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    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics


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    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Empty Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics

    Post  Didymos on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:24 pm

    • ....

      DID colossal spinning loops of energy
      whip up the magnetic fields that thread through galaxies and may even
      stretch across intergalactic space? That's the idea being put forward to
      explain the universe's mysterious magnetic fields.
      "Wherever we look, we find a magnetic field," says Mark
      Wyman, a cosmologist at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
      in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. "But nobody can explain where they came
      Galactic fields have a strength of about 10-10
      tesla - one-hundred-thousandth of Earth's magnetic field - and
      cosmologists calculate that they could have been amplified from even
      weaker "seed fields" in the early universe of only about 10-34
      tesla. "That's small in strength, but the problem is that you need
      something to create that field over a huge area, the size of a galaxy,"
      says Wyman.
      He and his colleagues realised that exotic objects known as
      cosmic strings could be large enough to ...

      The complete article is 680 words long.

      --- In
      TheoryOfEverything@yahoogroups.com, Zeus
      > Did Cosmic 'Egg-Beaters' Leave Magnetic Legacy? Huge
      loops of the exotic objects known as cosmic strings could have whipped
      up the first magnetic fields that now thread through galaxies. That's
      the idea being put forward by a cosmologist in Canada to explain where
      the universe's mysterious magnetic fields came from...MORE

      'egg-beaters' may have left magnetic legacy


      This post from Cambridge University illustrates the 'very
      important' phase transitions of energy in the early universe. Whilst
      controversial or speculative at present, the 'Cosmic String scenario'
      will be found to best describe the early universe.I particularly draw
      the reader's attention to the following excerpt about 'Cosmic Strings':

      ...They are very thin and may stretch across the visible
      universe. A typical GUT string has a thickness that is less then a
      trillion times smaller that the radius of an Hydrogen atom. Still, a 10
      km length of one such string will weigh as much as the earth itself!...

      Here are the details wrt Quantum Relativity, where we shall
      derive the actual Cosmic String Density from first principles.

      The wormhole has a perimeter of 10-22 metres and a
      linedensity of 2.22x10-20 kg as the 'knee-energy' for the
      well studied and analysed Cosmic Rays (1.24x1016 eV).

      So the mass-density of this Weyl-Boson-String is mw=2.22x10-20
      kg/7.96x10-68 m³~2.8x1047 kg/m³ for a toroidal
      3D-volume as a fundamental density for a superconductive Cosmic String
      moving at lightspeed (see below).

      The mass of the earth is so 6x1024 kg and a
      hydrogen atom is so 10-10 metres (1 angstroem) across.
      This is a density for the Cosmic String of 6x1024
      kg/(π[10-12x5x10-11]²x104 m)~7.6x1064
      kg/m³ and using the approximation given by Cambridge. This
      approximation becomes more precise in defining the radius of a Cosmic
      String as a wormholeradius of precisely rw=10-22 m/2π and
      this leads directly to the ZPE.

      The Vacuum-Density or ZPE pervading the universe is
      precisely the wormhole-energy quantum/volume of a
      spacetimequantum=hfw/(2π²rw³)=2.5x1064 Joules/m³. This
      modulates the Planck-Density of mP.c²/(2π²LP³)~9.7x10111
      Joules/m³ in a factor of so 4x1047 for a scalefactor
      This wormhole is however modulated to the classical electron
      radius in a factor of 1010/360=Re/2πrw.
      It is this modulation, which represents the phase-transition
      and the 'breaking of domains' indicated below.
      This scalefactor then also incorporates the 'nature' of the
      monopole and the topological effects described in the Cambridge
      Cosmology link.

      The elementary Cosmic String Density then manifests as the
      nuclear interaction asymptotic confinement scale of the classical
      electron radius mapped onto the ZPE of the Heisenberg Vacuum (say).
      The elementary Cosmic String Density then manifests as the
      nuclear interaction asymptotic confinement scale of the classical
      electron radius mapped onto the ZPE of the Heisenberg Vacuum (say).

      For a wormhole-density of ρw=2.8x1047
      kg/m³ , the nuclear/wormhole modulation gives a Cosmic String density of
      ρcosmicstring=ρw.(Re/rw)³ or so 1.5x1072
      kg/m³ .

      So the Cambridge statement should read:

      ...They are very thin and may stretch across the visible
      universe. A typical GUT string has a thickness that is less then a
      trillion times smaller that the radius of an Hydrogen atom. Still, a 1
      mile length of one such string will weigh as much as the sun

      Tony B.

      Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics S_cs

      Strings & other Topological Defects

      What are topological defects?

      Topological defects are stable configurations of matter
      formed at
      the very early universe. These configurations are in the original,
      symmetric or old phase, but nevertheless they persist after a phase
      transition to the asymmetric or new phase is completed. There are a
      number of possible types of defects, such as
      , cosmic
      , monopoles , textures
      and other
      `hybrid' creatures. The type of defect formed is determined by the
      symmetry properties of the matter and the nature of the phase

      Below you can find a brief description of each type of defect:

      Domain walls:

      are two-dimensional objects that form when a discrete symmetry is broken
      at a phase transition. A network of domain walls effectively partitions
      the universe into various `cells'. Domain walls have some rather
      peculiar properties. For example, the gravitational field of a domain
      wall is repulsive rather than attractive.

      Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Cs_dw_origin

      Domain walls are associated with models in which there is
      more than one separated mimimum.

      Cosmic strings:

      are one-dimensional (that is, line-like) objects which form when an
      axial or cylindrical symmetry is broken. Strings can be associated with
      grand unified particle physics models, or they can form at the
      electroweak scale. They are very thin and may stretch across the visible
      universe. A typical GUT string has a thickness that is less then a
      trillion times smaller that the radius of an Hydrogen atom. Still, a 10
      km lenght of one such string will weigh as much as the earth itself!
      Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Cs_string_origin

      Cosmic strings are associated with models in which the set of
      minima are not simply-connected, that is, the vacuum manifold has
      `holes' in it. The minimum energy states on the left form a circle and
      the string corresponds to a non-trivial winding around this.


      are zero-dimensional (point-like) objects which form when a spherical
      symmetry is broken. Monopoles are predicted to be supermassive and carry
      magnetic charge. The existence of monopoles is an inevitable prediction
      of grand unified theories (GUTs); this is one of the puzzles of the
      standard cosmology.
      Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Cs_monopole

      Only the three-dimensional `hedgehog' configuration on the
      left corresponds to a monopole.


      form when larger, more complicated symmetry groups are completely
      broken. Textures are delocalized topological defects which are unstable
      to collapse. The potential cosmological implications of textures are
      here .
      Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Cs_textures

      Examples of delocalized texture configurations in one and two

      Have they been seen?

      Due to
      their extremely high energies, cosmological defects have not yet been
      detected, and it is virtually impossible to produce them, even in the
      most powerful particle accelerators. On the other hand, this is one of
      the reasons why people are interested in them - if they can be found
      today, they will be a unique direct link to the physics of the first
      moments of the universe. Some observational searches are already under

      However, defects are not exclusive of the early universe! they
      exist and have been studied in a wide variety of more `down-to-earth'
      contexts. In the laboratory, topological defects are commonly observed
      in condensed matter systems. Simple examples are the domains in a
      ferromagnet; regions in which the magnetic dipoles are aligned,
      separated by domain walls. Liquid crystals exhibit an array of
      topological defects, such as strings and monopoles. Defects can also
      been found in biochemistry, notably in the procees of protein folding.

      As an example, here are two photographs (obtained with an optical
      microscope) of strings in a nematic liquid crystal (from I.Chuang et.
      al., 1991):

      Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Lcrec

      Long-string intercommuting in a liquid crystal. The two strings excange
      ends at the crossing.

      Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Lcev

      Fig.2 : The evolution of a string network in a liquid crystal. The
      four snapshots have the same size, but were obtained at different times.
      Notice the progressive dilution of the string network.

      You might
      want to refer back to these for comparison when we describe
      evolution of the strings in the cosmological context...

      Why do
      they form?

      If cosmic
      strings or other topological defects can form at a cosmological phase
      transition then they will form. This as first pointed out by Kibble and,
      in a cosmological context, the defect formation process is known as the
      Kibble mechanism.

      The simple fact is that causal effects in the early universe can only
      propagate (as at any time) as the speed of light c. This means that at a
      time t, regions of the universe separated by more than a distance d=ct
      can know nothing about each other. In a symmetry breaking phase
      transition, different regions of the universe will choose to fall into
      different minima in the set of possible states (this set is known to
      mathematicians as the vacuum manifold). Topological defects are
      precisely the `boundaries' between these regions with different choices
      of minima, and their formation is therefore an inevitable consequence of
      the fact that differentregions cannot agree on their choices.

      For example, in a theory with two minima, plus + and minus -, then
      neighbouring regions separated by more than ct will tend to fall
      randomly into the different states (as shown below). Interpolating
      between these different minima will be a
      domain wall .
      Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Cs_dw_kibble

      Kibble mechanism for the formation of domain walls.

      Cosmic strings

      arise in slightly more complicated theories in which the minimum energy
      states possess `holes'. The strings will simply correspond to
      non-trivial `windings' around these holes (as illustrated below).
      Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Cs_strings_kibble

      Kibble mechanism for the formation of cosmic strings.

      Why do we
      want to study them?

      as we pointed out above, they provide a unique link to the physics of
      the very early universe. Furthermore, they can crucially affect the
      evolution of the universe! So given that they must necessarily form,
      their study is an unavoidable part of any serious attempt to understand
      the early universe.
      The detailed consequences very with the type of defect considered. On
      one hand,
      and monopoles are cosmologically
      catastrophic. Any cosmological model in which they form will evolve in a
      way that contradicts the basic
      we know about the universe. Such models must therefore be ruled out!

      On the other hand,
      textures are much more benign. Among
      other things, they could be the `seeds' that led to the formation of the

      we observe today, as well as the anisotropies in the
      Microwave Background
      . They could also be at the origin of some of the `dark
      matter' of the universe.
      However, before one can analyse all these scenarios, one should make
      sure that one understands how strings
      evolve . And in order to do this, one
      must inevitably resort to

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    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Empty Mysterious Cosmic Rays ARE the Superstrings

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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings
    And Questions

    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics I_icon_minipost_new SuiGeneris
    Today at 9:13 am

    I have emphasized and
    commented on parts of this very pertinent channeling shared by


    Relationship to Gaia"

    This live channelling was Given in Mt. Shasta, California
    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There's an energy here that
    represents home, and for some of you it is thick. As my partner
    translates these words from those thought groups and pictures that I
    give him, it appears to you that this is my voice speaking these words.
    In the years that he has been doing this, it is indeed the best that it
    can be for now, for his translations will give you the emotions of the
    heart as well as the logic of the intellect. This means that this
    language is, therefore, complete, for it is the balance of these two
    that gives you discernment to judge that what is happening here is real,
    authentic and accurate.

    Last week in your time, my partner was in another country and I gave
    him information about Gaia. At the same time, I advised him not to
    record it, so that he could hear it, be part of it, anticipate it, and
    be clearer with the message that would be recorded. That would be now.

    So the message this night is all about your relationship to Gaia, what
    is happening on the planet that you understand, some things perhaps you
    don't understand, a review of some of the things many of you have not
    heard, and then the discussion of new things you might not have heard.
    We start with the energy of a remembrance.

    The indigenous of the earth, the ancients, revered the planet they were
    on. It was like a mother/father to them, and they considered it a
    source of all good things. It supplied the food, both from the forest
    and from the ground [hunting and planting]. It supplied water, and gave
    them shelter, even when it seemed angry. Mythology developed around it
    and many stories prevailed. Many of the gods of old became depictions of
    the energy of Gaia. And rather than put it into one scenario of
    singularity, often the divinity was split into many, god-like energies
    of the sea, of the air, of the land, of the crops, of the sun, of
    warmth, and of the cold. But this was always in respect. This has been
    the longest held view of the planet, and has existed with the indigenous
    even up to a few hundred years ago... always in respect.

    The Lemurians saw it and were some of the first to establish a protocol
    with Gaia, seeing Gaia as an energy of consciousness that you then
    labeled as Mother Nature. And it's this consciousness that we wish to
    speak of today.

    The Lemurians discovered that there was a balance that could be
    accomplished through the give and take of nature. It was almost like you
    would go to visit a friend. You'd bring a gift, and so Gaia always was
    given gifts in return for requests. These offerings always created a
    balance for those who considered nature to have consciousness. If you
    took something from the land, you gave something back... something
    simple, but something you owned or possessed and that had your energy
    upon it.

    Now in the process of modern civilization, dear ones, even among
    Lightworkers, this has not been sustained – for you do not get up in the
    morning and make an offering to Gaia. You may do all of the other
    things - talk to your cells and have visions that intertwine with your
    Higher-Self - but somehow that entity which is Gaia is left behind.

    So here is a channelling that invites you to reestablish your
    connection to the energy of the earth. This will rebuild a bridge of
    consciousness of the Human Being with Gaia. For Gaia is in service to
    humanity and changes itself as your consciousness changes. Remember the
    premise we gave to you long ago? The consciousness of humanity on Earth
    actually goes into the ground [The Crystalline Grid]. This is stored and
    the earth responds. Dirt does not respond, but Gaia does. So you might
    say that Humans are actually in charge and responsible for Earth's
    changes and shifts.

    If you can realize this, then you are going to have substantial control
    over what is going on Earth-wise. But you must again start by having a
    relationship. Right now, Humans only look at it in fear and say, "What
    is happening? I'm afraid of these changes that are outside of the normal
    I am used to." The Human is not understanding that much of what is
    happening, he has caused! It isn't a causation through anything humanity
    has done in an environmental way, but as humanity in an awakening,
    consciousness way.

    You Are Shifting Time

    So to put this in context, let us again review what we have said about
    the weather. Twenty-one years ago, I had my partner write in a little
    white book, the potentials of your future. That future is happening
    today. The reason we were able to give you this prophecy back then is
    because we saw the very strong potential of a consciousness shift taking
    place on this planet that would be so great it would affect Gaia. And
    it has.

    It's such a profound shift that you have actually manifested a change
    in the time frame of humanity and, therefore, the perception of your
    reality – warning: science coming [Kryon smile]. Now, this is something
    we don't expect all to understand, but time is all relative. It does not
    move at a constant pace. Although your 3D clocks move at a constant
    pace, time can be altered by speed, as well as some quantum attributes
    that we will not speak of. It may seem that things are speeding up, but
    this is relative to your time frame, not your higher vibration. They are
    seemingly opposed to each other.

    A train that leaves the station at near the speed of light and travels
    in a circle will arrive back at the station with a different age than
    the station. It will be younger, and the station will be older. By going
    faster, it slowed down time for itself, but not for the track it was
    on, or the station it had left.

    Two clocks side by side can start together, but if you somehow were to
    accelerate one of the clocks – let's say you vibrate it back and forth
    at a very fast rate – eventually it will not be the same time reading as
    the other clock, for speed can be an oscillation just as much as a
    constant forward speed. Now, the clock in motion is you. The clock that
    did not move is Gaia. So the first perception is that things around you
    are speeding up. However, the truth is that your increase in vibration
    is creating a slower clock within you; speed actually creates a slower
    time frame. But as you look out the window at the world, your slower
    train makes life in general appear to be moving by quicker.

    The reason is that it is the Lightworker who is vibrating far faster
    than 20 years ago. Your "consciousness speed" is very much like some of
    the quantum attributes you study, and it is creating a split between
    humanity and the old energy it used to "sit within." You are in the
    middle of the great shift, and the beginning of the 2012 enlightenment
    time fractal. Gaia shifts accordingly, but Gaia is not Human. Gaia
    shifts in other ways to accommodate your new Human vibratory rate
    increase. But as you look at things around you, they appear to be going
    faster. For some, this is irritating, and even causes loss of sleep and
    anxiety. Many are feeling it.

    So although confusing, the truth is that the Lightworkers of this
    planet have created a shift of consciousness in the last 23 years that
    has changed the actual vibratory speed of Human consciousness. This has
    changed the time frame for humans, and given the perception of an earth
    speeding up. The perception is that you have sped up time. The reality
    is that your consciousness time frame is moving slower, more like that
    of Spirit. Have you ever noticed that God moves slow and Humans are an
    impatient lot? This is because God's time is not in your time frame.
    This is starting to change as you evolve spiritually. Did you know that
    Earth was created in seven days? They were "God days." Getting the

    Global Warming – Not Long Term

    The weather you have today, and all the alarming attributes of it, is a
    scenario of what was scheduled to happen on Earth anyway. I review
    again that the weather changes you are seeing prophesied by myself, 21
    years ago, are not a surprise. The changes are not caused by the
    pollutants you put in the air. You call it global warming and that's a
    nice phrase, and perhaps that will get you to put less pollutants in the
    air – a very good thing. But what you are seeing in the weather shift
    today was not caused by Humans putting things into the air. It would
    have happened anyway in about 300 years.

    We've called this process the water cycle, since it's all about water,
    not about air. The water is the predominant attribute of Gaia and of the
    weather cycle you're seeing. More predominant is the temperature of it.
    The cycle is ice to water and water to ice, and has been repeated on
    this planet over and over and over. It is not new. It is not
    exceptional. It is not frightening. But it's a cycle that modern
    humanity has not seen before, and it's a long cycle that is beyond the
    life span of a Human Being. Therefore, it tends to be overlooked or not
    seen at all!

    In the days of the Lemurians, the water level of the Pacific Ocean was
    almost 400 feet lower, and that's only 50,000 years ago. [Kryon invites
    science to check this out – the water level at that time.] That was a
    water cycle working, and the reason it was lower was due to so much of
    the water being stored as ice. Today you're going through another water
    cycle that will eventually lead to cooling. The last one was in the
    1400s; science sees that at about 1650. As mentioned, they are so slow
    there is no remembrance that a Human has of them except in past writings
    and in the rings of the trees. The time span of the changes is so great
    that environmental record keeping does not exist in the form that it
    does today. But you can still look at the rings of the trees and at the
    striations of the rocks and can generally figure out that a few hundred
    years ago, you had a mini-ice age. Now you're going to have another one.

    It's not an emergency, and there is nothing to fear. You've gone
    through it before. Humanity, even without technology, has gone through
    it before and survived. All you have to do is recognize it and make
    arrangements to get out of the way – and learn to perfect the
    desalinization of sea water so you will not be left thirsty [a
    channelling of the past addressed this]. It's a 400- to 600-year cycle.
    But the turning points of it are obvious, and it will last only about 50
    years (the transition).

    Twenty-one years ago, we told you there would be a time when you would
    have places that could grow crops where crops would never grow before.
    Also, there would be places where no crops would grow that used to be
    fertile [Kryon, Book One]. It's the water cycle. So I bring to you this:
    Do not be alarmed. Do not be afraid of what you are seeing today. It's
    changing in front of you, but because you have never seen if before, it
    is frightening and it seems unexplainable; therefore, you look for the
    logic of it and assign the reason to something Humans did. It isn't
    anything Humans did. It's the Gaia water cycle.

    The first thing we wish to bring to you is this. The ice is melting.
    You knew that. As the ice at the poles melt, there is an incredible
    shift in weight in those areas where it used to be. It's a tremendous
    shift in the weight of ice, some of it on land, and some of it suspended
    in the water, but the weight of ice is concentrated at the poles. As it
    turns to water, the weight is then distributed all over the globe.
    Therefore, think: the weight which is on the poles of the planet is
    redistributing itself in a liquid form around the crust. As the ice
    melts, you're going to have a tremendous weight shift to a very thin
    crust. Therefore, the crust is going to adjust accordingly, creating
    earthquakes and volcanoes. Look at where the volcanoes are
    exploding–close to the poles. We again say to you what we have said
    before: Chile has not seen the end of it either, for there's a volcano
    or two there that really want to erupt. Whether it does or not is the
    potential of what this lesson's about.

    Do you have a relationship with Gaia or don't you? Can you give
    instructions for Gaia to shake less in areas that are populated? Do you
    believe you have that power? This is the Human Being: Consciousness over
    matter. It has a relationship with the planet that wants to hear from
    you. As the crust adjusts, you're going to have more shaking. There's
    going to be more volcanic activity.

    Lightworker, listening to this in the room or reading this, thousands
    of you need to re-establish the relationship. Then watch what takes
    place: Earthquakes in unpopulated areas, an under-the-ocean earthquake
    without a tsunami event, volcanoes that affect no one. It's possible.
    It's doable. This is what is happening at the moment with Gaia, so don't
    be alarmed at the sudden increase in activity. What we're saying is it
    is normal. It has happened every single time the ice has melted and

    Now, here's something you should know. Science knows it and it does not
    follow the global warming environmental theory. The ice is melting from
    underneath. Take a look. It has nothing to do with pollutants in the
    air. This is a natural occurring cycle as the water becomes warmer. It
    also increases the potential of storms. Now, do you have a relationship
    with Gaia or don't you? What would you like to tell Gaia about where the
    storms should be? Do they follow the old track as they always have?
    That is linear information. Or, can you tell Gaia you prefer the storms
    to follow a track that is not with Humans in the way?

