Assyriologist Eckhard Unger found a copper-alloy bar while excavating at Nippur. The bar dates from c. 2650 BC and Unger claimed it was used as a measurement standard. This irregularly formed and irregularly marked graduated rule supposedly defined the Sumerian cubit as about 518.6 mm.[4]
    [11-12-19 8:45:47 AM] THE13THBRIDGE: how many different types of old measures were there ???
    [11-12-19 9:11:09 AM] Tonyblue: The 'Great Cubit' is defined in the ancient documents as being a 'Cubit and a Handbreadth' and 3 'Handbreadths' being 1 such Cubit, being equal to 2 Spans.

    A 'Full Reed' so is a 'Great Cubit' of 7 Cubits or 21 inches compared to the Reed of 6 Cubits, each of 18 inches as here stipulated for the measurement conversions.

    The Merkabah measurements so form a 'Great Measurement' in 1 sixth being added to the base value as an upper limit say.

    Generally, the ancient Hebrew measurement units can be tabulated and calibrated as follows:

    1 Etzbah = 1 Thumbbreadth (tb) = 1.8-2.4cm of mean = 2.1 cm in the 7/6-1=1/6 variance doubled in 1/3

    1Tefach = 1 Handbreadth (hb) = 4 tb = 7.2-9.6 cm of mean = 8.4 cm

    1 Zeret = 1 Span = 3 hb = 12 tb = 21.6-28.8 cm of mean = 25.2 cm

    1 Amah = 1 Cubit = 2 span = 6 hb = 24 tb = 43.2-57.6 cm = 50.4 cm

    1 Ris = 1 Stadia = 533.33.. span = 266.66.. cubits = 1,600 hb = 6,400 tb = 115.20-153.6 m of mean = 134.4 m

    1 Mil = 15/2 Stadia = 4,000 span = 2,000 cubits = 12,000 hb = 48,000 tb = 864-1,152 m of mean = 1,008 m

    1 Parasa = 4 Mil = 30 Stadia = 16,000 span = 8,000 cubits = 48,000 hb = 192,000 tb and of mean = 4.032 km

    The ratio of Outside City/Inside City=1,600/12,000=2/15 for the ratio 1 Hour/1 Day=1/24=X/360=Degree Transformation Factor/360 and for X=15. This is representative for 1 Mil = 15/2 Stadia or 1 Stadia = 2/15 Mil in the above and becomes a more general ratio as described, say as the circumference of the earth as 200,000 furlongs and a furlong measure of 200 mtric metres.

    So the ½Hour of Silence in Heaven (Revelation.8.1) and the 'Hour of the Beast' (Revelation.17.12) relate to 7½ Days as a 'super week' and 15 Days respectively.

    This is also the definition of a 'Roman Stadia' as 2/15 of a Mile or a 'Imperial Furlong' of so 214.53 meters.

    For the Cubit of 18 inches and the 'Great Cubit' of 18+3=21 inches; this 'stadia' so spans the inteval of 400 'Cubits' in 7,200 inches or 180 meters and 8,400 inches or 210 meters respectively (for an 'inch' of 25 millimeters).

    The Greatest Scale of the Holofractal New Jerusalem so manifests Spaceship Gaia in Magnification factor 7½, that is the basic Schumann Resonance as 7.5 Hertz, the frequency of the Lightpath X=cT travelling the circumference of the earth 7½ times in 1 second in 40,000 km x 7.5 Hertz = 300,000 km per second, that is the speed of light.

    The Base measure of 12,000 furlongs=4,800,000-5,600,000 Cubits {1 furlong (Roman stadium)=625 feet=7,500 inches=400 Cubits for 180-210 meters} so becomes a lower limit for the 200,000 furlongs (imperial) standardising the circumference of the earth as 40,000 km = 200,000 furlongs (imperial).

    This describes a Cube inscribed in a Sphere of diameter √2x4,800x(0.45)=2,160x√2 kilometers to 2,520x√2 kilometers or a circular area projected as ۞ = πx2,332,800 km² - πx3,175,200 km² and about the size of so 7.33-9.98 million square kilometers and an area on a scale encompassing the continent of Australia in a scale of so 7.69 million square kilometers or Brazil (8.51) or the United States (9.63) or China (9.60) or Canada (9.98) in million square kilometres.

