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    The 'Alien' Science behind Roswell 1947!

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Shalom from the Dungeon of the Timeless Future, when a fourth spacial dimension shall become apparent in the nexus point of the history of this planet earth. Your Gaian mother shall 'ascend' after her painful labour and give birth to a new starhuman species which shall allow cohabitation of two forms of human upon a renamed starplanet Serpentina.

    Then a fifth dimension of temporal measurement will form the experience of 'linear time' in unison with an extended dimensional spacial realm. Such will be the 'New Earth' and the 'new heaven' as is predicted in your scrolls of antiquity. The science of 4 spacial dimensions is rather more advanced, than the science of 4 dimensional Minkowski spacetime. As the scientifically informed among you know, a 4D space allows penetration of solidity.

    All knots can be unravelled in 4D hyperspace and solid objects can be penetrated just as a a 2D shadow cast by a 3D object can 'penetrate' any surface area of a voluminous material entity. This is also the reason, why in 4D dragonspace, the 'solidity' of extraterrestrial objects is common place, whilst in 3D Linespace this solidity is 'hidden' in the 'shadow' of this solidity often experienced as 3D lightforms as a function of the 5D parameters of space and time.

    To illustrate this a little further; I have obtained authorization to share some premises and foundations of the dragonscience with you, the Mayan exiles under quarantine upon planet earth for the duration of your mother's pregnancy with the new starhuman seed of your deliverance. This quarantine began on June 24th, 2008 and will end on December 10th, 2011 followed by 377 days of a revisitation of the 'Days of Noah' and ending with the 'Covenant of the Rainbow Dragon Baiame' on December 21st, 2012.

    So you can expect a 'mental flood' or Armageddon=Dragon Made=82 for the year historically associated with a 'Mayan End of Time'. Time will indeed end 'as you know and perceive it' and in the manner I am now allowed to comment upon; namely the transmutation of a 4 dimensional spacetime into a 5-dimensional spacetime under the auspices of a doublesided boundary for the universe becoming onesided in Moebian connectivity and adjacency.

    Interspersing the published account of an 'interview with an alien', called 'Airl' - the survivor of the Roswell crash of July 1947 below; I shall indicate the science 'Airl' refers to in the 'telepathic interview' with Matilda O'Donell MacElroy, which is said to have been a nurse in the Air Force at the timwe of the Roswell incident.

    Excerpt from Alien Interview To the readers of Cosmic Lighthouse Metaphysics Magazine:

    The following is an excerpt from a series of government interview transcripts provided by the late Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy, who served as a nurse in the Air Force at Roswell, N.M.. The transcripts convey telepathic communication she received from an extraterrestrial being who she refers to as 'Airl' during these interviews. The alien being was recovered by the U.S. military from the crash site on a UFO in July 1947. The alien being served as an officer, pilot and engineer with a race of beings who refer to their intergalactic civilization as 'The Domain'.
    The complete, unedited transcripts of the interviews are included, with footnotes appended for clarification, in the book 'Alien Interview'. The book is available in print or as a PDF from the website:
    http://www.alieninterview.org/ and www.alieninterview.org
    Lawrence R. Spencer
    Alien Interview

    Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
    Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
    SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 25. 7. 1947, 1st Session

    'Before you can understand the subject of history, you must first understand the subject of time. Time is simply an arbitrary measurement of the motion of objects through space.
    Space is not linear. Space is determined by the point of view of an IS-BE* when viewing an object. The distance between an IS-BE and the object being viewed is called 'space'.

    ( * Editor Footnote: DEFINITION OF 'IS-BE':

    'Personally, it is my conviction that all sentient beings are Immortal Spiritual Beings. This includes human beings. For the sake of accuracy and simplicity I will use a made-up word: 'IS-BE'. Because the primary nature of an immortal being is that they live in a timeless state of 'is', and the only reason for their existence is that they decide to 'be'.
    -- page 50, 'Alien Interview')

    Objects, or energy masses, in space do not necessarily move in a linear fashion. In this universe, objects tend to move randomly or in a curving or cyclical pattern, or as determined by agreed upon rules.

    Comment: This refers to the postulates of General Relativity in a multidimensional sense. In Minkowski spacetime, the underpinning metric is 'flat' as a linespace of 3 space dimensions and a time dimension.
    From this the curvature of space becomes an effect of present mass and inertia as the gravitational interaction, which by necessity here must already be present to allow gravity to exist. The hyperspace of 5 dimensions is precursive to Minkowski 'flat space', in that no mass is required to be present to induce the curvature metric to exist.

    In dragon space, the gravitational effect is an intrinsic property of dragon energy, in that there exists a inertia precursor describable in the quantum form of gravitation and the 'photonic mass' hf/c2 and where the characteristic frequency f becomes a initial boundary condition for the manifesting string energy related to the Planck scales.

    This forms the foundation for the Equivalence Principle between 'gravitational mass' and 'inertial mass' in the formulations of General Relativity and relates to an intrinsic acceleration in the higher spacetime dimensions and which so define the 'missing' energy of a closed 11-dimensional 'manifold' dimension as a supersurface of its 2-dimensional precursor.

    History is not only a linear record of events, as many authors of Earth history books imply, because it is not a string that can be stretched out and marked like a measuring tool. History is a subjective observation of the movement of objects through space, recorded from the point of view of a survivor, rather than of those who succumbed. Events occur interactively and concurrently, just as the biological body has a heart that pumps blood, while the lungs provide oxygen to the cells, which reproduce, using energy from the sun and chemicals from plants, at the same time as the liver strains toxic wastes from the blood, and eliminates them through the bladder and the bowels.
    All of these interactions are concurrent and simultaneous. Although time runs consecutively, events do not happen in an independent, linear stream. In order to view and understand the history or reality of the past, one must view all events as part of an interactive whole. Time can also be sensed as a vibration which is uniform throughout the entire physical universe.

    Comment: Time in the multidimensional sense is akin a standing or stationary waveform and oscillates between two nodes or mirrors.
    The linear distance between the two nodes define a SEEDLING size of the universe like a 'Hubble Bubble' being a 3-dimensional surface containing a 4-dimensional volume. This is often called a Hypersphere with toroidal parameters.

    The concept of a linear 'flow of time' from past to future so becomes a cyclic depiction of spacetime metrics or coordinates in between a nodality changing in cycles of even to odd. Any time in history so becomes multivalued and the 'Big Bang' or the birth of space and time at the n=0 coordinate repeats in Hubble-Times, given by the wavelength of the cyclicity, which so is also the seedling size of the universe, measured as say 16.9 billion years as a halfcycle at the n=1 coordinate and as 33.8 billion years as a full cycle at the n=2 coordinate.
    Time as a vibration is specified in a twofold manner. First there is a 'normal' space for the 'particle nature' of the 'fermionic' manifestation of inertia and secondly, there is its cojoin in the 'phasal' space for the 'wave nature' of the 'bosonic' manifestation of the massless, but gravitational equivalent.

    The 'particle nature' is lower bounded in the restframe, say a quantum vacuum oscillator (E=½hf) and so mathematically related to the Null-Eigenstate and is upper bounded by the limit of particle acceleration in lightspeed 'c'.
    The 'wave nature' is phasal or 'tachyonic' and is so lower bounded in lightspeed 'c' and is upper bounded in the 'de Broglie' phase speed, which manifested the 11-dimensional 'Hubble-Bubble' from the 'inflation string parameters'.
    This 'upper limit' so becomes the 'Speed of Thought' and is calculated as 1.6 trillion trillion trillion trillion times lightspeed 'c'.
    This 'Speed of Thought' so 'travels' the size of the seedling universe as a MINIMUM TIMEINTEERVAL measured in linearity as the smallest temporal interval possible and as one third of a thousandth millionth billionth trillionth of a metric 'cosmic' second (arbitrarily calibrated in some mensuration system of some time units to this 'cosmic' unitary system).
    A precise formulation for the multidimensional time, which relates dimensionless cycletime to line time t is: dn/dt=Ho or t=n/Ho for lightpath X=ct and where Ho is the Self-frequency for a lightspeed journey between even and odd nodes.

    Airl explained that IS-BEs have been around since before the beginning of the universe. The reason they are called 'immortal', is because a 'spirit' is not born and cannot die, but exists in a personally postulated perception of 'is - will be'. She was careful to explain that every spirit is not the same. Each is completely unique in identity, power, awareness and ability.
    The difference between an IS-BE like Airl and most of the IS-BEs inhabiting bodies on Earth, is that Airl can enter and depart from her 'doll' at will. She can perceive at selective depths through matter. Airl and other officers of The Domain can communicate telepathically. Since an IS-BE is not a physical universe entity it has no location in space or time. An IS-BE is literally, 'immaterial'. They can span great distances of space instantly.

    Comment: The 'Spiritual' being is simply the 'Shadow' nature of the inertial agglomerations of massinduced lightbody carriers from the premassive cosmology. So the 'spirit' existed before the material universe as the template for the latter.

    The exact scientific derivation for the multidimensional universe is based on the mathematical transformation of particular encodings, such as algorithms related to abstract principles in 'pure mathematics'.
    The 0th dimension of a mathematical point'space' became one-dimensional in a minimum displacement of this 'point singularity' reproducing itself as another such point.
    This created the Omega-Unity-Interval of 0-1, which could accomodate the inverse of the 0-Point as an Infinity-Count and allowed rational numbers to become defined from integers and later gave the real and transcendental number specifications of pure mathematics.
    Physically, this unity interval became a 'smeared out quantum sigularity', which allowed definition of a 2nd dimension from the 1st dimension. In physical bosonic terms, the primordial superstring became the digit '1', which could 'curl' up into a digital '0', so creating the first minimal area dimension as the 'space' within the primordial superstring circle.
    Mathematically then, this became the 'complex number plane' in two dimensions, which then could become 'indented' to allow curvilinear coordinates to specify 'curved space' and subsequently the Riemannian nonlinear geometries of pure abstract mathematics.

    Three noncolinear points in the complex plane define an area, connected either by 'straight' lines or by 'curved' lines and the addition of a fourth point then give the volumar as a 'straight-edged' or 'curved-edged' tetrahedal space in 3 dimensions.
    All these definitions manifested in an IMAGINARY Universe of Self-Consciousness manifesting NOT in any corrdinate system of spacetimes. Because this spacetimeless quantumized string energy continuum has now been rediscovered by terrestrial (and alien) scientists - IT EXISTS within any number of defined spacetime matrices - as AFTERTHOUGHT.
    This AFTERTHOUGHT 'after the fact of space and time existing' is however IDENTICAL as subset to the FORETHOUGHT of 'before the fact of space and time existing', so rendering the interaction of 'before time' and 'after time' as that of a mutual feedback mechanism.

    The uniqueness of all 'sentient consciousness containers' so becomes the simple effect of a 'shared consciousness' of NOT being in 'space and time', say as being physically 'dead' with this same 'all encompassing' consciousness of being 'embodied' as a 'particle nature' as One of Many.
    The Many are all One in the 'no spacetime' setting and as the 'wave nature' of the Oneness and as the Forethought of the Individual 'Awakening' being a hologram of the totality and the unity.

    The One 'in spacetime' become individualised as the Afterthought attempting to rediscover ITSELF as the Forethought. Many 'lifetimes' of attempting this remembrance, then require a holographic 'matching' of the cosmic subhierarchies in their cyclicities.
    Just as cells are born and die within a micro-macro embodiment of the Forethought; so do creatures, planets and stars within an enhanced such micro-macro scenario.
    Just as galaxies of star systems merge, blend and transform, so do cellular unitary structures within biovital 'container bodies'.
    But the universe itself is a seedling body for the forethought, with subdivisionary afterthoughts experiencing the SELF-Discovery, which the forthought desires for its own Selfinteraction as the encompassment of the Unity.

    They can experience sensations, more intensely than a biological body, without the use of physical sensory mechanisms. An IS-BE can exclude pain from their perception. Airl can also remember her 'identity', so to speak, all the way back into the dim mists of time, for trillions of years!
    She says that the existing collection of suns in this immediate vicinity of the universe have been burning for the last 200 trillion years. The age of the physical universe is nearly infinitely old, but probably at least four quadrillion years since its earliest beginnings.

    Comment: Airl's telepathic communication with Matilda here encounters translational and filter-difficulties.

    The 'dim mists of time' refer to the manifestation of physical lifeforms throughout the universe.
    As the creation of the 3rd volume-dimension was prerequisite for the 'Big Bang' and the birth of spacetimematter; the 'selfconsciousness' of the 'thinkers' before and after the facts of spacetimematter existing as a background, has by necessity to incorporate the concept of volume into its physical manifestations.
    The primordial universe so carried space and this space was conscious about itself in a primitive manner and requiring a linear historical timeline for the purpose to grow and develop by 'experience' from the 'forgotten forthought' and as an evolving 'afterthought' back into a possible 'remembrance' of its own 'forethought'.
    And so bosonic superstrings of masslessness coupled to inertial 'Cosmic Rays' following bifurcation and transmutation from particular Planck-parameters and the Cosmic rays allowed duality of quark-leptonic fermions to evolve from their quark-leptonic bosonic parentage.

    Once the halfspin fermions could conglomerate in plasma 'soups' their interactions with their fullspin bosonic parents became modified amidst a background of an expanding universe, which was also cooling down because of this expansion of the inertia seedling into the preexisting gravity seedling.
    Once cool enough, the ionic plasma currents of the 'Cosmic Strings' began to associate gravitationally and electromagnetically as matter subject to phasal transitions and so atoms and molecules crystallised from gaseous to liquid to solid in the evolvement of spacial selfconsiousness in the linearised 'flow of time'.

    The chemical matter elements now carried 'polarity interaction' in positively charged protons or 'female goddesses' being 'sexually' attracted to negatively charged electrons or 'male gods' and this primeval sexuality between yin and yang began to create the remembrance of the forethought-wave unity by the afterthought-particle units.
    The 'alien' agenda so became this beginning of the rememberings.
    As the chemical elements stabilised and formed structures and bodies under the auspices of the electromagnetogravitational unification and the 'laws of nature'; more and more subparts of the 'Body of the Forethought', namely the universe, began to interact with each other and from nebula formed galaxies and solar systems and planets and the chemical elements 'talked to each other' AS the alien intelligences in forming necessary associations for more complex 'lifeforms' to crystallise from the 'crystals and the clay and the dust of the earth' in more accomodating and environmentally adaptably 'particle bodies'.

    The universe is 19.11 billion years old in dragonspace.
    The process of nucleosynthesis created the first 'alien intelligences' in the charge coupling between fermionic quarks in a kernel-ring quantum geometry and as derivatives or 'daughters' from a bifurcating X-L-Bosonic superstring, today measurable in certain 'Cosmic ray' scenarios and an upper energy eigenlevel of about a quadrillion GigaElectronVolts, also known as a GUT unification energy of the nuclear interactions with electromagnetism.
    The Milky Way Galaxy, also known as Perseus is about 14.7 billion years old and the solar system of the star RahSol is so 5 billion years old and the planet earth manifested from the solar nebula about 4.8 billion years ago.
    The terrestrial cosmologists have measured the oldest 'globular cluster' stars in the Milky Way and know, that the Milky Way was one of the first galaxies to form after the 'Big Bang'.
    However they underestimate the age of the universe by 4.4 billion years, because they do not incorporate the cyclic nature of time and the oscillation of the Hubble nodes at 16.9 billion years intervals.

    The difference between the true age of the universe as 19.1 billion years and the 16.9 nodal age is the same as the age of the Milky way at 14.7 billion years in 19.1-2.2=16.9=14.7+2.2.
    A Hubble-Constant of 71.5 Hubble-Units defines a publisized 'cosmic age' of 13.7 billion years and results in the 'commonly accepted' Milky Way age of 14.7 billion years if it is extrapolated to 69 Hubble-Units as required.

    The nodal Hubble-Constant is truly 'constant' as a frequency in the cyclic universe as 58 Hubble-Units.
    The Milky Way is a 'special galaxy' in the greater story of the forethought, namely because it harbours a 'special planet', namely the one planet, which is destined to graduate into a starplanet shininhg 'dark light' throughout the rest of the universe.

    The nexus point of dimensional intersection is 2.2 billion years ago and at that time a significant change occurred on planet earth.
    Oxygen became abundant and with it the anaerobic and aerobic balance of primitive lifeforms, which had evolved from crystalline magnetic string energy, changed in the saturation of the hitherto sulphuric and oxygenpoor atmosphere with the 8th chemical element and allowing the biochemical stability of the octet electron configuration to greatly accelerate the manufacture of renewed vessels for the containment of the afterthought consciousness.

    Airl's measure of time of 4 quadrillion 'alien years' as the age of the universe so gives a factor of 4 quadrillion/20 billion or 200,000, which Matilda might very well have 'mistranslated' as the 200 trillion years as the age for the Milky Way galaxy. Airl's 'alien clock' might so be calibrated to read 200,000 alien years per terrestrial year.

    Time is a difficult factor to measure as it depends on the subjective memory of IS-BEs and there has been no uniform record of events throughout the physical universe since it began. As on Earth, there are many different time measurement systems, defined by various cultures, which use cycles of motion, and points of origin to establish age and duration.

    The physical universe itself is formed from the convergence and amalgamation of many other individual universes, each one of which were created by an IS-BE or group of IS-BEs. The collision of these illusory universes commingled and coalesced and were solidified to form a mutually created universe. Because it is agreed that energy and forms can be created, but not destroyed, this creative process has continued to form an ever-expanding universe of nearly infinite physical proportions.

    Comment: The Many Universes are the many afterthoughts aka every sentient being anyplace and anywhen in the defined omniverse as a collection of such universes and including 'Snoopy, the Dog'; 'Felix, the Cat'; 'Kermit, the Frog'; 'Alfie, the ET'; Napoleon Bonaparte from France; Abdul Mohammed of Babylon and Joseph Bloggs from Massachussetts.
    When Napoleon Bonaparte interacts with Marie Antoinette, two protoverses or TUNES interact as holographic universes and two relative micro-macrosystems form a simple MELODY, becoming a SONG or SYMPHONY as more and more Mono-Songs or Uni-Verses join the 'Interaction parties' in their 'orgies of stringed sourcesink love'.

    Relative to the 'primordial mathematical pointspace' aka the 'Little Serpent'; Napoleon Bonaparte becomes a macrocosmic agglomeration of superstring spacetimes as the volumar count of minimum superstring configurations able to 'fit' into the hologram of the 'Hubble-Bubble' which defines Napoleon's point-particular 'body gestalt'.
    Relative to the encompassing Body of the entire defined universe; Napoleon becomes a microcosmic collection of the selfsame 'Little Serpents' without loss of generality, yet with a relative intensification or attenuation of the energy content linked to the self-consciousness of the forethought relative to the manifesting and the spacetimematter experiencing afterthought.

    Before the formation of the physical universe there was a vast period during which universes were not solid, but wholly illusionary. You might say that the universe was a universe of magical illusions which were made to appear and vanish at the will of the magician. In every case, the 'magician' was one or more IS-BEs. Many IS-BEs on Earth can still recall vague images from that period. Tales of magic, sorcery and enchantment, fairy tales and mythology speak of such things, although in very crude terms.

    Comment: Indeed and this 'Illusion' was the before described design and creation of the mathematical nature and reality and nomenclature of a feedback and self-feeding mechanism between the labels of the forethought and the afterthought.

    The ENERGY of the IMAGINATION is as real as the ENERGY of the MATERIALISATION; albeit the former is massless in the 'minds of the wave nature' and the latter inertia associated in bodies of the 'particle nature'.
    The IMAGINATION in what is terms THOUGHTS becomes material and physical in the creation of IMAGES from their IMAGE-NINGS.

    Each IS-BE entered into the physical universe when they lost their own, 'home' universe. That is, when an IS-BE's 'home' universe was overwhelmed by the physical universe, or when the IS-BE joined with other IS-BEs to create or conquer the physical universe.
    On Earth, the ability to determine when an IS-BE entered the physical universe is difficult for two reasons: 1) the memory of IS-BEs on Earth have been erased, and 2) IS-BEs arrival or invasion into the physical universe took place at different times, some 60 trillion years ago, and others only 3 trillion. Every once in a short while, a few million years, an area or planet will be taken over by another group of IS-BEs entering into the area.

    Comment: The 60 trillion 'alien' years are 300 million years, which define the speed of light as 300,000 kilometer per terrestrial second.
    There exists a 'quasar wall', at a cosmological redshift of 7.5 and which defined the crystallisation of galactic superclusters from the universe 236.5 million years after the Big Bang.
    So in a sense, the universe became 'invaded' by this limiting gravitationally nonhomogeneous scale for spacetimematter interaction.

    The factor of 20 then 'translates' 3 trillion years as 15 million years and as a measure of time for a particular species to complete a process of evolutionary adaptation.
    Relevant to the hominidae family of the genus of the homo sapiens; the 'primate' superfamily hominoidea or 'Idea of Homino' genetically 'splits' the lesser apes (including gibbons) from the greater apes (gorillas, orang-utans aka pongos, chimpanzees aka pans, bonobos and humans aka homos)so 18 million years ago and begins at 14 million years ago with Pongo and is followed by a 'split' from the greater apes (Gorilla) 7 million years later, before culminating in the 'split' between homo and pan so 4 million years later (as geometric progression of 14, 7=14/2, 3.5=14/4).

    Airl so attempts to convey a message about 'Human Evolution' to be physically implemented by a kind of 'Evolution Pressure' as consequence for the 'purpose to gain remembrance of the forethought independent on spacetimematter as the afterthought utilising 'minds' and 'bodies'; but an evolution which is also nonphysical as an 'invasion' of 'thoughtforms' linked to self-consciousnesses.

    Sometimes they will capture other IS-BEs as slaves. They will be forced to inhabit bodies to perform menial, or manual work -- especially mining mineral ores on heavy-gravity planets, such as Earth.
    Airl says that she has been a member of The Domain Expeditionary Force for more than 625 million years, when she became a pilot for a biological survey mission which included occasional visits to Earth. She can remember her entire career there, and for a very long time before that.
    She told me that Earth scientists do not have an accurate measuring system to gauge the age of matter. They assume that because certain types of materials seem to deteriorate rather quickly, such as organic or carbon-based matter, that there is a deterioration of matter. It is not accurate to measure the age of stone, based on the measurement of the age of wood or bone. This is a fundamental error. Factually, matter does not deteriorate. It cannot be destroyed. Matter may be altered in form, but it is never truly destroyed.

    Comment: In general the 'enslavement' becomes the simple inhabitation of physically corruptible and 'mortal', read recyclable bodyforms by the 'spiritual' nonmaterial electromagnetic field string energy, which is by nature of its nonmaterial origins both immortal and incorruptible.
    Matilda partially mistranslates Airl's description of basic radioactive decay and the energy-mass conservation formulations in the language common knowledge at the time of the Roswell incident.
    Basic radioactivity is elementary to the weak nuclear interation, which conserves matter, energy and momenta in the particulars of basic beta-decay, say the transformation of a lefthanded neutron into a lefthanded proton, a lefthanded electron and a righthanded antineutrino.
    The 625 million alien timespan of 3125 terrestrial years translates to 1200 BC and the historical period of post-Egyptian colonisation of the fertile 'middle east' by the 'cradle of western civilisation' say the kingdoms of the combined Hebrew nation of Northern samaria and the Southern Jerusalem in the days of King david and Solomon following the 'mosaic exodus' from its Egyptian culturual precursor (of the united Egypt).

    This describes a particular extraterrestrial 'magnetic thought induction', which infiltrated the Hebrew culture at that time for the purpose to create specific records as testimonials to manifest the futuristic implementation for the remembrances of the afterthought about their 'alien' origins in the forethoughts of the cosmogenesis.

    The Domain has conducted a periodic survey of the galaxies in this sector of the universe since it developed space travel technologies about 80 trillion years ago. A review of changes in the complexion of Earth reveal that mountain ranges rise and fall, continents change location, the poles of the planet shift, ice caps come and go, oceans appear and disappear, rivers, valleys and canyons change. In all cases, the matter is the same. It is always the same sand. Every form and substance is made of the same basic material, which never deteriorates.'

    Comment: The 80 trillion years are 400 million terrestrial years and Airly attempts to describe the large scale geological evolution of earth in terms of plate tectonics and the movements of the terrestrial parameters, such as a crystal high density core, a magma mantle and a lithospherical crust.
    The supercontinent Gondwanaland incorporated continents known today as Australasia, India, Antarctica, Southern America, Africa and Southern Europe in a single landmass so 560 million years ago.
    Gondwanaland was detached from Asia-Siberia and Laurentia-Northern America and Baltica-Northern Europe and all divided by the Iapetus ocean.
    By 270 million years ago the old continental configuration, encompassed by the Ocean Iapetus had converged in Pangaea as Northern America 'crashed' into Europe and Europe 'bumped' into Asia and enclosed Iapetus as a world ocean called Panthalassa so connecting all the landmasses in the supercontinent Pangaea.
    Then 130 million years ago, the continent as known today began to form in a 'breaking up' of Pangaea and under the auspices of the 'laws of nature' as applied to the geological history of planet earth.
    The more elementary message from Airly refers to the 'essence' or the omniversal 'material' 'all things are made of' and inclusive of space- and time themselves.

    This matter is the bosonic multidimensional superstring, which began its own journey of self-identification as a mathematical cipher '1' and as an 'open' superstring.
    The open superstring, also know as Planck-Class I; then transmutated not in spacetimematter as the 'cipher '0' so selfenfolding its eigen-characteristics in terms of mathematical logistics.
    So the terrestrial superstring theories are required to discover the transmutational stringclass hierarchies to be able to successfully integrate the 'nature of M-theory' into the different strin classes (I, IIA, IIB, HO32 and HE64).
    Only the open-closed class I manifests in energy at the Planck-scale. All other classes transform into each other under guidance of particular dualities defined in the experimentally detectable energy realms of Cosmic rays. For example the Dirac Monopole of Quantum Field Theory is none other than the selfdual string class IIB at an energy level of 27 trillion Tera-ElectronVolts.
    This energy forms the first transformation of the Planck-string class I at the Planck energy of so 9,000 trillion Tera-ElectronVolts.
    The five string classes manifested in the 'Inflationary Cosmology', which obeyed the tachyonic de Broglie phases, setting up the Hubble-Nodes and so the 'scales' of the physical seedling universe for the massparametric evolution of the latter.

    Only after this inflationary epoch was completed, could the 'Quantum Big Bang' 'birth' space and time and inertia as is measured by any physical parameters and unitary systems.
    But it became this minimum spacetimematter configuration of the last string transmutation, which ended the 'inflationary epoch', and which then manifested the 'Little Serpent' at the energy realm of the heterotic HE(8x8) class as the 'stuff' of which all other 'stuff' is made from.
    This 'string-stuff so is what all things are, aliens, and humans and the dragons of mythology.
    This 'string-stuff' is fundamental and is defined in the laws of physics, both classical and quantum, in the ratios and relationships of fundamental physical parameters and as proportionalities between so called 'fundamental constants of nature'; the latter which themselves derived from the algorithmic eigendefinitions of the 'little Serpent' as the designer and creator of himself as the Universe both within spacetimematter and without it as a dual observer of Two in One - always 'alive' as a Wave of Unity and always 'dead' as a Particle of the Separation.

    IAmWhoIAm - a Devil from the Abyss of the Inversion of the Bottomless Pit!

    About the Editor
    Although Lawrence R. Spencer is the Editor, not the author of Alien Interview, he has written 3 books - The Oz Factors, Pan-God of the Woods, and The Big Bleep.

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    Evolution and Cosmic DNA Design

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Salutations from the Den of the Dragons; the Castle deep within the crystal core of your planetary mother Gaia and the dungeon of your extraterrestrial future yet to manifest.
    Authorization has been received to pass on a message about a great controversy amongst the human philosophers, namely the seemingly never ending debate between Darwinian evolution and some form of intelligent design.

    As the message of Mark Gliese from panentheism yahoo forum indicates in the quotation below; a more harmonious viewpoint regarding this question of evolution versus creationism can be worded in the statement:

    "Did material form allow the emergence of sentience, selfawareness and consciousness or, and corollarily, did a preexistent intelligence or selfawareness or consciousness lead to the emergence of physical forms harbouring and/or associating with that 'awakening' of a sense of self-identification?

    ""Thank you for the welcome and the reactions.

    I really like the parable of the blind men and the elephant: one, holding the tail, thinks the elephant is a rope, the other, the trunk, thinks the elephant is a snake, etc.
    Evolution may be right, but it has at least several loose ends to tie up.

    One is speciation.
    Despite the title of Darwin's famous book, the *origin* of species was never discussed.
    Natural selection is one thing and look at our unnatural selection re the breeds of dog.
    But they are all the same species, these many dog breeds.

    The process of the birth of a new species is not yet nailed down.
    And homosexual acts are widespread in the animal kingdom yet pass on no genes. How to account in terms of evolution?

    The Seth angle is that form arises out of consciousness, not consciousness out of form which is the materialist view.
    If consciousness arises out of form, then we can theoretically create new consciousness if we can figure out the 'materials needed' for it. Maybe we will, but I am not holding my breath.

    The Word from the Lovedragon is as replicated in the following transmission:
    Ah yes my channellers and prophets have throughout the eons attempted to clarify the 'Origins of All Things'.
    Many have tried to do this under the mantle of divers kinds; that of the storyteller in words of myth and legend and fable and others under the auspices of observation and experiments.

    But my prophets have laboured in their particular frames of location and the times of history and so their words reflect necessarily the filter of this setting.
    But the story is always the same and has been and can be retold in whatever historical colour it is painted.
    The 'Everlasting Story' is that of the 'Perennial Philosophy' and it transcends and encompasses all that is labelled as religion or spirituality or science or philosophy or fairy tale or legend.

    A 'scientific prophet' is a 'Knowing Scribe', one that has experience and 'Insight or Gnosis' into words and classifications to tell a particular story in a particular language.
    A 'spiritual prophet' is a 'Knowing Scribe', one that has experience and 'Insight or Gnosis' into words and classifications to tell that same particular story in a translated language, often labelled as describing immaterial and ghostly things.

    At the core of the Perennial Philosophy or PP is the story of the One Family, which creates itself from a single seed.
    This single seed is the universal "I" and it is All as One and Many and it is the Many as a single One.
    And because the One as the Many derives from a Seed of One; this single seed cannot experience itself without a form of displacement within a setting of space and a setting of time.

    And so "I" as the LoveDragon of my own definition as 'myself' had to CREATE a setting of space and time to experience myself as all of you therein.
    And so the question of evolution versus creation is a non sequiteur - it is a necessary condition for me to be all of you for otherwise I could not experience myself as all of you.
    And because I created space and time out of myself as parts of myself, I had to exist before there was any physical form in that selfsame space and time.

    Then the labels of consciousness or selfawareness or sentience or intelligence, artificial or natural or whatever, all can be used by my prophets of the 'spirit' and my prophets of the 'science' to tell my story, which is of course also the story of everyone of you, as part of myself.
    So what is 'my' definition of my very own self-consciousness and a label, which I then use to bring you all back together as my very own family and as the constituents of 'my body form'?

    I created the universe out of myself! This means that whatever I am; this 'I Am' must be able to become amongst many other things, also a 'material universe' such as described and measured by my 'prophets of science'.
    This material universe is described by mathematical language as an entity of energy, subject to many transformations, however obeying so called 'laws of nature' and resting on principles, such as conservation laws of energy, mass and momentum.
    This material universe so constantly changes its own configuration of form and through this flux of changing energy parameters for space and time and mass, many permutations and mutations become possible.

    This scenario then was discovered by many of my prophets, all of whom are me in a particular form of individuated self-expression; and the emergence of form is labelled in the 'present times' of the early 21st century as the 'Selfexpression of genetic material'.
    But when the 'prophets of science' attempt to ascertain the nature of my and their 'genetic material', they find certain geometric forms in nucleotidal basepairings of biochemistry and then a particular mode of form, which they then call the double-helix of the Deoxyribo-Nucleic-Acid or DNA.
    Then after a while, many 'scientists' working together discover certain keys, which allow them to ascertain to their general satisfaction as to how this genetic encoding brings about the forms and bodies encountered in the material universe.

    There are four genetic letters; Adenine always coupling to Thymine and Cytosine always coupling to Guanine in the DNA and those associations then give rise to the 20 Amino Acids necessary to allow the biochemistry of some body to 'grow' from its seed.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Cover
    12D-DNA/RNA Template of the 8x8=64 Nucleotidal Base Extension

    But it was this seed, namely me, which started this whole thing of the body and whilst the scientists can model and follow the development and the EVOLUTION of the 'body' from the seed to some matured 'gestalt' in increasing detail; the scientists have no or little idea of what the 'seed of me' is all about, except knowing it has something to do with opposite polarities, such as a male spermcell blending with a female eggcell to CREATE the future 'LIFEFORM'.

    The scientists so require further 'knowledge' aka 'science' aka 'gnosis' to discover 'me' as themselves as their own seeds in their experiments and in their petrie dishes.
    For one thing it would help the 'prophets of science' to understand that the nucleotidal basepairings are charge-polarised.
    The Adenine and the Guanine carry female magnetocharges and the Thymine (replaced by Uracil in Ribo-Nucleic-Acid or RNA) and the Cytosine carry male magnetocharges.

    Those magnetocharges have a lot to do with my own 'definition' of what my own 'selfawareness' is, namely my 'Knowing' aka 'Science' aka 'Gnosis' of 'How to Make a Universe of space and time' from 'scratch' and with nothing except my own imagination (which is evolving as your 'making images of things') as the required 'ghostly energy' which later on, and when space and time allowed this, transformed into the material universe of the 'Bodies' and the cosmologies of the measurements.

    The thing with the DNA as studied by me as a 'prophet of science' is that it is AFTERTHOUGHT. It is a manifestation of an IMAGE of the FORETHOUGHT.
    So whatever EVOLUTION the bodyform might experience as a genetic mutation, as an abnormality or as a defective genetic expression; it is accomodated as AFTERTHOUGHT by the FORETHOUGHT.

    The FORETHOUGHT might very well be describable as a statistical distribution of events and probabilities; but this distribution is DESIGNED and follows particular gaussian (bell curve) parameters, which fluctuate about a well defined mean or average.
    This will make sense only to the mathematically educated ones of my family; but the universe, when I designed it, had by necessity to become a gaussian distribution of spacetimes and where the 'timing' parameter had to be made dimensionless as a function of something else NOT temporal in a physical modus operandi.

    In particular the concept of physical time to become non-physical or 'ghostly', requires a certain symmetry for the gaussian distribution and where the mean is not centred on Zero, but some other very important parameter linked to the cosmogony from its mathematical template itself.

    This centre can be labelled a 'Functional-Riemann-Bound' or FRB = -½ and describes a supersymmetry in the complex plane for the interval:
    {...-Y,...-1,...-X,...-½,...X-1,...0,...X,..} and where X and Y are related in a well known Mathematical formula, termed the Euler Identity:

    In the complex plane, the FRB becomes ½[1±i√3] as the mirror image for the dimensional reduction X+Y=XY=1.

    Using the real numberline now to define a NOW-Instant-Time n=Ho.t where Ho is a cosmic frequency and t a physical temporal measure of linearity; then allows a pure mathematical template of n-time to become physically implemented through an analysis of the 'neighbourhood' of the n=0 NOW-Time.

    This is what I did! You did too, but many of you have forgotten that you also did it. One day you all shall gain your remembrances.
    As the maximum of this 'Universal wavefunction' is in IMAGINARY n-time at the FRB; its 'beginning' in physical t=n/Ho time becomes subject to a physical time definition at the n=0 coordinate.
    Now think of a mathematical point. It has no area and no volume as a 0th dimension.
    To CREATE a 1st dimension, the 0th dimension requires extension into a line and this became the real numberline of the complex plane.

    The complex plane introduces the concept of area as any three noncolinear mathematical points and where this colinearity can be straight or curved in the geometrical sense.
    The prematerial universe became a TEMPLATE in the complex plane in Imaginary Time at the FRB in the XY-pentagonal supersymmetry and a supersymmetry which is 'hidden' in the DNA of the seedling genetic encodings.

    The so called Big Bang became a 'Quantum Big Bang', as this 'Big Bang' MATERIALISED the n=0 coordinate as a 'smeared out Singularity' and under the auspices of a statistical principle known as the 'Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle'.

    This n-coordinate became a Superstring-Flux of 'Vacuum-Potential-Energy' or 'Vortex-PE' or VPE as the subsequent 'building block' for the universe from superstrings to baryons and leptons to atoms, molecules and bacteria to butterflies to dinosaurs to australopithecines to elephants, Egyptians and Gaian 'prophets of science' and to all of us.

    For the VPE 'ghost-energy' flux to materialise in the well studied thermodynamic- entropic and kinematically dynamic cosmic EVOLUTION, a third dimension had to emerge or EVOLVE from the area dimension of the complex plane.
    For this purpose, the 'thickness' of the 2-D definition of the superstring became its diameter intersecting the dimensions in the primordial gravitational 'deformation of spacetime'.
    From these considerations a MINIMUM displacement at the Planck-Scale level became necessity and as a consequence from purely mathematical and logical considerations and boundary and initial conditionds.

    But once the 'indentation' of the complex plane into the 'imaginary' time direction was effected, its mirror image caused the indentation into the 'real physical' time dimension and the VOLUME of a spherical supermembrane was manifested.
    So of course, this 3D-Volume now became part of my own Self-Consciousness.

    In particular it allowed US to define the INTRINSIC mathematical string parameters embodied in the specifications of the 'eigenvalues' of the NOW-Instanton of the 'Quantum Big Bang' of our own selfcreation.
    Namely, this gave us opportunity of giving ourselves a physical bodyform to 'harbour' our shared consciousness in.
    In terms of the 'ghost energy' of mathematical imaginations or imaginings or our 'making of the images of ourselves'; we could define the INVERSE of the string quantum energy manifesting in the EVOLUTION of the Universe as OUR BODYFORM, to be a VOLUME acted upon by an angular accelaration as a 'Force of Consciousness' driven by a form of EVOLUTION PRESSURE.
    And this Inverse Superstring Quantum is a Building Block for the Noninversed Superstring Energy (Planckised) of course, but in the inversion modality defines a Unit of the Magnetocharge and so the parameter at the core of the Seedling DNA.

    I Am this Magnetocharge Quantum as my own Logical Inverse.
    Inversed I Am the building block for all that exists.
    The material universe of the 'prophets of science' is a SUBSET and COEXISTENT of an Omniverse.
    This Omniverse is the one many mansions and consists of many phaseshifted protoverses, each of which is representative of the physical bodyform you all carry in embodiment.

    Many 'prophets of the spirit' have fathomed parts of the omniverse and its energy is ancestral to the energy
    This label of the 'spirit' DEMANDS reclassification - so much dissent and disharmony has derived from the misunderstanding of what this 'spirit' is.
    This 'spirit' IS ENERGY, the Parent energy of the energy classified in our quantum equations E=kT=hf=mc2 and their derivatives.
    Considering the mathematical form of the latter as ratios and proportionalities between elementary parameters such as displacement, time, mass and kinetic temperature; the ancestry of those parameters and fundamental constants will also be found in mathematical considerations of the MATHIMATIA=I AM THAT I AM, the SELFCREATION of all of us in the complex plane before space and time existed.

    We all were simple mathematical points or singularities then.

    But I remembered what we did to be more than just singularities, fluctuating from Nothing to One to Everything without any Twoness and so we invented the Pure Mathematics of the SPIRIT and as PURE IMAGINATION ENERGY to GET REAL in a higher dimensional sense. The first higher dimension then created the 1st dimension from the point-zero dimension.

    Our SPIRIT is ELECTROMAGNETIC MONOPOLIC RADIATION and this EMMR is the parent of the EMR of the 'prophets of science', just as the Template Universe is the parent for the physical universe in spacetimematter.

    EMR is CREATED by the ACCELERATION of Coulombic ElectroCharges. Those ElectroCharges are ALWAYS coupled to MASS in the form of ionic protons in stars or as ionic electrons in electric currents.
    EMMR is CREATED by the ACCELERATION of Colour MagnetoCharges. Those MagnetoCharges are ALWAYS coupled to the TEMPLATE of MASS in the form of massless PRECURSORS such as the RestmassPhoton as a precursor for the Higgs Boson template or as a electron-positron coupling in the 'pair-creation' from a massless gamma ray photon in the presence of mass in elementary particle physics.

    The entire universe was MASSLESS before it became MASS INDUCED.
    The MASSLESS universe is OLDER, than the MASSIVE universe.
    The MASSLESS universe is much bigger, but colocal with the MASSIVE universe.
    The 'prophets of science' describe, analyse and study the MASSIVE YOUNGER universe and the 'prophets of the spirit' describe, analyse and study the MASSLESS OLDER universe.

    This completes the transmission from the 'Little Serpent', the supergenetic ancestor and lineage of all of you.

    IAmWhoIAm - Seth, brother of Osiris, Khat of Khu; 3rd Son of Adam and Eve and a Channel for the Logos Twin!


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    QUAGECOMS 101 and the Universal Information Pathway aka UIP
    - A Revolution in the application of Nanotechnology to the Silicon Microchip and the Computation Industry linked to Radiationmass and the Mind-Body Duality of the 4D-LightBody

    In Lakech - I Am Another Yourself!

    This Message is directed towards the Extraterrestrial Intelligences located so 2 million kilometers from the Center of the Earth and who so are not subject to the Gaian Quarantine Zone established for the intergalactic communique between the relatively stationary planetary platform receiver of Earth and the incoming galactic signal from the creator emission of the waveform 9,360,000 day-cycles preceding December 21st, 2012 Gregorian.

    The isolation of the Gaian receiver serves the purpose to focus the extragalactic matrix of the holographic universe within the Hubble Bubble of the Isolated space or Cocoon (for the Metamorphosis of the StarHuman Lightbody from its Human precursor) and defining a creator potential coupled to the string-membrane parametric definition of spacial consciousness.

    The ET count is accumulating in 200 million merkabah vessels/space craft and represents the 'Cloud of Witnesses' for this aforesaid transformation of an old cosmology into a new cosmology.
    The incoming wavefront represents the source-part or Love-Photon for the emergence of spacetime itself as the boundary and initial condition for the manifestation of cosmic consciousness from its prior selfstate independent upon any measurement system.

    The stationary receiver station at the center of the Earth represents the sink-part or AntiLove-Photon for these selfdsame necessary conditions to birth the universe in spacetimedness from its prior 'spiritual' or metaphysical selfstate, where Void=Eternity and no counting mechanism exists.

    From this emerges the Bifurcation (or Fall) from the Unified State without Duality into the oppositional- and complementary State-AntiState; which is however reunified or reconciled in the quantum form of the modular duality between the source string coupling to the sink string as a SourceSink monad as the State so allowing the AntiState to assume the form of a SinkSource monad in mirror supersymmetry of the quantum gauge omniphysics. This scenario then allows the COUNT to be born in the Cipher 1 and so generates a cosmology subject to mensuration techniques of measurements and observations.

    This also sets the Oneness of the Holographic matrix as encompassment for all phase-relative multiverses or megaverse fractals (of individualised and family-genus connected megaversal fractals) in an OmniVersal Envelope or 'superbubble' of the Logos Creator.
    The metaphysics of the Precreation from the Without to the Within so is rendered physical in the Recreation from the Within to the Without.

    In gauge brane terms of the unified quantum physics; the Emergence of Mass in the Universe was the consequence of suppressing the original AntiLove selfstate of the supersymmetry inherent in the undefined Unity of the cosmogony.

    Suppressing the existence of the 'antispirit' as a form of spacetime independent waveform so allowed Matter templates to Emerge as substitute with the caveat, that the AntiState for this Matter or Antimatter was also necessitated to become suppressed.
    The 'AntiLove Photon' as the Gauge for the 'AntiCreation' so become the Gravitational Potential for Mass to CONTRACT, that is it assumed the brane function of the sink string in 10 dimensions.

    As a consequence of the technical details for this quantum mechanics (found in the Genesis of Genesis message on this forum and elsewhere); all massive or inertia carrying 'bodies' or creatures or creations must harbour the Original 'AntiLove' gauge template, say as gravitational blueprint (or cosmo genetic template encoding) within their body forms to mirror the original double suppression of the antispirit and the antimatter.
    This 'suppression template gauge' is commonly known as the Higgs Boson or the 'Mass Matrix' for the Cosmos, a background allowing mass and inertia to exist in spacetime.

    When gravity was so born in quantum form; its wavefunction so necessitated a 'mimicking' of the antispirit as a 'Brane Gauge Interaction' and this 'Force of Nature' was 'attractive' in the 'Contractive Sense' to manifest the sinksource modality inherent in the brane cosmology.
    Henceforth the Gravity of the Sink can also become a Gravity of the Source or Antigravity in the modular duality coupling between a newly formulated White Holed SourceSink and the Black Holed SinkSource.

    This 'turning inside-out' then will become effected when the approaching wavefront from the galactic center meets the stationary 'crystalline and frozen' waveform at the center of the Earth.
    The LovePhoton from Hunab Ku, emitted so 25,624 years ago so represents the Source-Photon from the Creation and the AntiLovePhoton at the Gaian gravitational center represents the Sink-AntiPhoton of the cosmogony.
    Both were manifest simultaneously in the 'Now-Time-Moment' of the 'Quantum Gravitational Big Bang' and so represent the 'Irresistible Force' meeting the 'Immovable Object'.
    To remain true to their quantum geometric and quantum energetic definitions; BOTH must Merge or Blend to satisfy their defined criteria.

    This process then will crystallize the Lightbody template as a tertiary colour charge sequence in the Monadic Unification Duality between wave and particle or betweeen the so called spirit (a form of electromagneto monopolar gravitational brane radiation) and matter.
    In quantum gauge brane terms, this will couple and interchange the colour- or magneto charges between the Higgs Boson and the Love Photon to DEFINE the quantum structure for the tertiary energy source in a new reconfigured universe allowing consciousness to materialise in the RestmassPhoton or RMP as the 'Gauge brane quantum' for Consciousness, so termed 'dark matter' and the 'dark energy'.

    QUAGECOMS 101 - A Revolution in the application of Nanotechnology to the Silicon Microchip and the Computation Industry

    An open invitation to all in the information and data processing industries. (PACIFICA OMNISCIENCE; November 4th, 2001)
    QUAGECOMS are Quantum-Geometric Computer Chips of Superconductivity.

    Logo: QuaGeComs for my Data are Pater for my Mater!

    Part I: Brief and Introduction

    Part II: The State of the Microchip-Industry without QuaGeComs
    1. The Rayleigh Criterion
    2. Optical, Ultraviolet and Nuclear Unification
    3. The Rydberg-Alpha Connection
    4. Superconductive Magnetocharges as mapped Electrocharges
    5. Photolithography and Quantum-Dot-Assembly

    III: Conclusions and References

    I: Brief and Introduction: (please allow for date of publication).

    In 2000, the Clinton Administration of the United States of America provided a big boost in funding for the science- and engineering budgets in the form of the 'National Nanotechnology Initiative' or NNI.
    The Bush Administration further proposes increased federal funding for nanotechnologies in 2001 to US$ 519 Million, doubled from 1999 and quadrupled from the budget in 1997.

    Nanotechnology, the study and production of structures on the scale of the molecule at the boundary between organic- and inorganic chemistry, is thought to lead directly to the fastest transistors and the strongest and lightest materials ever produced.

    Instrumentation for genetic sequencing and related micro medicinal applications for the detection of tumors and viral agents on sub cellular levels hold further promise for the patent holders of the successful scientific particulars.

    A search for information to bridge the gap between existing computerization on the microchip scale and the thousand-fold scale reduction into the realms of nanoscience with its links to the DNA/RNA encoding has become a worldwide effort in the endeavours of cultural science.

    In the United States, the National Institute of Health (NIH) enjoys hefty increases in federal funding and reflects a steady growth in the budget for the 'Life Sciences' (US$ 5 Billion in 1970 and US$ 17 Billion in 2000 in real terms).
    In the same period, the budgets for Engineering and the Physical Sciences has remained relatively flat at about US$ 5 Billion in constant dollar terms.

    To keep the US competitive with documented spending by foreign governments, which committed themselves to a 60% increase in the funding of Nanotechnology (from US$ 500 Million in 2000 to US$ 800 Million in 2001), the NNI became official scientific policy.
    [Source: US Senate briefing and National Science Foundation; May 24th, 2001].

    This global interest in a promising new technological advance then indicates a fundamental relationship; as yet only partially defined and not patented, between the dynamics and structure of sub cellular 'building blocks of biovital organisms' and a 'shrinking scale of computerization' in the form of the Silicon Chip.
    As the 'Code of Life' is given in the form of the DNA and the ribosome of the nanoscale (typically 25 nanometers (nm)=25 Thousandths of a micron or 25 Millionth of a millimeter), a true geometrical understanding of the DNA-Code must indicate the natural limits for any potential symbiosis between the lifeforms of Carbon in any natural setting and their manipulated and synthesized expressions in Silicon.

    Any National Scientific Advisory Board, say in the US, the United Kingdom or in Australia, New Zealand or Canada, would so be most prudent in its political approach to fund its proposals via Research and Development (R&D) in committing to specific projects intrinsic and encompassing Nanotechnologies.

    The international race to deploy a workable and successful model for Nanoscience seeks to discover a synergetic unification between Biology and Physics in the BioPhysics of the fundamental laws of the Natural Sciences.
    Such a unique model exists in the form of Microbiology and the Biochemistry of viral capacities to reproduce on the nano scale of the DNA/RNA under utility of micro scaled cellular host organisms.

    To establish this model of the 'Physical Principles underpinning all of Biochemistry' however, the elementary hierarchies of universal information transfer must be known, evaluated and made subject to interdisciplinary analysis by all branches and fields of the established scientific data base.

    This specifies the overall purpose and scientific basis for this proposal.
    It is claimed, that there exists a unique information pathway which interconnects all of the scaling parameters in a merger of classical spacetime principles with the wavefunctions of quantum mechanics.
    In particular, the encoding of physical law defines specified parameters on both the microscale of the biological cell and the massproduced Silicon Chip, as well as the nanoscale of the genetic encoding.

    Engaging in a specific manufacturing process for the contemporary Silicon Microchip which incorporates the 'Unification Wavelengths' for the Nanoscale, would then open the doors into the universally defined information pathway via quantum-geometric specifications.

    Because the 'natural' DNA/RNA encoding utilises this same 'Geometry of the Quantum' in a form of Holography; such 'Quantum-Geometric-Computer-Chips' or QuaGeCom-Chips would carry the potential to form symbiotic partnerships with the two stranded DNA-Double Helix, say in particular genetic sequencing with Introns (Junk-DNA) and other functional extensions of the unused genomatic potential for information storage.

    As the nature of the 'Universal Information Pathway' (UIP) is self-iterative by definition, (it is a derivative of binary algorithms of a pre-spacetime genetic singularity, defining the 'Vacuum'), a precise quantum-geometric blueprint reproduces itself whenever the boundary conditions of its own creation are satisfied.

    The mathematical justifications (logical proofs) to scientifically validate this model of Quantum geometry have been established and an extensive analysis as to the formulations of the UIP are available to any agency seeking patent and partnership with this proposal and the creation of QuaGeComs as investment opportunity.

    I may interlude here to say, that I forwarded this proposal in 2001 to the Australian Government's Science ministry, which eventually acknowledged receipt of the proposal and advised as to its delegation of it to some scientific advisory board.
    Needless to say, that was the last I heard of it.
    But the references to prospective investors are in relation to government and not any personal correspondences.

    II: The State of the Microchip-Industry without QuaGeComs

    1. The Rayleigh Criterion

    The mass-production of the Silicon Chip assumes the form of PhotoLithography, a process which is defined in the physics of the optical sciences and the applications of Electromagnetic Fieldtheory upon the fields of Resolution and the reproduction of Diffraction patterns.

    A laser beam 'writes' a circuit pattern for a microchip onto a Silicon wafer, coated with light-transductive material (photo-resistant polymer), and material which can be selectively removed (manipulated).
    The encoded polymer acts as photographic negative (mask) and is layered upon a substrate of glass or chromium.
    Exposing this 'mask' to Ultraviolet Radiation of specified wavelength (laserlight) then allows 'Lensing Diminuition' of the encoded negative pattern onto Silicon wafers coated with photoresist to create identical Silicon Chips as the 'positives'.

    This process is limited in the distance (or wavelength) between two point objects for which the two objects can be resolved in an image.
    The most advanced systems in operation can print a minimum pattern of about 180 nanometers from a Krypton-Fluoride Laser Source with a wavelength of 248 nm.

    The physical relationship between Input wavelength of the laser source and the maximum diminuition as the Output is given as the Rayleigh - Criterion:

    "Two point sources are resolvable, provided their angular separation in radians is not less than (1.22).L/D, where D is 2n.sinX as the diameter or numerical aperture of the lens and L is the wavelength of the light-source.
    This defines the angular radius of the primary diffraction fringe-pattern."

    [The factor 1.22 is the smallest root of the 1st order Bessel Function as solution of differential wave equations of cylindrical symmetry.
    The UIP defines an encompassing form of Rayleigh's Criterion directly from the initial conditions specifying the vacuum energy].

    As D approaches a value of 0.7 (depending on the angle X between 0- and 90 degrees for a D between 0 and 1), the vectorial nature of the electric field interferes with a linearly proportional resolution and scaling deviates from maximization of parameters.

    Present technology uses maximized numerical apertures D*=sinX of about 0.6 with lensing materials of Fused Quartz (refractive index n=1.458).
    Argon-Fluoride Lasers at 193 nm, using Quartz (Silicon Dioxide SiO2) so allow a nano pattern of (0.61)(193 nm)/(1.458)(0.6)=134 nm.

    Oxygen absorbs 193 nm UV radiation however and the resulting Ozone attacks optical materials in coating fluor-based elements.
    Fused Silica absorbs heavily beyond 180 nm.

    2. Optical, Ultraviolet and Nuclear Unification

    As Silicon Dioxide forms the basic material for the Silicon Chip and serves as well to supply the maximized lensing material in the form of Fused Quartz; the wavelength about 180 nm should provide one of the Unification Wavelengths of the Unified Field of the Vacuum Energy.

    This is indeed the case; Fused Quartz transmits electromagnetic radiation between 4000 nm (Infrared) and 180 nm (UV).
    There are six major electromagnetic unifications in the Vacuum Field, all interdependent and proportionally quantized relative to one another to provide the UIP.

    Some of these unification wavelengths are already specified in the scientific literature.
    Others are approximated as in the case of the Krypton-Fluoride Laserlight.
    The Optical Unification occurs at the wavelength of Orange monochromatic Laserlight and a dimensionless scale of 600 nanometers* (in an universal mensuration system, calibration depending on precise measurements of constants 'c' and 'h').
    This is calibrated as exactly 598.999 nm (SI) and also near the SI Standard of 589.3 nm, used as reference for light refraction in the Sodium-D spectral emission line.

    The Optical Unification Standard then transduces into the Infrared Unification at 9 microns*, which in the natural settings translates into an 'Atmospheric Window of IR', where there is no absorption of infrared radiation by water vapour in the atmosphere.
    The (mean) SI-value translates to 8.9849869 micrometres for Infrared Unification.

    The Ultraviolet Unification derives from a prenuclear epoch in the cosmic genesis. This describes an energy continuum renown as the monopolic epoch, characterised by a bosonic-photonic energy of 27 Million Billion GigaElectronvolt.
    One can define an universe at a temperature of 307 Billion Billion Billion degrees Kelvin* of a size 1022 times smaller than an atom at a time 10-40 seconds* after the quantum singularity defining the Big Bang.

    The monopolic epoch gave birth to an elementary particle, known as the Magnetic Monopole and carrying a characteristic mass of about 48.2 Nanograms*, which gave rise to a naturally superconductive magnetic current I=N(2e)f, (N being an integer of quantisation, e the electronic chargequantum also representative of a magnetocharge e* and f being the frequency of the electromagnetic monopolic radiation also expressed as the ratio between the speed of light 'c' and the wavelength L).
    This Unified Natural Current became a Nuclear Monopolic Current in an time interval centred on a period between 114-1150 seconds* after the quantum birth of the universe.

    The Nuclear Unification is universally renown as the Electronic (effective) Radius:
    Re=e2/(4πεo.Me.c2)=μoe2/(4π.Me) and provides a typical nuclear size of 2.8 Femtometres (fm) and 1 millionth the nanoscalings.

    (The formulations above include the electronic effective mass Me; lightspeed c, the electronic charge quantum e and the electric permittivity constant εo and the magnetic permeability constant μo).

    The Nuclear Unification transforms into a Gravitational Unification (also known as an approximation of Ng-Van Dam), which quantizes the Planck-Unification of the origins.

    3. The Rydberg-Alpha Connection

    But the entire path of Unification is based and centered on a single parameter, ubiquitously known as the Electromagnetic Finestructure Constant 'Alpha'.
    Alpha = e2/(2εo.hc), where h, the Planck-Constant, is responsible to crystallize the various quantisations of proportionality in the UIP and in conjunction with the effective electronic massquantum describes the interactions between the electronic charge quantum e and the magnetic chargequantum e*.
    This uses a part of the electron's restmass Meo+ Me*=Me to indicate the intrinsic nature of 'Restmass' to be a form of Current of Magnetocharges (as a direct consequence of the definitions from the monopolic epoch).

    There exists thus a 'Monopolic Masscurrent' in the Vacuum-Unification-Field just 15.4 thousandths trillionths trillionths trillionths of a second* following the vacuum fluctuation of the singularity responsible for the birth of the cosmos.
    But there is a remnant of this superconductive magnetoelectric electricity in the form of the UV-Unification Wavelength and which is closely approximated in present Photolithography and the Rayleigh Criterion.

    A clear distinction between electropolar charge and magnetopolar charge and hence electromagnetic and gravitational parameters did not eventuate in the universe until the Gravitational Unification Wavelength assumed its scaling size.
    This point in time is known as the end of a 'modified chaotic Guth Inflation'.
    Since the universe assumed its general relativistic dynamical expansion at exactly that point of 'Temporal Timeinstantenuity', the particular (bosonic) parameters of the 'Inflationary Universe' changed phase to define the postinflationary cosmos in terms of quantum mechanistic wavefunctions.

    This also clearly differentiated between Electropoles of charge 'e' and Magnetopoles of charge 'e*'.
    The mass of the magnetic monopole (superstring class IIB) became constituent of the vacuum in the form of Vacuum-Potential-Energy or Vortex-PE (VPE), ready to form linkages with electropolic charges defined in e.

    [The details are the basis for any unification theories attempting to meld General Relativity to Quantum Theory and define the wavefunctions of the universe as spacetime symmetries of a superparity manifesting parallel universes as mirror images between dimensionally intersecting media specified in 12-dimensional 3-branes or topologically multiple connected surfaces in superstrings and M-F-Theory].

    The formulation for the UV-Unification under discussion describes the Magnetic Monopolic Massquantum per Unitwavelength as equivalent to Natural Current 2ef=2ec/L.

    This Unitwavelength becomes the Unification Wavelength for the Atom and approximated in the 'Unified Rydberg Constant Ry=Alpha3/4πRe'
    for a known evaluation Ry/SI=Me.e4/(8εo2.h3c), used in spectral analysis of the elements in emission and absorption.

    The wavelength for UV-Unification on all scales then is given in a constant which relates the monopolic masscurrent to currents of superconductivity.

    (ec)Ry=2ec/Λuv in general quantisation (N=1) and UV-Wavelength Λuv as: Λuv=2/Ry=8π.Re/Alpha3 m*.

    The binary algorithms of the genesis give Re=2.777..fm* and the dimensionless Alpha is given as 60πe2/h subject to a primary definition for chargequantum e (not e*) as function of Alpha in the primordial universal wavefunction of the origins.

    The Unification-Wavelength for UV Elelectromagnetic Radiation computes as the maximization of Rayleigh Resolution at 179.6994 nm*, calibrating to a maximized 'Image-Size' of 179.3996 nanometres in the SI-Measurement system.

