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Dragons of Thuban To Ban The Falseness

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Re: Introspection

    Post  Didymos Wed Jan 19, 2011 12:27 pm

    An excellent exposition Rok; well done.

    Yes the emotional energy is so potent in the human, as it defines an 'acceleration potential' in the great polar opposites, say like feeling high and good (or happy with self and the world) or 'down and out' and depressed and melancholic.

    It is very natural, and the key issue which differentiates this Gaian Cocoon from the rest of the universe (in the 2 million kilometer bubble).

    So the trick is the Spock-Data trick.
    To Know one's emotional potential, yet attempting to override with the logic (well sometimes, most times if you have hard heads of flint like the Ezekilean prophet mirrors).
    And the reason - knowledge of the HeShe in harmony with the Wisdom of the Body, the Sophia of the femmes.

    It's meant to remain the mystique for the male understanding this femme raison de etre' in all worlds, old and new. No utopian metamorphosis is rtequired for that, as it is inbred into the human cosmogenomatic template.

    It is what makes them so desirable to the males - this unpredictability. Of course those males are the ones not seeking the control, so they are labeled as Blueys or starmen or something like that.

    Yes you got the 'free will' thing right. The many individual 'timelines' are all the individuated 'choices' they are all overridden by the Logos timeline, instigated as the collective envelope for the purpose to - well evolve the collective no matter what the individuated logi might do or attempt to do.

    This collective then includes all sentiences, without exception and so to overcome the polarity issues - the enemy within - becomes the prerogative for the 'new humans', sick of the old BS of the majority.
    It is hard work, not at all easy - especially inside the cocoon.

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty To all...

    Post  Neo2012 Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:11 pm

    In response to all your recent posts....

    The "self" on its own its "pure", and when we act according to the "self" we act with purity, and our thoughts and actions flow together beautifully without pollution or contamination. Thus, we are able to reflect God's image!

    However, when I said, "your motives aren't pure", I guess I should've elaborated more and gone out all the way to say "Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings as to not contaminate your true self"

    As you said, she is very passionate about her beliefs, she sees, feels and thinks with her heart and has the uncontrollable need to express those feelings...

    Sweetheart, aren't we all? Isn't it Godly? - Holly Book, 66 books of inspired expression!

    However, "purity" for the most part is often manifested in the end result of a specific action taken wherein "motive", and "intent" later becomes the questionable targets. But such is the way of the "blind" man!

    Example, the Catholic Church was very "passionate" about converting everyone to Christianity...where did that lead? -

    Hitler, was very "passionate" about the white race...where did that lead?

    Where not their motives "pure" and "uncontaminated" expression of God himself? - Ah that is questionable! Isn't it? -

    Those having the sight know that passion is a form of "pollution" or "impurity", in fact, all emotions are pollution.

    Pollution is everywhere, and all around us, in all its forms, and being both visible and invisible! Although, we cannot escape contamination, we can be mindful, and we can see and treat the symptoms if we are indeed self-aware!

    Emotions? Ha! Ever heard the expression, “clouded by emotions”? –

    That is what emotions are…. clouds that block logic and rational. Nothing short of impurities that cloud our true self!

    CHOICE? – Are you serious? - (Now I know you guys are still in your diapers!)

    There is NO choice you fool! There is only UNDERSTANDING, DISCERNMENT, and COMPREHENSION! We either understand or not!


    Logic dictates predictability, mathematics and statistics, laws that govern the Universe and all things therein!

    What humans call destiny, fate, and/or free will is nothing short of an equation 1+1=2! (Get it?)

    Introspection - Page 5 Logic10

    Logic is seen in everything….

    God knows this; he created the Universe and everything in it! He is genius of mathematical equations and therefore “Judas had “no choice” other then to betray Jesus” all we are left with is trying to UNDERSTAND, DISCERN, and COMPREHEND the why? -

    (I've said it again...why? is the real power)

    There will be “wickedness” and there will be “meek ones”

    Negative and Positive! Ying & Yang!

    Similarly, a very, very light variation of this can be seen in facts such as this one:

    You may not be aware but in 20 years you’ll develop an aggressive form of cancer that will claim your life! This information has been embedded in your DNA from the beginning of your creation! Yet, you may live right now completely unaware, feeling healthy and good about yourself. And, if someone where to told you how you where going to die, you’d probably laugh it off and think they are full of shit!

    However, the truth is, logic dictates predictability; you will develop this type of cancer, there is no escape from it!

    True, we can defy logic, we can defy gravity only for a short period, then everything that goes up, eventually must come down! Rules can be broken, objects can be suspended in mid air, again, this is only for a short time and it does not undermine logic...their is logic even in defiance!

    So what roll does “emotions play”, “free will”, and the thoughts of “choice”?

    Introspection - Page 5 Realit10

    Our minds cannot perceive this but they are part of the programming of an alternate reality, (Matrix) created in order for us to be able to function, to be able to feel happiness through achievements and success or sadness and disappointment through feelings of failures. A dream world in which we are able to express love, anger, content, and hatred and claim mistakes, accidents, and good or bad choices and perform in the greatest of all spectacles, the greatest theater ever created…The Theater of Life!

    If you are to be “free” you must come to understand YOUR role, play your part, play your character, and be your “self”. We are part of a Masterpiece! And, it’s beautiful!

    Hence, I had said, “All is illusion”

    I guess for you a movie, a Broadway play or Musical…are real too! - The choices the character’s make, are they real choices too! hhmm –

    Please, don't tell Superman he cannot really fly! It will kill his Ego!!!

    Do not tell Rok & Xeia they are not fucking Avatars! They will plunge into self defense mode!

    Do not tell Tony he is not fucking John and that he did not write the book of Revelations for he will think and say..."am a competitor"

    People, Angels would do anything to materialize and experience mortality, emotions, love, lust, sex, seduction, and so much more. In fact, they have!

    Why don't I ever talk about myself? -

    Because, the children never stay still long enough! They always want to play!


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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty To Xeia...

    Post  Neo2012 Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:56 pm

    Xeia, said in Post 99 that she sees me, “i see into your soul, i can feel you.”

    There is no doubt that you do feel me Xeia...

    Question is Xeia…

    Why did YOU pick my user id to be Neo2012 on Heaven? –

    Wasn't it YOU that picked that id for me?

    Did I ever mention Neo or the year 2012 to you?

    Did we ever talk about the Matrix or Avatar? - Hmmmm

    I’ll go even further, in fact, wheren't you the one who found me?

    Introspection - Page 5 Matrix10

    Do you like watching me Xeia? - How long have you been watching me Xeia? -

    Why would I give you a picture of me back in High School?

    Where you my girlfriend? Surely, there must be some sort of explanation?
    Why didn't I give a picture of me to NO ONE ELSE except YOU? -

    A my The One? - Hhmmm? -

    To all who says, "I see you"....


    Do you see me as a Jehovah’s Witness or
    Pentecostal or a Seventh Day Adventist?
    Do you see me as a Catholic or
    A Protestant or a Lutheran?
    Do you see me as a Mormon or
    An Orthodox or an Atheist?

    Do you see me as a scientist or
    An Evolutionist or a philosopher?
    Do you see me as Scientologist or
    A Methodist, or an idealist?

    Do you see me as a mythologist or
    A logos believer or as being part of some Clan?
    Do you see me a scientist, or doctor,
    A medicine man, or Shaman?

    Do you see me as a Republican or
    Democrat, or Communist or
    Socialist, or Diplomat, or Platonist or
    A neutralist or a Theocrat?

    Do you see me as a Leader or
    A follower, or someone who is Lost?
    Or someone to be taught?
    Do you see me as white man or
    A black man, or Indian or Chinese,
    Or a Jew or an Israeli or Hindu?

    Do you see me as being Cuban, or
    Puerto Rican, Russian or American?

    Do you see me as a fellow man, or
    A fellow enemy, or some sort of rival?
    How do you see me? –

    Who am I in your eyes?

    I am that I am.

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty NEO - Who am I?

    Post  Neo2012 Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:54 pm

    I was born in Santa Clara, province of Villa Clara, Cuba.  I am the son of a self made construction engineer who was very successful in designing and building homes brick by brick, and a peasant girl, daughter of a small farm owner who raised cattle and trained Spanish horses.

    However, all of this changed when Cuba became a totalitarian state controlled by President Fidel Castro exercising control over all aspects of life through the Communist Party they seized ownership of the farm, cattle, horses, and crops.  