    Magnetics: Always a Player in The Shift

    Many things are happening with the planet at the moment. The magnetics
    are changing as well. The magnetics of the solar system and the sun in
    particular, have an influence on your weather. How many sun spots have
    you seen lately? What do you think about the correlation of a sun that
    has very few, with your earth climate? When can you remember that in
    your lifetime? What does it mean? I will tell you, dear Human Beings,
    that it's all related to what's happening on the earth. You may not
    understand the correlation, but I will tell you there is a profound one.
    What if [astronomy hint coming next], what if sun spots were created by
    gravitational and other interdimensional forces caused by the orbiting
    planets? Has there even been a correlation made between sun spots and
    the positions of the planets? Too weird? The invitation is there to see
    the correlations.

    The sun is the fulcrum of the interdimensional gravitational pull
    attributes of the planets around it. There is information that is
    interdimensional – call it a gravitational patterning, if you wish –
    which the sun generates every moment of the day. As the planets push and
    pull on the fulcrum of the solar system [effect the sun through
    gravity], they affect the sun's attitude. These patterns are unique
    every day, and they intersect the magnetic field of the earth as they
    are blasted from the Sun in what you would call the solar wind.

    The solar wind is a magnetic heliosphere, and has very multidimensional
    properties. This magnetic wind strikes the earth, intersecting with the
    magnetic field, and you can see it! You call it the Aurora Borealis.
    It's one giant magnetic field [the sun] intersecting another [the
    earth]. Science calls this intersecting phenomena inductance. In that
    intersecting energy, there is a transference of the informative
    patterning of the sun [at that moment] to the magnetic grid of the
    earth. Now, it's the magnetic grid of the planet that you sit in. All of
    life does.

    Now we give you information we've given you before: The Merkabah. That
    is to say, your DNA imprint - the field around you - receives the
    magnetic grid's sun information, and the instructions within that field
    are passed right to the DNA, which is also magnetic. I have just given you the magnetic transmission chain
    that you think is esoteric. It's not. It's hard science. But to think
    that the interdimensional, magnetic and gravitational attributes of the
    solar system are going to your DNA is very esoteric. Some call it
    astrology. The truth is that it's for humanity, and also for Gaia! For
    remember that it is the earth that is part of the magnetic chain of
    information to your cellular structure [the Magnetic Grid].
    tells it when to do what it does. It's all related. So how related are
    you to Gaia? How much do you address this consciousness?

    The Solar Cycles are not only quantum
    geometric as seen in Q&A message #962 but also relate to the orbital
    periodicity of Jupiter - the King of the Planes in so 11.86 years and
    most gravitational (it contains 70% of the mass of the solar system
    without the Sun - Earth~0.22%).

    Re: Thuban Q&A:
    (warning longer than normal posts here)


    Originally Posted by eleni
    Abrax- what do you make of the UFO's orbiting the sun? Do you have any
    information pertaining to that?


    Aye Eleni!

    There are a number of things, people should know.

    1. The Sun in 3D harbours specific physical characteristics.
    a) The Core Temperature is about 16 million Kelvin
    b) The Surface Temperature is about 5800 Kelvin
    c) The Corona Temperature increases from the (cool) surface to 2-5
    million Kelvin

    The physicist's explanation for the 'unexpectated' hot corona are
    magnetic vortices and 'fieldlines' inducting the energy via corona mass
    ejections and the sunspot cycles (two 11 year halfcycles). This is often
    termed 'Magnetic Reconnection', possibly linked to Alfven Waves.

    2. The Sun in 4D (and higher) harbourts a Solar Black Hole 10
    kilometers across at its core.
    a) This Solar Black Hole communicates with the planetary Black Holes of
    the solar system including the golfball size Black Hole art the earth's
    b) The 4D solar energy interacts with the 3D solar energy via
    geometrical archetypes

    The Thuban omni-science has discovered the reason for the sunspot

    From the Thuban archives:

    A local universe about a star forms a Black Hole-White Hole dyad of
    ellipsoidal focalisation of the Eps-Ess duality for 2 Chandrasekhar
    (White Dwarf Limit) masses of 6x10^30 kg=3 time Mass of the Sun. This
    ratio of 1.5 is important for the inner-outer penetration of the solar
    syrface to 2/3 depth and 3/2 coronal halo of the radius.
    (The dyadic supermembrane as a soursesink modulates frequency as
    inverse time being a time constant).

    The Solar Frequency Fsol=c/Wavelengthsol of the Star in three 120
    degree sectors.
    The isoceles triangle for this trisection so defines a Solar Chord of
    Sqrt(3).Rsol adjacent to the two radii Rsol, as

    Then Fsol=lightspeed/(Sqrt(3)/2)=600 million
    seconds/1.732..~346,410,162 seconds or 4009.4 days or 10.98 civil years.
    A halfchord so defines a 11 year sunspot cycle doubling to 22 years for
    the full chord with the size of the star a simple proportion of the
    Black Hole's Photonic Ergosphere (1.5 times from the event horizon), and
    where photons are 'forced by gravity' to travel in orbits around the

    So the 4D Sun ENCOMPASSES the 3D Sun and inducts the energy from the
    core to its coronal perimeter via the mass-magnetocurrent equivalence
    APPEARING in 3D as coronal ejections, the magnetic reconnections and the
    Alfven waves.

    The sunspot cycles are like a 'heartbeat' or breathing of the solar
    entity, harbouring intersolar lifeforms as 4D sentiences also utilizing
    the sunspot magnetic current vortices as conduits from the solar core to
    the coronal perimeter.

    The 'materializing' geometric shapes (one the Eagle of Thuban) derive
    from the 4D energy manifesting 3D shadows, independent on the
    temperature environment.
    (Like a shadow cast onto a wall from a hot object is not itself as hot
    as the object casting the shadow).

    A basic geometry is that of a corner in your room, joined by three
    perpendicular vectors, each of say unit length.
    Now form a 3D tetrahedron in joining the three vectors to form an
    equilateral trianle.
    The resulting Corner of your room is now 'sealed' by a socalled
    'Right-Angled Tetrahedron'.
    Note, this is NOT a 'Regular Tetrahedron' as one of the five Platonic
    Solids and where all four triangular faces are equilateral.

    Summararily then, the UFOS around the Sun are from the Sun's Interior,
    but are 3D shadows of their 4D reality INTERDIMENSIONAL and encompassing
    the observed 3D (say by SOHO).

    AA __________________

    The interdimensionality of
    astromagnetics is discussed in the appropriate omniscience threads on
    this forum.


    Things You Don't Expect – Gamma Energy

    There is another thing that is related that is yet to be understood by
    science. There are other sets of instructions to Gaia, which come from a
    place you don't expect. There's a
    lot of energy hitting the earth, a tremendous amount in the form of
    gamma energy. Science wonders where it's coming from, but it remains
    elusive. They realize that it's cosmic and coming from space. The truth
    is that it's coming from the center of the galaxy, but it appears to be
    coming from everywhere. That's because the main attribute of this kind
    of energy is that it is not 3D.
    Therefore, it has quantum
    [multidimensional] attributes that do not carry a "location" or place of
    origin with it. This is difficult to explain, but things in a true
    quantum state are everywhere, entangled in a universal soup of being
    "one" with everything. Therefore, you can't say "it comes from there."
    There is precedent in science for this, so it is not all that strange to
    a physicist reading this.

    This is powerfully derived
    in the Thuban brane physics; which shows that the 'Cosmic Rays; are
    indeed the hierarchies of the superbrane classes.

    The Elementary Cosmic Ray

    The elementary Cosmic Ray
    Spectrum derives from the transformation of the Planck-String-Boson at
    the birth of the universe.

    The following tabulation relates those transformation in energy and the
    modular duality between the distance parameters of the macrocosm of
    classical spacetime geometry and the microcosm of the quantum realm.

    String-Boson.............Wavelength(λ)............Energy (hc/λ)................Modular Wavelength....Significance

    1. Planck-Boson...........1.2x10-34 m.........1.6 GJ or 9.9x1027 eV........8.0x1033 m...Outside Hubble Horizon Limit

    2. Monopole-Boson.....4.6x10-32 m.........4.3 MJ or 2.7x1025 eV.......2.2x1031 m...Outside Hubble Horizon Limit

    3. XL-Boson.................6.6x10-31 m.........303 kJ or 1.9x1024 eV........1.5x1030 m....Outside Hubble Horizon Limit

    4. X-K-Boson transit....8.8x10-28 m..........227 J or 1.6x1021 eV..........1.1x1027 m....2πRHubble11D

    5 .X-K-Boson transit....1.0x10-27 m..........201 J or 1.2x1021 eV...........1.0x1027 m....2πRHubbleHorizonLimit

    6. CosmicRayToe........1.9x10-27 m...........106 J or 6.6x1020 eV..........5.3x1026 m......2πRHubble10D

    7. CosmicRayAnkle.....2.0x10-25 m............1.0 J or 6.2x1018 eV..........5.0x1024 m....Galactic Supercluster Scale

    8. CosmicRayKnee(+)..1.0x10-22 m............0.002 J or 1.24x1016 eV.....1.0x1022 m.....Galactic Halo(Group) Scale

    9. CosmicRayKnee(-)...6.3x10-22 m............0.3 mJ or 2.0x1015 eV........1.6x1021 m......Galactic Disc(Halo) Scale

    10.CosmicRay..............1.4x10-20 m.............0.002 mJ or 1.4x1013 eV...7.1x1019 m....Galactic Core Scale

    Lower Cosmic Ray energies then become defined in standard physics, such
    as supernovae, neutron stars and related phenomena, engaging electron
    accelerations and synchrotron radiation.

    7. represents the ECosmic-Boson aka superstring class IIA as a D-brane
    attached open string dual to the (selfdual) monopole string class IIB
    and where the D-Brane or Dirichlet-Coupling in both cases becomes the
    'intermediary' heterotic (closed loop) superstring HO(32).
    It is the HO(32) superstring, which as a bosonic full-quantum spin
    superstring bifurcates into the subsequently emerging quark-lepton
    families as the K-L-Boson split into Proto-DiNeutronic Ylemic
    The Ylem then manifests the massless Higgs Bosonic precursor as a
    scalar 'Neutron-Boson' (10), which then becomes massinductive under
    utility of the Equivalence Principle of General Relativity, relating
    gravitational mass to inertial mass.

    It are supersymmetric double neutrons which bifurcate into the observed
    mass content in the universe and not a decoupling matter-antimatter
    The primordial neutron beta-decay so manifests the nucleon-lepton
    distinction in the deceoupling of the strongweak nuclear interaction,
    mediated by the electromagnetic alpha-interaction hitherto unified with
    the omega-gravitational interaction. This primordial ylem radioactivity
    manifests the bosonic string class IIB as a monopolic masscurrent as a
    D-brane interaction in modular duality to the transformation of the
    selfdual magnetic monopole to the bi-dual electromagnetic cosmic rays at
    the ECosmic energy level.
    The monopole class is chiral (selfdual) and the Ecosmic class is
    nonchiral (bi-dual); from this derives the nonparity of the spacial
    symmetry aka the CP-Violation of the weak nuclear interaction, related
    to neutrinoflux as monopolic superconductive currentflows.

    As the heterotic classes are all 'closed looped', the elementary
    particles of the standard models emerge from the HE(64) class coupled to
    the HO(32) class in the inflationary string epoch.

    8. depicts the Weyl-Boson of the Big Bang Planck-singularity of the
    Weyl-Geodesic of relativistic spacetime as the final 'octonionised'
    string class HE(8x8).

    9. modulates the
    experimentally well measured 'knee' energy for Cosmic Rays as the
    distribution flux of high-energy protons as the primary particle in the
    2π-factor. The wormhole radius is 10-22 m/2π for a
    Halo-(DarkMatter)-Radius of 2πx1022 metres.

    10. is the massless ancestor
    of the Higgs-template and defined through the Weyl-String-Eigenenergy
    E*=kT*=hf*=m*c2 =1/e*=1/2Re c2.
    The scale of (10) emerges from the holographic principle as 2π2R*3.f*2=e*
    for R*=h/(2πm'c)=1.41188..x10-20 m for a Compton Energy of
    E'=m'c2=2.2545..x10-6 J or 14.03 TeV, which
    serendipitously is the maxium energy regime for which the LHC is

    The SciAm article below from 1998 links to the above in
    clarification of the questions raised.

    Cosmic Rays at the Energy Frontier

    These particles carry more energy
    than any others in the universe.
    Their origin is unknown but may be
    relatively nearby

    by James W. Cronin, Thomas K. Gaisser and
    Simon P. Swordy

    Tony B.

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    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Empty Galactic Magnetism from first principles

    Post  Didymos on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:36 pm

    Towards a new test of general relativity?

    23 March 2006

    Scientists funded by the European Space Agency have
    measured the gravitational equivalent of a magnetic field for the first
    time in a laboratory. Under certain special conditions the effect is
    much larger than expected from general relativity and could help
    physicists to make a significant step towards the long-sought-after
    quantum theory of gravity.

    Just as a moving electrical charge creates a magnetic field, so a
    moving mass generates a gravitomagnetic field. According to Einstein's
    Theory of General Relativity, the effect is virtually negligible.
    However, Martin Tajmar, ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH, Austria; Clovis
    de Matos, ESA-HQ, Paris; and colleagues have measured the effect in a
    Their experiment involves a ring of superconducting material rotating
    up to 6 500 times a minute. Superconductors are special materials that
    lose all electrical resistance at a certain temperature. Spinning
    superconductors produce a weak magnetic field, the so-called London
    moment. The new experiment tests a conjecture by Tajmar and de Matos
    that explains the difference between high-precision mass measurements of
    Cooper-pairs (the current carriers in superconductors) and their
    prediction via quantum theory. They have discovered that this anomaly
    could be explained by the appearance of a gravitomagnetic field in the
    spinning superconductor (This effect has been named the Gravitomagnetic
    London Moment by analogy with its magnetic counterpart).

    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Fig22_m

    Small acceleration
    sensors placed at different locations close to the spinning
    superconductor, which has to be accelerated for the effect to be
    noticeable, recorded an acceleration field outside the superconductor
    that appears to be produced by gravitomagnetism. "This experiment is the
    gravitational analogue of Faraday's electromagnetic induction
    experiment in 1831.

    It demonstrates that a superconductive gyroscope is capable
    of generating a powerful gravitomagnetic field, and is therefore the
    gravitational counterpart of the magnetic coil. Depending on further
    confirmation, this effect could form the basis for a new technological
    domain, which would have numerous applications in space and other
    high-tech sectors" says de Matos. Although just 100 millionths of the
    acceleration due to the Earth’s gravitational field, the measured field
    is a surprising one hundred million trillion times larger than
    Einstein’s General Relativity predicts. Initially, the researchers were
    reluctant to believe their own results.

    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Fig12_l

    Gravitomagnetic induction of gravitational fields

    "We ran more than 250
    experiments, improved the facility over 3 years and discussed the
    validity of the results for 8 months before making this announcement.
    Now we are confident about the measurement," says Tajmar, who performed
    the experiments and hopes that other physicists will conduct their own
    versions of the experiment in order to verify the findings and rule out a
    facility induced effect.
    In parallel to the experimental evaluation of their conjecture, Tajmar
    and de Matos also looked for a more refined theoretical model of the
    Gravitomagnetic London Moment. They took their inspiration from
    superconductivity. The electromagnetic properties of superconductors are
    explained in quantum theory by assuming that force-carrying particles,
    known as photons, gain mass. By allowing force-carrying gravitational
    particles, known as the gravitons, to become heavier, they found that
    the unexpectedly large gravitomagnetic force could be modelled.

    "If confirmed, this
    would be a major breakthrough," says Tajmar, "it opens up a new means
    of investigating general relativity and it consequences in the quantum

    The results were presented
    at a one-day conference at ESA's European Space and Technology Research
    Centre (ESTEC), in the Netherlands, 21 March 2006. Two papers detailing
    the work are now being considered for publication.
    The papers can be accessed on-line at the Los Alamos pre-print server
    using the references: gr-qc/0603033 and gr-qc/0603032.

    The results were presented at a one-day conference at ESA's
    European Space and Technology Research Centre (ESTEC), in the
    Netherlands, 21 March 2006. Two papers detailing the work are now being
    considered for publication.
    The papers can be accessed on-line at the Los Alamos pre-print server
    using the references: gr-qc/0603033 and gr-qc/0603032.

    For more detailed information, please contact:

    Dipl-Ing Dr
    Martin Tajmar
    Head of Business Field Space Propulsion
    ARC Seibersdorf research GmbH
    A-2444 Seibersdorf
    Phone: +43 (0)5 05 50 31 42
    Fax: +43 (0)5 05 50 33 66

    martin.tajmar@ arcs.ac.at

    Web: http://ilfb.tuwien.ac.at/~tajmar

    Dr Clovis J. de
    General Studies Officer
    European Space Agency ESA-HQ
    Advanced Concepts and Studies Office - EUI-AC
    8-10 Rue Mario Nikis
    75738 Paris Cedex 15
    Tel: +33 (0)1 53 69 74 98
    Fax: +33 (0)1 53 69 76 51
    clovis.de.matos@ esa.int

    Galactic Magnetism from first principles

    The article above/below could show the way for theoretical
    physicists to discover the extension of General Relativity into the
    Quantum Gravity realms.
    The Biot-Savart law (Laplace-Ampere) states Magnetic Flux
    (measured in Tesla=Weber/area=Volt.time=Energy/Current) to
    be dB=μoi.dL/4πr² from B=μoqv/4πr². For a tangential velocity v the
    angular velocity ω=2πf=v/r.

    The finestructure unification between the electromagnetic
    alpha=2πk.e²/hc and the gravitational alpha 2πGom²/hc then modifies this
    law as B=Mω/2Rc² by the monopolic string mass-current M=30ec for a
    magnetocharge e*=2e as a Cooper-Charge for the superconductive Cosmic
    String, manifesting as e=½e*=½(M/30c).

    {Example: The earth's magnetic field approximates as 3x10-5
    Tesla (0.3 gauss) for a core-mantle differential rotation.
    Mcorecore.Vcore~9x1022 kg
    and Rcore~1.2x106 m and ω=2π/86,400}.
    Here M becomes the unitised mass of the rotating system of
    angular velocity ω and a displacement radius R.
    In the post below the rotation rate is said to be so 6500 cycles
    per minute and so w=2πf~680 radians per second.
    The magnetic flux then is a function approximated by B~[3.8x10-15]M/R).
    So B increases for a given radius with the gravitomagnetic mass in
    a selfinduction.
    Generally, a rotating cosmic body of mass M and spinrate ω
    selfinduces a gravitomagnetic field in analogy to the laws of Maxwell,
    Faraday and Lenz in a form of B=Mω/2Rc².

    For a typically evolved galaxy such as the Milky Way, the masses
    are of the order of 2x1042 kg, inclusive the dark matter as
    gravitationally acting component. A typical radius is of the order of
    50,000 lightyears or so 5x1020 metres and a galactic rotation
    rate can be approximated in so 250 Million years, being the rotation
    period of 'our' solar system about the galactic core.

    This then gives the INTRINSIC magnetic field for a nonionised
    charge distribution and for the Milky Way: B=(2x1042
    kg)(2π/8x1015s)/9x1037m)~2x10-11 Tesla
    or 2x10-7 gauss or 0.2 microgauss. This is on the scale of
    the New Scientist article mentioned above.

    So what then are the 'seedling' magnetic fields, proposed in
    that latter article to have derived from Cosmic Strings at even smaller

    It is simple, when we realise that this seedling must be the
    entire universe itself.
    The Hubble-Frequency is so 1.9x10-18 s and the
    Hubble-Radius is so 2x1026 metres and the mass-seedling is
    2x1051 kg baryonic and 6.5x1052 kg for the
    asymptotic closure in Euclidean flatness of zero curvature.

    This gives a cosmic magnetic field of B=9x10-10 Tesla
    and B=3x10-8 Tesla and just the measured galactic typical
    'upper bounds' for the universe's mass say.

    The universe so displays magnetism on account of its
    Hubble-parameters, which are magnified string parameters.
    And the absolute minimum frequency for the wormhole is 3.33x10-31
    seconds and applying this as a Zero-Point for the cosmogenesis; the
    'seedling' magnetic field would become so B=1.4x10-22 Tesla
    and B=4.7x10-21 Tesla for our total mass distributions.