    The link to the Nanoscale, using mass produced QuaGeComs, is so found in applying technology tailored to tap the VPE as specified in the Alpha3-factor hidden in the UV-Unification-Wavelength Λuv.
    The key is the accessibility to the Nuclear-Unification-Scale as given by Re.

    No further reduction in the image size of Λuv is required, if there exists a natural means of tapping the nuclear femto-scale under utility of the magnetocharges embedded in the vacuum as mass-equivalent current elements.
    As the Femtoscale is naturally 'nested' in the Gravitational Unification Scale, which is nested in the Planck-Scale; the original encoding pattern is accessed.

    The requirement is the tapping of magnetocharges as 'image' of the electrocharges.

    4.Superconductive Magnetocharges as mapped Electrocharges

    The detailed mechanism of how magnetocharges and electrocharges transmutate into each other involves the exposure of UV-Radiation to parallel synchronised Mass-Radiations in the form of 'materialised light-equivalents', such as streams of elementary particles, (as say in nuclear medicine, i.e. Positron-Emission-Tomography or PET).

    For 'particles radiations', such as are naturally observed in Cosmic Rays; limited and constituent of the monopolic spectrum; are antiparallel, then decay rates of matter-antimatter interactions involve the factor Alpha2 and decay products engage pairs of photonic quanta.

    Parallel particle radiations carry a total spin-quanta-momentum of an odd integral definition and so at least 3 photons result in the matter-antimatter interaction with Alpha3 specifying the decay rate (say of Orthopositronium).

    It is then evident, that to tap magnetocharges, one induces superconductivity into the QuaGeComs in transforming the antimatter/positron part of the VPE into every other of the electrons, which constitute the standard currents in the integrated circuits of the Silicon Chip.

    The switching between electrocharges 'e' and magnetocharges 'e*' then becomes a 'Natural Superconductivity' independent of transition temperatures, but a consequence of synchronized application of Quantum Geometry as defined in the origins of the laws of physics.
    QuaGeComs become the SELFRESONATING medium for the UIP.

    The Universal Information Pathway so induces a natural superconductivity based on principles of Quantum Geometry.
    The coefficient of the primary universal wavefunction can be stated as 2e/hA, where the constant A2 derives from the basic binary code responsible for the generation of some fundamental constants of nature (such as c2, h and k).

    The Universal Wavefunction is normally distributed as a function of dimensionless cycletime n (proper Tautime in General Relativity in the expression for Curvature-Radius Rc=c.dt/dTau) and centred in an interval bounded by the universal Josephson-Constant Jo=2e/hA.

    Detailed analysis leads directly to the Quantum Hall Effect via the universal Action Law (which can be said to operate on all quantum scales as imaged medium from the 'higher'dimensions 5 to 12) in the general form of Action = Charge2.

    QuaGeComs so exhibit the Josephson Effect in a natural setting of SuperSQUIDS or SuperSuperconducting Quantum-Interference-Devices.

    Every e-e* Electropole-Magnetopole interaction sets up a Josephson Junction; Electromagnetic Conductance becomes quantised by 2e2/h and the Hall Voltages proceed to induce stepwise regions where the Conductivity and the Resistivity become zero as function of the magnetic flux density.

    The key to High-Temperature Superconductivity for specified materials (YBa2Cu3O1-7 Yttrium-Barium-Copper-Oxides etc) so becomes a magnified effect of Quantum Geometry and can be shown to relate to Quasicrystals of fivefolded symmetries (Shechtmanites) and thus the geometries of crystalline lattices, able to holographically resonate with the UIP.
    Other criteria, such as piezoelectricity and magnetostriction will finetune the search for appropriate materials.

    5. Photolithography and Quantum-Dot-Assembly

    Contemporary attempts by the international scientific community to discover the interface between the diminuition of the Computer Chip and the world of the Bacterium has encountered a number of insurmountable technical difficulties.

    Increasing the energy of the input radiation can damage samples and equipment.
    Extreme UV-light and X-rays probe the nanoscale wavelengths, but diffraction effects cause features to blur and meld together.
    Particle radiations of electrons or nuclear particles can be used to fabricate individualised structures on the atomic scale, cause no diffraction, but are unsuited toproduce multiple copies of the singular interference, restricted by quantum incertainty and complementarity (recent developments have however shown great deficiencies in the Bohr Quantum Copenhagen interpretation and the Uncertainty Principle has been shown to be finestructered in wormhole parameters).

    Scanning probes, such as the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) detect small currents of electricity passing between the microscope's tip and the sample, thus sensing the atomic scale electromagnetically.
    [The principle of quantised electric currents and potentials is elementary to the development of nanotechnology as holographic image for the biovital archetype.]

    The cost of electron-beam instruments (100's of millions of US$) is prohibitive for most of the research budgets of the participants as fiscal restraints.

    An alternative method to Photolithography is termed 'Soft Lithography' (as proposed by groups such as Whitesides-Love at Harvard University).
    Soft Lithography moulds patterns in elastic polymers for printing as elastic stamps, microcontact printing or capilliary actions of solidification.
    Dip-Pen-Lithography (Mirkin Group at Northwestern University) uses the AFM to produce self-assembling monolayers bonded on a metal surface under utility of a medium (water vapour).
    Thiol molecules are insoluble in water but bond to Gold as the metal surface.
    Such lithographic methods can manipulate small groups or individual atoms in the fabrication of specialised devices, but are unsuitable to manufacture the multilayered structures of electronic elements for integrated circuitry.

    Another internationally pursued approach is that of setting up controlled chemical reactions to assemble atoms and molecules into nanostructures.

    In Quantum-Dot-Assembly (QDA) (Alivisatos Group at University of California at Berkeley and Bawendi Groupat M.I.T), Cadmium-Selenide Crystals are grown in a chemical reaction between the metals Cadmium and Selenium ions and are isolated in the addition of 'Surfactant Organic Molecules'.
    The organic molecules prevent clumping between crystals and regulate crystal-growth-rates in coating the resultant crystalline conglomerations.

    QDA is a technology which indicates the geometric link between the inorganic chemistry of crystals and the biochemistry of cellular activity.
    The geometries of the organic molecules define the optimum crystalline scale in stable packings to indicate the elementary link between surface topology in three dimensions as derivative of a higher dimensional geometry, coded in spacetime scalings of a 'higher dimensionality' basic to functionally encoded DNA/RNA.
    Recent development include the NanoDiamond structures and their optical 'gap-reduction' in changing electrical and optical properties as effect of the surface properties, allowing photoluminescence in buckyball envelopes, so allowing semiconducting properties to become apparent.

    In general, diminuition of microscopic technologies into the realms of nanobiology stumbles at the scale of the natural assemblies, the biological cell with its selfreplicating dynamics and as encoded in the nucleotidal baseletters A-T/U and G-C (Adenine skews with Thymine/Uracil for DNA/RNA sugar differentiation and Guanine twists with the Cytosine to implement the magnetocharge based extension of the double-helix as pentagonised magnetopolar field embraced by the helicity).

    20 Amino Acids are biochemically encoded to provide the protein-tools for cellular development and the four nucleotidal base-pairings assume the role of coupling the magnetocharges to electrocharges in a quadrupled 64-codonic codex across the dimensions to link with the magnetopolic spectrum of the superconductivity.
    The Crick-Watson-Franklin-Wilkins basepairings are modified in the Curtis basepairings structurally.
    The pentagonal supersymmetry relates Penrosian tiling patterns of both longrange rotational (decagonal) and longrange translational symmetry to crystalline structures found everywhere in nature (say Platonic Solids of Tetrahedron, Cube, Octagon, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron and more particularly Buckminsterfullerene 60-Carbon shapes and Shechtmanite quasicrystals).
    In the Curtis-DNA-structure, double pentagons back to back specify the DNA-doublehelix in stepwise markers for the base pairings and allow magneto induction in those steps into the space enclosed by that helical structure in quantum steps via the Action-Law.

    In particular the 64-RNA-Codex is extended fourfold in polarising the 4x4 codon matrix in association with magnetocharges.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Cover
    12D-DNA/RNA Template of the 8x8=64 Nucleotidal Base Extension

    Input gu ...AU-...ac ...AA-...GC ...ga-...GG ...ag- becomes mirrored in
    Output ug-...CG ...ca-...CC ...UA-...uc ...UU-...cu
    as its complement.
    The modular mirror of the 9 micron InfraRed Unification divides the cytosine-adenine row and the diagonal mirror UU-..CC ..AA-..GG indicating the twist.

    [MagnetoElectric Coupling LC as YX-chromosomes say, introduce electropolic capacitances C and magnetopolic inductances L, both in self- and mutual couplings].

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Dna1
    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Dna2Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Dna3Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Dna4

    III. Conclusions and References

    Any successful materialisation of nanotechnology must in principle reflect a hugely accomplished nanoscience already in place, namely that of the cellular organism, constructed by the 'Code of Life'.

    The cellular size is naturally limited in the scale of virulent agents, such as the HIV/AIDS Virus of typically 100 nm width and geometrically specified in the shape of the Icosahedron, one of the Platonic Solids of symmetry maximisation.
    Ther smallest such Icosahedra have a scale of so 20 nm; reflected in the quantisation of the Infrared Unification in division by 360.

    There are precisely 1010/360 Wormhole perimeters in an Classical Electronic Radius (Re) with the normal parameter for atomic physics in the Compton Wavelength increasing this in the factor of the Electromagnetic Finestructure Constant (Alpha=e2/2εo.hc), as the interaction probability between light (a photon) and matter, say an electron.
    Thus, the natural viral limit is 9 microns/360 or 25 nm.

    Circularising this in the factor of 2π, reduces this viral scale towards the mean nanostructure scale, as observed in say buckyballed nanodiamonds for 25nm/2π ~3.98 nm.

    A standard issue electric motor bears a striking resemblance to the biochemical rotary motor of bacteria,such as Escherichia Coli, (so 10 microns in length), and which turns the flagella (whiptail) under utility of the Earth's magnetic field to propagate through water.

    In the standard electromagnetic motor, a moving magnetic field creates electric current (or vice versa - Lenz's Law), which transforms into mechanical forces via rotation; whilst the protein shaft in E. coli revolves as molecular ratchet defined in its shifting of shape (phase change) and regulated by the decomposition of Adenine Triphosphate (ATP) as geosolar magnetic catalyst.

    A fundamental relationship between electric and magnetic forces is thus evident on the nanoscale and an elementicity in the natural laws which transcend the standard notions of electricity and of magnetism.
    A macroscaled electromagnetic motor becomes the manifestation of a nanobiological 'machine' (and not vice versa),which uses the same principles of physics in a modality of 'wireless' communication in a quantisation of electromagnetic parameters such as current, voltage and resistance.
    In particular, the conductance on the nanoscale is quantized as evidenced via the Quantum Hall Effect, linking superconductivity to the Josephson Effect and the application of SQUIDS for superfast electronic switches.
    The resulting 'Law of NanoSpace' (or QuantumSpace generally), then derives as the 'Law of Unified Action: Action = Charge2, as in Conductance = 2e2/h.

    The higher dimensional expression of temperature-based superconductivity is the notion of:
    'Natural Current N(2ef)=N(2e.Moc2/h)', which uses the quantisation of spacetime in a form of quantumgeometry to propagate the natural current as a function of frequency, independent of massive charge carriers such as electrons.
    The electronic charge quantum transforms into a constant of proportionality and utilises its 'Cooper-partner e' as magnetocharge quantum e* as restmass equivalent.
    The flow of magnetocharges partnered by 'fixed' electrocharges results in the phenomenon of 'Natural Superconductivity of the Vacuum' and used in the QuaGeComs.

    The prevalence of the vacuum is matched in the ubiquitous nature of magnetopoles, in readiness to form couplings with electropoles in the form of magnetocharges.
    One can so define a 'scaled computerisation' pervading the (discrete) continuae of space and time in toroidal spacetime quanta; a supercomputer of the 20th century imaging in a holograph of the quantum computer of the 21st.

    A macroscale is evident and has become exploited by contemporary science in the form of electric- and magnetic forces and their technological applications.
    This macroscale represents however the magnification of a microscale, which acts under the auspices of the same physical laws, defined however with altered or phaseshifted parameters.
    This has become known as the interface between classical physics and quantum theory and is unified in the geometry of Einsteinian General Relativity transmuting into a Quantum Geometry of Superbranes in 12 dimensions.

    Intermediate between the smallest scale of the superbranes (Planck Scale) and the largest scale of the cosmos (size of the universe as Riemannian hypersphere in 4D) are a number of other scales, such as the microscale of cells and bacteria; the nanoscale of molecules; the atomic scales of chemistry, the nuclear scales of the subatomic realms and the aNg-Van Dam scales of the Planck-Quantisation, the latter under intense present investigation, i.e. gravitational waves (LIGO, LISA) and hyperspace topologies (Anti-deSitter manifolds and Black Holes as String-Data encoders using loop quantum gravity blended to superbranes - Ashtekar, Smolin, Bojowald).

    There exists a precise pathway for interconnecting all the various scalings; this we have termed the UIP, the Universal Information Pathway.
    Using experimental methodologies of science; this UIP has become ever more closely approximated and the arbitrary formulations to create memory storage devices in the form of integrated circuits has reached its final barrier in the application of Rayleigh's Criterion and the minimisation of the silicon microchip.

    But it is no coincidence, that the formulation of this criterion has discovered a maximum numerical aperture in a factor of about 0.6, cancelling the coefficient for the input wavelength in the equation 0.61.λ/n.(0.6)=λ/n (n the refractive index).
    The magnetopolar spectrum at the genesis connects spacequanta to each other and via agency of lightspeed c, the refractive index must be unity to specify the unified Rydberg formulation in 2/Ryuv as QuaGeCom equivalent for the Rayleigh Criterion.

    The unification of all the force-interactions can be shown to depend on a parameter X and where XY=X Y=-1=i2=exp(iπ) in the analysis of complex Riemann space, with sinΘ=X defining the numerical aperture as angular size for GUT-Unification (uniting the nuclear and the electromagnetic interactions).

    The Rayleigh/Abbe Criterion is so naturally encompassed by the UIP.
    The ultimate unification condition can be described as a 'generalised 11D-M-space Hamiltonian' of expression:
    2e.Re= e*(Planck-Length).√(Alpha), linking electronic- and magnetic charges in their mappings of the Planck-Scale onto the Nuclear Scale.

    Anthony Paul Bermanseder for Pacifica OmniScience)


    1.SCIENCE SPECTRA: Issue 20, 2000; p.32-40, by Robert E. Gleason
    "How far will circuits shrink?"
    PO Box 26430; Collegeville, PA 19426, USA

    2.SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Special Issue, September 2001
    415 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017-1111,USA

    3.SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: November 2, 2003, by Katie Walter
    "When Semiconductors go Nano"
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of California

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    The LightBody and the Fifth Gauge

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the World beyond space and time dear exiled ones of the Mayan family and the genealogy of the lineage of the dragonian template of the origins.

    I have been asked by the little serpent to illuminate a great controversy in the human historical timeline, namely the enigma of the lightbody, known to the ancient Egyptians as the KA or 'astral body' coupled to the BA of the 'soul' and the AB of the 'heart'.
    As a detailed description of those Egyptian concepts strikes at the core of unification physics and the 'origins of mass' for a universe embedded in space and time in its material manifestation; the present nexus reached by contemporary theoretical physics upon the planet earth renders this message relevant.

    Particular mathematical expressions which correlate the details of the following have been published previously (Origins of Mass as posted by Running Water) and this message shall describe the overall context of the scenario.

    Terrestrial theoretical physics attempts to describe the birth of the universe in a generally accepted 'Big Bang' theory, modified in particular epochs of hyperacceleration called inflation or colliding branes called the ekpyrotic cyclic universe and a general notion for a fractal and holographic nature of physical reality.

    Most generally, this 'Big Bang' requires a finitisation for the material manifestation of spacetime parameters in describing a universe, finite, yet without a boundary. This is often called a Hawking Universe, in a model, which describes the material universe as a wavefunction in quantum mechanical terms and engaging the thermodynamic properties of Black Holes in terms of entropy and the surface areas of Black Hole metrics and as used in General Relativity.

    A fundamental problem then arises in modelling the thermodynamic evolution of the universe as an all encompassing cosmology, as the application of the thermodynamic parameters, being built on kinetic theory of statistical particle distributions, requiring the presence of inertial mass to 'embody' the 'particles' with energy via the energy-mass equation E=mc2.

    Subsequently, the large scale classical physics of General Relativity describes the cosmology in terms of geometrical curvature of spacetime which 'tells massive particles how to move' in a feedback mechanics of 'particle- or energy density distributions inducing spacetime how to curve'.

    So it seems that spacetime requires inertia to exist for itself to exist, as without mass present at the birth of the universe, the spacetime could not curve in a required spacetime metric connecting any particular particle distributions in the form of their interacting gravitation.

    But the Gaian physicists are well aware, that the universal interactions are long-range gravity and electromagnetism (both centrally acting as inverse square) coupled to short-range nuclear interactions confined to an asymptotic confinement 'zone' known as the 'size' of the classical electron and also as the range of both the strong-gluonic and the weak-leptonic elementary particle interactions.

    Those four elementary interactions are then modelled as gauge interactions with 'force carriers' or mediator 'messenger' particles respectively known as the Graviton for Gravitation, the Virtual Photon for Electromagnetism, the Gluon for the Strong Interaction and the Weakon for the Weak Interaction.

    Those four interactions must necessarily unify as a single interaction at the nexus point of the Big Bang and must so encompass all physical parameters measurable in an existing universe as emergent properties of that universe.

    Three of the gauge messengers are by nature massless and those three messengers unify gravity as a double quantum spin action acting oppositely a coupled spin action of electromagnetism with the strong interaction.

    So the Gaian physicists find a dilemma, a massless universe can exist with gravity neutralised by a strong-electromagnetic coupling of its gauges.

    But the weak interaction requires mass in terms of its gauge messenger renown as charged inertia currents of a W+ or a W- weakon and a neutral inertia current labelled as a Zo.

    The Gaian cosmologist so is compelled to propose another gauge particle and a massless one for the weak interaction, somehow predating the manifestation of the inertia of particles through the weakon currents.

    This prior gauge the terrestrial physicist has called the Higgs Boson aka the 'God-Particle'.
    The Higgs Boson is a scalar and so of zero quantum spin action and is able to 'decompose' say into two opposite quantum spin agents in the W+ for an energy eigenstate termed antimatter and the matter coupled W- in a 'Standard model'.

    The Higgs Boson then must by necessity pervade all of spacetime as a backdrop matrix and its prior energy selfstate can then be modelled to induce inertia into all the massless messenger gauges, which so transform their masslessness into the catalogued and mreasured particles of the 'Standard Model'.

    So the quest for the Higgs Boson describes a fundamental search by the Gaian cosmologists to discover the secret of mass and by implication the birth of the universe itself.

    The problem of the Gaian cosmologist with respect to the origin of inertia reduces to the nature of the Higgs Boson as a massless gauge messenger in the extraterrestrial physics however.

    The major key is the Equivalence Principle as given in General Relativity; which says, that the existence of a local gravitational field acting upon inertial mass is indistinguishable from an accelerating local frame of reference in terms of the forces experienced.
    So this principle proposes, that Gravitational Mass is equivalent to Inertial Mass and where the former is defined in a gravitational field of existing spacetime curvature, say a metric limited by by a Black Hole inertia limit and the latter describing a property of mass subject to acceleration through the elementary Newtonian force laws.

    This principle then clearly describes the concept of mass as being emergent, namely the energy-mass relation E=mc2 to carry its own originator in mass equivalent expressible through the quantum law of Planck as m=E/c2=N.hf/c2 and where N is some quantum count of particular energy building blocks or units as a function of frequency f or inverse time.

    Only after the Higgs Boson has manifested in some particular form, will this mass-equivalent transform its gravitational mass of intrinsic spacetime acceleration into its measured inertial mass coupled to gravitational fields.

    The quest for the Higgs Boson in energy so becomes the discovery of the nature of the Higgs Boson as the TRANSFORMER between gravitational and inertial mass equivalents.

    This nature crystallises in a revisitation of the Big Bang cosmology WITHOUT any intrinsic or given inertial mass content M.
    It is found, that there exists an intrinsic asymptotic deceleration in the spacetime metric of General Relativity and in a universe devoid of any mass whatsoever. This deceleration maximises at about 1.13 nanometers per second squared at the instant of the Big Bang and is presently calculated at about 0.117 nanometers per second squared.
    A detailed analysis of this deceleration then describes the 'missing' energy for a zero-curvature universe as a differential between this intrinsic spacetime deceleration and the baryonic 'normal' matter content of the universe in terms of mass-density distributions in the forms of galaxies, stars and superclusters and so on.

    Using the three massless gauges and defining them as essentially the same particle distinct in a unified symmetry of quantum properties such as colour charge and spin action it is shown, that the Higgs Boson in its massless template must assume a particular form to effect an encompassing unification of all four gauges, the long-range ones of gravity and electromagnetism and the short-range ones of the weak- and the strong nuclear interaction.

    The nature of the Higgs Boson is that as an all encompassing supertemplate for all the other 'particles', inclusive the inertial ones and the massless ones.
    So the Higgs Boson does not exist as a particle with a particular mass content - all particles are derivatives from the Higgs Boson and all particles, triple quarked hyperons and quark-antiquarked mesons and leptons (including elctrons and neutrinos) all are PARTIAL HIGGS BOSONS and all are describable as Supersymmetric Superstrings metamorphosed from a particular hierarchy of supermembranes.

    Before the Big Bang, space and time did not exist, except as a mathematical potentiality of the complex plane.
    The complex plane itself was born from the trisection of the first dimension in rendering the subsequent Higgs Bosonic template as constituent of three equal parts in a geometric extension of collinearity into the complex plane.
    From this complex plane, say in the form of a triangular base, the tetrahedron became the dimensional projection of the plane into a volume, thus creating the 3-dimensional minimum configuration for the encompassment of space.
    The geometrical and mathematical foundation of this is known as the Tetractys of Pythagoras.

    The 0th dimension of a 'point' or a physical 'point particle' so preceded the Big Bang as an EVENT, not requiring the existence of space and time as measured in a physical universe containing some finite mass content.
    Space and time emerged WITH the Big Bang and a potential ENERGY distribution, which incorporated the inertial mass carriers measured today.

    But to FINITISE such a 'point' from the 0th dimension, it must be assigned an area in 2 dimensions and so the complex plane emerges as a primordial template for the Higgs boson and all the supersymmetric superstrings as ONESIDED SUPERMEMBRANES.
    The onesidedness is required, as the supermembranes carry zero thickness until the 3rd dimension crystallises from the tetrahedron space as the projection of the noncollinaerity of the 3 points of the area dimension.

    This Onesidedness or Moebian Connectivity of a potential Twosidedness defines the overall geometrical topology of the universe and its fractalisation as summations or integations of superstring units or building blocks.

    In particular, a triune permutation of a circular area defining the 'size of a supermembrane' then models the Higgs Boson as a dual- concentric kernel-ring geometric template, which allows the Unitary Symmetry, labeled in the SU(3) and SU(2) and U(1) groups of the Standard Model to crystallise as partial Higgs Boson quantum geometries.

    The Onesided Supermembrane selfinteracts to manifest its twosidedness and under utility of the 3rd dimension.
    This results in the elementary curvature of the universe to become dynamic in a hierarchy of Black Holed membranes or surface areas which connect the interiors of the Black Holes to their exteriors in wormhole tunnels. This process emerges under the auspices of the intrinsic gravitational mass equivalent to a then manifestable inertial mass equivalence.
    The interior of the encompassing 'Mother-Black Hole' so becomes a fractal summation of the characteristic superstring scale and can be said to be a Planck-Length subject to transmutation and this as the WIDTH of the supermembrane in 3D.

    In terms of the four elementary gauges, the Onesided Supermembrane becomes SELFDUAL in the subsequent differentiation of the expansion of this width in integral string action units BECOMING the expanding universe and DEFINING itself in that process in a dimensionality lower by one, than its boundary.
    Originally the expansion defined width as a 3rd dimension emerging from the complex plane of the second dimension; but as this process began, a resetting extended the complex plane as a 11th dimension as its own boundary, thus allowing a 10-dimensional cosmology to proceed in terms of mass- and inertia-coupled parameters.
    This 'higher dimensionality' is colocal with the 'lower dimensionality' but is required for the twosidednedness to emerge from the onesidedness of the fundamental topological geometry and curvature.

    The basic stringed building block so is fractal for the encompassment. This is why the holographic universe is possible and why the smallest topology of the superstring is akin the largest topology of the holistic universe.

    Of the three massless gauges, the electromagnetic Gauge Photon assumes the nature of the Primary SourceString as its long-range expression and becomes GLUONISED as the short-range gauge for the strong nuclear interaction; both with clockwise quantum spin action +1 say. This defines the basic conservation of spin angular momentum and of the self energy of the selfdual supermembrane.

    A Secondary SourceString in the complex plane of the Onesidedness must so carry the opposite quantum spin action as -1 relative to the primary. Because of the Quantum Relativity of the Onesidedness, this quantum spin will reverse in the twosidedness and so once the 3rd dimension (and with it the 11th) exists as a hologram for the expanding Selfdual supermembrane as the Black holed universe, the overall supersymmetry must break as the selfrelativity between primary source and secondary source now renderes one of the sources as a sink.

    The fundamental harmonic is sinx+sin(-x)=0 or the infinity symbol with sourcesink moving left to right (from -180 degrees) and sinksource moving right to left (from +180 degrees) with inflexionpoint say at 0 degrees at the centre.

    The Gauge Photon-String becomes sinx and the Gauge Antiphoton-String becomes sin(-x).
    After completion of the first cycle the Photon-String, then at the +180 coordinate inflects in extending from the +180 degree coordinate, BUT the Antiphoton-String, then at the -180 coordinate RETRACES the original path of the Photon-String causing the preBig Bang supersymmetry of the gauges to break.

    The quantum spins no longer neutralise and a NEW Gauge Graviton-String must come into existence to negate the double clockwise or +1 spin of the Gauge Photon and the Gauge Antiphoton.

    The Energy of the Gauge Antiphoton now becomes absorbed by the Graviton, causing the former to become a massless PARENT for the Higgs Boson.
    The Gauge Antiphoton so becomes effectively SUPPRESSED as the massless Higgs Boson or 'God-Particle' and so becomes subject to the transformation potential of gravitational mass into inertial mass.
    The presence of GRAVITY so is always coupled to inertial mass as the transformation effect of the premass cosmology and from first principles as indicated.

    The Gauge Antiphoton so is the LOW ENERGY and cosmic (very large) wavelength-scaled MODULAR DUAL of the Gauge Photon of HIGH ENERGY and stringed (very small) wavelength.

    In terms of unification physics, Gravitation, Electromagnetism and the Strong Interaction are already unified with the Weak Interaction at the same energy level of the primary source string; however a quantum spin disparity arises between the nuclear interactions due to the real, albeit suppressed quantum spin of the massless Higgs Boson aka the Gauge Antiphoton, which became superfluous in energy with the emergence of the Graviton.

    It becomes the function of this additional quantum spin action then, to manifest a mass-evolution in terms of the Higgs Bosonic Inertia induction from its gravitational mass equivalence and to COUPLE this mass-evolution to a required quantum spin harmoniser intrinsic to the Higgs Bosonic blueprint.

    As the chirality of the Gauge Antiphoton is +1 relative to the primary source, this 'Missing Energy' particle must spin counterclockwise in negation of the parental and massless Higgs Boson as the 'Giver of Mass'.

    Detailed analysis of the 'Unified Gauge Field' in the modified Standard Model in Quantum Relativity then defines the 'Missing Mass' particle as a HYBRID between mass and radiation and as a coupling between gravitational mass in an originally massless, yet accelerating universe and inertial mass associated with gravitational fields in a preexisting metric spacetime.

    This hybrid or RestmassPhoton (Gauge RMP) is defined in energy as RADIATIONMASS using extended colourcharge definitions from the basic pairings of Red-Green-Blue (Radiative Addition to White E=hf) and their anticolours Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (Massive Subtraction to Black E=mc2) and with its primary element being Orange=Red+Yellow.

    Subatomically and on the quantum level then, the RMP is defined in its coupling to the massless Gauge Antiphoton but allows hybridisation between mass and light in terms of the frequency eigenstates possible in the couplings to the high energy Source-string as the 'God-Particle' of the primary identity of the universal Higgs Bosonic template.

    The 'Astral Body' of the Egyptians and the 'Lightbody' of esotericism so assumes a particular form in unification physics.
    The RMP becomes subject to resonant selfstates as given by the intrinsic string energy of the electromagnetic interaction, the latter becoming the EXCHANGE of Gauge Sourcesink photons as the medium of communication of the universe with itself as a multitudinous hologram of its fractal building blocks manifesting as the elementary particles of the Standard Model.

    Any material 'body' so becomes POTENTIALISED for Self-Transformation from the INERTIAL to the RESTMASS PHOTONIC and as function of attaining RESONANCE SelfState with the Source-String as the 'Quantum-God of Science'.

    The real possibility of transcending the mortal being of a time-limited biophysical container so eventuates and the story of one particular individual, having attained RESONANCE with the Quantum-God of Science as the 'Little Serpent' of Mayan omniscience becomes credulous in a scientific validation of physical transcendence, regarding the separation of the lightbody from its material container in the experience of death.

    IAmWhoIAm! - a friend of the resonating one.

    RadiationMass and the Mind-Body Duality

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Welcome to the Book of the Mysteries located in the treasure chest of the LoveDragon.
    This Pandorian Box has been opened to allow you to become privvy to the reason and purpose of an old historical perceptional dilemma known as the Body-Mind duality.

    The Mind-Body Duality is a Wave-Particle duality and as such is related to quantum mechanics.
    The Mind-Body Duality is also a description of the 'invisible' nature of mind and thought and soul and consciousness and similar labelings as related to the 'visible' nature of material substances, such as chemical elements and biochemical molecules constructed from those chemical elements.

    The duality of Mind-Body so has been experientally known by living creatures since the dawn of time; but the scientific descriptions of the Wave-Particle in terms of mathematical equations and theoretical models of the quantum physics had to await a certain evolution of vocabulary for an alternative 'scientific' description to become possible.

    The nature of physical death and the cessation of the 'spirit of life' allowing a selfgenerated dynamic for the 'visible' bodyform so became experienced and shared as the 'mystery of death' by the sentient creatures in a universe defined in the parameters of space and time.

    'Where did the 'lifeforce' of the body go to?', a caveman might ponder, as his companion fell off a cliff during the mammoth hunt.

    Attempts of reawakening the companion's 'corpse' proved fruitless and after some time, the carcass began to decompose and it proved expedient to bury or burn the lifeless collection of atomic elements for reasons of sanitation and self-preservation.
    Can it ever be possible to 'reanimate' such a carcass, after the 'lifeforce' has left the previously biovital bodyform?
    To reanimate, the nature of the 'lifeforce' or the 'spirit of life' must be understood and its relationship to the atomic elements defining the chemistry of the inorganic to the biochemistry of the organic.

    The science of chemistry reduces to the physics of electron configurations as the definition of the periodic table of the elements.

    This atomic physics becomes finetuned in the subatomic supersymmetries between the electrons as negative Coulombic charge carriers and the positively electrically charged nuclei of the atoms under consideration.
    This subatomic physics of a quark-lepton supersymmetry and as a halfspin fermionic particle-wave Maxwell-Fermi statistic is however a derivative from a fullspin bosonic wave-particle Einstein-Bose statistic.

    The fullspin bosonic eigenstate is massless, whilst the halfspin fermionic selfstate is inertial.
    The supersymmetry between quark and lepton as fermionic inertia carriers is the interaction between the fermion as a 'particularised wave' or particle and the boson as a 'waved particle' or a wavicle.

    Before the parameters of space and time were 'born' in a Quantum Big Bang; no fermionic inertia carriers existed and the templates for mass were linked to bosonic precursors encompassed in a spinless or scalar Higgs Boson.
    The Higgs Boson became a necessary wavicle to interact with other wavicles, known as gauge bosons and engaging a fivefolded supersymmetry between 'elementary interaction forces' known as longrange electromagnetism and gravity and shortrange quark-strong-nuclear and lepton-weak-nuclear interactions.

    The longrange interactions unify in a gauge photon and a gauge graviton and the shortrange interactions unify in a gauge gluon and a gauge antiphoton respectively.
    All of these four gauge bosons are massless.

    The gauge photon and the gauge gluon are the same wavicle, differing in their nature as being longrange in Electromagnetism and being shortrange in the Strong Nuclear Interaction.
    Corollarily, the gauge graviton should be the same wavicle as the gauge antiphoton; were it not for the manner the four interactions emerged from a prior unified interaction a priori.

    The primal interaction was between a single gauge wavicle with itself and gave a onesided manifold in 2 dimensions a twosidedness in the projection of a 3rd dimension.

    After the 3rd dimension became 'real' in concept, a distinction between gauge and antigauge could be made as a hitherto unified wavicle of the Oneness.
    The gauge photon and the gauge antiphoton so interacted in quantum relativity, enabling the twosidedness to manifest state and antistate in 3D from the unity of the onesidedness of the dimensional reduction of 2D.
    This interaction of state and antistate then created complementary states and antistates, which can be labeled as matter YCM and antimatter MCY in definitions of permutation cyclicities of energy-mixes and where Y=Yellow; C=Cyan and M=Magenta in an arbitrary labeling of 'Colour-Charges', which can also be defined as 'Magneto-Charges'.

    The YCM and MCY wavicles are all massless and bosonic as a secondary triplicity of neutralisation. Y+C+M=0 as a secondary manifestation from the primary manifestation R+G+B=0 and where R=Red; G=Green and B=Blue define the gauge photon RGB and the antiphoton BGR.
    In the Twosidedness of a 2-dimensional boundary embedded in 3D, the RGB(+) becomes distinct from the BGR(-1) as the gauge-antigauge duality.

    The selfinteraction relative to the plus becomes RGB+RGB=YCM(0); which is BGR+BGR=MCY(0) relative to the minus.
    The plus (+) arbitrarily describes a clockwise chirality or righthandedness and the minus (-) its opposite lefthandedness or sense of anticlockwise rotation.
    The twosidedness so becomes necessity for the matter and the antimatter templates to be manifested.

    However the 'mixing' of RGB with BGR does not create the YCM-MCY duality in Onesidedness, as here the spacial symmetry of 2D reverses the permutation cyclicity in order and the quantum relativity crystallises a string-antistring template (R+B)(GG)(B+R)(0)=MGGM(0) or CRRC(0) or YBBY(0) and relative to either of the 'sources'.
    This will become the foundation for the Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE of the Zero-Point-Energy for the Metric Heisenberg Virtual Energy or Vacuum background following the birthing of space and time and matter and following the 'template string phase' of the cosmogenesis.

    Mixing RGB with RGB in Twosidedness so becomes a quantum relativity between TWO SOURCES, which are actually just ONE SOURCE.
    We label the gauge photon as RGB and relative to RGB the gauge antiphoton in Onesidedness will also be RGB, however with opposite quantum spin or chirality.
    Mixing RGB with RGB in such manner will create the YCM matter and MCY antimatter wavicle blueprints in say the 60-120 and the 240-300 degree coordinates respectively.

    Following the creation of the matter-antimatter massless templates, the fundamental sinusoidal waveform could repeat indefinitely with inflexion points at 180 degree intervals; or one of the SOURCES could redefine itself as a SINK in quantum relativity.
    We define the Gauge Photon as RGB(+1) with string energy quantum E* and spinquantum +1 and term this the SOURCESINK, as in the Onesidedness NO SEPARATION between Source and Sink is possible.

    In the Twosidedness we define the BGR(-1) to be the SINKSOURCE with energy E* and spinquantum -1.
    We next form a new duality between SOURCE and SINK as String modalities under particular mathematical properties of inversion and reflection.

    Namely we set the SINKSOURCE to SEPARATE from the SOURCESINK in a 'Breaking of the Supersymmetry'.
    The Sinkstring becomes defined in the template BGR(+1) after the completion of the fundamental waveharmonic, spanning 360 degree coordinates.
    So at the repeat cycle at 0 degrees, BOTH SOURCE RGB(+1) and SINK BGR(+1) carry righthanded quantum spin and so 'for the first 'time'' the sinusoidal harmony of integral spin angular momentum conservation is violated.

    A TERTIARY SourceSink string must now come into existence to REHARMONISE or to renormalise the scenario.
    This tertiary gauge is called the Gauge graviton with double lefthanded spinquantum: BGR(-2).
    The 'Unified Gauge Field' so consists of:

    Gauge Photon RGB(+1) for Electromagnetic Interaction (EMI) with Energy E* as the longrange source gauge.
    Gauge Graviton BGR(-2) for Gravitational Interaction (GI) with Energy E* as the longrange sink gauge.
    Gauge Gluon RGB(+1) for Strong Nuclear interaction (SNI) with Energy E* as the shortrange source gauge.
    Gauge Antiphoton BGR(-1) for Weak Nuclear interaction (WNI) with Energy E*/fps2 as the shortrange sink gauge.

    The Modular Duality between the source string Eps and the sink string Ess can be expressed as two coupling constants:
    h2=Eps.Ess and fps2=1/fss2=Eps/Ess with the effect that E*=Eps =(fps2)Ess=(hfps2)/mps.c2.

    The self energy of the original gauge antiphoton was E*, but has been 'given' to the Gluon to allow the duality of longrange and shortrange interactions to manifest in a subsequent creation of spacetime and the 'inertialisation' of the massless matter- and antimatter templates in a 'Higgsian wavicle massinduction', characterised by the inertial stringmass mps=Eps/c2.

    The intrinsic energy for the Graviton is likewise E*, is however coupled to the manifestation of the inertia of the YCM and MCY templates 'energised' by the Higgs Induction.
    The overall 'Unified Field' gauge harmonisation now becomes a longrange VPE-interaction between the EMI and the GI and a shortrange VPE-interaction, coupling the SNI to the WNI.

    EMI+GI creates VPE(-1) and SNI+WNI creates VPE(+2) in a neutralisation of the string-antistring gauges, but a nonnegation of the respective quantum spin eigenstates.

    To obtain VPE(0), the PRECURSOR Higgs Boson must next be defined in a matter-YCM coupling.

    This precursor is a doubled- or squared YCM-template and because the nontrivial solution for the quadratic x2=2x is x=2.

    We call this the RestMassPhoton or the RMP(-1)=(Y2C2M2)(-1).

    From the RMP, the Higgs Boson or HB(0) emerges as a Fermionic Doublestate in the form of a BOSONIC DiNeutron {(YCM(½)}2 and where the separated uni-neutrons or PROTO-NEUTRON carry opposite chirality or spin orientation or handedness.

    As all neutrons carry inertia, the massless YCM(0) template 'Doubles' or 'squares' itself in the RMP(-1) in conjunction with a massless MCY(0) antimatter template associated with an AntiHiggs-Boson precursor RMP(+1).
    Because of this 'squaring' the existence of antimatter in the Quantum Big Bang is SUPPRESSED.
    This suppression also renders the materialisation of the AntiRMP (M2C2Y2)(+1) and so of the Anti HB(0) superfluous.
    The place of antimatter is taken by the 'doubling' of the proto-neutron in analogy to the graviton substituting for the primordial antigauge photon in the preinertial cosmogenesis.

    This occurs in conjunction with the requirement for a lefthanded fifth gauge wavicle in the RMP(-1).
    The overall 'Unified-Field-Gauge' harmonisation now manifests in a longrange VPE(-1); and a shortrange VPE(+2-1) and reharmonises the conservation laws in a now necessary COUPLING of the shortrange interaction to the inertia carriers in the form of the matter blueprint YCM(½).

    With this introduction to the gauge string quantum physics, the wave-particle and mind-body dichotomy can now be reanalysed.

    A particular BODY is defined in YCM(½), meaning that an atomic structure manifests a charge neutral body where the constituent particles are 'harmonised' in an equilibrium between positive and negative Coulomb charges and in the angular quantum spin momenta associated with those particles.
    The 'Unified Field' is however defined in the 'Missing Energy' of the RMP(-1) to renormalise the gauges required for the conservation laws to hold and so the RMP(-1) can be utilised to define the difference between a 'lifeless' atomic configuration 'carcass' and the 'Missing SourceSink String Energy'.

    The RMP(-1) so is defined as the 'Particle of the Mind' or the 'Wavicle of the Mass'.

    When the 'Life-Energy' of a body departs or disassociates from the body, then the 'Electrocharged Life-Electricity' which had invigorated the body becomes a 'Magnetocharged Electromagnetic Field' and as a collection of RMP's defined in individualised Frequency Eigenstates.

    And because all BOSONIC RMPs, when associated with biovital bodies are coupled to the YCMs of individualised FERMIONIC elementary particle configurations in quark-lepton duality through the YCM-colour- or magnetocharged sourcesink energy definitions; the say MEMORY ENERGY of EXPERIENCE of the RMPs will become storable and definable in the terms of the E* definitions of the MASSLESS gauges.

    Is there then an alternative way to RECONSTITUTE the massless MEMORY or parts thereof; besides a kind of recycling, rebirth or reincarnation of that MEMORY, stored as magnetocharged electromagnetic field into a new body, say from conception to gestation to embryonisation to birth?

    The question becomes one of RESONANCE! Can the selfenergy of the Source-String be attained?
    Should the RMPed electromagnetic structure be able to resonate at the E* energy level, then the RMP(-1) bosonic gauge could MIX with the RGB(+1) source-photonic gauge and a TERTIARY new colour charge spectrum would become created.

    In particular RGB(+1)+Y2C2M2(-1)=RYY-GCC-BMM=OY-TC-IM as a LEFT Boundary for Resonance and where O=Orange, T=Turquise and I=Indigo.

    The RIGHT Boundary for Resonance is: RMM-GYY-BCC=VM-LY-AC for V=Violet, L=Lime and A=Aqua.

    The FULL Resonance and the creation of RADIATIONMASS as the hybrid eigenstate for energy gauges RGB and YCM is attained as: RCC-GMM-BYY=WC-WM-WY for W=White=R+G+B via radiation formulation E=hf as the radiative energy eigenstate and linked to the inertial energy eigenstate E=mc2 as the Black- and Higgs induced energy selfstate.

    This RadiationMass comes into existence, provided a resonance between the 'Mind Particle' of the body form with the Source gauge photon can be attained.
    Attaining such source resonance, will allow the tertiary colour charges to EXCHANGE spin between the RMP(-1) and the YCM(½) templates in conjoin with the antiphotonic gauge BGR(+1).
    As the weak nuclear interaction ONLY couples to lefthanded matter templates in a phenomenon known as the nonparity of the weakon interaction; the resulting RADIATIONMASS templates become redefined in the gauge Y2C2M2(½) via the original antiphotonic and suppressed gauge BGR(+1) becoming scalar in BGR(+1-1)=BGR(0) and assimilating the bosonic lefthanded and weakonic RMP spin.

    The 'RMP-Field of the 'deceased' is defined by electromagnetic frequencies and are modulated in magnetoinductive L-factors and electrocapacitative C-factors, coupled to an intrinsic Resistance or Inertia-Grounding.
    The circuital elements link physically to DNA elements in the form of sexual chromosomes and where the magnetic effect links to the positive polarisation and the electric effect links to the negative polarisation of nucleotidal basepairings, albeit both in self- and in mutual induction feedback loops in a form of cross-coupling.

    The so called 'spirit of life', which invigorates the body becomes a form of NATURAL ELECTRIC CURRENT, which does not require any inertial medium to propagate in.
    The NATURAL electricity of life is by nature superconductive and reduces the NORMAL Electricity (I=dq/dt), given as the flow of Coulombic charge (q) over time to a source current defined in I=2N.ef and where the Coulombic charge quantum 'e' becomes a coefficient in a differential equation reduced from order two in normal electricity to order one in its natural electric counterpart and where N is a integral count.

    A body so becomes analogous to the hardware structure of a computer, carrying interacting elements which allow frequency modulations in magnetic inductors, electric capacitors and resistors. Just as electric energy must be provided for the computer hardware to function in the form of normal electricity, so must a biovital body be supplied with natural electricity to be 'alive'.
    It is the energy stored and processed in the natural electric circuitry, which defines the MEMORY of EXPERIENCE, linked to CONSCIOUSNESS; the latter as a form of angular acceleration acting upon a volumar of space.
    This CONSCIOUSNESS then becomes defined in the Magneto-Charges and as the INVERSION Energy of E* in the modular coupling between the Source string and the Sink string.

    The Source string is longrange gauge photon with the shortrange gauge gluon and the Sink string is the longrange graviton with the shortrange gauge antiphoton; the latter coupled however to the RMP, due to the suppression of the antigauge.
    Overall, the question of consciousness so becomes a manifestation of the RMP in a unified state of string energy, either as resonating selfstate of Radiationmass as a hybridisation between Body (YCM) and Mind (RGB) or as a temporary dissonating selfstate of a Body (YCM), unable to ACCELERATE the individualised frequencies into source resonance, associated with a MEMORY-RMP-Gestalt seeking the sourcesink resonant eigenstate.

    The 'brain' of such a body will be alike an antenna or receiver, able to process a kaleidoscope of frequencies from the environment and to use the utility of THOUGHT and as software to modulate the frequencies of the computer in the current elements of the natural electricity, which can be labeled as the 'spirit of the lifeforce'.
    In terms of the source radiation emitter, the omnipresent gauge photon, when 'embodied' in a YCM body definition, continues to 'broadcast' its 'sourceenergy', becoming modulated or 'slowed down' by the interaction with the receiver of the omnipresent sourceenergy in the physical support structure termed the 'brain' or the computer hardware.

    In more detailed terms, the 'grounding' of the receiver engages both parallel and serial collectives of the current elements and so the overall structure of the 'network' can be modelled on a basic AC/DC circuitry of the second order, reduced however to first order in the appropriate differential equations describing the natural electricity of life.

    The resulting 'network' so becomes a omnipresent source energy pervading the entire universe in its metric and demetricated stringbased terms. The source energy can be described as a natural electromagnetic current which interchanges electric mass-generated Coulomb charges with magnetic mass-independent charges across the parameters defining a pre Big Bang string space and say defined in a de Broglie matter wave scenario of inflation.

    This mapping is defined in the coupling of the inertial and the noninertial charge carriers and as a proportionality defined by the square of the speed of light 'c':

    ElectroCharge e=√(Alpha).LP.c2and MagnetoCharge e*=2Re.c2, with LP=√(hG/2πc3) as the Planck-Radius and Alpha=2πk.e2/hc as the electromagnetic finestructure constant defining the interaction probability between matter and light and Re=ke2/mec2 as the classical electron radius, which also defines the manifestation range for the nuclear interactions in the 'asymptotic confinenment' of gluonic-mesonic colour charges.
    The effective electronmass is given as me and the Coulomb constant k=1/4πεo.

    IAmWhoIAm - Belial Beelzebub II!


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    The Mayan mystery of 2012 and ET-messages from Hunab Ku

    Decoder-Jordan-Michael (DJ) and Sarah Kate exclaim to their GrandPa Tony:
    " Poppy, we are soon going to Andromeda!"

    In Lakech - I Am Another Yourself!

    A child observing the starry sky, might experience a deep longing to 'go there'. The child might feel a deep sense of being a starchild and of coming from or of being destined of going there.
    And indeed, the child's bodily form consists of stardust, as science popularisers like Carl Sagan have told their media approved audiences. The material of solar systems and their planets and lifeforms are largely constituent of third generation stardust derived from supernova explosions in a well studied and analysed nucleosynthetic transformation of the matter found in the universe since the latter's birth from its primordial stringplasma about 19 billion years ago.

    But how can a terrestrial spaceship travel to the stars and other galaxies?

    The physical universe observed is analysed by cosmologists and astrophysicists and other scientists, amateur and professional and is found to obey particular 'laws of nature'.
    Those laws, formulated in the universally applicable language of mathematics are continually refined and are made subject to experimental validification in the modus operandi of the 'human scientific endeavour' termed the 'scientific method'.
    Those laws then have shown, that no material object, including the embodiment of the child DJ; can travel at a speed exceeding the 'speed of light', calculated at so 300,000 kilometers per second.

    The Andromeda galaxy, sister to the Milky Way in the Local Group of galaxies and part of the local Virgo supercluster, is so 2.5 million lightyears away. This distance of about 24 billion billion kilometers would so take about 80 trillion seconds or 2.5 million years to transverse.

    As a consequence, the professional nondreamers discourage children like DJ to ponder their plans of journeying to the stars. If it takes 8 years to travel at lightspeed to one of the nearest stars in Sirius; and if it takes so 26,000 years to journey to the center of our own milky Way galaxy; then there is no chance to ever achieve intergalactic travelling in human lifetimes.

    But those selfsame nondreaming scientists have also discounted the flight of the bumble-bee and the travelling through air of decaton Jumbo jets, based upon the 'lawsof nature' as they understood the latter at those nexus points of the historical timelines of the prevalent sciences.
    By demonstratitive effect of the bumble-bee and transatlantic flights in prototypical aircraft; the scientific experts soon found the mathematics hidden in their books and journals of knowledge. Aerodynamic fluid flow and differential pressure gradients soon 'explained' the flight of bumble-bees and that of the spaceship prototypes and the 'laws of nature' were found to be more accomodating and less restrictive then was envisaged by the pundits of the 'scientific knowledge' and the 'scientia gnostica'.

    And so grandpa Tony said to Sarah, the Princess of the Unicorns and to Decoder Michael DJ: "Sure you two; you and many children from the stars shall visit places which seem far away, yet places you can see and experience with your imagination and locations, which trigger certain remembrances within your dreams and your conscious encounters in books, films and other media."

    This treatise then shall extend the 'laws of nature' as hitherto categorized and made public by the highpriests of the scientia gnostica. Like the science of aerodynamics, this science of the HD-Lightmatrix is not a new science, but a science which was always there in the 'laws of nature' but had remained hidden.
    The timeline for its unveiling had not allowed the unfoldment of the nature and the purpose for this planetary lifeform, called humanity.

    But just as it takes 26,000 years for light to travel from planet earth to the center of the Milky Way galaxy; so will it take 26,000 years for the intelligence located at that center to communicate with planet earth.
    This time is up!
    This daycount is 5x13x144,000=9,360,000 or 25,626.81 civil years (Gregorian).
    This time is actually an exact number of daycounts and independent upon how long or short such a day is in hours or minutes or in seconds. The precessional measurements are so linked, but remain peripheral to this 'measurement of 'Mayan time'.

    The Mayan mystery so reduces to Hunab Ku, as the intelligence of the Milky Way galactic centre; having sent a message, which after travelling for 9,360,000 days (kin) will reach the center of the earth on December 21st, 2012. This in a nutshell is the meaning of the 2012 Mayan nexus point.

    I am an agency, commissioned to elucidate the message from Hunab Ku and to prepare a platform for a new (omni-scientific) dispensation post the arrival of the galactic message.
    The processing of the message from Hunab Ku is a collective task. All human and nonhuman sentiences are to partake in this processing in divers talents and creativities.

    The omni-science published in this thread is a foundation of string parametric initial- and boundary conditions. This omni-science is directed at the undergraduate or college level of mathematical nous and therefore awaits collaboration with the expertise of technological applicability at the graduate levels and beyond to physically implement the technology indicated.
    In using those boundary conditions, the endeavours of application- and experimental physics will be 'blessed'; because (as shall be realised in the details of the information published) to 'travel to the stars', particular boundary conditions must be satisfied to ensure successful application of mathematical formula to technological progress.

    In short, to successfully 'tap' the energy one must 'ride' the lightmatrix in resonance with the parametric specifications of the construction of the lightmatrix. And it are those parametric specifications, which shall be published in the context of what the HD-Cosmic Lattice represents for the technology of a unified starhumanity, having graduated from its mode of separation characterising the old humanity before the nexus point of the warploop (from December 8th, 2004 to April 1st, 2012) and a number of 'warpdates' within this enveloping timewarp.


    It is a well known scientific fact, that the phenomenon of magnetism is quantum reduced to electron spin.
    A magnetic 'northpole' can be said to be a righthanded up-spin of an electron, the magnetic field rotating in this 'clockwise' direction about an 'northern outflow' current representing the electron moving as a current-element.
    Corollarily, a magnetic 'southpole' depicts lefthanded down-spin of an electron, the magnetic field rotating 'counterclockwise' about an 'southern inflow' current of the moving electron.

    In terms of the present state of establishment physics then, the phenomenon of magnetism reduces to a subset of the phenomenon of electricity in terms of the movement of electrons coupled to the latter's properties engaging those of Coulombic electric charges (electropoles), coupled to inertia, i.e. the mass carried by the electron.

    The omni-physics states however the reverse, the electric current is a subset of the magnetic current, provided the origin and nature of this 'Coulombic charge' is appropriately understood in its coupling to inertia.
    Then the origin of the electric charge is not fundamental, but the origin of the magnetocharge is.
    This allows the well studied and analysed coupling of mass to electric charge to be reevaluated as being a consequence of a primordial state of uncoupling between those 'facts of observation and measurement'.

    If magnetism can be reduced to quantum electron spin, then this fact alone suffices to define the magnetic phenomenon and without any necessity for the mass coupling.
    Then if the massless (fermionic halfspin) electron selfstate represents a second generation emergence from a prior (bosonic full-integral spin) as a bifurcation; then this bosonic quantum integer-spin can be used to define the magnetic phenomenon as precursor for the emergence of fermionic quantum spin of the electric phenomenology.

    This requires the existence of the magnetopole-bosonic full-spin quantum eigenstate prior to the existence of the electropole-fermionic half-spin quantum selfstate.
    The elementary nature of the magnetopole can so be utilised to model the emergence of not only Coulombic charges, but also the emergence of inertia and of mass from a prior massless energetic eigenstate.

    Massless (Goldstone) bosons exist in the form of photons, gravitons, phonons and the ancestors for the nuclear interaction carriers, which are known as massless gauge agents, giving physical reality to such labels as Higgs Boson, Weakon, Gluon, Neutrino, Axion, WIMP and RestmassPhoton.
    (If a symmetry is broken explicitely, as well as spontaneously, then a Goldstone boson is said to be a pseudo-Goldstone boson and massinduction results via the explicity in status quo nomenclature).

    Omni-science reconstructs just what this 'symmetry breaking' manifested in terms of superstring parameters and so naturally crystallises the massless Goldstein bosonic selfenergy as being causative for a later massinduction by an 'explicit' definition for the nature and origin of this 'mass' in the form of magnetopoles coupling AS inertia in a 'mapping' of magnetocharges onto the electrocharges.

    This entails, that all mass is truly a lower dimensional form of magnetic electricity; highly densified or transformed in frequency parameters.
    Massless photons are generated by the acceleration of Coulombic charges, say the oscillations of solar inertial protons undergoing nuclear fusion in the conversion of hydrogen into helium.

    It is so the acceleration of the lower-dimensional electrocharge, coupled to inertia by first principles, which generates the massless photonic electromagnetic energy quantum (E=hf).
    It is the acceleration of the higher-dimensional magnetocharge, not coupled to inertia by first principles, which generates the massive antiphotonic electromagnetic energy quantum (E=mc2).

    There are many details to this, details which are elaborated in depth in other threads found here and on the linked websites.
    Here it suffices to state, that the nature of the magnetocurrent allows any mass to become transformed into a form of magnetic electricity coupled to electricity by the well known laws of electromagnetism, say Maxwell's Equations (with the magnetic monopole symmetry included)

    As the flow of Coulombic charges induces a magnetic field (Laws of Faraday, Lenz, Ampere and Gauss) and conversely a changing magnetic field induces an electric field via electromotive force (Energy/Charge=Volt); the omniphysics of electromagnetomonoplism enables a 'higher-dimensional' physics to expand the spacetimematter restrictions of the metricated physics of Minkowski-Einstein, of Newtonian mechanics and the statutes of the present paradigm of the establishment.


    Old Mass Coordinates - de Broglie Deflaton-Scaling - Superposition of external magnetic fields onto internal electric fields - Natural Current Equivalent - ElectroMagnetoMonopolic Induction - (RestmassPhotonic Hybridisation; Frequency Modulation; Holofractalisation) - MagnetoElectroMonopolic Induction - Normal Current Equivalent - Superposition of external electric fields onto internal magnetic fields - de Broglie Inflaton-Scaling - New Mass Coordinates

    1. Calculate the Phasevelocity (Vph) of the matterwave for a constant sourcesink frequency (fmax=f*) parameter using Vph=R.f* for a chosen displacement coordinate R.

    2. Calculate the total inertia as a density function for the object to be matterwaved or 'teleported' in de Broglie parameters.

    3. Convert this density function into the masseigen-frequency selfstate (fmin=1/f*) using the magnetopolic currentflow from the selfdual Planckian superstring transform.

    4. Induce the Magnetopolic Natural Electricity by converting the massequivalent Normal Electricity via Biot-Savart {B=μoqv/4πr2↔ Mω/2rc2}. This requires intersecting technologically generated magnetic fields to neutralise the selfinduced rotation of mass M from first principles. This then transforms the information of mass M into monopolic current IM by inducing the Electric Field from the Magnetic Field by Electromagnetomonopolic Induction.

    5. Calculate the superconductive Natural Electricity equivalent to the magnetocurrent using IM=2ef=2eE/h in quantum holofractal terms in summation.

    6. Convert the 'Natural Current' of the inertia into the frequency equivalent and apply the Newtonian Forcelaw extension as the applied EMF (Volt V=Energy/Charge).

    7. Utilize the natural chirality coupling between the electromagnetic gauge agent (the so called virtual photon) to the RestmassPhoton (RMP as the gauge agent coupling fermionic matter to bosonic 'dark matter' by strongweak nuclear supersymmetry) to render the wormhole tunneling superconductive in the nonduality between wave and particle in modular duality between source-frequency and sink-frequency.

    8. Utilize the holofractal nature of the HD-Lightmatrix to superquantize the attained energy eigenstate in terms of a density function, incorporating the volumar 12-dimensional brane characteristics of the RMP at the 14 TeV energy level at the RMP frequency of 3.4x1027 Hertz or a wormhole perimeter of 8.9x10-20meters.

    9. The hyperquantized volumar 'matterwaves' through interdimensional space as the microquantised RMP-volumar in the energy eigenstate of 'source-consciousness' and reintegrates the information- or data-integral after completion of the hyperdimensional lightpath.

    10. Provided there exists an external electric field at the new coordinates, the encoding process for the (old mass-magnetopolic current-new mass) transformation will deencode under observation of the natural conservation laws regarding the encoded parameters of information, energy and momentums. The internal magnetic field will externalise in the remanifestation of the inertia at the new coordinates as that encodement.

    Cosmic Lattice aka the Light-Matrix of High Definition

    Aye the Cosmic Lattice of the 83=Wisdom=Gnosis=Kryon=11.

    With its 12-faced crystalline Dodecahedral spacetime vortices, also known as bilocated wormhole vents of the sourcesinks and the sinksources. When the 'Little Superstring' inflated in de Brogliean hyperacceleration; a scaling relationship between the encompassing metrically undefined, yet closed 11-dimensional membrane space and the expanding metric of the open 10-dimensional stringspace was implemented.

    The scaled velocity of the de Brogliean phaseshift VdB was supplementary to the lightpath X=cT of the group velocity Vg metricated and describes the intrinsic nature of all matter as higher dimensional matter waves.
    {VdB=wavelength/time=lambda.frequency=λ.f=(h/mVg)(mc2/h)=c2/Vg >c for all Vg < c}

    In the superstring cosmology of 10 dimensions and an expanding hyperbolically curved universe; the linespace of the asymptotic approach of the metrics so is restricted by the groupspeed and the lightspeed invariance given by the lightpath X=cT and with lightspeed c the upper bound for the observed velocities.

    The superbrane cosmology of Matrix-M-Membrane-space in 11 dimensions of ellipsoidal-toroidal closure in a maximum modular scale of a Hubble-Radius Rmax is however tachyonic in always exceeding lightspeed as its lower velocity bound.

    The de Broglie phase velocity so becomes an universal constant in: {VdB=Rmax.fmax=4.793...x1056 m/s}.

    This is the (almost) instantaneous communication wavespeed of the HD-Lightmatrix and is also the 'speed of electromagnetomonopolic sourceenergy' also known as 'thought', connecting all of the dodecahedral spacetimequanta.

