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    This thread will be only for Channelings...

    Let's start with The Arcturians!!

    Arcturian Multi dimensional Teachings! June 4/10
    Friday, 04 June 2010 17:18

    STEP 22

    Dear Ones,
    We are the Arcturians. We have come to assist you in remembering who you truly are. Remember your SELF. It is so easy for our grounded ones to forget their SELF. When they do, they become lost in the dramas of third dimensional life. They function only within the frequency of their human perception, while their greater SELF slumbers. We see our grounded ones awaken, fall asleep, awaken and fall asleep again. In fact, many of you are most awake when you go to sleep at night. It is then that you return to us so that we can hold you within the comfort of your true vibration.

    We ask that you dedicate your schedule to come to us when you first awaken. Morning is the time when the feeling of our essence is closest to your memory. We realize that even then, the challenges of your third dimensional day can still force you into the illusion of “being human.” However, if you can re-set your awareness to your SELF at the beginning of your day, you can better recover from your daily “fall from SELF.”

    Fortunately, on some days you will somehow stand your ground in the fifth dimension, and you can catch yourself beginning to fall into illusion. Then you can more easily remember to call out for assistance at the moment that you are just starting to lose your balance in the ONE. Now is an especially difficult time for you, for as you take your excurses UP onto your Soul/SELF, the polarity of the third dimensional Earth naturally pulls you down into the deepest archives of your deepest subconscious.

    The advantage of these missions into your subconscious is that they give you the ability to release the fear that created your illusions in the first place. Just as only a very experienced diver can swim down into the ocean’s murky depths, only our most awakened ones can clear their deep, subconscious memories. Because of your sojourns into your subconscious, you may think that something is wrong with you. On the contrary, these experiences are occurring because you are now advanced and strong enough in your SELF to clear old issues that, until now, had to remain hidden.

    Dear Ones, we commend you on your great bravery to continue into the Light, even though you know full well that it means you will also have to face all that has previously kept you in the darkness. You are mighty warriors battling and slaying old fears that were once dragons far more powerful than you. Of course, these dragons were only your fears. Hence, they never held the great force of your innate, unconditional love.

    Now, that you are returning to the Flow of Cosmic Unconditional Love, you are living in two worlds, the fifth dimension and beyond and the third/fourth dimension. We say “fifth dimension and beyond” because once you are stabilized in the fifth dimension, you regain your multidimensional consciousness. It is then than you can perceive your myriad excursions into form in the third through sixth dimensions, as well as your formless realities in the higher dimensional worlds. As you have experienced, while your consciousness is limited to the third dimension, you are usually separated from your other realities.
    From the limited perspective of the third dimension, you cannot even perceive your own fourth-dimensional, auric world or any of your myriad parallel and alternate realities. Fortunately, you are now waking up from your long sleep in form. Hence, you are experiencing the rollercoaster ride of which we previously spoke. The best way to level out this rough ride is to release your addiction to time and space.


    In order to stabilize your awareness and participation in fifth dimensional New Earth, known to our Galactic Federation as Terra, you will need to release your addiction to the illusion of time and space. We use the word “addiction” because living under the “realm” of time and space has been a vital part of your third-dimensional thinking. Also, addictions are based on fear, and fear cannot be fully controled while operating within the illusion of time and space. There are too many fearful memories from the past, as well as worries about the future, to maintain a state of consciousness that is beyond the illusions of time/space.
    Furthermore, this type of third dimensional, linear thinking greatly interferes with you ability to embrace your new life in the fifth dimension. With linear thinking, you usually believe that it takes time to go to the place of the fifth dimension. In reality, the fifth dimension is the state of consciousness in which time and space have merged into HERE and NOW. Once you have fully embraced that state of consciousness, our ability to communicate with you will not be as cumbersome, for you will no longer need to translate our infinite statements into the limitation and separation of linear communication.