    My grandparents had migrated from Spain and had settled in Cuba and where not able to leave when this happened.  It is said that my grandfather got very ill after these events, lost his smile, his will to live and eventually died of a heart attach in his early 40’s.  

    Both my parents never attended school or had any real education, yet, they learned how to read, write, farm, my mother became a master seamstress, and my dad began as a laborer until becoming skilled enough to work independently.

    My mother met my father at my grandfather’s farm as a convict (political prisoner) doing labor at the farm while carrying out his 10 years sentence for having lead a revolt, shooting a military officer, stealing a boat and attempting to escape the Island.  He was very fortunate not to had end up dead, if not, for a Communist friend who extended help he would’ve definitely had been gunned down.

    My parents had three children. And, I was the second attempt to having a boy, the first one died at birth.  As baby I was born healthy and strong.  However, my mother was unable to breast feed, food was scarce (no formulas) and I was breast fed by a black woman who apparently had also given birth and was able to nurse both her child and myself.  Soon after, months later, I became very ill, parasites, amoebas had caused severe infections in my body, invading my liver, and causing serious health issues which where discovered some years later!

    I had already lost an incredible amount of weight by then, and I had became chronic anemic, and not being able to hold any food down I had completely lost my appetite. Things lead to many symptoms including, abdominal and intestinal issues, and doctors lacked the ability to treat my condition do to lack or resources.  

    The only thing that could save me prolonging my life was a blood transfusion, which my parents refused because they are Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Finally, I fainted in my father’s arms losing all consciousness; the last thing I remembered was being rushed to the Hospital on foot by my father, shirtless, barefoot, as I passed to the world of the inexistent, as I fell into a deep coma.

    It was then, at the age of 4 that I lived through what some would call a miracle.  The doctors could not do anything to help me.  And, my parents refused blood transfusion. Therefore, for fear that the Doctors would give me a transfusion anyways (being a communist government) my parents took me back home expecting the worse.

    I would soon die but not yet!  And so, for three days I had fever that wouldn’t go away, and all I could do was breath and sweat profusely.  Holding on, without food, liquids, and merely just living on prayers, I held on to life!  Until the third day when I opened my eyes to the sight of a needled being inserted through my left thumb, right through the middle of it, however, I felt no pain!  I awoke completely healed, the fever had ceased, and the illness that had been afflicting me was gone.  And, I could feel a ferocious appetite.  

    People say that when you are in a coma you may still be able to hear others around you, but I don’t remember hearing anyone, nothing other then my last vision before my eyes where shut close.  Nothing except a quick drop in body temperature, shivering coldness, and every ounce of energy being drained right out of me until finally fainting. Thus, it was in this state of unconsciousness that God proceeded to mold me as he saw fit!

    Dreams my boy!  The dream world, heaven and hell, the answers where implanted and embedded as I walked through the valley of the shadows of death! Of course, I was too young to make sense of it, however, I felt a force in me, one of invincibility, and self -knowledge.

    By the age of 5 years old, I had full knowledge of all the books (in order) from Genesis to Revelations.  And, I could already make references to texts by memory and converse with grown ups about deep spiritual subjects with indisputable authority!

    Rocks would literally bounce of me without a single scratch, and later they would simply not hit me at all as I was often ambushed walking from school to the house by communist kids that seem to hate me because I would not pledge allegiance to Cuba’s national anthem nor agree with communist ideologies.  And, many times teachers would put pressure on me, and make kneel on top of hard granite floors, or hit me with rulers across my thighs until breaking or into I bled as punishment.  Other times they would threaten my parents with jail sentences and with taking me away from them as a form of manipulation to have me give up our faith in God.

    The Boy King...

    Introspection - Page 5 Qaz11

    As a boy, instead of toys, and video games I was given a Mighty Sword and the strength to wield it.  I was known as the Boy Warrior of Santa Clara.  I would come home and sit under a Guava tree to pray and meditate upon the wounds inflicted by others, soon after; I would start inflicting my own wounds in self-defense.  You would see me shadow boxing from age 5 to the age of 7 punching against plantain leaves.  And, you would see me master a machete in the sugar cane fields during the harvest of sugar cane season, side by side with my father starting at the age of 6 years old.  And, I would spend summers at my grandmothers riding horses with my cousins, picking fruits from the trees, and feeding the pigs, chickens, horses, and few cattle we had left.  

    By the age of 7 I made my first live animal kill, stabbing a pig through his chest down until puncturing his heart.  Heard him squeal and saw the blood from the animal flow outwards like the strong current of a river, bubbling out into stream of warm blood leading to small drain.   And, this was life for me!

    One day, while riding a white Spanish horse along the mountainside at the age of 7, the horse got spooked and began galloping fast and uncontrollably up the mountain, through tree branches, and finally going straight up a steep hill.  Needless to say the horse knocked me down and kept running.  I barely escaped getting trampled by his powerful legs and rolled down the hill, bouncing of rocks, until finally hitting bushes and trees at the bottom of the hill, and there I laid for a while just looking up at the sky, in shock, unable to move, unable to get up, but not hurt at all, until my cousin who wasn’t too far from me came to my rescue and found me in laughter!  He had seen it all and had already begun making his way over to me when I fell down.  He seemed worried, and could not believe my luck; in his eyes I had escaped death once again! In mine, that was a fun ride!

    Then, we began the journey to America.  For three months my family and I slept out in the open, exposed to mosquitoes, and weather conditions.  Unable to take refuge from the elements of mother nature, we slept on the sand, we pissed in the water, we made long lines for a cup of coffee, and a half a spoon of sugar.  Long lines, for a small plate of burned rice and harden burned hard-boiled eggs; I never knew hard-boiled eggs could like burned, or two plain burgers for a family of four. And, I began to notice how my father would not eat much, and at times he actually wouldn’t eat anything at all since there would be no leftovers.  

    “A great lesson in humility indeed, yet not too hefty of a price to pay for freedom,” I thought.   In fact, one much rather die in pursuit of freedom then to live an eternity in slavery!   These where some of the harsh realities known to me by the age of 7 and these where my thoughts!

    I did not grow up “wishing upon a star” listening to Walt Disney, I grew up listening to the cries of man, the drama of woman and the burden of impoverishment.

    At the age of 12 something short of another miracle happened in my life…

    I received my official zeal of annointment, the knowledge of the Heavens where poured unto me, and all things where unveiled.

    Jesus & Children
    Introspection - Page 5 Jesusa11

    Let the Children Come...

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty NEO - THE ILLUSTRIOUS - PART 2

    Post  Neo2012 Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:16 pm

    Introspection - Page 5 Trinit10


    Introspection - Page 5 Trinit11

    Introspection - Page 5 The_pu10


    Introspection - Page 5 Throug10


    Introspection - Page 5 Rescue10


    Introspection - Page 5 Not_le10


    Introspection - Page 5 I_save10


    Introspection - Page 5 Love10

    Introspection - Page 5 Rok10

    Introspection - Page 5 You_wh10



    Introspection - Page 5 I_figh10


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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Neo=One

    Post  SuiGeneris Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:23 pm

    Neo2012 wrote:Xeia, said in Post 99 that she sees me, “i see into your soul, i can feel you.”

    There is no doubt that you do feel me Xeia...

    Question is Xeia…

    Why did YOU pick my user id to be Neo2012 on Heaven? –

    Wasn't it YOU that picked that id for me?

    Did I ever mention Neo or the year 2012 to you?

    Did we ever talk about the Matrix or Avatar? - Hmmmm  

    I’ll go even further, in fact, wheren't you the one who found me?
    Yes Neo... I found you...

    I renamed you on 9/30 of last year.

    [9/30/2010 10:59:09 PM] NP: am still trying to come up with a cool use username
    [9/30/2010 10:59:32 PM] NP: as you can see...i don't use them all that often
    [9/30/2010 10:59:45 PM] Xeia: how about Neo?
    [9/30/2010 10:59:51 PM] Xeia: Neo2012
    [9/30/2010 11:00:03 PM] NP: hmm cool..i'll try that one
    [9/30/2010 11:00:13 PM] Xeia: k then i'll now it's you

    I do "baptize" some of my friends... why did i pick that user id?

    Neo was the first thing that i thought of since your name starts with an N too... It felt right.

    You never mentioned it... nor the year 2012, and you're right, we never talked about Avatar or The Matrix...

    Neo2012 wrote:Introspection - Page 5 Matrix10

    Do you like watching me Xeia?
    I can't help but to watch...I observe...and to be honest, i did like some of what you said... but other things troubled me...It has to do with the energy present at the time...