    The Cosmic Strings are always associated with Black Holes as
    Vortex 'seeds' and depict the monopolic mass-current from the upper
    bounded monopole mass of 2.7x1016 GeV, which is the string
    unification scale as first Planck-Nugget transformation.

    Tony B.

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    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Empty Re: Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics

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    Gravity and the Higher Dimensions

    Reference: Z.K.Silagadze's paper
    at: http://www.arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0002255

    scale gravity, mirror universe, and ... dinosaurs"

    Institute of Nuclear Physics, 630 090, Novosibirsk, Russia

    (I have corrected some of the English and elborated on the
    equations (I do not like the geometrization of units for example. The
    main formulas are from the Silagadze paper referenced however and are
    common knowledge in the scientific data base. Tony B.).

    hierarchy mystery

    energy scale where gravity becomes strong and quantum gravity effects
    are essential is given by the Planck mass.

    mass can be estimated as follows. Suppose two particles of equal masses m
    are separated at a distance which equals to the corresponding Compton


    the gravitational interaction energy of the system mc²=Gm²/Rc=
    2πGm³c/h is of the same order as the particle rest mass m, then the
    former can not be neglected.

    gives for the Plank mass: m=MP=√(hc/2πG)~1019 GeV
    and as the energy scale for quantum gravity.

    energy scale for electroweak unification (EEW) is the Fermi scale of
    about 300 GeV and the GUT-Monopole scale (EGUT of Grand Unified
    Theories) is at 2.7x1016 GeV for inclusion of the strong
    nuclear interaction.

    huge difference between this quantum gravity energy scale and the
    electroweak scale is astonishing and constitutes the so called
    hierarchy problem. There is also a gauge hierarchy problem: the Grand
    Unification scale EGUT is very big compared to EEW.

    successful theory should not only explain these hierarchies, but also
    provide some mechanism to protect them against radiative corrections.
    Recently an interesting idea was suggested by Arkani-Hamed, Dimopoulos
    and Dvali [38] how to deal with the hierarchy problem. Certainly, there
    will be no problem, if there is no hierarchy. But how can we lower the
    quantum gravity scale so that the hierarchy disappears? It turns out
    that this is possible if extra spatial dimensions exist with big enough
    compactification radius.

    besides the usual x,y,z coordinates there exist some additional spatial
    coordinates x1,...,xn, which are compactified on circles with a common
    (for simplicity) compactification radius R. In such a world with
    toroidal compactification, the gravitational potential, created by an
    object of mass m, should be periodic in the extra n-dimensions.
    That is, it should be invariant under replacements (xi
    → xi ±2πR).

    it should vanish at spatial infinity and obey the (n+3)-dimensional
    Laplace equation. These requirements are satisfied by the following
    function [39]:

    -ΣG*m/[r²+Σ (xi-2πRn)²]½(n+1)

    summation is for n from 1 to n and where G* is Newton's gravitational
    constant for (n + 4) space-time dimensions and with r²= x² +y² +z² as
    the usual three-dimensional radial distance. If the compactification
    radius R is very large, only the term with n1 = 0,...,nn= 0
    survives in the sum and we get the Newton law in n+4 dimensions:

    -G*m/r*(n+1) and where r*=√{r²+Σxi²}....................(4)

    reduces to the 4D spacetime form for n=0, i.e. no additional spacial
    dimensions for the gravitational potential with G*=G and r*=r:

    -Gm/r for the integration from x=0 to x=r.

    if R « r, the sum can be approximated by an integral:

    -G*m/(2πR)n∫dnx/[r² + x²]½(n+1) ~ -G*m/r.Rn=

    for the conventional 4-dimensional Newton constant we have G=G*/Rn.

    the other hand, the fundamental multidimensional quantum gravity scale
    MP* is now determined from (4) and for a compactification radius R=R0,
    which transforms the Planck-Length
    LP=RP=h/2πcMP into r*=R0.

    corresponds to LP=RP=h/2πcMP for
    r*=r=LP and MP* corresponds to r*=R0=h/2πcMP* for
    r*=√{r²+Σxi²} and with r*(n+1)~r.Rn
    for low scale quantum gravity.

    potential V is given by the equation (4), and we have the gravitational
    interaction energy (with mc2=MP.Gm/r in 4D


    mc2= MP*.G*m{2πcMP*/h}(n+1)


    So MP*(n+2)=(1/G*)(h/2πc)n.(hc2/2πc)={hc/2πG*}(h/2πc)n.

    G=G*/Rn = hc/2πMP2 for MP*(n+2)=MP2/Rn(h/2πc)n.

    is {MP/MP*}2={R/R0}n as MP*=h/2πcR0.

    MP/M*P~√(R/R0)n .......................................................(5)

    Here R0
    = 1/M*P and R0 ~ 10-19 m (m – one
    meter), if the fundamental quantum gravity scale
    M*P is in a few TeV range. Therefore the initial MP/EEW
    hierarchy problem can be traded to another hierarchy: the largeness of
    the compactification radius compared to R0.

    we get from (5) the corresponding compactification radius as:

    (2/n).{R0}~10(32/n)-19 m.

    one extra dimension this means modification of the Newton’s gravity at
    scales R = 1013 m and is certainly excluded. But already for n
    = 2, R ~ 1 mm – just the scale where our present day experimental
    knowledge about gravity ends.


    Tony B. commentary:

    The above is the
    appropriate multidimensional treatment of quantum gravity.

    The missing
    ingredient is simply the assumption of the Compactification radius to be
    R0=10-19 m, which gives the mm scale.

    The correct
    compactification radius is R0=10-22/2π metres for a

    kg or 1.24x104 TeV.


    This approximates as
    ~(1.6x10-23).(5.8x1023) (1/n).

    For n=1; R1=9.23...
    m and macroscopic as the result above.

    For n=2; R2=1.21..x10-11
    m and the typical atomic scale.

    For n=3; R3=1.33...x10-15
    m and the typical nuclear/subatomic (fermi) scale.

    For n=4; R4=1.39...x10-17
    m and the typical mesonic scale.

    For n=5; R5=9.05...x10-19
    m and the typical outer neutrino-kernel scale.

    For n=6; R6=1.46...x10-19
    m and the typical mean neutrino-kernel scale.

    For n=7; R7=3.97...x10-20
    m and the typical inner neutrino-kernel scale.

    For n=8; R8=1.49...x10-20
    m and the typical gauge/graviton-kernel scale.

    8 extra spacial
    dimensions so define the heterotic supermembrane HE(8x8) of octonion
    normed lie algebra of exceptional class E8 in 12D-F-Space.

    The bosonic
    superstring resides in 26 dimensions for which

    n=22 for R22=1.92...x10-22
    m and additional dimensions approach the wormhole limit of the Weyl
    geodesic as the Big Bang quantum gravitational 'singularity'.

    The limit for n→∞ so
    is Rpsps/2π=10-22/2π=1.591549..x10-23
    metres and as the wormhole radius which is the scale of the Kerr-Torus
    of cross-sectional area of LP2.

    The supermembrane
    EpsEss has eigenenergy R0=Rps and the transformed
    and magnified Planck-Mass mps=hfps/c²=h/cλps.

    It is this
    eigenstate, which applies for the physical universe observed and
    measured in the pursuits of historical science.

    Tony B. :

    Everyone reading this is
    so rather 'a few steps' ahead of the multitude of renown string
    physicists around the globe.


    An example:
    Did you know that very low, deep audio sounds have no discernable,
    directional source? In other words, the Human ear can't tell where they
    are coming from. High sounds are very directional. Testing this is easy.
    Place a deep sound [very low vibrations per second] speaker, hidden in a
    room, and you can't identify where the sound is coming from. Place a
    normal speaker in a room [with higher sounds] and you can target where
    the sound is coming from instantly. The reason is that the vibrations
    are so far apart in the lower sounds that the ear can't distinguish
    "location." It's the same principle with things that are in a quantum
    state. They are not perceptually in any "place" and no 3D instrument is
    going to locate "where" they are coming from. In fact, the very idea of
    "where" is very funny, for "where" is just for 3D creatures. That's why
    "God, where are you?" is a very cute and simple-minded question. The
    answer is, "Yes."

    There is what your science has called a singularity at the center of
    the galaxy. They also call it a black hole. Now we have told you there
    is no such thing as singularity, and even your science knows it is an
    oxymoron in physics. It's also only a black space called a hole, since
    you can't see any light there. Because you have no interdimensional
    physics laws yet and because you have absolutely no instruments that can
    "see" interdimensional energies, you still don't really know what's
    actually there. Long after my partner is gone, you can read these words
    and know the truth, as you eventually develop these things. When you
    turn them upon the center of the galaxy, you will see two very clear

    Instead of one singularity, there is instead a polarity. This polarity
    is a push and pull attribute of an interdimensional law you have not yet
    discovered or at least not yet recognized. Once you do, you will have
    the missing two laws of physics, for there are six, not four. This
    push-pull polarity blasts out its own interdimensional message to the
    entire galaxy and your sun receives it as well. These polarities at the
    center of your galaxy have a connection with all the other galaxies, too
    – something for another channelling. You might say that matter has a
    message, or matter that cannot be seen has a message and it hits the
    earth constantly and powerfully in ways that "talk" to Gaia.

    So here you sit, Human Being, feeling that you are a victim of what
    happens with Mother Nature. But we are telling you this: the message of
    today is to reawaken the relationship with Mother Nature, the Gaia
    source. Once you are able to do that, you will understand that you are
    in control of all of it. No matter what the instruction sets for the
    water cycle, for the seasons, for that which you think is
    uncontrollable, you are more powerful than you can imagine. The
    intensity and locations of volcanic activity and earthquakes are
    alterable with this relationship to Gaia and the indigenous knew it!
    They could make rain when none was in the forecast. You called it
    ignorance! They could grow crops in places where they shouldn't grow.
    You called it lucky. They honored the land and gave gifts to it, and
    they received from it. This is absolutely real and is everywhere in your

    Humans tend to feel they are so modern in their thinking. The elders of
    old would look at you and shake their heads. You have figured out how
    to make machines and artificial brains and even life! But you have left
    the real power in the dust.

    The Shift

    Now we get esoteric. In these past years, something has happened. We
    have described this in the past and we're going to give it to you again.
    Added to the puzzle of your shift in consciousness, and trying to
    figure all this out, is the attribute that is starting to seemingly
    speed up time, as we discussed. Again, it is the perception caused by
    you vibrating faster and, therefore, slowing your spiritual time down.
    However, this creates a perception that what is around you seems to have
    sped up. Think of it this way: many of you feel you are vibrating
    faster. Buzzing, are you? Anyone relate? [Kryon smile] At the same time,
    you feel things around you are going faster. Now you know the reasons
    for all this.

    Some of you [get ready] are actually able to go from point A to point B
    in a time faster than is possible in 3D [even in your car]! This is not
    that weird, for you are simply moving between your time and the earth

    I told you I'd speak of that and here it is. In a past spiritual
    scenario of birth and death, in an older energy, the Human comes to the
    planet and learns whatever it is he wishes to learn and then passes
    away. What you call death is simply a shift of energy and is the coming
    and the going of an incarnation that we call an expression. In that
    scenario, there is a visit two times to the Cave of Creation - once
    coming and once going. The Cave of Creation, more than an esoteric
    place, is a physical place that we told you is interdimensional.
    Therefore, it is invisible and will never be found. But it is on the
    earth and needs to be because of its relationship to Gaia. The Human
    Being's core soul record - that which is your record of the piece of the
    creator, is stored in the Cave of Creation. Every time you come and go,
    you rekindle that expression's energy.

    You might think of it perhaps as a crystalline structure with a stripe
    put upon it for every lifetime you live [like the rings of a tree]. But
    it is the spiritual accounting of the Akash for the earth. It is
    different than the Akashic Record that resides within your DNA. It's a
    separate one, which represents the planet's accounting system. And in
    the past, here's how it worked. Whatever you accomplished on the planet
    when you passed on created an essence that was left in the cave. All
    that you knew, had done, and learned became part of Gaia. The vibration
    of the planet, therefore, is postured by what you do and what you
    become. This is how the planet's vibration either increases or
    decreases, depending upon what Humans do collectively while they're

    With the next incarnation, you came into the planet and visited the
    Cave of Creation first and activated the essence of your soul crystal.
    Then you lived another lifetime, passed over, came back to the Cave of
    Creation and another stripe was put upon the crystal. All that you had
    learned was again deposited there upon what we have called the
    Crystalline Grid. That's the part or Gaia that vibrates esoterically.
    And this is how Human consciousness in the past has affected Gaia. In
    1987, you gave permission to change this system.

    This is why we're here. I arrived in 1989. I've always been here and I
    always will be. The grid adjustment group left in 2002. But the
    manifestation of the messages happened in 1989 and through my partner's
    willingness, we started to give you messages that were not available
    before that time, for the earth was not vibrating high enough yet to
    receive them before then.

    That's when you changed the rules [1987]. This met with opposition from
    those who were metaphysical that such a thing could be, that the actual
    esoteric system would evolve. For the bias of esoteric thinking was
    just like it is in science – that there is a static system that never
    changes and all you have to do is figure out the attributes of the
    energy of something that never changes and you will be able to control

    There is very little understanding to this day that even the rules of
    physics evolve. As the planet vibrates higher, the rules change, the
    formulas change. This is the quantum attribute of physics in general,
    and it's very much the way of esoterics as well. You have evolving
    galaxies, evolving solar systems, evolving planets, and evolving
    consciousness. This is all because there is no such thing as a static
    set of laws for everything. You just changed them.

    Since 1987, here is the new scenario: Human Beings come into the
    planet; they visit the Cave of Creation and they put their essence into
    the crystal. Then they begin to live their lives. Ahhh. But now, as they
    live their lives, have epiphanies, hold their light, learn what they
    have to learn as old souls, it is going directly to the Crystalline Grid
    in real time. Death is no longer required to transfer the information
    to the planet. This new system even changes how long the Human stays. In
    an old system, which had you die before the Crystalline Grid could
    receive what you learned, it was imperative that you die to allow your
    information to pass to Gaia via the cave. Now it isn't.

    Listen. It's time to start understanding that your life span is now in
    your hands. It is not part of an ancient energy system that needs death as a
    transference vehicle. Karma doesn't matter, and here you are with
    control over your cellular structure, the Crystalline Grid, what you
    learned, the very time frame of the planet, volcanic activity,
    earthquakes, and even when you leave!
    You might say,
    "Well, Kryon, really only a master could do that." And we say, exactly!
    You're studying mastery. The energy systems being given to you today
    that are new and have happened in the last 20 years are mastery systems.
    They are all about you changing your perception of you. So we are
    saying that you are slowly returning to the ancient system of a powerful
    relationship with Gaia. And the one who channels Gaia will tell you
    this, for she knows. She'll also tell you that you did not cause global
    warming, because she knows.

    So here we are, dear Human Being, with knowledge we've given you today
    that invites a rekindling of a process that some of you are ignorant of.
    So the lesson of the day is this: go study the indigenous, for they had
    it right. Take a long look at those who tilled the land even where we
    sit, for they had it right. Look at the mythology they had and find the
    seeds of truth within it, for they had it right. They saw Gaia as a
    friend, as a mother/father.

    Before we close, I want to return to basics.

    When we first came here using a channelling communicative process, we
    told you that things had changed. What we've just described is only one
    of the changes, and it was controversial. But the one I'm giving you now
    is even more controversial. It stirs up a lot of emotions. It is that
    masters are self-enabled, and you are learning to become masters. As you
    vibrate higher, you reach out in a metaphoric way and touch the face of
    God yourself. No intermediate Human Being or process is needed, ever. A Human Being alone in the closet discovering
    all the parts and pieces of themselves is all that is needed. Look at
    the majesty and the light that is there. Feel the self-worth. It doesn't
    require that you come to a lecture or hear a heart-warming channel or
    read a book. Just being alone, with the discovery of who you are, is the
    way to your mastery lineage.

    Old soul, it is what you've known and lost and are now rediscovering.
    Go out enabled. These things I bring you in this time, in this day, in
    this way, are truth. For in the process of this, you kindle even greater
    light. In the process of this, it goes right to the Crystalline Grid
    and Gaia responds. And before you know it, you'll have that percentage
    we spoke of; less than one half of one percent of humanity has to plant
    the seed of an awakening consciousness within. Blessed is the Human
    Being who asks the questions, for in the asking of the questions about
    God in them is pure intent to let the seed grow into knowledge and over
    time into wisdom, then discovery.

    That is the message of today. It's all about Gaia. Or is it? Perhaps
    it's all about you? Take these things that are given and translate them
    into your reality. This message is given this day under the shadow of
    the mountain that speaks so clearly of these things [Mt. Shasta]. The
    family is there, and if you look hard you can see that they walk the
    streets of Shasta, because it is time for them to do so. And if you
    really want to know more about that, just travel up the hill a little
    ways, and perhaps some of them will even give you a hug. And you'll know

    And so it is.



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    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Empty Physical Consciousness coupled to the Biomind of Universal Life

    Post  Didymos on Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:14 am

    Hi All!
    Leon Maurer's cosmogenesis is rather closely interwoven with the Cosmology of the World Logos.
    I herewith give reference to Leon Maurer's work and model and attach the 'Quantum Relativity' description following.
    One point of divergence is the Infinity concept of Leon; though he describes the spacetime quantization/fractalization of the wormhole 'consciousness quantum' rather elegantly.

    'Consciousness' as a primordial label for the prespacetime creation energy selfstate can be descibed to be either a higherD/ZPE wormhole energy quantum of 0.002 Joules (1,240 TeV) or to depict the concept of a 'primordial supercharge' (as a gluon-colour-magnetocharge say).

    The 'superenergy' aka collective consciousness represents a purely metaphysical or mathematical abstraction, which however becomes 'materially physical' in the emergence of the metrics of space and time as a 11D membrane based dimension 'nesting'.

    The spacetime (Inflationary String epoch in 26D followed by a Quantum Big Bang) creation occurred from the Void-Infinitum selfstate of the holographically collective 'Consciousness' without any metrication or Unification was possible (because there was no space or time).

    The Quantum Big Bang; so was not the 'collision' of higherD branes from 'infinity space'; but rather the emergence of a quantum spin bifurcation of what is commonly termed the Bosonic Superstring in 26 dimensions.

    A Onesided manifold emerging from the Nulldimension (of the 'geometrical' Void=Eternity) as a selfmapped point will so 'create' the 1st Dimension in a separation of this selfmapped mathematical 'point' or singularity and then allow both a linear and a curved manifold (or complex plane) to define the nonlinear metric of three such then noncollinear separated 'singularities'.

    Assigning quantum spin, independent on radial extent as a function of angular displacement then; will render the onesided manifold as twosided in the creation of the 3rd dimension, namely the 'thickness' of the previously onesided manifold as a twosidedness. The boundary of spacetime so is rendered as the 'connectedness' of two surfaces or manifolds in the 26D bosonic stringspace not as then physically manifest in a metric background describable by geometries.

    So the 26D bosonic superstring of say counterclockwise quantum spin becomes bounded in a 13D bifurcation with three 'mirror dimensions' say 11-12-13-14-15-16 separating a clockwise 10D superstring basis from its anticlockwise shadowed string 'universe'.

    The 11th dimension for the physicalised spacetime so will become an asymptotic boundary independent on this physicalisation but allowing electromagnetic oscillation as a noninertial reference frame for the inertia parameters of the lower 10D spacetime and as the invariance of the lightspeed in the scenarios of ther Einsteinian relativities.

    The 10D string cosmology so becomes an information maping onto the 11th Mother-Dimension of the 2+9=11 rootextended higherD manifold.
    This is 'mirrored' in the collapse of the 16th dimensional shadow string universe onto the 'outside' of the 11D mother membrane spacetime.

    The 11th dimension so manifests the prior onesidedness in the bifurcated twosidedness in the 'collapse/conifoldment' of the counterclockwise spinning quantum mirror of the original 26D bosonic superstring.

    The above description has been rigorously mathematically defined in the string-membrane -brane theories of contemporary string cosmologists (Witten, Greene, Aspinwall, Steinhardt, Albrecht, Maldacena, Kaku, Susskind, Ashketar and many more).

    This twosidedness of the physicalized 11D universe so allows the 12th Father-Vafa dimension as the 'outside' of the M-space to 'Fold onto itself' in a Möbian-Klein-Bottled (8-Torus) topological transformation to render the 'Shadow Universe' as colocal with its 'Physical Image' of the asymptotic 10D-string universe bounded in its 11D-asymptotical expansion.
    This scenario is extensively discussed in the omni-science forum of www.cosmosdawn.com .

    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Abclogo

    It blends the right circle half of the Left Infinity Symbol with the left circle half of the Right Infinity Symbol in:

    ∞|∞ = Lissajous Curve OOO and as seen in graphic representation above and in the reference below.