    Your newly activated Multidimensional Operating System will greatly facilitate your ability to think in terms of infinity. Infinite Thinking allows you to perceive reality as a Flow of experiences in which you choose to partake within the HERE and NOW. There is no place for these experiences, nor is there an end or beginning. Similar to your radio or television, the experiences of life, either in or out of form, run infinitely. Much as you must “turn on” the television or radio before you can experience a program, you need to “turn on” your Infinite Thinking to fully understand our messages.
    You can turn on Infinite Thinking by narrowing your focus to the reality of your choice and using the power of your intention to perceive it. When you turn on your television or change a channel on your television with your remote control system, you send the specific wavelength that activates that channel. In the same manner, you activate or change the wavelength of your consciousness in order to engage in certain life experiences. For example, what is your state of consciousness when you are driving in traffic, paying your bills or arguing with someone? On the other hand, what is your state of consciousness when you are walking in nature, engaged in a creative endeavor or spending quality time with a loved one?

    We know that all of you would love to live your life within that second state of consciousness. However, to maintain that consciousness, you will need to re-calibrate your consciousness in the midst of endeavors that create fear or anger. You can best make this change by detaching your attention from the stress of the time and place that is causing your stress, and enter into the Flow of infinity. You will then realize that you are merely observing your earth vessel in the act of a lower frequency experience.

    When you are within the Flow of the ONE, you do not need to worry about where an act is taking place or when it will be completed. From this perspective, you can calmly observe your grounded one as being in the process of recalibrating your consciousness out of third dimensional, and back into the multidimensional consciousness of your SELF.


    One of the aspects of your third dimensional thinking that limits your Infinite Thinking is your desire. When you want something, someone or some experience, you make the affirmation that you are out of the NOW. In the NOW there is no desire, for any person, place or thing for what you may desire is instantly HERE. We know that this concept is especially confusing to our grounded ones who have spent their lives seeking, achieving and working hard for what they desire.
    We also know that our ones who are awakening are becoming increasingly exhausted with the constant need to fulfill their desires, as they innately know that they no longer want to do anything that feels like “work.” We wish to congratulate you for this knowing, which still appears impossible to your mundane mind. With Infinite Thinking there is no future to “work” towards, as reality is merely a state of consciousness. It is the shift of your consciousness that allows you to live in the Flow. Once within the Flow, your desire body is calmed and your heart is full of the unconditional love which is the creative force of the Cosmos.

    As you have likely discovered, when you are out of the Flow it is quite difficult to maintain the consciousness of unconditional love. Without access to this consciousness, the myriad fearful thoughts and emotions of physical reality bind you to the very time and space that pushes the fulfillment of your desires into the unknown future or hides them in your distant past.
    There is also the force of habit which along with desire, must be released into the Flow. For all of your third dimensional lives, desire has driven you to move forward (or backward) in your spiritual fulfillment. Because of this repetition of behavior, your ego/self has created a habit of desiring that which it does not have or wishes to experience. Fortunately, within the Flow of the One’s unconditional love, it is your Soul/SELF that maintains your state of consciousness. Since your Soul/SELF lives only in the unconditional love of the NOW, your desires instantly answer the call of your love.
    Dearest grounded ones, we know how difficult it is for you to release old habits and to alter your thinking. We commend you for your great inner light and courage. We invite you to take just a moment of our NO-Time to step into the Flow of which we speak...

    Begin your first step by thinking about that which you love unconditionally in your present reality. It can be a person, a pet, your home, even your car or your creative outlet. As you think about whatever it is in your life that stimulates that feeling, send you most unconditional love into it. We invite you to shut out your physical reality for a moment by closing your eyes and allowing yourself to FEEL the unconditional love, which we send to you NOW...
    Feel how your unconditional love swirls around you like a cloud of light. Allow the cloud to gently caress your skin, and feel the tingle of the higher frequency light embedded within the cloud. As the light penetrates your skin, feel it joining the inner light of your growing Lightbody...