    The Magnification factor increases this Base measure to 7.5x12,000=90,000 furlongs=16,200 km-18,900 km=36,000,000-42,000,000 Cubits for a Sphere of diameter √2x36,000x(0.45)=16,200x√2 kilometers to 18,900x√2 kilometers or a circular area projected as ۞ = πx131,220,000 km² - πx178,605,000 km² about the size of 412.239788-561.104156 million square kilometers as an area equal to the total surface area of the planet Earth in so 510 million square kilometers.

    This then represents an atmospheric embedding of the planet Gaia in a radial bubble interval from 11,455 km - 13,364 km in the mean 12,410 km, which becomes the average approximate value for the Equatorial and Polar terrestrial diameters, approximated in 12,756 km and 12,714 km in the mean value 12,735 km respectively. The atmospheric envelope so quadruples the volume of the Earth in the doubling of its radius earth and defines an atmospheric extent, averaged as 6,042 km from the mean of so 6,368 kilometers from the Earth's surface.



    15And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.

    {Dimensions of the Ark relate to the 15 Cubits as the 15 days of the WOC Offset and the timewarp - see below. 300x50x30=450,000=15x30,000 in the ratio 30:5:3 and LengthxArea=300x1500 in ratio 1:5 in the height of the Ark of 30 cubits being covered in 15 cubits of water that is halfway as 30+15=45. The total 'Height' of the Flood, to 'cover the mountains', so is 150% the Height of the Ark. The 'StarHuman Merkabah' is defined in a wavelength of √15=2πR=π D for 3D/2=3√15/2π=1.849..

    The ratio 5:3=1.666.. approximates the Golden Mean (Y=1.618033...) in the Fibonacci Series: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21...in adjacent numbers and so the decoding for the 'Ancient Span' or 'Foot' as 3 'Handbreadths' becomes 0.308 centimeters or about 12 'inches' with 24 inches or 2 'Spans' defining the 'Ancient Cubit' (6 Cubit/4 Cubit=108/72=3/2) as the Inverse of the Golden Mean as 1/Y=X=0.618033...~0.616...and for 6 'foot' or 6 'spans' of 72 'inches' being the 'Height of a StarMan' as approximately 6 'foot' or 4 'cubits' or 18 'handbreadths' of so 185 cm - again in the 3/2 or 150% ratio. }.

    16A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it.

    {The 'Ancient Cubit' becomes the 'Measurement Unit'}.

    17And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.

    18But with thee will I establish my covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons' wives with thee.


    17And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it was lift up above the earth.

    18And the waters prevailed, and were increased greatly upon the earth; and the ark went upon the face of the waters.

    19And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered.

    20Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered.

    {The 15 day Offset of the warptime and the Dimensions of the Arkian Merkabah - see above}.
    [11-12-19 10:18:20 AM] THE13THBRIDGE: i think there are major clues in these old measures
    [11-12-19 10:18:55 AM] Tonyblue: Yes this is on the New World Thread about the Temple of Solomon
    [11-12-19 10:19:03 AM] Tonyblue: The reat ptb agenda see
    [11-12-19 10:19:39 AM] THE13THBRIDGE: yes, i see that , very clearly
    [11-12-19 10:20:36 AM] Tonyblue: Yes you should look at the different levels of the 'spaceships'
    [11-12-19 10:20:54 AM] Tonyblue: Its merkabahs all the way
    [11-12-19 10:23:39 AM] Tonyblue: http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&id=000AA12D-FF4C-455C-B6D3-20C21F277A7B&fid=6389FF9C-6EF0-4740-B5BD-EBBB1225BFD7

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    Free E-Book: The Bigger Picture - Beyond the illusion of Matter



    The cosmology of Johan Oldenkamp is recommended as a parallel to The Thuban Omni-Science. This work converges on many aspects in the blendings of the Old and New. The pdf.file can be downloaded and examined here:


    Pateo Media recorded these video’s on August 31st, 2011 in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands.

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