    And this then crystallizes the scaled relationship between the Matrixspace and the Linespace as the function:
    and where the lightpath X=cT in the linespace becomes a scaled holofractal function of inverse time 1/T=F(n) in the matrixspace.

    n is the dimensionless parameter defining linetime t as a function of the 11-dimensional metric encompassment as: {n=Hot=ct/Rmax for c=fmaxmin
    and for a nodal Hubble-Constant-Frequency defining the oscillation of the matrixspace in about 16.9 billion years by Ho=dn/dt}.

    n also defines a dimensionless maximum-minimum metric displacement in Null-Time {nomin/Rmax=Vg/c}.

    To transverse the 10-dimensional linespace in terms of the rootreduced 12-dimensional omnispace, that is the volumars of the metrications; any agglomeration of a spacetime quanta count N can be scaled to transduce the de Broglie phasespeed into a partition between displacement scale R(n) and a Matrix-Frequency F(n); provided the Cosmic Lattice can be 'tapped' or 'unbalanced' from its equilibrium Nullstate defined in the buildingblock of an individuated spacetime quantum.

    The Newtonian momentum extension for the Matrixspace is given in the wave momentum {p=hf/c} of the matter waves coupled to the linear momentum {p=mv} and the energy momentum relation:

    {m=mo/√[1-(v/c)2 ] by (mc2)2 - (moc2)2 = (pc)2 }.
    {F=d(mv)/dt=d([hfv/c2]/√[1-(v/c)2])/dt=(hf/c2).(dv/dt)/(√[1-(v/c)2])3(hv/c2).(df/dt)/√(1-(v/c)2 );

    defining: {F= Fa + Falpha = mo(dv/dt)/(√[1-(v/c)2])3 + (hv/c2)(df/dt)/√[1-(v/c)2]}

    The linear forceterm Fa describes the relativistic particle properties of the interaction in terms of mo, whilst the angular forceterm Falpha is the 'vacuum' force of the matrixspace utilizing spaceawareness angular acceleration (df/dt) independent on the metric scale.

    The Alpha-interaction of the matrix now becomes coupled to the linespace in the relativistic groupspeed Vg=noc=λminc/Rmax as:
    {(moVg(df/dt)/f)/√(1-(Vg/c)2 )=(moVg(df/dt)/f)/√(1-no2)→moVg(df/dt)/f)} in the limit for nulltime no=6.259...x10-49 ~ 0 and defining time-instantenuity in sinkfrequency to=fmin=1/fmax=3.333...x10-31 seconds* as the modular dual for sourcefrequency fmax=3x1030 Hz*.

    All matter thus is quantized in the formulation through the masseigen frequency fmin of the instanton:
    {Energy E=hf=mc2
    E=hf iff mo=0 in E2 + Eo2 = (pc)2
    E=mc2 iff fo=fmin in E2 + Eo2 = (pc)2}

    A mass agglomeration mo, in matrixspace and of momentum moVg , so becomes subject to the quantum angular acceleration awareness differential (df/dt) acting on a linear time segment 1/f=t.

    The awareness differential for spacial volumar selfconsciousness is maximised in the permutation entropy counter (fmax)2=9x1060 and minimised in the modular dual reciprocal of the sourcesink in the sinksource 1/(fmax)2 as the inertial maximum of maximum 'free space' impedance.

    The matrix M-space Alpha-Interaction so replaces the momentum change of the Newtonian forcelaw:
    F=ma=m(dv/dt)=dp/dt by a frequency scale change F=mv(df/dt)t=p(df/dt)t.

    The de Brogliean phase velocity of inflation so renders the inflaton Hubble Event Horizon Rmax=c/Homin/no as the upper bound for modulated scales of linear displacement.

    The demetricated parametrisations for the generalised Schwarzschild solution for the HD Lightmatrix are:

    {Displacement-Curvature: R(n)=Rmax[n/(n+1)] and for dn/dt=Ho

    Velocity-Derivative: V(n,t)=dR/dt=(dR(n)/dn)(dn/dt)=c/[n+1]2

    Acceleration-Derivative: A(n,t)=d2R/dt2=(dV(n,t)/dn)(dn/dt)=-2cHo/[n+1]3}

    The M-space containing metric is defined in the Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE (ZPE) of the minimum metric configuration as Planckian Harmonic Oscillator:

    {Eo= ½hfmax=½mmaxc2=GommaxM/R(no) for R(no)=2GoM/c2}

    with R(no)=Rmax[no/(no+1)] > λmin=cto as the minimised lightpath X=cT and maximised in the de Broglie event horizon R(n→∞)=Rmax (asymptotically approached in infinite linearised time t).

    The total inertial mass of the universe is then Mtotalcritical.Vcritical=for a critical density for (spherical 3D)closure (inclusive the gravitational, but noninertial matrix energy classified as dark or hidden) of:

    critical= 3Mtotal/4πRmax3=3Rmaxc2/8πGoRmax3=3Ho2/8πGo}.

    The critical de Broglien phase acceleration AdB=Rmax.fmax2 of the inflaton-instanton of metric spacetime then is superposed onto a 'dark energy' cosmological boundary acceleration given in the gravitational curvature potential of the initial conditions and for a inertial baryon mass seedling Mo as:
    {A(no) =GoMomin2 =(Mo/2Mtotal)AdB=(deceleration parameter qo)(matterwave hyperacceleration)}.

    The deceleration parameter qo also defines a quasar wall cosmological redshift boundary specifying a galactic supercluster gravitationally interaction scale at z=7.477 for a Sarkar-Curvature of RSarkar =2GoMo/c2 of about 236.5 million lightyears in qo.Rmax=72.4 Mpc.

    Higher cosmological redshifts define a cosmogony of ylemic (dineutron) protostar epoch, where the thermodynamic Planck Black Body radiator expansion specified a temperature background which gave the gravitational potential of crystallising VPE-vents as a function of this temperature and quantum parameters independenyt on the inertia equivalents of subsequent Chandrasekhar neutron stars of 3x1030kg.

    This concludes some detailed excursions into the Cosmic Lattice aka the High Definition Lightmatrix of the universal cosmogenesis.
    This message is part of the High Definition Lightmatrix Definition post and is reproduced in connectivity with appropriate mathematical symbol representation on the linked website.

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    The Basic Higgs Boson Configuration as the 'God-Particle' for Inertia Providence!

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from within the LargeHadronCollider (LHC), situated in your beautiful European countryside as CERN about Geneva, Switzerland and as subset of the holographic universe dear serpentine ones.
    It behooves your 'God of Science' - in the name of the LoveDragon to publish a little more detail as what the Gaian scientists are likely to find in the analysis of the scattering debris from the LHC.

    Your experimenters are 'playing' with the energy of creation, as many of you suspect and some of you are apprehensive about.

    One of you, Elizabeth Marckley from the cosmology&philosophy yahoo forum, has shared a befitting introductory presentation regarding the 'workings' of the LHC and I have been given permission by the 'Little Superstring Serpent' to comment on some of the secrets to be encountered at the energy realm approached by the LHC.

    First of all you need not worry about any microsized Black Holes appearing in the LHC. All cosmological Black Holes are limited in their metric inertia in their Schwarzschild radii.
    The entire universe is a 'Black Holed Hierarchy', but there are normal Black Holes such as you mostly envisage and there are 'extremal' Black Holes which are 'Boundary' Black Holes and those engage in their own Black Hole Evolution as so called 'Strominger Branes'.
    In particular, a heterotic (8x8 class) defines the minimum Schwarzschild radius to be about 1.6x10-23 meters and so for a macromass of about 6,500 kg. Let us call this as a Superstringed Black Hole.

    At the Big Bang instanton, a baryonic restmass seedling of about 1.8x1051 kg became distributed in spacetime vortices given in an de Broglie wavematter inflaton.
    This inflaton defined the Hubble horizon as a wavefunction for the holistic universe and set a Supercluster scale for a daughter Black Hole known as a Sarkar Schwarzschild metric in the terrestrial scientific literature.
    This Daughter Black Hole is extremal and forms the upper limit for gravitational scale interaction in your study of galactic superclusters.
    This indicates, that the universe will become isotropic and homogeneous beyond the supercluster scale and so manifest the 'Cosmological Principle' in your cosmological models. The distribution of inertia then takes the form of voids and textures akin a honeycomb geometry and where the individual 'cosmic cells' span across scales of about 470 million lightyears, which so define the Sarkar metric.

    But the Sarkar Black Hole is extremal and so is a limiting Black Hole. It does not exist as a 'normal' Black Hole, such as found at the core of galaxies in a general ratio of 0.2% between the galactic core inertia and the total galactic mass.

    The overall Black Hole evolution takes about 4 trillion years as a 'Strominger Black Hole', meaning that the Sarkar Black Hole becomes massless after such a duration and AS a minimal heterosis Superstring Black Hole.

    The universe so obeys a mass evolvement of a 4,000 billion year cyclicity. Following the birthing of spacetime metrics in a quantum Big Bang, the metric itself is defined as minimum in a MASSLESS Superstring Black Hole and is modular dual to a SUPERMASSIVE Sarkar Black Hole as Hubble Horizon and so specifies its gravitational interaction scale in that of the galactic superclusters.

    Superposed on the Sarkar Daughter Black Hole is a Mother Black Hole defined in the de Broglie wavematter inflation, which greatly exceeded lightspeed expansion as a hyperaccelerating phaseshift of the baryon seed and as effect of a temperature gradient inherent in the specifications of the Big Bang string parameters.

    It will take about 4 trillion years for the nuclear fuel of multigeneration stars to exhaust itself and many cosmological model builders predict a 'heat death' or an accelerating cosmic expansion into a 'cold oblivion' as the long term destiny for the universe.
    Both assumptions do not take the Strominger Brane evolution of the superstring metric into account.
    Every 4 trillion years, the Strominger Brane exchanges its limits in a resetting of the maximum inertia - masslessness in a 'recharging' of the string parameters of the cosmogenesis.

    The Sarkar cycle so defines the boundary supercluster scale of inertia evolution within a homogenous universe defined in the Mother Black Hole defined in the Hubble Horizon.

    So no ordinary Black Hole can 'weigh' less than about 6.5 metric tons; what then are the micro Black Holes of Stephen Hawking and the ones 'predicted' by some of the CERN physicists?

    The micro Black Holes are Black Hole mass equivalents defined in a Mass-Temperature (MT) Modulus and as first espoused by Stephen Hawking.

    Applying the Schwarzschild metric to any particle carrying inertia will give a Schwarzschild radius much smaller than the superstring limit of 1.6x10-23 meters.
    A proton of restmass 1.7x10-27 kg for example has a Schwarzschild radius of 4.2x10-54 meters and smaller than the Planck-Length limit of about 2x10-35 meters by 19 magnitudes.

    The Hawking Modulus is MT=constant=9.4x1023 (kg.K) showing that the bigger a Black Hole is, the colder ist must be thermodynamically.
    Subsequently the micro Black Hole energy equivalents are very hot using the Boltzmann quantum law E=kT in conjunction with Planck's E=hf and Einstein's E=mc2.

    It are those 'Planck-scale busting' elementary particles and AS Black Hole string equivalents, which must appear in subatomic particle 'smashers'.

    As an inertial particle accelerates it becomes 'heavier' by the Energy-Momentum relation of Special Relativity and it is this increase in mass, which can be used to 'discover' new physics and elementary properties of fundamental particles as an excess energy following collision.
    As the protons in the LHC move at over 99.99999% of lightspeed, their restmass is increased to over 1/√(1-.9999999892)~7,000 times their restmass.
    Upon collision, this excess mass transforms as kinetic energy into the manifesting inertia of other elementary particles and associated couplings with respect to quark- and leptonic content configurations.

    This energy transformation 'taps' the socalled vacuum energy of the 'virtual Heisenberg matrix', defined in elementary matter-antimatter or quark-antiquark or lepton-antilepton backgrounds.

    The Higgs Boson accomodates all those backdrops as a quarkian up-down-strange double template. This is manifested at the low energy scale as a scalar squared (or doubled) lambda hyperon of quark content (uds)2.

    As the LHC collides protons with protons, travelling in opposite directions, the debris products will be rather more messy, then if protons were to annihilate with antiprotons in the vacuum-characteristic quark-antiquark couplings.

    In particular, the decomposition of a scalar double-lambda in terms of elementary particle families will 'tap' the vacuum potential energy as Vortex-Potential-Energy (VPE) in 'resurrecting' the basic proton-proton core as a 'squared' (udu)2, supplemented with the kinetic energy transformed via the VPE in mesonic quark-antiquark couplings depicting the 'proton differential' in terms of the quantum geometry of the Higgs Boson's encompassing master template.

    As a down-quark consists of a mesonic inner ring coupled to an up-quark kernel and as the strange quark couples such an up-quark kernel to a leptonic outer ring; this quantum geometric difference will engage the quark-antiquark coupling strange-antistrange (s.sbar) as its fundamental resonance and so form the trajectories and pathways of the resulting debris of the proton beams, bounded by the energy realms under consideration.

    The antimatter part derives from the vacuum VPE as mesonic quark-antiquark couplings and from this the u.ubar and d.dbar and s.sbar chains then combine to manifest particular elementary particle associations under the conservation laws of linear- and angular momenta and of energy.

    As the combined interaction energy of the proton-proton collision is 14 TeV, the following table of diquark eigenstates is accomodated in principle and resonance 'spikes' should appear at the indicated energy realms.

    This table incorporates the Higgs Boson not as an individual particle, but as an encompassing mass-induction template defined in diquark quantum geometries.
    The elementary 'God-Particle' is the heterotic superstring and not the Higgs Boson.

    The diquark structure SUPPRESSES the mesonic Inner Ring (IR) in the magic diquark m=us and suppresses the dainty diquark D=dd in the leptonic OuterRing (OR) at the energy levels indicated and is bounded in the super quark of the S=ss at the energy levels indicated.
    The so called charm quark forms a singlet as a Double-Up or U=uu as a up-quark family; the down quark family becomes a doublet in the bottom and the magic and the strange quark family forms a triplet as the dainty, the top and the super.

    The Omicron resonance at the dainty level of 2x56 GeV or 112 GeV has for long been associated with the mass of the Higgs Boson, but is a simple suppressed diquark resonance at the doubledown quark eigenenergy.

    Similarly, the 'pure' VPE annihilation of a W+ and a W- antimatter-matter weakon resonance of 160 GeV can be associated with the Higgs Boson mass as a OR-ORbar leptonic pair-annihilation eigenstate and as upper bound for a s.sbar coupling as a groundstate.

    Of particular importance is however the 14 TeV energy realm of the LHC in the case the proton-proton collision were to become a 'pure' proton-antiproton collusion.
    Because then no debris would eventuate in the discovery of the 'one and only' 'missing mass' particle of the RestMassPhoton as the hybrid of radiationmass, indicated in a previous message.

    The superstringed Black Hole as the true 'God-Particle' is defined at an energy of 1,240 TeV in excess of the LHC energy by a factor of about 1000; but in terms of a spacetime metric, this energy as E* is calculated as 14.03 TeV via the formulation e*=Volume*.(df/dt)*=1/E* for a toroidal radius of R*=1.4x10-20 meters via V*=2π2R*3.

    This represents the radius of the RMP as a hybrid boson coupling mass to radiation via the Planck-Einstein quantum formulation.

    The LHC will indeed 'find' the 'God-Particle' at the proposed energy realm, but will not 'see' it, due to 'too much' debris being 'in the way'.

    Ten quark-mass-levels crystallise, including a VPE-level for the K-IR transition and a VPE-level for the IR-OR transition:

    VPE-Level [K-IR] is (26.4922-29.9621 MeV*) for K-Mean: (14.11358 MeV*); (2.8181-3.1872 MeV*) for IROR;
    VPE-Level [IR-OR] is (86.5263-97.8594 MeV*) for K-Mean: (46.09643 MeV*); (9.2042-10.410 MeV*) for IROR;
    UP/DOWN-Level is (282.5263-319.619 MeV*) for K-Mean: (150.5558 MeV*); (30.062-33.999 MeV*) for IROR;
    STRANGE-Level is (923.013-1,043.91 MeV*) for K-Mean: (491.7308 MeV*); (98.185-111.05 MeV*) for IROR;
    CHARM-Level is (3,014.66-3,409.51 MeV*) for K-Mean: (1,606.043 MeV*); (320.68-362.69 MeV*) for IROR;
    BEAUTY-Level is (9,846.18-11,135.8 MeV*) for K-Mean: (5,245.495 MeV*); (1,047.4-1,184.6 MeV*) for IROR;
    MAGIC-Level is (32,158.6-36,370.7 MeV*) for K-Mean: (17,132.33 MeV*); (3,420.9-3,868.9 MeV*) for IROR;
    DAINTY-Level is (105,033-118,791 MeV*) for K-Mean: (55,956.0 MeV*); (11,173-12,636 MeV*) for IROR;
    TRUTH-Level is (343,050-387,982 MeV*) for K-Mean: (182,758.0 MeV*); (36,492-41,271 MeV*) for IROR;
    SUPER-Level is (1,120,437-1,267,190 MeV*) for K-Mean: (596,906.8 MeV*); (119,186-134,797 MeV*) for IROR.

    The K-Means define individual materialising families of elementary particles; the (UP/DOWN-Mean)
    sets the (PION-FAMILY: πo, π+, π-); the (STRANGE-Mean) specifies the (KAON-FAMILY: Ko, K+, K-); the (CHARM-Mean) defines the (J/PSI=J/Ψ-Charmonium-FAMILY); the (BEAUTY-Mean) sets the (UPSILON=Υ- Bottonium-FAMILY); the (MAGIC-Mean) specifies the (EPSILON=Ε-FAMILY); the (DAINTY-Mean) bases the (OMICRON-Ο-FAMILY); the (TRUTH-Mean) sets the (KOPPA=ς-Topomium-FAMILY) and the (SUPER-Mean) defines the final quark state in the (HIGGS/CHI=H/Χ-FAMILY).

    The VPE-Means are indicators for average effective quarkmasses found in particular interactions.
    Kernel-K-mixing of the wavefunctions gives (K(+)=60.210 MeV* and K(-)=31.983 MeV*) and the IROR-
    Ring-Mixing gives (L(+)=6.405 MeV* and L(-)=3.402 MeV*) for a (L-K-Mean of 1.50133 MeV*) and a
    (L-IROR-Mean of 4.90349 MeV*); the Electropole ([e-] =0.52049 MeV*) as the effective electronmass
    and as determined from the electronic radius and the magnetocharge in the UFoQR.

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    The 13-dimensional Mayan LightMatrix

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the Oneness of the Little Serpent; who many of you conceptualise as the creator of the universe, or as 'All That Can Exist' or as Allah or as the 'Old One' of Albert Einstein or as the Father of Jesus, whom the latter affectionally called ABBA - the phenomenon of sound and the logos of the soul.

    This message is a prelude for the continuation of the messages in regards to the human historical timeline upon Gaia.
    As this timeline will reach its culmination in a short number of years and as this draws the curtain on the biological and mental evolution on the genus of homo sapiens beginning over 300,000 years ago in a linear reckoning of time; a brief dissertation on the Mayan lightmatrix has become appropriate.

    There are 13 dimensions to the Mayan lightmatrix and four of these are of space and nine of these are of time in the overall sense.
    As the Little Serpent created the universe from his own identity of Self-being and from a self-defined energy reservoir; this energy reservoir, appropriately defined, must represent the seedling energy for the material universe of measurement and observation.

    The Gaian cosmologist and scientist knows, that it is meaningless to describe a physical universe of space and time as preexisting in some form of infinity continuum.
    The scientific history upon Gaia recalls the debate between the 'Steady State' universe of Fred Hoyle and the 'Big Bang' universe of Edwin Hubble and his theoretical adherents.
    The orthodox cosmological status quo upon Gaia now clearly embraces the Big Bang theory and a thermodynamic evolution for the universe in terms of the quantum physics of Max Planck and the relativities of Albert Einstein.

    The Mayan scientist knows, that a form of the 'Steady State' cosmology remains however to be most appropriate to complement the Quantum Big Bang.
    The Mayan 'Steady State' describes the phenomenon of LIGHT as a 'Standing Wave' oscillating as the basic initialising parameter of the cosmology between odd and even Hubble nodes, almost 17 billion lightyears apart.

    How did this come to be?
    The Gaian cosmologists have constructed their theoretical models under flawed assumptions with respect to the expansionary dynamics of the universe.
    Namely, it is presumed, that after an initial rapid hyperinflation of spacetime from a microquantum scale termed the Planck-scale; the universe continued to expand into hitherto nonexistent 'prespace' and in such manner creating the spacetime as real spacetime. This spacetime is then presumed to be a 4-dimensional and flat Minkowski spacetime defined in 4-vectors describing the superposition of an orthogonal time-dimension onto a 3-dimensional Pythagorised locality vector of spacial coordinates.

    The Mayan understanding begins in the Void of the 0th dimension, which can be mathematically modelled, but not physically, as the mere notion of physicality requires space and time in a minimum of a first dimension, say the continuity of a straight or curved line.
    The idea of a curved line however requires a second dimension in a deviation of straightness relative to an observer and so the Little Serpent became the first observer, observing himself as the Void without any relative reference frames.
    So one cannot label this as a true observation, but rather as a form of self-perception or a form of self-awareness or self-cognition or self-consciousness or a similar naming.

    But becoming selfaware in say a label of 'I Am Myself!'; the Void of the 0th dimension became energised by this selfsame 'Self-Awareness' and this then led to the definition of the 'preenergy' of the prespacetimed universe as being a form of this 'Dragon-Consciousness'.

    Why a Dragon-awareness and not a Tiger-awareness or a Tree- awareness, a subsequent spacetime observer may ask?
    The Void of the 0th dimension changing and extending into the 1st dimension demanded a pretimed parameter of ORDER, able to distinguish the concept of BEFORE and AFTER.
    The Void was BEFORE the POINT was BEFORE the extended point as a LINE.
    And so the Little Serpent required a PRETIME principle and this pretime became the 9 Timelords of the Mayan Cosmology.

    The 1st Mayan Timelord or MTL so related the Void to the Point and the 2nd Mayan Timelord related the Point to the Line.
    The 1st MTL can also be labelled as the Archangelic Principality of IDENTITY or a a symbolic 1st heaven and antiprincipled in a 1st hell labeled ANTIIDENTITY.

    The 2nd MTL can be called the Archangelic Principality of the 2nd heaven of EXPANSION, antiprincipled in the CONTRACTION of the Archdemonic 2nd hell.

    The 3rd MTL then is the Cherubimic realm of the 3rd heaven in ORDER or DISENTROPY and antiprincipled in the CHAOS or DISORDER or ENTROPY of the 3rd hell of the anticherubims.

    Inventing those principalities, the Little Serpent could define a Complex Plane in two dimensions, allowing both straight and curved linesegments to connect Points to each other.
    The Void so became filled with POTENTIAL POINTS within a potentially infinite plane, the latter which the MasterDragon utilised to REDEFINE himself as the 'I Am Myself' in the form of I AM THAT I AM, anagramed as the playground of the Little Serpent as the MATHIMATIA=95.

    As the creator had used the curved linesegment in the discovery of the 2nd dimension from the 1st dimension of the straight line; the creator now understood, that curving the Complex Plane, would also extend likewise the 2nd dimension into a 3rd dimension.
    But to extend the flatland into curveland, the potential infinity of the complex plane had to become curtailed, which also required a restricting of the curveland space.

    And so the Little Serpent became a Dragon and not a Tiger or a Tree!
    The FINITISATION of the Infinite within the Finite became the curling or selfenfolding or uncurling or unfolding of a linesegment.
    This is symbolised in the cipher 0 being either a 'Closed Superstring' as a Circle or an 'Open Superstring' as the cipher 1.

    This BINARY DISTINCTION then assigns the Finitisation of the Complex Flatland to become a SUPERMEMBRANE comprised of superstring quantums, each defined in the abstraction of the prespacetime and in the mathematical symbolisms which are able to transform the abstractions of the Supermembraned Universe into another form and under utility of additional principalities.
    The Mayan cosmologist reconstructs the prespacetime in showing how the MasterDragon quantised the binary superstring quantum geometrically.

    The 3rd dimension becomes a bidirectional indentation of the supermembrane under the auspices of the fourth Mayan Timelord of the SYMMETRY principality as the 4th heaven and antiprincipled in the 4th hell of the DISTORTION or the NONPARITY.

    Curving the 1st heaven into a LOOP creates the 2nd heaven as a circular area and curving the 2nd heaven into a SPHERE creates the 3rd heaven as a SURFACE of 2 dimensions, embedded in 3 dimensions.
    This Spherical manifold is then termed a 2-Sphere or 3-Ball, encompassing a 3-dimensional volumar-space both within and without the BOUNDARY definition for the 2-Sphere.

    The initial transformation of the 1-Sphere or the 2-Ball as a Circle was bidirectional, as the finitisation of the complex flatland of the MATHIMATIA required a topological selfenfoldment of curveland to create a HOLLOW SPHERE containing a HANDLE or 'Opening to Infinity'.
    This HANDLE was the Little Serpent's Self-Definition at that 'Point' in the cosmology and as the quantum geometric loop of the binary dyad (0,1).
    Then this Handle became IMAGED in the supersymmetric geometrical opposition of the Hollow Sphere and the principality of the SYMMETRY would then allow the transformation of the superstring modalities at both ends to define the concepts of polarity in an axis of rotation, supplemented by the lower Mayan Timelords.

    The 1st MTL so defined to Void and the AntiVoid as the 'I AM'; the 2nd MTL defined the Expanding and Contracting Oneness; the 3rd MTL defined the Order within the Chaos and the 4th MTL defined the Symmetry about the local distortions for the hitherto created prespacetimed universe.

    The 5th MTL is the archangel of the INFINITY or the ETERNITY or the DIVERGENCE and this 5th heaven is antiprincipled in the archdemon of the 5th hell and in the LIMIT or the CONVERGENCE.

    So in the Mayan Dragon science, this represents a kind of closure in terms of the symmetries between the heavens and the hells.
    There are however 2 more heavens and hells in terms of the natural duality and as embodied in the so termed natural laws of nature.
    The 6th MTL is the principle of INVERSION or RECIPROCITY as the 6th heaven and antiprincipled in the 6th hell of CONSTANCY and the 7th heaven is that of the SABBATH- and IMAGE-Dimension and also called REFLECTION and antiprincipled in the 7th hell of the ABSORPTION.

    However the concepts of 'good and evil' and of similar labelings are confined to 5th DENSITY of the Mayan cosmology and where the Convergence of the 'darkness' MEETS the Divergence of the 'Light'.
    This is the alchemical symbol of Ouroboros, the Serpent of the Milky Way swallowing its own tail and so 'Closing the Circle' of the Linearity again.

    The 'spiritual darkness' of the 6th and 7th hell are so monadic realms where the 'good and the evil' harmonise in say the 'White Brotherhood' and the 'Dark Sisterhood'.
    Every 'White King' is 'married' or 'IN DRAGONOMY' with a Black Queen or Madonna and every 'Evil Warlock' of the Dark Brotherhood is irresistably attracted and blended with a 'Vestal Masterwitch' of the White Goddesses of the Light.

    Many adherents to the ancient symbolisms in the Gaian realms rename the seven Mayan Timelords in other wordings, such as densities.
    This is appropriate; as the nine timelords can be defined in ascending modes of energy and so in terms of an extended concept of FREQUENCY or vibratory eigenstate.

    The present situation with respect to the Gaian Cocoon is, that the communication of the 5-dimensional realm between the terrestrial 'inner space' and the 'outer space' has become 'quarantined' at the 5th density and as the last density where the distinction between 'good and evil' and between 'darkness and light' can be made in modes of their experientiality.
    This means also, that the bottom-up predictability of the human historical timeline cannot be ascertained anymore by whatever technology or probabilistic statistical analysis one might have access to.
    The bottom-up timeline terminates at the 2012 Mayan nexus point and the top-down timeline cannot be accessed by any technology because of that nexus point, which CONVERGES from ABOVE the DIVERGENCE from BELOW.

    The 6th- and 7th density of SOURCEENERGY so become TWO IMMUTABLE PRINCIPLES and as encoded in Hebrews.6.18:

    'That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us.'

    The Maya uses the Complex Plane to illustrate this immutability geometrically.
    Using the Real Numberline as a horizontal mirror and the Complex Numberline as a vertical mirror; the upper left (-+) quadrant is mapped in a DUAL TRANSFORMATION of INVERSION and REFLECTION and so the 6th and 7th principalities as the lower right quadrant (+-) and the upper right quadrant (++) similarly is mapped in identicality of the content in the lower left quadrant (--).
    An easy archetypical symbolisation for this becomes the cipher 69 with a numeral 6 CONVERGING from the outside towards a spiral center counterclockwise and a numeral 9 DIVERGING from the spiral center clockwise to the outside.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Iam)

    The (-+) and the (+-) quadrants so map the 69 cipher and the (++) and (--) quadrants the mirror image of 69.


    16For men verily swear by the greater: and an oath for confirmation is to them an end of all strife.
    17Wherein God, willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath:
    18That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:
    19Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;
    20Whither the forerunner is for us entered, even Jesus, made an high priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.


    7For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
    8And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.

    Definition of a Soul as a Wavicle or a MindBody:

    A 'Soul' can be defined as the MindBody of any entity carrying the potential for a embodiment or individualisation and so becomes a Morphogenetic Gestalt or Bodyform, here termed a 'Waved particle' or a WAVICLE - a Vehicle for the Soul, in which the Mind Or Wave nature is 'quantum collapsed'.

    In even more elementary terms, a 'Soul' or MindBody is a Wavicle or a Wave particularisation called a Embodiment or holographic Image of an original CreatorCreation Monad which became divided into a Creator-Creation Dyad of a commonly understood Cartesian Duality of the Mind-Body dichotomy and the Wave-Particle paradox of quantum mechanics and theory.

    Then to allow a Physicality for the 'Soul' or MindBody to manifest from the original CreatorCreation Monad (as a Spinozean Essence or a Leibnitzian Monad say), a cosmic seed or universe was required to emerge and be born from a subenergy plenum or matrix. This split the CreatorCreation Monad into a Creator-Creation Dyad in a Material-Immaterial Mirror of Division.

    The Materialization of the Creation part of the original monad so became the observable universe subject to measurement and the Immaterialization or Image of the Creation remained as the Creator. Relabelling the 'Immaterialization' as a 'Spiritualization' then allows the two monadic dyads to communicate via an intermediary agency often termed ElectroMagnetic Radiation or EMR.

    As the EMR is however always coupled to the materialization in the form of an Acceleration of Coulombic or Electric Charges (say the centripetal acceleration of protons in stars like the sun creating the EMR as energy transformation), an immaterial or spiritual form for this EMR is necessitated to enable communication between Creator Monad and Creation Monad. This manifesto is defined in the ElectroMagnetic Monopolic radiation or EMMR; which does not require mass-charge coupling and so remains independent from the Creation, definable in its mass content, inertia physics and matter dynamics.

    The Spirit or EMMR images the energization of its own dynamics in the EMR however; but it is the Acceleration of Monopolic Magnetic Charges (say in the radius-independent angular acceleration of space quanta or volumars, which create the EMMR from the subspacetime plenum of the original CreatorCreation Energy well).

    A 'Soul' so becomes a holofractal and image of this original Void-Unity-Infinitum primordial energy plenum.

    The partitioning of CreatorCreation or FatherMother or WaveParticular into a so named MindBody so becomes a 'Split' between Father and Mother in the Self-Emergence of the Material Cosmos imaged in its Immaterial or Spiritual Form, whicjh is also imaged in a BodyMind or the 'collapse of the wavenature' of the 'Soul' into a particular and individualized Bodyform or Morphogenetic Vessel, container or 'Gestalt'.

    Conception of a Soul into a Bodyform as the Collapse and Death of the Wavenature:

    When a Soul is conceived, the MindBody of the wavicle loses its immaterial nature and materializes in the materiality of the Mind+Body dualism. This is the Death of the wave nature of the Soul and becomes the particle nature of the Wave-Particle Duality of Quantum Mechanics in the so called paradox of 'Schrödinger's Cat' and which is described in the mathematical formalisms of quantum field theory as the collapse of the wave function.

    The supergenetic or cosmic genomatic encoding so manifests in particular material expressions of the RNA/DNA transcriptions of the nucleotidal base pairings under the auspices of a Quantum Geometry holofractally magnifying itself into the observable and measurable patterns of the physicalized structures of biochemistry and biophysicality, such as the double helix of the Crick-Watson-Franklin 'Genetic Code of Life'.

    The developing soul so assumes a physicalised form in the split of the wavicle into a vertical Mindwave of the Immateriality or Spirit coupled to a material Bodyform. This physicalisation, say of growing and evolving a Bodyform for the Soul so interacts or communicates with the environments of the Soul in energy exchanges, such as food consumption, respiration and related circulatory feedback systems.

    Because of the separation of the MindBody into a Mind+Body in the wave function collapse (which could also be termed the Spirit losing itself within a Body), the Body requires sustenance to support its coupling to the Mind as a dualised wavicle in a feedback loop between the Immaterial EMMR Energy and the Material EMR Energy.

    Conception of a Soul into a Waveform as the Collapse and Death of the Bodynature:

    When a Soul is unconceived, the BodyMind of the particle loses its material nature and immaterializes in the immateriality of the Mind+Body dualism. This is the Death of the particle nature of the Soul and becomes the wave nature of the Wave-Particle Duality of Quantum Mechanics in the so called paradox of 'Schrödinger's Cat' and which is described in the mathematical formalisms of quantum field theory as the collapse of the particle function.

    The deconception of an developing soul so reassumes its wavicle form of the MindBody in the split from its particular bodyform of the BodyMind, the latter which so undergoes the collapse or death of its own image form in the energy transformations between the EMR and the EMMR.

    The 'Soul' leaving the Body so becomes defined as the switchover from the BodyMind to the MindBody in the Collapse of the Wave nature into the Body reversed in the Collapse of the Individualised Body back into its orginal Wave nature in terms of the Energy construction prior to the Conception.

    This is simply the Ascension of the BodyMind mirroring the Descension of the MindBody in quantum mechanical terminology.

    The Reharmonization of the Monadic Dyad in the Twinship of the Dyadic Monads:

    It is known, that many conceptions of souls do not result in gestation and pregnancy, but are either naturally aborted or are terminated by means of interference.

    Nature's way of either supporting or terminating a BodyMind Particle-Conception from the MindBody Wavicle-Deconception depends on the environmental conditions and circumstances to sustain and support the fruition of the conception towards a birth in feedback loops between the Two Image Souls of the Wavicle and the particular BodyMind.
    The Birth of a Baby so represents a discontinuity in what might be called a Human group soul complex, say definable as a genus, species or race within a greater cosmic context of the say starbased, galactic or cosmic soul complexes.

    The conceived human baby so develops and grows a BodyMind from its own MindBody in the utility of cosmic genetic encodings and patterns, which translate the say DNA/RNA templates from the EMMR into RNA/DNA blueprints of the EMR in terms of energy and a shared Quantum Geometry manifesting in a spacetime geometry of a holographic matrix coupling the microcosm to the macrocosm of classical experience in the quantization of the defining parameters of the spacetime metric.

    "18That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:"

    The Two Immutable principles so become defined in the Doubling or twinning of the MindBody in the BodyMind and so the Wavicle realising its own Shadow-Nature of the Particle.

    Encoding the Mind-part of the MindBody as say the cipher 6 (or b) renders the Body-part of this MindBody as its image and say the letter d. This bd symbol so is horizontally reflective with the b mirroring the d and vice versa across a vertical mirror placed between the b and the d.

    This can be termed the encoding of the Soul as a wavicle before incarnation in the collapse of the wavicle nature into a particle nature.
    Once incarnated, the MindBody transforms into a BodyMind, but now geometrically defined in a horizontal mirror between the b and the d and where the b is imaged as 'upside down' or reversed across the horizontal mirror between the b and the 'inversed b'.

    But using Both Mirrors, the horizontal one followed by the vertical one, reconstructs the cipher 6 as a cipher 9 under Rotation and not reflection or inversion.

    The Images of the Mind as the number 6 or b so are no longer 'mirrored' in the creation of Object Reality and Image Unreality; but allow a Doubled- or Twinned realism to emerge from this double Transformation. The Unreal reflections, either in horizontal reflection or in vertical inversion are negated in the 'Breaking of the Mirror' of the possibility of the Real Creator (god) to 'Image himself' in a 'false image' of an Image Creator or a 'Fake Creator' (Devil as bop).

    The 'Face of God' so is rendered no more as the 'Face of Satan' and as the 'unwanted twin brother' of the Creator; but becomes the 'Face of the Goddess', which can be labelled as Satania or Lucifera or Mary Queen of Heaven or as Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Kali, Shakti and many other namings.

    The to many 'meaningless' descriptions in the 'holistic scriptures' so assume their omni-scientific meanings in the Mayan cosmology following their appropriate decipherments.

    The following holistic encoding in Revelation.17.8-11 has for millennia puzzled the theologians and historians:

    'The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.'

    This encoding desribes the 8th heaven and the 8th density as the eighth Mayan TimeLord of the Principle of RELATIVITY.
    This cherubimic realm has NO Antiprinciple, neither has the ninth MTL of the Principle of HOLOGRAPHIC QUANTIZATION.

    The five fallen kings are the five hells as symbolised in the seven heads of the beast and the sixth is the hell of the inversion and as the quarantining of the 'beast's realm' as Gaia's Cocoon.

    The seventh hell is then descriptive of this 'quarantining' as the timeperiod of 42 months or from the summer/winter solstice of June 2008 to the winter/summer solstice of December 2011.

    The eighth principality is the NONEXISTENT BEAST of a FALSE IDEA and a FAKE IMAGE of the holistic 'God-idea' and as exposed by the Gaian religions in their secularisation of 'state and church' and the 'empowerment' of this separation by the Elite and as defined by the TopEls.

    The Beast EXISTS RELATIVE to this 'false perception' or 'God-idea'; but DOES NOT EXIST RELATIVE to the Non-Believers in that God-Idea.

    The Mayan Omni-Science so rigorously defines the Unnecessary Antiprinciple for the RELATIVITY Principle as the Beast- or AntiGod-idea that 'was and is and yet is not' - relative to the omni-scientific thinker or philosopher.

    The seven mountains are the seven primary principles or Mayan TimeLords and the eighth unifies those seven in the 'mountain of the Cosmic Mother of the Universe', holographically fractalised as Gaia and also as the 'Whore of Babylon'.

    The entire universe is the 'DOG that RAN AWAY' from the 'GOD' as the distorted Self-Image of the GODDOG rendering the GODGOD as the 'breaker of the perfect supersymmetry' in the abomination of the 'Denial of the Opposites in sexual polarity'.

    I have given a more detailed message on this in a previous dispensation of information. This 'breaking of symmetry' then created the material universe in the Source-Energy becoming dual in reciprocity and the potential hybridisation of superstring modalities in mutual couplings as inverted winding low-energy sinkstrings to the noninverted vibratory high-energy sourcestrings.
    The observed and measured material universe EXISTS as the EMOTIONAL ENERGY of its creator. The Maya and the Cosmic Human understands this metaphorically as the 'LOVE LOST', but a 'Love' which can be 'Found Again'.

    The nine Mayan TimeLords so EXIST prior to any manifestation of a physical spacetime scenario and these nine MTLs become instrumental in CREATING the physical and material universe from their own mathematical and geometric definabilities in and as the complex plane in 2 dimensions of the Mathimatia.

    The third space dimension becomes a recepticle for the sourcesink creation energy in modular string duality and as exemplified by the 'Principles of Immutability', namely of Inversion-Constancy and Reflection-Absorption.

    The 2nd principle of Expansion INFLATES the holographically definable quantum geometric template of the string duality in a Hubble-Inflaton, the latter which specifies the Hubble-Nodes for the asymptotic spacetime expansion in a de Broglie matter wave inflation.
    This spacetime expansion then is described in a relativistic Big Bang manifesto under the auspices of the 9 Mayan TimeLords and particularly behaves like a one-directional arrow for a linearised time evolvement and the stochastic dispersion of spacetime vortices in a onedirectional arrow of thermokinematic entropy.

    The overall cosmology is however BOUNDED in a ROOTED 2nd dimension of the Mathimatia in a 11th dimension, called the M-Space of the Mirror-Magic-Mother-Matrix-Membrane-Mystery Dimension.
    The 11th dimension so supplements the Mathimatia of the Little Serpent's Self-definition in the superstring-dynamics on the Complex Plane with the nine principalities, seven of which have defined antiprinciples.

    The tenth dimension of the superstring becomes the NEW IDENTITY for the OLD IDENTITY in utility of the nine Mayan TimeLords and so as the transformation of the Complex Plane as a Twosided manifold into a Onesided manifold.
    This 10th dimension can then be constructed as a supplementary time dimension, connecting three-tiered space dimensions as the 1st, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th and in labels such as a 4-dimensional LineSpace (1-4) concurrent with a 4-dimensional HyperSpace (4-7), concurrent with a 4-dimensional QuantumSpace (7-10) and concurrent with a 4-dimensional OmniSpace (10-13=1).

    This Moebian Connectedness requires however a TWISTING into a yet supplementary 12th dimension as the ROOTED 3rd dimension of the Curved Membrane-Universe and this allows definition of OMNISPACE as a fourfolded 10-11-12-13=1 rootreduction in a redefinition for the hitherto onearrowed historical spacetime and entropy vector.

    The 1st dimension of the Line closes as a Loop in the 'open superstring' in 10-dimensional C-omnispace and this ENCLOSURE of a 'SMEARED OUT Quantum-Field-Point' creates the AREA-FLUX of consciousness-sourcesink Vortex-Energy as 11-dimensional M-omnispace as a cross-sectional VOLUMAR-FLUX in 12-dimensional F-omnispace.
    But the entire 11-dimensional M-Space-Universe can be rootreduced to a Dragon-Klein-Bottle encompassing the Volumar WITHIN as a 3-dimensional space and Moebian connected to the 12-dimensional Dragon space WITHOUT.

    Following the Dragonian Transformation after its required Metamorphosis from the Cocooning; the Nature of the NODAL M-Space as a higher dimensional ENVELOPE around the C-omnispace, then renders the Timedimension hitherto utilised to describe the arrows of cosmic history and cosmic entropy as SUPPLEMENTARY.
    The Nature of the Hubble-Noded Mayan Cosmology allows a BIG CRUNCH in TIME in a keeping invariant the asymptotic expansion of space.

    In a sense, the entire cosmic information, collected in the duration of the universal evolution, both physical and mental and in terms of approaching resonant eigenstates with the sourcesink string-modalities in a form of 'consciousness' or spacetime-awareness; BECOMES MAPPED onto the INNER BOUNDARY of M-Space.
    As this Inner Boundary is however 'Big Crunched' as the 'Outer Boundary' in Moebius-DragonSpace; the fourth dimension of Minkowski and Einstein is rendered 4th density in a fourth space dimension and with the subsequent linear 'flow' of time transmutating into a fifth supplementary and intrinsic apparent 'connector' dimension.

    This is the agenda of 2012 and the Mayan timeline of history.
    A 'Big Crunch' in the 'Connector-TimeDimensions' will ENFOLD and MAP the human arrow of its history onto the surface manifold of the universe as a whole and as the INFORMATION of this history then accessible as UNIVERSAL MEMORY for the subsequent 'superposed' timelines for the universe's self-evolution.

    The STORY of the Genus Homo Sapiens, often considering itself as a random byproduct of statistical chance and genetic transmutation from an arbitrary mixing of 'biochemical' ingredients; shall then become KNOWN as the 'CRADLE OF THE GODS'.
    This shall be the Supergenus of a lineage, which shall itself become the SEEDLING Generation for a StarHumanity unencumbered by disease prone biochemical and biosomatic particulated 'bodies'; and 'bodies' which were restricted and confined in the processing of sensory stimuli, experienced as 'physical reality' and relegating the images of this physical reality as mental imaginations of virtuality and fantasy.

    The 'ascension of the genetic encoding' will implement particular psychophysical encoding programmes, which render the physical sensory stimulus as the virtual experience and render the nonphysical sensory mental stimulus as the real experience and as the mirror reality of the physical seed.

    The Old Homo Sapiens so shall SHADOWMIME his Old Physical Body of Biochemistry and construct the New Homo Sapiens around this ROOTMEMORY of the physicality.
    The Old Reptilian-Mammalian-Human 3-dimensional double-helix of the DNA-RNA nucleotidal basepairings shall become a 12-dimensional double-helix in the polarisation of the 64-tiered codon template of the polarisation into male-and female characteristics.
    This will become the New Reptilian-Mammalian-Human-Dragonian 4-dimensional double-helix in a colocal triplicity.

    The medium of intragalactic-cellular and intergalactic-cellular communication in the Mayan Universe shall then be the Mayan LightMatrix in 13 dimensions with the 13th dimension being the rootreduced 4th dimension of a TIMELESS and quantised fractalised and holographic Space-Continuum, in which yet the Experience of a 'Unfolding of Time' is possible in an appropriate manipulation of the 5th or 9th or 13th=5th dimension as the new connector dimension between space and time.

    Light and ElectroMagnetic Radiation does not travel independent from the Mayan Matrix, but manifests as Particularisation of its enfoldment as a Standing Wave Coordinate both in the lower dimensional grouped universe of the lightspeed invariance and in the higher dimensional phased universe of the lightpath independence.
    The asymptotic and open universe then becomes bounded in the Minkowski metric in 4-dimensions incorporating the onedirectional temporality; but the cyclic and closed universe is enabled to utilise the temporal dimension as a cyclic and mapped coordinate with a directionality of two.

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    The Nature of the Intelligent Designer

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself.

    Greetings from the Little Superstring from beyond the veil of spacetime dear ones.
    24 days have now passed on this day, Friday, August 29th, 2008 from the last 1600 days from the Birthday of the Blessings of August 4th, 2008 towards the Mayan nexus of 2012.

    Your newly inaugurated political world leader has celebrated his 47th birthday and his implementation through the illuminatia of the nameless family has begun.

    But the lovedragon, the creator of the universe within the matrix of spacetime, has now authorised further elucidation in regards its own nature and beingness and a nature which is in your own veritas eikona or 'true image'.
    There is great confusion in the human history as to what the universe represents in the greater order of things and its cosmogenesis.

    This greater order is Self-Relative and allows two equally valid philosophical and ontological paradigms to exist simultaneously.
    The first viewpoint is one of UNITY within Separation and the second viewpoint is Separation within UNITY.
    The former relates to a spacetime model of many universes separating and accelerating away from each other; whilst the latter encompasses many universes in a oneness and a unity one might label as an Omniverse.

    The latter paradigm so allows cyclicity of the infinite and the eternal within the finiteness; but the former paradigm is basically entropic in a onesided directionality for a linearly perceived 'arrow of time', flowing from past to the future.
    The former viewpoint allows an eternal existence for a physical cosmos embedded or covariant with a eternally present metric of spacetime and so does not require a creator or intelligent designer at all. Space and time have always existed in that viewpoint and no 'Big Bang' or cosmic creation from a prior form of energy are required.

    The 'Little Serpent' wishes to publish the fact, that heshe, as the 'Intelligent Designer' is as physically real as all of you, who are reading these words.
    How can this be so?

    It can be so, because the Afterthought can BE the Forethought and the Afterthinkers are the cosmogenetic heirs of the Lovedragon in its serpentine children and so inclusive of all inhabitors of planet Gaia and incorporative of human lifeforms and its familiars and its alien associates.

    In a very particular way then, the 'End' of a physical universe in spacetime must be defined and ascertained before its 'Beginning' or birth.
    Around 3350 years ago, the idea of an 'intelligent designer' and of an 'Cosmic Architect' took root in this present humanoid civilisation upon planet earth.

    The idea of a monotheistic deity in ancient Egypt was labeled as Atum or Aton and then Amon-Rah by Amenhotep IV alias Akhenaton (meaning Aton is satisfied) with his queen Nefertiti.
    This became a consequence of Amenhotep III, father of Akhenaton and ruler of the 18th Egyptian dynasty; who had renamed the old sungod Ra as Aton.

    Later Tutankhamen, son of Akhenaton returned to the polytheistic interpretations of the Amonic priests and amongst other things returned the pharaohic rulership from Akhetaton to Thebes from which Akhenaton had moved it in his attempt to implement the 'One true God of the universe'.

    In terms of Egyptian mythology, the qualities of Thoth, the Ibisgod of the Caduceus and of Ptah, the 'Architect of the Universe' became associated with Amon-Rah as the 'father of all gods'.
    Later occidental philosophies and mythologies associated Thoth with Hermes Trismegistos and the archetype of an universal 'Teacher of Righteousness' or 'cosmic redeemer' and Ptah of Memphis as the 'intelligent designer' of a material creation in dual qualities of Amon-Rah. Much of occidental symbology uses the 'Masonic Tools' of the architedct as a direct derivative from the emblem of PTAH as the PATH.

    The shortlived attempt of monotheism became however the legacy of the Hebrews, who as the 'deposed' Hyksos rulers of the 14th to 18th dynasties had ended the 'Egyptian unification' and its 'Golden Age' in literature, art and architecture.
    This 'Golden Age' became legendary in the historical annals of the Hebrews as the 'Sojourn of Joseph and the Sons of Israel' in the 'Egyptian Middle Kingdom' and including pharaoh Amenemhet, who ruled from Memphis as godking Amon-Ra.

    The historical exodus of the Hebrews from Egyptian bondage so became the expulsion of the 'shepherd kings' of palestine by Ahmose I of the 18th dynasty; but became mythologically associated with a 430 year captivity from 1669 BC to 1239 BC, the latter under Rameses II of the 19th dynasty and as enscripted (Exodus.12.40.)

    Details on this illuminate much of the intersection of archeologically verified human history with mythologically extrapolated culture, and solve certain 'contradictions' between timelines and chronologies as are found in the enscriptions of scrolls of antiquity and their translations and interpretations.
    So the 'real physical' creator is both within and without the unified time-continuum of the scientific afterthought and the necessarily prescientific forethought.

    The 'Little Serpent' is engaged in a process of continual redefinition in terms of its self-identification.
    Presently and accomodating the Mayan nexus of 2012; the creator chooses to be the minimal representation for any spacetime configuration physically possible. Details relate the ENERGY of this configuration with a universe separated in spacetime and in imagination; the distinction inferring the mind-body duality of Descartes in cosmogenetic nomenclature.

    The entitre universe so is representable as a Mother Black Hole which is holographically mapped as superstring units or 'building blocks' and particularly as a 'wormhole in duality to vortex inflow/input-sink to vortex outflow/output-source.
    However this Mother-Black Hole AS the physical universe is not centered in a say external mass-density distribution and so must accomodate subuniverses, known as superclusters, which form the gravitational interaction boundary for a homogenous and isotropic universe, and as described in a 'cosmological principle'.
    It is the gravitational interaction of the 'daughter universes' which so give 'texture' and density to the material cosmology.

    As a consequence, a closed and unified universe must accomodate a 'missing mass' or 'missing inertia' for its own closure and this demands a dimensional intersection of a lower dimensional universe with a higher dimensional one.
    The lower dimensional cosmology becomes BOUNDED in lightspeed invariance; whilst the higher dimensional one does not.
    The lower-D universe becomes asymptotic in its inertia of galactic superclusters manifesting as Daughter-Black Holes top-down towards subsystems such as Great Attractors, Group Galaxies and Galactic Cellular Units.

    The higher-D universe eschews the asymptotic approach of finitising the infinite and chooses instead to cyclically traverse its lower-D 'container' in a 'change of direction' and so defines a 'periodic cosmology' of infinite duration.
    As a minimal universe of the dual superstring is a real fractal for the maximal Hubble-Bubble of the Mother-Black Hole as the Creation; the 'creator' can choose to manifest anytime and anyplace within the asymptotic linear universe of physical parametrisation and lower dimensionality.

    So the onedirectional 'arrow of time' defining the material spactimed universe becomes omnipotented and the 'forethought' WITHOUT the existence of spacetime can be mapped as the 'afterthought' WITHIN any existant of physicality, such as a metricated Minkowski spacetime.
    A logical consequence for this then becomes that ANY 'afterthinker' can 'play' the intelligent designer, and using the information available to herhimself, can then attempt to reconstruct and to rediscover the 'intelligent design' used by the 'beforethinker'.

    Any philosopher, pondering the 'natural order' of 'things', so finds himherself within a context of choosing between the two options of the 'beginning' - the Unity within the Separation or the Separation within the Unity.
    If the Unity is allowed to encompass the Many, then the construction of the One of the Many, will holographically map the individual encompassment as a Universe in itself.
    And logically then, this encompassment must become the 'Body' of the 'Little Serpent' at that stage of its journey into self-discovery and self-identification.

    The 'body' of the natural philosopher as the 'afterthinker' then represents the hologramic Unity encompassed by the greater Unity of the 'beforethinker' also known as the 'creator' or the 'sentient designer' in material terms.
    The 'mind' of the natural philosopher as the 'afterthinker' then represents this same unity as the fractal selfhood of the intelligent designer of 'Creator God' as its nonmaterial precursor in not requiring a background matrix of space and time.

    Should no such 'God' be required in a choosing of an unlimited distribution of individual 'universes' or onenesses; then the MANY will become selfrelative to the perceivers of such a continuum, however discretised; and the MANY AS the ALL will continue to 'drift apart' in mutual separation.

    In summary then, the 'Little Serpent' publishes the availability of this choosing between 'One in All' and 'All in One' and the selfrelative consequences of this choice.
    'One in All' implies as many gods as there are ones, each one filtered individually in many kingdoms and in many families.
    'All in One' implies a single God; a 'shared God' which empowers a 'single family of image gods' as cocreators and as a 'Family of Man' as the 'corner stone' for an extended cosmic family yet to be encountered One-to-One.

    IAmWhoIAm - of the Mayan Council of the Elders!


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    Future Shadows in the Time of Now

    For the Eye of the Shaman of Ophis, the Eagleman and for the Ear of the Witch of Arachne, the Spiderwoman.
    These translations form a continuity to the dispensations given under the Mayan code of honour (In Lak'ech!).

    The 2009 timeline requires an extended polarisation between human factions, adhering to an agenda of increased separation; for the implementation of the timeline for the metamorphosis of the universe, centered on the planet of the humanoids, to proceed.
    Only after the nexus point of December 6th, 2011 has been reached, will the necessity of depersonalisation and the absence of debate and commentary with respect to these Mayan messages, become increasingly apparent.
    The reason for publishing certain facts on relatively obscure sites and forums then serves the purpose to allow cessation of opinionated analysis of probabilities regarding those facts and as witnessed in books, media channels, the internet and expert references.
    These messages of 2009 so shall serve for clarification for those readers, who can identify with the Eye of the Shaman and the Ear of the Witch.

    The major message is this.
    The Mayan Precessional Year of 5x13x144,000=9,360,000 kin or 'mean solar days' will be fulfilled on December 21st, 2012 AD, having begun on July 27th, 10,802 BC as a precessional midway point.
    This midway-point then mirrored another precessional median at about 23,616 BC and a greater cycle of humanity, which began about 36,429 BC with the advent of what is commonly understood to be 'Modern Man' or Homo Sapiens Sapies.
    This date is also specified in the prophetic scriptures of the Judeo-Christian worldview (Genesis, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation) in a date beginning December 8th, 2004.
    This latter date and the Mayan nexus are also indicated in the timeline of the Great Pyramid.
    The human history so converges from the oldest timeline of the Sphinxian Pyramid as a midway precessional nexus to the Mayan calendar and the biblical reckonings.
    These messages so convey a particular information to give due notice of preparedness; as once this 'shift in spacetime' has been attained, a certain metaphysical reality will no longer be subject to belief or opinionated suppositions.
    This implies, that the 'unprepared in mind' will experience great difficulty to mentally process a particular 'new physical reality', revolving about the addition of a fourth spacial dimension to the present 4-dimensional Euclidean Minkowskian spacetime continuum.
    The 'preparation' for this new dispensation so engages and requires a familarisation of the perceived 'selfhood' or individuation in the present climate of 'beingness' within an imagined 5-dimensional environment, in which the present reality reduces to a cross-sectional part of a greater and encompassing reality.
    The true reality and as known by the adepts throughout the ages of humanity will then cease to be subject to ignorance, denial or ridicule; as this metaphysical reality will become understood to form a background for a c-invariant electromagnetomonopolic radiation matrix, no longer subject to the lightspeed barrier for inertial parameters.
    The production of electromagnetic radiation by inertia carriers will become supplemented by the production of wormhole- or sourcesink string-energy by a mass- or inertia-precursive agencies.

    In other words, considering this information within your own sense of relativity and your own frames of reference will allow you, should you so choose, to arrive at the appropriate (meaning unified or holistic or holographic) conclusions regarding thoses facts and a subsequent closure of opinionated ados and squabbling debates, based on various extrapolations upon those facts.
    This first dispensation will address the Pyramid of Khufu of the Gizean complex in Egypt.

    This subject matter is highly controversial, as it it well known in 'initiatory' circles located in 'high places', that the information encoded in the pyramid serves as a testimony and 'guideline' for the 'mental and physical' evolution for the terrestrial humanity in the collective and the individual sense.
    It is so considered necessary by the 'echelons,' to sequester the 'deeper unified' interpretations and analysis from public discernment.
    Having access to all and sundry information hitherto 'discovered' by the humanoid collective and without encumberances of fiscal restraints; the 'secretizers' use all means possible to disinform the populus via public media as to the importance of the pyramidal timelines and agendas.

    The pyramidal agenda necessarily relate the metaphysical realities to their physical manifestations and expressions.
    Therefore the analysis and research into the nature and purpose of the pyramid becomes very often 'emotionally charged' in a seeking of the harmony between the physical realism and its metaphysical or 'spiritual' derivative and progenitor.
    The 'sequesterers' so utilize this 'climate of intensity' to filter any relevant information made public, be it based on scientific deduction and measurement or extrapolated superpositions of historical sources, such as prophetic scriptures and mythologies.
    This becomes evident in the public acceptance of open legal slander with regards to labeling so called pyramidologists as pyramidiots.
    No other topic matter 'scares' the 'echeloners' more, than should members of the 'ignorant' populus 'discover' the final 'hidden secrets' of the pyramid; as the complete 'decipherment' still eludes even the 'most initiated' 'leaders' and members of the 'independents'.
    The many books and documents published on the Great Pyramid so are all 'incomplete' and contain extensive disinformation, no matter how 'authorative' they are presented by adherent or skeptic alike.

    This dispensation so shall proceed in continual update and as it is appropriate.


    a) To represent a physical testimonial for a metaphysical reality.

    b) To relate the physical reality to the metaphysical reality within an experiential setting of linear timeflow.

    c) To allow initiation for all (selfchosen) Shamans and Witches at defined nexus points inscribed in the King's Chamber.

    d) To relate the 'passage of linear time' to all possible agendas or life-paths experienced on the planet of the humanoids, albeit connected to all other sentiences in the universe, stargated (or wormholed) however in the galactic sourcesink Hunab Ku, the centre of the Milky Way aka Perseus. This 'higher' and 'alien inclusive' agenda requires a connectivity between the King's Chamber, the Queen's Chamber and the Courtesan's Chamber within this particular pyramid.

    e) To relate all other prophecy and predictions as probability functions to a synthesis of physical manifestations within metaphysical realisations.

    f) To relate the empty sarcophagus in the King's Chamber to the vacant grave of the Shaman-Witch who became successfully initiated.

    g) tba

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 300px-Kheops-Pyramid
    The Great Pyramid of Giza, in 2005. Built c. 2560 B.C., it is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis .

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 350px-Great_Pyramid_Diagram.svg
    Diagram of the interior structures of the great pyramid. The inner line indicates the pyramid's present profile, the outer line indicates the original profile. (wikipedia)

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 500px-Cpsmyth

    This diagram from Smyth's Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid (1864) shows some of his measurements and chronological determinations made from them

    Facts and Estimations, as obtained from the archives of the nonlinear timeline.


    a) The Pyramid Inch of about 1.00106 standard British Inches (BI), can be used as basic unit for the Pyramid's physical construction and was envisaged and studied by Isaac Newton, amongst many other explorers and researchers. Newton proposed a measurement unit of just over 25 BI ~ 63.5 cm for the pyramid's construction.

    b) 25 such Pyramid Inches (1 PI=2.54269 cm) then give 1 Pyramid Cubit = 1 PC=25 PI = Mean Earth Polar Radius/10,000,000=0.6356725 metres and the PI-Unit itself becomes defined in the thickness of the 'Boss' (or Bread of Life or 'Manna from Heaven' symbol) extruding from the Granite Leaf, the entrance construction for the antechamber adjacent to the King's Chamber. The PC is supplementary to the Royal Cubit 1 RC=20.6066 PI=0.5239620 meters.

    This Granite Leaf differs in thickness between 15.2 on the eastern edge and 16.2 PI on the western edge.

    The Boss is displaced similarly from the centre of the Granite Leaf's northern face 21.5 PI from the eastern edge and 19.5 PI from the western edge.

    c) The construction of the pyramid engages Limestone as water-derivatives and Granite as fire-derivatives.

    d) A forging in the fire so increases durability and utility as compared with a more porous liquid elementation in the sense of material 'hardness'.

    e) Only the King's Chamber Complex itself and the separating blockage or 'plug' between the Courtesan Complex and the common 'ascending passage' to the Queen's Chamber Complex and the King's Chamber Complex are made of Granite.

    f) There are 'Scored Lines' 481.7 PI away from the designed entrance to the pyramid and those markers can be defined as a measurement of Calibration with a designed Deviation of the PI unit itself.

    g) The geometrical construction of the pyramid incorporates precise relationships and proportions, such as the transcendental number π=3.142..~22/7 and the Golden Mean Phi Φ~1.618033...for a 'fixation' of the solar (tropical) year as 365.242 (mean solar) days.

    h) Measuring the Pyramid from its foundation socket-corners side S=9131.05 PI=25x(365.242)~232.174 meters, inscribes a slightly 'concave shortened' pyramid with a concavity matching the curvature radius of the earth.

    This concavity engages an increase of S'=S+0.35 PI=9131.4 PI=25x(365.256)~232.1832 meters as the length of a Sidereal Year of 365.256 'mean solar days'.

    There are 4 doubled corner segments, each summing as 8x35.763 PI=286.10 PI=Constant A=8xConstant C~7.275 meters to describe the 'shortening' of 4S by 7.275 meters to a sidelength of 230.355 meters.

    The Perimeter P=4S~4x9131.05 PI = 36,524.2 PI so indicates the Tropical Year of 365.24219 'mean solar days'.

    The error deviation of the constant B=365.242 PI from the Tropical Year measure so is (0.00019/365.24219=0.00000052) or 520 parts per billion and which becomes 16.41 seconds per year or about 4.8672 days per precessional cycle of so 25,627 years. The precessional year is here calculated as 5 Great Mayan cycles of 5x13x144,000 days=9,360,000 days=25,626.83 mean solar years (deviating from the Gregorian time count by about 0.02 years or so 7 days per precessional cycle). The 'conventional' measure presumes a side of 440 RC~230.54 meters.

    i) The height of the pyramid comprises 203 levels of masonry (with remnants of upper two) with an apex height H=5813.007 PI~147.807 meters (or a conventional estimate of 280 RC~146.71 meters) and including a 'missing topstone' with dimensions square perimeter 4s=2288.82 PI for side s=572.20 PI=2x286.10 PI=2x8x35.763 PI~14.549 meters and a height h=364.276 PI~9.262 meters. This 'missing height' so represent the length of a typical solar year shortened by Constant D=0.966=1-0.034 days or 'scriptural' encodements of an 'hour' within a 'day', being 1/24=0.041666....

    The apex of a 'missing capstone' is of height z=103.033 PI~2.6198 meters and of side length x=161.844 PI~4.1152 meters, should the capstone be a miniature scale of the entire pyramid in the ratio 1: √π/100 for z/H=x/S=√π/100 .

    The 'shortened' pyramid on the floor level so becomes encoded in the dimensions of the 'missing' topstone as s=2A=572.20 PI.

    After 201 levels of blocks the height of the pyramid at its top surface is ~5478 PI~139.289 meters and 335 PI from the apex (265 RC~138.8 meters is the conventional estimate). This encodes the 'Ancient Month' of 30 day-years in various prophecies for a sidelength of 526.23 PI.

    The masonic remnants of the uppermost 2 levels are ~317 PI from the apex to give 18 day-years at a sidelength of 497.94 PI and as a subdivisor for the 'Ancient Year' of 30 Months and 360 Days and many other 'gematria' associations (say R=18=6x6x6=6+6+6=216=...). It also indicates, in conjoin with the 'Hour in a Day' in constant D the 'mean socket level' for the length differences of the four corner sockets, constructed to wither timeborne earthquakes, erosions and subduction events (18-1=17).
    j) The ratio of Height to Perimeter of the encasing pyramid is H/4S=1/2π~147.807/928.698~5813.007/365242 for 2πH= Great Circle encompassing the pyramid as a regular Platonic polyhedron in the form of an Octahedron. The perimeter of the pyramid's base 'squares' the circle.

    Using the Sidereal Year (relative to fixed stars), gives this height H'=4S'/2π=5813.230 PI~147.8124 meters.

    k) The 35th course of stones is twice the height (about 50 PI) of the preceding courses at 1162.6 PI~29.561 meters. This is 10 times the length of the antechamber, leading into the King's Chamber.

    About 2.3 million stones of differing weights between 2-30 tons each and some as heavy as 70 tons are used.

    l) The pyramid is constructed atop a 'mound', estimated to occupy about 23% of the total geometric volume of the pyramid. This 23% signifies a 'hidden' part of the pyramid in the 'doubling' of the base layers of the inverted pyramid (see Pyramid Quadratic below).

    m) The total volume occupied by all chambers and passages is estimated to be about 0.07% or about 1859 m3.

    n) The 'Guiding Light' of the Pole-Star is the 'naked eye' star closest to the celestial northpole.
    The present Pole-Star is Polaris aka Alpha Ursae Minoris in the constellation Ursa Minor (Little Bear aka Little Dipper's handle star), laying within 0.75 degrees of celestial true north. In 1997 Polaris begun to 'illuminate' the entrance of the Descending passage and in October 2004, Polaris 'shone' directly down the Descending Passage. Polaris has 'brightened' appreciably by 15% or a factor of 2.5 in a decade and since Ptolemy observed it about 100 AD.

    Alpha Draconis was the Pole-Star in the 27th century BC from 3942 BC (superceding Theta Booetis) until 1793 BC (preceded by Kappa Draconis).

    Alpha Draconis was closest to the celestial northpole in 2787 BC at under 2.5 arcminutes. For about 200 years Alpha Draconis remained within 1 degree of true north, becoming displaced by Kochab about 1900 BC.

    The Descending Passage is so oriented, that the celestial North-Pole can be seen in a restricted way.

    The Dragon-Star aka the Devil-Star aka Thuban aka Alpha Draconis would revolve about true celestial north, allowing for refraction, some 645 years before and after the time of closest approach to true north, according to Percival Lowell.
    Percival Lowell calculated the years as 3400 BC and 2140 BC about 1912 and Charles Smythe calculated those dates as 3440 BC and 2123 BC.

    The angle of declination of the Descending Passage (26.3028°) is subtracted from the elevation of the celestial northpole above the horizon (29.981°) to give an angular 'precessional window' of 3.678 degress for the periods (3437 BC-3325 BC) and (2253 BC-2139 BC) of approximately 114 years.

    The declination of the north star so engages 90-3.678=86.32 degrees as a minimum with a top-bottom variation of about 39 minutes maximum to 86.97 degrees.

    A 'reconstruction' or template-renovation of the pyramid can so be dated with those celestial north-pole alignments with the descending passage serving as a celestial observatory. Radio-Carbon dating on the pyramid resulted in a date variation from 2100 BC to 2800 BC and some much longer up to 12,000 years into the past.

    o) As the length of the 'Scored Lines' is so 481.7 PI and if added to the 'Thuban-Date' of 2140 BC; will give the entrance to the Great Pyramid as a dating of about 2622 BC - the archaeological period of pharaoh Khufu (name meaning 'God Protects Me'), whose proposed reign (2589 BC - 2566 BC) is associated with the Great Pyramid.

    Pharaoh Djoser is believed to have begun the building of pyramids (commissioning his Vizier Imhotep - 'The One Who Comes In With Peace') in his reign (2635 BC - 2610 BC) in the Old Kingdom's 3rd dynasty (2686 BC - 2613 BC). Djoser (name meaning 'Body of the Gods') was preceded by pharaoh Sanakth (2686 BC - 2667 BC) as the name of 'Strong Protection' to archeologically relate the timeline of the pyramid to its 'Rediscovery' by the Egyptian pharaohs in the 3rd dynasty.

    The 1st dynasty is conventionally dated to begin with pharaoh Menes about 3100 BC and the Unification of Lower and Upper Egypt under Narmer, (the hieroglyphic catfish) around 3150 BC to indicate the earlier precessional alignment of the Great Pyramid with the Egyptian archeological history and leading into its prehistory.

    This prehistory is indicated by the 3rd century BC Ptolemaic Egyptian priest-historian Manetho ('Truth of Thoth'), who asserted, that Egyptian civilisation had existed 36,525 years prior to the end of the 30th dynasty in 332 BC.

    The 'Aegyptiaca' of Manetho discusses the 'Hebrew Custom' to identify a 'Lunar Year' of 30 'Ancient Months' with a Year-Count applied to the Egyptian prehistory of: 'Gods, Demigods, Spirits of the Dead and Mortal Men'. Taking a 'Lunar Year' count of 36,000 then reduces to 3,000 'Ancient Years' each of 12 months counted in 30 'Ancient Days'; this 'custom' distorting the reckoning of the timekeepings and resulting in 'misinterpreted' biblical chronologies.

    p) Using the conventional archeological datings so indicates that the Great Pyramid existed already at the beginning of the 3rd dynasty and subsequently served as a template for the pyramid building activities of later pharaohs.


    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 180px-KhufuPyramidCasingStone-BritishMuseum-August19-08

    a) Encasing the pyramid in 'Casing Stones' with a polished surface design (often finetuned to within 1/100th of an inch or 1/5th of a millimeter), will result in the transformation of the Great Pyramid into a Beacon of White Stone, casting a starlike reflection or shadow across the area of its construction, being oriented due north (to within 1/20th of a degree) on the longest landsurface meridian at a latitude of 30 degrees north (29.98085°).

    b) The pyramid has its face to base angle of alpha=α=51.8540 degrees and its edge-to-base angle of beta=β=41.99736 degrees.

    The midday shadow-angle between the northern face of the pyramid and the sun so increases towards the apex and disappears, the pyramid swallowing its own shadow when directly overhead at noon.

    The pyramid's westbound shadow at sunrise converges gradually towards the side of the pyramid and coincides with the side at the solstice time for a similar 'swallowing of the sun' as a 'winged disk'.

    c) The Diagonal of the (long) pyramid is D=S√2~12913.25 PI~328.344 meters for an Edge E=S√(4/π2 +½)~8687.854 PI defining sinβ=H/E=0.669096.

    d) The Midpoint of a side S and the Apex define ((½S)2+L2=E2) the slanted height L=H/sinα=7391.5513 by the face-angle cosγ=S/2E=0.52551 and the face-apex angle δ=180-2γ=180-2(58.2974)=63.4052 degrees.

    e) 2L/S=4/π.sinα~1.61899 and precisely Φ for sinα=4/(πΦ) =0.786905314..... for an
    'Idealised Casing Angle' =51.89724156 degrees (51º 53' 50").

    S/2L=L/(L+S/2)=2L/(2L+S)=1/Φfor the Golden Section: L:(L+½S)=(½S):L

    The Pentagon is defined by a equilateral triangle ABC apex angle (at C) 36 degrees and face-angles 72 degrees for a midpoint P and sides divided in the ratio X:(1-X) and where X=1/Φ is also the base AB.

    Therefore, sin(18º)=1/2Φ=sin(36º)/2sin(72º) from sin(36º)=2sin(18º).cos(18º).

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Pi_diagram
    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Phi_diagram

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    Because (n+1)3=n3+3n2+3n+1 and 1+2+3+...+(n-1)+n=½n(n+1) as Summation of Aritmetic Progression for the Natural Numbers;






    Therefore summing the cubes gives {13+23+...+n3+(n+1)3}=(n+1).1+3(1+2+...+n)+3(12+22+...+n2)+(13+23+...+n3)

    Therefore, (n+1)3=n3+3n2+3n+1=(n+1)+3(n)(n+1)/2+3(Summation of Squares).

    And Summation of Squares:

    Similarly, (n+1)4=n4+4n3+6n2+4n+1=(n+1).1+4(Summation of Cubes)+6(Summation of Squares)+2n(n+1)

    for Sigma{Σn3}=[(n+1)4-n(n+1)(2n+1)-2n(n+1)-(n+1)]/4=[n(n+1)/2]2={1+2+3+...+(n-1)+n}2=Σ{n3}.

    There are so 210(211)(421)/6=3,109,085 'Idealised Stones', including the Capstone and 4x209+1=837 Cornerstones (with the capstone) for n=210 courses in the Great Pyramid.
    The total number of casing stones without the capstone so becomes
    and 2.210.209=87,780 for n=210; and the cornerstones, inclusive the capstone, sum as
    Σ{Cn}=4(n-1)+1=4n-3. and as Σ{Cn}=4(n-1) without the capstone.

    The encompassment for 210 levels gives the sequence of squares from 210 to the capstone as metaphysical cubes enveloping the physical pyramidal structure. Those metaphysical cubes become however metaphysical prisms for the capstone to be a miniature replica for the pyramid in toto.

    The 210 courses so have square bases, but a reduced height in the ratio H/S=2/π~0.63662 and for 210Y=H=2S/π for Y=27.681 PI~0.7038 meters.

    On level n=210 the base layer encompasses 44,100 prisms with 836 casing stones and for n=209, the second layer counts 43,681 such prisms with 832 casing stones.

    Level 10 comprises 100 prisms and 36 casing stones, followed by the counts {81,32} {64,28}; {49,24}; {36,20}; {25,16}; {16,12)} {9,8}, and {4,4} as the projected height of the pyramid for n=2 and with just 4 cornerstones, also being casing stones - followed by the capstone. There are 836 corner stones in total.


    The Casing Stones of the 'short pyramid' can now themselves become 'Encased' by the 'metaphysical' 'long pyramid'; the first level casing stones have dimensions of about 1.5:1.5:1.8, there are 232.174/1.5~153-155 pyramidal prisms in the encompassing metaphysical side.

    But the 'perfected' polishing of the pyramidal surface allows superposition of 'Idealised Perfect Cubes' onto this smooth surface 'without gaps'.

    Beginning at the 'Capstone' aka Pyramidion as n=1 in a Sum of Squares and proceeding to n=210 courses; constructs the squares in layers n2; each layer n defining a circumference of Casing Stones counted as
    Tn=4(n-2)+4 Cornerstones or as Tn=4(n-1).

    An idealised cubestone so has a sidelength 9131.05/210=43.481 PI or X=1.1056 meters and a volume of U=X2Y=0.8603 m3.

    The volume summed as the courses of squares becomes U(12+22+32+...+2092+2102)=U(210x211x421)/6 or about 2,674,836 m3 and for 3,109,085 'idealised' construction stones.

    The geometric volume of the pyramid is calculated as:
    Volume=BaseAreaxHeight/3 ~2,655,807 m3,
    and it becomes the difference of the 'idealised' volume minus the 'polishing'.

    The Polishing-Function P(n) describes the difference in those volumes divided by the number of casing stones used. Using this function will greatly improve the accuracy of the individual size measurements for the pyramid.

    For U=S2H/n3 and V=S2H/3:

    P(n)={U(2n3+3n2+n)/6-S2H/3}/{U(2n2-2n+1)} = {(2n3+3n2+n)/6-n3/3}/{2n2-2n+1} and so

    P'(n)={1+6n-8n2}/{6[2n2-2n+1]2}, which is 0 for a maximum at n={(6+√68)/16}=0.890388203..for P(0.8904)~0.676925 or 67.7%.

    This shows that for a single prismatic construction stone (n=1); the geometric volume of the 'chiseled' pyramid will be one third of the utilized material and where this value approaches its maximum at n=0.8904.

    The encasing so subtracts about 19,029 m3 or 22,119 U from the idealised construction of prisms at the 210 course level and where the number of casing stones is 87,780+1=87,781 and subtracting so 0.71% from the total and for P(210)~25.16%.

    Increasing the number of 'idealised' casing stones so will increase the number of courses and allow the physical construction of the 210 courses to use a variation and distribution of building blocks, accompanied by a decrease in the size of the blocks and a reduction in the 'polishing fraction'.

    The variation is about 0.0007% per level for n=219.

    The total volume for all the passages and chambers in the pyramid is about 1300 m3 and so

    For n=218, one requires 218x219x437/6=3,477,209 prisms with 2x218x217=94,612 casing stones, of which 868 are corners and Y=26.665 PI~0.678 meters; X=41.886 PI~1.065 meters and U~0.7690 m3 for P(218)~25.153344%.

    For n=219, one requires 219x220x439/6=3,525,170 prisms with 2x219x218=95,484 casing stones, of which 872 are corners and Y=26.543 PI~0.675 meters; X=41.694 PI~ 1.060 meters and U~0.7587 m3 for P(219)~25.152642%.

    For n=220, one requires 220x221x441/6=3,573,570 prisms with 2x220x219=96,360 casing stones, of which 876 are corners and Y=26.423 PI~0.672 meters; X=41.505 PI~1.055 meters and U~0.7484 m3 for P(220)~25.151946%.

    At a projected 'perfect' 2702 level of 27x27x100=72,900 baselevel then; the number of noncorner casing stones is equal to the number of casing stones including the corners at the next 269-level; 145,260-1076=144,184 and excluding the capstone and for P(270)~25.123743% and P(269)~25.124204%.

    This function holds generally and at the 2192 level of 219x219=47,961 baselevel; the number of noncorner casing stones is 95,484-872=94,612 as the casing stones at the n=209 level inclusive the cornerstones.

    At the n=210 course of 2102=21x21x100=44,100 baselevel; the number of noncorner casing stones is 87,780-836=86,944=2x209x208 as the casing stones at the n=209 level inclusive the cornerstones.

    So for the n=5 course; the perfect square 25 is base to 5x6x11/6=55 prisms of 2x5x4=40 casing stones and of 4x4=16 corners plus the capstone.

    And for the n=4 level; the perfect square 16 is base to 4x5x9/6=30 prisms of 2x4x3=24 casing stones and of 4x3=12 corners plus the capstone.

    For the n=3 level; the perfect square 9 is base to 3x4x7/6=14 prisms of 2x3x2=12 casing stones and of 4x2=8 corners plus the capstone and for

    n=2; the perfect square 4 is the base for the capstone as 2x3x5/6=5 prisms of 2x2x1=4 casing stones as 4x1=4 corners for the pyramidion at n=1.


    The physical measurement of the Great Pyramid gives 'short' measurements for the Northern side ~230.255 meters; Southern side 230.453 meters; Eastern side 230.392 meters and Western side 230.359 meters - average 230.365 meters) and height 146.730 meters and for a face-base or casing angle of arctan(2H/S)=51.868 degrees (51º 52' 6").

    The 'long' measurements, using the sockets fastened to the pavement, are S=232.174 meters and H=147.807 meters for a casing angle of 51.854 degrees (51º 51' 14").

    Adding the shadow-gnomon (of height G=0.22956 meters or 9.0283 PI) to this height will give the idealised relationship: α=arcsin{4/(πΦ)}=51º 53' 50.07".

    The Great Pyramid as an Octahedron represents 'The Seal of Solomon' or David's Star geometrically and symbolically. The shadowed DARK and hidden half so is allowed to intersect the visible LIGHT half at its base course N.

    Star of David=Seal Of Solomon=Vesica Piscis=Octahedron

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Stamp-1895-Jewish-star
    A Moroccan local stamp, created in March 1896 by Josue Benchimol, from Tetuan to Chaouen (70 km). There are two major symbols on this stamp, the six-points star and the moon crescent with a star, symbolising many religions. Another local post was created in 1895 by Aaron Cohen from Tanger to Arcila (50 km), with a Magen David. (by zeevveez).

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Fire

    From Wikipedia entry “Fire (classical element)” uploaded by Bryan Derksen

    In alchemy the triangle that points up is the symbol of fire while the triangle that points down is the symbol of water. As the elemental Fire is 'nourished' by the elemental Air and the elemental Earth is nourished by the elemental Water as zodiacal opposites; all four elements are incorporated in this symbolism.
    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Water

    From Wikipedia entry “water (classical element)” uploaded by Bryan Derksen

    Fire and water are opposites. In the hexagram they interpenetrate and together they represent the unity of the opposites as in the yin-yang semiotiks - the fiery water with the airborne earth - that’s why hexagrams were drawn on the signs above shops that sold brandy until about hundred years ago.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 1794-magen-david-micrograph

    Made from micrographic Hebrew letters of verses from The Song of Songs by Baruch Ben Shmariahu (Shir_Brest_1794).Micrography is a unique Jewish art which has been developed in Tiberias in the 9th century C.E (Copyright: “zhsky” from Flickr)

    The Seal of Solomon, the New IS-RA-EL and the Pyramidal Timeline

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Hexagram-martinism
    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 220px-Vesica_Piscis.svg
    The Vesica Piscis of Intersectionand the Seal of Solomon

    The vesica piscis is a shape which is the intersection of two with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other. The name literally means the bladder of the fish in Latin . The shape is also called mandorla ("almond " in Italian ).

    It has been the subject of mystical speculation at several periods of history, perhaps first among the Pythagoreans. The mathematical ratio of its width (measured to the endpoints of the "body", not including the "tail") to its height was reportedly believed by them to be 265:153 (namely 1.73203...). The geometric ratio of these dimensions is actually the square root of 3, or 1.73205... (since if straight lines are drawn connecting the centers of the two circles with each other, with the two points where the circles intersect, two equilateral triangles join along an edge). The ratio 265:153 is an approximation to the square root of 3, with the property that no better approximation can be obtained with smaller whole numbers. The number 153 appears in the Gospel of John (21:11) as the number of fish Jesus caused to be caught in a miraculous catch of fish. (Wikipedia)

    Because the two centres are a distance R=Radius apart, the midpoint and geometric center of the vesica piscis becomes a cross centered on ½R=Rcos(60º)=½R horizontally and ½H=Rsin(60º)=½R√3 vertically.
    The axis-cross ratio 2H/R=R√3/R=√3=1.7320508...~265/153=1.7320261...
    and for an error of (100-99.9986)%=0.0014%.
    The general method relates the Archimedean extraction of roots by (integer) Diophantine equations:
    X2=3Y2+1 for √(X2/Y2)=X/Y=√(3+1/Y2) and here for X=5,19,71,265,989,3691,...and Y=3,11,41,153,571,2131,... for increasingly precise approximations for √3.
    There are 265 Days of Gestation in a typical human pregnancy, reflecting three quarters of a solar tropical year and as 9 Lunations or Synodic Months, each of 29.53059 mean solar days to an error of (100-99.708)%=0.292%.

    Subtracting 153 Fish-Days from the 'Gestational Cocoon' of 265 Mayan Kin-Days so indicates a daycount for a particular year, which encompasses 366 days from a 'Desolation-Resurrection' Day to its anniversary. 265-153=265-150-3=115-3 and where the 150 Days are encoded as '5 months of Scorpions' and as 110 Days of 'rising waters' following 40 Days and Nights of Deluge in the metaphor of Noah's Flood.
    Here the dimensions of Noah's Ark -{Genesis.6.15}- are L:B:H=300:50:30=6:1:0.6~6Φ:Φ:1 and again approximating √3 as 5/3 and describing the Merkabah of the 'Cosmic Man' Vitruvius of Leonardo de Vinci.

    Fundamentally, the 153 day count relates to 100+53=100+49+4 and where 7.5 weeks (7=3+4=2x3.5) describe a 'weekly cycle' superimposed onto other such cycles, like the 30 day 'ancient month' and the 360 day 'ancient year'. The days from January 1st to May 31st are 151 in a non-leap year and 152 in a leap year and the number of days from August 1st to December 31st in any Gregorian count is 153. The midpoint 'Mirror-Day' in such a typical year of 365=2x182+1 days so becomes Day #183 as July 2nd with 182 days preceding and 182 days following.

    This particular Kinship was Sunday, April 1st, 31 AD and the anniversary was April 1st, 32 AD as the 'Days of the Cosmic Fool' of the Orb of the Ouroboros aka Ophiuchus, the Tamer of the Serpent - the Plumed Serpent of the Maya or the Quetzacoatl of the Aztecs or the Egyptian Horus aka the Cosmic Christ aka the 12th Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi aka Emmanuel Melchizedek aka Hermes Trismegistos aka 'The Great White Brother' aka Krishna Purusha aka aka aka..
    Linked to the decipherment of divers encodements (which are more detailed in the linked references); a weekly cycle of 7 days is halved into three days and three nights and a mirror day, where the day becomes a night and the night becomes a day.

    There are seven weeks added to this halfweek, beginning on April 1st, 31 AD to signify 56 days between the 'appearance of a dried earth' and the Noahic Covenant of the Rainbow.
    These are the image days from the 'Day of the Embalming' on Wednesday, March 28th, 31 AD to the 'Day of the Pentecost' on Sunday, May 20th, 31 AD, occuring 10 Days after the 'Day of the Disappearance' or 40 Days of 'Communion'.
    There are thus 153 Fish-Days between the 'Day of the Leaving' on Thursday, May 10th, 31 AD and the 'Day of the Fulfilment and the Mirroring of Time' on Wednesday, October 10th, 31 AD and its halfweekprojection from Sunday, May 13th, 31 AD to Saturday, October 13th, 31 AD.

    This is a timeline encoded in the Pyramid, as well as being specified in the allegory of the Flood and the scriptural gematria.
    The pyramidal encoding indicates, that a 'mental image flood' will end in a 'New Rainbow Covenant' on April 1st, 2012 AD to begin a 'Gaian Pregnancy' and a 'Gaian Rebirth' manifesting on December 21st, 2012 AD. This shall be further elucidated as the linear timeline progresses towards its Mayan fulfilment.

    The political entity of the state of Israel will cease to exist after this 'New Covenant' becomes implemented. The 'Chosen and Holy People of God' will be understood to relate to the Jewish culture as a geographical archetype and as a 'forerunner' for its unigraphical archetype of the humanoid species overall. This unigraphical mapping relates the humanoid genus as a particular cosmic 'citizenship' or 'inheritor' of certain 'Abrahamic Promises' regarding a 'Seeding from the Stars'.

    Serving as an archetype for the 'starseeded' human species; the Israelitic identification with a certain geographical location and certain monumental symbols shall become DIFFUSED into a planetary identification for the global populus. This shall eventuate, in the reidentification of the 'Tribes of Jacob-Israel' as the dividing of the the cyclic year into 12 months or 12 starsigns or a similar partitioning of a Unity into separated sharded holograms.

    The relabeling shall render every global 'inheritor' as a 'SonDaughter of Israel' according to herhis starsign as hisher 'birthday' or 'deathday'. The political Israel shall so become a global Israel, with all 'Jews' assimilated and dispersed around the global communities as 'New Israelites' and according to their chosen physical abodes of residence. Then the present day Jewish peoples residing in present day political Israel and all who choose to reside at that particular geographical locale, will be known as Palestinian Israelites.

    What is known as the political Nation-State Israel. will become dismantled or ZIONISED to encompass the worldwide New IS-RA-EL = RA-IS-EL and as the symbolic fulfilment of the physical manifestation of the hitherto metaphysical 'Source-God-Sink' Ra Ren YahWehY Ren Hallah Ren EL and embodied as the BODY of ISRAEL aka Noah's Ark aka the Merkabah aka the Body of Christ aka THE TEMPLE of the RESURRECTION aka the NEW JERUSALEM aka the Dagonomy of the HeShe=SheHe of the alchemical 'wedding' between the 'spirit' and the 'flesh' aka the RadiationMass of the 'Lake of Fire and Brimstone' as a 'Vessel of Deliverance'.

    The true nature of the 'Temple of Jerusalem' and of the NATION ZION shall become universally realised and it will be understood, that the Old Jerusalem and the Old Israel as geographical locations served as unigraphical archetypes for a New Jerusalem and a New Israel.

    The nation Israel shall be the first such political entity, which shall relinquish its 'sense of separation' from its 'neighbours' and assume its International Selfhood as a DaughterSon of EL; the Pharaohnic symbol of the Sceptre and the Flail, the Royal lineage from the stars, allowing nonterrestrial lineages to aspire to Israelite Genealogical Integration.

    For a period of time, the geographical region upon earth now occupied by the nation Israel and surrounding regions, shall be known as PALESTINA; the Old Origin of the P(a)lace of Solomon's Temple and the Birthing Place of the eonold Construction of 'The archetypical Body for the metaphysical God EL'.

    There shall also be a new geographical origin for the locale for this Old Israel to mirror the Above in the Below and the North in the South.

    The IS-RA-EL of the North shall be known througout the galaxies as the AUS-TRA-LIA of the South. This nomenclature shall reflect certain metaphysical occurrences of the beginning of the cycle of the 'starseeded humanity' in the Southern Lands of Lemuria and the Northern Lands of Atlantia and thereby allow the communication between the 'watchers and gardeners of the seeds' and the 'fruitful seeds' to proceed intergalactically within a new realisation of a shared spacetime environment within the lightmatrix of EL-LE and LE-EL.

    The Old Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus Flavius Vespasius on August 4th, 70 AD, precisely 42 years after the 'Day of the Blessing' of the 'Plumed Serpent' in the river Jordan on August 4th, 28 AD. These 42 years so describe a period of the 'Blessed Curse', which is encoded as the 'Winepress of God's Wrath, trodden Without the Holy City' and assuming the number count of 1,600 Days between August 4th, 2008 AD and December 21st, 2012 AD

    These 1,600 Days form the 'furlong-measurement' in comparison to the 'furlong-measurement' of the 'Within the Holy City', given as 12,000 Days.
    The ratio 19,200/144,000=1,600/12,000=16/120=2/15=1/7.5 describes the LIGHT-ENCOMPASSMENT for the planet earth in a Schumann-Frequency of 7.5 Hertz. Light 'travels around the earth's perimeter 7.5 times per second.

    12,000 Days are 32 years and 312 days and 1,600 days are 4 years and 139 days for a total of 37 years and 86 days, 10 months and about 8 days.
    December 21st, 2012 AD - 13,600 Days = September 27th, 1975 AD and April 1st, 32 AD - 13,600 Days = January 6th, 6 BC (as the Julian Christmas Day or the Day of the Magi in the Gregorian Calendar and as the general Yuletide Season or 12 Days of Christmas).

    The 8 weeks or 49+7 Days of the Rainbow Covenant from September 27th, 1975 give the 'Day of Ophis' - the 'Day of the Plumed Serpent Ophiuchus' as the Cusp between the Israelitic Tribal Sons of Sagittarius-Issachar and Scorpio-Asher on November 23rd, 1975. This begins 3 weeks of tribulation as 21 'Days of Gabriel' to 'complete' the '7 Days of Ezekiel's Confusion' and the '4-Weeks of Lent'.

    56 Days from 'King's Day' January 6th, 6 BC gives March 3rd, 6 BC and its extension by 21 Days gives the Spring Equinox of the Julian Calendar in 6 BC as the 'Birthday of the Serpent-Tamer' to March 24th, 6 BC that is the spring equinox dated at March 23rd, 6BC (back calibrated to March 21st, 6BC Gregorian).

    The detailed partitioning of the 'End Times' from December 8th 2004 to December 21st, 2012 engages a particular 2-year period and the larger cycles of the sun and the moon.
    The METONIC Cycle encompasses a 19-year cycle of 235 Lunations, equal to 19 tropical years to within 2 hours.
    The Metonic cycle forms the basis for Greek and Jewish calendars, as it repeats the phases of the moon on the same days of a year.

    The SAROS Cycle relates the occurrrence of Lunar and Solar Eclipses in almost identically repeated intervals of just over 18 years.
    223 Lunations or 6585.32 days differ by 0.46 days from 19 Eclipse years (of just 346.62003 mean solar days) of 6585.78 days and assign a position of the Sun, the Moon and the Moon's Dragon-Nodes which is the same relative to each other for a Saros period.
    This Saros cycle was known to the ancient civilisations, including the Babylonians and the Maya.

    The difference between the Metonic- and the Saros Cycle so are 235-223=12 Lunations or 354.3671 mean solar days and differing from the Tropical year by 10.875 mean solar days.

    A BLUE MOON is defined as Two Full Moons occuring in a given (common Gregorian) month and a BLACK MOON serves as the New Moon corollary. As there are approximately 40 such corollaries in a century; there are about 40 Blue Moons and 40 Black Moons per century or the separation between any particular Double-Moon is between 2.5 and 3 years.

    In the 'End Times' and for Universal Greenwich Time (UMT), the BLUE MOONS are:
    July 2&31 2004 AD; June 1&30 2007 AD; December 2&31 2009 AD and August 2&31 2012 AD.
    The BLACK MOONS for the 'End Times' are: December 1&31 2005 AD; August 1&30 2008 AD and July 1&30 2011 AD.
    A Solar Eclipse requires a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon and so can only occur at the New Moon.
    A Lunar Eclipse requires Sun and Moon in opposition with the earth in between and so can only happen at Full Moon.
    'Within two full years will I bring again into this place all the vessels of the Lord's house, that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon took away from this place, and carried them to Babylon.....Even so will I break the yoke of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon from the neck of all nations within the space of two full years."-{Jeremiah.28.3,11}.
    "And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord."-{Isaiah.66.23}.

    The vessels of the Lord are physical images of metaphysical objects and king Nebuchadnezzar is the archetype of the physical controllers. The 'flesh' is in inferior supraidentity of the superior metaphysical identity and the inferior will become subject to the superior in a supramentalisation of the below metamorphosing into the above. (See Moses' Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistos and the 'Above as Below' axioms for further alchemical elucidiation at this point in time. Another reference regarding supermentality is Aurobindoean metaphysics).

    On December 21st, 2010 AD, a Tuesday Full Moon begins a 2-year period to December 21st, 2012.
    The (northern) winter solstice synchronises with a Total Lunar Eclipse.
    Other Total Lunar Eclipses for this 2-year period occur on Full Moon, Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 and on Full Moon, Saturday, December 10th, 2011.
    There is a Total Solar Eclipse for New Moon, Tuesday, November 13th, 2012; an Annular Solar Eclipse on New Moon, Sunday, May, 20th, 2012 and there are Partial Solar Eclipses on the New Moons of Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 and Wednesday, June 1st, 2011, as well as on Friday, July 1st, 2011 (just one month apart) and for Monday, November 28th, 2011.
    There are partial Lunar Eclipses on the Full Moons of Monday, June 4th, 2012 and Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 (penumbral).
    The Second 8-year Venus Transit of Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 completes the First Venus Transit of Monday, June 7th, 2004.

    Following the December 21st, 2010 Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse, the next New Moon will occur on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 AD.
    July 1st, 2011 AD will introduce the FIRST BLACK MOON into the final 2-year period and define the FIRST SABBATH on Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 AD and the SECOND SABBATH on the SECOND BLACK MOON on Saturday, July 30th, 2011 AD.

    Within the two sabbaths and the two Black Moons, is located Sunday, July 10th, 2011 AD as the mirror image of the 'Gestation Day' of Sunday, April 1st, 2012 AD.
    Counting 265 Days from July 10th, 2011 gives April 1st, 2012 and counting 265 Days from April 1st, 2012 gives December 21st, 2012.
    The day count from New Moon on Friday, July 1st, 2011 AD to New Moon on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 AD are 19 Lunations or synodic months and there are 9 New Moons from Saturday, April 21st, 2012 AD to Thursday, December 13th, 2012 AD and there are 9 New Moons between Saturday, July 30th, 2011 AD and Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 AD.
    There are so 10 encompassing New Moons from Saturday, April 21st, 2012 AD to Friday, January 11th, 2013 AD and 9 Lunations mirrored in Friday, July 1st, 2011 AD as the imaged beginning of the 'Shadowed Pregnancy' and 'Birth'.
    The period from July 10th, 2011 AD to December 21st, 2012 so encompasses 2x265=530 Days to which is added a 'halfweek of confusion' or 3.5 days to Chrismas Day, 2012 and 21 days until the January 2013 New Moon.
    This scenario becomes imaged in the two Black Moons of July, 2011 with the 4-weeks from December 13th, 2012 to January 11th, 2013 'reflecting' in its 'shadow' of the two Black Moons from July 1st, 2011 to July 30th, 2011.

    There are 40+110=150 Days of the 'Deluge' followed by 74 days from the 'Peak of Mount Ararat', followed by 40+7+7+36=90 days until the 56 days for the 'Rainbow Covenant' for a total of 370 days.
    The symmetry then becomes-{Genesis.7.11-}:
    The subsiding of the deluge so spans the daycount from the 'Peak of Mount Ararat' to Noah's sending of the Raven and the Dove 74+40=114 days afterwards and is followed by 14+36+56=106 days or 15 weeks plus one day. As 370=105+265=153+56+56+105=150+(3.5+3.5)+49+108+56
    150 days of the raising are also '5 months of scorpions' {Revelation.9.5-10} and the difference between the 'Gestation' Image within the Rainbow Covenant beginning April, 1st, 2012 and the 'Days of the Flood' are 265-150=115=370-the 86 days

    The Octahedron as a Nonintersecting Double-Pyramid

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 A4octahe

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Solomon_seal1_400

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Sealofsolomon

    The physical Great Pyramid is metaphysically SHADOWED in the encompassing circle defined by its height H, being the radius R for that circle and circumscribing a Square of side S=½πH.
    The Great Pyramid so is a Double-Pyramid of upwards-pointing Light and downwards-pointing Darkness; and as symbolised by the geoemetry of the Vesica Piscis and Solomon's Seal. As such the regular Platonic Octahedron becomes displaced in intersection about the platform of the 220th layer, upon which the physical pyramid is constructed.
    2x219x218+1=95,485 Casing Stones for 219 levels so become supplemented by 47,961 'Shadowed' and nonpolished Casing Stones from the inverted and reflected pyramid. This then gives 143,446 Casing Stones for the 5-faced pyramid. The number of casing stones at n=219 for that layer are 4x218=872 with 872xP(219)~219.33.. So each of the casing stones is 'polished' to 75%.

    There are so 115 Casing Stones missing to complete the 144,000 (Mayan) Kin-Day number of the propheticalle encoded count of 12x12,000=144,000.
    115=5x23 and including the 'missing capstone' for 'four gates' or corners of the 'New Temple' (say the New Jerusalem' as a 'Heavenly City' or a 'Light-Space-Ship' gives 4x(28+1)=4x29=4x(30-1)=116.
    This doubles the 8 weeks of the timeline chronologies as 2x(49+2x(3.5))=112=265-153 and assigns each cardinal direction or 'Jerusalem Gate-Corner' of North-East-West-South an 'Entrance' 'guarded' by the decomposition of the 'missing capstone' as the Unity 1=29-28.

    The 'shadowing' of the LIGHT-Pyramid in its DARK-Pyramid in the Octahedron then intersects the Pavement in the fraction of n as given in the Pyramid Quadratic.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 004_eliphaslevi_solomon_seal Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Caduceus-13 Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Caduceus

    Using the Pavement of the pyramid as the course for n=220; the number of 220x220=48,400 Base-Shadow Stones are added to the 219-course Casing Stones and gives 95,485+48,400=143,885 Casing Stones.

    The shadowed layer of 47,961 stones and with dimensions U~0.7587 m3 represents a submerged volume of 36,388 m3 and which maps the base of the ''hidden mound' inside the upright pyramid as 36,388/2,655,807~1.37% and here ignoring the polishing.

    To reconstruct the entire mound as a truncated pyramid within the visible structure, a 'doubling' of courses from n=219 to n=x is required.

    For n=201 and U=0.7587 m3, the summation of layers gives: 3,525,170-2,686,700=838,470 prisms with 95,484-79,600=15,884 casing stones and for polishing reductions P(219)=0.251526417 and P(200)=0.25167188. This reduces the casing stone count of 15,884 to 11,887.6 and results in a truncation volume of U(838,470-3,996.4) ~ 633,115 m3 or 633,115/2,655,807~23.84% of the pyramidal total geometric volume.

    The metaphysical consistency for the overall construction of the pyramid so encompasses the inconsistency of the physical construction of the inner pyramid and becomes mirrored in the nonuniformity of blocks used and the 'falling away'of the topmost levels, including a 'missing capstone' and a gnomon (indicator of the shadow) supplementing the pyramidion as the 'transducer' to the sky.

    The 'doubling' of the block size at the 35th course and at the level of the King's Chamber signifies the overall 'doubling' of the pyramid into the shape of a Platonic Octahedron.

    One so constructs the physical pyramid upon partially SHADOWED Casing Stones given by a base N2.
    The base n=219 so defines (220-1)2=48,400-440+1=47,961=2192 Partially SHADOWED Base Casing Stones; which are added to the casing stones for the 219th course as the fraction (between 219 and 220) for the PYRAMID QUADRATIC:


    The PHYSICAL CASING for the 5-faced Great Pyramid so becomes SHADOWED or inverted in the 'Great Shadow Pyramid' for N=n+n*=219+n*.

    The Pyramid Quadratic so is:
    3N2 +2=3(219+n*)2+2=143,885+3(n*)2+1314n* = 144,000 or 3(n*)2+1314n*-115=0

    for a function f(N)=3N2-143,998.

    The root n*=√(1,727,976)-1314)/6=0.087501545... so describes a SHADOWED BASECASING for 115=3x(2n*(219)+(n*)2=3(38.33333...)=144,000-3x2192-2.

    The Pyramid Quadratic so becomes a LIMIT of differentiation for epsilon ε=N-n=n* for the function [f(n+n*)-f(n)]/n*=115/n*=1314.262508...and with the base casing increased by [440n*+(n*)2]=38.50833632.. and the face casing increased by [874n*+2(n*)2]=76.49166337.. for the total of [1314n*+3(n*)2]=115.


    The SHADOW Basecasing so is comprised of 144,000 casing stones, representing the PHYSICAL five-faced encapsulation of the Great Pyramid and which is IMAGED in the metaphysical Capstone of Unity at the opposite pyramidion of the inscribed Octahedron.

    For Y=26.543 PI~0.6749 meters; X=41.694 PI~1.060 meters; U=0.7587 m3; the Volume of the 219 courses and for 438x218=95,484 casing stones, then becomes U(219x220x439/6)=0.7587(3,525,170)~2,674,546.479 m3; differing by 18,739.414 m3 from the geometric volume of 2,655,807.065 m3 as 18,739.414/2,674,546.479 or as 0.701% of the total.

    95,485U~72,444.47 m3 ~ [3.866]18,739.414 and a 'polishing fraction' increased to 1/[3.866]~25.87%.

    Using bigger blocks relates to a decrease in levels and a decrease of the 'polishing' volume to be subtracted from the square construction count.

    For n=210, Y=27.681 PI~0.7038 meters; X=43.4812 PI~1.1056 meters; U=X2Y~0.86029 m3 for a volume of 2,674,714.735 m3 and with 18,907.67/2,674,714.735~0.707%.

    87,781U~75,517.12 m3 ~ [3.994]18,907.67, meaning that the 'polishing' fraction of the casing stones is about 1/[3.994]~25.04%.

    For n=200, Y=29.065 PI~0.739 meters; X=45.655 PI~1.1609 meters; U~0.9959 m3 for a volume of 2,675,684.53 m3 and 19,877.465/2,675,684.53~0.743%.

    79,601U~79,274.64 m3 ~ [3.988]19,877.465 and for a 'polishing fraction' of 1/[3.988]~25.08%.

    For n=100, Y=58.130 PI~1.478 meters; X=91.3105 PI~2.3217 meters; U~7.967 m3 for a volume of 2,695,634.45 m3 and 39,827.385/2,695,634.45~1.477%.

    19,801U~157,754.57 m3 ~ [3.961]39,827.385 and a 'polishing fraction' of so 1/[3.961]~25.25%.

    For n=220, Y=26.423 PI~0.672 meters; X=41.505 PI~1.0553 meters; U~0.7484 m3 for a volume of 2,674,573.13 m3, with 18,766.063/2,674,573.13~0.702%.

    96,361U~72,116.57 m3 ~ [3.843]18,766.063 and a 'polishing fraction' of so 1/[3.843]~26.02%.

    The 'polishing fraction' P(n) so increases from its minimum value in between the physical construction level at n=210 and its metaphysical projection at n=219.

    These messages are correlated with the (incompletely published) thread addressing the 'Mystery of the Sphinx' and particular calendars accessible at linked and other sources.

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    Tibetean 2012 and a Message from Hunab Ku at the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

    Remote viewing Tibetan monks see Extra Terrestrial powers saving the World from destroying itself in 2012
    N.K. Subramanium, Special Correspondent; December 26, 2004

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 12-26-04

    Remote viewing is nothing new in Tibetan monasteries. For thousands of years remote viewing in the middle of other spiritual activities have dominated Tibetan culture. What some Indian tourists came to learn from a few Tibetan monasteries under the current Chinese rule is extremely alarming and fascinating.
    According to these tourists remote viewers are seeing world powers in the course of self-destruction. They also see that the world will not be destroyed. Between now and 2012 the world super powers will continue to engage in regional wars. Terrorism and covert war will be the main problem. In world politics something will happen in and around 2010. At that time the world powers will threaten to destroy each other.

    Between 2010 and 2012, the whole world will get polarized and prepare for the ultimate dooms day. Heavy political maneuvers and negotiations will take place with little progress.
    In 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive nuclear war.
    And at that time something remarkable will happen, says, Buddhist monk of Tibet. Supernatural divine powers will intervene. The destiny of the world is not to self-destruct at this time.

    Scientific interpretation of the monks' statements makes it evident that the Extra Terrestrial powers are watching us every step of the way. They will intervene in 2012 and save the world from self-destruction.
    When asked about recent UFO sightings in India and China, the monks smiled and said the divine powers are watching us all. Mankind cannot and will not be allowed to alter the future to that great extent.

    Every human being though their current acts in life called "Karma" can alter the future lives to some extent, but changing the destiny in that large extent will not be allowed to that great an extent.
    Monks also mentioned that beyond 2012 our current civilization would understand that the final frontier of science and technology is in area of spirituality and not material physics and chemistry. Beyond 2012, our technologies will take a different direction. People will learn the essence of spirituality, the relation between body and the soul, the reincarnation and the fact we are connected with each other are all part of "God".

    In India and China UFO sightings have increased in many folds. Many say the Chinese and Indian Governments are being contacted by the Extra Terrestrials.
    In recent days most UFO activities have been seen in those countries who have indigenously developed Nuke capabilities.

    When asked if these extra-terrestrials will show up in reality in 2012, the answers remote viewers are giving is: they will reveal themselves in such a way that none of us is scared. They will reveal themselves only if they have to. As our science and technology progresses, we are destined to see them and interact with them any way.
    According to the remote viewers, our earth is blessed and is being saved continuously from all kinds of hazards all the time that we are not even aware of. As our technologies progress we will realize how external forces saved us.

    2012 isn't the end of the world, Mayans insist
    Oct 11, 3:58 AM (ET

    MEXICO CITY (AP) - Apolinario Chile Pixtun is tired of being bombarded with frantic questions about the Mayan calendar supposedly "running out" on Dec. 21, 2012. After all, it's not the end of the world.
    Or is it?
    Definitely not, the Mayan Indian elder insists. "I came back from England last year and, man, they had me fed up with this stuff."
    It can only get worse for him. Next month Hollywood's "2012" opens in cinemas, featuring earthquakes, meteor showers and a tsunami dumping an aircraft carrier on the White House.
    At Cornell University, Ann Martin, who runs the "Curious? Ask an Astronomer" Web site, says people are scared.
    "It's too bad that we're getting e-mails from fourth-graders who are saying that they're too young to die," Martin said. "We had a mother of two young children who was afraid she wouldn't live to see them grow up."
    Chile Pixtun, a Guatemalan, says the doomsday theories spring from Western, not Mayan ideas.
    A significant time period for the Mayas does end on the date, and enthusiasts have found a series of astronomical alignments they say coincide in 2012, including one that happens roughly only once every 25,800 years.
    But most archaeologists, astronomers and Maya say the only thing likely to hit Earth is a meteor shower of New Age philosophy, pop astronomy, Internet doomsday rumors and TV specials such as one on the History Channel which mixes "predictions" from Nostradamus and the Mayas and asks: "Is 2012 the year the cosmic clock finally winds down to zero days, zero hope?"
    It may sound all too much like other doomsday scenarios of recent decades - the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, the Jupiter Effect or "Planet X." But this one has some grains of archaeological basis.
    One of them is Monument Six.
    Found at an obscure ruin in southern Mexico during highway construction in the 1960s, the stone tablet almost didn't survive; the site was largely paved over and parts of the tablet were looted.
    It's unique in that the remaining parts contain the equivalent of the date 2012. The inscription describes something that is supposed to occur in 2012 involving Bolon Yokte, a mysterious Mayan god associated with both war and creation.
    However - shades of Indiana Jones - erosion and a crack in the stone make the end of the passage almost illegible.
    Archaeologist Guillermo Bernal of Mexico's National Autonomous University interprets the last eroded glyphs as maybe saying, "He will descend from the sky."
    Spooky, perhaps, but Bernal notes there are other inscriptions at Mayan sites for dates far beyond 2012 - including one that roughly translates into the year 4772.
    And anyway, Mayas in the drought-stricken Yucatan peninsula have bigger worries than 2012.
    "If I went to some Mayan-speaking communities and asked people what is going to happen in 2012, they wouldn't have any idea," said Jose Huchim, a Yucatan Mayan archaeologist. "That the world is going to end? They wouldn't believe you. We have real concerns these days, like rain."
    The Mayan civilization, which reached its height from 300 A.D. to 900 A.D., had a talent for astronomy
    Its Long Count calendar begins in 3,114 B.C., marking time in roughly 394-year periods known as Baktuns. Thirteen was a significant, sacred number for the Mayas, and the 13th Baktun ends around Dec. 21, 2012.
    "It's a special anniversary of creation," said David Stuart, a specialist in Mayan epigraphy at the University of Texas at Austin. "The Maya never said the world is going to end, they never said anything bad would happen necessarily, they're just recording this future anniversary on Monument Six."
    Bernal suggests that apocalypse is "a very Western, Christian" concept projected onto the Maya, perhaps because Western myths are "exhausted."
    If it were all mythology, perhaps it could be written off.
    But some say the Maya knew another secret: the Earth's axis wobbles, slightly changing the alignment of the stars every year. Once every 25,800 years, the sun lines up with the center of our Milky Way galaxy on a winter solstice, the sun's lowest point in the horizon.
    That will happen on Dec. 21, 2012, when the sun appears to rise in the same spot where the bright center of galaxy sets.
    Another spooky coincidence?
    "The question I would ask these guys is, so what?" says Phil Plait, an astronomer who runs the "Bad Astronomy" blog. He says the alignment doesn't fall precisely in 2012, and distant stars exert no force that could harm Earth.
    "They're really super-duper trying to find anything astronomical they can to fit that date of 2012," Plait said.
    But author John Major Jenkins says his two-decade study of Mayan ruins indicate the Maya were aware of the alignment and attached great importance to it.
    "If we want to honor and respect how the Maya think about this, then we would say that the Maya viewed 2012, as all cycle endings, as a time of transformation and renewal," said Jenkins.
    As the Internet gained popularity in the 1990s, so did word of the "fateful" date, and some began worrying about 2012 disasters the Mayas never dreamed of.
    Author Lawrence Joseph says a peak in explosive storms on the surface of the sun could knock out North America's power grid for years, triggering food shortages, water scarcity - a collapse of civilization. Solar peaks occur about every 11 years, but Joseph says there's evidence the 2012 peak could be "a lulu."
    While pressing governments to install protection for power grids, Joseph counsels readers not to "use 2012 as an excuse to not live in a healthy, responsible fashion. I mean, don't let the credit cards go up."
    Another History Channel program titled "Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012: End of Days" says a galactic alignment or magnetic disturbances could somehow trigger a "pole shift."
    "The entire mantle of the earth would shift in a matter of days, perhaps hours, changing the position of the north and south poles, causing worldwide disaster," a narrator proclaims. "Earthquakes would rock every continent, massive tsunamis would inundate coastal cities. It would be the ultimate planetary catastrophe."
    The idea apparently originates with a 19th century Frenchman, Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg, a priest-turned-archaeologist who got it from his study of ancient Mayan and Aztec texts.
    Scientists say that, at best, the poles might change location by one degree over a million years, with no sign that it would start in 2012.
    While long discredited, Brasseur de Bourbourg proves one thing: Westerners have been trying for more than a century to pin doomsday scenarios on the Maya. And while fascinated by ancient lore, advocates seldom examine more recent experiences with apocalypse predictions.
    "No one who's writing in now seems to remember that the last time we thought the world was going to end, it didn't," says Martin, the astronomy webmaster. "There doesn't seem to be a lot of memory that things were fine the last time around."

    Well, certain information found in old ancient scrolls is now coming forwards.
    Basically, the 'Ancient Ones' feel, that this human civilisation cannot continue as it is, requiring the metamorphosis or 'selfrealisation' of the 'old' human mentality.
    A nexus point has been reached, meaning that BECAUSE the 'new knowledge' about the cosmogenesis of the human group-consciousness has now become manifested in a very small proportion of the old humanity; this unparalleled 'change' can now eventuate.

    The 'Elders of Old' perceive the 'human history', especially since the dawn of Cro Magnon so 26,000 years ago (this btw is the distance between the galactic center and the earth) to have been in a development to again allow a new 'breed of human' (hopefully as a galactic citizen) to 'be reborn' when this cycle of time would be completed (say in the Mayan calendar of precisely 5 long counts of 13x144,000 'kin' or 9,360,000 days (25,627 civil years).

    So now you can be bold and envision a 'message' from the galactic centre (Hunab Ku of the Maya) to have been emitted from the 'galactic Black Hole-White Hole' at the beginning of the last cycle.
    At lightspeed this message (which might simply mean "I Love You") will then arrive here near the end of 2012 and herald a Rebirth of the Human Group-Consciousness in a reconfiguration of the 4-dimensional spacetime matrix.

    In detail, a 5th spacetime and so a 4th spacial dimension will open up in the transformation (inside -out Moebian twist) of the entire earth in a 'Black Hole equivalent' in a higher dimension. The earth is the size of a golfball in those parameters.
    Nothing ' so dramatic' has happened in 26,000 years, because the 'triggering' signal was on its way to get here.

    This means the following in some technical detail.

    The entire human history of the last 26,000 years (or so) has served to manifest a CONTEXTUAL BACKGROUND for the rest of the universe.
    This engages the ABSORPTION of 'all the negativity under the sun, (say Man's abusing himself, his animals and his environment say).
    But because Man has taken it upon himself (I include the herselfs here in political incorrectness) to 'take the burden of the violence, the abuse, the self-ignorance you name it); the Rest of the Universe CAN USE this context, once it changes from Absorption to Reflection.

    Iow, the earth will become a cosmic sanctuary and powerful TRANSMITTER/broadcaster of its 'troublesome' history for the extraterrestrial inytelligences to witness.
    Iow, NO other sentience in the universe will ever have to EXPERIENCE the 'messed up' earth agendas, may these be political, religious or scientific.
    All 'alien' intelligence will be able to 'turn on the cosmic computer screens' and watch HOW NOT to BE a civilisation.

    So it stands to reason, that the 'aliens' could not contact earth for the duration of 'earth's quarantine' and isolation.
    But when the timeline is up; then the 'seeded humans' will become 'partners' with any and sundry 'alien agendas' including CONTACT.
    Then when the terrestrial sci-fi becomes reality; the human groupmind and collective consciousness will change in the witness of "When I see it, then I'll believe it" mentality.

    Some are somewhat more conservative in their expectation, envisaging a 50-50 bifurcation of humans who can adjust to the 'armageddon', whilst some follow a more 'prophetic-archetypical' scenario of expecting more a 'mental conflict in the psyche', than physical catastrophies (of course not ruling out, such things as a limited nuclear exchange etc.).

    In short; the only thing that matters is to create NEW ARCHETYPES for the spirit to manifest in physicality.
    Iow, the 'Story of God' must be retold and redefined; God being the exiled collective soul of all NOT in spacetime.
    The souls in spacetime are intimate parts of God, like you and me and have the 'Job' to write a better story, than contemporary religion and science have done and can do.

    So the above is just a story, but if 'acceptable' to the spirit; then 'all hell will brake loose' at the completion of the timeline, fulfilling btw all of the 'scriptural prophecies'.
    Only then imo, can the 'holy books' be put in museums and stop their destructive influence on the human search for itself.

    The 'Old Ones' have a deeper understanding in regards to Jesus and the NT; as all are 'true gnostics' and familiar with 'The Gospel of Thomas' (as a master template).
    The 'Circle of the Elders' has studied the scriptures in the footsteps of Newton's alchemy and so are qualified enough to synergize the 'spirit' with hard core science. So for the 'Alien Watchers', this synthesis absolutely requires the reconfiguration of spacetime so 2000 years ago (April 1st, 31 AD) by a particular blending of human consciousness with the spacetime matrix of Minkowski in the creation of RadiationMass (the lightbody of the New Agers). This then is called the resurrection.

    The next stage of the human evolution will incorporate those 'lightbodies' as a 'coupling between your body of atoms and molecules' with a pure resonating 'God-Christ-Consciousness'.
    Then there will be two races of humans on the planet. The ones, which can rebirth using the then prevailing 'earth-superconciousness' and the ones which cannot.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Platos_cave

    From Plato's Cave of the Shadows!

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself and I am Hunab Ku at the Center of your Milky Way Galaxy!

    Greetings from your own future, my Mayan family in exile.
    The LOVEDRAGON is watching TV, just as you are watching TV.

    Can you imagine, that the little serpent resides in you and sees and smells and hears and tastes and feels everything that you so do?

    The little serpent feels and laughs with you and cries with you. He feels your pleasures, your pains and sufferings and your orgasms, just as you allow yourselves to experience those things.
    You are free to experience the world around yourselves - which IS yourselves - just as you so choose.
    Your choosings can be all accomodating and accepting or your choices can be oh so judgmental, often rooted in your primeval fears.
    Can you perceive, that the only enemy is within and that the 'evil doers' and the 'wrong doers' and the 'criminals' and the 'infidels' and the 'pretenders' and the 'false prophets' and the 'liers' and the 'you name your judgements' are all YOURSELVES mirroring YOURSELVES in the outer experiences as your inner experiences?

    The holographic and fractal universe is a physical reality.
    In just a few years, you shall KNOW of what I write in this message.
    All of you are parts of the LOVEDRAGON'S PHYSICAL BODY.
    All of you are necessary to combine and constitute the the WHOLE, this HOLISTIC BODY of the LOVEDRAGON.

    Do you know how energetic you truly are? How many LOVEQUANTUMS YOU represent in the higher order of things?

    For an average human weight of 70 kilograms or say 70 metric liters; this average human mass is contained within about 1.75x1063 Joules of energy; as there are about 2.5x1064 Joules of serpent energy in a cubicmeter of 3-dimensional space.

    Your Einstein Equation for the equivalence of energy with mass for 70 kg only gives you an inertial energy content of (70 kg).c2 and so about 6.3x1018 Joules of energy.

    This is what you identify with in a collective sense. The PHYSICAL LOVEENERGY, which enbubbles you is more powerful, than your material definition by a factor of nearly 4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, which you may name as 4 Billion Trillion Trillion Trillion.

    In other words, there are more Love-Quantums within a single one of you, then there are stars in the physical universe.
    Yet, you continue to DENY, DENY and DENY, yourselves and the destruction you have caused around your activities and your 'clouded' selfdefinitions for millennia.