    Place your primary consciousness into your Lightbody, so that you may experience freedom from the confines of time and space. Observe as your inner Lightbody joins the Flow of the ONE. Within this Flow there is NO desire, NO time and NO movement through space. YOU are the center of all life. Before you are all the possible realities that you may choose to experience...

    Imagine that you are at a great banquet standing before a huge table. However, the table is not filled with food. Instead, it is filled with myriad experiences. Just as you would reach out with your hand to choose a certain food, reach out with your consciousness to connect with the experience of your choice. Which experience do you choose?

    Once you have chosen your multidimensional experience, there are two ways to “enter” the experience, both of which require the activation of your full multidimensional consciousness. One of these is through the subatomic wormholes/stargates of your junk DNA and another is through the molecular disbursement.


    Your Russian scientists have discovered what your spiritual guides have long taught, which is that your human body is programmable by language, words and thoughts. This process is activated by the 97% of your DNA that has been titled your “junk DNA.” In fact, this DNA serves as a biological Internet, with your opened Third Eye as your processing system and your High Heart as your power source. Once you are free of linear thinking and can utilize Infinite Thinking, you will find that the Multidimensional Operating System is able to accept, integrate, process and store infinite amounts of information.

    How can it possibly store infinity? It can do so through the sub-atomic wormholes that connect you to All That Is. Your scientists are utilizing this concept to create their Quantum Computers. What they do not know is that, once you have fully activated your Multidimensional Operating System, you will no longer need an Internet. Instead, your consciousness will Flow into the core of your physical form, open your High Heart to activate your power source, ground this power in the greater planetary body of Gaia, then expand your awareness through your opened Third Eye.

    From the processing center of your Third Eye you will be able to perceive the subatomic DNA strands that serve as portals to download information and/or enter a multidimensional experience. This concept may seem quite unusual to our grounded ones, however, all of our Arcturian computers and communication devices are biological, including our great Star Ships. We have long surpassed the necessity for machinery, and we have replaced it with the infinite power of our multidimensional light and unconditional love.

    Our unconditional light is much like your electricity, whereas our unconditional love binds the molecules of form into a cohesive unit. This unit may be a bodily encasement for our consciousness, a home for our body, or the Star Ships in which we visit the realities based on form. Our unconditional love can greatly assist you to keep your consciousness free of any stress or worry. Any form of fear is like a virus to your biological computer. It often acts much like your “worm” viruses that hide somewhere in the computer and eventually cause a total shutdown.

    You can also create the experience of actually traveling through these subatomic wormholes with your multidimensional consciousness. We find that you will likely experience these wormholes as red, for they are found deep within the inner workings of your earth vessel. They appear as many small vortices, which are extremely responsive to your attention. As you enter the wormhole of your choice, you feel much as you do when you travel in our Corridor.

    However, because of your linear thinking, you experience reality in terms of polarities, with the smallest world being through a subatomic portal and the largest world being through a higher dimensional Corridor. However, light, which is the basis of all form, travels in circles rather than in a straight line that constantly vacillates in size. Hence, when you perceive reality through your Infinite Thinking, you perceive both the smallest wormhole and the largest wormhole as a circular flow of light.

    When you are using Infinite Thinking, the polarities of the “smallest” and the “largest” merge into ONE portal. On the contrary, when you perceive their portals through your lineal thought, you know that you have countless cells of DNA, so you perceive many subatomic portals. Then, because you perceive our portal as inter-dimensional, you think of it as only one. On the other hand, with the Infinite Thinking of your Multidimensional Operating System, you can close the edges of your polarity of amount and size to perceive either cell or Corridor as “the portal you are entering.”


    By embracing Infinite Thinking, you can experience another means of “changing realities,” called molecular disbursement. With molecular disbursement you de-materialize within a reality in which you have completed your experience, then re-materialize within the reality in which you are NOW choosing to experience.

    When you de-materialize, you can actually observe the disbursement of the molecules of your body as they move away from the form that formerly encased your consciousness. There is no fear involved, for if you were at all bound by fear, you would not be able to trust your SELF enough to have this experience. Then, as pure mind, you set your intention towards the experience you are NOW choosing and use your unconditional love to bind you to that experience.