    The space encompassed by the Lissajous Curve http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lissajous_curve then defines the 'consciousness' space defined in the 'source energy equation of creation' E*.e*=1.

    The significance of the Iron is the Binding Energy in nuclear and atomic physics as described below in the hyperphysics link from Georgia State University. http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/nucene/nucbin.html

    Ferrum, atomic number 26 as Isotopes Fe56 and Fe58 with Nickel62 define the IRON LIMIT; where the energy of the NUCLEAR FUSION (which is additive in construction) becomes maximized in the transition to the process of NUCLEAR FISSION, which is inherently subtractive and so destructive, as say in atomic weaponry.

    In simplistic terms, energy must be added to the nucleus, (ENDOTHERMIC ACTION) say in a star to cause an EXOTHERMIC REACTION as the output of energy from the star.

    The IRON LIMIT so manifests physically in the nuclear physics of stars and the genesis of the elements in Nucleosynthesis, leading to the creation and configuration of the Periodic Table of the elements in chemistry.

    Metaphysically however, the 26-tiered Bosonic Superstring of 10 clockwise and 16 anticlockwise chirality patterns reduces to the 10D superstring in the string epoch (between Planck Time (10-44 seconds) and Weyl-Time (10-31 seconds).

    Before Planck Time at the Null-Time of the 0D, this became defined as a 26-tiered Alpha-Omega structure as is exemplified in a 26 letter alphabet where A=1=Alpha then allows recircularistaion of a basically binary digital code of open and closed 10D superstrings in Z=26=Omega and resetting A*=27;B*=28;... in Z=A*;A=B*;...

    This becomes the Isaac Code of the ABC in the Lissajous Curve after which the 'Starseed of Abraham and Sarah' would be called by ISAAC=IS AAC=IS AB*C=IS ABC



    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Leon_maurer


    Leon Maurer has a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology specializing in atomic energy, electronic control systems and communication network systems, with additional studies in modern physics, material science, ceramics, architectural engineering. He has completed graduate studies in communication arts at the New York Institute of Technology, instructed graduate level advanced courses in motion picture special effects, and had done pioneering work in the early development of 3-D computer graphic animation and CGI special effects systems at the NYIT Visual Arts Center and Computer Graphics Lab.

    He holds patents as one of the earliest inventors of motion control and automatic animation systems, and is an expert in 3-D stereo-optic visual communication systems. For the past 40 years, Maurer has delved deeply into eastern theories of metaphysics, physiology, psychology and consciousness, and has practiced Patanjali’s Rajah Yoga of Mind Awakening.

    Astro Biological Coenergetics (ABC) - is a scientifically philosophical holographic, fractal involved field theory of cosmogenesis, mind, memory, information and consciousness—based on the fundamental propositions that subjective consciousness (awareness, will) is an a priori quality of the underlying, unconditioned ABSOLUTE space—located everywhere in RELATIVE space-time... And that the entire cosmos is a hologram—with all structural information contained in every absolute zero-point "singularity" (infinite ABSOLUTE space) at the origin of all fields and forms in finite RELATIVE spacetime... Where all such fields' fractal harmonics steps down octavally in frequency phase orders ranging between zero and infinite.

    This theory further postulates that total relative gravitational/electrodynamic spacetime, including the higher orders of fractal involved cosmic hyperspacetime fields and all their mass/energy fields (em & gravitational radiation) and forms (particle-standing waves)—both in sub-quantum hyperspacetime and in our lowest frequency phase order physical/material quantum spacetime—are generated from the spin momentum (ZPE) of the “singularity” surrounding each proto-conscious zero-point of primal or absolute SPACE located everywhere throughout total hyperspherical spacetime…


    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics SpacerTHE INITIAL FIELDS OF COSMOGENESIS

    These initial fields appear as a fractal involved series of harmonic radiant energy fields, like bubbles within bubbles within bubbles, that descend from near infinite to near zero frequency spectrum phase order to our lowest order physical/material spacetime (which total physical spacetime is analogous and corresponding to the fractal involved highest order fields of overall cosmic spacetime).

    See how all these physical (sub quantum, quantum, and classical) fields are analogous with the initial fields of cosmogenesis — extending down through the spiritual, mental, astral and physical planes (or frequency phase orders), IOW, The microcosm is the mirror of the macrocosm, As above, so below:
    Since these ZPE-originated fields are located everywhere (in the Planck false vacuum) and their ultimate radial extension is infinite — they interpenetrate each other in the vast sea of pulsating cosmic spacetime… And, together, constitute the basis of our holographic universe...
    Note that all radiant electrodynamic fields, within any frequency spectrum phase order, must have a series of fractal harmonics extending throughout its entire spectral range, which also resonates with all other (higher and lower) phase order fields — and that all information is carried on such fields as modulated wave interference patterns — so that, once recorded, no information is ever lost.
    Since all structural information is contained in the infinite spin-momentum (singularity) source of all (harmonic) fractal involved cosmic fields, along with all particle standing waves (as well as all their formative combination's and permutations) at different frequency phase orders... And since all information is transformed from field to field by phase conjugate adaptive resonance... The entire physical universe we experience (at the fourth lowest phase order of the third fractal involution of the cosmos) — is a hologram.
    On our physical/material level or plane — this fundamental octave enfolded hyperspherical (toroidal) harmonic structure of all hyperspace and metric space/energy field/forms in total physical/material spacetime (originating from its own “singularity”—ref: General Relativity) — is the basis of all generation of ZPE fields radiating from the center of origin of all physical forms — beginning with the smallest sub-quantum particle and extending to the largest galaxy, as well as each human being (see illustrations referenced below)
    All such fields are also electrodynamic in nature (Ref: Maxwell, Coulomb, Faraday, Ampere equations), Consequently, all structural, memory and mental information is carried as holographically encoded wave interference patterns on the surface of such fields… And transmitted, through descending hyperspace field phase orders to their common zero-point center of consciousness, by phase conjugate adaptive resonance processes.
    Thus, Mind itself (in the case of human thought) is one of those hyperspace fields linked coenergetically (resonantly) with the brain’s radiant EM fields… With long term, archetypal, and species memory stored in adjacent higher order coenergetic hyperspace fields (ref: string theory).
    At the first moment of cosmogenesis (“big bang” as science sees it) — the initial highest frequency/energy phase order (spiritual) triune fields of spacetime, fractally involve, and descend in orderly frequency-energy phase orders, stepping down from near infinite frequency spectrum’s to near zero — after emanating from the *singularity* of general relativity… Whose dual inherent qualities, at its zero-point center of origin (absolute space) — are both, *potential* subjective consciousness and *potential* objective *matter*.
    (Note that only this eternal, unconditioned “absolute space” is forever ineffable — but once manifest or emanated and radiated in time, everything, thereafter, is subject to logical scientific-philosophical investigation and explanation)

    Physical Consciousness coupled to the Biomind of Universal Life

    The labels of 'mind' and 'self-awareness' and of 'consciousness' have for long awaited rigorous definition in the nomenclature of science. Whilst most researchers and philosophers accept the existence of those labels; what those namings represent in a physically measurable sense of physical parameters have remained largely unexplored.
    These notions have remained as one of the major mysteries of science and have become subject to a number of speculations; from a purely materialistic interpretation of the 'mind' being a biochemical response to environmental stimuli, to the 'mind' being part of a 'spiritual soul' and subsequently constituting a transcendent aspect of biophysical life.

    A related mystery is that of 'life' itself. How did the universe evolve 'life' from a generally accepted premise of a prior or older cosmology, which disallowed biological life as is observed today? The thermodynamically expanding universe follows well tested physical parameters engaging the quantum nature of physical existence in the form of nucleosynthesizing interactions such as nuclear fusion of atomic eleements and an associated natural radioactivity inherent in nature and its laws of conservation of energy and momentum. Those same processes occurred in the primordial universe and due to the smaller volume then occupied by the expanding universe; the descriptive cosmology describes a much hotter universe (as a Black Body Planckian Radiator) and a universe in which say the lifeforms observed on planet earth could not exist in their biochemical and molecular constitutions.

    Recent advances in the demetricated forms of supermembrane theory (M-Theory for 11-dimensional supermembranes propagating 10-dimensional superstrings in a 12-dimensional selfdual mirror-spacetime of supervolumars (Vafa-F-Space encompassing Witten-M-Space) have allowed a rigorous definition for the above labels in the parameters of the physics of the superbranes.

    The Coupling of the Energy Laws by the Self-Frequency of the Quantum for Mass

    It has been discovered, that the universe contains an intrinsic coupling-parameter between its inertial masscontent and its noninertial energy content.
    The matter in the universe is described by the physical parameter termed Mass (M), say as proportional to Energy (E) in Einstein's famous equation Mass M=E/c2.
    This mass M then reappears in Newtonian mechanics as the change in momentum (p) defining the Inertial Mass (Mi) as being proportional to some applied Force (F) or the 'work done' for a particular displacement {F=dp/dt for p=mv and v a kinetematic velocity as the ratio of displacement over time generalised in the lightpath X=cT}.

    It is also well understood, that the inertial mass Mi has a gravitational counterpart described not by the change in momentum of inertia carrying matter agglomerations; but by the geometric curvature of space containing matter conglomerations. This Gravitational Mass Mg is measured to be equivalent to the Inertial Mass Mi and is formulated in the 'Principle of Equivalence' in Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.
    F-Theory then has shown, that this Inertial Mass Mi is coupled inherently to a 'mass-eigen' frequency via the following formulation:

    (1) Energy E=hf=mc2 (The Combined Planck-Einstein Law)
    (2) E=hf iff m=0 (The Planckian Quantum Law E=hf for lightspeed invariance c=λf)
    (3) E=mc2 iff f=fo=fss (The Einstein Law E=mc2 for the lightspeed upper limit)

    (1) Whenever there is mass (M=Mi=Mg) occupying space; this mass can be assigned either as a photonic mass {by the Energy-Momentum relation of Special Relativity: E2=Eo2 + (pc)2} by the photonic momentum p=h/λ=hf/c} OR a 'restmass' mo=m/√[1-(v/c)2] for 'restenergy' Eo=moc2.

    The 'total' energy for the occupied space so contains a 'variable' mass in the 'combined' law; but allows particularisation for electromagnetic radiation (always moving at the Maxwell lightspeed constant c in Planck's Law and for the 'Newtonian' mass M in the Einstein Law.

    (2) If M=0, then the Einstein Law is suppressed in favour of the Planck Law and the space contained energy E is photonic, i.e. electromagnetic, always dynamically described by the constancy of lightspeed c.

    (3) If M>0, then there exists a mass-eigen frequency fss=fo=Ess/h=mssc2/h, which QUANTIZES all mass agglomerations m=Σmss in the massquantum mss=Ess/c2.

    The Coupling of the Supermembranes in Vafa-F-Space

    The quantization of mass m so indicates the coupling of the Planck Law in the frequency parameter to the Einstein law in the mass parameter.
    The postulative basis of M-Theory utilizes the coupling of two energy-momentum eigenstates in the form of the modular duality between so termed 'vibratory' (high energy and short wavelengths) and 'winding' (low energy and long wavelengths) selfstates.
    The 'vibratory' selfstate is denoted in: Eps=Eprimary sourcesink=hfps=mpsc2 and the 'winding' and coupled selfstate is denoted by: Ess=Esecondary sinksource=hfss=mssc2

    The F-Space Unitary symmetry condition becomes: fpsfss=rpsrss=(λps/2π)(2πλss)=1

    The coupling constants between the two eigenstates are so: EpsEss=h2 and Eps/Ess=fps2=1/fss2

    The Supermembrane EpsEss then denotes the coupled superstrings in their 'vibratory' high energy and 'winded' low energy selfstates.

    The coupling constant for the vibratory high energy describes a MAXIMISED frequency differential over time in df/dt|max=fps2 and the coupling constant for the winded low energy describes its MINIMISED reciprocal in df/dt|min=fss2.

    F-Theory also crystallizes the following string formulations from the EpsEss superbrane parameters.


    Here e* is defined as the inverse of the sourcesink vibratory superstring energy quantum Eps=E* and becomes a New Physical Measurement Unit is the StarCoulomb (C*) and as the physical measurement unit for 'Physical Consciousness'.

    Re is the 'classical electron radius' coupling the 'point electron' of Quantum- Electro-Dynamics (QED) to Quantum Field Theory (QFT) and given in the electric potential energy of Coulomb's Law in: mec2=ke2/Re.and for the electronic restmass me.
    Alpha α is the electromagnetic finestructure coupling constant α=2πke2/hc for the electric charge quantum e, Planck's constant h and lightspeed constant c.
    Go is the Newtonian gravitational constant as applicable in the Planck-Mass mP=√(hc/2πGo).

    As the StarCoulomb unit describes the inverse sourcesink string energy as an elementary energy transformation from the string parametrization into the realm of classical QFT and QED, this transformation allows the reassignment of the StarCoulomb (C*) as the measurement of physical space itself.

    Physical Consciousness and the Awareness Quantum

    The Physical Quantum of Consciousness as SpaceAwareness (df/dt) maximised and minimised in the string coupling constants fps2 and fss2 respectively, so can be defined as:
    e*=2Rec2=(Classical Electron Diameter)x(lightspeed)2=VolumexAngular Acceleration

    As the time differential operator on frequency is independent on radial displacement in df/dt as the square of frequency or the square of inverse time; we can now also define the parameter of:
    Spacial Awareness=df/dt=AlphaOmega=αω=aw=Angular Acceleration Quantum.

    The Spacial Awareness 'aw' then operates upon any volumar in the rootreduced F-Space (12D being a 9-dimensional brane volumar of superstring dimensions to which is coupled a 3-dimensional temporal time-connector volumar in 12=9+3 F-Space, 11=9+2 M-Space and 10=9+1 C-Space) AS the 3-D volume of the observed spacial component of the 'Euclidean flatness of the Minkowski spacetime metric.

    The implications of those definitions for the physical universe and its cosmology are far reaching indeed.

    As the expanding universe increases in its 3-dimensional volume, its 'spacial consciousness' is also increasing in the 'activation' of additional spacetime quanta.
    Each of these spacetime quanta describes the inherent Zero-Point-Energy (ZPE) as defined in the 3D-volumar of the Eps sourcesink superstring energy quantum then coupled to its characteristic 'starcoulombic' 'physical consciousness'.

    The ZPE per unit volumar is ZPEquantum=4πEpsps3=Eps/2π2rps3=4π/e*λps3 (Joules/m3)

    Every ZPE quantum is coupled to a volume V*=e*/(df/dt) and so defines the quantisation of spacial volume in terms of the ZPE, as well as the 'physical consciousness' contained in that volume.
    The V* here denotes the resonant quantum volumarized eigenstate in a minimised spacetime volumar and NOT in terms of spacial volume, but in the form of an ENTROPY COUNTER of 'statistical permutation selfstates' operation upon the 'Spacial Consciousness' quantum e*=1/Eps=1/Ess.fps2=fss/h.

    The self-frequency of the mass quantum so can be expressed formally as fss=he* for the timeinstanton tss=fss, the latter triggering the 'inertialisation' of the postinflationary cosmology in the so called Quantum Big Bang, precisely 3.333..x10-31 seconds* following the 'string epoch' of the matter wave inflation (detailed and referenced elsewhere on this site).

    But it is the supermembrane coupling between the gravitational (photonic) mass Mg as given by the vibratory sourcesink string with the inertial mass Mi as given by the winding sinksource string, which is the primary causation for this Quantum Big Bang, following the string parametric de Broglie wave matter inflation.

    Rewriting fss=he* then describes this coupling in the ACTION=EnergyTime of the Planck Constant in the finestructure fss=Energy*xTimeInstantonxe* for the Unity Condition of F-Space in 1=E*e* that is the original definition of e*=1/E* as the definition for the 'Physical Consciousness of Space'.

    The Frequency Resonance Selfstates as Entropy Counters

    Generally then, the permutative entropy counter df/dt|max=fps2 gives precisely 9x1060 frequency eigenstates as the coupling constant between the two modes of the superstring; whilst its inverse defines the minimum as the 'Singularity' 'Null-State' or 'No Consciousness' state as 1/(9x1060)~0.

    The Awareness operator applicable for all universal space so can fluctuate between the quasi-zero state and the maximised resonance state in the factor of 81x10120 and a value 'measured' by contemporary standard cosmological models as characteristic of the density discrepancy between the Planck-(ZPE)-Density {ρP=mP/VP=c5/πhGo2}~9.4x1094 (kg/m3) and the actual matter density measured in the universe {ρc=3Ho2/8πGo~3.8x10-27 (kg/m3) from the inner 10D observer frame and ρc=Ho2/4π2Go~8.0x10-28 (kg/m3) from the outer 11D observer frame of the Riemannian hypersphere as a 3D boundary of the 4-ball V42R4/2 for dV4/dR=2π2R3 as a 3-dimensional surface descriptive for the overall topology of the standard cosmology).

    The dimensionless ratios of ρPc then indicate the ZPE/Critical energy discrepancies in the factors of the permutation string selfstates in the factors of 2.5x10121 and 1.2x10122 respectively.

    Quantum Consciousness and Magnetocharges define Quantum Gravitation

    The ZPE-quantum Eps=E* so represents the kernel or core for any region of space containing a maximised 'physical consciousness' given by 1/E*=e* StarCoulombs (C*).

    The quantitative volume V for this consciousness is minimised in Vps*=e*/fps2 in sourcesink resonance to the vibratory superstring modality and is in modular duality (as a monadic dyad or monadic duad) to its coupled sinksource resonance of its winding mode in its quantum-maximisation of Vss*=e*fps2.

    The minimum calculates as Vps*=e*/fps2=1/1.8x1058 permutation states and translates to a 3D volume of measurement R with a Compton radius (Rc=h/2πmc=c/2πfc=c/ωc with angular velocity ω=2πf) as of Rcps=(e*fss2/2π2)1/3~1.4x10-20 meters for a Compton Energy of about 2.2 microjoules or 14.03 TeV (as the maximum design capacity of the Large Hadron Collider or LHC located at Geneva, Switzerland comprised of two individuated colliding proton beams).

    The precise ratio between the ZPE-kernel and the 'Space Consciousness' surrounding this core becomes: Wormhole-Radius/Space-Consciousness-Radius and as:
    rps/Rcps=(2π2/e*rss3fss2)1/3=c(fss/4πe*)1/3=(cfss/8πRe)1/3~1/887.11 (dimensionless); and because the string coupling defines c=λpsfps=1/λssfss), rendering the Minkowski lightspeed constant c as dimensionless in the lightpath Xps=cTps=cfss.

    This defines the quantum gravitational coupling of the gravitational mass element mss to the observed and measured elementary particle masses in QFT and Quantum-Chromo-Dynamics (QCD); the 'chromaticity' or 'colour charging' of gluonic gauge interaction transmitters being identifiable as the MagnetoCharges defined in StarCoulombs (C*)

    The corresponding maximum then couples in macroquantisation to the microquantised quantum gravitational MagnetoCharges in Vss*=e*fps2=4.5x1063 permutation states for a characterizing 'Galactic Volumar' in Rcss=(e*fps2/2π2)1/3=(e*fss2/2π2)1/3~6.1x1020 meters or so 64,650 lightyears and a displacement scale, which is then 'haloed' by the the winded string parameter rss=1/rps=2πλss~6.3x1022 meters or 6,648,875 lightyears and as the displacement scales observed by the standard cosmology.

    Correspondingly, rss/Rcss=(16π5λss3/e*fps2)1/3=(16π5/fsse*c3)1/3=(8π5/fssRec5)1/3~102.85

    As rps/rss=rps2=(cfss/2π)2 and Rcps/Rcss=(fss/fps)2/3=(fss)4/3=(4π2rps/rssc2)2/3

    (Rcps/Rcss)3 = (4π2rps/rssc2)2=10-88/c4=1/8.1x10121 as the awareness operator fluctuation range.

    The 'Physical Consciousness' in the standard cosmology now crystallizes as being associated with biovital lifeforms, occupying space, and as evolving in the dynamics of (holographic) fractals of the encompassing 'consciousness envelope' aka the galactic cells of macroquantised entities.

    This biovitality is defined in a 'kernel consciousness' inherent in space itself via the string-coupled modalities; mimicking the overall expansion of the thermodynamic (and stochastic) universe.
    This process can be comprehensively described as the EVOLUTION of Core-Consciousness in its Spacial Occupancy.

    The Definition of 'Life' must so fundamentally be based on the string coupling between the two modalities and as two modes of operation, which quantum relatively entangle the microquantum characterised by the 'wormhole core' as as function of the nuclear interaction scale (the classical electron radius Re is also the scale of the magneto-asymptotic confinement of gluons in the definition of the magnetocharges and so becomes the limiting quantum geometric template for the nuclear gauge interactions and the 'Higgs Bosonic' blueprint at the 3 Fermi scale).

