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    My ONE true self


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    My ONE true self Empty My ONE true self

    Post  StarChildZ on Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:46 am

    So I have been trying to get in touch with my one true self, I tried sitting in a dark room and focusing my mind...but then I realized I wasn't sure what to focus my mind on. I wasn't sure who I should turn to with this concern, but then I remembered I could just ask my family, or what I hope to be family. I'm sure there are more experienced mediators here and I was hoping to be put on the right path. What should I be focusing on, an tips will due I suppose. :)

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    My ONE true self Empty Re: My ONE true self

    Post  Frodo on Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:40 am

    i would not call myself an experienced meditation expert, but what always works for me is either concentrating on something solid and random, whatever s around, a fan, (something that produces white noise is good if you are in a busy place), and let everything around it disappear while intently examining it, close your eyes, bring that object there, try not to think of it as a fan... but as a spiny thing, you know what i'm saying? that's better for just kinda everyday cleansing of the mind, which i think is important if your serious about meditation.

    for me it is easier to empty my mind when i have a distraction, but if it's easier in a dark room for you, try creating a white noise in your mind, you know the popularized 'ommm,' or something like that, but do not actually produce the sound outside your head. once everything seems to have quieted down up there, then stop producing the sound. i do this before i go to sleep, relax the muscles, drop like a rock into dreamworld.

    the way i understand it, the point of meditation is emptying your mind of the day to day distractions to get to the core of your being, perhaps there you will see a mirror of what you might call your true self.

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