    You can then observe how the force of your unconditional love binds the molecules together to create a housing for your consciousness for that reality. When you travel in consciousness through the subatomic particles of your DNA, your earth vessel stays intact. In fact, your earth body serves much as a Mother Ship with myriad portals through which the Scout Ships, your consciousness, can travel to other realities.

    You, our grounded ones, have created many forms because each form/body must be constructed of the frequency and essence of the reality to which you travel and/or incarnate. For example, when you travel into the Mental Plane of the fourth dimension, your form is of a different frequency and molecular structure then when you travel to the fourth dimensional Causal Plane. When you make this journey in your “sleep,” you often create a body for that plane. On the other hand, when you travel in your imagination/meditation, you usually imagine your fourth dimensional body without actually inhabiting it.

    This process of inter-dimensional travel may sound frightening to your third dimensional mind, but it is a common experience for Beings in the sixth dimension and beyond. We know that we are pure consciousness. Just as you would take off your coat without fearing you would disappear, we can take off our form without any concern for our possible disappearance. How can we disappear from our ever-present light and unconditional love? In our dimension, it is our consciousness that defines our SELF, not our packaging.

    In fact, not only do we disburse the molecules of our physical form, we also disburse the molecules of our Mother Ship when we leave a given area. We return those molecules to that location, travel through the multidimensional light of our pure consciousness and then instantly collect molecules of our chosen destination to create our new form.


    One thing that is consistent through all realities is one’s signature frequency. It is the signature frequency that carries the pattern/matrix to which the molecules adhere to create the same form at each destination. For example, our form may appear to be the same in every reality, but our molecular structure is consistent with the dimension and locale to which we have transported. In your earthly “Star Trek” shows, the beings used the transporter to “beam” them to different locations. The signature frequency for every person or thing that was transported was stored in the transporter so that that pattern/matrix of each form would be protected. In a similar manner, our signature frequency is always stored and protected.

    Many of your science fiction shows and stories are actually science facts in a higher dimension and/or more advanced society. As the critical mass of Earth’s inhabitants is free of their fear of the unknown, we will be able to share many of our scientific facts. We do not need to teach you anything, for you already know all that we do within the sleeping High Heart and Third Eye of your SELF. In fact, many advanced technologies have already been shared and or channeled into the minds of inventors.

    Unfortunately, the structure of your society is still based on the polarity of light and dark. Therefore, the darkness wishes to capture the light of others through fear and domination. This structure is only a threat to those who still believe in polarities. For those of you who have found your Center Path of the Flow, there is no necessity to express either the Light nor the darkness for your know that you are the entire spectrum.

    Once you have faced your own inner darkness and found your own inner light, the rollercoaster ride to which we referred at the beginning of the message mellows to a “drive through rolling hills.” As you remember to live in the Center Flow, you are FREE of all extremes. In fact, you will view these extremes in the same manner as our world would view a child’s toys. You played with these toys once and may even wish to play with them again. However, you have found your Center and rather than experiencing the extremes, you prefer to assist others in finding their Center, as well.

    Once you KNOW that you are multidimensional light and unconditional love, you know that darkness and fear are only frequencies of experience, which you can visit or avoid. You remember that darkness is not “bad.” It is only the absence of the consciousness of light. Conversely, the polarity of light is not good. It is the absence of the matter that fills light to lower its frequency and create what appears to be darkness.

    The circular flow of energy cycles move through the experiences of darkness and fear, as well as the cycles of light and love. Both light and dark always exist as potential extremes. The Center, which is the Flow of the ONE, encompasses the perfect balance of the two extremes, the Fulcrum Point, from which all manifestation of reality stems.