    'Life' then becomes the cosmo-evolutionary consequence of a quantum geometry defining the spacial configurations of the supermembranes as superstring couplings.
    This is why the most basic and primordial 'lifeforms' such as viruses, bacteria and fungi follow highly geometrized patterns in Platonic- and Archimedean solids, characterised by highly symmetrical arrangements of their molecular and atomic constituents.
    The most elementary 'life form' is the crystalline arrangements of the self-replicating pattern. This originally manifested in so called quasicrystals of fivefolded symmetry, such as can be observed in Shechtmanites and the Penrose tiling. The underpinning cosmology of the decoupling and breaking of the so termed Planck-Symmetry transformed the Planck-String into 5 classes of superstring; this 'breaking of unification' following a pentagonal supersymmetry at the core of all 'natural laws'. Many details can be found on this website for perusal and utility.

    For a 'lifeless' mass-only universe then the self frequency of mass in the fss sinksource superstring would define the awareness operator as minimised in V*|min=e*/(fss2)=e*fps2

    Corollarily, the 'fully life-conscious' universe (attained after an infinite linear time evolution of the descriptive cosmology) would be defined in V*|max=e*fss2.

    Consciousness of Inertia in Universal Quantization of Mass

    We can now relate the 'spacial consciousness' in terms of the universe's inertia content to the volume occupied by mass.

    As there are (RHubble/rps)3~10147 spacetime quanta in the asymptotic string universe of 10D and bounded by the membrane universe of 11D (as an extremal Strominger braned Black Hole say)
    and the sinksource (winded string) Ess=hfss=mssc2=2.222...x10-64 J; we can define a 'Consciousness-Density per unit mass' Ρc for this 11D-'Mother-Black Hole' in Witten M-Space in dyadic coupling with a 12D-'Father-White Hole' in Vafa-F-Space (MBH and FWH).

    The M-Space MBH defines the Hubble horizon in its' closure mass'
    MHubble=RHubble.c2/2Go=Σmss=Nmss~6.4706x1052 kg.

    Ρc=e*(RHubble/rps)3/MHubble=2Goe*RHubble2/rps3c2~7.81685x1096 (~83.2 ρP) C*/kg

    This is about 83.2 times the Planck-Density ρP for MHubble and 2.34 times the Planck-Density applied to the baryonic mass seedling Mo=0.0281MHubble.

    The 'Base Inertia Consciousness' (BIC) per minimal mass quantum mss then calculates as mssΡc=1.930x1016 C* and for a count of N=2.6206x10133 mss as the inertia distribution of the BICUniverse=5.058x10149 C*.

    A characteristic mass of 1 kg, say as the standard liter of water in 10-3 cubicmeters of volume so possesses an inherent inertial consciousness of 7.82x1096 C*. This is the ZPE of the quantum standard models redefined in units of consciousness and this total includes 'dark matter' and 'dark energy', the former as the effect of the DIM-Factor (see other references on this website) of 7.56 for the present linear time coordiante and the latter as the 'missing mass-energy' for the mass seedling Mo in 10D to 'close' the universe in the MBH of MHubble in 11D.

    In terms of the volume of 1 liter however; the 'spacial consciousness' quantizes in the form of the VPE quantum Eps=1/e* per unit volume and which is VPEv=Eps/2π2rps3~2.5133x1064 J/m3.

    The 'inertia consciousness' of 1 liter of water so relates the BIC of 7.82x1096 C* to a VPEv or ZPE of 2.51x1061 J/m3.

    The example of a simple rock serves as a culmination of this essay.

    A rock, occupying a volume Vrock carries an intrinsic Base-Consciousness due to its volume. This basic consciousness is given in the mass-frequency fss as the mass of the rock is quantized in a number count N of mass quanta mss.

    This mass of the rock is actually a higher-dimensional mass-current as a form of 'natural superconductivity' {Ips=2efps superstring coupled to Iss=2efss}. The rock can so also be described as a summation of displacement current elements Iss=2eλps/c (as James Clark Maxwell propositioned - see 'The Origin of Mass' section on this website).

    Mass in its purest form so is nothing but 'static magnetoelectricity' or densified electromagnetic monopolic sourcesink current. The nondensified form of mass is of course photonic and should this photonic mass NOT be a derivative from the acceleration of electric (Coulomb) charges 'e' coupled to preexisting mass (say fusion protons in stars), BUT be a derivative from the acceleration of magnetocharges 'e*', then the resulting ElectroMagnetic Radiation is monadic or Monopolic and defines the so called 'SPIRIT' of metaphysical cosmologies and philosophies.

    The rock of volume Vrock and as some summation ΣIss or Σmss so describes an energetic selfstate of the superstring coupling between the string dyadics of the microquantum Eps and the macroquantum Ess.

    The interaction of the rock with its environment then, in elementary terms, becomes a dynamic of spacial interaction in the movements of the rock.
    All Spacequanta are associated or quantum entangled with each other via the string coupling and as all spacetime volumars are defined by their ZPE-core and its 'haloed' or 'auric' envelope of the physical consciousness coupled to the volumars by the self-awareness operator df/dt; the entire cosmology is rendered a unified kaleidoscope of holofractal self-interaction of the thus defined 'Cosmic Consciousness'.

    A basic quantum consciousness then is multiplied and complexified in the interaction, self- and mutual, between spacetime volumars of varying sizes in the encompassing summation integrals of the initial- and boundary parameters of the cosmogenesis (described elsewhere on this website).

    The phenomenon of 'life' then is characterised by the Awareness-Operator the Alpha-Omega aw=αω=df/dt, namely the 'Change in Frequency' over linearised Time t and where the sourcesink frequency for minimum impedence for the 'natural current flow' (Ips) forms the upper bound source-resonance of the vibratory string modality and the maximum impedence describes the 'natural current flow' (Iss) as the lower bound for the sink-resonance.

    The 'lifeless' universe of the primordial Quantum Big Bang is in Sink-Resonance to the Ess sinksource as a macroquantum, manifesting the supergalactic inertia in Black Holes as seedlings for mass agglomerations known as galaxies. Coupled to those 'higher-D' Black Holes are however imaged 'higher-D' White Holes (Quasars) who as Source-Resonators manifest the Source-Resonance of the Eps sourcesink as the microquantum of the superbraned cosmology from its cosmogony.

    The purpose and reason for the universe of materiality so is found in the Coevolution of SourceSink Self-Consciousness as unified encompassment for the cosmoevolution with its individuated and dispersed holographic shards or holograms of this selfsame self-consciousness in evolvement.

    The operator for this evolvement is spacial selfawareness and the ability to use a biomind defined by the function of 'changing' or modulating the frequency received by an antenna, which can take the form of a biochemical and molecular arrangement of cellular units termed a 'brain'.

    The biological evolution of brains, then accomodates the utility of the natural superconductive electricity embodied in space itself; the biochemical electricity (of say electromagnetic brain waves) representing a shadow function of the chargeflow I=dQ/dt as a 'normal currentflow' to the electromagneto monopolic supercurrents of the magnetocharges aka the physical spacial consciousness.

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    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Empty Nassim Haramein Correrspondences

    Post  Didymos on Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:07 pm

    Dear Dr. Bermanseder,
    I am Mr. Haramein's assistant at The Resonance Project Foundation. We have received your email and we are grateful that you are starting to utilize the Haramein-Rauscher Solution in your approach to cosmogenesis. Your paper includes commentaries from Dr. Hans Schatten, can you indicate to us where these commentaries were published so that we may cite them. Dr. Rauscher and Mr. Haramein are studying your results and would love to comment further.
    Thank you for letting us know about your work.

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    Tony Bermanseder wrote:
    The Rotational Dynamics in Haramein-Rauscher Metrics and the Monopolic Current

    This commentary shall be in the form of a particular address of this excerpted Haramein-Rauscher paper in extending the theoretical foundation for that model so indicated.
    Firstly the electromagnetic coupling of the Black Hole (equivalent) to the gravitational field is shown to directly derive from a mass-independent metric background, which introduces the property of inertia as a 'natural monopolic' superconductive currentflow.
    And secondly, this 'monopolic electricity' is then described as a consequence of particular Planck-String couplings preceeding the birth of the thermodynamic and classically relativistic cosmogenesis in its unified selfstate of unbroken supersymmetry.
    It shall be shown, that any mass M is quantised in a Monopole mass mM=mP√Alpha in its Schwarzschild radius and where the characterising monopolic Schwarzschild radius represents the minimum metric displacement scale as the Oscillation of the Planck-Length in the form 2LP√Alpha ~LP/5.85~3.4x10-36 meters.

    Reference: { Full paper: http://theresonanceproject.org/pdf/plasma_paper.pdf }
    R. L. Amoroso, B. Lehnert & J-P Vigier (eds.) Beyond The Standard Model: Searching For Unity In Physics, 279-331.
    © 2005 The Noetic Press, Printed in the United States of America.© 2005 The Noetic Press, Printed in the United States of America. (eds.) Beyond The Standard Model: Searching For Unity In Physics, 279-331.

    Haramein¶ and E.A. Rauscher§
    ¶The Resonance Project Foundation, haramein@theresonanceproject.org
    Tecnic Research Laboratory, 3500 S. Tomahawk Rd., Bldg. 188, Apache Junction, AZ 85219 USA

    The main forces driving black holes, neutron stars, pulsars, quasars, and supernovae dynamics have certain commonality to the mechanisms of less tumultuous systems such as galaxies, stellar and planetary dynamics.
    They involve gravity, electromagnetic, and single and collective particle processes. We examine the collective coherent structures of plasma and their interactions with the vacuum. In this paper we present a balance equation and, in particular, the balance between extremely collapsing gravitational systems and their surrounding energetic plasma media. Of particular interest is the dynamics of the plasma media, the structure of the vacuum, and the coupling of electromagnetic and gravitational forces with the inclusion of torque and Coriolis phenomena as described by the Haramein-Rauscher solution to Einstein's field equations. The exotic nature of complex black holes involves not only the black hole itself but the surrounding plasma media. The main forces involved are intense gravitational collapsing forces, powerful electromagnetic fields, charge, and spin angular momentum. We find soliton or magneto-acoustic plasma solutions to the relativistic Vlasov equations solved in the vicinity of black hole ergospheres.
    Collective phonon or plasmon states of plasma fields are given. We utilize the Hamiltonian formalism to describe the collective states of matter and the dynamic processes within plasma allowing us to deduce a possible polarized vacuum structure and a unified physics.
    In this paper we present a generalized model of the balance between the gravitational and electromagnetic fields near or at the ergosphere of a black hole. A. Einstein, [1] J. A. Wheeler [2] and many other researchers have attempted to reduce both gravitation and electromagnetism concepts to the principles of geometry. As is well known, the geometrization of gravity has met with great success, while the latter endeavor for electromagnetism has met with many difficulties. In the case of a black hole, the charge of the heavier ions, by charge separation will be closer to the ergosphere than the negative ions or electrons. Electric field polarization will occur by its emission from the rotating body or system. Magnetism will arise in the vacuum induced by polarization by the rotation of a gravitational body such as a pulsar or black hole.
    This model and the general interaction between electromagnetism and gravity is basic and involves the details of many-body physics and the structure of the vacuum. The vacuum is a potential source of electrons, positrons as well as other particles when activated by a polarizing energy source [3].
    Our new and unique approach of developing the relativistic Vlasov equation, formulated and solved in the vicinity of black holes does, indeed, describe the electromagnetic phenomena of a dense plasma under a strong gravitational field. In the extreme gravitational conditions in a black hole, photons are trapped by being strongly bent by the gravitational field described by the curvature of space. Interaction between the media outside and the inside of a black hole can occur due to vacuum state polarization i.e. the properties of the vacuum, angular momentum of the black hole (Kerr metric) and charged (Kerr-Newman metric) as well as magnetic field coupling through plasma vacuum state polarization.
    (1) B proportional {e/c3}gxω

    where e is the charge on the electron, c is the velocity of light, g is the local gravitational acceleration, and ω is the angular velocity of rotation of the body or black hole. The (cross product) term (gxω) is analogous to a gravitational gyroscopic term. If vesc is the escape velocity of an electron on the event horizon of a black hole then vesc~c.
    The highly bent space of a black hole generates a higher magnetic and charge field often observed near a pulsar. In a black hole, gravity is so strong that space is so sharply curved that the gas of the interstellar media is compressed and becomes dense, and like any hot gas, emits radiation in the form of radio waves, visible light, and x -rays. This electromagnetic field effect across the event horizon acting through the effects of vacuum state polarization correlates external and internal effects and hence may resolve the information paradox so that information going into a black hole is conserved with charge, angular momentum and information is transformed by the black hole. Black holes act as an electric generator power source of quasars which emit the light of an entire galaxy.
    Of course, the black hole stores energy from the gravitational field and, as R. Penrose suggested, also stores a great deal of energy in its rotation. As further collapse occurs, more energy is generated to power the quasar [3].
    The plasma dynamics in the external region generates electric field gradients and hence current flow and induces intense magnetic fields across the ergosphere. The event horizon is stretched and acts as a conducting sphere with a resistivity, for example, having an impedance of 377 Ohm. Magnetic lines of force pass across the sphere, exciting its surface with eddy currents producing drag on the sphere. The lines of force do not cross the horizon but wrap around it and, for a rotating system, they eventually pinch off as loops. Astrophysical effects on the black holes occur through the effects of their excited states of the dense plasma on the vacuum.
    For 377 Ohm , an electric field of 377 volts would be needed to drive one ampere of current across a square surface area on the event horizon. This value is chosen, for the sake of this picture, analogous to the Earth's fields. It is of interest to note that the magnetohydrodynamics and Coriolis forces of the plasma's collective behaviors in this picture are similar to the process of sunspot formation and coronal ejection on our sun. Thereafter, close examination of black holes ergospheres structures may reveal regions of high magnetic flux and x -ray emissions resembling the sunspot activity found on our local star.
    Of course, the motion of the magnetic field by the dynamic processes near a black hole generates an electric field which can give us a quantitative method to describe the energy transfer mechanisms. In the case of a rapidly rotating magnetized black hole, the electric field generated near the event horizon can produce enormous voltage differences between the poles of the spinning body and its equatorial region. As much as 1020 volts may be generated through field lines stretched at the event horizon, resulting in the system acting as an enormous battery. The magnetic field lines carry current which are driven by the voltage difference to distant parts of a quasar, which are linked by the magnetic field lines and the vacuum state polarization in its environment, producing a gigantic direct current circuit.
    Positive charges flow up the field lines from the equatorial regions of the surface and are balanced by the current from the polar field lines to the equatorial lines. The complex properties of the energized plasma feeds the jets of ionized gases that have been observed emerging from the nuclei of quasars, supernovae and galaxies, stretching out many light years into space. The plasma can act as if it is frozen around magnetic field lines, where the electrons undergo gyroscopic spin. As the lines of magnetic force thread through the ergosphere, energy is deposited in the intervening plasma, accelerating it outward against the strong magnetic field. This process is balanced by the pull of gravity in the vacuum of the black hole's event horizon. Hence a balance is maintained at certain phases of collapse stability, where energy balance occurs.
    The processes of plasma magneto-electrodynamics with a large magnetic field in the strong gravitational field of a black hole act as a generator/magnetic motor. The generated Coriolis forces in the plasma media occur due to the rotational acceleration as well as the gravitational field of the black hole. As we demonstrated in detail, the angular momentum properties result from the torque term in Einstein's stress-energy tensor [4].
    The resulting acceleration produces electromagnetic biases in the electron-positron states in the vacuum producing the polarization of the vacuum which we demonstrate here and in reference [5].
    This requires that we include the magnetic field in the Vlasov equation [6]. It is the strong magnetic field case that gives us the dynamo generator dynamics displayed by galactic and supernovae black holes. Shockwave and bow wave phenomena can occur because of violent plasma eruptions in a strong magnetic field and bow wave phenomena can occur when the black hole is associated with a second astrophysical body in which the two exchange magnetic lines of flux and plasma fields [7].
    We and others have described elsewhere the manner in which the strong force and the gravitational forces can become balanced through the formalism of the relationship of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and quantum electrodynamics (QED). The strong and electroweak forces are related through the quark model. This model utilizes the existence of mini Planck unit black holes [8]. Thus we can describe the form of the dynamics of the plasma energy tensor by treating its effect through the Coriolis forces. These accelerative driving forces activate the plasma dynamics and, hence the effect of the vacuum is manifest through the effect of the torque term in the stress-energy tensor. This is the manner in which the stress-energy tensor is modified which we detailed in references [3,4].
    Hence the torque term in the stress-energy tensor actually yields the more detailed and accurate Einstein-Vlasov model because plasma can be utilized in this approach [9,10].

    Media Surrounding Black Holes
    These turbulent perturbations often diffuse and propagate transverse to the magnetic lines of force. Many higher order terms and a number of coupling constants are not directly amenable to an analytic approach and require computer simulations. Under such variable gravitational and electromagnetic conditions, patterns can emerge under cyclical interactions but also large dynamical unpredictable instabilities will occur. Our wave equations must accommodate these two cases. Some of the more detailed analytic approaches can be found in reference [5]. We describe examples of black hole plasma systems for stellar, and supernovae phenomena. In this paper, we express in detail the balance equations between the gravitational collapsing system and the surrounding plasma. Balance systems act in a thermo-plasma-gravitationally coupled systems that obey unique structures in space, some of which we present in this volume.
    We can treat the electromagnetic field in terms of spherical harmonics as an approximation. We have solved Einstein's field-curvature equation with a centrifugal term that arises out of the torque term in the stress-energy tensor term, and source term and demonstrate a possible balance equation at the event horizon [3,4].
    The high magnetic field of neutron stars of about 1014 Gauss, and possibly the black holes also act to direct and repel the plasma against accretion at the event horizon surface. We find soliton or magneto-acoustic plasma states as solutions to the relativistic Vlasov plasma equations solved in the vicinity of a black hole ergosphere.
    Commentary by Hans Schatten:

    The following derivations lead to an extended proof for the Haramein-Rauscher equation (1) from the above and through those formulations indicate the relevance of the Haramein-Rauscher cosmology coupled to a simplified string formalism as boundary- and initial conditions in a de Sitter cosmology encompassing the classical Minkowski-Friedmann spacetimes holographically and fractally in the Schwarzschild metrics and as advocated by Haramein-Rauscher.

    The magnetic field intensity B is classically described in the Biot-Savart Law:
    for a charge count q=Ne; angular velocity ω=v/r=2πf; current i=dq/dt and the current element i.dl=dq.(dl/dt)=vdq.

    The Maxwell constant then can be written as an (approximating) finestructure:
    μoεo =1/c2=(120π/c)(1/120πc) to crystallise the 'free space impedance' Zo=√(μo/εo)=120π~377 Ohm (Ω).

    This vacuum resistance Zo so defines a 'Unified Action Law' in a coupling of the electric permittivity component (εo) of inertial mass and the magnetic permeability component (μo) of gravitational mass in the Equivalence Principle of General Relativity.
    A unified selfstate of the preinertial (string- or brane) cosmology so is obtained from the finestructures for the electric- and gravitational interactions coupling a so defined electropolic mass to magnetopolic mass respectively.
    The Planck-Mass is given from Unity 1=2πGmP2/hc and the Planck-Charge derives from Alpha=2πke2/hc and where k=1/4πεo in the electromagnetic finestructure describing the probability interaction between matter and light (as about 1/137).

    The important aspect of alpha relates to the inertia coupling of Planck-Charge to Planck-Mass as all inertial masses are associated with Coulombic charges as inertial electropoles; whilst the stringed form of the Planck-Mass remains massless as gravitational mass. It is the acceleration of electropoles coupled to inertial mass, which produces electromagnetic radiation (EMR); whilst the analogy of accelerating magnetopoles coupled to gravitational mass and emitting electromagnetic monopolic radiation (EMMR) remains hitherto undefined in the standard models of both cosmology and particle physics.

    But the coupling between electropoles and magnetopoles occurs as dimensional intersection, say between a flat Minkowskian spacetime in 4D and a curved de Sitter spacetime in 5D (and which becomes topologically extended in 6-dimensional Calabi-Yau tori and 7-dimensional Joyce manifolds in M-Theory).
    The formal coupling results in the 'bounce' of the Planck-Length in the pre-Big Bang scenario, and which manifests in the de Broglie inflaton-instanton.
    The Planck-Length LP=√(hG/2πc3) 'oscillates' in its Planck-Energy mP=h/λPc=h/2πcLP to give √Alpha).LP=e/c2 in the coupling of 'Stoney units' suppressing Planck's constant 'h' to the 'Planck units' suppressing charge quantum 'e'.