    Neo2012 wrote:- How long have you been watching me Xeia?
    Since i renamed you...

    Neo2012 wrote:Why would I give you a picture of me back in High School?

    Were you my girlfriend? Surely, there must be some sort of explanation?
    Why didn't I give a picture of me to NO ONE ELSE except YOU? -
    I don't know Neo...

    I wasn't your girlfriend... why did you?  Why did you give me a picture of you and to no one else?

    Back in September, i was going through my box where i keep letters from friends, paintings, shells, and all sorts of things i like... as i was going through my things i found the picture you gave me... it reminded me of you and then i went to look for you.  If it wasn't for that picture...

    But you couldn't have known that back then... synchronicities abound...

    Neo2012 wrote:Am I The One? -  Hhmmm? -
    Only you can answer that...

    Remember, it's the question that drives us Neo...

    It's the question that brought you here...

    Introspection - Page 5 Xeia177 heart glitter

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty To Xeia and Rok

    Post  Neo2012 Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:13 pm

    Oh my dear Xiea…
    My Trinity, my Neytiri
    My SuiGeneris, my dear Friend!

    The Matrix is a Paradox!
    The Na’vi, Avatars are indeed also a Paradox!
    The “Dream World” is also very real, and
    SO are wishes, “I wish upon a star” and
    The Magic of Walt Disney!

    You are a dreamer, my dear one,
    Your dreams are majestic, powerful, BIG,
    And, you’re a flyer, and that is where you live!
    I’ve grown wings for you, I’ve transformed, and
    I’ve become an Angel, so, I can fly to visit you
    And, I love what you’ve done to the place
    Your home is magical and full of expressions of Love!
    You are Mother Earth; you have become fruit bearing,
    And luscious and “free spirited” and loving,
    And you are full of light, joy, and you are exquisite too!

    Rok is in love with you, Neo Is in love with you,
    We’d like our seeds to drop like rain drops upon your soil,
    Because your soil is rich and fertile, and because our seeds,
    Inside your soil will birth fruits, the offspring’s of tomorrow!
    There is no jealousy, there shouldn’t be!
    Earth is our home, the realm of mankind!
    And, you my love, my dearest love, can handle it!
    Can’t you? – Roses abound of all different colors, jasmines, water lilies,
    Sunflower seeds, and fruits, oh the fruits!

    And, now we can make love to you, sure, Rok too!
    We can plow, we can build, we can plant, and we can water your soil.
    Hand to hand, by our own very manhood we can ravish your loins,
    Make spoils of your mind and soul!
    Flyers taking rest with you upon the clouds,
    Lighting up the vast space of your undiscovered territories!
    We are God’s creating life inside your very womb!
    We will nurture you my dearest one!
    And, you will love and nurture us in return!

    Together we’ve taken Rok and exposed his Demons.
    His 3d jealousy, his conditional love, unwilling to share Earth!
    His greediness in not wanting to share you!
    But, he loves you! And, I embrace him as a brother!
    I’ve placed him on my bosoms,
    I’ve shown him unconditional love,
    That we are man, brothers, twins, whose very existence
    Depends on converting earth into Paradise,
    For without seeds Earth would not flourish!
    Without Oxygen plants could not live!
    We are each other’s Oxygen.
    We are each other’s breath!
    We are One.

    Introspection - Page 5 Nature10

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Hear me....

    Post  Neo2012 Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:39 pm

    I teach you, like I would my children...

    I love you like I love myself...

    Xeia I was so happy when you found me on FB...

    I gave you that picture back in High School because you were my friend, and my dearest love, and I wanted you to remember me, as I would never forget you.

    Now, you came back...and you talked about Heaven, and Skype, and the Logos, and your Thuban family while all I wanted was to revisit my friend, the one i love, and learn about who you've become, who you married, what career did you pursued, did you have children, who are they, i wanted to know YOU.

    Instead, you've come over to me an with an "alternate reality" and talk about 2012 and the end of the world and ET's and all these other things...which i clearly see are important to you.

    I love you my friend, and I wondered where my friend went? -

    So, I've shown you that I am your Poseidon! I am your Neo, you renamed me! You found me and gave birth to the Son of Zeus, so that I can be worthy of loving you, of making love to you, your mind, and soul.

    I am that I am ...

    But, I am teaching you, while you teach me...I am being both the student and the master...because i love you!

    I've imerged in your Paradox...and now...I give you my Parody:

    I Wish that I Had Duck Feet!

    I wish
    That I had duck feet,
    And I can tell you why,
    You can splash around in duck feet,
    You don’t have to keep them dry.

    I wish that I had duck feet,
    No more shoes!
    No shoes for me!
    The man down at the shoe store
    Would not have my size, you see.

    If I had two duck feet,
    I could laugh at Big Bill Brown.
    I would say, “YOU don’t have duck feet!
    These are all there are in town!”

    I think it would be very good
    To have them when I play.
    Only kids with duck feet on
    Can ever play this way.

    My mother would not like them.
    She would say, “Get off my floor!”
    She would say, “You take your duck feet
    And you take them out that door!”
    “Don’t ever come in here again
    With duck feet on! Now, DON’T.”
    I guess I can’t have duck feet.
    I would like to. But I won’t.
    If I can’t have duck feet,
    I’ll have something else instead…

    I know what!
    I wish I had
    Two horns up on my head!
    I wish I had two dear horns.
    They would be a lot of fun.
    Then I could wear
    Ten hats up there!
    Big Bill can just wear one.

    I think they would
    Be very good
    To have when I play ball.
    Then nobody could stop me.
    No, sir! No body at all!

    My horns could carry books and stuff
    Like paper, pens and strings
    And apples for my teacher
    And a lot of other things!

    If I had big deer horns,
    I would never get a ride.
    I could never ride the school bus.
    I could never get inside!

    AND SO…
    I won’t have deer horns.
    I’ll have something else instead.
    I wish I had a whale spout.
    A whale spout on my head!

    When days get hot
    It would be good
    To spout my spout in school.
    And then Miss Banks
    Would say, “Thanks! Thanks!
    You keep our school so cool.”

    I could play all day in summer,
    I would never feel the heat.
    I would beat Big Bill at tennis.
    I would play him off his feet.

    My mother would not like it.
    I know just what she would say;
    “Not in the house!
    You shut that off!
    You take that spout away.”

    I know that she would tell me,
    “I don’t want that spout about!”
    And when Mother
    Does not want a thing,
    It’s O-U-T. It’s out!

    AND SO…
    I will not have one.
    I don’t wish to be a whale.
    I think
    It would be better
    If I had
    A long, long tail.

    I wish I had a long, long tail.
    Some day I will. I hope.
    And then I’ll show
    The kids in town
    New ways to jump a rope!

    If I had a long, long tail
    I know what I would like.
    I would like to ride down State Street
    Pulling girls behind my bike.

    I wish I had a long, long tail.
    And I can tell you why,
    I could hit a fly ten feet away
    And hit him in the eye.

    I know Miss Banks would like this.
    She would smile and she would say,
    “No other boy in town can hit a fly so far away.”

    If I had a long, long tail,
    I know that Big Bill Brown
    Would tie me in a tree!
    He would!
    Then how would I get down?

    I don’t think that I would like it
    With my tail tied in a tree.
    The more I think about it…NO!
    No long, long tail for me.

    AND SO…
    If I can’t have a tail,
    I’ll have a long, long nose!
    A nose just like an elephant’s
    The longest nose that grows.

    I wish I had a long, long nose
    And I can tell you why,
    I think it would
    Be very good
    To get a things up high.

    Every kid in town would love it.
    Every kid but Big Bill Brown.
    And every time I saw him
    I would sneeze
    And blow him down.

    I could help the firemen!
    My nose would be just right!
    I could help them put out fires
    A hundred times at night.

    Oh, I would do al lot of things
    That no one ever did.
    And everyone in town would say,
    “Just watch that long-nose kid!”

    If I had a long, long nose,
    I know what Dad would do.
    My dad would make me wash the car!
    The house and windows, too!

    My dad would make me work all day
    And wash things with that hose!
    I guess it would not be so good
    To have a long, long nose.

    Let me think about it.

    All these things I want are bad.
    And so I wish…
    I wish…I wish...
    What DO I wish I had? …

    I know what!
    I know just what!
    I know just what to do!

    I’d be a Which-What-Who!

    If I could be a Which-What-Who,
    I’d jump high in the air,
    I’d splash and spout,
    And run about.
    I’d give the town a scare!