    We wish to tell you now, you are on the cusp of ascension. This cusp is the place in-between your third/fourth dimensional reality and fifth dimensional New Earth. You may wish for us to tell you how long you will be on the cusp. However, “how long” is a time statement and “on the cusp” is a space statement. We cannot tell you how long you will be bound by your time/space thinking. But, we can tell you that when you release the linear, polarized thinking, you will be your Multidimensional SELF.

    When you are your true SELF there will be no waiting, for you will merely adjust the frequency of your consciousness to the frequency of reality that you desire to experience. Many of our Planetary Ascension Team Members will choose to oscillate their consciousness back and forth across the cusp. In this manner, they may have the experience of Being in a fifth dimensional reality, without feeling that they have abandoned those who have not been able to remember and awaken to their Multidimensional SELF.

    Often those who have crossed over into the higher dimensions via the vehicle of earthly “death,” remain close in frequency to their loved persons, places and things. Gradually, as they accustom to their new life, they choose to calibrate their consciousness to their new life more and more and their old life less and less. It will be the same for the ascended ones of Earth. Gradually, you will become more involved in the experiences of your fifth dimensional life and more detached from your third/fourth dimensional reality.

    You will also learn that when you are fifth dimensional, you can easily recreate any beloved places or things with the power of your minds. Also, everyone has a body on every dimension. Therefore, when you become fifth dimensional, your consciousness fully returns to its true fifth dimensional self. When an earth bound one chooses to ascend across the cusp, they will instantly merge with their fifth dimensional SELF who never left that frequency. Furthermore, you will meet the fifth dimensional expressions of those in your reality who are not yet ready to ascend.

    Their third dimensional experiences of SELF will then remain in the lower frequencies and their only experience of fifth dimensional Earth will be through their dreams, and perhaps, their meditation. They may know what is happening in that “dream” reality, but they will remain as detached from that experience as you are detached from your dreams. In other words, “nothing is lost and nothing is gained” for those who choose to continue to remain grounded in the third dimension. Reality is a house of mirrors in which there are many reflections of the same experience.

    Although time is an illusion, cycles are not. Cycles represent how the Flow of the ONE pulls its myriad realities through the experiences of light and dark so that the quest for the Center Path can be completed. These cycles assist with the expansion of personal consciousness, as well as the expansion of all creation. All of form is created, grows, learns, advances, reaches a peak, begins its decline, falls and moves into rebirth. Such is the case for your third dimensional world. Your reality is coming into a completion of many cycles, which are:

    •25,920 years, the Grand Cycle of your Solar System around your Galaxy, known as the Procession of the Equinox
    •225 million years, the cycle of your region of space around the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy
    •20 billion years, the cycle of the Milky Way Galaxy around the Great Central Sun.

    All of these movements are actually spirals, although the smaller ones appear circular or elliptical because you cannot see the higher dimensional interactions. The ancient Mayans were Star Beings who came to Earth to foretell of the completion of these cycles around the time of 2012. After they had completed their service, they returned to their various Homeworlds. To read the process of opening the Mayan Portal HOME, as seen through the perspective of a Mayan Initiate, please click the link below.



    The time for which the Mayans prepared is NOW. Another cycle that is closing began about 12,000 years ago. The civilization of Atlantis had fallen into darkness, which so upset the balance of light and dark necessary to sustain a third dimensional planet, that Earth was on the verge of tipping off Her axis. At this point, the great being of Earth, known as Gaia, called to the Universe for assistance. Many Light Beings from higher dimensional worlds volunteered to enter physical earth vessels to contribute their great Light to correct the balance of light and dark and save Gaia.

    All of these volunteers knew that they would have to remain in the Wheel of Incarnation for third dimensional Earth until the close of this Grand Cycle, which is now commencing. All the civilizations who once inhabited Earth, the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirius A and B, Orions, as well as others, answered the call. Because of the ultimate sacrifice of these great beings of Light, Gaia survived, but Atlantis and Lemuria perished, for it was the end of their cycle.
    Many, if not all, of the volunteers who answered Gaia’s call are incarnated on Earth at this important time. However, we wish to reassure you that this long predicted era that is commencing does not mean “death.” The close of a cycle does not mean that it “ends,” for there is no ending or beginning in the Infinity of the ONE. The close of a cycle merely means that that which was once manifest in third dimensional matter returns to its true form in the higher dimensions. Therefore, the close of this cycle gives the awakening ones the opportunity to go Home, either to fifth dimensional New Earth, their Homeworld, or both.