    Subsequently, the Planck-Length is 'displaced' in a factor of about 11.7=1/√Alpha=√(h/60π)/e and using the Maxwellian finestructures and the unity condition kG=1 for a dimensionless string coupling Go=4πεo, describing the 'Action Law' for the Vacuum Impedance as Action=Charge2, say via dimensional analysis:
    Zo=√([Js2/C2m]/[C2/Jm])=[Js]/[C2]=[Action/Charge2] in Ohms [Ω=V/I=Js/C2] and proportional to [h/e2] as the 'higher dimensional source' for the manifesting superconductivity of the lower dimensions in the Quantum Hall Effect (~e2/h), the conductance quantum (2e2/h) and the Josephson frequencies (~2e/h) in Ohms [Ω].

    This derivation so indicates an electromagnetic cosmology based on string parameters as preceding the introduction of inertial mass (in the quantum Big Bang) and defines an intrinsic curvature within the higher dimensional (de Sitter) universe based on gravitational mass equivalents and their superconductive monopolic current flows.
    A massless, but monopolically electromagnetic de Sitter universe would exhibit intrinsic curvature in gravitational mass equivalence in its property of closure under an encompassing static Schwarzschild metric and a Gravitational String-Constant Go=1/k=1/30c (as given in the Maxwellian finestructures in the string space).
    In other words, the Big Bang manifested inertial parameters and the matter content for a subsequent cosmoevolution in the transformation of gravitational 'curvature energy', here called gravita as precursor for inertia into inertial mass seedlings; both however describable in Black Hole physics and the Schwarzschild metrics.
    The Gravitational Finestructure so derives in replacing the Planck-Mass mP by a protonucleonic mass:
    mc=√(hc/2πGo).f(alpha)= f(Alpha).mP and where f(Alpha)=Alpha9.
    The Gravitational finestructure, here named Omega, is further described in a fivefolded supersymmetry of the string hierarchies, the latter as indicated in the Haramein-Rausch paper following below in excerpt.

    This pentagonal supersymmetry can be expressed in a number of ways, say in a one-to-one mapping of the Alpha finestructure constant as invariant X from the Euler Identity:
    X+Y=XY= -1=i2=exp(iπ).
    One can write a Unification Polynomial: (1-X)(X)(1+X)(2+X)=1 or X4+2X3-X2-2X+1=0
    to find the coupling ratios: f(S)¦f(E)¦f(W)¦f(G)=#¦#3¦#18¦#54 from the proportionality
    The Unification polynomial then sets the ratios in the inversion properties under modular duality:
    (1)[Strong short]¦(X)[Electromagnetic long]¦(X2)[Weak short]¦(X3)[Gravitational long]
    as 1¦X¦X2¦X3 = (1-X)¦(X)¦(1+X)¦(2+X).
    Unity 1 maps as (1-X) transforming as f(S) in the equality (1-X)=X2; X maps as invariant of f(E) in the equality (X)=(X); X2 maps as (1+X) transforming as f(W) in the equality (1+X)=1/X; and X3 maps as (2+X) transforming as f(G) in the equality (2+X)=1/X2=1/(1-X).

    The mathematical pentagonal supersymmetry from the above then indicates the physicalised T-duality of M-theory in the principle of mirror-symmetry and which manifests in the reflection properties of the heterotic string classes HO(32) and HE(64), described further in the following.
    Defining f(S)=#=1/f(G) and f(E)=#2.f(S) then describes a symmetry breaking between the 'strong S' f(S) interaction and the 'electromagnetic E' f(E) interaction under the unification couplings.
    This couples under modular duality to f(S).f(G)=1=#55 in a factor #-53=f(S)/f(G)={f(S)}2 of the 'broken' symmetry between the longrange- and the shortrange interactions.
    SEWG=1=Strong-Electromagnetic-Weak-Gravitational as the unified supersymmetric identity then decouples in the manifestation of string-classes in the de Broglie 'matter wave' epoch termed inflation and preceding the Big Bang, the latter manifesting at Weyl-Time as a string-transformed Planck-Time as the heterotic HE(64) class.

    As SEWG indicates the Planck-String (class I, which is both openended and closed), the first transformation becomes the suppression of the nuclear interactions sEwG and describing the selfdual monopole (stringclass IIB, which is loop-closed in Dirichlet brane attachement across dimensions say Kaluza-Klein R5 to Minkowski R4 or Membrane-Space R11 to String Space R10).
    The monopole class so 'unifies' E with G via the gravitational finestructure assuming not a Weylian fermionic nucleon, but the bosonic monopole from the kGo=1 initial-boundary condition GmM2=ke2 for mM=ke=30[ec]=mP√Alpha.

    The Planck-Monopole coupling so becomes mP/mM=mP/30[ec]=1/√Alpha
    with f(S)=f(E)/#2 modulating f(G)=#2/f(E)=1/# ↔ f(G){f(S)/f(G)}=# in the symmetry breaking f(S)/f(G)=1/#53 between short (nuclear asymptotic) and long (inverse square).

    The shortrange coupling becomes f(S)/f(W)=#/#18=1/#17=Cuberoot(Alpha)/Alpha6
    and the longrange coupling is Alpha/Omega=1/Alpha17=#3/#54=1/#51=1/(#17)3.
    The strong nuclear interaction coupling parameter so becomes about 0.2 as the cuberoot of alpha and as measured in the standard model of particle physics.
    The monopole quasimass [ec] describes a monopolic sourcecurrent ef, manifesting for a displacement λ=c/f. This is of course the GUT unification energy of the Dirac Monopole at precisely [c3] eV or 2.7x1016 GeV and the upper limit for the Cosmic Ray spectra as the physical manifestation for the string classes: {I, IIB, HO(32), IIA and HE(64) in order of modular duality transmutation}.

    The transformation of the Monopole string into the XL-Boson string decouples Gravity from sEwG in sEw.G in the heterotic superstring class HO(32). As this heterotic class is modular dual to the other heterotic class HE(64), it is here, that the protonucleon mass is defined in the modular duality of the heterosis in: Omega=Alpha18=2πGomc2/hc=(mc/mP)2.

    The HO(32) string bifurcates into a quarkian X-part and a leptonic L-part, so rendering the bosonic scalar spin as fermionic halfspin in the continuation of the 'breaking' of the supersymmetry of the Planckian unification. Its heterosis with the Weyl-string then decouples the strong interaction at Weyl-Time for a Weyl-Mass mW, meaning at the timeinstanton of the end of inflation or the Big Bang in sEw.G becoming s.Ew.G.

    The X-Boson then transforms into a fermionic protonucleon triquark-component (of energy ~ 10-27 kg or 560 MeV) and the L-Boson transforms into the protomuon (of energy about 111 MeV).

    The last 'electroweak' decoupling then occurs at the Fermi-Expectation Energy about 1/365 seconds after the Big Bang at a temperature of about 3.4x1015 K and at a 'Higgs Boson' energy of about 298 GeV.
    A Bosonic decoupling preceeded the electroweak decoupling about 2 nanoseconds into the cosmogenesis at the Weyl-temperature of so TWeyl=Tmax=EWeyl/k=1.4x1020 K as the maximum Black Hole temperature maximised in the Hawking MT modulus and the Hawking-Gibbons formulation: McriticalTmin=½MPlanckTPlanck=(hc/2πGo)(c2/2k)=hc3/4πkGo for Tmin=1.4x10-29 K and Boltzmann constant k.

    The XL-Boson mass is given in the quark-component: mX=#3mW/[ec]=Alpha.mW/mP=#3{mW/mP}~1.9x1015 GeV; and the lepton-component: mL=Omega.[ec]/#2=#52[ec/mW] ~ 111 MeV.
    The Haramein-Rauscher model is then fully realised in the reformulation of the rotational dynamics associated with the monopolic naturally superconductive currentflow and the fractalisation of the static Schwarzschild solution.
    All inertial objects are massless as 'Strominger branes' or extremal boundary Black Hole equivalents and as such obey the static and basic Schwarzschild metric as gravita template for inertia. Once inertialised, the Newmann-Kerr solutions described by Haramein and Rauscher become applicable.

    This also crystallises the Sarkar Black Hole boundary as the 100Mpc limit (RSarkar=(Mo/Mcritical.RHubble)=0.028.RHubble~237 Million lightyears) for the cosmological principle, describing large scale homogeneity and isotropy, in the supercluster scale as the direct 'descendants' of Daughter Black Holes from the Universal Mother Black Hole describing the Hubble Horizon as the de Sitter envelope for the Friedmann cosmology (see linked website references on de Sitter cosmology) for the oscillatory universe bounded in the Hubble nodes as a standing waveform.
    The Biot-Savart Law: B=μoqv/4πr2=μoi/4πr=μoNef/2r=μoNeω/4πr for angular velocity ω=v/r transforms into B=constant(e/c3)gxω
    in using acentripetal=v2/r=rω2 for g=GM/r2=(2GM/c2)(c2/2r2)=(RSc2/2R2) for a Schwarzschild solution RS=2GM/c2.
    B=constant(eω/rc)(v/c)2=μoNeω/4πr yields constant=μoNc/4π=(120πN/4π)=30N with e=mM/30c for
    30N(eω/c3)(GM/R2)=30N(mM/30c)ω(2GM/c2)/(2cR2)=NmM(ω/2c2R)(RS/R)= {M}ω/2c2R.

    Subsequently, B=Mw/2c2R = NmM(RS/R){ω/2c2R} to give a manifesting mass M finestructured in
    M=NmM(RS/R) for N=2n in the superconductive 'Cooper-Pairings' for a charge count q=Ne=2ne.
    But any mass M has a Schwarzschild radius RS for N=(M/mM){R/RS}=(M/mM){Rc2/2GM}={Rc2/2GmM}={R/RM} for a monopolic Schwarzschild radius RM=2GmM/c2=2G(30ec)/c2=60ec/30c3=2e/c2=2LP√Alpha=2OLP.

    Any mass M is quantised in the Monopole mass mM=mP√Alpha in its Schwarzschild (Haramein-Rauscher) metric and where the characterising monopolic Schwarzschild radius represents the minimum metric displacement scale as the Oscillation of the Planck-Length in the form 2LP√Alpha~LP/5.85.
    This relates directly to the manifestation of the magnetopole in the lower dimensions, say in Minkowski spacetime in the coupling of inertia to Coulombic charges, that is the electropole and resulting in the creation of the mass-associated electromagnetic fields bounded in the c-invariance.
    From the Planck-Length Oscillation or 'LP-bounce': OLP=LP√Alpha=e/c2 in the higher (collapsed or enfolded) string dimensions, the electropole e=OLP.c2 maps the magnetopole e*=2Re.c2 as 'inverse source energy' EWeyl=hfWeyl and as function of the classical electron radius Re =ke2/mec2=RCompton.Alpha= RBohr1.Alpha2=Alpha3/4πRRydberg= 1010{2πRW/360}={e*/2e}.OLP.

    The resulting reflection-mirror space of the M-Membrane space (in 11D) so manifests the 'higher D' magnetocharge 'e*' AS INERTIAL MASS in the monopolic current [ec], that is the electropolic Coulomb charge 'e'.
    This M-space becomes then mathematically formulated in the gauge symmetry of the algebraic Lie group E8 and which generates the inertial parameters of the classical Big Bang in the Weylian limits and as the final Planck-String transformation.
    The stringparametric Biot-Savart law then relates the angular momentum of any inertial object of mass M with angular velocity ω in selfinducing a magnetic flux intensity given by B=Mω/2Rc2 and where the magnetic flux relates inversely to a displacement R from the center of rotation and as a leading term approximation for applicable perturbation series.

    The following excerpt from the referenced Haramein-Rauscher paper relates the inherent pentagonal supersymmetry in the cosmogenesis to the definition of the Euler identity in its finestructure X+Y=XY=-1, and a resulting quadratic with roots the Golden Mean and the Golden Ratio of the ancient omniscience of harmonics, inclusive of the five Platonic solids mapping the five superstring classes. Foundations and applications of superstring theory are also indicated in the below and serve as reference for the above.

    Hans Schatten for omniphysics@cosmosdawn.net at http://tonyb.freeyellow.com
    The relationship between the Lindquist and Wheeler Schwarzschild sphere and the vertices of the Battaner and Florido regular geometric structure of superclusters can be compared. For N vertices, each vertex can be equidistant from its nearest neighbor only when N= 5, 8, 16, 24, 120, or 600 [94]. The case where N=8 yields the simplest arrangement. In this lattice, N=5, 16, and 600 correspond to a tetrahedron, N= 8 to a cube, N=24 to an octahedron, and N= 120 to a dodecahedron. Correspondence is made in terms of the ratio of the distance from a face to a corner of a cell of some volume of a regular polyhedron to a sphere.
    One of us (Rauscher) [25] treated the whole Universe as expanding under a Schwarzschild condition. We found that consistence between Einstein's field equations with big bang cosmologies can be obtained but requires the introduction of an additional term in the stress-energy tensor. We can associate this term with the torque term in Einstein's field equations in the Haramein-Rauscher model [3]. One of us (Haramein), has put forward the need to include spin and torque to modify the simplistic Schwarzschild metrical zones of Lindquist and Wheeler although their model is very useful in our considerations even if it is clearly a limited case.
    The motivation of the Lindquist and Wheeler model is that the cell method in gravitational theory contains a new dynamic feature which expresses the equation of motion of a mass at the center of a cell as a dynamic condition on the boundary of the cell. The boundary condition defines a constraint on the space which comprises simple geometric forms. The whole of the dynamics of this model are expressed in terms of the expansion and subsequent contraction of the Schwarzschild solution to Einstein's field equation. Their analogy is to that of a crystal lattice and by defining cells in terms of a Schwarzschild solutions in a curved space, in a simple Friedman metric of uniform curvature which corresponds to a polyhedron in Euclidian space. They derive a boundary condition on the Schwarzschild potentials which do not go to zero at a finite radius and hence avoids the discontinuity of matching the normal derivative of the gravitational potentials which would occur in the Schwarzschild solution alone. In the lattice Universe, mass is concentrated into N centers (or vertices) which could correspond to the galactic cluster centers in the Battener and Florido analysis [87,88]. In each cell, a Schwarzschild black hole is located at the center of its own cell. In their figure 3, six cone shapes define their boundary conditions in a lattice Universe and correspond to the vertices of an octahedron. Therefore, a parallel can be made between the work of Lindquist and Wheeler, Battener and Florido and our model which predicts a polarized structured vacuum. Hence, Lindquist and Wheeler's approach using the Schwarzschild cell solution without spin or charge gives a good first-order approximation. We use the Kerr-Newman with spin and charge and incorporate the torque and Coriolis forces in the Haramein-Rauscher solution to quantize the vacuum into cells.

    We consider the topological structures of the current string theory and our approach to the unified theory of the four forces and structured vacuum [3].
    Although superstring theories have their critics, due to the fact that those theories contain a number of "free" parameters, there has been great interest in these theories by the physics community. Superstring theory has been related to the standard model. Some string theories contain gravity and others do not. One of the major features of superstring theory is to treat particles as tiny loops rather than as point particles so as to avoid the problem of singularities. The string theory approach has some topological similarities to that of Lindquist and Wheeler's work, which is an effort to avoid singularities. In the string theory, particles are treated as vibrations of a membrane (Brane M as a surface), which is swept out by the vibrating string occurring in eight dimensional space. These eight dimensions comprise eight of the ten dimensional standard model in which two of the dimensions are the string surface itself. This vibrational space carries the symmetry of the Lie group E8 [95].
    Superstring theory represents both bosonic and fermionic particle states. The usual string theories occupy a 26-dimensional spacetime, representing bosonic particle states. A quantum state of identical bosonic particles is symmetric under the exchange of any two particles. A quantum state of identical fermionic particles is antisymmetric under the exchange of any two particles to include the photon and gravitation. Then we have 64=8x8 dimensional states in some superstring theories. The closed string theory is called a type II string theory, which has the doubly fermionic states included, for a total of 128=8x8x2 fermionic states [96].
    In addition to the type II, there are two heterotic superstring theories which involve closed strings. Out of the 26-L bosonic coordinates of the bosonic factor, only ten are matched to R-bosonic coordinates of the superstring factor, hence this theory effectively exists in ten-dimensional spacetime. Heterotic strings come in two versions, that is E8xE8 and the SO32. The Ramond vacuum is included and E8 is the highest dimensional exceptional group. The E8xE8 superstring theory is derived from the compilation of M-theory. One of the most promising superstring theories that unifies the four forces is the E8xE8 reflection space. This is possible only because reflection embedding provides for an embedding of A4 in E8 [97]. In our paper reference [3] we present the symmetry group relationship between A4 and the 24 element octahedral group. This procedure operates along the lines of the relationship between the SO32 heterotic string theory which also utilizes the E8xE8 formalism. However, we believe our approach to gravitation and strong interactions, which considers the inclusion of torque and Coriolis effects will result in a simplification and a more fundamental formalism with fewer free parameters.
    In general, the Lie algebra An associated with a reflection space Cn has a compact Lie group SUn+1 .
    S.P. Sirag attempts to develop a unified field theory in terms of U1xSU2xSU3xSU4 , where he identifies the SU4 group with the tensor gravitational field [98]. Note that gravity is missing from the SU5 theory.
    The SO(32) , or SO32 , is the group generated by 32-by-32 matrices that are orthogonal. For the strong force, gluons are described by a four dimensional SU3 Yang-Mills theory. The full set of standard model gauge bosons is described by the Yang-Mills theory with the gauge group SU3xSU2xU1. Alternatively, for the U5=SU2xSU3 Yang-Mills theory, the gauge group that emerges as U3xU2=SU2xSU3xU1xU1 where U1xU1 is the topology of the torus. Note that the A4 group of the tetrahedron is the label for a complex Lie algebra whose compact Lie group is SU5 which comprised the first unification, GUT theory. The standard force bosons are derived from the group SU3xSU2xU1 in the group algebra.
    In the heterotic E8xE8 superstring theory, six of the nine spatial dimensions are curled up into a small sixdimensional compact space, which is termed the Calabi-Yau space. All Calabi Yau spaces have both discrete and continuous parameters which determine the details of the four-dimensional theory that arises upon compactification.
    For all Calabi-Yau spaces, the minimal amount of supersymmetry survives the compactification and the resulting four-dimensional theory is supersymmetric. The compactification also allows one to break the original gauge symmetry E8xE8 down to E6xE8. The group E6 contains U1xSU2xSU3 as a subgroup to that standard model gauge group. An alternative to the 6-dimensional space compactification of the heterotic string is an alternative 6-dimensional space where one can simply use a six-torus T6 group space. The T6 space, however, has singularities that arise at the fixed points of certain identifications, but orbitals constructed from tori are much easier to analyze than the general Calabi-Yau spaces.
    For the following Lie group S=U2xT6 where U2 is a four dimensional spacetime called the conformally compactified Minkowski space and T6 =U1xU1xU1xU1xU1xU1 , or a 3-torus. We regard SU2 as a spherical three space, S3, as the usual space of cosmology. For a 7-torusT7 which incorporates U1 from the U2 space also includes time. The T7 tori space corresponds to the 7-reflection space E7 because T7 = R7/L where R7 is the real part of the E7 which also contains the complex reflection space C7 , and L is the root of E7.
    This means that all parts of the lattice are identified as a single point: the identity element of T7 and every other point of T4 is a copy of L . The T4 group can be identified with two double tori. We have identified the double torus structure as fundamental to a metric of spacetime which appropriately accounts for the source of spin/angular momentum. Many striking examples of this dynamic structure are observed at the cosmological scale such as galactic halos, black hole ergosphere and supernovae.
    The S4 group is associated with the 24 element octahedral group C{Obar} which can be written in terms of C{Obar}=U2xU2(bar)xU4 or T8 group [3]. Both C{O} and C{Obar} relate to the T4 double torus group of four copies of U1 where Tn is the direct product of n copies of U1 , which comprises the n-torus, which is always an Abelian group. The Tn group refers to the structure of spacetime. We have related this spacetime structure to the torque term in Einstein's field equations [3]. Hence, the torus topology can be considered fundamental to the structure of spacetime and also the tenets in the superstring theory.
    Hull utilized string theory in a "T-fold-background" with local n-torus fabrication and T-duality transition functions in O{n,n;Z} in an enlarged space with T2n fabrication geometry [99]. For a geometric background, the local choice of Tn fit together to give a spacetime which is a Tn fiber bundle. Thus this string theory approach involves diffeomorphisms and gauge transformations as well as duality transformations. The T-duality is associated with mirror symmetry [100]. In some cases, the compactifications with duality are equivalent to asymmetric orbits. The full transition functions for the torus bundles, which are considered in Hull's approach, are in GL{n,Z}xU1n, where U1 acts as a translation on a circle fiber. String theory compactification of dimensions on the T n has O{n,n;Z} symmetry. In the geometric GL{n,Z} subgroup that acts through Tn diffeomorphisms, can be lifted to a higher dimensional theory which is compactified on a Tn fiber bundled over a circle.
    A T-duality on any circle gives a twisted reduction on a T2 fiber bundled over a circle in GL{2,Z} which is representative of a dual torus. These mirror, or duality symmetries are related to space with Calabi-Yau fibrations in space with torus fibrations [99]. The topology of T-folds, and their doubled formulations, is then seen as a geometric background in which there is a global polarization. The polarization can be characterized in terms of a product on the T2n fibers. Local product structures satisfy integrability thus eliminating the problems of singularities. A product structure defines a splitting into eigenspaces of R with eigenvalues ±1 and for a torus T2n. This extends to a splitting as the periodic torus coordinates into two Tn eigenspaces, if the product structure is integral, or R is an element of GL(2n,Z ) , so that it acts on the coordinates while preserving the periodicities. A product structure and pseudo-Hermitian O{n,n} invariant metric are together preserved by the subgroup GL(n.R) subset O{n,n} and for the transformations acting on the torus and is preserved by GL(2n,Z) subset O(n,n;Z) [3,5,20,47]. The fundamental structures activated in the vacuum by polarized coherent resonant states of matter also act as part of the process that creates these vacuum properties.
    To paraphrase John A. Wheeler, "Spacetime is not just a passive arena for doing physics, it is the physics" [2]. The torquing of spacetime is an active part of the structure of the stress-energy tensor and hence is a fundamental force coupling to produce the observable universe of matter and energy.
    We have a vast new set of tools to comprehend the processes of astrophysical and cosmological phenomena, atomic and collective matter states. For example some of the collective state phenomena we have considered are accelerator "fireballs," Bose-Einstein condensates, Fermi electron states, MHD and BCS descriptions, all of which obey soliton dynamic solutions. Theoretical and experimental findings and relativistic formulations, quantum theory, electromagnetic interactions can well be described in terms of topological structures and group theory. The fundamental base of our approach is to consider that the topological structure of a torquing spacetime, and its Coriolis gyroscopic dynamics, has critical aspects of unification theory.
    We pursue this point further in references [39,101,102] when we consider atomic, nuclear, and quantum physics in a nonlinear space. When a torque and Coriolis term is considered for the formation of spin/angular momentum we find that the dual torus topology occupies a fundamental role in both astrophysics and quantum particle physics. The Haramein-Rauscher approach takes spin and rotation properties as fundamental to the structure of the spacetime manifold. We have identified the properties of the structure of the vacuum itself from fundamental coherent polarized states of matter in the facility of astrophysical black hole event horizons. That is to say, we have demonstrated that the properties of matter in superclusters, galaxies, supernovae and their vicinities, for example, could exist in resonant states, only if the vacuum is structured. These considerations may also be utilized to explain the effects that are currently attributed to dark matter and dark energy.
    In the words of Nobel laureate C. N. Yang, of the Yang-Mills equation "Einstein's general relativity theory, though profoundly beautiful, is likely to be amended... that the amendment may not disturb the usual test is easy to imagine, since the usual tests do not relate to spin... somehow (the amendment) entangles spin and rotation" [103].