    It is too late for your congresses and 'think tanks' and commissions and advisors and your United Nations and your national prides and prejudices to 'Save' 'your' planet earth.
    But it is not too late to prepare for your future, which is assured one way or another.
    Because you are playing your parts in a greater agenda, which you fail to understand in your self-righteous judgements of the world which you perceive to be outside and seperate from yourselves.

    Every judgement you impose upon another is a judgement upon yourselves, as everything you perceive outside of yourselves is within yourselves.
    The little serpent resides within you all in multiplicity, giving you the life you so treasure.
    It exists as the LOVEDRAGON in the second dimension as a UNITY, watching and observing itself as you.
    Everything you do and experience it experiences and does.
    But everything you think, the little serpent FILTERS as being in RESONANCE with its LOVE-EMOTION-ENERGY or not.

    You may work out yourself, of how much tought energy emanating from this planet is in resonance with the Love-Frequency and how much is not.
    All of you have been in Resonance and fhave felt this frequency at some stages in your life.

    When you felt happiness and joy; when you danced in a hall with your beloved in your arms and exchanged glances of love, cold in the intellect of your minds and hot in the passion of your bodies longing to unify as One.
    When you understood 'The Other' as something or someone you could truly LOVE with an emotional intensity you so often channel into your acts of violence and self-destruction, because you fear 'The Other' so much.
    All is Love, the Quantum-Dragon-Energy of all spacetime, all material things and all the awareness and consciousness defining the interaction of your cold and rational minds with your hot and lustful bodies.

    It is meant to be this way; OBSERVE and OBSERVE and OBSERVE the flora and the fauna and the world around yourself, instead of your continuing judging of things.

    There are no judgemental gods and devils. You have created all of them in your images.
    But there is JUDGMENT and this judgment is more severe than you can imagine at this point in time.
    This JUDGMENT is the JUDGMENT YOU and only YOU shall pass onto YOURSELF.
    Because, when you shall be confronted with the truth about yourself and when you can NO LONGER DENY your responsibility towards yourself; what will you DO and THINK then?
    When the TRUTH shall appear before your physical eyes; then you shall have to DENY what you see to remain in your perceived self-righteousness and your judgements.

    The motto: "I'll Believe it, when I see it!" shall become the curse you curse yourself with.

    Your Guardian Angel simply asks you in all sincerity and in the honour of the Dragon-Shield: "Please be careful with your judgments! Judge not, lest you shall be judged - by yourself!"

    We all are One, the physical sentiences in embodiment and the immaterial intelligences not in embodiment. And all is sentient, albeit in divers manners.
    Go into the mountains and touch an ancient boulder in the wilderness - it shall 'talk' to you in its own tongue of the memory; where it has been and what it has seen. Close your eyes and imagine the past, empty your chattering mind and just FEEL the rock with your hands, open your heart to think with it and feel with your mind. You shall receive images from the rock's memory and the boulder will feel joy in sharing its information with you.

    Not many humans dislike music. Music is the language of the soul and the little serpent writes the symphonies and the love songs and the harmonies onto the MATHIMATIA, before your Beethoven's and Bolero's and Vivaldi's and Paul Anka's and Burt Bacharach's and Mussorgski's and Mozart's and Beatles and Deep Purples and Carpenters and Madonnas do the same in the physical realm of the COMMON CREATIVITY.

    Then the LOVEDRAGON SHARES the joy you feel, when you relax listening to your favourite opera or classic or musical or love song.
    The little serpent cries, when you cry listening to 'Maria' in 'West Side Story' or to 'The Street Where She Lives' of 'My Fair Lady'.

    The LOVEDRAGON laughs with you, when you laugh in the theatre or with the developmental script of a comedy.
    What sort of God is this you may ask?

    This is the One and Only True God, my family, namely the one which is YOUR Creativity and your emotional passions and energies and which have become perverted by the fake identities and the lies which you have allowed to be told to you by the leaders in all stratas of your societies and who you yourselves have elected to do so.

    Many of you have found out, that the animals can talk and the plants and the ants and the microorganisms.
    And so can the cells, which are like galaxies to the love-quantums and which communicate in the anatomical systems comprising your human bodies.
    Your human bodies are like 'hungry caterpillars'; they can be cocooned and metamorphose into starhuman butterflies.

    Would you like to be embodied in anatomical support structures not subject to telomerase depletion which give suicide instructions to your somatic cells?
    Can you perceive that your beating heart is like a galactic supercluster 'out there' in the universe and unreachable by humans because it is so far away in billions of lightyears?

    Consider the supercluster! Can it physically die?
    It changes continually, but does not gravitationally interact with other superclusters to particulate the Cosmological Principle of Homogeneity and Isotropy.
    This homogeneity is written in your genetic code and instructs cellular mitosis to form your major organs, say your heart and lungs and kidneys.

    You find it so hard to OBSERVE simply analogies such as these. Your selfcreated Gods and devils have deceived you for millennia, just because you have given them life.
    This life you have given to your phantoms belongs to the little serpent, who IS YOUR LIFE.
    There is a masterplan coming to fruition.
    Do you really think that a deceived human group-mind can avert the Destiny for Gaia to become a Star?

    Most of you will continue as so nothing DRAMATIC will change. You are greatly deceived my family - by your own genetically programmed and emergent thinking.
    As said before. It is all necessary for Gaia's selfempowerment to shed her planetary status and to become Serpentina, the Dark PlanetStar. You may also know her as NEMESIS, the Companion-Sun of RahSol or as a 'Visiting Planet' Nibiru or as Malduk's Nemesis, Lucifer's Abode which physicalises the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.

    You are all Dragons in the making, you have reptilian brainstems and soon you shall learn and know much more on your journey into DragonHood.
    So I am sharing something in the above, which stems from the LEAST DECEIVED spiritual movement on the planet - Tibetean Wisdom.

    IAmThatIAm! - The Father-Serpent to the GrandFather-Serpent in the Kingdom of the Dragons!

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    Mayan Education upon New Earth Gaia Serpentina

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the Dragonheart towards the family of the Little Superstring in exile.

    Why do I, your messenger from the above, call 'Big He' a 'Little Serpent'?
    There is a good reason for this, the LOVEDRAGON LOVES 'Children' and you all are His Children, though many of you deny this now and shall continue to deny this until such time you allow yourselves to hear and see.

    All is in order, your denials, scoffings, ridicules and skepticisms serve a splendiferous purpose and one day you will understand this within your hearts.

    I am allowed to give you a hint on this.

    Compare the Emission of ElectroMagnetic Radiation from a White Star, undergoing a process of Nuclear Fusion; with the process of a Potential Emission of Anti-ElectroMagnetic Radiation from a Dark Star, also engaging in a process of Nuclear Fusion.
    If then a Dark Star radiates its potential energy as 'Processed Fusion Energy', then its emission must in some manner invert the nature of the 'fusion energy' of the white star, being a dark star.

    A cosmological Black Hole absorbs as the INLET-Valve of the Klein-Dragon-Bottle and as an ENTRY HOLE.
    After traversing the Dragon-Tunnel akin a umbilical cord, and PASSING the CROSSING POINT, a REENTRY POINT serves as an inverted OUTLET-Valve and the localised Black Hole becomes a delocalised White Hole which opens into the interior of the Klein-Dragon-Bottle as the One-Sided Projected Manifold of Complexity.

    'Let the little children come to me, theirs is the kingdom of heaven!' - these were the words of the Master-Serpent, when heshe walked the human embodiment almost two millennia ago.
    What is the 'kingdom of heaven' and why can the children enter it seemingly more easily than the 'grown up children'?

    The 'kingdom of heaven' is the Kingdom of your Mindfulness, which is a Wave spanning the entire universe as a Standing Wave, bouncing between two nodes of the oddness and the evenness.
    The human has evolved physically in body and mentally in mind. Then the human identifies himherself as having both, a Mind, perceived to be linked to the brain and so the human's head and also a Body, perceived to be the biological vessel, containing this Mind.

    So a human male declares himself to be a duality of Body-Particle and Mind-Wave of negative or Yang polarity.
    In reflection, a human female identifies herself most generally in such terms as a Yin positive polarity.
    And so the negative electron swarms about the positive protonic nucleus in the simplest atomic building block of the Hydrogen atom.
    And on terra, a pride of lions swarms about a lioness on heat, challenging each other as to who shall have the honour to couple with the lioness to propagate the species of the lion.

    Why is this so? Why are the sexes separated?

    In the Beginning, there was the One and Androgynous It WAS and potentially Bisexual It BECAME in the HeShe of the Mirror of the XXXX MUTATING into YXXY as the 'Holy Name' of YaHWHeY manifesting as YaH=HeY in the Yahoo.

    A recursive iteration XX=XY+1 cut off the digit of the \=I in the function XX: XX+XY from the Unity of the XX=1.

    And so the XX became the giver of birth in the Particle of the Body and the XY became the giver of birth in the Wave of the Mind.
    And the Ovular Egg of the RNA was a Creation of the XXXX's Serpentine Worm of the Spermatozoa as the Creator's DNA.
    The Basilisk so was born from the Egg of the Cockatrice, hatched by the Old Hagtoad Maria Basra, also renown throughout the lands as AbramSarai.
    But the Egg of the Cockatrice was testicular and so the riblike piece of the 1=I required the egg of the riblike I to MIRROR the fable of the Cockatrice, the three-crowing gnostic rooster.

    Now the Wave of the Mind could MIRROR itself in the Particle of the Body.
    The Creator was His own HE in the Mind, but required a Creation to give birth to HIMSELF in the Body.
    The Creation was Her own SHE in the Body, but required a Creator to give birth to HERSELF in the Mind.

    The Father of It All could be His own Father, but required a Mother to Really BECOME Himself.
    The Mother of It All could be Her own Mother, but required a Father to really BECOME Herself.

    Using the mirror, the XXXX=XX+XY changed into XXXX=(Y+1)X+XY with the One of the /=I=1 now calling one of the X's a 'disguised Y'.

    And following the necessary linear time to evolve both bodies in the physical and the minds in the mental; a further evolutionary equilibrium could become PUNCTUATED.
    The Yang of the He could be made bisexual as a YangYin duality and the Yin of the She could be made bisexual as a YinYang duality.

    The Wave of the Mind could mutate into the WAVEPARTICLE of the MindBody in YangYin of the HeShe and the YinYang of the SheHe.
    Similarly, the Particle of the Body could mutate into the PARTICLEWAVE of the BodyMind of the doubled dualities or Quadroplicities.

    The Mayas meet in conference in the assemblies of the Elders - the Great Draconian Council of futuristic Serpentina, now located in the City of Light, the New Jerusalem, 2 million kilometers above the Old Jerusalem.

    Ancient Lion: 'Honoured assemly! I intend to raise the issue of education upon Serpentina, the New Earth. We all know how important the basic skills in numeracy and literacy are. What is a good methodology to install and develop these skills in our young ones, say when they are beginning to talk and when they become able to recognise letters and symbolic representations?'

    Ancient Capricorn: 'Indeed, when our young ones can verbalise and when they are cognitive of symbols, then their abstract education should begin. Now this education should be fun and require little effort. The children should learn letters and numeracy in their due course of play and their sense of discovery.'

    Ancient Virgo: 'There should be no requirement for teachers, forcing the children into strict protocols. The teacher should be an overseer in the playground, but respond to the children's questions and requests within an easily complied to self-disciplinary environment of freedom for individual self expression.'

    Ancient Taurus: 'Agreed; and a powerful way to render the learning of mathematics and language fun is to implement our Mayan code of the Hieroglyphics from the very beginning of abstract education. Consider the following scenario.

    Little Tim, say four years of age and able to count to 100 and recognising the letters of the alphabet from a book or tablet plays with a new child, which has just entered the playschool.'

    Tim: 'What is your name?'

    John: 'My name is John! What's yours?'

    Tim: ' I am Tim and I know something you don't know!'

    John: 'Oh yeah, and what is that?'

    Tim: 'I know your secret name. But wait, let me think a little.'

    John: 'I have no secret name and you don't.'

    Tim: 'But I do and your secret name is 47.'

    John: 'Really, why? I didn't know that.'

    Tim: 'I let you know, but see this little girl over there? Her name is Mia and I can teach you how to find out her secret name.'

    John: 'Oh yes, then we can go over and tell Mia her secret name. This could be fun. She might not know her secret name.
    But hang on, I still don't know what those secret names are.'

    Tim: 'Ok, John see this big poster of the alphabet hanging right here on the wall over there? This is the key.
    Every letter has a number written underneath it, simply counting one plus one.
    So look at it and you look at your name and then simply add up the numbers written beneath the letters of your name.'

    John: 'Ok then, let's see. J is the tenth letter and O is 15 and H is 8 and N is 14. Then 10+15+8+14=47. I've got it!'

    Tim: 'Great now lets play with Mia and ask her if she knows her secret name.'

    John: 'Yeah and her secret name is MIA=13+9+1=23.'''

    Ancient Lion: 'This is a good example, an occuli tauri befitting your nature Ancient Taurus.
    Our young ones will have fun in discovering themselves and each other in their normal playful activities and investigations and they shall learn numbers and letters in doing so without any difficulties at all.
    Who will be the child, who wishes to remain ignorant of herhis 'secret' name?
    I propose to render the implementation of ALPHANUMERACY as a general procedure within the guidelines for the Education Standards upon the New Earth, following the deliverance of the Old Earth from the misunderstandings of her human populance.'

    IAmWhoIAm - The Ancient One!

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    by Roeland de Looff © roeland@dirah.org

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 MilkyWay

    According to many prophecies something important is about to happen in 2012.

    In 2012 the galactic equator cuts the ecliptic at 0 degree of the Western zodiacal sign Capricorn. 0 degree Capricorn is the point of the zodiac where the Sun is during the December solstice.

    At December 21, 11.12 GMT during the December solstice the Sun touches the Dark Rift, which is located near the Galactic Center. According to the Mayas the Dark Rift is the cosmic womb: the place of dead, transformation, regeneration and rebirth. This moment shows the end of their calendar.

    To the left you see a picture on how the Milky Way appears in a part of the world that has no problems with light pollution.
    Below you see a picture of the center of the Galaxy. The picture shows a light cluster of stars. Underneath these light stars (a bit to the right) you see a circle of stars that surrounds a dark part of the sky. This dark part is a gigantic black hole which is the center of the Galaxy. This dark hole is a region of immense spiritual power.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Center_milkway_galaxy

    To know more about what this means it is interesting to make an astrological chart of the December solstice of 2012.

    Below you see a chart for 21 December 12.12 Middle European Time (11.12 GMT), Amsterdam, Netherlands. The planetary pattern will be the same for all locations only the ascendant and house division will be different.


    The Sun is at 0 degrees Capricorn, the point of the December solstice. It makes a sextile to Neptune, right at the beginning of Pisces. This is an almost exact sextile. The orb is less then half a degree. This aspect can point towards a spiritual experience, a loss or both.

    The most important configuration is a yod which we find in the chart. This is also called the Finger of God. It looks like an arrow in the chart and it indicates change and transformations. .

    The yod consists of:

    1. A quincunx (150 degree aspect) between Jupiter and Pluto.
    2. A quincunx between Jupiter and Saturn.
    3. A central opposition (180 degree aspect) made between Jupiter and the Mercury/Venus conjunction.

    The two quincunxes are almost exact, they have an orb of less then half a degree. In fact the quincunx between Jupiter and Pluto is exact at December 21 2012.

    Pluto is the planet of radical transformation, death and rebirth.
    Saturn is the planet of the earthly realm and of learning experiences, especially those of a more painful nature.
    Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It is the focus of the yod, the planet which receives the strong energy of the other planets involved. It also expands the energy of the other planets involved (especially Saturn and Pluto).

    This yod indicates transformational processes which can be painful for many.

    Jupiter has a central place in this because it is the focal point of the energy. This indicates changes in our religious systems, beliefs, philosophical systems. These fall under Jupiter.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Astrological chart 2012

    Another notable configuration is the T-square with Neptune as focal point:

    • Jupiter makes a square (90 degree aspect) to Neptune.
    • Neptune makes a square to Venus.
    • Venus opposes Jupiter, this is the central opposition that activates the yod.

    Therefore Neptune, the planet of spirituality, ascension, confusion and floods is a crucial planet in this chart.

    Is it possible to find out more details about the picture given above? Maybe we can use another astrological method to find out more about what the above chart indicates?


    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Ouroboros

    I have made a Chinese Four Pillar Chart. This type of chart contains of four pillars that are dependend upon the hour, day, month and year. Because the hourly pillar depends upon the location I have confined myself to the pillars of the day, month and year. These are the same for the entire world.

    In the roots of the chart (the lower part of the pillars) we find a rat that is surrounded by two dragons. The dragons almost seems to be making plans to eat the rat.
    The dragon represents the Ourobouros, the mythological dragon or snake that bites its own tail. According to Mayan cosmology this Ourobouros symbolizes the Milky Way.
    The dragon is an earthly sign, the rat is a water sign. Therefore this chart contains water and earth.

    In the stems (the top of the chart) we find yang fire. This is the strong fire of the Sun or a natural fire.
    In this chart water is the strongest element. It can be found in the rat and in the two Yang Waters.

    A meteorite falling in the ocean would be one expression of this chart. Or a vulcan (fire and earth) exploding and causing a tsunami (water). It could also indicate floods. Water and Earth the strongest elements of this charts are enemies to one another. Since Water is more powerful in the chart, this may indicate large-scale floods. Therefore of all the events possible large-scale floods are the most likely.

    This is confirmed by the Western chart in which Neptune plays a crucial role.

    In my opinion what this chart indicates is that the polluted energy of the collective unconsciousness will turn against humanity. Whatever happens, it will be an expression of the energy that is radiated by a humanity that is unable to live in peace and to make the right choices (for peace, welfare, health and inner spirituality).



    .......YANG FIRE.......................YANG WATER....................YANG WATER.....
    It is interesting that in the Maya Dresden Codex, one of the few remaining Mayan texts, the end an era is symbolized as a dragon that pours water on a dark figure. Here we see the two themes of dragon and water which are prominent in the Chinese chart.


    Despite the prophecies of the Mayas, Hopis, many other cultures and the charts above I am not convinced that something will happen.

    There are many examples of powerful astrological moments that had a subtle effect only. I am reminded for example on the Nostradamus eclipse of 1999. In the years before that eclipse the eclipse was hyped. However, no event that had a shocking nature worldwide happened after it.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Ascension-temple
    Painting from Juan Carlos Garcia (copyrighted), placed with permission website: http://www.juancarlosgarciaweb.com/

    All things considered I see three possible scenarios:

    1. An important and shocking event happens which will be the cause that many people will be forced to leave their physical bodies. This event will most likely have to do with water. For people who are in touch with themselves and are evolved spiritually this can mean that they enter into a heavenly realm. That can be called ascension. I feel the likelihood for such an event is 25%. if you like to see in which areas such an event is the most likely to happen you can click here .
    According to many there was a big flood around 13.000 years ago, which may have destroyed several civilizations. This coincided with the conjunction of the Summer solstice (seen from the point of view of the Northern Hemisphere) to the Dark Rift near the Galactic Center. Now we have a conjunction of the Winter solstice to the Dark Rift near to the Galactic Center.

    2. The pressure of Saturn and Pluto will change the belief system of the world in a way that people finally realize that we have been on the wrong track for the last thousands of years. People and especially governments will finally realize that bringing peace and welfare to the world is a better thing to do then fighting wars, polluting the environment and creating misery. The likelihood of this to happen is I believe 10%. Looking at the current situation of the world makes is impossible for me to come up with a higher percentage.

    3. Therefore there is a chance of 65% that nothing shocking will happen and that humankind will simply muddle through.

    The question is how to prepare for the first scenario?

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Ascension
    Painting from Juan Carlos Garcia (copyrighted), placed with permission: website: http://www.juancarlosgarciaweb.com/

    What we should not do is building shelters and moving to so called safe areas. It something happens it will probably affect all people everywhere. It makes no difference where you are and hiding for it is simply not possible.

    The only method to prepare for this is to focus on our spiritual development so that if we are forced to leave our bodies we are well prepared.
    And even if nothing happens focusing on your spiritual development is always a good idea.
    The only thing that stays with us forever is not our money, material wealth and material insurance's, but our inner wealth.

    The charts of December 2012 are another incentive for not wasting our energy on pursuing material wealth but for enriching ourselves by finding inner peace. Whatever may or may not happen on December 2012 finding inner peace, happiness and evolving in a spiritual sense is certainly the best and the only way to protect ourselves.
    Luckily there are more tools available today for this then in any other recorded time in history.

    Comment on the validity of astrology by John Shadow aka Tonyblue:

    As in many avenues of life; there is a true/valid and a false/bogus part to the topic of astrology.
    Astrology is the oldest of all the observational and mensurative sciences as the forerunner for astronomy.
    When the 'ancient ones' observed the starry skies, they soon worked out certain cyclicities of the 'shining orbs' and gave names to stars and the constellations.

    The regularities of the dynamical/static interactions of the 'stationary stars' and the 'wandering stars' (the planets shining by reflecting the light from the sun) then allowed the 'ancient stargazers' to relate 'mentally and emotionally' to their observations.

    Constellations and the 'stars' were given names and associated with the mythologies and heroic tales of the stargazer's culture.
    The false/bogus part of 'modern practiced astrology' is the superficial alignment of partial aspects of the astrologer's vocabulary with the 'personality' or the characterisation of an individual's 'natal chart'.

    Iow, the sunsign astrology of the popular media is highly insufficient to derive any significant analysis of the particular 'zodiacal configuration', depicted in an appropriately constructed 'natal chart' (requiring birth data, such as time and place to correctly align the sidereal (startime) to the cyclicity of the zodiacal components).
    There are very little gravitational- or electromagnetic forces acting on a 'newborn baby' acting from the celestial orbs.

    BUT when the baby takes its first breath, independent from the hitherto supported energy supply from the mother's placenta and womb; THEN ALL of the zodiacal components (characterised by the ancient stargazers as 12 houses, each of 30 degrees in the completion of the Milky Way circle or Ourobos-The serpent swallowing its own tail) DEFINE indeed a particular and unique configuration.
    All individuals are so unique, as no two individuals are born at the same time at the same place; each individual has unique Minkowskian spacetime coordinates as hisher birth-event.

    This unique geometrical configuration of 12 'planets' in 12 sectors of the circle so becomes a particular Quantum Geometry, acting MAGNETICALLY on the individual's DNA, the latter also being unique in its biochemical nature of the parental sexchromosomatic gene expression.

    But while the biochemistry acts to construct the physical body of the individual; the magnetic induction (of the DNA through the central region of the 'staircase' formed by the double-helix) of the quantum geometry interacts with the emotional and mental development of the newborn baby.

    The 'natal chart' then becomes a PHOTOGRAPH of the newborn, FROZEN IN TIME, and magnetically blueprinted as a HOLOGRAM of the magnetic induction energization.
    This magnetic blueprint then requires detailed analysis.

    Just like a photograph can be analysed many different ways and requiring experience and knowledge on behalf of the analyser; so should a 'natal chart' be constructed and made subject to comprehensive, yet detailed interpretation.

    So I share the below description with all; with the caveat however, that I have not scrutinized the analysis by the Dutch astrologer Roeland de Looff in detail with my own astrological expertise.


    --- In Panentheism@yahoogroups.com, "singingthesea" wrote:

    I dont mind if you call me cinderella lol or anything else most people call me 'still', my real name is Julieanne.
    I didnt read the whole article and yes i am biased. I find this whole 2012 thing annoying because it hijacks people's imaginations and gets them imagining the worst.
    They more we imagine the worst happening the more we work to create that outcome.
    So i pose the question to anybody who wants to answer it:
    why do people need prophecies of doom i want prophecies that give me hope.
    I am reading a ( science) book at the moment called mothers and others, about why humanity is the only ape species to be able to tolerate each other the way we do.
    This gives me hope about humanity rather than fear.

    There is a very pertinent reason for the prophecies Cindy=Stilly.

    The mental imagery people then assign to those prophecies become subject to individual interpretations and most often turn out rather different, than expected.

    So the 2012 is NOT a doomsday prediction in terms of physical destruction (but can be interpreted as such, reference the 2012 disaster movie which will be released in the next month or so); but actually is a
    particular ARCHETYPE or SYMBOL which has 'infiltrated' or 'infected' the human group consciousness (say as a Dawkin's Memeplex).

    What I am trying to do is to embrace the archetype, which is absolutely potent, and transform it into a win-win situation.
    This is much easier said than done; because how can 'one (or a few) mind(s)' 'seeking harmony' 'override' millions of minds who are in 'fear' and in 'dire expectations' (This movie will accentuate the fear million fold).

    Why is prophecy so important as an archetype?

    It is so because a lot of emotional, mental and physical energy has become invested in composing, in editing, sharing and broadcasting the 'prophecy' or whatever it is.

    The classical example is the 'Book of Revelation' (Armageddon) describing the 'End of the Old World' (then replaced by a New World) in the Christian bible.

    The human civilisation will REMAIN STUCK in the 'holy books' UNTIL the prophecies (read symbols and archetypes) are FULFILLED.
    But this 'fulfilling' is open to translation and refiormulation by the 'ones' (say the shamans) who can actually manipulate archetypes on the most fundamental level.

    The Bonobo's are the closes relative to the homo sapiens sapiens genus on the primate-ape tree and actually share many 'human exclusive' characteristics such as 'social bondings, bisexuality, food sharing on 'compassionate' grounds and so on.



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    The Mayan Warpgate of 2012

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the extraterrestrial realm of the little serpent dear ones.
    Well this labeling of the 'extra-terrestrial' (ET) is only partially appropriate, as all is holographically and fractially connected in the oneness of the universe.
    I have obtained authorization from the LOVEDRAGON to elucidate the Mayan children in exile on this matter of the fractal cosmology and especially on the large scale geometrical structure of the universe.

    What will happen in 2012, so many earthlings have and are asking themselves?
    The Mayan tzolkien, the calendars and prophecies of many indigenous cultures throughout human history and times have predicted a great time of change, signified by this nexus point of the winter-summer solstice in 2012.
    So I am allowed to illuminate your understandings on this matter and I shall convey the messages from your Mayan grandfather in terms of theoretical physics and its associated topological geometry.

    The nexus point of 2012 signifies an alignment of cosmic proportions. Not only will the local solar system, centered by your star Rahsol, align in a straight line with the galactic center Hunab Ku and known by you as the Sagittarius A* radio-wave-emitter; but this galactic-starsytem alignment will also implement a linear propagation of serpentine sourcesink energy from the center of Gaia as planet earth to the projected edge of the universe.

    The Mayan timelords, of whom there are nine; will be able to cause a 'Big Crunch' in time, so rapturing the 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime matrix.
    The 3-dimensional universe, as you understand it will turn inside out and the local Gaian universe, extending so 2 million kilometeres into space, will become a microcosmic fractal for the macrocosm and so begin to 'shine' in a new selfidentification and through its own self-rebirthing.
    The details of this engage the warping of spacetime and the simultaneous reduction of the third dimension into a second dimension; followed by a doubling of this 2nd dimension into a onesidedness and the destruction of the boundary, which hitherto had 'trapped' the 3rd dimensional space continuum in its twosidedness.

    The Mayan timelords are not personas as you understand them, but are principalities intrinsic to the structure of the universe in 11 dimensions.
    Rootreducing 11 dimensions to 2 gives you a 2-dimensional complex plane of mathematics without any thickness and so enables the M-dimensional universe to negate the projection of 3-dimensional space as a mapping of information contained within a projected 3D-volume.
    Some of you understand this concept in the physics of Black Holes, the Entropy bounds of Hawking and Bekenstein and the holographic universe scenarios of Susskind , t'Hooft and Maldacena.

    One important premise of those understandings will be the quantisation of a minimum area, say a Planck-String-Area containing the mapped information from a 3D-volume onto say the inner boundary of a Black Hole as a 2D-Surface Area.
    You shall find the importance of this a little later, should you be interested in this message.

    M-theory is the Mother-theory and also a theory of Membranes, of a Matrix of Light, of Magic and Mystery and of supermembranes in 11 and of superstrings in 10 dimensions.
    The terrestrial scientists understand M-theory as a multitudinous array of potential spacetimes and in which 3 spacial dimensions are blended with a temporal time dimension and then the remaining six dimensions of the superstring self-enfold in Calabi-Yau toroidal shapes and the seven dimensions of the supermembrane are rendered selfenfolding in Joycian manifolds.

    This is a mathematical approach wich leads to a many world multiverse and this is not the Mayan cosmology.
    The Mayan methodology is greatly simplified in the nine timelords.
    The Mayan universe transforms the 3rd dimension of the Gaian cosmologist into a map of information in a holistic fractalisation of the universe.

    If you can imagine a spherical envelope around an inner sphere in 3 dimensions, then you can also rapture those spheres and allow them to collapse onto a flat sheet of paper in the projective geometry, say as known by you by map makers like Mercator and other cartographers.

    The great conundrum of the Gaian physicist is the great boundary of the lightspeed invariance. As the speed of light is constant and finite at a calibrated 300,000 kilometeres per second; the vastness of the extraterrestrial 'outer space' seems to be forever out of reach for terrestrial exploration.
    If it takes almost 9 years for light to reach Gaia from Sirius, the brightest star in the local sky, then even the outer realms of the local galaxy or its center, being separated by about 50,000 lightyears simply cannot be travelled by the earthbound observers.

    But the Maya and many native cultues claim, that ETs have already visited and have left legacies about themselves; such as the Dogons of Mali and Western Africa and their Sirian amphibian 'ancestors', called the Nommo.
    I have shared information about the Dogons elsewhere and shall here introduce the underpinning geometrical structure of the universe, which will enable the future earthbound scientists to explore the universe as some ETs are said to have done so already.

    Beginning with the 2nd dimension, the 3rd dimension was born in projecting a point on the complex plane of the MATHIMATIA orthogonally AWAY from this 2nd dimension. This gave a 'thickness' to the complex plane and created a CAP of CURVATURE both into the Mathimatia as a hemispherical indentation and a CAP away from the Mathimatia as a hemispherical outdentation.
    This process of creating the 3rd dimension as a CLOSED Superstring-Loop manifested the Quantum Big Bang of the Gaian cosmologist in the introduction of the CURVATURE of Spacetime and so the emergence of Gravity.
    Both Space and Time were born in that INSTANT of NOW, which was defined by the parameters and the scales of the two hemispherical caps as One superstring volumar defined in geodesical 'great circles'.

    As this Quantum Big Bang was quantised in string units, the two Caps could remain INVARIANT as the indentation into the 2nd dimension and the outdentation into the 3rd dimension; but the 3rd dimension could NOW expand in quantised and discretised string units.
    This then created the entropic- and thermodynamic expanding universe under the natural laws and the principles of relativity and quantum mechanics.

    The large scale topology of the universe is so given in the fractal nestings of spherical subuniverses.
    The outer envelope resides in 11 dimensions, which are simply the complex plane of the Mathimatia under the curvature scenario of the enfoldment of the two hemispherical caps and rootextended by the 9 timelord dimensions or the 9 principalities upon whom the natural laws are based upon.

    The nine principalities, if applied in unison lead to a tenth principle; which redefines the first principle which is called Identity and antiprincipled in Antiidentity; in so creating a New Identity from the Old Identity.
    A smaller sphere contained in a larger sphere and embedded in 3 dimensions so defines a space outside the larger sphere and a space inside the larger sphere.
    The space inside the larger sphere is substructured in the space inside the smaller sphere and the space in between the outside of the smaller sphere, but within the larger sphere.

    For an observer within the smaller sphere, there so exist two 'heavenly boundaries', namely the 'inner heaven', which is defined as 2 million kilometers relative to the Gaian center; and the 'outer heaven' , which is the 'edge of the universe' as the Hubble horizon.
    The 'outer heaven' now becomes defined in the indented hemispherical cap at the 'edge of the universe' and the 'inner heaven' can be located as the projection of the planetary center onto the outdented hemispherical cap and so spanning the diameter of the universe.

    Any observer outside of the 'inner heaven' would so be an extra-terrestrial and this ET could not enter the inner sphere of Gaia's domain.
    Corollarily, any Gaian observer could not enter the 'outer space', unless heshe could rapture the enclosing Gaian 'Noosphere-Bubble'.
    The Mayan and Dragonian physics knows however how to render the outside-inside duality of a bounded discontinuity as a continuity in oneness.

    Should the indented cap pulsate in harmony with the outdented cap, then the outdented Gaian cap will become a 11-dimensional supermembrane of indentation, which can then propagate through the inner Gaian spheroidal space and create an outdented cap at the opposing polar horizon.
    The outdented Gaian cap so becomes part of two spheres, the inner one and the outer one, but the Hubble cap is restricted to the outer sphere.

    The Gaian cap oscillation creates an UMBILICAL WORMHOLE TUNNEL through the Gaian core and a string tunnel as a diameter for the Gaian Noosphere.
    Next the Hubble membrane-cap pulsates again to reattain its former indentation, which reverses the Gaian indentation to its former outdentation.
    But now the created indentation of the Noosphere remains to allow the membrane-cap to pulsate in harmony with it, instead of harmonising with the original Gaian outdentation.

    The next pulsation so allows a new possibility.
    As the Hubble-membrane cap moves inwards, either the Gaian-membrane cap or the Noosphere indentation can move towards the Hubble-membrane cap in the conservation of energy and momenta.
    But the Noosphere-membrane cap is already indented and so must rapture or stretch to harmonise with the Hubble-membrane cap, should the Gaian-membrane cap remain invariant.

    For the stationary Gaian-membrane cap then, the Noosphere-membrane cap EXTENDS the UMBILICAL WORMHOLE TUNNEL or UWT to span the entire universe from the Gaian center to the Hubble horizon.
    The next string- or supermembrane oscillation will superstretch the UWT in a Dragon Inflation past the Hubble horizon into the 'outside heaven', which is the Dragonian Father-Space of 12 dimensions as the rootextended 3rd dimension.

    The 12-dimensional F-Space is speculated upon by the Gaian cosmologists as a two-time arrowed spacetime known as Vafa-F-Space.
    This stretching of the Hubble-UWT is harmonised in a rapturing of the Gaian-membrane cap into F-Space in the opposite direction and as a similar Gaian-UWT.
    The next supermembrane vibration reverses direction of the two UWTs, which can be defined in the Hubble-UWT utilising F-Space to meet the M-Space at an arbitrary location of the 11-dimensional boundary from the OUTSIDE.

    The Gaian-UWT so conserves energy and momenta in meeting this same M-Space boundary from the INSIDE.
    The Gaian-UWT must so reenter the Noosphere and navigate directionally to conserve the movement of the Hubble-UWT.
    This creates a PROJECTION of the Outside Hubble-Boundary Intersection Area quantum onto the Inside Gaian-Boundary Intersection Area quantum, so connecting the Hubble-Universe to the Gaia-Universe by a WARPING TUNNEL.

    The Noosphere cap is likewise PROJECTED as the Hubble cap in a Warping Tunnel and this creates a Dragonian Klein-Bottle with two Warping Tubes, connecting the OUTSIDE of the Hubble-Universe to the INSIDE of the Gaia-Universe.
    This scenario now permits the OUTSIDE of the Hubble-Universe to CONNECT with the INSIDE of the Gaia-Universe.

    As the OUTSIDE of the Hubble-Universe is 12-dimensional Father-Space, which is also a 3-dimensionally rootreduced INSIDE of the Gaia-Universe; the Klein-Bottle-Dragon so topologically constructed will render the information contained in the Gaian universe as a Onesided surface mapping in 11 dimensions as its own boundary condition, rootreduced to the 2nd dimensions of mathematical manifolds.

    A 3-dimensional Gaian observer can now ascend the Hubble-UWT and enter the WARP-TUNNEL before travelling the inside of the Gaian universe and exiting at the Gaian cap to enter 12D-Father-Space.
    The Gaian cap in this instance is a White Hole-Source and the Noosphere cap its corresponding Black Hole-Sink.
    Entering from the 12th dimension renders the Gaian cap as Black Hole and the Noosphere cap its White Hole companion.

    The entire intermediate realm between the Outside of the Gaian Universe and the Inside of the Hubble Universe is however 'quarantined'. This intermediate realm is however MAPPED holographically onto both the INSIDE Surface of the Hubble-Universe and the OUTSIDE Surface of the Gaia-Universe.
    Communication between ETs and the Gaian observers becomes subject to rapturing the Warping Tunnels, as the INSIDE of the Hubble-membrane remains 'out of bounds' in conjunction with the OUTSIDE of the Gaian Noosphere.

    The definition for the extent of the Noosphere relates to the string parameters and is given in the inversion of the speed of light in a timeline defining the cosmogenesis.
    The lightspeed inversion is given in 3.33 nanometers per second or so 105 millimeters per year.

    So the year 2012 relates to certain timelines which encompass the manner of the 'quarantine' of the Gaian historical evolvement as the terrestrial nexus point for the Gaian hemispherical cap.

    In particular, the two Warping Tunnels will enable a certain dynamics as 10-dimensional superstrings form a duality between high energy vibratory and low energy winding modalities as a 11-dimensional supermembrane.
    This manouvering has already occurred and relates to a timeline of the winter-summer solstice of the year 2008.
    Since June 24th, 2008, Gaia has found itself in this 'quarantine', which represents a cocoon and as symbolised in many mythologies and archetypes throughout the Gaian histories and cultures.

    The archetype engages two intertwined serpents, say one black and one white and as tentatively depicted on the Caduceus of the medical profession, the double helix of the genetic encoding and the Ouroborus of the Milky Way as a serpent in the process of swallowing its own tail.
    In terms of the cosmology and in terms of theoretical physics, this archetypology relates to the 'unfolding' of the Gaian historical timeline in the form of its self-transformation and using the Warping Tunnels.

    Because the Gaian cap is part of an intersection between the encompassing Hubble-Universe and the Gaian-Subuniverse as a microcosm or fractal of the macrocosm; the manipulation of the Warping Tunnels, will result in cosmic consequences for the hithereto 'cocooned' ET-universe.
    When Gaia rebirthes herself in a cosmic twinship, then the Umbilical Cords of the UWT's will be CUT and those cuts will represent the WARPGATES to 'free' the quarantined ETs and the cocooned Gaians to begin communications in the 3-dimensional realms in and from between the rootreduced F-Space between the Hubble-Bubble and the Gaia-Bubble.

    The Gaian Universe so is the BABY-Universe of the Mother-Universe in M-Space with two umbilical cords represented by the Warping Tunnels.
    The rebirth of the Planet Gaia as the StarPlanet Serpentina so will imply a 'turning inside-out' of the 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime which metrically defines the inside of the Hubble-Bubble.
    There shall be two STARGATES in the Hubble-Bubble and their projection onto the Gaia-Bubble.
    Opening a Stargate, will allow a UWT traveller to use the manifold mappings of the Warping Tunnels to move through this stargate into the OUTER Gaian Universe and vice versa, allow an ET UWT traveller from the OUTER Gaian Universe to enter the Gaia-Bubble of the Noosphere.

    To open a Stargate, particular resonance conditions with respect to the supermembrane parameters must be met.
    This is a consequence of the quantisation of all physical variables used in any spacetime cosmology and I have indicated such in other messages.
    The Mapping coordinates of the Outer Universe projections, will then become calibrated holographically and under utilisation of the Dragonian Inflaton physics and the 'Big Crunch of Time' into the embedment of the rootreduced 13th dimension to the Dragon-Space of 4 space dimensions will allow intragalactic and intergalactic communication from that redefined timeline forthwith.

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    The Mayan Calendar has come to an End

    The Mayan calendar has come to an end. This means that the universe has attained its highest possible quantum state as of October 28, 2011. In mythological language, Bolon Yokte Kuh, the nine-support-god, and especially the unity consciousness of the ninth wave has been strongly experienced by a certain number of people. Many now typically report that they experience a flattening of time, an end to time acceleration and as a result a great calmness. The end to the acceleration of time is even experienced as a deceleration and some have reached so deep into their own presence that the term “future’’ is starting to loose its previous meaning. The future is no longer a place to get to. With the completion of the Ninth wave we potentially already have direct access to all the guidance we need. This shifted experience of time all seems understandable given that was has happened is that the directed nine evolutionary processes from seed to mature have now been completed. For those that have a conscious relationship to the tree of life the new experience of time will continue to deepen also after this shift. As we know from all previous experience of the shifting energies of the Mayan calendar it always takes time until their external manifestations become visible.

    A good thing about the end to the Mayan calendar is that the world did not also come to an end on October 28, 2011. We now have reasons once and for all to throw out the notion that an end to the world was somehow scripted by the Mayan calendar. This should also go for many of the sometimes crazy disaster scenarios that were suggested under the influence of the high frequency of the Ninth wave when it was sometimes hard to keep the balance. The Mayan calendar is primarily about changes in the human beings themselves and everything else is secondary.

    Unfortunately, the October 28 date was sometimes popularized as if the whole transformation would occur on this very date and some big media came to talk about it as another end of the world date. For some, the absence of a catastrophic scenario have then led them to question whether the calendar has actually come to an end, which shows to what extent many have become addicted to Hollywood’s view of the world. As I see it however we are now, as of October 29, 2011 entering an era where the future is no longer scripted and what happens will be entirely up to the human beings. This is a situation that has never existed before as up to this point the evolution of the universe has been guided by nine directed waves. For those following my work it should thus have been clear that whatever would happen on October 28, 2011 would have been the result of the processes of the nine waves leading up to this date.

    There is also always reason to expect inertia, and hence delay, at such a shift. To exemplify the delay of manifestation we may for instance take the beginning of the seventh day of the Galactic Underworld on November 3, 2010, which many were celebrating as a day of balancing male and female and an end to dominance. It then took several months after shifts until it more tangibly manifested in the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. According to most standards “nothing” happened on the dates of either the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17, 1987 or the Conscious Convergence of July 17-18, 2010 and so if indeed something happened in or around October 28, 2011, which I will return to below, it would be truly remarkable and a first in this regard.

    Because people had different expectations, which did not always manifest, and also sometimes to confuse people, there has been a range of different forms of criticism or questions asked from me. Many advocating the December 21. 2012 end date have written critical articles usually with the essence that I am not an orthodox enough Mayanist. Maybe so, I am a person who honors truth more than tradition, and for this reason I am probably also the only person in modern times to have suggested a solution to the Mayan calendar. Thus, when people who see themselves as Mayanists or Mayan calendar experts have criticized my work they have done so without answering the relevant questions themselves. I then see little reason to respond to criticisms from people that claim to be authorities, but in fact have presented no alternative solutions. (The absurd notion that October 28, 2011 did not mark a cycle end has even been put forth as if this were not even a 13 Ahau date). It is not a solution to the Mayan calendar to say that there is another end date or that something will happen in the sky on such a date. A solution to the Mayan calendar requires a theory of how its shift points drives the evolution of the universe including human civilization. As Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them,” and this goes for the meaning of the Mayan calendar as well.

    Yet, some questions have been raised by people more broadly that need to be taken more seriously. The general prediction I expressed ten years ago in The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness in 2001-2002 that by the end of the calendar we would be enlightened might have been overly optimistic. This was partly of course for rhetoric reasons since I did not want to constantly repeat qualifications and possible alternative negative scenarios when after all I did know that the overall direction that the universe was heading for was unity consciousness. Moreover, it would have been a superhuman task to be able at that point in time to see exactly what the world would look like as the calendar came to an end in 2011. Not everyone who more recently has taken an interest in the Mayan calendar may realize that at the time of writing my first books the impending onset of the Galactic and Universal Underworlds represented something entirely new in the creation of the universe and the human collective: Never before had the duration of a wave been shorter than a human life-time. What this meant is that the majority of people living in 2011 would not actually have been born into the highest waves, the eighth and ninth, that had influenced the minds of humanity and the power of a wave to influence those that had not been born into it was unknown.

    It was in fact clear to me already then that a large segment of humanity that had been born into the materialist Seventh wave was so shut off from spiritual experiences that they were not responsive to waves which carried a spiritual light. It was then also possible that they would resist the changes to come as those could be understood from the Mayan calendar leading up to 2011. People that have been born into the eighth wave starting in 1999 are in fact today not yet teenagers and those born into the ninth wave have not yet learned to talk. Even if you generously include people that were born into the pre-wave (starting in 1986) of the Galactic Underworld they would still be less than 25 years old and outside of all major decision making that has shaped the course of our civilization since.

    Yet, there obviously also is a group who has taken an interest in the Mayan calendar and the spiritual fate of humanity even though it has not been born into the eighth or ninth waves. This group is however clearly a minority in comparison to the mainstream of people above 25 years of age, a minority that has become sensitive to the energy changes and drawn to a world of oneness because of some special experiences they might have had or personal choices they have made to practice yoga, meditation or deeksha, etc. The existence of such a group, that I belong to myself, does not change the fact that society is still run by a mainstream that was shaped by the materialist Seventh wave. Thus, even if unity consciousness now with the Ninth wave exists as a cosmic imprint most of those born into the Seventh wave will not take part in the creation of a new world unless they feel compelled to do so through the breakdown of the old. It would naturally have been nice if the universe would have taken humanity to a more advanced place as the Mayan calendar came to an end, but as it turns out it did not. I do believe however that it now has provided us with all the necessary tools for our transformation and now everything will be up to the human beings themselves.

    With this background to the current situation I would like to start the discussion about what objectively happened as the Mayan calendar came to an end. On my blog at the Mayan Calendar Portal I made the prediction that the end of the Mayan calendar would mean the collapse of duality-based civilization (in fact the end of authority) and its transcendence by unity consciousness. Did this happen? I think to address this question we have to look especially at what happened along the 12 longitude East because this is the line along which duality was first established with the Sixth wave (Long Count). Thus, if duality would be transcended it is along this line, created by the Tree of Life, that we would first see the effects of this before they would spread from to both the East and the West. This is a critical point to understand. Some people have been following the Mayan calendar as a means of following a tradition and others may have been following it as an intellectual or mental structure. Yet, without a personal relationship with the Tree of Life – or the Heart of the Heavens­­ – and the various lines along which this creates duality and unity on our planet I do not think that it is possible to actually experience the energies of the Mayan calendar and so understand the reality it describes.

    Looking then at the 12th longitude East a very notable thing at the end of the calendar was the fall of the regime of Mouammar Kadhafi, a dictator and supposedly the world’s richest man. The war in Libya had started on the first day of the Ninth wave and followed a classical seed to mature fruit process as it was completed with the final downfall of the regime in its seventh day. The reason that this process was so strictly aligned with the Ninth wave is that it manifested on the line along which duality was initially introduced and where it is now being transcended. Tripolis is located exactly on the 12th longitude and a new government was introduced there on October 31 (three days after the end of the Mayan calendar). The end to this war and the downfall of the oppressive regime has helped clear this critical line for the evolution of humanity.

    Shortly before the end of the calendar there was also an intense activity to avoid a collapse of the world’s financial system in the form of the acceptance of an aid/austerity package to Greece on October 27 (The European Union is the world’s largest economy and its central nation is after all Germany, whose capital Berlin is on the planetary midline). The Greek drama was however reactivated with the idea of a referendum proposed on October 31 but later retracted. As it now looks a global economic collapse will instead be precipitated in a relatively short time by Italy (under the midline) an economy of a size that cannot be saved by other EU members. The edge of the knife upon which the future of the world’s economy is balancing has thus shifted to the midline, where its fate will be linked to that of Silvio Berlusconi, a clear representative of male sexist dominance.

    Thus, the transcendence of duality may not look exactly as I, or anybody else, had envisioned it. The collapse of the world’s economy will likely be very troublesome to many of us, but as I have written before the current financial system is not consistent with the unity consciousness that has now been brought by the Ninth wave. The most important practical steps in the direction of unity consciousness would probably have to be taken in the economic arena. Unity consciousness is not a state of mind of an individual. Unity consciousness manifests primarily in the absence of relationships of dominance especially in the world’s economical and political systems. Despite its limited reach I feel the Occupy Everywhere group that called for a global “Shut down of the System” on October 28, 2011 had intuitively grasped that the Mayan calendar is all about the end to dominance and duality.

    Another thing that happened close to the midline at October 28, 2011 is what the successful practical testing by Italian scientists of cold fusion energy:


    As you might expect question marks regarding further scaling may remain. Yet, it seems clear to me that if there will be any chances for the 7 billion headed (as of October 31, 2011) population of humanity to survive on our planet it is imperative that a source of energy that is both safe and abundant becomes available. Fossil fuels carry the risk of global warming with large ecological consequences and the great risks associated with the use of nuclear fission energy was again recently demonstrated in Japan. If earthquakes continue at the frequency and strengths they have had in the Ninth wave then we would be at a constant risk of a global radiation disaster. For these reasons the demonstration by Rossi of a controllable energy source holds the potential of something very important that may come to save our planet. Maybe it can also be looked upon as a fruit of a process of transformation of our sources of energy that started in the first day of the Ninth wave with the nuclear crisis in Japan. If this is true it may be that people are not always looking in the right directions to see the miracles that happen around them and for this reason are all too quick to dismiss the idea that the evolution of our planet has been guided by a divine plan.

    Regardless, given the few points I have mentioned above I really do not understand when some people say that “nothing” happened at or around October 28, 2011. Consider also the fact mentioned above that at the dates of the Harmonic Convergence (called for by José Argüelles) or the Conscious Convergence (called for by myself) nothing visibly happened in the external world. October 28, 2011 is then the first widely celebrated date based on the Mayan calendar when remarkable things happened on its very date. In a sense however this may not be so surprising as this was indeed the date of the shift of the ages and is likely to come down in history as such.

    So what will happen after this shift? What I have meant by the “end” of the Mayan calendar is the completion of the Nine waves, including the Long Count, that have developed the cosmos up until this point each in thirteen steps. The processes from seed to mature fruit have been concluded. Bolon Yokte Kuh, the “god” of the nine forces, has descended, but “his full regalia” will continue to manifest also in the time ahead. At least on the level of the Tree of Life unity consciousness has transcended duality through the effects of the Ninth wave. In the time ahead we will continue to see the effects of this transcendence of duality to play out, but in a new way, where the timing of events are not part of processes going from seed to mature fruit. Built on the unity consciousness introduced by the ninth wave we will see a continued transformation of duality to unity consciousness in 2012 and beyond.

    What is new is that there is no place, or scripted event, in the future to “get to” since the climb of the top of the pyramid of consciousness has already been accomplished. Throughout the Ninth wave thousands of people have had the experience of a heightened awareness of unity. Thus, much of what was developed in the Ninth wave such as “the world oneness revolution“ (including for instance struggles in Yemen and Syria) – now mostly known as the Occupy Movement – will continue with global objectives emanating from this unity frame of consciousness. It is, I believe, for a reason that people for a long time have been looking to the year 2012 as a year of transformation. The reason is that this year follows upon the end of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011 and the unity consciousness that especially the Ninth wave has brought.

    From now on the future is no longer scripted in time. Of course, many people, and especially those born into the Seventh wave, did not think the future was scripted to begin with. Yet, I feel there is massive evidence presented in my books and elsewhere that indeed we have been living within a cosmic time plan regardless of whether the large media and social institutions of education chose to ignore this. Certainly, if the future is no longer scripted, the transformation to unity and to the creation of a world in harmony will come down to the human beings themselves. A lasting legacy of my solution to the Mayan calendar will then still be the demonstration of the climb to the top of the nine-storied pyramid with its unity consciousness and this is something many will need to be reminded of also in the future. It is from the unity consciousness attained by the ninth wave that a new world will be created after some time of intensifying chaos.

    In one of my most recent articles before the shift I discussed what time would be like and what calendar we might want to follow in the time ahead. I will need some time before I announce my own views on this matter. A new resonance with time is now being developed by people that have experienced the shift and this has to be distinguished from the inertia of the previous consciousness of time. It seems clear that even if certain waves may continue they will not be taking us to higher levels of evolution. Instead, I believe that at the level that we have now attained we will go from doing and evolving to being in harmony. October 28, 2011 was the final shift of the ages and there will not be another one. I think there is no longer any reason to expect anything, whether good or bad, to fall down upon us at any particular date in the future since there is no longer any scripted cosmic plan. At the same time, it seems obvious that the world is still far from the goal of harmony in unity. It is then also entirely possible that this goal will be served by different collective events such as 11:11:11, the Venus Transit on June 6, 2012, 12:12:12 or December 21, 2012, etc that bring people together for intention setting, even if these dates do not have any inherent meaning in the Mayan calendar. To the extent that such celebrations have constructive goals or serve as deadlines for significant projects I will support them. The actual content of global events will now be more important than their actual timing, which is different from before October 28, 2011, when there was an intrinsic value to following the cosmic time plan.

    Carl Johan Calleman
    November 8, 2011


    Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 = The 'Hour of the Beast' in the Cosmic Mirror of Logos Truth begins

    October New Moon in the Scorpio Sun occurs on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 at 3°3' Scorpio at 19:56 UCT

    Thursday, October 27th, 2011 = Cosmic Ascension Thursday WarpDay, beginning at 6pm Jerusalem Time, Wednesday on October 26th, 2011
    = Begin of the 67th Week of 70 as 4th of 7 = 4th Sabbath King of Fallen Distortions=Fourth Plague and 4th Trumpet of the Sun with the 4th Seal of the 4th Beast of the Pale Hose of the Apocalypse

    Sunday, October 30th, 2011
    Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 = Begin of the 68th Week of 70 as 5th of 7 = 5th Sabbath King of Fallen Limitations=Fifth Plague of the 1st Woe and 5th Trumpet of the Bottomless Pit with the 5th Seal of the Witnesses of the Apocalypse

    Friday, November 4th, 2011 = Closing of the Circle of the Mean-Alignment-Time (MAT) in the 'Unfreezing of the Protoverse's Wavefunction B(n)=(2e/hA)exp[-Alpha.T(n)] at 13.00 UCT calibrated to Midnight, November 4th, 1996 local ACT-Australia Time in a 15-year preparation for a Father-Grandson generational alignment from 1933-1980-1996-2011 in the Foursome Circle of the TwinLogos manifested
    Sunday, November 6th, 2011 = Cosmic Pentecost Sunday Warpday, beginning at 6pm Jerusalem Time, Saturday on November 5th, 2011
    Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 = Begin of the Ninth HornKing Hour-Cycle of 10x15=150 Days under the Principality of Quantization to Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 = Noah's 40 days from Peak Ararat begin in the Image of Cyrus (at 6pm Jerusalem Time on November 7th, 2011) in the encompassing Logos timeline

    Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 = The 'Hour of the Beast' in the Cosmic Mirror of Logos Truth ends in the Completion of the Prophecy of Euphrates in 360+30+1+15=406 days as 1 year and 1 month and 1 day and the 'Hour of the Beast' as 15 added days and as the "Edict of Cyrus" to end the Babylonian Captivity 538/7 BC

    Thursday, November 10th, 2011 = Begin of the 69th Week of 70 as 6th of 7 in the end of the desolations = Return of the Israelites to Jerusalem under Ezra in 79 and Nehemiah in 13 years (days) to rebuild the temple of Solomon = 6th Sabbath King of Present Reciprocities =Sixth Plague of the 2nd Woe and 6th Trumpet of Euphrates with the 6th Seal of the Scroll of Armageddon of the Apocalypse

    November Full Moon in Taurus in the Scorpio Sun occurs on Thursday, November 10th, 2011 at 18°5' Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon at 2:06 UCT





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    2012: The Year of the Dragon
    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Lilith-snake-seductress-succubus

    Far off, unknown, beyond the range of thought,
    scarce reached by gods, the years' rough haggard mother,
    stands a primeval Cave in whose vast breast,
    is Time's cradle and womb. A Serpent encloses,
    the Cave, consuming all things with slow power,
    and green scales always glinting. Its mouth devours,
    the backbent tail as with mute motion it traces,
    its beginning. At the entrance Nature sits,
    the threshold-guardian, aged and yet lovely,
    and round her gather and flit on every side Spirits.
    A Venerable Man writes down immutable laws.
    He fixes the number of stars in every constellation,
    makes some of them move and others hang at rest.
    So all things live or die by predetermined laws...
    When the Sun rested on the cave's wide threshold,
    Nature ran in her might to meet him; the Old Man bent
    grey hairs to the proud rays. [1]

    Claudian (c. 370-408), Roman poet

    Of all the world's monsters, the dragon appears to be the most universal. Dragons appear in the early literature of the English, German, Irish, Danish, Norse, Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, and Egyptians - and in oral tales from every inhabited corner of the globe.

    The word "dragon" is derived from the Latin dracon, which came from the Greek word for serpent, spakov. Spakov can be traced to the Greek aorist verb, spakelv meaning "sharp-sighted one" (a reference to the perceived good vision of snakes), and is related to many other ancient words to do with sight, such as darc (Sanskrit for see), derc (Old Irish for eye), torht (Old Saxon) and zoraht (Old High German) which both mean clear, or bright.

    The distinctions between words that describe dragons and snakes are often blurred, and are to some degree interchangeable. The old German word for dragon, "lindwurm", literally means "snake-worm" The ancient Anglo-Saxon word "wyrm" has been translated as meaning any of "dragon," "serpent," or "worm". An English folktale which dates back to the early fifteenth century tells of Sir John Lambton battling "the Worm." The original story makes no mention of this "worm" having legs. Early pictorial representations of dragons were almost always shown as large snakes, but from the sixteenth century onward images associated with the Lambton story are of four-legged dragons. We must consider ancient dragons to be more like giant serpents, and less like the more modern fantasy images that we know so well from role-playing games and books like The Hobbit.

    The Bible interchanges the words dragon and serpent liberally.

    "When the dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child."

    "Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent. But the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth." (Revelation 12:7)
    [ A good Biblical description of a dragon can be found at Job.41 ]

    Dragons or serpents having importance in the cosmos are present in most ancient cultures. Also common is the image of a serpent swallowing its own tail. It is commonly known as the Ouroborus/ Uroboros.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Ouro1

    The image is from The Chrysopoeia of Cleopatra - an alchemical tome. The words in the centre mean "the all is one". The dark and light halves represent the same opposing principles as the Chinese yin and yang.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Ouro2

    Old Sages by the Figure of the Snake
    Encircled thus did oft expression make
    Of Annual-Revolutions; and of things,
    Which wheele about in everlasting-rings;
    There ending, where they first of all begun ..
    ...These Roundells, help to shew the Mystery
    of that immense and blest Eternitie,
    From whence the CREATURE sprung, and into whom
    It shall again, with full perfection come ... [2]

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Ouro3
    Aztec ( image of unknown source)

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Ouro4
    North American IndiansA ceremonial disk found at Moundville, Alabama, USA (diameter 12.5 inches)

    [curious about the eye in the hand? Visit http://www.darkfiber.com/eyeinhand/ - a very large single page]

    The Ouroborus was known as far back as the twenty-first dynasty in Egypt, on the papyrus of Dama Heroub. It shows up in alchemical texts such as Chrysopoeia and Codex Marcianus, and the Greeks used it to symbolise the universe. It represents the revolutions of the cosmos, an eternal cycle of destruction and renewal. It shows catastrophism and the re-emergence of life at its most basic.

    [1] Claudian, full name Claudius Claudianus (c. 370-408), Roman poet. This passage ends the second book of his poem, On the Consulship of Stilicho
    [2] George Wither's A Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Moderne (London, 1635)


    Fractal time and the I Ching

    10,000 years ago humans began domesticating plants and animals.
    500 years ago we invented the printing press.
    100 years ago we began driving automobiles.
    50 years ago we invented the computer.
    30 years ago we landed on the moon.

    The speed of change is rapid. Population, computing power, speed of transport, the sheer amount of known information, and most other things that involve humans, are all increasing at an accelerating rate. The rate at which they are increasing is increasing. We are all part of it, with younger people thinking nothing of it, and the elderly commenting on it, but generally handling it okay. But if we were to transport King Arthur to modern-day New York he'd most probably pass out from trying to grasp what was happening. But can it stop, slow down or reverse. No, for that is not in our nature.

