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    Post  Guest on Sat Apr 09, 2011 8:01 pm

    Person - each and every sentient being of any gender or combination of genders or no gender
    Grown person - adult

    Each and every person is an integral part or a direct "descendant" of Source energy (aka God).

    Each grown person is an absolute to itself, meaning it has a complete and indisputable authority over itself and only over itself.

    The exception to the above are the children, for which any grown person (even if not the biological parent), has to show the greatest possible amount of dedication, to raise the child in best possible way for a child to develop spiritual and mental capacities that will benefit not only the child but all of the society. This means that a grown person does not exercise authority over a child but acts as a guide and teacher to learn the child how to exercise authority over itself.

    The children enjoy special care and attention. They are raised by society. Any child can get anything it needs at any grown person.

    No person can in any way rule over/control/dominate/make decision for any other grown person. The archaic and primitive centralized or decentralized society structures, where the elite rules in any possible form of governance, either benevolent or malevolent, do not exist. The need to control/oversee/direct/dictate/manage others is not present.

    Each and every person is equal to each and every person. There are no privileges for any person for whatever reason.

    Greed, hate, distrust, hypocrisy, envy, ...etc are non existent. Any kind of intent which outcome would in any way harm any person (including the person desiring the intent) is simply not present. The society has evolved past the kinder garden level and works for the benefit of each other and not against each other. There is no competition, no battle for survival, no need for outside validation and approval, no rivalry...etc

    There is no police force or army force or any such authoritarian agency. There simply is no need for one.

    Law does not exist in a form of rights/obligations..etc as found in primitive societies. Each person is aware of natural law (life law) since birth and is later taught via spirituality on the values of society. There are no such things as permits, licenses, contracts, private property, state property,..etc There is no division, there is unity yet there is no "order" (primitive order) needed to maintain this unity.

    The only order there is...is a collective consciousness. There is no need for any artificial form of database or central management on distribution of goods and services...etc The material needs are manifested as needed, shared and used wisely to their full potential before dispersed back to the universe.

    The meaning of life is to live in harmony with the Source of life

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