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Dragons of Thuban To Ban The Falseness

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    Post  SuiGeneris Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:31 am

    Spregovori wrote:So the general agreement (of those involved) seems to be that:
    - your reaction to whatever someones says and does is your problem, deal with it
    - you are responsible for your actions
    - ignore if provoked
    - avoid conflict
    - defend if attacked
    - unconditional love is not something you see in a movie or read in a romantic novel
    - it is ok to go and "interfere" with life of another as long as the intent is benevolent
    - when asked a question a honest answer should be given
    - learn from experience and take care of yourself before taking care of others

    I think that we as people are light years away from this.
    Still it is somewhat "surprising" that topic was able to evolve this far. It seems that the careful choice of words, expressions and examples did prove to be a "safe" way of presenting a subject such as this....

    Which brings me to the next thing - how would it look like to not be careful? ;)
    Just how quick the hammer might fall....on the white-hot grounds....

    I know it may seem that people are light years away from reaching Oneness, but luckily for all, we're not...We are at the cusp. Remember it doesn't take more than one person to drive a car and carry a whole bunch of people somewhere. Not all will be able to read a map this is true, but if only one knows how...then the possibility exists for many to travel.

    There is no 'one' subject here but many. You can present any one of them in a "careful" or "un-careful" way as you say; but what you should be careful of, is not to think that definite conclusions must be made at the end of examining all and that they are to be immutable. Reality changes. It morphs, and now it is doing so at a record speed never seen before. And so now would be the time to have an open mind about everything and get comfortable with the idea of changing one's mind from time to time. It is OK, it's "allowed" and it's a great mental exercise too.

    "Human beings are
    soft and supple when alive,
    stiff and straight when dead.

    The myriad creatures, the grasses and trees are
    soft and fragile when alive,
    dry and withered when dead.

    Therefore, it is said:

    The rigid person is a disciple of death;
    The soft, supple, and delicate are lovers of life.

    An army that is inflexible will not conquer;
    A tree that is inflexible will snap.

    The unyielding and mighty shall be brought low;
    The soft, supple and delicate will be set above."

    ~Tao Te Ching~

    How would it look like if not careful? When you are not careful you are not aware, when you are not aware...there is chaos.


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    Post  SuiGeneris Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:35 am

    Spregovori wrote:I can not comment on morphing the realities...etc

    Words and limitation...it depends on how you use them...and also...on what is "triggered" when the word is seen/read by another.... you know u like..u feel the impulse, right there inside of you...fell its power...feel how warm it is...now let it enhance and spreed all over your body...and...explode....

    hot bun
    See? You just morphed reality right there. My point exactly. Thank you!2thumbs Aww, you didn't realize it? That's because you weren't CAREFUL!

    By careful i meant more like - socially acceptable (weather by current moral or just by making it less "understandable"

    Oh i can be very aware when not "careful"....i can make a thread that would collapse the forum.....cant do that without thinking it through....
    Being 'careful' to be "socially acceptable"??...UUrgh...Yuck!

    You can be very aware when not careful?...Well, obviously I thought you meant something else with your "careful" definition which in this context sounds more like an evil plot...boxing

    You can make a thread to collapse the forum you say?

    I hereby officially dare you to start one!!!!
    And you'll see I'll be able to keep it ALIVE!! Don't let anything hold you back. jezik

    Anyway the point (my selfish desire) of this thread has been reached.

    I see no further need to continue it.....but others may....

    I thank all participants for their time and willingness to go and think about it.

    The "point" of this thread has been reached?? Ha! lol Now that's what I call limited thinking...(no offense)

    I mean...it hasn't even started yet and you are already retreating.. psssh..tsk, tsk, tsk... some people are still too afraid to put the hand on the fire...without the experience there's no real learning... So be it.

    In Love and Light,


    P.S. (yep, you read right I said Love and Light!) kiss to you

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    Post  SuiGeneris Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:51 am

    malletzky wrote:And all of this reminds me of Ho'oponopono: everything that is, becomes "your problem" as soon as you come to know about the subject (persons, illnesses, whatever...) and YOU will have to deal with it and become responsible for whatever you do after you come to know about the subject.
    Absolutely Malletzky,
    then Ho'oponopono comes to be the same thing as being responsible...