    Furthermore, the close of a cosmic cycle does not occur within “time and space.” Cosmic cycles are turns of the Clock of Infinity. Within this Clock, time and space become NOW and HERE. Just as a flower appears to die, it falls upon the ground, deposits its seed, and reappears as a new life. If this newsletter has come to your attention, you may be one of the great volunteers who chose to answer Gaia’s call. Hence, as you enter your new life, you may wish to visit Atlantis one more time. Cycles Flow from initiation through completion, and the completion of one cycle is the initiation of another.

    The Atlantian Temple

    “I answered Gaia’s Call at the completion of the Atlantian Cycle. I remember entering the Temple of Atal Shannar as a small frightened child and living here until the fall of our great Atlantian world. (For this story, please click:
    http://www.multidimensions.com/Spiritual_Universe_Meditation_files/RETURN%20TO%20ATLANTIS.pdf )

    “Now, I observe this Temple from the perspective of one who has completed yet another cycle and is ready to return to my fifth dimensional Home. Because of this return to SELF, I feel a need to look back on so many, in fact too many, earthly incarnations since the great fall of Atlantis.

    “There were, of course, some lives worth noting in which I was able to return to my Soul in the higher worlds upon my translation. Unfortunately, I can also see many lives in which my Soul was unattainable at the time of my passing and untold lifetimes were spent in the Lower Astral Plane atoning for mistakes created by my fear and greed during those incarnations.

    “I am happy that ‘Second Death,’ the death of Soul, was outlawed sometime in the long night between the end of Atlantis and the dawning of the life in which my form does write. I am sure that, had that Second Death not been released from our incarnational pattern, I would not be here today writing these words. I know that I was seldom evil in nature, but the fear of the polarized reality led me to may despicable actions.

    “Glory BE to the ONE, for somehow I have completed my long journey through duality. I sound as though I am quite miserable, but actually, I am very happy. It is just that when I look upon the beginning of my Earthly sojourns, I finally feel strong enough to face all the fear through which I have lived in my many incarnations. Fortunately, whether or not I was aware of it, my beloved Arcturian family has protected and guided me.

    “After my long introduction I will finally proceed with my memory of Atal Shannar. The spelling is phonetic, as this mind no longer remembers the language of that age, nor the light pictures within which we preserved our thoughts and emotions.

    “As I enter the Temple, I am first struck by its welcoming aroma. It reminds me of an atmosphere free of the pollutants of my day and the water that was of a different molecular structure than the waters of my present incarnation. I am greeted by a huge arrangement of flowers that are not seen in this reality.
    “Gravity is much different here, as well. Gaia’s resonance had not yet fallen to the lower depths of the third dimension into which I was born in my present incarnation. Fortunately, Gaia’s resonance has greatly risen as I have walked through this life.

    “I walk through the Temple I see, and remember, that there are no angular walls or rooms. Everything is built in a circular flowing fashion, much as light flows in circles. In fact, the light within this Temple is very unique in that it has no obvious source. In all the years that I spent in this structure, I never saw a light structure similar to modern day lamps. In fact, the light was never turned on or off, it just WAS. The light in the Temple seemed to respond to our consciousness in that it became brighter if we needed it, or dimmer if that is what we required. In other words, the intensity of light responded to our thoughts and desires.

    “As I move through the Temple I hear very little conversation, and remember that we used our voices only in the “Speaking Quarters.” The rest of the time we lived in verbal silence to encourage the use of our telepathy, empathy and higher perceptions. We all had great psychokinetic abilities and could easily levitate with the slightest shift in our consciousness. In fact, the problem for me, was keeping my feet on the ground.