    The people would no like it.
    They would be so scared, I bet,
    They would call the town policemen,
    They would catch me in a net!

    They would put me in the zoo house
    With my horns and nose and feet.
    And hay, just hay, two times a day
    Is all I’d get to eat.


    I think I would be very sad
    When people came to call.
    I don’t think
    A Which-What-Who
    Would be much fun at all,

    AND SO…
    I think
    There are some things
    I do not wish to be.

    And that is why
    I think that I
    Just wish to be like ME.

    (And then the illustration shows him walking away and leaving all this other things inside a garbage pale)

    By Dr. Seuss

    And, now i tell you my dear love, my dear friend, i do not wish to be Son of Zeus, or The One, or part of this for you to love me, accept me, and see me as family...I simply wish to be like ME.

    I love you, but you will not know love, unless you learn to love YOUR TRUE SELF.

    The same goes for Rok, Tony, Raven, Susan, and all of you who "DREAM" and say "I am John", "I am a prophet", "I am this, I am that"....but do not show LOVE for their true self.

    Be you...AND..by all means...continue to DREAM BIG...

    And, i will always be by your side! I will be your saviour, as you are mine!
    I will be your lover, as you are mine. I will dream with you and together will visit dimensions and create our on Paradox.

    However, when our wings can't any longer soar up in the sky, and we are forced to land...let us hope...we can land in each others arms!

    G'day to all

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Of Mice and Men...a story of love...

    Post  Lola Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:53 pm

    Introspection - Page 5 Cleopatra-wig

    Cleopatra was a wonderful Egyptian Princess, born in 69 BC. She spoke 9 different languages. Cleopatra had many different talents.

    She was cunning...manipulative...seductive...

    Despite Cleopatra's beauty, she met a splendid man who's name was Caesar. Caesar was in Alexandria at the time so he couldn't stay with the love of his life. Cleopatra later is thrown away from her throne and her brother becomes ruler of all Egypt. Since that situation had occurred, Cleopatra had to leave her kingdom and she didn't come back for a while. She later meets Caesar and starts to fall in love with him. Caesar loved Cleopatra for her and not her beauty.

    She later gains her throne back, by defeating her brother's army. Since the time she was queen many things had changed. Caesar loved Cleopatra so much that he became her own personal bodyguard. While being her bodyguard, Caesar gets murdered.

    She meets a man named Anthony. Antony, like Caesar, wanted to become Cleopatra's bodyguard. Cleopatra leaves Anthony behind, thinking she would never see him again. Cleopatra meets Anthony again. They automatically fall in love and begin a whole new life together.

    Many years later Cleopatra and Anthony meet for the last time. Some of Anthony's friends decide to tell Anthony that Cleopatra is dead. Wanting to be with his lover he kills himself. Cleopatra tears off her clothes and throws them over Anthony to cover his wound from bleeding anymore. She doesn't seem to be getting anywhere so she takes a sword and plunges it into her breast. Although she wants to die, she does not. She eventually does die, of hunger, of love...

    Introspection - Page 5 Cleopatra-beaded-headpiece

    As I sit here...watching you boys compete for the love of mother Earth...waiting to plant your seed of life into her womb...I ask myself...where is the passion? where is the fire? where is love?

    Come into my loins dear ones...for I will offer you love, death, passion, and resurrection...You will be born of Earth, and I will take you into the underworld...where I offer you eternal life...

    Who will be my Caesar? Who will be my Anthony? Who will tame my hungers...my thirsts...!!

    When will boys become men? How much poetry must be written? How many languages must be learned in order for me to understand your feeble ways!?

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Re: Introspection

    Post  SuiGeneris Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:25 am

    Neo2012 wrote:Oh my dear Xiea…
    My Trinity, my Neytiri
    My SuiGeneris, my dear friend!

    My dear Neo,

    You are not the only "Neo"... I called Rok and others the same before you, since each man who is willing and able to play their part in this story is Neo (Adam) and each woman Trinity (Ev3)...

    I am Trinity, but even if you choose to see me as your Trinity... i can't see you as my Neo and you can consider this right here the 3D "anomaly" if you will in this metaphysical equation...

    Nevertheless, your part and your path in this story is very important and very real...and it is the same as The Hero's Journey of Jake Sully, or Haku in Spirited Away, or Aang...etc, etc... to find and redefine yourself as a pioneer of the new breed of Starhumans of Serpentina.

    Neo2012 wrote:Together we’ve taken Rok and exposed his Demons.
    I am not out to get anyone, and neither should you. And about daemons, we all have them... but truly we are to look only at our own daemons...for only we know them... only we can recognize them and expose them, only we can tame them and only we can make love to them... We look in the mirror not only to stare in awe at our beauty, but also to see ourselves for what we really are... to recognize our darkside...

    If you do love him as a brother, then stop trying to mock him all the time. There's really no competition. You don't need to save me from him... I can see things with my own eyes... Please understand this or our energies simply wouldn't match and communication will fail.

    Neo2012 wrote:His 3d jealousy, his conditional love, unwilling to share Earth!
    His greediness in not wanting to share you!
    Nobody needs to "share" her with you because Earth, The Great Mother, is WITHIN you already... and within every single bluey out there...

    But if you are thinking personal choices, and you dare venture to talk about him as an individual, you should take into account that if he doesn't wish to share it will be his choice and should be respected. If you must know, I'm also not happy with the thought of sharing him at the moment, but if this understanding ever changes, it will be a choice made between him and me...however, as for right now, things are as they are... who knows what The Logos will bring us tomorrow...?

    I wish to welcome you and clear the air... so that we all could share of ourselves in an open environment of trust and understanding.

    With love and in love,

    Introspection - Page 5 Xeia177 heart glitter


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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Never fear the dark side of the force...

    Post  Neo2012 Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:48 am

    Listen, I’ve never been out to get anyone either. I simply state how I feel, think, and express myself according the knowledge I have of MYSELF.

    If in doing so, someone gets angry, or jealous, upset of even hurt then they should come out and express their feelings honestly and openly so as to resolve the conflict, instead of hiding and dodging and cowardly throwing stones then hiding their hand so as to prevent other from knowing they threw the first stone!

    Our “actions” dictate our character not our emotions and certainly not our intentions!

    We’ve not exposed Rok’s demons; I was being nice and poetic! In reality Rok has exposed “his own demons” by the actions he's taken, the position he's placed himself in by “his actions”, words, and so on!

    Now, if you want to make love to his demons and embrace his dark side, honey, that’s on you! He is your other Neo, your Jake Sully…not mine!

    I am Luke Skywalker baby, I’d confront my own father if he came and tried to push some dark force on me! After, all isn’t that the way we are to help someone?

    If you see someone about to trip and fall are you going to let them fall not to cause them the embarrassment of grabbing them by the hand and steering them from danger? –

    Now, if this person decided to repay you by giving you the finger and cursing you out because in the process you tore a button from his sleeve instead of thanking you from possible danger, are we to say, “oh well, we all fall down sometimes, might as well had let him!” Why? Because, someone does not know how to control their anger, their jealousy, their greed or whatever other malfunctions they seem to be having? –

    I love him like Luke Skywalker loves his father, not Vader! And, I would love Rok IF he came out and showed me the light side of the force, not the dark side!

    And, you are right, I don’t need to save you from him you need to save yourself from anyone that claiming to love you would at the same time try to control you and manipulate you with their jealousy!

    As far as respect goes, respect is earned! For if he dares to talk about me disrespectfully and calls me names and say that I speak Yada Yada Yada…and post private chats that aren’t his to post, but he does so anyways, because he is an asshole…well he is done everything to be where he is right now, hiding behind your voice like a coward!

    Who’s being a baby? Who’s being disrespectful? -

    And, believe me, I understand you and trust me I have no desire for negative energy! However a (-) x (-) = (+) …sometimes you can’t be too soft. Sometimes when pushed you have to push back, a strike = block, a block = a strike! You can’t let the dark side beat you; you need to beet the dark side!

    I would much rather fail to communicate then maintain communication that fails to mean anything!

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Re: Introspection

    Post  Guest Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:22 am

    Since you did not notice. The entire thing was one big Nibaldo "show". Did i poke you? Sure i did. Am i partly responsible fort the current situation? Sure I am. Why i did it? Well i stated it several times but i could not talk about it too much.....it was not about me, it was about her private stuff she has there....which "magnitude" surpasses this forum soap opera here in any way and meaning. She managed to get out of the effect of your yada yada (or call it voodoo or something) by the time needed to handle it. And also there is no longer a fake image of Neo here. It is the true image and i am not speaking of Poseidon now or any other stuff u attempt to identify yourself with...you are seen, no matter the poetry you paste and the way you paste it...and this is it...