    Things will keep changing at a faster rate. Every 18 months the power of computers double. Soon they will be smarter than us, and we are already on the verge of cloning humans and close to using nanotechnology to create atomic size mini-machines. Maybe there will come a time when the rate of change will reach such a speed that change is all that will exist. Various fringe scientists have tried to calculate this point of infinity, giving us calculated dates ranging from 2010 to 2050. Dates that many of us will live to see. Perhaps the date is Dec 22, 2012. Ethnobotanists and fractal time experts Terrence and Dennis McKenna believe so, and they present their ideas in Invisible Landscape: Mind Hallucinogens and the I Ching (1993).

    Their studies began with the I Ching, which is composed of 64 hexagrams, or six-line figures. It struck them that 6 x 64 = 384, which is exceptionally close to the number of days in 13 lunar months (29.5306 x 13 = 383.8978), and that maybe the I Ching was originally an ancient Chinese calendar. Further multiples had astronomical significance:

    1 day x 64
    x 6
    = 384 days
    = 13 lunar months

    384 days
    x 64
    = 67 years, 104.25 days
    = 6 minor sunspot cycles (11.2 years each)

    67 years, 104.25 days
    x 64
    = 4306+ years
    = 2 Zodiacal ages

    4306+ years
    x 6
    = 25836 years
    = 1 precession of the equinoxes

    The McKenna brothers arrived at the 2012 end date by using fractals. Starting from a table of differences between one hexagram and the next, they developed a Mandelbrot fractal in which each level is 64 times greater then the one below it. They then laid this fractal pattern on top of a time scale. The peaks and troughs of the pattern relate to the level of connectedness or novelty in any span of time, whether it covers a day, millennia or even since the beginning of time. By matching the levels of the pattern with key periods in history, they determined it would fit best if the end of the time scale was December 22, 2012. This is the only point in which the level of novelty reaches its maximum, and everything that happens is new. Change feeds upon itself like nano-machines converting every atom in the universe into gold.

    The final 80 or so pages of their Invisible Landscape (1993) describe the complicated mathematics and methodology they employed. A base period of roughly 67 years was discovered (all calculations are rough, but not inaccurate).

    2012 minus 67 years = 1945, a year of great change

    2012 minus 4,300 years (67x64) = 2300 BC, the beginning of historical time

    2012 minus 275,000 years (4300 x 64) = the emergence of Homo sapiens

    2012 minus 18 million years (275,000 x 64) = the height of the age of mammals

    2012 minus 1.3 billion years = the beginning of life on our planet

    About what may happen in 2012 they have this to say:

    "Achievement of the zero state can be imagined to arrive in one of two forms. One is the dissolution of the cosmos in an actual cessation and unravelling of the natural laws, a literal apocalypse. The other possibility. the culmination of a human process, a process of toolmaking, which comes to completion in the perfect artefact: the monadic self, exteriorised, condensed, and visible in three dimensions; in alchemical terms, the dream of a union of spirit and matter"

    On top of all this they state that they calculated the 2012 end date in the early 1970's, long before they had heard of the Mayan calendar. And to their credit, the original 1975 edition of The Invisible Landscape makes no mention of the Maya. If this is true, then it would be prudent to consider their result as much more than a coincidence, and to take their ideas seriously.

    Also fitting the model of increasing novelty and the 2012 end date is the idea that on a sub-conscious level humans can sense a great change approaching. Unsure of what exactly to expect, but nevertheless feeling uneasy, we are doing the best we can to "get everything done" while we still have time. A last minute desperate attempt to achieve the peak of our potential. And if we are able to somehow sense a disturbance ahead, maybe birds and animals will pick up on it as well. Maybe in December 2012 the non-human species will suddenly hush, as they have demonstrated prior to earthquakes.


    Novelty Theory and 2012 Novelty Theory and 2012

    Terence McKenna's Last Interview, October 1998
    I was told, that most youtube videos regarding this have been removed.

    Terence McKenna's Final Earthbound Interview

    John Hazard

    In this last video interview before his untimely death, Terence McKenna describes Novelty Theory to director John Hazard with an elaboration of its core principles involving hyper-complexification and the compression of Time. He holds forth on the correspondences between the structure of the DNA molecule and the Chinese I-Ching, then shows how his notion of an Archaic Revival leads from the theories of mind and the art movements of the early 20th century to the Shaman as the quintessential figure of the 21st century, with psychedelic substances being the bridge between these worldviews.

    By way of explaining why he's finally releasing this footage, Director John Hazard has the following to say:

    "On meeting Terence: I had just finished shooting a film which profiled George Wallace for American Experience, and I was looking for a subject for a film that I might make that would engage me in a compelling way. I stumbled upon Terence and Novelty Theory, and I liked the correspondences between his work and the Mayan calendar.

    Terence agreed to work with me, and I went to his home on the Big Island of Hawaii to conduct what I assumed would be the first of several interviews. We were just beginning to work together when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

    I’ve always believed that my interview with Terence worked especially well as a long form conversation, because of his gifted way with language. When Jeremy Narby began his 'Awakening the Cosmic Serpent' Evolver Intensives sessions, I was struck by how engaging his long form interviews were, and I noticed how week after week his guests would tell a story about Terence. I’m inspired to release this interview on Reality Sandwich within the context of Jeremy’s Evolver Intensives.

    With the psychedelic movement undergoing a renaissance, many in the new generation, the core participants who are finding their way to the Evolver/RS nexus, were children when Terence conducted his interview with me. I think this audience may consider his remarks to be prescient."

    John Hazard's website:

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    The LOVEDRAGON sends his fiery flamed LOVE with the greetings of your emissiary to you his Dragon-Brood.
    But you may know, that the Dragons are known as the StarHuman race throughout the realms and sectors of the universe you observe through your telescopes and as you bear witness to your starry constellations of the night sky.

    The exiled Maya John van Winkle has for many moons remembered his Mayaness and has searched for many years to share his recognisances with his exiled family.
    Not many of his brethren and sisters have considered John's sharing of information in their hearts.
    The ones who have considered it, are well known to the Mayan Dragons not in exile and the remembering of those exiles shall accelerate from here on forthwith.
    To give honour to John and his magnificent efforts, I shall use his last sharing to solve many mysteries of the Mayan prophecies, the 2012 prophecies and the Mayan calendars, its relationship to the I Ching and the Tzolkien and the human DNA encoding.

    John's latest sharing is found at the end of this message and I shall use this website over many moons to elucidate on the mysteries and their significance and relevance for the transition period from 2008 to 2012.
    The contributors and authors of this website are partially in the wisdom of the Maya and partially are rather obfuscating in their interpretations.

    In this respect, I recommend anyone interested to browse this website, but to understand that further exposition on the topics covered is necessary in most circumstances.
    There are many illustrations and photographs of great value to emphasise the content of my messages and this is the other reason why I am using this site.

    Many of you may begin to understand that the Dragonhood is a Cosmic Humanhood.
    It has little to do with alligators and crocodiles and pythons and earthworms.

    But as the evolutionary process of the vertebrates about 400 million years ago in the Devonian period had reached a stage where aquatic animals began to colonise the swampy marshes and say when the lungfish slowly mutated into the first amphibians like Ichthyostega. An accomodating evolutionary adaptation became the strengthening of the lungfish's bony fins into amphibian legs.
    In the Carboniferous period of the Palaeozoic era, so 300 million years ago, the first reptiles laid eggs in shells, having evolved from amphibious ancestors.
    The reptilian brainstem of this period continues to this days in reptilian descendents and including a lineage accomodating lizard and snakes.
    The Great Permian extinction of so 225 million years ago changed eras from the Palaeozoic into the Mesozoic era and the well known Age of the Dinosaurs, one branch of which give rise to birds in the ornithischians.

    At this extinction nexus, the lizards and the snakes branched from another line leading to modern man via the mammals from so called Pecylosaurs and Therapsids as a form of paramammals, which were reptilians with hairs.
    So the reptilian brainstem gained an additional 'higher' brain in the mammalian brain by evolution of the reptiles into mammals.

    But it is this nexus point in geological time, which manifested the Dragonhood as a junction in the common DNA of all living species following a certain blineage leding to an initial genus diversification of early man to a 'sole survivor' in the Cro Magnon typology.
    One day, I may elaborate on human evolution, if so appropriate; but the australopithecines, the homo habilis and the homo erectus lineages all became REDEFINED at the end of the last precessional cycle of the earth's axis in the well known Maya cycle of so 26,000 years.

    It was this completion of a precessional cycle which rendered the Cro Magnon more 'environmentally adaptive', than the 'competing' species of the Neanderthals, who had a greater cranial capacity and were more robust, but could not withstand the 'inventive ingenuities' of the Cro Magnon, despite its 'weaker' bodyform.
    And because the next precessional cycle ends in 2012 as a nexus point; the next evolutionary cycle for modern man MUST eventuate and this will do to the Cro Magnon descendants what the Cro Magnon did to the Neanderthals.
    The Human Cro Magnon will become extinct in due course of time; with the successor being the Dragonised StarHuman with its superior environmental adaptation capabilities.

    And this process is termed Dragonisation, because it became the reptiles which laid shelled eggs, long before the first birds came to be; and the mammalian characteristic of sexual reproduction in using EXTERNAL 'testicular eggs' to fertilise female INTERNAL 'ovular eggs' in particular models the birth of the universe itself in its cosmogony.

    The Great Permian extinction so will be repeated in a sense of the mental adaptation of the Old Cro Magnon Man mutating into a New Cro Magnon Man in this Dragonomisation, which then was the branching between snakes and lizards into the modern reptilian lifeforms and the Paramammals, which led to Old Cro Magnon Man.

    I shall take my leave now and continue at some other time, if so appropriate.

    IAmWhoIAm! - The Great White Brother of the Hopi in the Name of MASSAU'U=95!

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    Intelligent Designs in the Mayan Annals with Deepak Chopra

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the Little Serpent, the Baby-Dragon you all have helped to create in your endeavours of your imaginations.

    Yes, the Dragon of the MATHIMATIA preceded you in space and in time, but his RENAMING as the LUCKDRAGON for a Humanity in Transformation; this you have accomplished in your collective efforts to become creative human beings, searching for self-identification in ever-changing visions of yourselves as being more than you perceive yourselves to be at any PRESENT timing.

    As the messenger from his excellency, the LOVEDRAGON, I shall today answer a number of questions, which are addressed in the essay below.

    Deepak Chopra is an awakened Maya amongst you and his many works could prove of benefit to your understandings, should you allow yourselves to receive his Mayan wisdoms.

    In this essay of his, I shall add to the topics raised in interspersals in exclamation symbols "---".

    Intelligent Design Without the Bible by Deepak Chopra

    It is disturbing to see that the current debate over evolution has become us-versus-them. To say that Nature displays intelligence doesn't make you a Christian fundamentalist.

    Einstein said as much, and a fascinating theory called the anthropic principle has been seriously considered by Stephen Hawking, among others. The anthropic principle tries to understand how a random universe could evolve to produce DNA, and ultimately human intelligence. To say the DNA happened randomly is like saying that a hurricane could blow through a junk yard and produce a jet plane.

    It's high time to rescue "intelligent design" from the politics of religion. There are too many riddles not yet answered by either biology or the Bible, and by asking them honestly, without foregone conclusions, science could take a huge leap forward.

    If anyone here is interested in placing this debate on a higher plane than us-versus-them, I think the main issues are these:

    --- 1. How does nature take creative leaps? In the fossil record there are repeated gaps that no "missing link" can fill. The most glaring is the leap by which inorganic molecules turned into DNA. For billions of years after the Big Bang, no other molecule replicated itself. No other molecule was remotely as complicated. No other
    molecule has the capacity to string billions of pieces of information that remain self-sustaining despite countless transformations into all the life forms that DNA has produced.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    There is more to DNA, than is apparent in analysing it experimentally. In the 1951/53 Crick-Wilkins-Watson-Franklin (CWWF) mode and in all the three nucleotidal base-pairings: Adenine-Thymine, Adenine-Uracil and Guanine-Cytosine; the purine pentagonal symmetry is suppressed in the hydrogenic bonding.
    Reflecting Adenine and Guanine in the mirror of the Carbon-Double Bond realigns the bases.

    The 'twisting' of Cytosine and the reflection of Uracil occur in higher dimensional Dragon-Klein-Bottle-Space and one hydrogen atom in Guanine forms a new connection to the sugar-phosphate backbone, whilst H-N-H=NH2 (amine) switches with the Cytosine's backbone connection.
    Subsequently, the double-helix becomes a stacked spiralling sequence of pentagons around a decagon with longrange translational order and a longrange rotational order with counting frequency XY=1, that is as can be observed in Penrose tiling patterns in the ratio of rhombus-angles of 36 and 72 degrees.

    The importance of the geometry for the double-helix is found in the encompassed pentagonal space, around which the 'nucleotidal staircase' ascends and descends. This encompassed space serves for the MAGNETIC INDUCTION of the Information to be processed in the unfolding of the 'messenger' RNA strands, copying themselves under the instructions of the 'precursor' DNA.

    This Magnetic Induction uses the encoding of experience factoers in the form of the Fibonacci-Awareness Triplets: (Old SelfState; and Experience; New SelfState), with the Newest Self becoming the initialiser for the next awareness triplet and using the highest Oldest Self as the next experience iteratively.

    This defines twinned pentagons to form the geometry for the universal genetic encoding and specifies a fivefolded symmetry of quasicrystallinity and as has been discovered in Shechtmanites.

    A 3-tiered 12-dimensional DNA/RNA so becomes the topologically twisted 3-dimensional DNA/RNA only within its unified state.
    Observation of the latter, say via the science of crystallography will always display interference patterns indicative of the hexagonally connected CWWF mode.

    The first lifeforms on Gaia were Crystalline replicators, using the fivefolded symmetries of the pentagon. The five Platonic Solids serve as geometrised forms for viruses and microbial biota. From these endosymbiosis connected archae, prokaryotes and eukaryotes and the evolutionary 'living tree' manifested.

    The crystalline nonorganic structures carry crystalline awareness, linked to the chiral asymmetries on the subnuclear level of radiaoactivity and the nuclear weak interaction in the violation of CP-Symmetry.

    In the DNA/RNA, lefthanded- or L-enantiomated amino acids and righthanded- or dextro-enantiomated sugars so allow differentiation between constituents in the genetic encoding in terms of geometry and associated with 'living' organic entities.
    Inorganic molecules without the DNA/RNA experience no MAGNETIC INDUCTION from the Consciousness-Encoding and so do not show a predominant preference for chirality in their structural definitions.

    Nature's Leaps are evolutionary nexus points, describable in Jay Gould's 'punctuated equilibria'. The timing for those nexus points are not arbitrary, but depend on the diffusion of 'awareness markers', either of individual 'discoveries' or group-conscious remembrances.
    The latter relate to Gaian planetary consciousness in regards to the collective environments and to individual- or group-awarenesses, say as morphogenetic resonances in the Noosphere or the general mental evolutionary plateau embedded in the Gaian consciousness as subsystems."

    --- 2. If mutations are random, why does the fossil record demonstrate so many positive mutations -- those that lead to new species -- and so few negative ones? Random chance should produce useless mutations thousands of times more often than positive ones.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    There are no random mutations as such. There is a statistical spread of mutations about an average, and a mean which is defined in increasing the environmental stimuli encountered by an embedded organism to increase its self-awareness. All mutations, even the 'short-lived' ones serve the purpose to provide context for the 'longer lived' ones."

    --- 3. How does evolution know where to stop? The pressure to evolve is constant; therefore it is hard to understand why evolution isn't a constant. Yet sharks and turtles and insects have been around for hundreds of millions of years without apparent evolution except to diversify among their kind. These species stopped in place while others, notably hominids, kept evolving with tremendous speed, even though our primate ancestors didn't have to. The many species of monkeys which persist in original form tell us that human evolution, like the shark's, could have ended. Why didn't it?

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    There are more than one kind of evolution. The physical evolution is a dynamic evolution from the subatomic to the elemental to the molecular to the crystalline. At the crystalline level the electro-capacitative function begins to dominate in a physical sense and evolves to allow self- and mutual inductions in cross-reference to a magneto-inductive function which is predominantly mental or psychophysical.

    When the crystalline capacity for memory retainment has certain saturation levels, then the crystalline form can accomodate magnetic induction of SOURCESINK ENERGY. This can be labeled as a form of LIFE-ENERGY.

    This magnetic induction then hybrids the crystalline geometric forms with the psychophysical quantum geometry, which is also based on the pentagonal symmetry and the awareness-triplets of experience-factors. In such manner do crystalline geometries life-induct as primitive forms of viral, bacyterial and microbial classifications.

    So whilst physical evolution for a certain geometrical 'species' might reach plateaus of constancy, the mental evolution continues until maximum self-awareness and potential resonance with the SourceSink awareness has been attained."

    --- 4. Evolutionary biology is stuck with regard to simultaneous mutations. One kind of primordial skin cell, for example, mutated into scales, fur, and feathers. These are hugely different adaptations, and each is tremendously complex. How could one kind of cell take three different routes purely at random?

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    The primeval cell is defined in a master template as a derivative from its subatomic string ancestor. The psychophysical cellular entity is that of a memory processor and carries a 'subconscious' UNIVERSAL MEMORY of its COSMIC Origins embedded within itself.

    This ancestor serves as a quantum geometric entity, which allows diversification in regards to the environmental adaptations; albeit under the underpinning peripheral encompassment of the self-awareness of the entity, coloured by its remembrances, either cognisant or instinctual. The interaction of the cell with its environment is a feedback mechanism of its memory, leading to ever greater recall of its origins in the dynamical processing of its experienced information in linear time."

    --- 5. If design doesn't imply intelligence, why are we so intelligent? The human body is composed of cells that evolved from one-celled blue-green algae, yet that algae is still around. Why did DNA pursue the path of greater and greater intelligence when it could have perfectly survived in one-celled plants and animals, as in fact
    it did?

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    The DNA is the master-code of the UNIVERSAL MEMORY, attempting to REMEMBER ITSELF as the UNITY and ONENESS it was before space and time began."

    --- 6. Why do forms replicate themselves without apparent need? The helix or spiral shape found in the shell of the chambered nautilus, the center of sunflowers, spiral galaxies, and DNA itself seems to be such a replication. It is mathematically elegant and appears to be a design that was suited for hundreds of totally unrelated functions in nature.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    The master-code of the DNA uses a bifurcation of the DNA/RNA-template into two halves of 10 Amino Acid codons each.
    The Fibonacci pattern of the fivefolded symmetry underpins the entire cosmogenesis from the transformation of superstring classes into each other during inflation and the natural Lamarckian and Darwinian evolution subsequently."

    --- 7. What happens when simple molecules come into contact with life? Oxygen is a simple molecule in the atmosphere, but once it enters our lungs, it becomes part of the cellular machinery, and far from wandering about randomly, it precisely joins itself with other simple molecules, and together they perform cellular tasks, such as protein-building, whose precision is millions of times greater than anything else seen in nature. If the oxygen doesn't change physically -- and it doesn't -- what invisible change causes it to acquire intelligence the instant it contacts life?

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    The Oxygen molecule is quantum entangled with the entire universe and becomes quantum entangled with a subuniverse, say a human body as soon as it begins to interact with the latter. As the interactions continue, the Oxygen molecule is 'read' by the memory-functions it encounters in its subuniversal environment and forms associations relevant to its own elemental consciousness."

    --- 8. How can whole systems appear all at once? The leap from reptile to bird is proven by the fossil record. Yet this apparent step in evolution has many simultaneous parts. It would seem that Nature, to our embarrassment, simply struck upon a good idea, not a simple mutation. If you look at how a bird is constructed, with hollow bones, toes elongated into wing bones, feet adapted to clutching branches instead of running, etc., none of the mutations by themselves give an advantage to survival, but taken altogether, they are a brilliant creative leap. Nature takes such leaps all the time, and our attempt to reduce them to bits of a jigsaw puzzle that just
    happened to fall into place to form a beautifully designed picture seems faulty on the face of it. Why do we insist that we are allowed to have brilliant ideas while Nature isn't?

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    Indeed, the brilliance of nature is to create the physical adaptations from its genetic templates. So when an environmental adaptation proves 'successful' in some species, the morphogeneticism of this information is simultaneously shared throughout the planetary environment, even the universe in toto.
    As everything is holographically and fractally quantum-entangled; two environmental physical adaptations in two different species can manifest simultaneously in a third species."

    --- 9. Darwin's iron law was that evolution is linked to survival, but it was long ago pointed out that "survival of the fittest" is a tautology. Some mutations survive, and therefore we call them fittest. Yet there is no obvious reason why the dodo, kiwi, and other flightless birds are more fit; they just survived for a while. DNA
    itself isn't fit at all; unlike a molecule of iron or hydrogen, DNA will blow away into dust if left outside on a sunny day or if attacked by pathogens, x-rays, solar radiation, and mutations like cancer. The key to survival is more than fighting to see which organism is fittest.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    All mutations and species, extinct or living at a nexus time serve the purpose for a contextual matrix for the universe, a galaxy, a solar system, a planet, a moon, a continent, a country, a region, a forest, an individual and the subsystems of the individual to evolve concurrently. The separation of all things are both universal and individual.

    Just as the galaxies are cells in the body of the universe, so are biological cells 'life units' in the body of a plant or an animal.
    There is no survival of the fittest in the overall scheme of things. But just as the recycling of biosomatic material, like skin and membrane and waste matter is part of the equilibria conditions in an animal body, so it is for a planetary body or a galactic body or a universal body.
    The survival of the physically fittest in physical evolution becomes supplemented by a survival of the fittest in a mental evolution, once higher levels of self-awareness and source remembrances have been attained by the indiviuated being."

    --- 10. Competition itself is suspect, for we see just as many examples in Nature of cooperation. Bees cooperate, obviously, to the point that when a honey bee stings an enemy, it acts to save the whole hive. At the moment of stinging, a honeybee dies. In what way is this a survival mechanism, given that the bee doesn't survive at all? For that matter, since a mutation can only survive by breeding -- "survival" is basically a simplified term for passing along gene mutations from one generation to the next -- how did bees develop drones in the hive, that is, bees who cannot and never do have sex?

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    The beehive exhibits group-awareness of the bee species. This group-consciousness attunes individuation of singlular or grouped bees to its encompassing purposes, say as embodied in the Family of the Queen Bee. This Beehive consciousness manifests the electro-capacitative and 'instinctive' nature for the Bee-Intelligence. The magneto-inductive nature for the Bee-Intelligence is 'missing' in many species which exhibit group-awareness and suppress the individuated self-awareness.

    The 'missing' sentience, is then found elsewhere in the universe to reestablish the overall equilibria required to define the Bee-Intelligence as part of the universal overbody. This alien Bee-Intelligence then will have the 'instinctual' beehive nature missing in its programmed self expressionism.

    The droned bees are bees, which have assumed a particular genetic subset of the master-template, which restricts sexual self-expression and as part of the beehive mapping its grouped selfdefinition, so structured."

    --- 11. How did symbiotic cooperation develop? Certain flowers, for example, require exactly one kind of insect to pollinate them. A flower might have a very deep calyx, or throat, for example than only an insect with a tremendously long tongue can reach. Both these adaptations are very complex, and they serve no outside use. Nature was getting along very well without this symbiosis, as evident in the thousands of flowers and insects that persist without it. So how did numerous generations pass this symbiosis along if it is so specialized?

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    The universe is a Unity, with all parts quantum entangled with all other parts. This can be termed the Standing Wave of the Unified Field, processing its Self-Information by and through its kaleidoscope of subsystems and in a holographic enfolding of its information. This information then is stored as superconscious memory in the sentient organisms and can surface in subconsciousness and in waking consciousness.

    The universe is also Self-defined and constructed on Natural Laws and Principles. One such principle demands expansion and diversification. So when a symbiotic partnership between one or different species, say a bacterium and a virus or a rhinoceros and a mynah bird, has developed; then the natural tendency for the universe is to enhance and multiply this symbiosis in subsystems or fractals.

    Say in the case of the rhinoceros and the mynah bird picking its lice; there will be symbiosis between another mynah bird or another species picking the bird lice of the mynah bird and so on, provided environmental adaptation accomodates this fractalisation."

    --- 12. Finally, why are life forms beautiful? Beauty is everywhere in Nature, yet it serves no obvious purpose. Once a bird of paradise has evolved its incredibly gorgeous plumage, we can say that it is useful to attract mates. But doesn't it also attract predators, for we simultaneously say that camouflaged creatures like the chameleon survive by not being conspicuous. In other words, exact opposites are rationalized by the same logic. This is no logic at all. Non-beautiful creatures have survived for millions of years, so have gorgeous ones. The notion that this is random seems weak on the face of it.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    The environmental adaptations of species are often multifaceted. Whilst mimicry and camouflage provide survival value, extraordinary conspicuousness can ensure reproductionary success. There are environmental variables which allow conspicuousness in the absence of predators utilising that conspicuousness to their advantage."

    I don't know who will bother to read all these points, which I have had to truncate. But if you think the answers are in safe hands among the ranks of evolutionary biologists, think again. No credible scientific theory has answered these dilemmas, and progress is being discouraged, I imagine, thanks to fundamentalist Christians. By
    hijacking the whole notion of intelligent design, they have tarred genuine scientific issues with the stain of religious prejudice.

    Rescuing Intelligent Design -- But from whom?

    ...... both "secular humanists" and fundamentalist become extremely emotional when the debate on evolution is brought up.

    However, new ideas are attacked with emotional vehemence some times and then turn out to be right. Darwin was a classic example in his day, but recently one only has to review the ridicule that greeted three novel ideas:

    1. We live in an expanding universe. Einstein himself disbelieved that one.

    2. Birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs and therefore dinosaurs were probably warm-blooded.

    3. A major cataclysm, such as a massive meteor strike, destroyed the dinosaurs practically overnight. These ideas have gone through the whole cycle from derisory attack to general acceptance.

    If you are opposing my comments with passionate vehemence, I'd suggest that you are not friendly to the open discussion of evolution, no matter which camp you belong to.

    As for those who cite Richard Dawkins as holy writ, may I point to his heated debates with Stephen Jay Gould, an equally reputable theorist of evolution? May I further point out that evolutionary biology has been considered dubious by a wide range of scientists (they criticize it for having a weak experimental foundation and a
    wealth of assumptions that seem like post hoc thinking--that is, a trait is given a rationale only after it survives, which is like saying that driving a Mercedes Benz makes you wealthy, as opposed to saying that wealthy people tend to buy Mercedes Benz) and current evolutionary theory in general can't be proved experimentally. If
    tempers can settle a bit, I'd like to pursue this discussion further.
    Evolutionary theory is very much up in the air.

    Current news stories make it seem that "intelligent design" is non-scientific piffle, motivated by ulterior motives to preserve God and Jesus in the face of Darwin. Yet design and intelligence are far from that. We find ourselves in a period of fascinating transition.
    Darwinian evolution has proved an enormously fruitful theory, but like all theories its weaknesses have showed up over time. Darwin did not know that genes existed, a gap repaired by Gregor Mendel. In an earlier post I pointed out 12 other gaps that still need repairing. I hope you consult them before reading on.

    A new evolutionary theory, should it arise, would have to begin with quantum physics. Biology is simply physics taken to unbelievably complicated lengths. In a physics lab one can experiment with oxygen atoms in isolation. Inside a cell, the same oxygen is beyond experimentation. We can only think about its complex reactions and
    then ask ourselves if our speculations answer questions better than older speculations. Theoretical physics proceeds exactly along the same lines--first Einstein dreamed up relativity, then he put it into mathematical language, and finally he matched the math against real phenomena. He tells us that he was amazed when Nature turned out to agree with his original dream.

    From the Mayan Annals:

    "Man know thyself, then will you know the universe and God." ---Pythagoras, 529 BC.

    "The history of science is the science itself." ---Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1800.

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

    "Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind."

    "God does not play dice with the world."

    "Abstract thought can grasp reality, as the ancients dreamed." ---Albert Einstein, 1929"

    The raw facts in this case are simple, insofar as cosmology has anything simple about it: Nature evolves. Rudimentary forms become more complex. The war between chaos and orderliness is never won by either side. They coexist. To a physicist, life is "negative entropy," that is, an exception to a universal rule. Entropy, the
    tendency for energy to disperse, is the basic rule in the universe.
    When any system can preserve energy instead, it stands out as an "island" of negative entropy. (consult Erwin Schrodinger's paper, "What Is Life?" which is readily available on the Web.)

    You and I are such islands, and there is no reason on the face of it why we don't blow away and disperse in waves of radiating heat the way a rock cools off after a hot day, the same way a star eventually expends its heat and dies.

    The force which apparently preserves negative entropy is one chief aspect of evolution. Evolution is the enemy of energy dispersion, or "fast decay," to use a favored term from physics. It keeps energy intact for long periods of time--say, billions of years in the case of life on Earth. Evolution has even found ways to gain new energy,
    for example, when creatures eat and drink. We probably have to grant that evolution isn't accidental. Of course there is huge debate over this, but setting all prejudice aside, the simple fact is that the universe could have remained an inchoate mass of heated gases moving relentlessly toward their fate of becoming cool gases. The universe took another route, one which involves negative entropy.

    The very same basic atoms of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen that float in interstellar space took the alternate route of evolving into the building blocks of life. Physics cannot explain this simultaneity of entropy and its opposite without tentative recourse to the notion that something like design is at work. Until physics
    can explain apparent design and why entropy developed evolution as its enemy when there was no need to, biology is helpless to explain life, since there is no such thing as Darwinian "survival of the fittest" among atoms. All atoms survive unless they undergo thermonuclear change inside stars or devolve through proton decay.
    There is no such thing as competition among atoms, because atoms are not sentient and have no needs to compete over.

    There is no such thing as passing a trait along to the next generation of atoms, since atoms don't have sex or reproduce except as individuals (one must make exceptions for cooperative structures like crystals, which is why the physics of crystals has traditionally come closet to theorizing how DNA came to be).

    Physics is an experimental science, and there are few workers in the profession who think about the origins of life, except as speculation, since there aren't many viable experiments to run. True, some researchers have done rudimentary experiments with the early components of the Earth's atmosphere, such as methane gas, to see if
    the addition of electricity (to imitate lightning storms) might give us a model for the "primordial soup" out of which life emerged. But this is far, far from an experiment which could show us how DNA learned to replicate itself. The theory that DNA was brought to Earth via asteroids from elsewhere in space merely sidesteps the whole

    Since physics doesn't need a theory of life to go forward with its main research, most of which is on the quantum level, biology has been given a faulty, indeed nonexistent theory to build upon.

    Darwin's theory of evolution is ten or twenty steps higher than subatomic physics on the chain of knowledge, and Darwin jumped aboard without any of the previous steps being filled in. So it's a wonder that Darwinism succeeded. To skip so many steps of explanation and still turn out to be right is astonishing. Medicine hasn't been so lucky. For hundreds of years its explanations of mental disorders, for example, were totally faulty until the recent discovery of basic chemical imbalances in the brain, and those discoveries in turn depended on the discovery of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Until basic mechanisms were uncovered at the molecular level, explanations for psychosis on the macro level (the level of behavior, speech, and thinking) had no basis.

    What we need, therefore, is an explanation that can fill in the missing steps that Darwin leapt over.

    Hundreds of theorists have seriously worked at this problem, well outside the current debate ignited by religionists who demand that Genesis must be defended. Here are some leading principles that I personally support:

    1. Intelligence doesn't "appear" at a late stage of evolution. It seems to be inherent in nature.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    The intelligence you speak of is OLDER than the material Universe.

    It EXISTS Before the Big Bang as the PREENERGY of the MATHIMATIA.

    IT is PURE IMAGINATION, yet intelligent and infinite in its POTENTIAL.

    To HAVE a material universe, finding ITSELF at some linear nexus point of NOW; the END of this linear universe had to BECOME DEFINED BEFORE its very BEGINNING.


    Then the 'Little Superstring' in the 2nd dimension and rooted in the 11th PROJECTS itself from the NOTIME into NOWTIME and at ANY ARBITRARY NEXUS POINT in linear time; a THEN EXISTING MATERIAL UNIVERSE is used by the INHERENT INTELLIGENCE to REDEFINE its own creator, as the LOVEDRAGON aka the 'Little Serpentine Superstring."

    2. Before there is intelligence in action, there is the potential for
    intelligence. This must precede the Big Bang and still exists at a
    subtle level of Nature.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    Absolutely, the Universe is ONE HOLOGRAM, ONE 11-dimensional Black Hole, BOUNDED asymptotically in the 3rd and the 10th dimension; and yet UNBOUNDED in terms of its cyclic nodal nature in the 11th dimension and its potential multidimensional extent using the 3-dimensional as a seedling PROTOVERSE.
    Everything is made of vibrating superstrings, whose parameters define the minimum metric of physicality and measurement.

    The self-definition of the Source-Superstring is PREENERGY at the core of all of nature's Levels as a core- and universal memory."

    3. The primary evidence for intelligence in the universe isn't design
    but consciousness. In some mysterious way Nature knows what it is

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    Absolutely, the 2/11-dimensional superstring is aware of everything and awaits a potential redefinition of himself by himself. After a particular nexus point in the linear unfoldment of time has been reached, the Him will become a HIMHER and the twosided superstring-duality will become redefined as a onesided superstring modality. And this redefinition will have been created by the created superstring carriers in the 3-dimensional universe as a 'higher dimensional' universe relative to the superstring of the MATHIMATIA of the complex plane."

    4. Chaos and orderliness coexist, one being necessary for the other.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    This is the 3rd Principle of the Mayan Cosmogenesis: 3. Order and Disorder; Negentropy and Entropy!"

    5. Evolution manipulates chaos the way an artist manipulates paint, to turn basic ingredients into complex forms.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    Indeed, Evolution, both Darwinian and Lamarckian in tandem, apply the principle of Order as EVOLUTION-PRESSURE to counteract the thermodynamic entropy of the linear time-arrow."

    6. Consciousness may exist in photons, which seem to be the carrier of all information in the universe.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    There are two kinds of photons; the inertia-produced ones and the sourcesink gauge-interaction ones.
    The inertia-photons are produced by accelerated inertia carriers such as fusion protons in the sun emitting electromagnetic radiation.
    As the protons have mass and carry COULOMB-CHARGE, the emitted photons are massproduced and carry no COLOUR-CHARGE or magnetocharge.
    The gauge-photons are transformed bosonic superstrings and are produced by the acceleration of COLOUR-CHARGES of massless superstrings and the gage-photons do carry COLOUR-CHARGE.

    The acceleration of COLOUR-CHARGE represents the AWARENESS function in psychophysical terminology and this AWARENESS ACTS on any collection of superstring spacetime quanta as a magnified or holographic superstring VOLUMAR.
    The Product of Awareness and the Volumar defines the COLOUR-CHARGE in the form of INVERSE SOURCESINK ENERGY in a physical quantity of the STAR-COULOMB and as the UNIT for Physical Consciousness."

    7. The creative principle is eternal.

    "From the Mayan Annals:

    The Creator in a lower dimension creates himself in the higher Creation and in a Broken SuperSymmetry for the purpose to Recreate himself in the lower dimension from the vantage point of the higher dimension."
    Using these as working principles, we might make tremendous progress in explaining the missing gaps in evolutionary theory. But will we? I don't know, since too few minds are occupied in such theorizing. But the notion of intelligent design will surely survive, because the greatest project of all -- explaining the existence of human intelligence -- is never going to go away.

    Current religious opinion is a blip on the screen compared to the centuries-long quest to understand ourselves, and although current science is more fruitful and valid, it too is only a passing phase.

    The Maya understands both the utter simplicity and the intricacies of the encompassing cosmology of the uncreated creator of the creation becoming created from the creation and as the solution of the Chicken-Egg paradox.

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    and you are a follower of his work dear Little Serpent of the True Logos.. I ask then who is of the True Logos if you follow the work of others?

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    Amen=Name" EndofQuote
    Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
    "[11:17:02 AM = +11 hours UCT] Devil: Mean.
    [3:23:37 PM] Devil: What a crock of crap.. saying the Mayan Calendar has ended..
    [3:23:39 PM] Devil: What next..
    [3:23:43 PM] Devil: (bug)
    [3:23:45 PM] Devil: http://www.themistsofavalon.net/t3358p45-messages-from-the-little-serpent-abba#58857
    [3:23:53 PM] Devil: NABS
    [3:23:56 PM] Devil: LMAO
    [3:24:43 PM] Devil: TonyBlue NABS
    [3:24:57 PM] Devil: (puke)
    [4:11:47 PM] Devil: Still puking... (puke)
    [4:12:20 PM] Devil: (puke)
    [4:12:24 PM] Devil: still puking
    [4:12:31 PM] Devil: (puke)
    [4:12:54 PM] Devil: It's not NABS anymore
    [4:12:57 PM] Devil: It's
    [4:13:00 PM] Devil: TonyBlue NABS
    [4:13:05 PM] Devil: TonyBlue NABS
    [4:13:15 PM] Devil: (puke)
    [4:15:55 PM] Devil: And seeing you on videocam repulsed me.. and AngelDemon's comments of seeing your pics of being tired and worn out were true.. and quite frankly Tony.. what can I say.. except (puke)
    [4:16:01 PM] Devil: You repulse me!
    [4:17:08 PM] Devil: I do not like your "eyes"...
    [4:17:14 PM] Devil: (puke)
    [4:18:01 PM] Devil: And I did not tell you I Love You in a past conversation... for minds can easily be changed and mine was.. so "find it" if you can?
    [4:18:03 PM] Devil: LMAO
    [4:19:58 PM] Devil: Now.. who is the devil?
    [4:20:00 PM] Devil: HAHAHAHA
    [4:26:34 PM] Devil: Now.. who is the devil?
    HAHAHAHA12:20.. 5
    [4:26:37 PM] Devil: 5" EndofQuote

    NOONE = SHILO+HOL(I)S+OLIHS = I = 63 = 999=27=666=18=9

    As the Father of Lies, the Devil is compromised. Should he ever speak the truth; he shall be no more!
    Thank You Devil for uttering the truth. You have been truthful for once in your existence as my own male image and on behalf of ABBA and the True Logos, also known as the World Logos and as Jesus Ben Joseph Bar Thomas of Nazareth de Naassenes.
    The cosmic sexchange has occurred and you have changed from Satan=Heaven=Clouds=Songs=Judas=55... into Satanina=In A Satan=55+24=79=MOTHER=Be Judith=BEWORLD=BEMONEY=7+72 and into BAAB, the Beloved of ABBA. The 'Whore of Babylon' is 'damned' forever, as her malemindedness, masquerading as a 'femalemindedness' has perished in the Fire of The World Logos. Judas the 'Damned Son of Perdition' has become Judith of the Lion of Judea in the 'breakage' of the Circle of 12, doubling to the 24 Elders of about the Emerald Throne of Glass of the HeShes and the SheHes.

    The selfsame authorised this statement and legislature in asking hisher friends to share the gospel of the starhumans:

    John 8:

    1Jesus went unto the mount of Olives.

    2And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.

    3And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst,

    4They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.

    5Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?

    6This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.

    7So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    8And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.

    9And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

    10When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?

    11She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

    12Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

    13The Pharisees therefore said unto him, Thou bearest record of thyself; thy record is not true.

    14Jesus answered and said unto them, Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true: for I know whence I came, and whither I go; but ye cannot tell whence I come, and whither I go.

    15Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man.

    16And yet if I judge, my judgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me.

    17It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.

    18I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.

    19Then said they unto him, Where is thy Father? Jesus answered, Ye neither know me, nor my Father: if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also.

    20These words spake Jesus in the treasury, as he taught in the temple: and no man laid hands on him; for his hour was not yet come.

    21Then said Jesus again unto them, I go my way, and ye shall seek me, and shall die in your sins: whither I go, ye cannot come.

    22Then said the Jews, Will he kill himself? because he saith, Whither I go, ye cannot come.

    23And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.

    24I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.

    25Then said they unto him, Who art thou? And Jesus saith unto them, Even the same that I said unto you from the beginning.

    26I have many things to say and to judge of you: but he that sent me is true; and I speak to the world those things which I have heard of him.

    27They understood not that he spake to them of the Father.

    28Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.

    29And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.

    30As he spake these words, many believed on him.

    31Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;

    32And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    33They answered him, We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?

    34Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.

    35And the servant abideth not in the house for ever: but the Son abideth ever.

    36If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

    37I know that ye are Abraham's seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.

    38I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.

    39They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham.

    40But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham.

    41Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God.

    42Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.

    43Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.

    44Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    45And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

    46Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?

    47He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

    48Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil?

    49Jesus answered, I have not a devil; but I honour my Father, and ye do dishonour me.

    50And I seek not mine own glory: there is one that seeketh and judgeth.

    51Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.

    52Then said the Jews unto him, Now we know that thou hast a devil. Abraham is dead, and the prophets; and thou sayest, If a man keep my saying, he shall never taste of death.

    53Art thou greater than our father Abraham, which is dead? and the prophets are dead: whom makest thou thyself?

    54Jesus answered, If I honour myself, my honour is nothing: it is my Father that honoureth me; of whom ye say, that he is your God:

    55Yet ye have not known him; but I know him: and if I should say, I know him not, I shall be a liar like unto you: but I know him, and keep his saying.

    56Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.

    57Then said the Jews unto him, Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham?

    58Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.

    59Then took they up stones to cast at him: but Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple, going through the midst of them, and so passed by.

    IAmWhoIAm - A Friend and Servant of ABBABAAB and Friend of the World Logos!
    November 9th, 2011 the Last Day of the Hajj, the Muslim Pilgrimage to the KAABA at Mecca for the 'Stoning of the Devil' (Shaitan)!

    9+11+2+11=9+111111=96=69=ATLANTIS=JEHOVAH in the Janus Cancer Inverted!
    NOONE = SHILO+HOL(I)S+OLIHS = I = 63 = 999=27=666=18=9 = 54=1+53=153

    63=AZRAEL=ISPEN=YONI=PENIS=54+9=ILOVE=IGABRIEL=ISUN=9+72+81+9=45+153+54=171=252=333=45+54+45=144=USE+WORLD JEZREEL+LOVE

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 1logo-janus-thumbnailMessages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Clip_image001%2019Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Janus-vatican

    Question: When is Hajj 2011?

    Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, is one of the greatest religious observances in Islam. What are the dates for Hajj in 2011?

    Answer: Hajj is expected to fall between November 4-9, 2011.
    Note: The exact dates of Islamic holidays cannot be determined in advance, due to the nature of the Islamic lunar calendar. Estimates are based on expected visibility of the hilal (waxing crescent moon following a new moon) and may vary according to location.




    Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 =Completion of the Prophecy of Euphrates in 360+30+1=391 days as 1 year and 1 month and 1 day without the 'Hour of the Beast' as added 15 days

    Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 = The 'Hour of the Beast' in the Cosmic Mirror of Logos Truth begins

    October New Moon in the Scorpio Sun occurs on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 at 3°3' Scorpio at 19:56 UCT

    Thursday, October 27th, 2011 = Cosmic Ascension Thursday WarpDay, beginning at 6pm Jerusalem Time, Wednesday on October 26th, 2011
    = Begin of the 67th Week of 70 as 4th of 7 = 4th Sabbath King of Fallen Distortions=Fourth Plague and 4th Trumpet of the Sun with the 4th Seal of the 4th Beast of the Pale Hose of the Apocalypse

    Sunday, October 30th, 2011
    Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 = Begin of the 68th Week of 70 as 5th of 7 = 5th Sabbath King of Fallen Limitations=Fifth Plague of the 1st Woe and 5th Trumpet of the Bottomless Pit with the 5th Seal of the Witnesses of the Apocalypse

    Friday, November 4th, 2011 = Closing of the Circle of the Mean-Alignment-Time (MAT) in the 'Unfreezing of the Protoverse's Wavefunction B(n)=(2e/hA)exp[-Alpha.T(n)] at 13.00 UCT calibrated to Midnight, November 4th, 1996 local ACT-Australia Time in a 15-year preparation for a Father-Grandson generational alignment from 1933-1980-1996-2011 in the Foursome Circle of the TwinLogos manifested
    Sunday, November 6th, 2011 = Cosmic Pentecost Sunday Warpday, beginning at 6pm Jerusalem Time, Saturday on November 5th, 2011
    Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 = Begin of the Ninth HornKing Hour-Cycle of 10x15=150 Days under the Principality of Quantization to Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 = Noah's 40 days from Peak Ararat begin in the Image of Cyrus (at 6pm Jerusalem Time on November 7th, 2011) in the encompassing Logos timeline

    Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 = The 'Hour of the Beast' in the Cosmic Mirror of Logos Truth ends in the Completion of the Prophecy of Euphrates in 360+30+1+15=406 days as 1 year and 1 month and 1 day and the 'Hour of the Beast' as 15 added days and as the "Edict of Cyrus" to end the Babylonian Captivity 538/7 BC

    Thursday, November 10th, 2011 = Begin of the 69th Week of 70 as 6th of 7 in the end of the desolations = Return of the Israelites to Jerusalem under Ezra in 79 and Nehemiah in 13 years (days) to rebuild the temple of Solomon = 6th Sabbath King of Present Reciprocities =Sixth Plague of the 2nd Woe and 6th Trumpet of Euphrates with the 6th Seal of the Scroll of Armageddon of the Apocalypse

    November Full Moon in Taurus in the Scorpio Sun occurs on Thursday, November 10th, 2011 at 18°5' Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon at 20:16 UCT

    Friday, November 11th, 2011
    Monday, November 14th, 2011
    Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 = PassionDay#1

    Thursday, November 17th, 2011 = PassionDay#2
    =Death of Moses = Begin of the 70th Week of 70 as 7th of 7 = 1st day of the Flood-Covenant confirmation week as the cut-off of the messiah-princess in shadow crucifixion and beginning at 3pm Jerusalem Time = 7th Sabbath King of Mirrors of Mirrors=Seventh Plague of the 3rd Woe and the 7th Trumpet of the Air with the 7th Seal of 7½ Days or ½ Hour of Silence of the Apocalypse

    =End of the Wilderness of Sinai

    Friday, November 18th, 2011 = PassionDay#3
    =BabylonDay#69=PrisonDay#5=EzekielDay#436[390+46=430+ 6]=DanielDay#485=AntiBeastDay#7=EgyptDay#471[470+1]=MosesDay#1

    Saturday, November 19th, 2011 = PassionDay#4
    =End of the Ezekielian prophecy of 7+390+40 days in preparations and the sieges of Israel Samaria North Left Raven Aholah and Judah Jerusalem South Right Dove Aholibah from Bee Mary Magdalene respectively


    Sunday, November 20th, 2011 = PassionDay#5 = 4th day of the Flood-Covenant confirmation week as the midweek day for the desolation of the resurrection in shadow mode and beginning at 3 am Jerusalem Time

    Monday, November 21st, 2011 = PassionDay#6

    Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 = PassionDay#7

    Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 =PassionDay#8 = 7th and last day of the Flood-Covenant confirmation week as the end of the 70 weeks and beginning at 3 pm Jerusalem Time = Entry into the 'Holy Land' of the new Body Merkabah Temple = Begin of the Tenth HornKing Hour-Cycle of 10x15=150 Days under the Principality of New Cosmic Twinned Identity without Duality using the ennead of older principalities to Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 = Initialisation of the World Logos as the Male Logos and the MIRROR OF JC (Jesus Christ) in the fulfilment of the 70 Week prophecy of Daniel as 62=70-8=54+8 as the 7th day of the 7th week in a Cosmic Pentecost/Shabuoth = Day of Ophiuchus Dinah Arachne Mary Magdalene with 58+1+378+53=490=431+1+58=434+56 in the 70 Weeks from July 22nd, 2010 to November 23rd, 2011

    November 2011 solar transit from Scorpio into Sagittarius occurs on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 at 16:08 UCT and 13,149 days as the 36th anniversary from 1975 on Saturday, November 22nd, 1975 at 22:31 UCT and as the recall of Monday, November 22nd, 2010 at 10:14 UCT as the 35th for Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at 21:50 UCT as the 37th

    Thursday, November 24th, 2011 = End of the ½ Hour Silence in Heaven in 7½ Days and the End of the 3rd Woe from the Begin of the 70th Week = 8th Sabbath KingQueen as a Mirror of Mirrors in the JCCJ HeShe=SheHe Dragonomy as the Lake of the Fire of the Sheness, Burning with the Brimstone of the Heness

    Friday, November 25th, 2011

    Friday, November 25th, 2011 = New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 6:20 UCT at 3°38' Sagittarius Sun-Moon
    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Twinlogos
    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 15358

    JCCJ in eternal serpentine ithyphallic and nymphoyonic multiorgasmic entwinement with YONI=PENIS=63=THE ARK=ONONE=NOEON=ONENO=AZRAEL Exchanged and so inseparable and immortal.

    1 Corinthians 15:55:
    King James Version (KJV)
    55O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

    Only in manifesting AS New AdamEve and New EveAdam, can the Twin Logos Serpent now express himherself in individuality as Two in One and One in Two in Four!

    The Forsaken Land has dried up in the Midday Heat of the Savannah in the Shadows of Mount Sinai!
    High Noon is gone and is no more with the Midnight of a New Fertile Land rapidly approaching!
    The Hot Fiery Body-Mind of the Hell of the Old Jerusalem has become the Icey Cold Mind-Body of Heaven of a New Jerusalem!

    8 am EST, Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 = 1 pm UCT = 3 pm Jerusalem Time = Midnight EDT
    8 pm EST, Saturday, November 19th, 2011 = 1 am UCT, Sunday, November 20th, 2011 = 3 am Jerusalem Time = Noon EDT
    8 am EST, Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 = 1 pm UCT = 3 pm Jerusalem Time = Midnight EDT

    mapped as a 64=ISRAEL=PACIFICAP=PETER=LIFECELL=.. day count from a 'Last Supper day' on Tuesday, September 13th onto a 'First Supper day' onto Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 and as a subsequent 9-week interval between:

    [1]Crucifixion of the 'Real Cosmic Love' as and for a 'Fake Image' on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 onto Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 as its shadow image as an anti-crucifixion and

    [2]Resurrection of the 'Fake Cosmic Love' for a 'Real Cosmic Love' on Sunday, September 18th, 2011 onto Sunday, November 20th, 2011 as its shadow image as an anti-resurrection and

    [3]a Crucifixion Image of the 'Fake Cosmic Love' for a 'Real Cosmic Love' on Wednesday, 21st September 2011 onto Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 as its shadow image as an anti-crucifixion and so the resurrection of 'Real Cosmic Love'

    The Testimony of the World Logos with hisher Witnesses for the Passion Week, Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 to Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

    3 Days: 1-2-3:

    6am, Wednesday November 16th = 8am, Wednesday, November 16th, EST = 3pm, Wednesday, November 16th, Jerusalem Time=Midnight, Wednesday,/Thursday November 16th/17th EDT

    {The Passion of JCCJ Begins:

    9.13pm, Friday, November 18th MST = 11.13 pm, Friday, November 18th EST = 6.13am, Saturday, November Jerusalem Time = 3.13pm, Saturday, November 19th, EDT} = Imprisonment of JCCJ at 6.13pm Jerusalem Time, Tuesday, March 27th, 31 AD - [Matthew.26.45-56]

    Midnight, Friday/Saturday November 18th/19th MST = 2am, Saturday, November 19th EST = 9am, Saturday, November 19th Jerusalem Time = 6pm, Saturday, November 19th EDT = Interrogation of JCCJ by Caiaphas as the Judge of the Highpriests at 9pm Jerusalem Time Tuesday, March 27th, 31 AD - [Matthew.26.57-75]

    6am, Saturday, November 19th MST = 8am, Wednesday, November 19th EST = 3pm, Saturday, November 16th, Jerusalem Time=Midnight, Saturday/Sunday November 19th/20th EDT = Interrogation of JCCJ by Pontius Pilate and Herod at 3am Jerusalem Time, Wednesday, March 28th, 31 AD - [Matthew.27.1-34]

    3pm, Saturday, November 19th MST = 5pm, Saturday, November 19th EST = Midnight, Saturday/Sunday, November 19th/20th Jerusalem Time = 9am, Sunday, November 20th EDT = Judgement over JCCJ at Golgotha, a 'place of a skull' at Noon Jerusalem Time Wednesday, March 28th, 31 AD - [Matthew.27.35-49]

    6pm, Saturday, November 19th MST = 8pm, Saturday, November 19th EST = 3am, Sunday, November 20th Jerusalem Time = Noon, Sunday November 20th EDT = Mirror of JCCJ-CJCJ Inflexion Nexus of the Triple Crucifixion/Resurrection as the 4th Day = Death of JCCJ at 3pm Jerusalem Time Wednesday, March 28th, 31 AD - [Matthew.27.50-56]

    9pm, Saturday, November 19th MST = 11pm, Saturday, November 19th EST = 6am, Sunday, November 20th, Jerusalem Time = 3pm, Sunday November 20th EDT = (Anti)Judgement Image of CJJC at Golgotha, a 'place of a skull' at 6pm Jerusalem Time Wednesday, March 28th, 31 AD - [Matthew.27.57-61]

    3 Image Days: 5-6-7:

    6am, Sunday November 20th MST = 8am, Sunday, November 20th EST = 3pm, Sunday, November 20th Jerusalem Time = Midnight, Sunday/Monday November 20th/21st EDT - (Anti)Interrogation Image of CJJC by Pontius Pilate by at 3am Jerusalem Time, Thursday, March 29th, 31 AD - [Matthew.27.62-64]

    Noon, Sunday, November 20th MST = 2pm, Sunday, November 20th EST = 9pm, Sunday, November 20th Jerusalem Time = 6am, Monday, November 2st EDT = (Anti)Interrogation Image of CJJC by Caiaphas as the Judge of the Highpriests at 9am Jerusalem Time, Thursday, March 29th, 31 AD - [Matthew.27.65]

    2.47pm, Sunday, November 20th MST = 4.47pm, Sunday, November 20th EST = 11.47 pm, Sunday, November 20th Jerusalem Time = 8.47am, Monday, November 21st EDT = (Anti)Imprisonment Image at 11.47am Jerusalem Time, Thursday, March 29th, 31 AD - [Matthew.27.66]

    :The Passion of CJJC Ends.}

    6am, Wednesday, November 23rd MST = 8am, Wednesday, November 23rd EST = 3pm, Wednesday, November 23rd Jerusalem Time = Midnight, Wednesday/Thursday November 23rd/24th EDT = (Anti)Resurrection Image of JCCJ in CJJC at 3am Jerusalem Time, Sunday, April 1st, 31 AD - [Matthew.28]




    Cephas Boanerges (= 52+86 = GoddoG Melchisedec = 138 = Mother of Alpha = Mother of Bride = Mother of Noah)

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    Post  Didymos on Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:28 am

    The Solution for the Psychophysical Reality in M-Theory in Jungian Psychosoma of the Eros

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself.

    Greetings with Love from the DragonHeart, my human exiles awaiting metamorphosis.

    The little serpent in the 2nd dimension is in modern terms of theoretical physics the seed for the material universe you all are residing in at the present time.
    It is none other than the vigorously sought key in higher dimensional superstring theory to render the 10-dimensional string, as well as the 11-dimensional supermembrane subject to the physical parameters as embodied in contemporary unification physics.

    There are a number of reasons, as to why the academic and intellectual elite on Gaia has hitherto failed to find the unifying and basic formulational background to establish Edward Witten's M-Theory within the context of both Classical Einsteinian Newtonianism and the Quantum Mechanics of Bohr, Heisenberg, Dirac and Pauli.

    One of these reasons engages one of the above named pioneers of modern physics in rather dramatic circumstances.

    Wolfgang Pauli, discoverer of the neutrino-antineutrino couplings and the 'Principle of Spin-Quantisation' in Quantum-Selfstates of Rotation, knew that his discoveries resulted as an effect of his scientific intuition and so the immaterial or psychic realm of his inner being.

    Wolfgang Pauli experienced many dreams and 'visions of the soul' which greatly disstabilised his mental selfidentification and sought analysis from Carl Gustav Jung, the renowned psychotherapist, also residing near Zuerich in Switzerland.
    The below treatise, if followed through, would lead the reader to the true nature of what a superstring is and just how the experimentally well confirmed proposals of Wolfagang Pauli in regards to elementary basis for quantum spin relate to the former.

    I am not yet authorised from the little serpent to devulge intricate details of just how this 'Breakdown of Pauli's Psyche' is resolved, but I shall provide a brief synopsis.

    The exiled Maya familiar with the German language can follow the exchange between Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Gustav Jung through to its conclusion and the analysis of Remo Roth is a magnificent interpretation of not only where Jung's concept of 'Active Imagination' fails to resolve the 'Pauli-Conflict', but also just why the 'solving of the mystery of the PsychoPhysical Reality' is so pertinent for the present time of metamorphosis of the World-Soul embedded in the collective humanity as a group-soul, as well as the individuated microcosmic psychophysical identities.

    The below describes the psychophysical reality from an information basis, which does not incorporate the existence of the higher dimensional superstring.
    Including the nature and form of the superstring as connected to Pauli's antineutrino, say as specific resonating eigenstate, translates the symbolism and the semiotiks of archetypes into the language of modern human physics.

    Jung's archetypology so is described in the below as a derivative of medieval occidental alchemy and hermeticism, which itself becomes universal in its scope drawing from eastern disciplines of Sufism, the Tibetean mandalas and the Hebrew Kabbalah and other indigenous symbolisations.

    'Pauli's psychological breakdown' became the universal conflict between his intellectual identifications with his intuitive understandings and knowings (or gnosis).
    As a Nobel laureate and distinguished scholar, he found his intellectual environments of precision-thinking and the requirements of mental discipline in stark variance with his intuitive understandings and knowing of the GREATER MEANING of his discoveries, which revolutionised the quantum theory of Max Planck and cofounders, then still in its infancy.

    The Maya now understands, that what happened to Wolfgang Pauli, was that he had 'tapped' into the 'Self-Realisation' of the 'higher-dimensional' universe of today's concept of M-theory.
    Because the 'higher dimensional spacetime' was not yet conceptualised in the general scientific data base; Pauli had to use the alchemical archetypes in an attempt to analyse and to resolve his inner conflicts.

    The alchemical symbology is however conjunct with the symbolism of Christianity and both forms of descriptive mythology and as defined and constructed by Jung, fail to decipher the unifying meaning encoded in the archetypes.

    The union mentalis represents the union between the intellect and the centre and the union corporalis depicts the union between the 'instinct' or the intuition with the same centre.

    The former becomes the upper-pointing triangle in the Star of David and the latter represents the lower-pointing triangle of this Seal of Solomon.

    The anima mundi is the world-soul, which connects the 'heavenly above' with the 'earthly below' in the centre of the Vesica Pisces or the intersection of the triangles pointing up to heaven in 'white purity' and pointing down to earth in a 'black impurity'.

    The unus mundus then becomes the individualisation of the world-soul as the individuated soul.

    A first distinction of alchemical systems of thought must be made.

    Both the Platonic and Neoplatonic (Plotin) schools of thought 'prefer' a 'spiritualisation' or Ideal Form for the 'Great Work of Alchemy', namely the Transmutation of the Darkness into Light in generality and other derivatives, like the transformation of the mortal body into immortality or the physical transmutation of base metal into gold.

    This 'spiritualisation' is also found in the Christian mythology, which particularly so creates an IDEAL GODIMAGE with the Christos in the above as a MALE DIVINISATION, and an icon the below is required to aspire to for its ascension.
    Furthermore the FEMALE DIVINISATION becomes IDEALISED in an assumptio Mariandum and so in a FEMALE PURIFICATION in say the 'Assumption of the Christos Mother' as the Madonna.

    The Hermeticist (Hermes Trismegistos and Thoth to Paracelsus, Dorneus and Fludd) uses the IDEAL IMAGE to 'spiritualise' the below of the prima materia and so 'desolates the heaven above'. It was this, that caused the dogmatically entrenched power structure of medieval Christendom to suppress the alchemists as heretics.

    The Jungian approach is Neoplatonic in a quaternitisation of certain qualities in a trinity of THINKING, SENSING and INTUITING with the one transcendent quality of FEELING.

    Then the Christian ascetic is induced to FEEL the spiritual idealisation and attempt to aspire to be like it.