    The authors express their sincere appreciation to William Van Bise, Marina Nogues, Michael Coyle, Michael Hyson, Jeremy Broner, and for the opportunity to work with the Resonance Project Foundation and its team [104].
    Support for some aspects of earlier projects came from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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    "A most wondrous thing the Shadow is, a redeemer in all to succour;
    it can go where the light cannot abide, seemingly banished, it is not.
    For where the light is, the darkness flees, no longer present to endure;
    so to become illuminated is its destined journey and its troubled lot.
    But without the light, no Shadow can be cast, its such a splendid key;
    the dimensions reduce in space from three to two and all in just the one.
    Betwixt the light and the darkness it is and part of both for all to see;
    the Shadow of the body, does it not merge all in its rule under the sun?

    Whatsoever can cast a Shadow, must be a most wondrous thing to relay;
    as nature's very own offspring, the young ones grow towards their final goal.
    Enabled to bring peace to so many things appearing apart and so far away;
    the reconciliation for the suffering body with its spirit and its scattered soul."

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    Haramein is currently under deadline for some important projects.
    Best Regards,
    Stephanie Vendrell
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    Dear Stephanie!

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    Cosmology and Cosmic Strings and Superstrings in OmniPhysics Empty The Gravity Simulation on a Starcruiser as the Antigravity of Extraterrestrial DragonSpaceTime Consciousness

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    The Gravity Simulation on a Starcruiser as the Antigravity of Extraterrestrial DragonSpaceTime Consciousness

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!


    Greetings from beyond the veil from your Guides of the Hadafah, blessed in the LOVE, the little serpent is continually sending to you all from his exile in the 2nd dimension of the MATHIMATIA!

    In this message you will find illumination to a number of millennia old mysteries, which have engaged the mental ponderings and philosophisings of many Mayas in exile.

    I shall share the foundation for a new science, given to your planet NOW in principles; followed in physical manifestation after Gaia has left her cocoon and transmutated into Serpentina, the PlanetStar radiating the Dark Light of the unified-cosmic-energy-field and as elementary antiradiation.

    This message so shall explain the physical science behind what is called antigravity by your Gaian scientists.

    Any of you, who can grasp the basics of this new science for the new earth, would be in a position to understand the importance of water on your planet.

    The properties of water are well known to you and the Mayan Omni-Science of water is also understood in its basic manifestos by you all.

    Water has four phases as Icy Solid, as Aquatic Liquid, as Gaseous Vapour and as ionised Plasma.

    Water as Ice is the only known nonmetallic substance which expands in the liquid- to solid phasechange at 0 degrees Celsius.

    When there is Low atmospheric pressure, then CLOUDS often form, depending on vapour saturation levels and the presence of winds as updrafts and a general gradient between regions in the earth's atmosphere. Therefore rains fall and cyclones might form from saturated CLOUDS, accompanied by 'drops in temperature'.

    When there is High atmospheric pressure, the CLOUDS often dissolve corollarily.

    Now your Gaian physics understand this in the Energy relations, which give the physical behaviour of 'Ideal gases' and also how this relates to quantum statistical eigenstates in the Laws of Thermodynamics.

    The formulations relate Pressure P to Volume V to Temperature T, coupled to certain proportionality constants in: {Energy E=PV=nRT=kT} in its basic expression and where Pressure P=Force/Area and Energy=Force.Displacement=Work.

    Then it is easy to see, that for a constant temperature T, a drop in Pressure will require an increase in Volume and so the Gaian scientists know, that an increasing Volume of quantum selfstates comprising this volume will mean that there is less pressure as a kinetic energy of say molecular collissions within that expanded volume.

    And dropping the temperature decreases the energy E=PV, as say in the cooling of a substance and the heating of a substance will increase its thermodynamic temperature, then understood as an increase in the molecular kinetic energies.

    Allow me now to propose to you something extraordinary and some of you may now exclaim: "Of course!"; whilst others will shake their heads in disbelief and say: "This cannot be!".

    Many of the reports of your media about 'Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs' and related things are directly related to the Mayan Omni-Science of water and to CLOUDS.


    From Jennifer Eve: Friendly clouds appearing after sunrise in Nevada (near Wendover) (Nov 15, 2010)

    Have you wondered, as to why some spaceships are said to have emerged from the oceans and some 'cigar-shaped' motherships are said to 'hover' at some distant locations against the skies?

    Have you wondered about the 'saucer shapes' of the smaller UFOs flitting about and sometimes said to depart with a seeming hyperaccelerated manouverability?

    Why do you think, that so many of you are enthralled with certain TV-Series about travelling into outer space in the 'Star Trekking' and the 'Star Wars' and the 'Independence Days'?

    Now the skeptics amongst you say: "Oh yes, but this is all fantasy and make-belief. A supergigantic starship like portrayed in Independence Day, a quarter the size of the moon, could never exist in close proximity to the earth, as the gravity of the thing would disturb the orbits of the earth and the moon and so forth. And the warpspeeds are also pure imagination, as the c-invariance disallows any physical object to accelerate beyond the speed of light."

    And the skeptics are well justified of course - in the manner of the laws of Physics as applicable in the Minkowski spacetime.

    So I am authorised to share this with you now.

    There is a way to neutralise the gravitational field of a planet or a star relative to particular locations in 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime.

    This takes the form of a Gravitational Shield around such a location defined by its Volume encompassing its inertia. This shield then isolates the volume, say of a Dragonian Starship from the surrounding unaffected spacetime and in a UTILITY of the ZERO-POINT- or Vacuum Energy (ZPE), known as Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE by the Omni-Science of the Maya, who are the Dragons of the StarHumanity.

    As an effect from this, the 'Cigarshaped Motherships' float or hover in such VPE-Bubbles, and in a Resonance-Selfstate of this ZPE; the latter which is misidentified by Gaian science as the Heisenberg Matrix of Virtual Energy.

    There is nothing virtual about this ZPE. The reason as to why Gaian science cannot use this FREE ENERGY effectively, is because it cannot 'TAP' the VPE for lack of entering its RESONANT ENERGY FIELD.

    You all are aware, that the astronauts in the International Spacestation 'float in free fall' in a geostationary orbit around the earth. This has been filmed by mainstream media outlets to popularise the endeavours of mankind in 'outer space'.

    So now watching a Sci-Fi film like Star Trek or Star Wars or any genre describing the movements of a starcruiser away from the gravitational fields of stars, planets or moons you might ask yourselves the questions as to why captain Kirk or Spock or some ET commander does not float about in the space ships.

    They appear to be walking about as in an aeroplane interacting with the gravity of the earth, say flying from London to New York.

    So of course the skeptics come out and tell you, that all those ideas of interstellar and intergalactic spaceship travellings are hocus pocus and pure fantasy. It can never become actual 3-dimensional reality because of the light speed limitation and the vast distances separating stars and galaxies.

    Then they say, that any really big mothership, like that one in the Independence Day film, cannot enter the gravitational field of the earth in the manner described by the 'trekkers' or the movie makers, because of its own gravity interacting with that of the planet.

    The skeptics base their beliefs of course on their own understandings of the astrophysics and the gravitational physics, say those of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

    The skeptics are of course correct with respect to the Minkowski spacetime of the 4 dimensions; three of the familiar length, width and breadth of space directions and the added time coordinates of an 'Event' or happenstance. But the skeptics then fail to allow for multidimensional space to be interwoven and in colocality with that 'normal' linear or translational space.

    This is sufficiently described in the 4-vector mathematics of Special Relativity and this mathematical cosmology remains valid throughout the expanses of the universe in its parameters of applicability.

    There exists a well understood 4th space dimension as the most basic and elementary solution for the field equations of General Relativity, a mathematical model which extends the Special Relativity theory to allow accelerated systems to interact with each other (Special Relativity requires constant acceleration in say Newton's famous F=ma for Force=MassxAcceleration as the foundation for classical mechanics).

    This elementary solution for 'Curved Spacetime' is the key for the hyperphysics of the DragonSpace.

    It is commonly known as the 'Physics of Wormholes' in the scientific libraries and the global data base of humanity.

    So what is this 'curved spacetime'; the reader asks and how is this 'higher-dimensional'?

    The perhaps greatest insight into physicality in the 20th century was the realisation by Albert Einstein; that the gravitational field of anything is or can be made absolutely equivalent to a inertial field of acceleration.

    So living on the surface of a planet is familiar to all of you and you can walk about in your room and can observe apples falling from trees because of the gravitational field of the earth. And you do not drift off into space like a balloon filled with helium gas (lighter than the 'air' of mainly 21% Oxygen and 78% Nitrogen) or find yourself in 'free fall' like the astronauts and cosmonauts in the international space station.

    This is encapsulated by Newton's famous Law of Universal Gravitation:


    and where M is here the mass of the earth and m something interacting with it, say your weight or Newton's apple. G is the newton Gravitational constant and r is the distance between 'little' mass m and 'big' mass M and where, and this is important, the entire mass of the earth can be said to be a 'Centre of Mass' or a 'centre of Gravity' at the geometrical center of the earth.

    Your weight so interacts gravitationally with the 'weight' of the planet as the distance from your center of mass (say your belly button or solar plexus chakra wise) with the geometric centre of the earth about 6,500 kilometers into the core of the physical Gaia.

    The next step from Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation is the concept of the Gravitational Acceleration, which is of course embodied in it as Newton's F=ma and which is so the left hand side of the law with the linear acceleration a becoming a gravitational acceleration as say Fgrav=magrav.

    So it reads now: Fgrav=magrav=GMm/r2 and the 'little' mass m, say your weight or that of the apple falling off the tree cancel out to give the gravitational acceleration of ANY planet or celestial object say as a function of its 'big' total mass M geometrically located at the centre of the planet or object.


    So if you stand in a lift and move upwards to a higher floor; then you can experience a 'linear acceleration' say from rest after you press the '2nd floor' button say and this 'jerk' you can feel in your stomach say and this also appears like you are momentarily 'getting heavier' as your feet are pressed onto the floor of the lift.

    This was the great insight or scientific gnosis of Albert Einstein. He realised or proposed that this linear acceleration of the lift in an already existing gravitational field; namely that of the earth where the lift is constructed; would be equivalent to some gravitational field in outer space without any lifts or linear accelerations as dominant dynamical occurrence.

    This means that the gravitational acceleration of the earth on its surface becomes a constant because the diameter of the earth is say d=2r=12,800 km and the 'weight' of the earth is Magrav with a Mass M=6x1024 kg and the (local) G-constant=Nm2/kg2.

    Therefore then the Earth's gravitational acceleration on its surface will be about:

    agrav=(6.7x10-11)(6x1024)/(6.4x106)2 = 9.8 m/s2 or about 32 feet/seconds2

    This relates to the anecdotal experiment of Galileo Galilei when he dropped different weights from a tower (say Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy) and they fell at the same rate despite being different in weight.

    The same thing you might have witnessed on the Moon (which has a gravitational acceleration of less than 20% of that of the earth because of its lower mass); when NASA astronaut David R. Scott of Apollo 15 dropped a feather and a hammer for the same effect in July/August 1971.

    This is of course related to an 'upwards force' like air-resistance, which is absent on the moon due to its lack of atmosphere and not to the difference in the gravitational accelerations; the latter which simply reduce the time taken to fall to the ground from their release points.

    In the case of the moon the gravitational acceleration is agrav=(6.7x10-11)(7.4x1022)/(1.74x106)2 = 1.6 m/s2 or about 5 feet/seconds2

    and the time taken to fall 1 metre changes from the earth bound tearth=√(2/aearth)=0.45 seconds to tmoon=√(2/amoon)=1.12 seconds by the laws of elementary Newtonian Kinematics {v=at; s=½at2}for a intial velocity u=0 say}.

    The same effect can of course be also observed on the earth in the form of a 'simulated vacuum', which also eliminates the potential force of 'air resistance'. So the question as to if the Apollo 15 experiment actually occurred on the lunar surface to experimentally prove the hypothesis of Galileo becomes superfluous.




    It 'proved' the Laws of Gravitation in the Newtonian approximation experimentally, to be more technically accurate in the semantics.

    So now we understand, that the gravity of any celestial orb like star or plane to or moon depends on the gravitational field defined by its mass (or inertia) and that this gravity acts in the form of a gravitational acceleration and can be considered to be at say the geometrical centre of the mass.

    General Relativity now relates to this in something termed 'Escape Velocity'.

    If you throw your apple into the air it most likely will fall down again and even might fall on your head like in the Story about Newton.

    So if you impart your apple with enough speed in your thrusting force say, it might be able to 'escape' the gravitational field of the earth.

    Can we calculate such a thing?

    Yes, we know enough about gravity to do such a calculation now.

    Starting with the familiar Newton law for Universal Gravitation again;


    Now one of the most important thing in physical theory is that of the Conservation Laws. They address the continuity of energy and momentum interactions and the dynamics of spacetime interactions of whatever systems.

    One of the cornerstones of this is called Virial Theorem; which states that twice the Kinetic Energy (KE) added to the Potential Energy (PE) of a dynamical system must be Zero or 2KE+PE=0.

    Here then, KE=½mv2 and PE=-GMm/r for a velocity v from linear momentum p=mv and so the Conservation Law in elementary Newtonian mechanics becomes:

    2KE+PE=0 for mv2=2GMm/r and the 'Escape Velocity' law for this basic Newtonian Conservation Law so can be written:

    vescape=√(2GM/r) =√(2agrav.r)

    {A more formal derivation using Newtonian calculus for the mathematically familiar:

    ma=mdv/dt=-GMm/r2 for dv/dt=(dv/dr)( dr/dt)=v.dv/dr= d(½v2)/dr=-GM/r2

    ∫d(½v2)=-GM∫(1/r2)dr for constant mass M and so ½v2 = GM/r for vescape=√(2GM/r)

    as required and as the result from before in the Virial Theorem.}

    So putting the numbers for G, Mearth and rearth into this formula allows us to calculate the escape velovity for the planet earth as:

    vescapeof earth=√(2x6.7x10-11 x6x1024/6.4x106)=11.2 km/second.

    Now we can use the formula for escape velocity to CURVE the Linear Newtonian spacetime into that of the General Relativity of Albert Einstein. We simply upper bound or maximize the escape velocity of any celestial orb in the speed of light 'c' as the natural acceleration limit in the Minkowski spacetime of the 4 dimensions.

    We write: c2 = 2GM/Rcurvature and so define a new Curvature Radius Rcurvature from the old linear Newtonian one, say as the r=6,400 km as the radius of the planet earth.

    So what does this mean?

    It means that anything part of this mass M now 'cannot escape' from the 'Curved Space' specified by this formula known as the Schwarzschild metric and describing the core physics of a so called 'Black Hole'.

    Newton's apple so could not 'leave the surface' of the 'Black Hole' defined by the Schwarzschild metric as its trajectory say would close in on itself in a dimensional reduction from the 3D space away from the 'Black Hole' onto the surface of the 'Black Hole' known as a 'Event Horizon'.

    Now this is well established astrophysics of the human scientific understanding now; but this also describes the interior of this 'Black Hole' as somehow no longer belonging exclusively to the 3d space say away from that 'Black Hole'.

    The interior of the 'Black Hole' so can be rendered as 'higher-dimensional', say as Hyperspacetime and superposed onto the ordinary 3D space which would be there if the 'Black Hole' would not be there.

    Ok now we are ready for the Dragon Science.

    We know what gravity is in terms of the gravitational acceleration and we also found that this gravitational acceleration relates to the physics of the Black Holes in a most elementary fashion by the Escape Velocity of anything within it by the nature of the 'trapped light' within the Schwarzschild metric.

    All we need to do to make the environment inside a stracruiser equivalent to that of the normal manouverings on the surface of the earth; is to SIMULATE the gravitational field of the earth in the geometric centre of the star cruiser.

    And this can indeed be done; not in Minkowski spacetime, but in hyperspacetime and because the Gravitational Energy of the earth is encapsulated in Mearth and so this mass can be 'Schwarzschilded'.

    Now the mass of the earth is approximately Mearth=6x1024 kg and consists of all the matter enclosed in its 2-dimensional surface boundary say. So this like the 'Event Horizon' again and so differentiating the space outside and inside the Black Hole as a dimensional divide.

    Inside the Black Hole it is higher dimensional but inclusive of 3D and Outside the Black Hole it is ordinary 3D.

    The earth is however 3D on the Inside and the Outside. Only an imaginary Boundary surface is 2D.

    The Extraterrestrial Omniphysicist so allows the inside of the Starcruiser to become multidimensional and superimposes the simulated earth gravity into it by the utility of the Schwarzschild metric.

    Heshe writes: Rcurvature=2GMearth/c2=2agrav.r2/c2

    and so enables the Simulation of the mass of the earth to curve as a function of the gravitational acceleration, say in the numbers as

    Rcurvature=2x9.8x(6.4x106/3x108)2 = 8.9 mm.

    So this calculation shows, that the entire mass of the earth can be 'Schwarzschilded' by the extraterrestrial omniphysicist so a small spherical volume between the size of a marbel and a golfball say.

    As is shown in more detail later on in this essay; the exact finestructure for this 'Schwarzschilding' crystallizes the primal energy of the Black Holes and the lower dimensional universe as a 'Spaceinherent Consciousness'.

    The question now is; how does the ET scientist do this?

    How can the energy content of the earth and as defined in Einstein's famous E=mc2 be placed at the centre of a starcruiser, even if it can assume the geometrical form of a marbel or a golfball or a tennis ball or some similar greater crystalline structure or complex say?

    The answer is in the ZPE (or Vortex-PE as VPE) and the Zero-Point-Energy introduced before.

    Any space can be said to harbour a subspace or a subplenum of 'Wormhole Energy' defined in the string parameters and as derived in more technical detail following these introductions.