    “As I move through the Temple, I remember the deep sorrow of the first years of that life because I was separated from my Divine Complement. Interestingly, as I have come to the long-awaited conclusion of my experience in third dimensional form, I have again connected with my Beloved. However, “beloved” is much different here in the land of illusion and strife than it was in the fifth dimension. Then, we played the game of separating into two beings. In the third dimension, it was not a game. It was lonely beyond understanding, then difficult once we re-united.

    “But, I have drifted again away from my return to Atal. It is just that at the close of this great cycle, I feel a deep urge to review my many earthly incarnations to release what is over and bring forward that which will serve the growth of my new life. Oh, I hear the music now! The music in Altal was beyond a sound, as it was not yet differentiated from light. Hence, music was a flowing, dynamic dance of light and sound. It was a bridge upon which we could cross into the frequency which best served our healing and/or advancement into the light.
    “In fact, in Atal, advancement into the light and healing were the same. We saw disease, injury, or psychological dis-ease as a blockage in our aura, which hindered our Spiritual Process. I walk/float around a bend in the corridor and burst into pure joy as I enter the resonance of light music. The tones and colors pull me out of my imaginary vessel and my consciousness intermingles with the frequencies of light music. I am the music, I am the room, I am the corridor, and I am Atal Shannar.

    “I remember how, as a child, my Guides had to be with me in this area of Atal, as I could never stay in my body. In fact, staying in my body has been a challenge for all my earthly incarnations. I would leave it if I was afraid, in love, joyful, sick or strong. Finally, in the life in which I will transmute it into a higher frequency, I am learning to stay in my body. But, once more, I digress.

    “I see myself now in one of my favorite places, the place where my consciousness would fly when it left my body, the Floating Gardens. I look around the Floating Gardens to see the many Elementals tending it. I see the face of each flower and the delicate roots floating just above the soil. I can see the ethers in-between the roots and the soil, just as I can see that which is in-between the many people and objects of my Temple home. I guess I always came here as it, too, was connected to the physical only by an etheric essence.

    “From the Garden I can see the many canals surrounding our Temple. Each canal resonates to a different frequency, creating a beautiful spectrum of colors, similar, yet different, from the colors of my present life. Each canal has a different aroma to match that frequency of water, just as each flower has a different aroma to match its form and color.

    “I have chosen to re-visit Atal at a point in my Atlantian incarnation that was my happiest. I had finally accustomed to a body of gender and had not yet loved and lost. We knew that the end times were coming for our great civilization, but did not know exactly when that would happen. We knew that for some of us the end of Atlantis would be great freedom, as they would return to the Unity of the ONE. On the other hand, those of us who had come to assist Gaia would stay with Her body until the time of Planetary Ascension. Therefore, we would have many cycles of life between then and the one in which my present incarnation is living.

    “Before I end my visit, I turn to her, my first form on Earth, and look directly into her eyes. She began her visit as her present persona and, somehow, became me. We are ONE again NOW. The beginning has become the end, and the end is actually a new beginning. As I look into her eyes, the windows to her Soul, I merge with her to become ONE again and forever. The cycle has closed. Alpha and Omega meet to usher in a New Age.”


    Being in the Flow is the transcendence of time and space
    and allowing life to rise up before you in the HERE and NOW.
    Nothing is planned in the Flow, for that would require a “past.”
    Nothing will happen next, as that would involve a “future.”
    Within the Flow there is only HERE, only NOW.
    As you Flow through the Cycles of Life, reality simply IS and
    Desire is released for the sake of Destiny.
    However, within the Flow, Destiny is unknown.
    All you Know is that that when you stay in the Flow
    Destiny IS revealing itself to you in every moment.
    Sometimes Destiny is a flash of light that ignites your greatest creativity.
    Sometimes Destiny is remembering to sit on your porch and look into the sky.
    Destiny is a moment of awareness that the Cycle has returned to your SELF!