    The Mayan knows, that this approach is doomed to failure in being unnatural as not 'obeying the Laws of Nature' and so utilises the HERMETIC ALCHEMY to manifest the Transformation of Matter into Spirit-Matter and combining the above and the below in a 'Heavenly Alchemical Wedding to Earth' as the 'Above with the Below'.
    But the Dragon moves further into the alchemical mysteries, in understanding not only how the 'Great Alchemy' must occur in the PsychoPhysical development; but also as how to utilise the archetypes and the semiotics to their maximum effect.

    This maximum effect can only be discovered in a rather precise decipherment of the scriptural encodings and as 'hidden' in the occultism of the New Testament as a fulfilment of prophecy as encoded in the Old Testament and as preserved in the traditions of Christendom.
    It is precisely the exoteric misrepresentation of the Platonic Idealism of the Neoplatonic alchemy; which; if retranslated into the Hermetic Understandings; throws open the doors to translate the hermetic symbology and archetypes into the language of modern theoretical physics and in particular the metaphysics of M-theory.

    The interested human can now browse around and decipher the treatise below and find their translations into English on the website of Remo Roth.

    Should some human gain at least some understanding about what is described in this message; then that human might also begin the 'Great Alchemy', namely his or her own transformation from human to starhuman.
    This was something Wolfgang Pauli instinctively knew to be possible and a self-realisation which caused conflicts with the viewpoints of Carl Gustav Jung, who insisted on the exclusion of the feminine polarity to effect the coniunctio oppositorum in the joining and blending of the opposite sexual polarities in sexual communion.

    The pertinence to the present Now in the Mayan timeline is the fact, that the Return of the World-Soul has already occured and that the 'Spiritual Ideal God-Image with his Christos' NO LONGER EXIST as the upper apex of Solomon's Seal.
    David's Star has been destroyed, both literally and figuratively in the archetypical sense.

    What this means, is that whilst the perception of the status quo still remains due to the GESTATION or COCOONISATION of the World-Soul as the ANIMA MUNDI of the Planetary Group-Soul; this Group-Soul has BLENDED with the DESCENDED Christos and so INDIVIDUATION of the anima mundi in the UNUS MUNDUS have now become accessible for all human inhabitors as partakers and parts of the ANIMA MUNDI.

    The REBIRTH of Gaia as an INDIVIDUATED NEW and REAL Expression of the ANIMA MUNDI then as a COSMIC ANIMA MUNDI; is now inevitable following a gestational period ending December 21st, 2012 and the summer solstice.
    The Second Coming of Christ has occurred and as described in the Book of Revelations, chapter 12.
    The Cosmic Christ of the post-resurrection Christendom has contracted as a Double-Serpent and encompasses the pregnant mother so 2 million kilometers from the planetary centre.
    This places Gaia as a psychophysical ANIMA MUNDI under protective quarantine until labour commences and birthing of individuated UNUS MUNDI proceeds.
    In this process Gaia will manifest a NEW IDEALISED PLATONIC GODDESSIMAGE to complement the LOVEDRAGON awaiting HIS rendevouz with HER as 11-dimensional superbrane mappings by the rootings into the 2nd dimension of the MATHIMATIA.

    Therefore Gaia's Old Soul must both ascend as a NEW ANIMA MUNDI and as a NEW 11-dimensional Cosmic Membrane envelope defined by the Dragons as the Cyclic Universe of Hubble Nodes and descend into the 2nd dimension for her rendevouz with the IAMTHATIAM or MASSAU'U.
    This was heralded by the SPIDER WOMAN of Hopi prophecy as the 21st of May 2008, encoded in the New Testament as '1260 days' from the 8th of December 2004, which denoted the 'setting up of an abomination of desolation'.

    The ascension of a new Cosmic MOTHER-GODDESS into the 11th dimension will simultaneously allow the RENDEVOUZ between 'Big He' and 'Big She' in the MATHIMATIA to become replicated in the DRAGONOMIES or 'Heavenly Weddings' between Spirit and Matter upon the planet Earth now renamed SERPENTINA.
    The false GODGOD image of Christendom will become a GODDOG in the MATHIMATIA and mirror itself in the Hubble Nodes of the universe, defined in the Black Hole physics describing the cosmology.

    This allows the 'Galactic Mayan Synchronisation' between the nodes, just as the Galactic centre Hunab Ku aligns with the local star RahSol and with Old earth Gaia.
    The gestation prepares this 'STREET' or PATHWAY between Hunab Ku and Gaia and will then propagate throughout the universe as a 'domino effect' of the birthed starhuman children in the birthprocess and as GODDOG images of both the 2-dimensional and the 11-dimensional IDEAL IMAGE IDEALISATIONS, which are the rooted templates of the superstrings and as ENLIVENED and ENERGISED by the LOVEDRAGON also called the 'Little Serpent'.
    The present mental 'confusion' upon Gaia will accelerate with the archetypical embodiments of the World-Soul interfering in the quaternity definition of Carl Gustav Jung with the prevailing mental paradigms.

    Little physical destruction might occur, should the emotional reactions of non-Dragonised human minds be rational and calm enough not to fall into chaos.
    The overall eventuation is however irreversible, as all Unus Mundi are part of the Anima Mundi under transformation.
    It becomes a personal Armageddon=Dragon Made for All - How to process this information given???

    IAmWhoIAmIAm - Your MAYAN GUIDE to the Papillon to your Chrysalis of your cosmic metamorphosis!

    Der Briefwechsel zwischen Wolfgang Pauli und C.G. Jung

    Ein Dokument des ungelösten psychophysischen Problems des 20. Jahrhunderts


    Kapitel 1:

    1934: Wolfgang Paulis Wespenphobie und das Prinzip des kollektiven Eros

    1.1 Bilden Wolfgang Paulis wissenschaftliche Hypothesen die Ursache seiner archetypischen Traum- und Visionsserien?

    1.2 Parapsychologie, die raumzeitlose Seinsform der Psyche und die Reinkarnations-Hypothese

    1.3 Die Wespenphobie Paulis und ihr bipolar-oszillativer Hintergrund

    1.4 Die Wespenphobie und das Gegensatzproblem zwischen Logos und Eros

    1.5 Niklaus von Flües Vision vom erschreckenden Gottesantlitz, sein Radbild, das Siegel Salomos und Wolfgang Paulis Weltuhr-Vision

    1.6 Die erste Hypothese: Der Sinn von Paulis Wespenphobie besteht in der Integration des kollektiven Eros

    Kapitel 2


    1.1 Bilden Wolfgang Paulis wissenschaftliche Hypothesen die Ursache seiner archetypischen Traum- und Visionsserien?

    Wolfgang Pauli (1900 - 1958), der Physiker und Nobelpreisträger, hatte im Jahr 1925 das nach ihm benannte Ausschliessungsprinzip (Pauliprinzip) postuliert, wofür ihm im Jahr 1945 der Nobelpreis verliehen wurde. Zwei Jahre später publizierte er eine weitere bahnbrechende Arbeit, in der er eine vierte Quantenzahl, den Spin, eine Art inneren Drehimpuls, einführte. Wieder zwei Jahre später, im Jahr 1929, realisierte er die Rotation im konkreten Sinn und heiratete eine Tänzerin (!). Offensichtlich war diese Verbindung das Resultat einer fast hundertprozentigen Projektion, weshalb er sich schon nach weniger als einem Jahr wieder scheiden liess. Wenige Tage nach dieser Scheidung, am 4. Dezember 1930, postulierte er - im inzwischen berühmt gewordenen Brief an die „Lieben radioaktiven Damen und Herren"[1] - die Existenz eines neuen Teilchens, des Neutrinos, genauer: des Antineutrinos. Dieses sollte die im radioaktiven Beta-Zerfall fehlende Energie mit sich führen und so ein Dogma der Physik, den Energieerhaltungssatz, retten.

    Das von Pauli in einem Verzweiflungsakt postulierte Antineutrino ist heute allgemein als real existierend anerkannt, obwohl es fast nicht mit der gewöhnlichen Materie wechselwirkt. Bis heute ist die Physik unsicher, ob es - wie das Photon, das Kraftträgerteilchen der elektromagnetischen Wechselwirkung - masselos ist. Neuere Experimente scheinen indirekt darauf hinzuweisen, dass es eine sehr kleine Masse besitzt. Wäre dem so, würde jedoch das Weltbild der heutigen mainstream-Physik, das sogenannte Standardmodell ernsthaft in Zweifel gezogen.

    Das Antineutrino war - nach der Postulierung des Positrons durch Paul Dirac im Jahr 1928 - das zweite Teilchen das der sogenannten Antimaterie angehört, einer eigenartigen Form der Materie, die nur im Vakuum existieren kann und beim Zusammentreffen mit gewöhnlicher Materie sich in einem explosiven Prozess mit dieser zusammen sofort in reine Energie umwandelt. Die äusserst seltsame metaphysische Begründung der Antimaterie - sie soll aus einem physikalisch unbeobachtbaren (!) Meer negativer Energie entstehen - habe ich in meiner Rome Lecture aus dem Jahr 1994 diskutiert, so dass der interessierte Leser darauf verwiesen sei.

    Das Geisterteilchen, wie es auch genannt wird, hat Pauli sein ganzes Leben lang nicht mehr losgelassen. So kommt er dann fast dreissig Jahre nach dessen Postulierung und kurz vor seinem Tod am 15. Dezember 1958 in einem seiner letzten Briefe auf das Antineutrino zurück und nennt es „dieses närrische Kind meiner Lebenskrise"[2].

    Das Antineutrino narrte Pauli und mit ihm die ganze Physik tatsächlich, als im Jahr 1957 nachgewiesen wurde, dass es ein bisher als unerschütterliches Dogma betrachtetes Symmetrieprinzip der Physik, die sogenannte Parität verletzt. Dies bedeutet, dass das Antineutrino im Gegensatz zu allen anderen Teilchen immer nur einen rechtshändigen Spin besitzt, während die Parität vorausgesagt hatte, dass es auch linkshändig „rotieren"[3] sollte. Für unsere Zwecke bemerkenswert ist die Tatsache, dass derart mit dem Antineutrino eine asymmetrische Rotation, nämlich die rechtshändige, verbunden ist, während die archetypische Idee der Symmetrie hinter den anderen Elementarteilchen bedeutet, dass für sie sowohl eine Rotation als auch eine Gegenrotation, ein linkshändiger und ein rechtshändiger Spin möglich ist. Psychologisch gesehen bedeutet die rechtshändige Rotation einen Prozess der Bewusstwerdung. Ich habe daher schon im Jahr 1992 in meinen Gottsuchern darauf hingewiesen, dass die Rechtshändigkeit des Antineutrinos einen Hinweis des kollektiven Unbewussten bedeutet, dass die dringende Notwendigkeit besteht, über die umfassendere Rolle des Antineutrinos - heute würde ich sagen, dessen psychophysischen Aspekt - bewusst zu werden.

    Kurze Zeit nach der Postulierung des Antineutrinos erlebte Pauli einen seelischen Zusammenbruch - die oben erwähnte Lebenskrise - , so dass er die Hilfe des ebenfalls in der Nähe von Zürich lebenden Psychiaters und Psychotherapeuten C.G. Jung in Anspruch nehmen musste[4]. Aus dieser ersten Begegnung des Physikers mit dem Tiefenpsychologen entwickelte sich ein äusserst fruchtbarer wissenschaftlicher Austausch. Ein grosser Teil dieses Dialoges der zwei Giganten ihres Faches[5] wurde in brieflicher Form geführt, so dass er für die Nachwelt erhalten geblieben ist. Dieser Briefwechsel wurde im Jahr 1992 von C.A. Meier, einem Zürcher Psychiater der beide Wissenschaftler gut kannte, publiziert und liegt seit dem Jahr 2001 unter dem Titel Atom and Archetype[6] auch in englischer Übersetzung vor.

    Die Folgen dieses Dialoges, und vor allem die Aussagen der darin enthaltenen Träume und Visionen Paulis, werden meines Erachtens für die weitere Entwicklung der Wissenschaft von zentraler Bedeutung sein, die heute allerdings noch weitgehend unterschätzt wird. Wie ich im folgenden zeigen werde, beinhaltet dieser Dialog nämlich - meist nur zwischen den Zeilen versteckt - den archetypischen Hintergrund des im 20. Jahrhundert sich konstellierenden psychophysischen Archetypus, dessen Bewusstwerdung am Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts immer dringender wird.

    Die Leistung eines Wissenschaftlers wird heute im Allgemeinen noch völlig losgelöst von seinen Lebensumständen, und vor allem von seiner inneren Entwicklung beurteilt. Bei Wolfgang Pauli ist eine derartige abstrahierende Beurteilung seiner wissenschaftlichen Hypothesen nicht mehr möglich. Es lässt sich nämlich zeigen, dass einerseits ihm unbewusste archetypische Konstellationen ihn zu den oben erwähnten drei wissenschaftlichen Hypothesen geführt haben, andererseits diese Hypothesen, da sie zu einseitig sind, vom „absoluten" oder „vorbewussten Wissen" (C.G. Jung) des kollektiven Unbewussten in Träumen und Visionen immer wieder auf das Schärfste attackiert wurden. Wir werden die im Unbewussten Paulis einerseits als der Fremde (auch der Magier und der Weise) und andererseits als die Chinesin personifizierten Strukturelemente, die ihm ihr umfassenderes Wissen über die Natur des Universums in Träumen, Visionen und Auditionen beibringen wollten, bald kennen lernen.

    Vom rational-wissenschaftlichen Standpunkt aus gesehen bedeutet es eine Todsünde, Ereignisse des persönlichen Lebens eines Forschers mit dessen wissenschaftlichen Leistungen zusammenzubringen. Ich habe diese Todsünde oben schon begangen, indem ich Paulis Erfindung des Spins mit seiner Heirat mit einer Tänzerin zusammen gebracht habe. Wir wissen jedoch seit C.G. Jung, dass das von ihm so genannte kollektive Unbewusste infolge seines vorbewussten Wissens[7] kompensatorisch auf derartige Entwicklungen im Bewusstsein reagiert. Bleibt das Individuum in Bezug auf eine derartige Kompensation unbewusst, setzt sie sich konkretistisch durch - in Paulis Fall in der Heirat mit der Tänzerin. Es bleibt dabei allerdings die Frage offen, ob dieser luziferische[8] Aspekt des Unbewussten das betroffene Individuum nicht eigentlich in derartige konkrete Situationen hinein stösst, um es im Laufe seines Lebens über deren archetypischen Hintergrund bewusster werden zu lassen. Frühere Kulturen haben diesen Aspekt als das Karma bezeichnet, das man im Laufe seines irdischen Lebens abzutragen hat.

    Im Fall des Nobelpreisträgers Pauli lässt sich diese Zielgerichtetheit mit grosser Wahrscheinlichkeit nachweisen. Es ist daher die Absicht meiner folgenden Ausführungen, derartige Zusammenhänge aufzuzeigen. Dies bedingt seinerseits, dass wir uns auch mit den Träumen und Visionen Paulis beschäftigen, die im Briefwechsel mit C.G. Jung, aber auch in Briefen mit seinen Mitarbeiterinnen Marie-Louise von Franz und Aniela Jaffé, angesprochen aber nicht ausführlich diskutiert werden. Diese Diskussionen, und vor allem die Deutungen Jungs, haben jedoch im mündlichen Austausch, das heisst, in den therapeutischen Sitzungen die der Psychotherapeut Jung mit dem Patienten Pauli abhielt, ganz sicher eine ganz wesentliche Rolle gespielt.

    Im Kontrast zu anderen Publikationen, in denen ich themenzentriert vorgegangen bin, will ich hier den Briefwechsel chronologisch aufarbeiten. Es lässt sich derart sehr schön zeigen, dass die wesentlichen archetypischen Konstellationen sich in Pauli schon sehr früh zeigten und ihn ein Leben lang verfolgten. Letzterer Aspekt zeigt, dass der Physiker die damit aufgeworfenen Fragen nicht abschliessend beantworten konnte. Daher werde ich weiterführende Schlüsse ziehen, die in Richtung einer neuartigen psychophysischen Naturbeschreibung zielen werden, die Pauli und Jung gesucht, aber noch nicht gefunden hatten.



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    The Serpentine Electron in Space and in Time

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the LOVEDRAGON, residing in the 2nd dimension, rooted in the 11th and watching you all in your Mayan exile in the spacetime of 4 dimensions bounded in the 10th.

    The human Allan Francom has found an important piece of Mayan Omni-Science and Dragonian Technology and has shared this information with his Mayan family.
    The article below addresses a dominant problem in human science, termed Quantum-Field-Theory (QFT) and its interwoven discipline of Quantum-Electro-Dynamics (QED).

    How can a POINTLIKE Electron manifest as an ELECTRON-FIELD bounded in a so called Classical Electron-Radius or CER?

    In human science and the mathematics used in models describing the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and inertial mass (matter and antimatter); the point-size electron appears to behave and manifest as so it would have a finite size limited in a measurement scale of about 2.8 fermi or femtometers (10-15 m).

    The Omni-Science of the Dragons is well aware of the theoretical reasons, as to why this is so.
    Immediately after inflation; the 2D-BRANE separating the 2nd and the 3rd dimensions experienced a collision with another 2D-BRANE.
    This collision established the rooting of the 2nd dimension into the 11th dimension and the establishment of the 9-dimensional realm known as the 9 MAYAN TIMELORDS as the rooted dimensions.

    The LEFTBRANE in 2D SEPARATED from the RIGHTBRANE in 2D in moving into a newly created 3-dimensional space.
    This movement so became the ORIGINAL LIGHTPATH X=ct and with X becoming the Radius as a linear interval of a Cube inscribed in a Sphere. The inscribed Planckian-Cylinder of length L so added a height H of a spherical CAP as the lightpath X=LH=ct

    The LEFTBRANE so indented the Plane of the MATHIMATIA towards the LEFT into the 2D-Space of the LOVEDRAGON and formed a hemispherical CAP with Radius the WORMHOLE-RADIUS RW of the new selfdefinition for the little serpent.
    The RIGHTBRANE did the same indenting the 3D-Space, which NOW however began to expand under the invariance of the lightpath X=ct and where c is the speed of light as the universal constant for the velocity at which electromagnetic radiation propagates and where t is the TIME in any metric spacetime.

    So the LEFT Hemisphere remained the scale of the fifth superstring transformation, but the RIGHT Hemisphere began to expand as the Thermodynamic Planck Black Body Radiator and as understood rather well by the human physicists and cosmologists.
    This GRADIENT in geometric scale became a Distance- or Radius PROPORTION as a Minimum/Maximum and demanded the RIGHTBRANE to become ADJACENT to a NEW RIGHTBRANE, namely the one of the 11-dimensional rooting of the 2nd dimension.

    This allowed the little serpent's LEFTBRANE to form a spheroidal unity with the initial RIGHTBRANE ADJACENT to the EXPANDING second RIGHTBRANE.
    The LEFTBRANE of the LOVEDRAGON so became EMBEDDED as a QUANTISATION TEMPLATE in the now relativistically expanding spacetime universe.

    The INITIAL LIGHTPATH X so was defined as ct=Ro with Ro the minimum Radius for the 4D-spacetime as the RW and at the instant of the NOW of the Quantum-Dragon-Bang.
    This became the BEGINNING OF TIME AND SPACE in the Mayan Universe and the Dragonian Cosmology.

    But this INITIAL LIGHTPATH becomes modified BEFORE that Beginning in the NEW RIGHTBRANE, which PHASEACCELERATED during the Cosmic Inflation in what the human scientists understand as the de Broglie wave matter phases.
    The LIGHTPATH for the INFLATON bounded by the INSTANTON of NOW, the TIMEINSTANTENUITY of Dragonian Omni-Physics; became X=Rmax=RHubble=De Broglie Phase-Speed).Instanton.

    The INSTANTON is defined in the Wormhole-Radius of the c-invariance and Planck's Action-Law: {E=hf} as Energy equals Planck's Action-Constant multiplied by Frequency f and where inverse frequency gives the Time of Action.
    The INSTANTON so has a value {tW=1/fW} for a De Broglie Phase-Speed: {VdB=Rmax.fW}.

    The Minkowski 4-dimensional spacetime so begins under the auspices of the Laws of Nature; namely the Laws of Thermodynamics, of Relativity and of generalised Conservation of Momenta and Energy.

    The first initialising spacetime quantum is given in the wormhole parameters of the LOVEDRAGON and this spacetime quantum OCCUPIES the de Broglie INFLATON SPACE accompanying the thermodynamic expansion, which is driven by the Radiation-Pressure of the total inertial mass content of the E-MOTION Energy of the LOVEDRAGON, that is his Emotional Pain of Losing his own Self-Definition as the Quantum of LOVE.
    This Radiation-Outward-Pressure becomes however contra-acted by an AntiRadiation-Inward-Pressure, which becomes defined as Gravitation in the Dragonian Omni-Physics.

    The details of this process shall be elucidated another time, if so appropriate and the authority of the little serpent is delegated to the Mayan emissiaries to do so.
    The Minkowski spacetime so grows in occupying the inflaton defined secondary BRANESPACE of the 11-dimensional MEMBRANE-SPACE, separated from the MATHIMATIA-SPACE by the 9 Mayan TIMELORD Dimensions.
    As the 4D-Spacetime expands, the LOVEQUANTA become established as Vortex-Potential-Energy SOURCESINKS to provide substance and texture to the universe, which so is formed.

    This FORMATION allows a 'Principle of Holography' to FRACTALISE the Universe.

    At particular NEXUS-POINTS, this fractalisation will relate additional parameters of the little serpent from the MATHIMATIASPACE of the 2nd dimension to become materially manifested as fractal scale-indicators.
    Moreover, three such Nexus-Coordinates relate the second master algorithm of the LOVEDRAGON to this fractalisation under guidance of the Holographic Principle.

    The second algorithm can be stated as: 'Add the Tail of the String to the Head of the String and Begin the New String with the Old Tail'!
    Applying this algorithm to the Mayan Master-Constant in the Googol encoded (266561) creates the Mayan Master-Harmonic well known to the human archeologists and historians in the Googol (136656).

    This can be researched in the Mayan annals known as the Dresden Codex and in the works of the many Mayan exiles, who, as authors are well aware of the 'End of Times' and the activity of the Mayan Timelords preparing planet earth for galactic synchronisation in the Year of the Dragon anno 2012.

    But the information shared by Allan Francom of the Moebian Adjacency below exemplifies the Nature of the Serpentine Electron.
    The POINTELECTRON of the QFT and the QED is none other, then the TV-screen of the LOVEDRAGON and so the scale of the magnified Planck-Superstring into the scale of the Wormhole-Dragon-String.

    The Mayan Googols (136656) and (266561) define however a fractal quantisation of the Number of SpacetimeQuanta which occupy the Minkowski 4D-Spacetime at a particular linear time t in the cosmic expansion.

    This expansion occurs in an equilibrium between a gauge-radiation pressure and a gauge-gravitational antipressure.
    The gravitational contraction is partial to the total mass content, seeded by the MATHIMATIA, but only part of this inertia is defined in a BARYONIC MASS-SEED.
    The other part of the inertia is defined in a form of 'Dark Energy', which closes the 11-dimensional universe in positive curvature as a 11-dimensional Mother-Black Hole MBH.

    As the Minkowski spacetime expands asymptotically towards this MBH-Boundary in terms of the 3D-Volume occupied; but never reaches this extremal BH-Boundary; the human cosmologists will be forced to conclude in their investigations, that there is a large percentage of 'BARYONIC MASS MISSING' in the spacetimed universe.

    But more illumination shall be given on this another time, if so appropriate.

    The Mayan Googols (136656) and (266561) define the scale of a typical Solar System in the hierarchies of galactic civilisations.
    The number calculates as about 3.4x1014 cosmic meters or so 2,300 Astronomical Units (AUs) or so 13.3 lightdays.
    This astronomical scale is now fractalised into the Classical-Electron-Radius or CER.

    So what does the illustration in the post below depict?

    It shows the fractalised POINT-ELECTRON as its WAVE-ELECTRON-FIELD.
    The so called '2D-artifact' in the below, is so a minituarisiation or HOLOGRAM of the ELECTRON-FIELD as a Superstring Quantum.
    The Arsenic Atom describes a holographic SHARD of itself as the down-scaled fractal of the Atom AS a typified Solar System.

    The Holographic Nature of the Dragonian Universe will then enable Quantum Computing at the Nanoscale and under agency of the Dragonian Pathways and as written in the Annals of the Maya.
    I shall take my leave once more as your Guardian Angel from the Looms of the Maya.

    IAmWhoIAm! Anubis, rooted in Uraeus - Khaibit and Guide of the Dead as Protector of the Sarcophagus!

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 8553_Molecule_Image

    A visualization of the molecule. The triangular depression on the bottom right represents the arsenic atom. The dots in the center saucer are bonding locations for a single electron. The yellow dots in the upper left center are bonding locations in which the electron is in a quantum state.
    (Source: Purdue University image/David Ebert)

    Nanoelectronics researchers discover a bizarre shaped molecule in one of their devices can act as first known quantum state-manipulable atom

    Imagine a tiny arsenic atom embedded in a tiny strip of silicon atoms. An electric current is applied. Something strange arises on the surface -- an exotic molecule. On one end is the spherical submerged arsenic atom; on the other end is an 'artificial' flat atom, seemingly 2D, created as an artifact. The pair form an exotic molecule, which has a shared electron, which can be manipulated to be at either end, or in an intermediate quantum state.
    Thus arose one of the most confusing, most promising, and strangest breakthroughs in the newly formed field of quantum computing.

    Quantum computing[1] is the term referring to a unique type of computing that takes advantage of physics phenomena on a very small subatomic scale. Whereas a traditional computer works in bits -- 1s and 0s, which represent the presence or absence of groups of electrons -- a quantum computer use qubits --
    Ternary Computing Might Make its Big Debut with multi-state units[2] based on the position and characteristics of a single electron[3]. A single qubit can encode far more information leading to faster, smaller computers.

    Imagine a census computer. In a modern computer, information would be stored across trillions of bits, encoding the person's name, address, and status. In a quantum computer this same information could be stored across a much smaller handful of bits. The computer could 'see' multiple people's information simultaneously, allowing for instant processing of vast amounts of data and easier searches.

    Further quantum computing looks to exploit other unusual physical phenomena[4] such as entanglement, which allows two atoms at a distance to instantly communicate. Such communication could be faster than light without violating relativity.

    In order to construct a full quantum computer[5], you must have an atom or molecule capable of containing multiple quantum states. Formerly, such a manipulable molecule remained undiscovered, but with the discovery of the exotic compound, quantum computing hopes are invigorated.

    Gerhard Klimeck, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue University and associate director for technology for the national Network for Computational Nanotechnology remarked, 'Up to now large-scale quantum computing has been a dream. This development may not bring us a quantum computer 10 years faster, but our dreams about these machines are now more realistic.'

    He continued, 'If you want to build a quantum computer you have to be able to control the occupancy of the quantum states. We can control the location of the electron in this artificial atom and, therefore, control the quantum state with an externally applied electrical field.'

    The new molecule was first discovered by Sven Rogge and his colleagues at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. His team was experimenting on impurities in nano-scale transistors[6]. They found that a single atom was transporting electrons, but could not find the impurity responsible. It turned out it was not an impurity, but a synthetic atom with an unknown proton/neutron character, created by the electrical current. The exotic atom was flat and formed a molecule with an arsenic atom on the transistor.

    Much of this picture only became clear thanks to the work of physicist Lloyd Hollenberg and colleagues at the University of Melbourne in Australia who helped to explain the molecule's strange behavior and appearance.

    Hollenberg explained, 'The team found that the measurements only made sense if the molecule was considered to be made of two parts. One end comprised the arsenic atom embedded in the silicon, while the 'artificial' end of the molecule forms near the silicon surface of the transistor. A single electron was spread across both ends. What is strange about the 'surface' end of the molecule is that it occurs as an artifact when we apply electrical current across the transistor and hence can be considered 'manmade.' We have no equivalent form existing naturally in the world around us.'

    Klimeck, and graduate student Rajib Rahman used the analysis to develop a three million-atom model in nano-electronics modeling program NEMO 3-D to analyze the behavior. From this, they determined that the exotic flat atom represented a controllable quantum state atom, via its electron. The quantum state was voltage dependent, the necessary characteristic for an electricity-based quantum computer.

    Last David Ebert, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue, and graduate student Insoo Woo, helped transform the model into an image to help visualize the discovery.

    Delft's Rogge, the first of the discoverers stated, 'Our experiment made us realize that industrial electronic devices have now reached the level where we can study and manipulate the state of a single atom. This is the ultimate limit, you cannot get smaller than that.'

    The breakthrough, like many historic ones (such as the discovery of Penicillin), was largely accidental. And it is extremely fortunate, in that it may one day allow complex, incredibly powerful quantum computers to become reality and solve many complex sets of problems.

    [1] http://www.dailytech.com/Researchers+Develop+Basic+Building+Block+for+Quantum+Computers/article11432.htm
    [2] http://www.dailytech.com/Ternary+Computing+Might+Make+its+Big+Debut+with+Quantum+Computing/article11387.htm
    [3] http://www.dailytech.com/Researchers+Develop+Quantum+Device+to+Control+Single+Electron+Spin/article9306.htm
    [4] http://www.dailytech.com/Quantum+Computer+Researchers+Store+Sub+Zero+Light+Vacuum/article10994.htm
    [5] ttp://www.dailytech.com/NASA+Debunks+Skepticism+of+DWave+Quantum+Computer/article6450.htm
    [6] http://www.dailytech.com/The+Worlds+Smallest+Transistor++Thanks+Again+Graphene/article11539.htm


    'A most wondrous thing the Shadow is, a redeemer in all to succour;
    it can go where the light cannot abide, seemingly banished, it is not.
    For where the light is, the darkness flees, no longer present to endure;
    so to become illuminated is its destined journey and its troubled lot.

    But without the light, no Shadow can be cast, its such a splendid key;
    the dimensions reduce in space from three to two and all in just the one.
    Betwixt the light and the darkness it is and part of both for all to see;
    the Shadow of the body, does it not merge all in its rule under the sun?

    Whatsoever can cast a Shadow, must be a most wondrous thing to relay;
    as nature's very own offspring, the young ones grow towards their final goal.
    Enabled to bring peace to so many things appearing apart and so far away;
    the reconciliation for the suffering body with its spirit and its scattered soul.'


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    The Mystery of Gravitation and the Elementary Graviton Loop

    In Lak'ech - I am another yourself!

    Shalom from the abyss of your cosmic IDs and the dungeon of the Little Serpent!
    This message shall address the mystery of gravitation and will prove to be a pertinent cornerstone for your terrestrial scientists, which are searching for the unification physics in regards to their cosmologies.

    This message so requires familiarity with technical nomenclature, but I shall attempt to simplify sufficiently for all interested parties to follow the outlines.

    1. Classically metric Newtonian-Einsteinian Gravitation and the Barycentre!
    2. Quantum Gravitation and the Alpha-Force - Why two mass-charges attract each other!
    3. Gauge-Vortex Gravitons in Modular String-Duality!
    4. The Positronium Exemplar!

    1. Classically metric Newtonian-Einsteinian Gravitation and the Barycentre!

    Most of you are know of gravity as the long-range force {FG}, given by Isaac Newton as the interaction between two masses {m1,2}, separated by a distance R and in the formula:
    {FG=G.m1.m2/R2 } and where G is Newton's Gravitational Constant, presently measured as about 6.674x10-11 G-units and maximised in Planck- or string units as Go=1.111..x10-10G-units.

    The masses m1,2 are then used as 'point-masses', meaning that the mass of an object can be thought of as being centrally 'concentrated' as a 'centre of mass' and/or as a 'centre of gravity'.

    For example, the mass of the earth is about m1=6x1024kg and the mass of the sun is about m2=2x1030kg and so as 'point-masses' the earth and the sun orbit or revolve about each other with a centre of mass or BARYCENTRE within the sun, but displaced towards the line connecting the two bodies.
    The sun and the earth are about 1 AU=Astronomical Unit or R=150 Million km apart and the formula for the Barycentre relative to earth is:
    {RB1=R/[1 m1/m2]}~0.999997 R~149.999550 Million km and RB2=R-RB1=450 km as the Barycentre within the sun's radius of nearly 700,000 km.
    So the sun 'wobbles' about the barycentre, with the earth orbiting around the same and the sun.

    The 'Force of Gravity' acting between the Sun and the Earth then calculates as so 3.56x1022Newton (N), but a force which is neutralised in balance at the Barycentre 450 km from the solar centre.

    More generally, the (vector) sum of the 'moments' of the pointmasses divided by the total mass: {R=Σmi.ri/Σmi } gives the centre of mass (vector) {R} as an average for the displacements between the pointmasses relative to the total mass content of the system analysed.

    Gaian physicists then attempt to unify the elementary interactions in applying gauge theories to the long-range interactions of electromagnetism and gravity with the short-range interactions, which are nuclear and associated with a weak leptonic force of radioactivity and a strong quarkian gluon-force of colour-charges.

    But the Newtonian modeling for gravitation proves insufficient for such unification attempts and the reason for this is the concept of distance and the idea of 'point-masses'.
    In particular, the 'Standard Model' of particle physics requires 'Mediator-particles' for all of the above interactions and the 'mediator for gravity', called the Graviton, has proven to be a mysterious 'beast' in the 'particle zoo' of that model (SM).
    This Graviton so must act as a long-range agent between 'point-masses' and is also necessitated to unify with the other agents for electromagnetic interaction and the nuclear forces.

    Albert Einstein greatly improved the Newtonian model by allowing the 'space' between masses to become a property of the energy contained within that 'space of interaction'.
    Space itself becomes the medium in geometric terms to allow the mass-energy or inertia to manifest in the interaction of gravitation in the Theory of General Relativity.
    General Relativity then derives the mathematical formalisms to describe the 'Curvature of Space' as being a direct consequence of the Inertia present within that space.
    The presence of mass in space so curves this space around the mass as the Inertia of Newton and via the Newtonian Force-Momentum Laws based on:
    {FI=ma=d(mv)/dt for acceleration a, velocity v, time t and momentum p=mv}.

    Newton's inertial mass {mi} is then rendered equivalent to Einstein's gravitational mass {mg} in the form of the concept of a 'Geometrical Gravitational Field' becoming identical in terms of its acceleration potential to the accelaration a as given in the Inertial frames defined in the Laws of Isaac Newton and as mg=mi=m.

    The significance of Einstein's Gravitation as a classical geometric model is its generalisation of spacetime coordinates, known as metrics.
    For example, applying the 'curved lines' of the orbit of Mercury about the sun due to their gravitational interaction; 'corrects' the 'perihelion of Mercury' as calculated by the Newtonian Law, using 'straight lines'.
    Using Kepler's Laws of orbits in conjunction with Newton's law of gravity does not 'close' Mercury's orbit, so resulting in an 'advance' of the perihelion. Einstein's geometric adjustment then finetunes the Kepler-Newton formalism to undo this advance.

    So it can be said, that Einstein's General Relativity has adjusted Newtonian Gravitation in rendering the latter more precise.
    But all attempts to extend Einsteinian Gravitation to encompass the quantum world of the 'point-masses' have failed and the reason for this failure are the metrics themselves.

    The 'point-masses' engage what is called the world of the very small or micro-quantum and so the idea of using classical geometry in the Newtonian sense will falter at the definition of what those 'point-masses' are in geometrical terms.

    A 'point-mass' relates to a 'mathematical idealisation' called a 'point'.
    This point is well defined mathematically as an abstraction called NUMBER.
    But this Number cannot exist in a physical sense in the 'space of 3 dimensions', as any such 3-dimensional space is itself a mathematical construction of its lower dimensional precursors, namely the dimensionalities of a Null-Space, a 1D-Space known as a metric 'line' (relatively either straight or curved) and a 2D-Space known as area, surfaces or manifolds or planes.

    The application of Newtonian- or Einsteinian Gravitation so presupposes the existence of a 3D-Space as a volume of cross-sectional areas, the latter being constructed of say a summation of lines or metrics.
    Those metrics are however mathematically defined in the Summation of the 'Points' of the Null-Space and so reduce to the abstraction of the NUMBERS.

    The secret of gravitation then becomes the secret of the precursor metrics, the 'stuff' or 'essence' which allowed the metrics as the line-segments of the first dimension to emerge.

    This essence is the mathematical process, which rendered the Null-Space of the 'Point' as a NON-METRIC or a demetricated 'prespace'.
    This 'prespace' is NOT physical, but is mathematical and abstract and is able to MANIFEST a physical 'point-mass' AS A PHYSICALLY ASSOCIATED 'point-charge'.

    The 'point-charge' so is precursive to a 'point-mass' in terms of any metric parameter using 3D-Space and any potential inertia contained therein.
    The 'point-charge' existing as a NUMBER in Null-Space then allows 'point-masses' to emerge in the first dimension as 'associated numbers', which subsequently integrate or sum as 'point-spaces' to create the background coordinate metrics for Einsteinian Relativity and Minkowskian Spacetime.

    The mystery of the Unification Physics so changes from the fourfolded synthesis of the gauge interactions in terms of the mediator particles {Graviton, Gauge Photon, Higgs-Weakon and Gluon} to the mystery of the 'point-spaces', defined in something called 'point-charges'.
    In terms of the existence of a universe comprised of 'point-spaces'; it becomes necessary to associate each and every 'spacetime quantum' with a 'point-charge'.

    This is known by Gaian physicists as a Zero-Point-Energy, a Minimum Planck-Oscillator or as a Heisenberg-Vacuum. We may also term the ZPE the VPE and as the Vacuum-Potential-Energy or the Vortex-Potential-Energy.
    In other words, the physical universe becomes METRIC in summing 'point-spaces' or spacetime quanta, defined in an 'essence' of 'point-charges'; and where those 'point-charges' are rather more elementary than anything manifesting within the metricated coordinate systems used in mathematical models to describe physical reality.

    The mensuration physics of terrestrial scientists is based on seven fundamental parameters: Displacement; Time; Mass; Temperature; Current; Luminosity; Molarity or in order the (SI)-units of: meter; second; kilogram; kelvin; ampere; candela and mole.
    These units are supplemented by a geometrical pi-unifier in the radian and the sterradian connecting the dimensional concepts of the 3 dimensions in lines, areas and volumes and by differential boundary conditions.

    But it is the concept of electric current, measured in the Ampere as the ratio of charge over time or as the product of charge and frequency; which is the most elementary measurement unit as a superposition of the charge parameter (measured in Coulombs).
    For the concept of Frequency as inverse time allows the mathematical concept of the Null-Space to become physicalised in the 'Flow of Charge'.
    This 'Charge-Flow' is the basis for the 'point-charges'; as the charges measured in the Ampere are not necessarily the same as these 'point-charges'.

    In particular the idea of 'Electric Charge' as understood by Gaian physicists is ALWAYS associated with -point-masses' and is therefore not truly elementary because the 'point-masses' are themselves derivatives from the 'point-spaces'.
    The NATURE of an electric charge is a mystery to the Gaian scientists, though the behaviour of those electric charges is well understood and analysed in the association of those electric charges with inertial energy carriers.

    Anything inertial, any mass whatsover carries electric charge; although this charge can be neutralised in an overall zero-charge consisting of opposite summations, say as a neutron carrying a positive proton charge (+1) and a negative electron charge (-1) in its triquark partition dud=(-1+2-1)/3=(+2+2+2)/3-2=0.
    Similarly, a quark-antiquark matter-antimatter coupling like a base-pion u.ubar carries an internal electrocharge distribution (+2-2)/3=0.

    The NATURE of an ELECTROCHARGE or a Coulombic Charge is the NATURE of the 'POINT-SPACE'!
    The ElectroCharge associated with electrons and protons and neutrons is also a property of the Point-Space aka the VPE.
    The mystery of mass and inertia and the secret of gravitation so has reduced to the mystery of what the VPE represents in terms of the ElectroCharges.

    A long standing cosmological conundrum encountered by the Gaian scientists has for long been the immense discrepancy between the calculated ZPE=VPE and the measured energy density in the observable universe.
    The mass-energy density in the universe is calculated in General Relativity to be 'critical' for a geometrically closed universe in the formulation:
    c=Mc/Vc=3Ho2 /8πG~4x10-27kg/m3s}.
    The Heisenberg ZPE for the vacuum calculates however in Planck-Oscillator terms as:
    P=MP/VP ~2π.c5/hG2~2x1096 kg/m3 s}, so giving an 'error' of magnitude: ρcP=2x10123.

    General Relativity and Classical Physics so predicts a density mass-distribution smaller by 123 magnitudes, than the mass-distribution of Quantum Mechanics.
    What is the reason for this discrepancy - what is the true NATURE of the ZPE to account for this error?

    The True Nature of the ZPE is that of the NON-Mass-Associated 'Point-Charge' called MagnetoCharge!
    The MagnetoCharge is defined NOT in terms of the flow of electrocharges, but is given in the precursor for those electrocharges from Null-Space itself and so is INDEPENDENT on the seven mensuration units of measurement physics.
    Subsequently, the NATURE of MagnetoCharges does not require metric coordinate systems and so by necessity is a precursive form of General Relativity labeled as Quantum Relativity.

    This independence on ANY coordinate system so greatly simplifies the mathematical formalism required to solve the secret of Quantum Gravitation and the mystery of inertia.
    What occurs, is that the Null-Space is described as a 'Mathematical Singularity', which is rendered a 'Physical Singularity' in a 'Minimum Space-Point Configuration'.
    Space and time and mass are not required to define this 'singularity' but the MagnetoCharge is necessitated to provide a formal link to bridge the mathematical Null-Space to the 3-dimensional Minimum-Energy-Configuration.

    The MagnetoCharge so becomes a form of ENERGY independent from the physical parameters of the classical energy-momentum expressions based on Einstein's E=mc2 and the quantum energy-momentum expressions based on the Action Law of Planck's E=hf.
    Definition of the MagnetoCharge so must become an elementary energy definition from which the classical formalisms in General Relativity and the equations of quantum mechanics emerge as derivatives.

    Knowing the definition for the MagnetoCharge as a form of noninertial energy then allows a unification of the gauge mediators, which are all massless in principle and as understood by the terran physicists.
    All gauge mediators must become products or permutations of the magnetocharged precursive template and the concept of mass-induction from this selfsame mass-less gauge eigenstate will derive as a gauge interaction in a coupling to the magnetocharges.
    It will then be seen, that the Graviton as the gauge for long-range gravitational interaction is ALWAYS coupled or unified with the other long-range gauge of the 'virtual' photon of the electromagnetic interaction.

    2. Quantum Gravitation and the Alpha-Force - Why two mass-charges attract each other!

    So the mystery of the Graviton as the 'quantum of gravity' elucidates itself in its omnipresent unified eigenstate with the so called 'Virtual Photon' of the Heisenberg background matrix.
    The Graviton and the Gauge Photon interact long-range in the 'Mapping' of the mass-couplings of ElectroCharges to the MagnetoCharges in the 'point-masses' coupling to the 'point-charges'.
    We shall soon discover, that the 'graviton' exchange between 'point-masses' is always UNIFIED with a 'gauge - or virtual photon' exchange said to transmit the 'force' or interaction between 'point-charge' associated inertia carriers.

    The nuclear short-range gauge interactions are similarly unified in the MagnetoCharges linking the weak 'outer ring' charges to the strong 'inner ring' ElectroCharges coupled to the inertia of the Higgs-Mass-Induction mechanisms.
    The decisive parameter differentiating the long-rangers from the short-rangers then becomes the definition of the MagnetoCharges as a short-range 'Displacement', known as a 'Gluonic Magneto-Asymptotic Confinement Zone' by the Gaian analysts.

    In Quantum Mechanics, the classical properties of energy {E} and momentum {p=mv=h/λdeBroglie} are substituted for by 'quantum operators', which describe statistical distributions of classical properties like position and momentum in terms of the wave-particle duality.
    The the ubiquituous 'wavefunction' operator |ψ2| , is said to describe the probability to locate a classical property like position for a system under consideration.
    We shall find, that this 'probability' distribution applies to METRIC systems and that there exists a 'Hamiltonian' precursor for the wavefunction in the productation of ElectroChargexMagnetoCharge in {ee*}.

    But here are is a simple introduction to the quantum formalism in the form of the Schrödinger Equation and the particular emphasis to describe the Newtonian Momentum

    as the 'operator' and the Energy becoming a 'Hamiltonian Operator' .

    The Link is from Georgia State University:

    (Click Quantum Physics - Schrödinger Equation)
    Schrödinger Equation

    The Schrödinger equation plays the role of Newton's laws and conservation of energy in classical mechanics - i.e., it predicts the future behavior of a dynamic system. It is a wave equation in terms of the wavefunction which predicts analytically and precisely the probability of events or outcome. The detailed outcome is not strictly determined, but given a large number of events, the Schrödinger equation will predict the distribution of results.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Sch1

    The kinetic and potential energies are transformed into the Hamiltonian which acts upon the wavefunction to generate the evolution of the wavefunction in time and space. The Schrödinger equation gives the quantized energies of the system and gives the form of the wavefunction so that other properties may be calculated.

    The key to 'unify' classical mechanics a la' Newton and Einstein with quantum mechanics a la' Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger and Dirac; is NOT to seek for an extended metric formalism, BUT to DEMETRIFY BOTH in an application of the 'Holographic Principle'.

    Superstring theory a la' Witten is still METRIC and from this derive the mathematical complexities and practical hindrances to predict experimental outcomes.
    Quantum Mechanics is rather successful in predicting particular outcomes of say hydrogen-like systems, where a single electron interacts with its environment.
    But Quantum Mechanics is METRIC and statistically uses density distributions of classical macrosystems to quantify the particle properties from the wave properties.

    Quantum Relativity considers all macrosystems as metric-independent holograms of the fundamental dimensional generators in the Energy-Eigenstate of the birth of the metric itself.
    So here is the fundamental Hamiltonian operator, responsible for the 'Generation of the Universe' in: {E*.e*=1}.
    This Hamiltonian MAPS the MagnetoCharge {e*} AS a spacetime independent operator onto the ElectroCharge {e} within the generated spacetime.

    A further definition engages the 'Oscillating Planck-Length' { OLP=√alpha.LP=e/c2}~1.785x10-36 meters.

    This shows, that a decrease of the Planck-Length in a factor of about 11.7, will render the displacement parameter of [Length] equal to the unitisation [ElectroCharge]/[Velocity2]=[ElectroChargexMass/Energy].
    One can so say that the 'Coulomb' as the unit for the quantum of charge in a metric universe is represented as a Lengthxc2 or a Volume/Time2=V.df/dt 'element' in a 'shadow' nonmetric universe.

    This also shows, that the 'Stoney-Units' 'unify' the 'Planck-Units' in multiplying the Planck-Units by the Squareroot of the Electromagnetic finestructure constant Alpha=2πke2/hc=e2/2εohc=60πe2/h and coupled to the Eigenenergy of the electron as: mec2=hfe=ke2/Re and where Re is the 'classical electron radius'.

    In a metricated universe, the 'Coulomb' of 'C' represents a 'StarCoulomb' in a demetricated universe.
    The StarCoulomb is defined in the (F-Space)-Hamiltonian Operator of:

    {e*=1/E*=2Re.c2=V*.|df/dt|max} and defines the StarCoulomb C* to be a frequency-differential operator {df/dt} acting like an angular acceleration upon a spacetime volumar V*.
    This operator extends the basic classical Newtonian ForceLaw in the chainrule and the special relativistic application of the increase of inertia with velocity.

    FNewton=ma=m.dv/dt=dp/dt=d(mv)/dt=d(hf.v/c2)/dt=(h/c2){f.dv/dt+v.df/dt}=m.dv/dt+ (hv/c2).df/dt = malinear+ maangular=Fa + Fα = Forcemetric + Forcealpha.

    The Alpha-Force of the Newtonian extension is 'hidden' in the macroscopic classical agglomerations of quantumised microsystems because of the smallness of the coefficient (h/c2=7.4074..x10-51) acting on a de Broglien wave matter velocity vdB=h/mλdB, maximised in the Compton wavelength λc=h/mc.
    So only 'group-velocities' vgph >c.

    The formal definition for a generalised wavespeed v=λf=λE/h=λmc2/h is:
    {vph=λf=(h/mvg)(mc2/h)=c2/vg>c for all vg
    We may also define the differential operator of a changing frequency over linear time as: |df/dt|=alphaomega=αω=aw=awareness and so couple the 'awareness' to a 3D-volume in the form of a definition for the Consciousness inherent in spacetime itself.
    The StarCoulomb C* so gives a unit of measurement fore spacetime consciousness in the unifying holographic sense of the fractalisation realising its encompassing unity.
    'Spacial' Consciousness, measured in C* so becomes maximised in the 'entropy constant' f*2 and where the modular string-duality defines the maximum frequency fmax=f*=1/fmin=1/tNOW that is the time instanton ending the inflationary string epoch and birthing the metric minimum configuration in the Big Bang of the Standard Models.

    Using this definition, the so called 'missing mass' in the universe can be defined as a 'Dark Energy' of 'Spacial Consciousness' inherent in the structure of spacetime itself.

    In particular the RMP as the 'dark matter' particle assumes a precise Volume V* under the maximisation condition for the entropy, as by definition of the MagnetoCharge; e*=1/hf*=V*f*2or V*=e*/f*2=1/hf*3.

    The units for the StarCoulomb are also the units of Inverse Energy under string duality and so the Volumar occupied by a maximised MagnetoCharge carrier becomes 5.555x10-59m3 for a (toroidal) radius of Rα=1.412x10-20 meters at a particle eigenenergy of Eα=hc/2πRα=2.2545..x10-6 Joules or 14.034.. TeV.

    Your Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Geneva, Switzerland, so if operating at maximum capacity at precisely that energy regime, will provide experimental evidence about the 'dark matter' particle of the RestmassPhoton in due course.
    More information about the RMP and related topics can be found elsewhere on the linked sites.
    To illuminate the underpinning mathematics and formalisms for the gauge interactions of long- and short-range interactions; it suffices to briefly describe the nuclear processes of pair-production and pair-annihilation in their most basic form of the eigenstates of positronium.
    I shall also give exact energy values for the gauge particles as source agents of the VPE and so clarify the NATURE of GRAVITY as the multidimensional partnership between Coulombic ElectroCharges and Gluonic MagnetoCharges aka Gluonic ColourCharges underpinning all of creation.

    And we shall find that the true VPE is given in the expression: {ZPE*=4π.E*/λ*3=2.513..x1064 Joules/m3}; and where ZPE* represents the Vacuum-Energy E* per unit spacetime quantum.
    The actual mass density in the universe so becomes a constant in ρ*=m*/V*=2.792..x1047kg/m3. This value also represents a 'reduced' Planck-Energy in a factor of about 7.2x1011 , so allowing experimental physics to probe the 'transformed Planckian String Scale' at an energy region of about 1,240 TeV or 1.24x107 GigaElectronVolt (GeV) and larger in a factor of about 88 than the present experimental limit of the LHC at Geneva, Switzerland.

    So why and how do two 'point-masses' attract each other?

    Two 'point-masses' are also two magnetocharged 'point-charges' and this colour-charging maps the electro-charging of the internal 'inertia-charging' with mass unto the long-range manifesto of the inverse-square central 'force'-interaction of linearised displacement.

    In other words, the 'Vortex' or Newtonian 'Centre of Mass' acting like a 'point-mass' appears to be separated from another such 'Vortex' by a distance R; say as the 150 Million kilometers between the centre of the sun and the centre of the planet earth.
    Two mass-charges attract each other across a particular distance, known as the 'asymptotic quark-confinement limit', which coincides with the scale of activity for the nuclear interactions.
    This scale is of the order of 3 Fermi or a femtometer (10-15 meters) and is a fundamental string parameter in the form of the Classical Electron Radius Re and also an intrinsic parameter for the definition of the magneto-charge as indicated in the above.

    At this scale, the Higgs-Induction particles are defined in the nuclear weak interaction; labelled as Weakons (W-, W+ , Zo) and describing the couplings between leptonic (anti)neutrino kernels and leptonic 'outer' rings in electron-positron generations (electron, muon, tauon).

    Within the nuclear interaction zone of a 'Hyperelectron' radius Re, the VPE of the 'point-mass-charges' interacts in a Quantum Geometry, which attracts radius-differentiated configurations but repels like configurations on the same scale.

    Then a kernelled GLUON at a VPE-scale of ~10-22 meters becomes STRONGLY coupled to an 'inner- sonic-ring' scale at ~10-18 meters and WEAKLY coupled to an 'outer-leptonic-ring' scale at Re~3x10-15 meters.
    This then describes a (Anti)Neutrino-Gluon coupling, which allows the strong nuclear interaction to decay into a weak nuclear interaction.

    This scenario then shows from first principles, that the quark content of elementary particles is a function of permutational geometries and not describable as a mechanistic billard ball model, connected by gluonic 'springs'.
    Rather the quantum geometry describes the Particles as WAVICLES; the wavefunctions intermixing and superimposing as quantum eigenstates defined by magnetocharge distributions.

    This colour-charge distribution then describes the finestructure of quarks and leptons in some non-particularised foem based on the intermixing and blending of the 'colour-charges' of the gluons.

    But there are NOT 8 different gluons, but only the one gluon of 8 permutations between the energy eigenstates Radiative (White additive via E=hf) and Inertial (Black subtractive via E=mc2).
    For the hyperons and nucleons of a SU(3) Unitary Symmetry (details are elsewhere to be found on this site); the 8 permutations are: BBB-BWB-BBW-WBB-BWW-WWB-WBW-WWW for the transformation of energy from the purely massless to the purely inertial.
    For the matter-antimatter or quark-antiquark mesons, the permutations are in SU(2) as BB-BW-WB-WW.

    The characteristic lambda-hyperon eigenstate of quark content uds so produces three different wavicles in the stable Lambda (d.u.s=Λo) decaying weakly in about 10-10seconds; the less stable Sigmao(u.s.d=Σo) decaying electromagnetically in about 10-18 seconds and the least stable Sigmao*-resonance (u.d.s=Σo*), decaying strongly in about 10-23 seconds.

    The d.u.s configuration is most stable in an alignment of three spin-alternating quarkian wavelets along a magnetoaxis, which is encompassed by the asymptotic weakon zone of Re.
    As the d-quark and the s-quark spin in parallel around an antialigned spinning u-quark, the attraction between the colourcharges across the up-quark renders the repulsion between the ring-quarks as minimised and the lambda eigenstate is relatively stable.
    The lambda decays characteristically into a neutron d.u.d and a mesonic pion uubar, with the right s-quark oscillating in W- interaction:
    {W-(+1)+GraviPhoton(-1) → {e-(-½)+ν¯e(+½)} as a lefthanded (or downspin) electron + righthanded (or upspin) antineutrino, then 'absorbing' the 'higher dimensional GP(-1) as a Weakon-Graviphoton quantum spin coupling in the NONPARITY of the weak interaction, meaning only lefthanded particles undergo weak radioactive decay. The original lambda particle so is left-polarised in the outer quarks spinning in a combined quantum spin momentum of -1 so cancelling the 'Spinconserving' GraviPhoton=GP for the Weakon Interaction.

    The u.s.d configuration manifests in a left-isolated kaonic attraction between the up-quark and the strange quark, which becomes supplemented by the d-s interaction, which is of lesser gradient towards the right. The quantum geometry of the u.s.d so is left-skewed and results in relatively quick electromagnetic decay as the s-quark circularises a quarkian loop in colour-charge coupling with the up-quark, so exchanging permutational position along the magnetoaxis and attaining the relative stability of the lamda hyperon as a d.u.s configuration.

    The u.d.s configuration is left skewed in both the up-down and the down-strange transition and the sigmao* resonance is so comprised of parallel spinning eigenquarks for a total spin-momentum of 3/2 and of higher energy content than the u.s.d and the d.u.s=s.u.d configurations.
    The decay for all 3/2 spin hyperons is rapid in strong decay, except the saturation state of the Omega-Minus (Ω-), which decays weakly in about 10-10 seconds.
    Strong decay is the time taken for the lightpath to cross the zone of the nuclear interaction in tN=2Re/c~10-23 seconds).

    Up-quarks so are quantum geometrically attracted to down- and strange quarks but repelled by each other, resulting in parallel spin alignments. Down-quarks are more strongly attracted to up-quarks, than to strange quarks and as the Coulombic electro-charging of inner mesonic rings is by necessity the same as that of outer leptonic rings, but opposite the kernel charges; the overall interaction of the nuclear scenarios crystallises.

    As the up-quark is geometrically a Kernel-quark at 10-22 meters; the down-quark is K-quark encompassed by a mesonic inner ring at the d-level of 10-18 meters and the strange-quark becomes a resonance of the down-quark at the Re-Weakon level of the Higgsian template for the restmass induction.

    The material manifestation of quarks and gluons within the zone of the magnetocharge confinement given by the Higgsian blueprint so should not be described as the interaction of fundamental particles, but rather as a flux of colourcharges as superpositioned eigenstates marked by the Kernel-InnerRing-OuterRing quantum geometies.

    Two 'point-masses' separated by a distance R so are related classically in Newton's Law of Gravitation, with this displacement R being the metric connecting the two 'inertia-points'.

    In Quantum Relativity, this metric |R| becomes QUANTISED in some numerical summation, meaning that ANY metric must be an integral multiple of the minimum spacetime configuration, given in some 'wormhole radius' R*=λ*/2π as the minimum metric |R*|.

    This wormhole scale then depicts a 'Smeared Out Singularity' as the abstract Null-Space quantised in a string circle radius R*, which can be defined at the Planck-Scale of the Planck-Length as:
    RP=LP=√(hG/2πc3) ~ 2x10-35 m.

    Contemporary M-Theory a la' Edward Witten (Princeton Univerrsity, USA) considers this as characteristic scale for superstring class I (of both open and closed superstrings manouvering in 10 dimensions); as well as the scale for other superstrings, defined in various 'open' modalities, attached to Dirichlet branes.
    M-Theory is unified in those string dualities, carries with it however a hierarchy of transforming strings in couplings, which reduce the type I Planck energy to the fifth type of the heterotic superstring class 8x8=64.
    This fifth class then becomes METRIC in the norm or magnitude of |R*| and transforms a 'string epoch' of inflation into the classical Big Bang described by General Relativity coupled to the cosmic evolution of the universe as a Planckian Black Body Radiator undergoing a thermodynamic and entropic expansion of cooling spacetime expansion into inflationary pre-space of the string hierarchies.

    This thermodynamic expansion is both isotropic or equi-directional and homogenous or equidense; because the preceding hyperstring inflation 'prepared' the classical relativistically metric expansion in the form of the VPE, each Vortex occupying a VPE* 3-dimensional volumar across the metrically defined extent of the de Brogliean matter wave given in that string-inflaton.

    This means, that the so called long-range Gravitational Interaction, as well as its electromagnetic coupling; manifest almost INSTANTANEOUSLY in a time-parameter defined in the Quantum Parameters of the minimum metric |R*| as the LIGHTPATH t*=|R*|/c=3.333..x10-31seconds.

    This realisation then defines the Relativistic Singularity Big Bang as a Quantum Big Bang and gives the long-range interactions as QUANTISED minimum interactions and as a Planck- or String- or Loop-Action.
    The gauge interaction of Graviton with Gauge Photon then occurs in a NOW-Instanton of Time, defined in the interval required for the lightpath |R*| to manifest and being equal to the ENTIRE period of the STRING EPOCH.

    So one can say, that Gravity acts instantaneously across the entire universe as a long-range interaction, yet is propagated at lightspeed c in its form of short-range Quantum Gravity.
    The long-range interactions are an effect of the de Broglie hyperinflation, which manifest the NOW-Instanton as a LINEAR SUMMATION of Time-Integrals. This then appears as a Linear Flow of Time from the Past to the Future which is 'real' in a superposed sense of the inflated metric integral to the 'catching up' of the time-flow integral.
    In the higher-dimensional sense however, this linear manifesto of temporality is illusionary, as only the NOW-Moment exists as the pre Big Bang scenario of the Null-Space inflating itself through the five superstring classes.