    The Dream is Real from Richard Arrowsmith on Vimeo.

    With Love and in Love,

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    Post  SuiGeneris Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:09 pm

    Xeia's Archives ❤(。◕‿-。)❤  - Page 2 Xeia

    Hello all,

    To say or imply that all channelings are wrong or "not of the light" or ill intended to manipulate, is counterproductive not only since you will be going against what you claim you are for, but also you'll be retarding your own path of evolution by extending the time here in order to learn otherwise.

    Not all "channelers" want to deceive on purpose. Some do not even realize they are deceiving others because they are simply spreading the same misinformation they themselves have gathered, and sincerely feel they are on a "mission" to help others... when in fact it is them who need more time working on themselves.

    Some do find channelings very useful, not because they "believe" in all of it blindly, but because they are able to discern "the gems" found in some of them.... and when people go "seek", they do it with the intention to find. This they seek may be a word, an idea, a frequency, etc... something their higher self is guiding them to find. Usually this occurs at the very fist stages of awakening.

    A person who has understood the answers are "within", may chose to stop searching "without", thinking he doesn't need to anymore, and find himself at a standstill... still with many questions unanswered.

    Learning never stops. Not even in the higher dimensions. But the collective learning is not here yet on Earth. At the stage we are right now, individual learning is what's required.

    Not all channelers claim they are being possessed by "spirit guides"...some claim they are simply in conversation with them without giving out their individual consciousness.... others simply say they channel their data from themselves.... In any one of them, or in all cases, the data gathered either for themselves or to exchange with others for money should be considered with the same approach and care... equally.

    The new age movement has been created with the same intent as all religions were. But negating all of it would be the same as negating all within religions, and that extremism can lead to a whole different set of problems.

    So I see it not as a matter of either accepting or discarding, but as a chance to take advantage of all opportunities in front of you.

    I am an eternal student.

    In the Light of the One,

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    Post  SuiGeneris Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:45 pm

    greg calise wrote:
    Now don't think that this ancient world civilization was all peachy keen and perfect. It was, as for thousands of years, still under the control of the Dark Empire's cabal. It was just allowed to be more harmonious than now, but I'm sure that before the cataclysm they were experiencing many social and spiritual disharmonies, as at that time they were entering the end of the cycle of the equinox, just as we are now, so the energies and frequencies were again at a lower state.

    Mu was "peachy keen and perfect" for many millenia... long before what was left of it, Lemuria, sank. The "social and spiritual disharmonies" happened much much later mainly on its opposite "Mountain"... of Atlantis... after "the fall" or rip of the dimensions happened.

    Mu... remains a Paradise. Lord Muru's Xendra is very much alive, much like he is.

    In Light,



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    Post  SuiGeneris Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:54 pm

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    Hi All,

    Nassim is not part of the PTB, he is not out there on a mission to deceive, he's not an evil reptile in disguise trying to mind-control you to steal your energy (or money) lol, or anything even close to that. Even though he is now a public figure, he is very down to earth and you can very easily interact with him. He is a kind hearted soul who’s very happy to share of his own findings with all, a wonderful husband to Amber and proud father of now 2 beautiful angels, Orus and Surama.

    I am neither a physicist nor mathematician, however, I will try to share what I’ve been able to discern about this subject just for further consideration.

    When Nassim talks about the Universe being an illusion, he does not mean it does not exist at all in any way shape or form because we, (including him) are in it, so it would be a contradiction in terms. He has proven it to himself by digging deep within in order to find the answer.

    The problem is that the word illusion, as many have come to identify it, has been associated with the term “non existent” as a result of human Language Semantics and the Mainstream Science. If you want a conspiracy theory, simply read the Science books and their “conclusions”, what has been introduced to the masses and why. With this I am not implying all Science is wrong, but it has holes and lacks wisdom and compassion because it’s been severed away from the holistic female-based right brain input…and this, as many of you well know….has been done… on purpose.

    Many ppl who do follow channelings have heard say among other information, that the life we are having right now is a dream. Other channelings also say that those channelings who do say that, (lol) must not be “of the light” because they must be trying to fool you into believing that life is a mere dream and therefore you have no responsibility while here on Earth since everything you do or don’t do is a dream (or some sort of ethereal fog) anyway and therefore of no consequence. How could this be? We are ALL responsible.