    About my 3D fears or something....i have already said that in the original thread u came to trash here, when u were so desperately denying the existence of your highly enlightened ego....but i will said it now here more clearly...let us all share and be "happy" about it:

    She can go and do whatever she wants, however she wants to to at any given time. No one is forbidding it.

    Would i like it?
    Well it depends on what she does. She knows what i dislike. I tell it to her. She asks me to.

    Do i forbid her?

    Is she free to do it?
    Most definitely yes she is.

    Are my personal views holding her back?
    Indeed that could be, I asked this myself and spoken to her about it.

    Is it ok if she accommodates just to make sure i am ok with what she does?
    No, not really...people should be what they are....even when they are like you (omg!!) so....

    Have i ever forced her into anything?
    No never.

    Have i ever reacted over emotionally during this thread?
    I did yes...i talked about it in the last post in this thread.

    If she goes and does something i am not ok with in any possible way, will i try to prevent it or stop her from it?
    I will tell her i dislike it and that while she is as free as she can be to go and do it, she will do so without me in the picture.

    See Nibaldo as much as you think what this here is all about....it is not.

    And this is about as much sharing as u will get from me.

    She has a mind of her own to decide about any of this. It is just her Crab nature that can lead things to where no man has gone before....boldly or not....

    Now what she desires to do is make you feel accepted....so you can perhaps try not to be too much of "yourself" and it might even happen....i do not know about it. I do not care about you in your current state. She does to some point... being friends and all that...and it is also really nice of her...she wants all to "get along" (or something). She even asked me to "pipe it down" a bit and change my tone but i simply do not see it worth the time and effort to talk to you much...i told her the same thing.

    For example i am not exactly happy about some things she wrote her last response...she gave u cannon food...she, i think, does still not entirely grasp the way you are...the prophet, the messiah, the savior...but i will likely simply have to..one day...accept she operates via emotion to the extent/extreme it prevents her from being objective enough...as far as my point of view if concerned... Than again, she does consider you a friend and given that...she does not want to hurt, insult or make matters worse....especially regarding your mission to save her and silly stuff like that.

    So you do what you "must" and try no to worry too much about her...she is as free as she can be....there might be a leash...but i am not the one holding it....get it?

    Now go play with your metaphysical stuff (or something) in Cosmic Logos..not sure if others will want to play with you....and i ll go and play with myself...

    and we can all live happily ever after...


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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty To Rok

    Post  Neo2012 Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:02 pm

    Dear Rok,

    You said, "The entire thing was one big Nibaldo "show"."

    Is not all of these yada yada "saga" Logos induced? - Hmmm or Nibaldo's induced?
    I suppose, you are right, God always pays the price for our human errors! j/k

    Did i poke you? Sure i did.

    You poke yourself! And, you are still doing it! But, I understand this, and what's more, "I forgive you", no need for apologies! My love surpasses this forum soap opera as you call it, it surpasses your flaws, and your poking. You can poke all day long, I am wearing my insect repellant and therefore you don't bother me! [let's make it clear, am not saying you are bug, is a metaphor]

    I am one with you! I am one with nature. I undestand nature. The force flows through me! We are sentient beings interdepedant of each other! Even if you mistakenly sting me, don't worry, I will not squash you! I undersand you have a purpose of being!

    And also there is no longer a fake image of Neo here.

    I didn't know their was a fake image of me on here, but thank you for expressing how you feel and think. I can't control how you perceive me or perceive the world around you, part of things or anything at all. Your perception is your own. However, I could ask you to show love for all things even those things you perceive as fake. I could ask you to "open" your eyes, and look at things from different perspectives, whether you do or not is entirely up to you.

    "you are seen, no matter the poetry you paste and the way you paste it...and this is it..."

    I certainly hope so, in fact, I know I am seen and felt! As I see you, and feel you. You are my lover Rok. You are in conflict with this because you see us as man, and woman, male and female...but the truth is you are attracted to me to too...just like Xeia is, just like everyone else here...and i am attracted to you and everyone else here as well. We are love in fusion!

    Forget dogmas, forget "motherships", Et's, and everything else...different versus of reality...what matters is this...we are part of ONE higher conciousness...and we have degenerated ourselves to a "civil war"...and we've been killing each other for thousands of years, poking at one another, bringing upon ourselves shame and destruction!

    No other race in the world, if there are others out there, higher consciousness beings want to come within meters of our existance because all we do is fight! lol

    However, this is destined to change! And, we will change. And, we will evolve.

    This is not about Xeia. Or what she does. Your feelings for Xeia betrays you! They are strong and cloud your mind....and i think you should at least reflect on that.

    Listen, I am no threat to you! But, you've created this illusion, and an attachement...

    Stop your poking, and become a team player. Don't tell me to go play with my metaphysical stuff when am throwing the ball at you in the basketball court. Simply, say, I don't like basketball, its not my sport, how about we go hunting?, or fishing? or play a game of chess? -

    And stop being so damn anti-social! You might even learn to appreaciate me as a "friend" if you'd allow yourself to be a friend!

    Their is a reason why Xeia and are friends...

    The living happily ever after...i leave to you!

    I for one appreciate you when your are not poking, and I feel your sincerity, and fluidness and when you don't turn things into a competition and scoring system!

    You have much "wisdom" of your own to offer, which everyone sees, which i see too, and I've been eager to hear you express it, so, I too grow together, growing further into greater knowledge of things, discover your wonderful qualities, we don't have to agree on things or anything, but we should be able to appreciate each other's view and critiques on things with fondness and respect.

    I am not a competitor. And, I always project my true self. The fact you think I am a fake offends me, but when have I called you a fake? - I may say, "be mindful of your feelings", I may tell Tony, "be mindful as to not becoming a false prophet" "be mindful of your construct" that it does not sink like the Titanic in defiance of the Gods! - I say these things, and I hold true to myself!

    But, I am far from being a fake! Or calling anyone a fake...

    Each of us manifests who they are by their fruits. Not my job! Not my resposility to pass judgement! Although, I could, I much rather not and let time tell according to the fruits we each bare!

    One thing is certain...their is a storm coming on the horizon!

    And, you and I should be friends, because we are brothers. And, this I don't say because of Xeia, or as a tidius task that I "must" accept you...you are my brother...the choice is already made...we now must understand that choice and embrace the positive energies that connect us.

    So, if you are asking or telling me to let go the past, and embrace a new beginning, am good with that, let's make amends! Let's act like brothers! Let's be friends! Let's encourage each other, let's debate, let's interchange energies on positive wave lengths...I am all for it!

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Re: Introspection

    Post  Guest Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:25 pm

    Hard to say..."logos ways are mysterious"... same goes for dogmas that you mentioned. And about the rest of the things...
    I am not a proper address to talk about it.

    and to quickly skip the rest in the replay....and go to the end....

    ....I agree that things have been stated enough and that this kinds of exchange should end to change the "energy"....so we can all focus on things that matter most...preferably for common good

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Re: Introspection

    Post  Didymos Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:04 pm

    Like sexy Cleopatra so is sexy Elizabeth Taylor so is the Lolita of the Phoenix.

    They have many lovers and liasons; one elopes with another or goes or dies or falls in a hole and the other comes.

    The deeper agendas of the human amorosity are between the ears and not between the legs.

    Though the latter can become rather intriguing and enticing.

    The Lights of Darkness are like Shadows of the Mind sweet Alexandra.

    One Time soon you will become aware of it.


    One of your Lovers of the Mind of the Passionate Desires


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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty To One of My Lovers of the Mind of The Passionate Desires; Introspection

    Post  Lola Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:52 am

    Introspection - Page 5 Cresent-Moon

    Lady of the Flame...

    I am the beautiful Goddess...
    That is said to breathe fire and incinerate my enemies...
    Bask in my beauty...
    As my eyes slowly steal a piece of your soul...

    I inhabit the underworld...
    Weighing the souls...
    Determining your paradise; creating your salvation...

    I am your Goddess of the Night...

    I am Demon Lilith...

    I will bring you immortality...

    I am yours in perpetual life and in death...

    Introspection - Page 5 ISIS3

    Come to me, my love...
    And you shall be reborn...

    Give in to your desires...
    Come into the Shadows...so that I may show you the Light...

    Introspection - Page 5 ISIS2


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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Emotions are a gift...