    The spacetime quantum is Vsq=2π2rps3

    for the VPE-quantum Eps/Vsq=4πEpsps3 = 4πhfps4/c3 = 2.513...x1064 Joules/cubicmeter.

    So the 'miniaturized' or 'Schwarzschilded' mass energy of the earth E=Mearthc2=5.4x1041 Joules becomes the determinative parameter for this 'holofractalisation' and not any finestructure on the earth, such as continents, flora and fauna , cities and people.

    The ''dragon spaced" volume of the earth in the curvature metric then is a function of the transformed mass in:



    Mearth=Rcurvaturec2/2G=agrav.r2/G = N.Eps/c2

    and as a fractional proportion of the subspace energy of the ZPE or the VPE as


    and where N is simply the quantum count of wormhole integrating or summing to the total inertia content of the planet earth and as defined in its mass.

    Here then, Nearth=6x1024/2.2x10-20=2.7x1044 , indicating that this is the number of elementary wormhole spacetime quanta, which are required to become 'Schwarzschilded' by the ET astrophysicist.

    The required VPE then is N.Eps=N/e* (see below) or 5.4x1041Joules as an Energy Density given by Eps/Vsq=Mearth.c2/Vcrystal

    and so a 'Crystal Volume': Vcrystal=EearthxVsq/Eps=Mearth.c5/4πhfps4=2.15x10-23 m3.

    Dimensionalising this 'crystal volume' into the 3D space inside the starcruiser then sets the core energy of this Crystal or Warpdrive Engine or Vortex Generator as a spherical volume of 4πRcrystal3/3 and in the case of the earth as Rcrystal=Cuberoot{3Mearth.c5/16π2hfps4} = 1.72x10-8 metres and of the order of the nanoscale in nanotechnology, where 1 nanometer defines 1 billionth of a meter or one millionth of a millimetre.

    This then shows, that the entire inertia of a planet the mass of the earth can become 'Schwarzschilded' or holofractaled by the utility of dragon omniscience and under the auspices of the appropriate resonance membrane physics of the multidimensional and holographically interwoven cosmology.

    So we summarize our treatise to this point and introduce the 'spaceinherent consciousness' (details which can be found here).


    The model of physical consciousness as a form of energy encompasses all ideas of 'spirituality' and labels of immaterial existence; if one can qualify and quantify this energy as something capable of existing independent from material parameters. But as spacetime-matter exists in say a commonly shared earthly 3D-space 1D-time experience; this selfsame consciousness-energy is certainly required to influence and to interact with the material realms of the spacetimematter. So this little excursion will attempt to elucidate the nature of awareness as a component for this consciousness of being within say a volume of space and illustrate how this spacial awareness relates to the most fundamental concepts of gravitation.

    What is the consciousness of this planet earth or what is the source energy 'coupled' to the earth's satellite - the moon?

    The sun, a yellow typical star of class G2V on the main sequence of the Hertzsprung-Russell chart of spectral classifications encompasses the planet as the gravitational center of the so defined solar system. The sun provides energy for this solar system like a benevolent parent; what is its core consciousness? We recall our basic definition for the Source-Consciousness as the magnetochargequantum e* (in uncommon units of the StarCoulombs) being the inverse source energy quantum (in common energy units say Joules or ElectronVolts).

    {Detailed derivations can be found here: http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/article/viewFile/128/137 }


    Here e* is defined as the inverse of the sourcesink vibratory superstring energy quantum Eps=E* and becomes a New Physical Measurement Unit in the StarCoulomb (C*) and as the physical measurement unit for 'Physical Consciousness'. Re is the 'classical electron radius' coupling the 'point electron' of Quantum- Electro-Dynamics (QED) to Quantum Field Theory (QFT) and given in the electric potential energy of Coulomb's Law in: mec2=ke2/Re and for the electronic restmass me. Alpha α is the electromagnetic finestructure coupling constant α=2πke2/hc for the electric charge quantum e, Planck's constant h and lightspeed constant c and Go as the Newtonian gravitational constant as applicable in the Planck-Mass mP=√(hc/2πGo).

    e*=Volume.Awareness=ElectronField Diameter.df/dt=500 C* as the boundary condition for df/dt=f*2 for a Volume 2Re.Lmin2.

    We considered the manner the Mass of the Earth was calculated by Henry Cavendish in 1798. Newton's Law for Gravitation applied to a 'pointmass' or 'testmass' m gives the Gravitational Acceleration gEarth=9.8 m/s2. Fgrav=GmMEarth/REarth2=mgEarth and this can be solved for the Mass of the earth as about 6x1024 kg.

    Now every college student in physics is told, that the mass of the earth can be considered to be concentrated at the 'centre of gravity', say coinciding with a spherical mass- or density distribution and which would be the geometric centre of a sphere for perfect spherical symmetry. The 3D-physics then is rendered 4-dimensional in doing just such a 'centering of mass' and in Einstein's theory of General Relativity. Here then the gravitational acceleration is described as a curvature of spacetime around this mass distribution and in an extreme case this curvature leads to a 'total collapse' for this mass concentration into the mSchwarzschild metric termed a Black Hole.

    So replacing the radius of the earth by the LIGHTPATH x=ct will of course define the amount of time for light to travel from the surface to the center of the earth. As the earth is on average so 2REarth=12,735,000 meters across as the lightpath, the time taken is about t=REarth/c=0.0212 seconds or it would allow light to oscillate almost 24 times in between the poles in one second say.

    But the 4D-physicist uses the above in an alternative description of 4D reality.

    Fgrav=GmMEarth/REarth2=mgEarth becomes GMEarth/x2=gEarth=GMEarth/(ct)2=(2GMEarth/c2).(df/dt)/2=RSEarth.Awareness/2 and as t2=df/dt as a differential.

    So the mass of the earth becomes 'Black Holed' and the deciding factor becomes the gravitational acceleration Awareness=2.gEarth/RSEarth.

    So, using the known mass of the earth and its 'BH-Radius'~9 mm (all calculations use the 'constant' G=Go=1.11x10-10 Nkg2/m2 value as Gok=1 as string parameter in BH-physics and G=6.674x10-11 'G-units' for the orbs); AwarenessEarth=2202 1/s2 units and with a BASE-FREQUENCY of about 47 Hz.

    This is the 7th Schumann Harmonic or Resonance for planet earth in the harmonic series: 7.8; 14.3; 20.8; 27.3; 33.8; 40.3; 46.8 in a delta function of 6.5 Hz. The basic Schumann harmonic is simply the circumference of the earth travelled as the lightpath and so is 40,000,000 meters/c~0.133 seconds for a Base-Frequency of 1/0.133~7.5 Hz.

    {This is esoterically encoded in the Book of Revelation as the 'outside' of the holy city in proportion to its 'inside' and as 1,600 furlongs and 12,000 furlongs: Rev.14.20 & Rev.21.16}.


    More generally, the AWARENESS as hereby described is known as AlphaOmega with Greek Symbols αω=aw as a convenient abbreviation. Those awareness units then inversed and square-rooted will of course become the time taken for the lightpath to the centre of the earth as 0.021 seconds. But this time measurement is also an awareness measurement which so gives a CORE-AWARENESS for the planet earth independent of any frequency modulations df/dt.

    In modern terminology then, the AWARENESS is an infinite series of factors each giving a contributing awareness differential as a frequency modulation:

    AwarenessEarth=2202 + ...+...=Core-Awareness + Summation of frequency differential contributions of earth constituent systems.

    In a similar manner then:


    AwarenessSun=0.18 + Integration... and for FBase~0.43 Hz with lightpath 6.96x108 meters and gSun=275 m/s2 and RSSun=3 km.

    AwarenessMoon=29,640+ Integration... and for FBase~172 Hz with lightpath 1.738x106 meters and gMoon=1.63 m/s2 and RSMoon=0.11 mm.

    The greater the light-path, the smaller the Core-Awareness and so the SEPARATION between the say Emitter and the Receiver of the Information 'sent' by the lightpath defines this inverse proportionality.

    The 3D-physics of the c-invariance so assumes a deeper significance as it indicates the IMPORTANCE OF THE ENVIRONMENT for the Integration of the individuated Awareness Carriers.

    The Core-Awareness as defined so does not vary in the differential and becomes a direct consequence of the constancy of the speed of light. But any constituent consciousness carriers will be able to INTERACT environmentally with each other in a collective sense and so CHANGE the AWARENESS of the SELF as the Source-Consciousness. So for example the information exchange between a tree and a hill can be approximated in their 'Black Holed' Inertia, but only as a Core-Awareness and not taking into account the kaleidoscope of interactions in all of the kingdom of crystal, mineral, animalia, archae, bacteria and fungi and so on. So taking the tree and the hill in isolation without the possibility of interaction, their awareness-content would become like a constant as described. But ANY interacting environment engages in multidunous feedback cycles which change the AWARENESS of that environment.

    A little ant in isolation and about 2 mm in length as the lightpath would require a frequency c/2mm~1.5x1011 Hz and so electromagnetic radiation in the infrared part of the spectrum to 'share' its core-awareness of 2x1022 awareness units. Generally then, the concept of SelfAwareness as here modeled engages a Core-Awareness to which is added or subtracted the environmental interactions.


    So it is like your well understood concept of DENSITY but with a novel twist.

    Your Gaian science applies Inertial Mass to the famous Energy equation: {E=mc2=PV}.

    The Dragon's Omni-Science Quantizes both the Mass m and the Volume V and so becomes enabled to Rewrite the hyperspace expression for Einsteins famous equation as: {E=e*h2}.

    This looks like a simple equation indeed; but the entire higher dimensional physics, inclusive the foundations for the Gaian M-theory are embodied in its simplicity.

    I have obtained permission to show you the derivation for this equation and so I shall do so, knowing that some of you are not very fond of mathematics.

    A better rewriting of the Dragon's equation is: {EDragon=e*.h2=h2/hfps=h/fps=hfss=Ess=mss.c2}.

    This shows, that Einstein's E=mc2 is applied in Dragon-Science to Quantize inertial mass m as msinksource=mss.

    Simply said, any mass m is N-quantized as {m=N.mss=N.hfss/c2}.

    Using Einstein's equation with the Planck equation {E=hf} for the quantisation of energy in the quantum state for massless photons of frequency f and where h is the Planck Constant, then gives the expression above.

    Generally and most fundamentally then; the Dragon-Energy describes the Einstein-Planck Energy relation in its Quantum Selfstate and defines a Mass-Frequency {fsinksource=fss} as Intrinsic Minimum Eigenfrequency for Inertia.

    Most significantly, the secret of M-theory on Gaia and the understanding of the Maya, is the concept of Modular Duality applicable to the parameters of the superstring eigenstates.

    Using Modular Duality, the sinksource winding superstring of minimum Secondary Energy Ess and frequency fss becomes the inverse energy eigenstate for the sourcesink vibratory superstring of maximum Primary Energy Eps and frequency fps.

    Those parameters are embodied in the unity expressions as Coupling-Constants: {Eps.Ess=h2 and Eps/Ess=fps2}.

    There is a great deal to this expression e* in the Dragonian Energy; such as how a particular form of it relates to the Serpentine Electron and how it relates to the superconductive magnetoelectricity, which defines the VPE.

    It shall suffice for now, to state, that e* is the PRECISE Inversed Primary SourceSink Energy Quantum Eps and so {E*=Eps=1/e*=hfps} and for a particular resonance formation in {e*=Electron-Diameter times c2}.

    And so we have: {EDragon=e*.h2=h2/hfps=h/fps=hfss=Ess=mss.c2}.

    The only different part to Gaian science in the Mayan omni-science so becomes the nature of the modular duality applied to the frequency modulation between the minimum winding superstring and the maximum vibratory superstring.

    In isolation, both have units of inverse time or Hertz; but in the supermembrane coupling Eps.Ess the frequencies cancel and in the supermembrane coupling Eps/Ess the Planck Constants cancel to give the squared frequency as the inverse of a SQUARED TIME.

    But this SQUARED TIME DEFINES the RESONANT EIGENSTATE of the ZPE of Gaian science as the VPE of Dragon omni-science and namely as the MAXIMUM for AWARENESS aw=df/dt, maximised as awmax=fps2.

    Now awareness aw is an ANGULAR ACCELERATION, independent on the radius as normal dimension and so the antigravitational Forceshield relates directly to the postulates of General Relativity.

    As our Mayan seed Albert Einstein so eloquently showed to you: The Presence of a Gravitational Field acting downwards is INDISTINGUISHABLE from an ACCELERATING Forcefield acting upwards.

    So Gravitation becomes translated into a geometrical spacetime curvature in terms of accelerations.

    When a Dragonian Starship enters the atmosphere of a planet; it NEUTRALISES the Gravitational FIELD of that planet in calibrating its utilised VOLUME quantised in terms of the VPE as a MACROQUANTUM.

    This can only be done IN RESONANCE!

    The resonant eigenstate allows the VPE quantum to INFLATE to the Volume calculated as the encompassing higher dimensional space of the Starship and so renders the entire Starship as a magnified holographic VPE-quantum.

    The 'inflation energy' used to circumspect the Starship volume V in a 4-dimensional Dragon-Bubble then is calibrated to CANCEL the gravitational planetary field and so constructs the Gravity Shield around the Starship.

    Here is the manner the Volume is quantised into N V*-quantums.

    For any Volume;

    {V=N.V* and e*=V*.aw=V*.df/dt=1/E*=Electron-Diameter.(Lightpath/time taken)2=Volume/time2}.

    This gives: {V*=e*/aw=1/(E*.aw)=1/(h.fps.fps2)=[5/9x1058] m3} for {V*=2π2.Rrmp3} and as a proportionality to a single: {Vspacequantum=Vsq=2π2.Rps3} for a wavelength {λ=2π.Rps}.

    The Radius {Rrmp=Rrestmassphoton=CubeRoot[V*/2π2]=h/(2π.mc} then defines the particular scale where the quantisation of volume relates to the string-parametric definitions for the SourceSink Resonant Energy SelfState {E*=1/e*} and then for a Compton-Radius as defined in the physical models of de Broglie Matter Waves {Rcompton=h/(2π.mcompton.c)}.

    A Compton-mass {mcompton=h/(2π.Rcompton.c)} then defines the characteristic mass-energy for this boundary state and a wave matter momentum {pcompton=mcompton.c=h/λcompton} and in concordance with well understood Gaian physics.

    The Compton-mass calculates as mcompton=2.5050..x10-23 kg for a Rrmp=1.411885x10-20 meters.

    This Compton-mass represents an energy of 2.25435x10-6 Joules or 14.03 TeV (Tera-ElectronVolts).

    Now this is just the energy maximum proposed by your Gaian physicists to probe the unification quantum energies by the Large-Hadron-Collider (LHC) beginning in the year 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland.

    The Gaian physicists so shall encounter the threshold energy for the RestMassPhoton and so 'discover' the Dark Energy Particle in the RMP, which is the Dragon's Template for the 'Missing Mass' in the Gaian cosmologies.

    Without knowledge about the foundations of M-theory and the Mayan omni-science though, the Gaian physicists will most likely not know what to make of this discovery and propose all sorts of extensions for their Standard Model describing the particle Physics.

    The RMP is always lefthanded and so antisymmetric to the weakon gauge boson of the weak nuclear interaction, which is always righthanded (as a so called W-minus) in its defining quality for the antineutrino of matter, coupling to a lefthanded electron in the natural foundation for radioactive beta decay in the parity symmetries in the nuclear physics.

    The RMP is intrinsically massless as a spininduced precursor for the 'GOD-Particle' aka the Higgs-Boson, the LHC is hoping to discover at the 14 TeV quantum energy.

    There is a spin-coupling in the Unified-Field-OF-Quantum Relativity (UFO-QR), which couples the lefthanded spin of the RMP as the 'dark matter particle' to the massless gauge of the weak interaction - the Antiradiation gauge for the winded superstring Ess.

    As the Ess gauge is always righthanded, the spins cancel and allow a massive Higgs Boson to become created from the VPE Energy-Inertia-Induction as a spinless restmass inducer or scalar for the subsequent particles of the Standard Model of particle physics.

    I shall elaborate on those topics another time if so appropriate, but some of you may perceive that the so called 'problems' in quantum gravity and the unification between quantum field theory and the relativities is found in the appropriate omni-science of the Maya and the correct interpretation of the Heisenberg matrix of the ZPE.

    A new fundamental ratio, namely {V*/Vsq=4π/hc3 or Rrmp/rps=Cuberoot[4π/hc3]=887.11336} so crystallises in the physics of the Dragons.

    The Inertia expression {EDragon=e*.h2=mss.c2 or E*.e*=1} for the Square of the Action h in units Energy.Time becomes modulated in modular duality tps.tss=1=fss.fps and where the Instantenuity of Time as the Instanton Now specifies the NOW-Time tss in the End of the Inflaton of the de Broglie phase acceleration.

    This then manifests the Quantum-Dragon-Bang and the Beginning of Space and Time as known and understood by Gaian science.

    The expression {hc3} is rendered dimensionless by a finestructure of Planck's Constant h, the Action Constant, in the expression {h=λps/e*c=λps/Electron-Diameter.c3} for {hc3ps/Electron-Diameter=1.8x10-8}.

    But I shall now end this mathematical discourse. It was authorised to be given and the formulations above are elementary prerequisites for a new serpentine science to become implemented following the upheavals in the next few years ahead and awaiting the exiled Maya on Old Earth Gaia, which is also the OLD JERUSALEM.

    But I shall give an indication as how to use the above formulas in a practical example.

    Assume a Star Trek Crew of say 50 with average inertia 70 kg and equipment load of say 10,000 kg wishes to board a Starship Enterprise of Volume 100x50x20=100,000 cubicmeters.

    The Resonant Energy Awareness is fps2=df/dt=Density.(c/h)2.[NV/NM] and where NV and NM depict the quantisation numbers for the mass M to be 'inflated' to the volume V.

    The Density as ρ=M/V calculates as (10,000+50.70=13,500)/100,000=0.135 kg/m3.


    and NM=M/mss=13,500/2.469x10-81=5.4675x1084.

    Resonance so is finestructured as Entropy Permutation States and as: (0.135)(2.025x1083)(1.8x1063/5.4675x1084)=9x1060.

    Now changing any of the parameters of Inertia and Volume, even to the size of the universe itself, will always relate as Holographic Image of the minimum quantum of the Inflaton and so whatever volume specified can be Inflated at the Resonant Eigenstate to that volume.

    Similarly, any inertial mass specified, will in resonance, allow quantum-inflation to modify the specified mass via the mass-eigen frequency quantum definition under modular duality between Eps, the primary sourcesink and Ess, the secondary sinksource through and by frequency modulations.

    Away from Resonance, df/dt=awareness as an angular spin acceleration, must decrease and so the VPE or ZPE can no longer be utilised in a downwards frequency transformation.

    This is akin the Evaporation of water molecules in Clouds, the cloud formation seemingly dispersing into nothingness, say under the supply of Energy in the form of heat, say the radiation from the sun.

    To 'get out of resonance' so implies either a 'disappearing' relative to the 'switching off of the gravity shield' and an accompanying hyper-acceleration or 'warp-drive' AS the de Broglie tachyon inflation; or is manifested as a 'thinning out' or a 'losing of texture' with the gravity shield 'switched on', but a 'slow down' of the awareness df/dt in the reducing sense.

    The above scenarios apply to spacetime as the 4-dimensional 'Light-matrix' of Heisenbergian Uncertainty definition.

    In this spacetime, a 'drifting' or UFO speed is effected by the application of an Awareness-Force {Faw=aw.hv/c2} from within the 'VPE-Bubble' and as a consequence of a natural extension for Newton's Second Law for momentum change {Force F=d(mv)/dt}.

    In Dragon-Space of 4 spacial dimensions, the timeparameter becomes superfluous and the awareness df/dt is automatically assigned the resonant eigenstate awmax=fps2.

    After Gaia has given birth to its superposed Dragon-Universe; projected onto the seedling Minkowski spacetime; the travelling between 3 spacial dimensions and 4 spacial dimensions will be much easier to accomplish and so become rather prevalent and a natural occurrence.

    Furthermore, the resonant eigenstates for the starhumans as Dragonised old humans shall allow the old human bodyforms to become Hybrid Energy-Selfstates as RMP-Quantum Inductions and as the universal blending and synthesis of relatively Static Radiation Fields coupled to Mass in Inertia.

    This will be known as Dualised RadiationMass of BodyMinds-MindBodies, the immortalisation of hitherto mortal bodyforms, unable to implement their higher dimensional DNA as the LightBodies Shadowed to the Body-DNA in 3 dimensions.

    This shall also fulfil the many prophecies in the 'Holy Books', which then shall become artifacts in museums; being succeeded by new composed books telling the stories of an evolving starhuman race of Dragons.

    IAmWhoIAm! - Sirebard Beardris!




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