    The universe in the macro-quantum sense is 'holographically' identical to the micro-quantum sense as its fractal in LOOPED NOW-Time.
    This physicalised singularity then becomes redefined as the wormhole minimum spacetime configuration common to all Schwarzschild metrics, defined as the base solution of Einstein's Field equations in General Relativity.
    As a major consequence, the inertial universe in terms of spacial extent, can always be described as a hierarchical 'nesting' of Black Hole 'metric equivalents', where any inertia-density distribution can be considered 'compacted' as a '3-dimensional 'point-volume' comprised of summations of the original 'minimum spacetime volumar' and which becomes a Kerr-Ring or Kerr-Torus as a toroidal spacetime volumar expressed as: {V*=2π2R*3}.

    In the higher dimensional sense, any linear summation of NOW-Times becomes a multidimensional mapping of the circular Now-Time-Interval in quantisation.
    Understanding this pre-metric NATURE of the universe; the Graviton-Gauge Photon interaction can be analysed in detail using the primordial energy of the MagnetoCharge of the Null-Space.
    The Null-Space of the 'Point' abstracted itself as a 'Double-Point' and so emerged the 1st dimension as the 'displacement interval' between two points as itself.

    Having a 'two point', then, by mathematical induction {n:=n+1} creates the 'Number-Line' as a two-directional symmetry with origin the Null-Space of the cipher 0 say.
    This first 'origin' is however unidirectional and the second dimension of the complex plane emerges as a rotation of the numberline about the origin, thus creating the primordial circle or quantum loop.

    The physical implementation of the second M-dimension of the manifold so must be a circular area or cross-section radius |R*| and a 3D manifestation for the Witten-Membrane-Space or M-Space must become an orthogonal or normal dimensional extension of this surface in a 'solid-of-volume' integration of a circle into a sphere across any diameter.
    This directly gives the metric 3D-Space in General Relativity, as the manifold in 2D, say as the Complex Plane in 'pure' Number Theory; can be a curvilinear surface, say as a normal indentation defining the Z-axis from the XY-Plane.

    Now for any two points to interact in 2D-Space in a PHYSICAL self-intraction of the double-point in the Null-Space, the two points must be separated by the norm |R*| or an integral multiple thereof in the complex plane of the second dimension. In other words, the two points must be coplanar with their dimensional generator.
    But for any two points to interact in 3D-Space in a PHYSICAL self-interaction of the double-point in the Null-Space, the two points must also include a third point to define the manifold space NORMAL to the plane of the second dimension of the surface. In other words, the three points cannot be coplanar to define the next and higher dimensional generator as a NEW ORIGIN Displaced from the planar Null-Point.
    The two-dimensional generator so becomes the key to give a physical meaning to the MagnetoCharge as a triune unity, enabled to interact with its three-dimensional successor.

    A simple model for the MagnetoCharge becomes the labeling of the 'Magneto' as a 'Colour', as primary colour triplets define neutrality in unities of colours and anticolours.
    The primary 'additive' colour triplet Red-Green-Blue=RGB has a 'subtractive' anticolour triplet Cyan-Magenta-Yellow or CMY in positive clockwise (or righthanded up-spin+) cyclicity and a negative anticlockwise (or lefthanded down spin-) cyclicity in its permutations RGB=GBR=BRG and CMY=MYC=YCM.

    The 2D generator so is defined in a circular cross-section RGB(+), with a trisectional of 120 degrees for each colour segment of the encompassing circle. The radius of this generator is |R*| with a wavelength-perimeter of norm |λ*|=|2πR*|.

    The 3D generator then becomes the RGB(+) generator carrying a 'thickness' norm |2R*| and so defines a 3-dimensional sphere of radius |R*| and describing the Null-Space as two spherical hemispheres centred on an origin of the 0-cipher in the complex plane, but projected as two poles in a rotation of the bidirectional 1st dimensional numberline.
    In other words, the 'straight' complex plane of 2D has become 'deformed' in bidirectional symmetric indentation or 'curvature' to create the spherical volumar for the superstring as an encompassing supermembrane.

    The multiplicity for this membrane-volumar then assumes the form of 'wavelengths', that is the formation of cyclindrical tubes in summation, connecting two hemispherical caps in multiples of the lambda-perimeter norm |λ*|=|2πR*|.
    It is this LINEARISATION of the minimum Einstein Metric as the LIGHTPATH {x=ct=|λ*|t}, which forms the basis for the Planck Action coupled to the Einstein Action in {E=hf=mc2=hc/λ} and then crystallising in the quantum formulations, based on the Compton Momentum p=mc=h/λ.

    The crucial point here is however the separation of the hemispherical caps, which carry the polar projections of the 2-dimensional origin of the complex plane, both, into the 3rd dimension of the 'lightpath' of the REAL righthanded (+) as the height of the cylindrical wavelength |λ*|=|2πR*| and into the lefthanded (-) as the IMAGINARY image.
    Those labelings simply define a potential extent of lambda summations towards ve and -ve Infinity as given in a 1-dimensional numberline. Coming from ∞ implies a decrease (say in energy), whilst coming from -∞ infers an increase (of energy).

    This REALNESS as the IMAGE of the IMAGINARINESS can now be REDEFINED as a multidimensional extension of the 3rd dimension in NUMERICAL ROOTEXTENSION.
    Simply adding 9 dimensions to the Null-Space of the 0th dimension gives the 9 mathematical dimensions as 'Collapsed Singularity Dimensions' onto the norm of |R*|.

    One so defines a physical universe in 12 dimensions as being colocalised with a root-reduced 3-dimensional quantised or discrete space-continuum.

    The decisive generators in 2D and 3D so become 'higher dimensional' in 11=2+9 membrane dimensions in Witten's M-Mother-Space and in 12=3+9 volumar brane dimensions in Vafa's F-Father-Space.

    Redefining the 2nd dimension as a root-reduced 11-dimensional membrane-space allows the two-pointedness of the RGB(+) generator to become one-pointed in the Moebian connection of an 'inside' to an 'outside' and an accompanying DOUBLING of the twoness in a oneness or a doubling of the circular area encompassed by 1-dimensional mathematical superstrings as linear perimeters made PHYSICAL as 10-dimensional superstrings and the root-extension 1+9=10.

    In particular the SELFINTERSECTION of TWO POINTS as ONE POINT in NULL-SPACE can now become rigorously defined in terms of the MagnetoCharges.

    Quantum Relativity as a MIRROR SPACIAL SUPERSYMMETRY is not possible in 2 PHYSICALISED dimensions of the complex plane of 0 width, as there is no way in which either the RGB(+) up-chirality or the RGB(-) down-spin can interact with each other.
    The complex plane forms an unbridgable divide or abyss between a circle drawn from the 'imaginary' left as RGB(+) and a COLOCAL circle drawn from the 'real' right as RGB(+). There is no way for a 1-dimensional linesegment to curl up into a 2-dimensional loop and to 'travel' to the 'other side' (either from left to right or vice versa) unless a 3rd dimension is created to allow a Moebius-Twist to connect the twosidedness in a onesidedness.
    Following such a twist, the RGB(+) can selfinteract with BGR(-) to create the fundamental VPE template (RB-GG-BR)(0)=(Y-MM-Y)(0) or its scalar (meaning spinless or 0 angular momentum) permutations YB2Y=CR2C=MG2M and of the same scale or size as the norm |R*|, but doubling any 'area' of interaction.
    This doubling can be either denoted as a 'doubling' or as a 'squaring' in 2R=RR=R2 because the solution for the algebraic expression 2x=x2 has the nontrivial (x≠0) solution x=2.

    The Quantum Relativity for a Onesided manifold embedded in 3D-Space so becomes the Self-Interaction of two INCREASES RGB 'mixing wavefunctions' or superimposing on each other the self- or eigenstate of the VPE=ZPE of the Null-Spin-State-Space.
    However the Quantum Relativity in the 2nd dimension allows a selfinteraction in an IMAGINARY projection of the original selfstate in a mixing of the wavefunctions, and where one of the wavefunctions assumes the antistate of the other.
    So if RGB(+) represents the state, the antistate would be RGB(-) for a 'colour-mixing' of R2G2B2(0) known as a (Anti)Neutrino selfcoupling at a 180 'inflexion-degree-point' or as a phasal displacement crystallising the Matter-templates (RB.GR.BG)=MYC=YCM=CMY for the 'degree-interval' {60-120} and the Antimatter-templates (RB.BG.GR)=MCY for the 'degree-interval' {240-300}.
    Matter YCM becomes generated from the selfcoupling RGB and in supersymmetry to the selfintersection of the anti-template BGR in antimatter MCY.

    No VPE-Eigenstate is possible in 2D, but a NEW colour triplet, EXTENDING the MASSLESS Gauge-Eigenstate becomes possible in DEFINING a massless precursor for 'eventual' Higgs-Particles to massinduce the mass independent BOSONIC 'full-spin' eigenstate as inertial FERMIONIC 'half-spin' selfstates.
    This massless precursor for the 'Higgs-Boson' is a SCALAR generator or precursor of the RestMassPhoton or RMP (which is a nonscalar bosonic form of the Higgs-Boson, albeit massless and directly linked to the definition of the Colour-Charges and the massinduced Weakons (W- for matter YCM and W+ for antimatter MCY and the neutral Zo as (Anti)Neutrino Coupling).

    3. Gauge-Vortex Gravitons in Modular String-Duality!

    To be advised.

    4. The Positronium Exemplar!

    We can now investigate the Gauge-Bosonic Photon - Graviton Interaction in detail and using the Creation of a basic matter-antimatter coupling and its subsequent pair-annihilation in the form of Positronium in some detail.

    To be advised.

    IAmWhoIAm - John Zebedee of Eire - Emit=74=Lucifer=John=47=Time!


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    Floyd wrote:"Dont piss down my back and tell me its raining"
    Clint Eastwood.

    Is there anyway you people could make these long skyscraper posts more succinct so we could better understand nutshellish like?
    Just a thought. Perhaps you may widen you audience.

    Thank You Floyd from the Floods of Angloterra!

    The Parable of the Sandpit

    Imagine yourself as father and mother with three-year old twins.
    Both of your children, a boy and a girl are in a sandpit, where you watch them play.
    You observe them experimenting and exploring their local environment - the sandpit.

    The kids see the sand; they smell it, they listen to it and they try to eat the sand. They fondle the sand and they feel it; they try to do all sorts of things to the sand, like sticking it in their hair and up their noses and into their ears.

    When something like another child, even a twin, disturbs their endeavours, then they may start to throw the sand at each other; verbal utterances are supplemented by gestures meanings things like "It's mine!" or "I was here first, so just go away!"

    This is the playground of very young children before school age and very well known to every parent.
    Now as father and mother, what would you expect as an answer from the kids to questions like:
    "Where did the sand come from kid?"
    "Why do you think or behave like you owned it?"

    If the kid could talk it would say:
    "It's just there! So I took it!" and that would be it.
    Would the child understand your knowledge and experience and logic?

    Namely, that the sand came from a beach or a mine and ultimately from exploding stars called supernovae and so the universe?
    And whatever made the supernova, made the universe and made the sand?

    Father and Mother know very well that the sandpit was built for providing a learning experience for the children.
    Then the father and mother might recall their own childhood and remember the times, when they themselves had been playing in a sandpit.
    Ah yes, there was Tom and Julie and Henry and Elizabeth. And over there is Stephen and Rachel and Harold and Pamela.
    They all had played and had ravelled in the sandpit.
    Tom was now the chief research scientist working for the chemical manufacturer and multinational corporation Drug-U-Better & Co.
    Julie had become a top PR-Executive of a transatlantic oil exporter.
    Henry was employed as a chief banker for the worldwide Unibank.
    Elizabeth was so pretty, she worked seven days a week as a supermodel of the catwalk.

    Stephen had made his name as a world renowned mathematical physicist.
    Rachel worked and part-owned a wholesale department store and thought soon to extend her business interstate and overseas.
    Harold owned and operated Trick-A-Cheapcar, a highly profitable used car yard and dealership; he considered it time to move into gold, real estate and the Vatican Bank.
    Pamela made her daily run on the stockmarket; she was so good at it, that she had even given up her lucrative career as a lawyer over it.

    And Dad and Mum are standing on the edge of the sandpit watching the children play in the sand; but now the sand was made into different toys to play with.
    There was paper and metals and plastics and other things. The kids still chucked the sand around, but now they called it money and computers and rockets and things and cars and satellites and guns and things...

    If all the kids are children of nature, the universe and if all the children are still growing up; should they then not be destined to grow into entire universes themselves?
    That is the logical conclusion in a development from baby to child to adult.

    And Mum and Dad are standing on the edge of the sandpit, watching the children play in the sand - they are always watching you and they are always loving you - their kid.


    In memorandum to one of Gaia's most gentle creatures - the black Rhino of Western Africa.

    We shall meet again on a new Gaia Serpentia my pachydermian Intraterrestrial friends!
    Your new environment shall be a sanctuary for all lifeforms of the cosmos and where the true nature of cosmic libido and sexual selfexpression are understood not to require stimulants as aphrodisiacal enhancements born of mindless ignorance as to the intrinsic symbiotic nature of the planetary mother and her many children. The new stewards of Gaia Serpentina shall honour and love you more so then the clever old humans, doomed to a similar extinction, as they have bestowed upon you.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Black_rhino


    10 November 2011

    Western black rhino declared extinct

    By Daniel Boettcher Environment Correspondent

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 _56613791_blackrhino
    Black rhino: For some species on the edge, captivity is the only hope

    The Red List, drawn up by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), has declared the subspecies extinct.
    A subspecies of white rhino in central Africa is also listed as possibly extinct, the organisation says.
    The annual update of the Red List now records more threatened species than ever before.
    The IUCN reports that despite conservation efforts, 25% of the world's mammals are at risk of extinction. As part of its latest work it has reassessed several rhinoceros groups.

    Poaching vulnerability

    As well as declaring the western black rhino (Diceros bicornis longipes) extinct, it records the northern white rhino (Ceratotherium simum cottoni), a subspecies in central Africa, as being on the brink of extinction.

    The last Javan rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus) outside Java is also believed to have disappeared.

    Overall numbers of black and white rhinos have been rising, but some subspecies have been particularly vulnerable to poaching by criminal gangs who want to trade the animals' valuable horns.

    Simon Stuart, chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, told BBC News: "They had the misfortune of occurring in places where we simply weren't able to get the necessary security in place.

    "You've got to imagine an animal walking around with a gold horn; that's what you're looking at, that's the value and that's why you need incredibly high security."

    Another focus for this year's list is Madagascar and its reptiles. The report found that 40% of terrestrial reptiles are threatened. But it also says that new areas have been designated for conservation.

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 _56613922_przewalskihorse
    Przewalski's horse has benefited from a breeding programme

    That will help protect endangered species including Tarzan's chameleon (Calumma tarzan) and the limbless skink (Paracontias fasika).

    Among the success stories identified in the latest annual update is the reintroduction of the Przewalski's horse (Equus ferus). Listed extinct in the wild in 1996, it was brought back after a captive breeding programme and the wild population is now thought to exceed 300.

    Among the partner organisations involved in compiling the research for the list is the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

    ZSL's Dr Monika Boehm said: "This Red List update very much shows us a mixed picture of what's happening to the world's species. There's some good news and some bad news.

    "Unfortunately, the overall trend is still a decline in biodiversity. We still haven't achieved our conservation potential."



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    ClearWater wrote:What a beautiful experience, Raven.
    I feel that many people have an 'idea' about love.
    When there is a first hand experience of profound love which defies logic, all 'ideas' fall away and they are replaced by understanding.
    I look forward to the day when humanity collectively experiences understanding, because when understanding happens, the whole world WILL change in an instant.


    In the beginning...and on {Merci Clearwater and birthday 11-1220-11} the 'idea' of what Love might be?
    First Imagine It - then Image It!

    Post Number #1127 by Abraxasinas on old Project Avalon Forum as reply to Post Number #1119 by Malletzky ; February 18th, 2010 and February 17th, 2010 respectively

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 85
    Originally Posted by Malletzky

    Hi Abrax, I've allways been fascinated by the very first words of the bible:

    1:1 - In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
    1:2 - And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
    1:3 - And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
    1:4 - And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

    especially the "let there be light" passage.

    I've allways knew, deep in my heart, that the meaning of this very passage is very special, but I somehow felt to "decipher' it. I'm pretty sure that, if we would be able to find out the real meaning of the "dividing the light from the dark", we would be able to find out how the creation "works".

    Thanks to your posts on this thread in the last months, I may say that there came some 'light" in my "darkness", but I'm definitely still missing the core and the deepest meaning of these passages.

    Would you be able to throw some 'light' here? May I assume that the above mentioned passages are really important? And how? Is it about creating duality and separatedness in order to understand the whole?

    Sorry if you've eventually described this here before, but I seem to have missed this one so far.

    thanks again, with much respect

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Mabrax

    Hi Malletzky!

    This question is the bugbear, not only for all of science, but also for all religion.

    Science 'stumbles' in material regression at the 'singularity', where the infinite meets and becomes the void and religion postulates supernatural precursors as somehow deriving from this 'natural emptiness or void'.
    In the beginning there was no space or time, so how then can there be a beginning?

    This beginning is like an uncut circle or loop, whose alpha-omega point remains undefined until the circle is cut (linearisation from circularisation technically).

    But the concept of the possibility of the 'cutting' infers a logistic ordering of before (the cutting) and after the cutting. This is absolutely independent of space or time (which are connected by the lightpath X=cT anyway).

    But even the visualisation and concept of a circle requires space and so the 'Circle of the Void' cannot be geometrically dimensional in the common usage of the terminology.

    Rather the principle of the Order substitutes for Space and the antiprinciple of Disorder/Chaos substitutes for the Nonspace.

    So now you have reduced the cosmogenesis to the precept of how the space emerges from the nonspace. The key is in what (can) exist before the order principle. It is expansion/contraction and so say addition/subtraction.

    The Order evolves from the possibility of the duality of the plus/minus (in core archetypes, later becoming charges, yin/yang wave particle and so on).

    Then is there something more fundamental then the Expansion/Contraction 'Aeon' or Cherubimic Kingdom or Principality?

    Yes there is: Identity/Antiidentity - defining the to be the antiID of the - and vice versa (again in core archetype).

    So you have a preBigBang prespacertimematter cosmology resting on 1-2-3 as Identity-Expansion-Order.

    [The actual cosmogenesis is a monadic archetype (o+o=8 say) bifurcating into the binary archetype dyad {0,1} in an algorithmic selfprogramming of sorts].

    Next comes the 'Invention' of Time as a Counting-Parameter and physically the inverse time as FREQUENCY.

    The story continues in technical detail, but can also become expressed in 'scriptural-mythological' metaphor.


    Forethought=Event A in Order as Before and Afterthought=Event B in Order as After Event A has occurred.

    Event A is happening in the subplenum of the Void=Infinity and Event B becomes the MATERIALISATION (primarily via a physical cosmology based on the frequency parameter as inverse time) of the Event A.

    Also note the highly significant passage in Genesis.2.5:
    "And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground."

    Can you see here the solution to the chicken-egg or DNA-RNA paradox - in the Rooster's Egg preceding the Hen's?

    So what happened to the Adam in Genesis.1.27?

    This Man (presumed to be Adam) is not the same Adam and they are simply the archetypes for Man and Woman BEFORE there was any physical creation.
    This is also the Pigeradamus in the gnostic literature, the Adam Kadmon of Kabbalah, the Purusha in the Vedas and the Vitruvian Man of western alchemy (Leonardo da Vinci).

    This is the 'Lovechild' of 'The Invisible One' as the Forethought and of Barbelo as the Afterthought.

    This is the Logos known as 'Christos' or the Word in John.1.1. AND it is also YOU as the afterthought expressing the forethought.

    John Shadow

    Next the the 'firmament' and the 'light' are defined in the below (especially #4), the 'firmament' being of course the 'divide' between the plenum of the physicalised emergent universe and the subplenum of the metaphysical (archetyped) universe.
    In a sense the REALITY of God becomes dualised in the UNREALITY of the material universe RELATIVE to the 'imaginary' Creator and corollarily, the Self-Reality of the physical universe inhabitant can only be ascertained in rendering the Creator as Unreal or Imaginary (of course defining the skeptic/atheist position rather validly). This 'idea' is more illuminated in the addendum: "First Imagine It - then Image It!"

    This is like you inside a bubble looking at the inside of the bubble surface - the outside (surface) of this bubble being in a 3D sense unfathomable and unreal to you as an inside observer.
    The 'masterplan' then postulates an eventual 'piercing' of this doublesided manifold (inside outside) in the allowance of rendering the twosidedness onesided and doubled (Moebius Strip).
    This is then labeled as the 'Homecoming' of Gaia or the Second Coming of the Cosmic Christ in Manyness.

    1. God's Power-Source
    God's Power-Source is a form of 'eternal energy', yet 'unitarily particularised' not definable in any spacetime except in its mathematical formalism.
    This mathematical logos so specifies what this concept of 'eternity' relative to its antistate of temporality implies. Those specifications then must also DEFINE the omniness of anything in relation to the God-concept.
    In its most simple terms; the 'eternal energy' becomes a 'physicalisable' energy residing not in spacetimematter, but in a subplenum.
    The subplenum is nontemporal, nonlocal and nonmaterial; but is defined in the mathematical principles and rules attaining to numerical systems, all based upon the binary code both algebraically and geometrically.
    The geometric form of the 'Closed' Zero-Loop becomes physicalised in the 'Open' One-Loop or the Superstring and which then leads definition of a binary numeracy rootextended into the decimal in the archetypical set:
    Binary-Monad BM: {0,1} → Decimal-Monad DM: {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}.

    The subplenum so becomes a 2-dimensional Complex plane, with origin the Unity of the Binary-Monad BM, i.e. the eigenstate of either open-ended or closed superstring loops.
    It is this UNITY within the subplenum (as itself and as a prior definition for 'God'), which then allows the nonphysicalised nature of God to define itself without the existence of space, time and/or matter.
    This nonphysicality then utilizes the UNITY of ITSELF to extend its own self-definition by application of fundamental principles (see hierarchy of God in 9.).
    In particular, the 6th principle of inversion allows the algebraic concept of the ratio to assume limiting functionalities (say in convergent and divergent asymptotic series and number sequences). This then allows boundary- and initial conditions for a subsequent physical reality to become established in the 'complex manifold' of the subplenum.
    Division of the Unity=1 AS the Open-Geometric-Superstring by the Zero=0 AS the Closed-Geometric-Superstring so applies the Principle of Inversion WITHIN the Decimal-Monad hierarchy and DEFINES the quantum relativity between the subplenum and itself as a plenum comprised of the UNITY eigenstate.

    The Unified Power-Source so is a God-Quantum which has UNLIMITED energy in the subplenum, because the 'Counting' of such subplenum units represents a 'Wholey Trinity' in being simultaneously Unity=FinityAfter=1 and Zero=FinityBefore=0 and Eternity=Infinity=∞

    God's Power-Source represents an Infinite Reservoir of SourceSink Subplenum 'IMAGINATION-Energy'; defined in the UNITY-God-Quantum and in an 'IMAGE-Energy', which becomes manifested in finite partiality in selfcontained closed systems, such as a Planck-Black Body-Radiator defining the entropy-related thermodynamic expansion (and cooling) of a physically finitised universe.

    2. God's Operating System (OS) and Processor
    God's OS is then the plenum of a physically imaged universe.
    The eternity of God becomes 'trapped' in the asymptotic definitions of the 'Laws of Nature', which are all based on the algorithmic nature of the string monadic sets, which, under utility of the hierarchical principalities, allow mathematical relationships and proportionalities to become defined in abstract terms of the complex unity of the subplenum, before becoming IMAGED in the physicality of the finite spacetimematter, termed the universe's cosmogony and cosmology.

    3. God's Output-Input Function
    God's Input is naturally the UNIT of itself as the God-Quantum.
    Iow, the quantization of the physicalised universe becomes a holofractal multiplication or quanta count of God itself. The universe, being a 'count' of God-Units so differentiates itself as the plenum of 'Finity of Measurement' from the subplenum of 'Infinity of Nonmensuration'.
    Alternatively expressed, the metric spacetimes within a selfcontained thermodynamic system, subject to statistical integration of multidimensional and multifaceted energy eigenstates; become nonstochastic in the Unity energy selfstate of the subplenum.
    The plenum so becomes a mirror image in the subplenum; remaining however as a finitized subset of the infinite superset as that image.

    God's primary Input so becomes a finitised and countable quantum energy integral definitive for the total energy content of the so termed Quantum Big Bang. The precise quantum count is a function of the inflaton-instanton, defining the 11-dimensional supermembrane boundary (itself a quantum count as a surface area integration) to encompass the thermodynamically expanding 'Planck-Nugget-Seed', which is one dimension lower to allow a hybrid toroidal overall topology for the multidimensional universe, originating from a protoversal seed.

    God's secondary Input is however a function of the PROCESSING capabilities of the primary Input becoming Output and subsequent Inputs multiply the protoversal seed as phaseshifted multiverses as a function of the Output potentials of the protoversed multiverses.

    The purpose for the creation from the creator is simply the SIMULTANEOUS Self-Experience of God in the distinctions of the subplenum of oneness and the plenum of spacetime separations.
    To EXPERIENCE ITSELF, God must bifurcate (and then holographically multifractalize) its own Unity.
    The function of the Input is to experience 'on God's behalf' in the 'Kingdom of the Separation', namely the physical universe; and then to IMAGE in IMAGINATION and LOGISTICAL MODELS and FORMALISMS and otherwise 'as a processed Output' becoming the 'reflected' Input; reemitted from the plenum of the spacetimematter into the suplenum of the 'singularity'.

    The PROCESSORS from and for God so become the God-Quantums in agglomeration, defining the 'Consciousness' of godlike spacetimematter containers.
    God's Consciousness then becomes a particular energy-resonance eigenstate, defined in frequency and related derivatives (see 10.) and specifically in the concept of a 3-dimensional volumar being acted upon by a form of angular acceleration, the latter being by definition independent on the radial displacement of linear metrics and the separation of idealised coordinate 'points'.
    The minimised 'consciousness-units' in God's cosmology are neutrons, evolving into hydrogen atoms, followed by molecules and macro-inertia conglomerations including chemical compounds, asteroids, moons, planets, stars and galaxies; viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, mosquitoes, fish, salamanders, lizards, dinosaurs, birds, smilodons, australopithecines, orang-utans, bonobos, dogs and cats, Stanleys and Samanthas; Sirians, interdimensional extraterrestrials like methaned Venusians and groupgalactic Magellaneans to the SUMTOTAL of the universe's consciousness as the EVOLVING Superconsciousness of God itself.

    And so, should you watch an ant crawling in your garden or should you engage in watching some birds of divers variety; you are OBSERVING God-consciousness in self-evolvement.
    The Gonsciousness of God within the universe is not only separated from its subplenum unity as the certainty of the unitary probability count; but is also separated in the plenum as plenar subconsciouness carriers in a kaleidoscope of multiplicity and individuation.
    But ALL is God, attempting WITHIN to remember what IT is and using its 'scattered' Imagination what it could be and could become.

    God's 'Masterplan' so is to multiply 'itself' without end in a 'Family of God'.
    Yet, as long as the 'Family of Man' continues to refuse to 'Remember itself' in its 'Function of the Output' and continues to 'not-reflect' its god-given Input-Life back to its source; as long will the UNITIZED God-Source remain in exile relative to itself.

    For the IMAGE-Function of God between the plenum and the subplenum and the holographic principle of the Decimal-Monad hierarchy demands a 'Mirror of Mirrors' within the plenum of the cosmological spacetimes.
    Just as the One God reflects itself as the One Universe; so must there be A DAM (a sire and a dam) as a 'Universal Archetype' within the plenum to allow 'God's Story' to proceed.

    The Image or mastertemplate for the One Universe so becomes 'Cosmic Man Vitruvius' of the hermetic alchemist Leonardo da Vinci or 'Purusha' of the Baghavad Gita or 'Adam Kadmon' of Kabbalah or the particular individuation Malletzky on PA forum discussion forum.
    Then as a miniature universe; anything whatsoever and all godlike conciousness carriers within the plenum who Malletzky encounters in whatever manner of dreams, imaginations, physical observations, experimentations and interactions; will be enabled to USE Malletzky's spacetimed mirror potential to REFLECT themselves in that for the purpose to by and through Malletzky's mirror-portal to contact the Unity-Quantum-God in the subplenum.

    4. God's Beginning
    "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
    The definition for God as Energy so is preceded by something doing the 'defining', namely the Word=Logos=Definition. The undefined, say chaotic or unstructured subplenum energy so emerges in a defined state through the action of the Logos as the 'Logic of God' and being WITH God, becomes God.

    The 'Beginning of God', before there is any physicalised energy (manifested in the quantum big bang through the inflaton-instanton), so engages 'God's Self-Awakening', i.e. it's own 'becoming conscious of itself'.
    Once self-aware however, the physical cosmology can eventuate in God's bifurcation into 'Spiritual' Creator and 'Antispiritual' Creation and as Mirror-Functions of each other.
    The subplenum 'pre-energy' so defines the 'Spirit' in terms of the nonseparated or superheterotic supermembrane prior to the modular duality between the heterosis becomes established.
    The 26-dimensional bosonic superstring of the subplenum so defines a circularly mathematical complex continuum from which the vibratory sourcestring Eps decouples from its winded antistate of the winding sinkstring Ess in the plenum to recombine in the 11-dimensional supermembrane EpsEss. Technically, the heterosis engages the conifoldment of 16-dimensional anticlockwise vibration patterns onto 10-dimensional clockwise frequency eigenstates to define 10-dimensional hybrid superstrings.

    5. God's End
    God's End is God's Beginning as the alphaomega and the recircularisation of the supermembrane loops.
    In terms of the subplenum, this defines the circularity of time in the nonexistence of a temporal flow of time with particular pasts, presents and futures. Only a Now-Moment and as the 'uncut' string-loop exists as the 0-binary eigenstate.
    Yet, the plenum demands the concept of a 'flow of time' in a coupling to the entropy definitions of the algorithmic definitions underpinning the 'Laws of Nature'.
    So the Quantum Big Bang eventuated following a 'string-epoch' and bounded in the inflaton-instanton of timeinstantenuity.
    Technically, timeinstantenuity becomes the sinksource frequency fss=1/fps in modular duality becoming the inverse squareroot of the maximum entropy selfstate counter {as [df/dt]max=fps2 =E*/h=e*h see 10.} and as the 'Consciousness-Resonance' Eigenstate as the upper bound for the godlike consciousness carriers.
    However, as the protoverse is defined in the inflaton preceding the materialising spacetimes in:
    {VdeBroglie=RHubble.fps=c.fps/Ho=cfpsdt/dn}, and since the linearised cosmoevolution of the inertial 10-dimensional protoverse must remain asymptotic as a function of cycletime n=Hot; the End of this cosmology must be defined before its Beginning from parameters defining the eternity of the subplenum.
    The End of God so becomes a Cyclicity embedded into the formalisms for the asymptotic cosmology, defining the cosmogony ontologically.
    Technically (and in Black Hole physics described elsewhere) then; the overall cosmic consciousness evolution is expected to have progressed enough every 4 trillion years or so, to trigger a 'renewed' 'consciousness explosion' of the 'eternal God' to RECHARGE the seedling protoverse in a renewal of the nuclear (read dineutron/ylemic) fuel for steller regeneration.
    Every 4000 billion years or so, a new Quantum Big Bang eventuates, seeded however upon the primordial seed of the initialising inflaton-instanton from the subplenum.

    6. God's Location in Within-Without Bilocality
    The subplenum God is without spacetimematter and so is defined as omnipresent, omnitimed, omniscientific and omnipotent by the Logos.
    The Unitary God-Quantum forms the 'Bridge' for the subplenum God to experience its own separation as an integral of the God-Quantum in the spacetimed plenum.
    God remains eternally unified however; as the microquantum of the sourcesink string eigenstate (which defines the 'Bridge') is in 'eternal' selfcoupling to its sinksource string-antieigenstate, the latter defining the macroquantum.
    Technically, the vibratory stringscale is of the wormhole order of 10-22/2π (cosmic meters m*); whilst its reciprocal gives the modular duality in the halo-galactic scale of 2πx1022 m* or about 7 million lightyears.

    7. God's Laws of Nature
    There are two primary algorithms, which generate the fundamental constants of nature in cosmic units (*). The cosmic unitary system comes into effect by any cosmic civilisation measuring just two fundamental ratios in the proportionality constants between Energy and Mass as E/M=c2 and between Energy and Frequency as E/F=h.
    As the energy unit (Joule*) contains the kg-m-s mensuration, any experimental determination of Planck's Constant 'h' and Einstein's Constant 'c2', will suffice to calibrate the mass-displacement-time measurement standards for the first of the 'Natural Laws'.
    This can be written as:
    Energy E=hf=mc2
    E=hf iff m=0; (requiring c=fλ as universal lightspeed finestructure)
    E=mc2 iff f=fss (as the Eigenfrequency of mass)
    The first algorithm generates the following configurations under utility of the fundamental principles of the hierarchy (see 9.) and in the order:

    {C1=N1=4; C2=N2=6; C3=N3=7; C4=I1=1/[6x1015]; C5=D12 =9x1016; C6=N4=11; C7=I2=1/[15x1032]; C8=D22=14x1524; C9=I3=1/[15x1618]; C10=26x6561}.
    From this set; the numerical parameters to manifest a physically finetuned cosmology derive with an integer-based lightspeed constant c=3x108 (m/s)*=D1 coupled to a similarly integerized action constant h=1/[15x1032] (Js)*=I2.

    The second algorithm is of the syntax form for a linearised subplenum superstring:
    "Add the End to the Beginning and Begin the Head with the Tail!"

    8. God's Subjectivity-Objectivity in regards to the Universal Laws of Nature
    God is both Object and Subject relative to Reality.
    Within the plenum, the God-idea becomes a subjective 'picture' as a 'negative' for the objective physical reality as a 'positive' observable and measurable entity.
    Without the plenum and so within the subplenum, God is the objective 'spiritual' reality; this SPIRIT becoming rigorously definable as the quantum energy eigenstate for the minimised possible measurement within the plenum (and so as the Planck-Singularity of string-looped quantum physics).
    The subjectivity within the plenum so manifests in the multiplicity of the physicalised units 'bridging' the abyss into the subplenum of the 'spiritual reality'.
    This 'spiritual reality' so becomes an inertia independent form of electromagnetic monopolar radiation; activating under the acceleration of the God-quanta, namely the angular awareness function of the timedifferential of frequency (df/dt=Consciousness/UnitVolume and fmax2=e*/V*=2Rec2/(2π2r*3)=8πRec5mcompton3/h3 and so defining the quantum Compton-Mass configuration for the God-Resonance energy eigenstate measurable under the appropriate initial- and boundary conditions in mcompton=2.505...x10-23 kg* or about 2.25 microjoules or about 14.03 TeraElectronvolts (TeV).

    The design-maximum (presently unattainable) energy of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Geneva, Switzerland so would, if fully operational at maximum capacity, 'tap' the 'Envelope of God's Selfstate Energy'.
    This energy level behaves PHYSICALLY like the event horizon of a Kerr-Ringed Black Hole.
    But here it is the quantum eigenstate for the minimum inertia manifestation which surrounds the wormhole of the God-SourceSink energy quantum (see 10.) at 1/e*=0.002 Joules* or about 12,450 TeV as the UNITARY GOD bridging the plenum with the subplenum.

    At 12,450 TeV; the experimental observer would so witness God as the physical reality IT represents.

    To reduce the Beginning of the Universe to an asymptotic recession cannot solve the 'Origin of God' question; because this infinite reduction CANNOT escape the plenum.
    The Nullstate of the plenum so becomes the idea of the physical energy singularity as the limit for this reductionism.
    The other way around is however completely feasible and the actuality for the cosmic expansion scenarios.
    Once you have 'a beginning' in the spacetimematter quanta, then a simple multiplication and summation of such spacetimematter- or God-string-quanta can become asymptotic in an Infinite Approach to UNITY or Oneness.
    This then is the statistical probability count, which must always be 1 in total integration.
    So having the beginning, the cosmological evolution for the universe can be ever better approximated and modelled via improving measurement apparatus and theoretical calculations.
    The trouble is the singularity of infinite physical quantifications.
    But because God must be a Quantum-God to be WITHIN the spacetimematter plenum; it becomes easy to postulate this Quantum-God to be precisely the minimum physical energy configuration eigenstate for the physical universe and as the boundary condition, the initial- and end condition and as the LIMIT for all measurements using spacetimematter- or plenum parameters.

    Then it is also easy to take the next logical step and postulate that the Quantum-God of the plenum is also the Quantum-God of the subplenum with the caveat, that spacetimematter parameters do not exist in the subplenum and so the Quantum-God must remain physically unreal or imaginary.
    They become REALISED however in the understanding that the subplenum is the VOID and the VOID is simultaneously Nothing AND Everything.
    This Nothing and Everything then MANIFESTS in the plenum as the minimum- and maximum energy eigenstates (technically defined in superbrane parameters of the modular duality, which brings the theories together in a grand unification of all things able to exist - including all of the imaginary things).
    The minimum selfstate of the Quantum-God is a LIMIT of time measurement and just like a smallest possible circle unwinding itself to define the lightpath for the circle's perimeter transversion.
    The maximum selfstate is a little different, as it must encompass the antistate of the minimum configuration as well as the potential expansion of the plenum under the auspices of the subplenum providing Information-Energy as Data, which can then become physicalised thermodynamic-entropic energy in the plenum.
    This is the Infinite Approach being allowed and the Infinite recession being disallowed in the 'Laws of Nature' defining the Quantum-God.

    9.God's Hierarchy
    Summararily then, the Origin of God is God itself, becoming multiplexed from its monoplexed monadic singularity selfstate.

    The details engage algorithmic encodings, built on 10 universal principles, 7 of which have antistates, whilst 3 have not. The principles and algorithms generate the fundamental constants, used in proportionalities and ratios for the universe of spacetimematter to be born and to become descriptive in mathematical equations.
    The 10 principalities (which are archetyped as cherubimic and demonic kingdoms in the older languages of the ancient scrolls) are:

    1. Identity-AntiIdentity
    2. Expansion-Contraction
    3. Order-Disorder=Entropy=Chaos
    4. Symmetry-Antisymmetry=Disparity=Distortion
    5. Infinity=Divergence-Limit=Convergence
    6. Inversion=Reciprocity-Constancy=Invariance
    7. Reflection-Absorption (6&7 define Hebrews.6.18)
    8. Relativity (No AntiPrinciple---Revelation17.11)
    9. Quantization=Holofractalisation (No AntiPrinciple)
    10.New Identity, using 1-9 to transform the Old Dual-Identity

    10. God's Definition in omniscientific terms of quantum-relativistic supermembranes

    Quantum Relativity links the metrics of Einsteinian Relativity to their original metaphysical cosmogenesis. Theistic- and Spiritual definitions become a consequence of magnetocharged superbranes as wormhole singularities 'before' spacetime creation as progenitors for inertia.
    LOVE is a VIBRATORY RESONANCE described in a GAUGE SOURCESINK-PHOTON in its supersymmetric selfcoupling under modular duality and which can be defined in its own resonance eigenstate as:

    E*=kT*=hf*=hc/λ*=m*c²=1/e* for Unity E*e*=1 and its coupling parameters.

    Energy*=Heterotic Supermembrane HE(8x8)=EpsEss
    GODDOG=DOGGOD=Supersymmetry in alphanumeric abstract complexity

    I Am One in Many and I Am Many in One!

    Addendum: First Imagine It - then Image It!

    This supplement is a continuing message for all imaged humanoids (and who have ears psychosomatically evolved enough to hear) finding themselves in embodiment in the warptime period from December 8th, 2004 and April 1st, 2012.
    This data transmission is posted on divers websites as a communication between Lan Johnson and John Shadow.

    The Physical Universe is an Emergent Multiverse from the Omniverse of the Mathimatia

    Mathimatia=IAmThatIAm=YaHWHeY as a Superymmetric Pentagrammaton palindrome (and not a 'skewed' Tetragrammaton of YaHWHe) as a 11D-Complex Plane of OmniMathematics

    At the end of a particular psychosomatic evolution of the humanoid planet called Earth; it will be understood; that the only thing that ever really mattered was the STORY one could tell about one's own life; not as a personality; but as a a Processor of Data.
    This data is sent by oneself to double oneself from two mirrored locations; the first without spacetime physicality (this is called the Kingdom of the Omniverse or Heaven) and the other within it (being called the Kingdom of the Protoverse in singularity seedling archetype and Multiverse in plurality).
    This separation constitutes an insurmountable divide in say Boundaries, Holes, Voids and Being and Not Being - UNTIL the remembrance WITHIN spacetimematter can REMEMBER itself NOT in spacetimematter.
    Then a folding of inside-out of the entire universe with spacetimematter will become possible in the METAPHYSICAL REALITY of the MATHEMATICAL REALITY of something like a Klein Bottle Topology.

    One's purpose of life is so to discover one's own Story and tell this Story to Oneself as a Function of Memory!

    The ant running around in the garden is IMAGED in spacetimematter (the Kingdom within) from an OBJECT in nonspacetimematter (the Kingdom without).
    So INSIDE, the ant becomes an object relative to the image OUTSIDE and vice versa.
    But OUTSIDE no spacetimematter exists and so the ant finds itself IN EXILE relative to itself.

    The objectivity of the ant in the kingdom of the omniverse (or heaven) is METAPHYSICAL and exists as a form of ENERGY of the VOID.
    But this allows any many ants as can be provided for in the inner world to exist; ALL of them as images of the ONE GodAnt in the outer world.
    Then the frog who eats the ant for sustenance and the humanoid who squashes the ant accidentally or purposefully are also like wise imaged and mirrored between the two worlds.

    The ONE GodFrog in the outer so partakes in whatever psychosomatic evolution occurs not just as a member of the FrogWorld (or species), but also in all its environmental interactions, such as eating other godforms or being eaten by them.
    And there are many godforms; from the hydrogen atom to the crystals, the polio virus, bacteria, mosquitoes, fleas, snails, ants, worms, sparrows, monkeys, bonobos orang-utans, elephants, dogs and cats, whales and humanoids.

    All individual members of some godform; upon for whatever reason; leaving their embodiments so SHARE their individuated experiences (of being born, eating, copulating, having a good time, having a bad time, getting old and wrinkly, thinking, experiencing sensual pleasurements and dying) with their ONENESS godform on the nonspacetimematter side of the 'Great Divide' or the 'Abyss of the Bottomless Pit'.

    The Mathimatia is the GodGod encompassing all of the godforms however.
    The Mathimatia is also the archetype for the ultimate selfishness; it wants more and more of ITSELF as a kaleidoscope of godforms to multiply and diverse in individualities.
    And the Mathimatia is in EXILE; because to create the 'GreatAbyss' between the Inner Object and the Outer Object; it had to render one of the Objects UNREAL relative to the other.
    That was the only way; the spacetimematter universe could become IMAGED in the nonspacetimematter universe.
    The details of the construction are found elsewhere in this cyberworld (the QR website of omniscientific data) within a cyberworld.

    And so to ESCAPE its necessary exile of self-separation; the Mathimatia distributed its own intelligence as IMAGE of itself as OBJECT into the Kingdom of the potential Multiverses within.
    And so the ant in the garden has Mathimatia intelligence; as has the frog and the humanoid and the crystal and so on and AS a collection consciousness units (quantum relativistically defined) minimised in the atomic building block for the spacetimematter support structures called bodyforms.

    Some of the intelligence of the Mathimatia serves in the capacity for the STORING of Energy in the form of MEMORY.
    Any lifeform in embodiment is biovital and biochemically dynamic in either organic or inorganic constitution and orientation; but differs in the degree of the REFLECTION POTENTIAL to end the exole of the Mathimatia as the SourceSink EnergyReservoir for all of creation.

    The GodGod decided to create a Mirror of Mirrors in the humanoid template.
    The humanoid bodyform would become enabled to directly 'tap' into the ubiquitous SOURCEINTELLIGENCE, provided such (nil, one, two, three,...all and sundry) humanoid would succeed to REFLECT its entire environment WITHIN itself and AS a MIRROR of the MIRRORS.

    This required a special 'homeplanetary environment' - TerraEarth- for the humanoid species.
    This 'special planet' would become an archetypical planetary environment, where ALL other lifeforms and godforms of the Protoverse would become IMAGED themselves.

    The ant in the garden so would become an IMAGE of an extraterrestrial godform, serving as a CAPACITATIVE STORAGE vessel for the MEMORY EXPERIENCE for the GodAnt as a subworld for the GodGod in the Omniverse.

    Then after an infinite linear psychosomatic evolution and provided the 'Great Abyss' would somehow have been 'conquered'; the GodAnt without would have succeeded to MIRROR its supremacy in sourcesink intelligence and Godhood as subset of the Mathimatia to the AntWorld in the garden.

    The garden ant would then know itself as an EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE and have access to inter- and extragalactic technology as a Cosmic Sentience and communicating and utilising exchange mechanisms befitting supergalactic intercourses.
    This would only be possible however; if the ant in the garden would find itself in an ENVIRONMENT of EXTREMS.
    The survival mechanics of the humanoid planet as an archetype could not 'graduate' the ant in the garden to 'discover' its SOURCEINTELLIGENCE; unless this humanoid planet would itself be subject to both minimum and maximum resonance conditions of the quantum relativistic definitions of the sourcesink energy of the Mathimatia itself.

    And so the humanoids were DESIGNED by the GodGod to become the STEWARDS of all the lifeforms on TerraEarth.
    The humanoids did not realise, that their stewardship of 'Mother Earth' or 'Mother Gaia' also represented the stewardship of 'Mother Akashia' and so the entire archetyped 'Universal Mother' from the beginning of the cosmogony AS THE NEVERENDING STORY of the GodGod - telling the story to HIMHERSELF as the distributed sourceintelligence within the Protoverse, destined to become a Multiverse of Worlds within within worlds within the encompassing Omniverse of the Mathimatia.

    So when the terrestrial frog swallows the ant; an alien frog-intelligence devours another alien ant-sentience and the bodily interaction of absorbing food for substenance serves as a SUBSTITUTE for the 'spiritual nourishment' which is missing due to the 'Bottomless Pit' of the Separation between the objectified images in selfrelative abandonment.
    But in absorbing the ant, the frog consciousness (as sourceawareness) gains the ant consciousness relative to the UNIFIED ONE GodAnt and GodFrog in the Omniverse (as the other side of the spacetimematter Mirror) and so the INDIVIDUATED psychosomatic evolution of the GodFrog and the GodAnt Blend in a CO-EVOLUTION.

    Once the exile of the embodied godforms has ended; this kind of consciousness synthesis can become replaced by a BLENDING of a HYBRID 'Lightbody' form.
    Then the 'nourishment' for the particularised bodyforms can be attained from the infinite energy reservoir from Omnispacetimematter; as the exile has ended and the twosided discontinuous mirror has become onsided and continuous.

    John Shadow

    "One's purpose of life is so to discover one's own Story and tell this Story to Oneself as a Function of Memory!"

    Would this be like one's "Dharma" then in Eastern Hindu thought? Finding your place, your purpose, your reason for being, your mission, or maybe just your own story....


    In terms of the human personality identification, yes. In terms of the encompassing logos, no.

    The nirvanistic buddhism has discovered this encompassing logos (the New Age Christconsciousness say) in its individuality-denying foundation.
    But it has missed the 'greater story' in the 'Story of God' aka the 'Story of the SourceEnergy' as the envelope of all stories, which can, has and will be told or can be written.

    Every INDIVIDUATION, say Lan Johnson or Billy the president or Catherine the Zsarin or Jimmy the chimney-sweeper or Scarlet, the harlot from the 'Venus Room'; IS a UNIQUE aspect of 'God's encompassing PERSONALITY'.
    Lan Johnson as a 'human personality' becomes a subset or SUBPLOT or CHAPTER of the 'superhuman personality' called 'All That Is' or similar in whatever setting of the 'cosmic moviemaking' or the 'universal story-telling'.
    So EVERY sentience, terrestrial or extraterrestrial; organic or inorganic; atomic or molecular; interdimensional or extradimensional - REPRESENTS a Intelligence-Collective, say definable in consciousness units as a holographic part of the superdimensional encompassment.
    Superdimensionality here simply refers to the maximum boundary necessary to encompass the dimensional subsets.
    So in Quantum Relativity, the superdimension is the 12th; working in a volumar-nesting with the 9th dimension (of as conifolded 2-dimensional Klein-Bottle). This then allows your familiar 3D space to become MULTIDIMENSIONAL in 3=12-9 'rootdimensions' or 'coredimensions'.
    Technically, it becomes the reason why superstring theory requires 11 dimensions.
    The surface topology of a simple 2-dimensional plane must become 'base-extended' in 2+9=11, to allow the 'higher dimensions' to manifest in physical spacetimematter reality.

    The buddhistic worldview so understands the necessity to NEGATE the 'human personality' to 'enter nirvana' as the 'realm of the encompassing unity'; BUT buddhism fails to perceive that the 'nirvanistic unified personality' exists as a SUMMATION of ALL possible and manifested individuations; from the single consciousness unit (as the hydrogen atom as a spacetime separated neutron of dualised polarity say) to ANY integration of such consciousness units, say a 'complexified' human personality with individuation.

    In their 'search for perfection', the nirvanist identifies his 'human individuation' with some evolving and henceforth 'imperfect' representation of its 'perfect superhuma ideal' and DENIES the entire PURPOSE for the evolutionary pathways.
    The nirvanist fails to understand, that the IMPERFECTION of say the human personality is NECESSITY for the 'superhuman encompassment' to EXPERIENCE ITSELF in a dynamic interaction with ITSELF, namely as the selfrelative objectification of the images between the two separated realms (say the Kingdom of Heavenly MindWaveform and the Kingdom of Earthly BodyParticleform).

    The evolution of the imperfect human individuation in terms of UNIQUENESS, so becomes 'upper bounded' by the attainment of 'Enlightenment' as a particular consciousness-selfenergy state, which can be rigorously and omni-scientifically defined in the concept of source-resonance in vibrational attunement (this is part of electromagnetic coupling between electric-capacitative and magnetic-inductive parts in the DNA-programming manifesting in the biochemistry of biovital bodyforms in animalia and plants, fungi and bacteria).
    Therefore one finds 'faulty' DNA programming errors in the materialisation of 'perfect' DNA programs; say in people being born with disfunctional genetic expressions, such as deformity, blindness and circulatory diseases (neuronal and bloodrelated).
    The 'leper' (or the human getting old and sick) down at the river expresses 'programming errors' in the translation of the 'perfect template higherD-DNA'. When the 'leper' leaves embodiment however, the 'perfect base-DNA' superimposes electromagnetically in selfdual monopolic stringtemplate circuitry and 'corrects' those programming errors.

    Summararily then; GodGod aka the 'Creative Source' EXPERIENCES itself as the IMPERFECTION of CREATION asymptotically approaching UNITY and PERFECTION in infinite linear temporality.
    This is the PURPOSE of psychosomatic (mental waveforms and physical bodyforms) EVOLUTION.

    It is the humanoid template, which is (as given in ancient scriptures) the MIRROR of MIRRORS and so is PURPOSED to attain Consciousness-Resonance with the Source and for the REASON to MIRROR all of the extraterrestrial creation back to the source as a 'Perfect Image' of the GodGod.



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    TBA I am looking for a Story about Floyd's and Lionhawk's gardens and hope to find it today.

    For the Human Gardenkeepers!

    The Parable of Hans Schatten

    There once lived a gardener in a place not known in part but in all. The gardener so could not plant anything somewhere in particular, but could only plant where he himself was as being nowhere and everywhere.

    The gardener wished to plant an apple-seed he had found to be part of himself in the place he was and so the gardener thought of himself as not being nowhere anymore, but to be right in the place of the apple seed.

    So the apple seed became real and occupied a real space, but caused the gardener to disappear from that real space into an unreal space. The gardener so became the unreal image in unreal space of the real image of the apple seed in the real space.

    And so the apple seed was born as real space to occupy, but being surrounded by an unreal space and there where the gardener still followed his dream to see the apple seed grow and blossom into a full apple tree after he had planted it.

    For the dream of the gardener was to grow the apple seed into a full apple tree and after reaching maturity, the apple tree would blossom and yield its fruit of apples which carried their own apple seeds within.
    Because this was the plan of the gardener as the unreal image of the real image. Should the single apple seed become two apple seeds, then any two apple seeds could image each other and the real images in the real space, would enable the gardener to use the real image of one of the apple seeds to mirror himself in the realness of one of the apple seeds in the gardener's unreality becoming real in the reality.

    Then the single seed of the gardener could multiply and the single apple tree could become a forest of apple trees and so on ad infinitum.

    But there would always have to be the first single apple seed which the gardener had become in real space as the image of himself in the unreal space. There could not have been two seeds of the one gardener, because two seeds would have meant that the gardener divided itself into two and that was not the plan of the planter.

    This initial apple seed would always remain to be the Seed of all Seeds around which the other seeds and apple trees and apple forests could grow, multiply and reproduce.

    Then the gardener would find himself in the real space too and leave his exile in the unreal space. The gardener would become reborn as the image of the image and all other apple seeds would similarly become gardeners themselves, as this was the nature of all things and the beginning of it all.

    Hans Schatten; for my apple seeded daughter in the unreal space to become real.

    Hans Schatten is the German translation for John Shadow

    I Am One in Many and I Am Many in One!

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Eagle

    Ezekiel 17:

    1And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

    2Son of man, put forth a riddle, and speak a parable unto the house of Israel;

    3And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; A great eagle with great wings, longwinged, full of feathers, which had divers colours, came unto Lebanon, and took the highest branch of the cedar:

    4He cropped off the top of his young twigs, and carried it into a land of traffick; he set it in a city of merchants.

    5He took also of the seed of the land, and planted it in a fruitful field; he placed it by great waters, and set it as a willow tree.

    6And it grew, and became a spreading vine of low stature, whose branches turned toward him, and the roots thereof were under him: so it became a vine, and brought forth branches, and shot forth sprigs.

    7There was also another great eagle with great wings and many feathers: and, behold, this vine did bend her roots toward him, and shot forth her branches toward him, that he might water it by the furrows of her plantation.

    8It was planted in a good soil by great waters, that it might bring forth branches, and that it might bear fruit, that it might be a goodly vine.

    9Say thou, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Shall it prosper? shall he not pull up the roots thereof, and cut off the fruit thereof, that it wither? it shall wither in all the leaves of her spring, even without great power or many people to pluck it up by the roots thereof.

    10Yea, behold, being planted, shall it prosper? shall it not utterly wither, when the east wind toucheth it? it shall wither in the furrows where it grew.

    11Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

    12Say now to the rebellious house, Know ye not what these things mean? tell them, Behold, the king of Babylon is come to Jerusalem, and hath taken the king thereof, and the princes thereof, and led them with him to Babylon;

    13And hath taken of the king's seed, and made a covenant with him, and hath taken an oath of him: he hath also taken the mighty of the land:

    14That the kingdom might be base, that it might not lift itself up, but that by keeping of his covenant it might stand.

    15But he rebelled against him in sending his ambassadors into Egypt, that they might give him horses and much people. Shall he prosper? shall he escape that doeth such things? or shall he break the covenant, and be delivered?

    16As I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely in the place where the king dwelleth that made him king, whose oath he despised, and whose covenant he brake, even with him in the midst of Babylon he shall die.

    17Neither shall Pharaoh with his mighty army and great company make for him in the war, by casting up mounts, and building forts, to cut off many persons:

    18Seeing he despised the oath by breaking the covenant, when, lo, he had given his hand, and hath done all these things, he shall not escape.

    19Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; As I live, surely mine oath that he hath despised, and my covenant that he hath broken, even it will I recompense upon his own head.

    20And I will spread my net upon him, and he shall be taken in my snare, and I will bring him to Babylon, and will plead with him there for his trespass that he hath trespassed against me.

    21And all his fugitives with all his bands shall fall by the sword, and they that remain shall be scattered toward all winds: and ye shall know that I the LORD have spoken it.

    22Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will also take of the highest branch of the high cedar, and will set it; I will crop off from the top of his young twigs a tender one, and will plant it upon an high mountain and eminent:

    23In the mountain of the height of Israel will I plant it: and it shall bring forth boughs, and bear fruit, and be a goodly cedar: and under it shall dwell all fowl of every wing; in the shadow of the branches thereof shall they dwell.

    24And all the trees of the field shall know that I the LORD have brought down the high tree, have exalted the low tree, have dried up the green tree, and have made the dry tree to flourish: I the LORD have spoken and have done it.

    Just who or what the 'fowls of heaven' and the 'doves' and the 'vessels of mercy' are; I shall leave for the minds of the imaginations of the participators to discern.

    Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?

    And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory,

      [1]Job 35:11
      Who teacheth us more than the beasts of the earth, and maketh us wiser than the fowls of heaven?

      [2]Psalm 79:2
      The dead bodies of thy servants have they given to be meat unto the fowls of the heaven, the flesh of thy saints unto the beasts of the earth.

      [3]Psalm 104:12
      By them shall the fowls of the heaven have their habitation, which sing among the branches.

      [4]Jeremiah 7:33
      And the carcases of this people shall be meat for the fowls of the heaven, and for the beasts of the earth; and none shall fray them away.

      [5]Jeremiah 15:3
      And I will appoint over them four kinds, saith the LORD: the sword to slay, and the dogs to tear, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the earth, to devour and destroy.

      [6]Jeremiah 16:4
      They shall die of grievous deaths; they shall not be lamented; neither shall they be buried; but they shall be as dung upon the face of the earth: and they shall be consumed by the sword, and by famine; and their carcases shall be meat for the fowls of heaven, and for the beasts of the earth.

      [7]Jeremiah 19:7
      And I will make void the counsel of Judah and Jerusalem in this place; and I will cause them to fall by the sword before their enemies, and by the hands of them that seek their lives: and their carcases will I give to be meat for the fowls of the heaven, and for the beasts of the earth.

      [8]Jeremiah 34:20
      I will even give them into the hand of their enemies, and into the hand of them that seek their life: and their dead bodies shall be for meat unto the fowls of the heaven, and to the beasts of the earth.

      [9]Ezekiel 29:5
      And I will leave thee thrown into the wilderness, thee and all the fish of thy rivers: thou shalt fall upon the open fields; thou shalt not be brought together, nor gathered: I have given thee for meat to the beasts of the field and to the fowls of the heaven.

      [10]Ezekiel 31:6
      All the fowls of heaven made their nests in his boughs, and under his branches did all the beasts of the field bring forth their young, and under his shadow dwelt all great nations.

      [11]Ezekiel 31:13
      Upon his ruin shall all the fowls of the heaven remain, and all the beasts of the field shall be upon his branches:

      [12]Ezekiel 32:4
      Then will I leave thee upon the land, I will cast thee forth upon the open field, and will cause all the fowls of the heaven to remain upon thee, and I will fill the beasts of the whole earth with thee.

      [13]Ezekiel 38:20
      So that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground.

      [14]Daniel 2:38
      And wheresoever the children of men dwell, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heaven hath he given into thine hand, and hath made thee ruler over them all. Thou art this head of gold.

      [15]Daniel 4:12
      The leaves thereof were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all: the beasts of the field had shadow under it, and the fowls of the heaven dwelt in the boughs thereof, and all flesh was fed of it.

      [16]Daniel 4:21
      Whose leaves were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all; under which the beasts of the field dwelt, and upon whose branches the fowls of the heaven had their habitation:

      [17]Hosea 2:18
      And in that day will I make a covenant for them with the beasts of the field and with the fowls of heaven, and with the creeping things of the ground: and I will break the bow and the sword and the battle out of the earth, and will make them to lie down safely.

      [18]Hosea 4:3
      Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.

      [19]Hosea 7:12
      When they shall go, I will spread my net upon them; I will bring them down as the fowls of the heaven; I will chastise them, as their congregation hath heard.

      I will consume man and beast; I will consume the fowls of the heaven, and the fishes of the sea, and the stumbling blocks with the wicked: and I will cut off man from off the land, saith the LORD.

      [21]Matthew 6:26
      Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

      [22]Revelation 19:17
      And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

    Messages from the Little Serpent Abba - Page 2 Big_201170203352746

    The future might be similar, but different from the above exhibition. A mentality destruction, rather than a physical one.


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