    Post  SuiGeneris Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:46 am

    Neo2012 wrote:As you said, she is very passionate about her beliefs, she sees, feels and thinks with her heart and has the uncontrollable need to express those feelings...

    Example, the Catholic Church was very "passionate" about converting everyone to Christianity...where did that lead? -
    Hitler, was very "passionate" about the white race...where did that lead?

    Those having the sight know that passion is a form of "pollution" or "impurity", in fact, all emotions are pollution.

    Emotions? Ha! Ever heard the expression, “clouded by emotions”? –

    That is what emotions are…. clouds that block logic and rational. Nothing short of impurities that cloud our true self!

    Introspection - Page 5 CopyofSui

    Emotions are a very unique gift.

    The Creator imbued Passion onto the Human Being as a gift... "The Gift Of The Feather"

    For without it...human beings cannot fly...


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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty When I crack that whip....Everyone's Gonna Trip...LOL...

    Post  Lola Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:08 pm

    There's only two types of guys out there....Ones who can hang with me and ones that are scared...

    Don't stand there watching me...Show me what you can do...!


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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Re: Introspection

    Post  SERAFiNA Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:28 am

    Lola wrote:There's only two types of guys out there....Ones who can hang with me and ones that are scared...

    Don't stand there watching me...Show me what you can do...!

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/lVhJ_A8XUgc" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>
    isn't it funny
    how 'the observer'
    does NOT realise
    that they are NOT involved in anything that is
    actionable ;)

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Re: Introspection

    Post  Didymos Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:42 am

    Introspection - Page 5 LolaphoenixIntrospection - Page 5 AbbaIntrospection - Page 5 Shilobermh

    Introspection - Page 5 Sex=funIntrospection - Page 5 Papa_smurf

    Lola Phoenix of Alexandria and Tonyblue - Wednesday, August 17th, 2011: On the Transformation of the Old into the New in Visions and altered states of the human mind

    [1:07:51 PM] LolaPhoeniX: Hello dear ...How are you?
    [1:08:17 PM] Tonyblue: ok sweetheart
    [1:08:22 PM] Tonyblue: how are you?
    [1:09:51 PM] LolaPhoeniX: I've missed you all - finished my book :)
    [1:10:23 PM] Tonyblue: congrats for that Lola
    [1:11:02 PM] LolaPhoeniX: thank you ... new picture I see
    [1:11:15 PM] LolaPhoeniX: ;)
    [1:13:07 PM] Tonyblue: look who's talking
    [1:13:19 PM] Tonyblue: your sexy self above is classy
    [1:19:05 PM] LolaPhoeniX: that's right love, the world just has to deal with our "awesomeness" ... you almost cracked a smile there - I'm impressed ... but seriously, I've missed you - how are you getting along with your work - progress?

    [1:22:24 PM] Tonyblue: well yes the timeline is moving along and i am just a translator nothing more
    [1:22:32 PM] Tonyblue: people misunderstand 'my work'
    [1:23:51 PM] LolaPhoeniX: what people? I know you're not talking about me ...yes, timelime ...May 2013 - I think it turns then - am i wrong?
    [1:24:39 PM] Tonyblue: it has turned many times already
    [1:24:55 PM] Tonyblue: July 10th was potent as will be April 1st, 2012 and as was August 15th and again August 25th this year
    [1:28:14 PM] LolaPhoeniX: yes I agree - July was difficult for me - and so I stayed away - last April - horrible for me - by next April - i think so - unrest will spill into this hemisphere by then, i believe - trying to stay positive - maintain optimism - i keep my sorrows silent - so do you
    [1:28:34 PM] Tonyblue: yes dear
    [1:28:45 PM] Tonyblue: it is too late for teachers and so on
    [1:29:01 PM] Tonyblue: its all allowance and self preparation
    [1:29:17 PM] Tonyblue: i share my knowledge on the forums and stay detached

    [1:36:51 PM] LolaPhoeniX: your words lick me like a puppy.. with such sweetness.. i only found myself.. when i lost every thing i had gained from building it.. and went to the dark of dirt of depression.. and found the quiet still voice of Me.. and even then.. i did not listen.. it was in giving.. that i learned ...not in holding but letting it all go.. and then.. giving more.. loving more.. when i truly had nothing more to give.. i let go of being saved or healed or hope of love.. of anything.. only giving.. more.. no pride at all.. nothing left.. but breath.. moment.. baby steps.. no comfort.. i am pained tired wired always.. all good.. only spir it flows through me.. only flesh and spirit.. human being divine.. as we all are.. simple.. be.. so good to be alive.. now i start to begin.. to love myself.. only just now.. easy to love others.. me.. whew.. that is another story.. another chapter.. but.. baby steps.. i shall learn.. big big lesson..others will too... i love you.. my dearest

    [1:37:34 PM] Tonyblue: yes sweety i feel the same
    [1:37:52 PM] Tonyblue: this longing for love can be so destructive
    [1:38:05 PM] Tonyblue: i have given up on it for the time being
    [1:38:26 PM] Tonyblue: like you perhaps; i simply dont 'belong' into this old system any more
    [1:39:35 PM] Tonyblue: but our spirits belong here as guiding 'lights' in mindful darkness and such metaphors
    [1:39:55 PM] Tonyblue: so WE are indeed PRESENT as a Present can you see the pun?

    [1:45:57 PM] LolaPhoeniX: lets talk yes...The dodecahedron, a shape with 12 pentagon faces, can be distorted so that it can be drawn with no lines crossing. In fact any convex polyhedron has this property (loosely ‘convex’ means no dents or spikes). Related is the fact that for convex polyhedra the number of vertices, minus the number of edges, plus the number of faces is always 2. You can draw a cube with no lines crossing - and then make them add up to two... ahhhh the mathematics of love - what if what they call 'Twin Souls' are somewhat like a dodecahedron? passing by, from one life to another and never 'meeting'? what if they aren't meant to meet? what if freedom is bound to gravity and if we cannot beat or bend gravity these souls are destined for sorrow? what if there is no freedom? no understanding? no right brain, left brain unity , and what if nature intended it that way - because the force would be too powerful - the overspill too great?

    Aye, a master race...a She/He? a male body with intuition...or perhaps a female body gifted with pragmatism and logic? Men think. Women feel... a master race will KNOW ...this KNOWING...this formula always adding to two - is ahead of us still - mirror still foggy...most are not ready for this concave look at things - for this type of understanding - and yes ...you are the gift I give myself ... dressed in silk, covered in love - for now we wait - in sacrifice and in these bodies - timing is everything - I believe we are God's plan ...

    [1:47:34 PM] Tonyblue: Can only agree with your cosmological insights here baby
    [1:48:02 PM] Tonyblue: yes much of my work details all of this both science wise and in the ontology of its own metaphysics
    [1:49:45 PM] LolaPhoeniX: i am done fighting you see ...with humility comes clarity - I needed the silence - it comforts me
    [1:49:53 PM] Tonyblue: yes the Merkabah thread details much of this
    [1:50:04 PM] Tonyblue: yes i am in retreat too
    [1:50:10 PM] Tonyblue: sitting in my cave
    [1:50:34 PM] Tonyblue: 'in love' with my cosmic femme without a 'Body'

    [1:52:55 PM] LolaPhoeniX: brilliant!!! and better that way - does not complicate things ...haha ...don't go into too much detail though - i tend to be the jealous type - encoded in my dna 'ya know
    [1:53:54 PM] Tonyblue: well my cosmic lover is rather capable to USE your Body to 'make love to' Lola Phoenix
    [1:54:26 PM] Tonyblue: its an individualised MM as CJ or female Logos
    [1:54:37 PM] Tonyblue: my Maria Infinity remember
    [2:01:19 PM] LolaPhoeniX: yes, yes ... well - not opposed to the idea ...any cosmic lover who wants to come in through me and teach me some things is welcomed - I'm a fast learner ... and itching for something new - the old ways bore me - and Tony, the old ways - they simply don't work anymore - our fragile humanity is restless, scared, grasping for what simply isn't there -

    The feelings that hurt most, the emotions that sting most, are those that are absurd; the longing for impossible things, precisely because they are impossible; nostalgia for what never was; the desire for what could have been; regret over not being someone else; dissatisfaction with the world’s existence. All these half-tones of the soul’s consciousness create in us a painful landscape, an eternal sunset of what we are

    [2:02:30 PM] Tonyblue: yes but the 'Love from the Heart' one feels for others is eternal dear
    [2:02:56 PM] Tonyblue: the trouble are the expectations for oneself about the 'Being in bodycontact' with the 'Beloveds'
    [2:03:48 PM] Tonyblue: so if we can Love Cosmically (its often called unconditional, but a misnomer imo), then the 'higher self' is becoming more attuned
    [2:04:32 PM] Tonyblue: having incarnation in particular morphs is the trouble dear yet meant to transform into a blessing
    [2:10:52 PM] LolaPhoeniX: unconditional - the way a dog loves his master - I just don't know how - true that love in the spiritual realm is not as emotional as in 3d reality but my higher self does not speak of love - it speaks of death
    [2:11:26 PM] Tonyblue: well yes death of the old is required for the birth of the new
    [2:11:49 PM] Tonyblue: see a baby born results the discarding of the placenta
    [2:11:55 PM] Tonyblue: its Jesus' Mustard Seed

    [2:16:02 PM] LolaPhoeniX: ahhh sweet words again for my troubled mind - this is why I come to you - you remind me of what's important - perspective - i lose perspective - the memories too strong now -
    [2:18:14 PM] Tonyblue: well you bring up intelligent questions
    [2:18:21 PM] Tonyblue: can i share this?
    [2:18:29 PM] Tonyblue: on the forum not on skype
    [2:20:11 PM] LolaPhoeniX: yes love you can share - funny we tend to end this way - and Tony unrelated but where did Harry Houdinin die? in what country and how? do you know?
    [2:20:31 PM] Tonyblue: no dear but this is on wiki
    [2:20:34 PM] Tonyblue: i can find out
    [2:21:14 PM] Tonyblue: thanks i make reference to the Platonic Solids thread and give you the links sexy Alexandria
    [2:21:27 PM] Tonyblue: i did some recent work on this
    [2:21:39 PM] LolaPhoeniX: ok...

    [2:22:03 PM] Tonyblue: relating how the body brain frequencies relate to the 'lightbody' as the alpha states of the dreamings

    [2:22:51 PM] LolaPhoeniX: wonderful - where is that
    [2:22:56 PM] LolaPhoeniX: on your site?
    [2:24:09 PM] Tonyblue: yes this link here
    [2:24:17 PM] Tonyblue: i will edit later
    [2:24:24 PM] Tonyblue: http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&fid=D9E24033-58EE-41FB-ACF6-CCB1382143C3&lastp=1&id=B520414B-74E8-4A5D-BA59-1AC8B2DB582E

    [2:38:08 PM] LolaPhoeniX: I was on a train a few days ago with strangers , I pointed out to this random lady a person that was waving at her but couldn't seem to get her attention. those around saw but the lady could not - those that saw got scared - those that didn't got confused. Meaning, the 'light movement' or new coming or understanding of Christ continues to be delayed - the dark side, as I see it, continues to hold on tighter for control. These changes perhaps should have happened a long time ago - and there are some who are stuck here with this kNOWING waiting - restless - unsure of what to do next -
    [2:39:31 PM] Tonyblue: it is rather 'devious' atm Lola
    [2:40:13 PM] Tonyblue: It is the memeplexes the Old Thoughtforms of milennia now forced to 'fight' for their own survivals

    [2:53:04 PM] LolaPhoeniX: others - seers out there - perhaps labeled - perhaps not - lest called dillusional or crazy - the other day, I had a terrible headache - they come more and more often now - must see doctor - and i went for a walk - i must have started to daydream because in the distance I saw a gate - with the number 9 on it - there was a person - i dont know who - guarding this gate - a portal of sorts - the portal looked like Petra - the man was black - I went up to gate and asked the man to go in - and guess what I asked for???? to give me the ark of the covenant - I don't know what the hell was wrong with me - but suddenly I tripped and the image disappeared so did my headache and i went home
    [2:55:35 PM] Tonyblue: what do you mean with Petra here?
    [2:59:32 PM] LolaPhoeniX: well, it was as if I were walking in the desert - i saw yemen - I saw myself there - but i have never actually been there - when i was in the region, i was held at customs - detained for 4 hours - was not allowed in...my friend went years later - I told her to visit a beautiful spot in the desert with some beautiful stones - writings and carvings - I remembered those stones in the caves
    [2:59:38 PM] LolaPhoeniX: but have never been there
    [2:59:46 PM] LolaPhoeniX: she asked how I knew
    [2:59:50 PM] Tonyblue: Lola can you send me this pic of yours or give me a link?
    [2:59:54 PM] LolaPhoeniX: i told her i saw the info in a book
    [2:59:57 PM] LolaPhoeniX: but i did not
    [3:00:01 PM] LolaPhoeniX: i just knew
    [3:00:21 PM] LolaPhoeniX: something tells me i was BLOCKED from going there
    [3:00:33 PM] LolaPhoeniX: not allowed but those who do not wish me to see
    [3:00:36 PM] LolaPhoeniX: the visions
    [3:00:38 PM] Tonyblue: well all the troubles are there now Middle East, Syria and the overall region
    [3:00:47 PM] LolaPhoeniX: they get stronger now
    [3:00:47 PM] Tonyblue: these are the memes right there

    [3:16:43 PM] LolaPhoeniX: the ark of the covenant is in that cave - a black jewish nomadic tribe took it there - near petra - gate 9 - portal 9 - of 9 portals - i believe ....i went to many countries in mid east - sometimes used fake papers to get in - but there i could not go - stopped for 4 hours - denied - why - who stopped me? memories come in stronger now - headaches too - by i remain optimist - these love and light people - ascension - bs - alien bs - all crap - a bend in time - is the answer - a recycling of sorts - a concave mirror - Shit! the answer for gravity - we are using right or left side of brain - not both - both would mean insanity - we as humans cannot handle that type of understanding - but time is bending - we are heading backwards to a beginning of sorts - You and I came together because we are now almost at the finish - we are as opposite as we are the same - your 'translation' will pay off - the answers you know already - I dont - I feel - I support you - if i reject you - then i reject myself

    [3:20:54 PM] Tonyblue: as a rational thinker you might like this video Lola
    [3:21:08 PM] Tonyblue: btw i added our pics to this shared thread
    [3:22:21 PM] Tonyblue: http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&id=198F0EDB-5E5F-4687-AE92-425FE34EC11E&fid=1B99AA8A-3115-4559-8C64-4A80512A5616
    [3:22:25 PM] Tonyblue: second page
    [3:22:28 PM] LolaPhoeniX: didn't get the video -
    [3:22:29 PM] LolaPhoeniX: ok
    [3:22:42 PM] LolaPhoeniX: and have you read the gospel of Barnabas?
    [3:22:59 PM] LolaPhoeniX: one day - we should talk about it...
    [3:23:07 PM] LolaPhoeniX: not tonight - tired
    [3:23:13 PM] Tonyblue: Athene's Theory of Everything
    [3:23:29 PM] Tonyblue: I then had a discussion about it with Xeia - also posted there
    [3:23:52 PM] LolaPhoeniX: ok

    [3:24:06 PM] Tonyblue: heared of it, like the gnostic codices, all of those are 'corrupted' except the Gospel of Thomas
    [3:24:26 PM] LolaPhoeniX: yes
    [3:24:50 PM] Tonyblue: I advise caution with all gnostic 'translations' and this goes for the 'historian experts' as well as the 'believers'
    [3:25:09 PM] LolaPhoeniX: ok
    [3:25:32 PM] LolaPhoeniX: yes, just finished reading- confused -
    [3:25:44 PM] LolaPhoeniX: ok see where you stand - i thought so
    [3:26:07 PM] Tonyblue: the commentary with this video should interest you though

    [3:26:24 PM] Tonyblue: it is about neurons and the brain and then some correlations
    [3:29:06 PM] LolaPhoeniX: alright, thanks.. i will happily take a look - and Xeia - yes, i miss her too - haven't spoken in quite some time - so glad we talked tonight - thank you , you're good for me...good night dear
    [3:30:38 PM] Tonyblue: yes i am 'good for you' and many - sweet Lola Alexandria or is it Cleopatra Scorpionis?
    [3:30:45 PM] Tonyblue: Buena Noches
    [3:33:23 PM] LolaPhoeniX: I find your pet names endearing , and a testament to your kind soul - I am blessed - Buenas Noches

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Re: Introspection

    Post  Didymos Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:34 pm

    Dear Lola!

    On further Introspection; I found a synchronicity to your reaquaintance of today. This engages the major timeline of the Logos, which initiated '5 Months of Scorpions' as per the encoded 'Flood of Noah' and the 5th Trumpet of the Book of Revelations {Genesis.7.24 & Revelation.9.5}. This period so specifies the infamous, yet hitherto unknown decipherment of the 2300 days of Daniel {Daniel.8.14} and when a 'Holy Sanctuary' would begin to 'be cleansed' ( by the waters of the archetyped 'Flood' of course). This 'Day of the Cleansing of the Temples', I had published many times as March 28th, 2011 and many messages on www.cosmosdawn.com relate and emphasise this Logos Nexus in divers fashions.

    Now rechecking our skype conversations; you might be surprised, that this time also defined your 'cutting off' from interacting with the 'Thubans'.

    Here is the referential evidence, you might check on your computer:

    [28/03/2011 3:23:20 PM] Tonyblue: Lola, ashera wanted to know what we talked about so i shared if it offends you i apologise it is of common interest and i thought you would not mind

    [3/04/2011 2:25:40 PM] LolaPhoeniX: hi love...why did you think what we talk about is of common interest? just curious...
    [3/04/2011 2:31:29 PM] LolaPhoeniX: and how are you, by the way?
    [21/04/2011 3:43:40 PM] LolaPhoeniX: hello Tony...dropping in ;)

    As you can see; our last contact was April 21st, 2011 and of course the 'Day of the Last Supper' of the Easter period 2011 with Palm Sunday 2011 being April 17th, 2011 and Easter Sunday being April 24th, 2011.

    My 'Loveheart' was hijacked by a 'false pretender' on that 'Resurrection Sunday' and I (most stupidly and uncharacteristically) relented from my previous position of stoic emotional detachment from any female approaches and allowed myself to 'fall in love' with someone, who pretended to feel heartfelt emotions for me as well. This so jeopardised and dismantled my previous position of 'no personal intimate involvements', which you might very well remember.

    But the 'fake human love', which could and would not requite my own, is now gone into its demise of the NABS (New Age BullShit) and your rather unexpected communication made me reassess the situation to discern any possible clues embodied in them from the World Logos. A big difference between you and the 'fake minds' is your appreciation of the 'Words of the Encoded Scrolls' and your genuine Love for the Logos and ABBA from the heart. So I feel comfortable to express and indicate those 'Words of Wisdom from the Spirit' to you.

    To exemplify the 'fake love' in its contrary selfstate (of say anti-energy or 'vibration'), particular 'avatars' can typify this in a possible 'mistranslations' of scriptural encodings, such as referenced in the below. One 'interpretation' is the Male Logos of the 'Holding in Hands' until the New World is born; the other 'interpretation' is the Female Logos 'confiscating' the same archetype in a 'dominace and control' of the Crystal World as a New World of glitter and magic.





    Mark 12:35-37 (KJV)

    35And Jesus answered and said, while he taught in the temple, How say the scribes that Christ is the son of David?

    36For David himself said by the Holy Ghost, The LORD said to my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool.

    37David therefore himself calleth him Lord; and whence is he then his son? And the common people heard him gladly.

    Isaiah 66

    1Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the place of my rest?

    2For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the LORD: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.

    3He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog's neck; he that offereth an oblation, as if he offered swine's blood; he that burneth incense, as if he blessed an idol. Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations.


    Lamentations 2

    1How hath the LORD covered the daughter of Zion with a cloud in his anger, and cast down from heaven unto the earth the beauty of Israel, and remembered not his footstool in the day of his anger!

    2The LORD hath swallowed up all the habitations of Jacob, and hath not pitied: he hath thrown down in his wrath the strong holds of the daughter of Judah; he hath brought them down to the ground: he hath polluted the kingdom and the princes thereof.

    3He hath cut off in his fierce anger all the horn of Israel: he hath drawn back his right hand from before the enemy, and he burned against Jacob like a flaming fire, which devoureth round about.

    So the major timeline of March 28th, 2011 is a Mirror date and initiates '150 Days of the Scorpionic Flood of Memes' relates to this comment of yours to my nomenclature.

    [3:30:38 PM] Tonyblue: yes i am 'good for you' and many - sweet Lola Alexandria or is it Cleopatra Scorpionis?
    [3:30:45 PM] Tonyblue: Buena Noches
    [3:33:23 PM] LolaPhoeniX: I find your pet names endearing , and a testament to your kind soul - I am blessed - Buenas Noches

    This is a fresh superpositioning of those '150 Days' as a deeper finetuning of the overall encompassing timeline. As you know, in the 'encodings', there was a 'Week of Preparation' for the 'Building of the Ark'. This brings us of course to the March 21st/22nd Equinox of 2011 and guess what this 'offsetting' of the '150 Days' lead to?

    Add 150 days to March 21st, 2011 and you reach August 17th, 2011 and the day of the recontact between Lola Phoenix and Thuban.

    This then is the synchronicity of the Logos, which i tried to indicate before.

    Now those '150 Days of the Scorpionic Flood' relate the major timeline of the Logos to this adding of a 'Week of preparation', then copied in Ezekiel as a 'Week of Confusion' or a WOC.

    The major timeline so ends exactly a week from today without the WOC on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 and ends today, Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 with the WOC.

    Furthermore a superimpositioned '150 Day' period partitioned into 10 15 Day cycles detailed elsewhere, also define August 24th, 2011 as the 'Last day' of the 'Order Cycle', defining the period from Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 to Wednesday, August 24th, 2011.

    August 24th, 2011 to August 25th, 2011 so represent a Nexus Mirror for the entire Logos timeline from December 8th, 2004 to April 1st, 2012 midpointed as 2671 Days in the 1335th Day of August 4th, 2008 and as encoded in the 1335-1290=45 days as 3x15=45 Days as three of the principal cycles of the 10x15=150 days.

    In terms of physical manifestation of the new archetypes, the 'Liberation of Libya' (LIBYA=LIB 26=LIB GOD=DOG LIB) and the 'Earthquakes' affecting a symbolic evacuation of the Pentagon on the east coast of the United States of America; serve in the synergetic corroboration between the Cosmic Legislature and the Gaian Executive function.

    The relevant chapter for the described warpzpone of the Cosmic reconfiguration in its archetypology is encoded in Daniel.12:

    Daniel 12 (KJV)
    1And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.

    2And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

    3And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

    4But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

    5Then I Daniel looked, and, behold, there stood other two, the one on this side of the bank of the river, and the other on that side of the bank of the river.

    6And one said to the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?

    7And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

    8And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?

    9And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

    10Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

    11And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

    12Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

    13But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

    This is a notable development in the Logos timeline dear Lolita and your reaquaintance with your Thuban family seems to carry hereby a 'Cosmically ordained Signature' from the Love Logos of ABBA.

    You have been blessed by the True Love of the Creator and perhaps initiated either the reformation, redemption or destruction of the Fake Love of the false creator wannabes.

    Thank You from myself and on behalf of your Thuban family Lolita Phoenix, Queen of the Scorpionic Serpents metamorphosing into the Eagles of the Resurrection in the Phoenix of Alpha Omega Draconis.

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    Tonyblue - In the Uraeus of the DragonQueen Cleopatra Khaibit and the Shadow of the Sarcophagus of Thoth Melchisedec

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Deep Abyss of Awareness...The Rock below Sea.

    Post  Neo2012 Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:46 pm

    In the darkness of the night across the many seas abroad
    Two abridge the sands of time and space seeking simultaneous
    Comfort amongst loving hands.
    To find disparities in an act of duality and discover the fiber
    Core of their being and bring each other to climax.

    Birthing something perhaps unticipated, intimidating, undoing, undying,
    Ensuing, ensuring perhaps an ending, perhaps enduring.

    A star hits nova...death or rebirth? Lovers quarrel, fleeting moments.

    Distant in their embrace, the flame is lame, it wavers!

    Wind blowing cold holding to the burn, kindling ashes!

    Will love return, reunited, and with impetuous force be impervious

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty the coward and the brave

    Post  Neo2012 Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:24 pm

    Across time, across space, a soul is afraid,
    Resting on the soil, foiled like a fool...
    Too cool for dirts embrace, it coils like a snake.
    Hissing, hidding, cowardly, clearly hurting, retreating.

    Another, courageously, moving forward,
    Towards a definitive path, an oath, soaring, roaring, unsparing
    Endearingly reaching, teaching, and rescuing, reducing its distance...
    Drops in and steps, not to heal, not to offer aid, but to

    Chill says he hidden in it's place, do not kill me! Dear friend, you are too
    Hurt, too afraid, you've coiled in disgrace, it's time to set a tone ,,
    And with heavy regret bid your life farewell.

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    Introspection - Page 5 Empty Re: Introspection

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