    This is considering the fact that for the majority of humans the word “dream” alone carries some negative connotation already to begin with, or at the very least it is synonym to unimportant or something intangible. And so, immediately, the Ego’s reaction to the second channeling is: “No way! It can’t be. Life is way too important (and "solid") for it to be a mere illusion! They must be “of the dark, and this idea must be evil.”

    Knowing that humans would instinctively react like this, we should consider the possibility that within those “messages from the beyond”, the only true fact given…. was that alone, the fact that: Life really is an illusion.

    But what does that word mean anyway? Illusion….

    Life is a dream. Has anyone ever really contemplated this? …in a very profound way …with all of your heart and, your mind and your soul? Perhaps very few have… perhaps Nassim has too.

    The nature of the Universe is Holofractal. And both of these images, holograms and fractals, are as real as you are reading this right now.

    When Nassim talks about the Universe being an illusion he is referring to this fact. To the notion of holograms found everywhere and in all dimensions of existence. The hologram being the “illusion”, and the fractal being the “copy of” because everything within the Universe keeps duplicating itself into infinity as it also holds a template going backwards that permits it to go forward in the first place. So the Universe is a copy of a copy of a copy of… “illusions”.

    Iow, there could be no 4D or 5D for example if there isn’t a 3D. Just because you move up one dimension does not mean the lower ones just “disappear”. It may look that way to your perception once you are established there, but the others will remain as alive as they’ve always been, simply because they must. So this realization does away with the idea that duality will disappear forever once Mother starts her new cycle.

    When you move from say number 4 to 5, it does not mean 4 is no more, it just means 4+1. Equally, 4 is within 5 as 3, 2, 1, 0 and even -1, -2, -3, etc. are also. Not to mention the mini fractals of 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, etc..as well as 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, etc.. They are all nestled within each other. It is your point of perception that is the true indicator of your reality. The mathematical structure always builds upon itself in a neverending spiral motion both ascending as well as descending and because no point in the spiral will ever get to be in the same place again, it creates the notion of Time. It creates ORDER.

    Your own shadow is a perfect example of a 2D perception while on 3D; it has length and width and can only be observed in this dimension because it’s a reflection… an “illusion” of the higher one. Some would perhaps now say that it is not “solid enough”, that it “lacks” somehow, that the shadow is an illusion, that the shadow is a dream.

    Yes, it is, all of the above, but that does not make it less “real”.

    In this case, the shadow is a hologram of you. Reflected two-dimensionally and seen as lacking from a 3D angle only when you cast a Light over its more "wholistic" form in the higher dimensions. We don’t see it as real; we consider it “inferior” somehow… when it really isn’t. It’s just a different aspect of us, and all of our aspects are equally alive and real. They just posses a different mathematical value.

    Since all in our entire Universe is constantly expanding and contracting at the same time, it is constantly moving from value to value and so when humans are in it, they will often see that one value or Dimension (say 3D) or “reality” and will not perceive much else. They will not feel the movement since they’ll be in the middle of it, much like in the eye of a hurricane. They’ll feel as if that’s the only true reality there is, and that everything else is “illusion”, and when someone like Nassim comes and challenges that idea, and says that not only their reality is an illusion, but in fact the entire Universe is an illusion... well….. there is much resistance.

    I apologize if I'm not clear enough as English is not my first language. Here's an awesome video of Nassim in case you've never seen it before:

    With Love and In Love,

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    Post  SuiGeneris Sat Oct 09, 2010 8:09 pm

    greg calise wrote:
    Hopefully we will have someone else protecting us?
    greg calise

    Only The Cosmic Logos can "protect" by giving those who can process it, the knowledge necessary for self-"protection".

    Robert Morning Sky talks about this specific issue extensively.

    Right now, this "danger" is no more because humans are living the last stages of "Check Mate" and 4D is already in the process of being cleansed. The souls who cross over before the actual Shift are preparing themselves for the Reconnection, but remembrance must take place while still on duality.


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    Post  SuiGeneris Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:02 am

    Xeia's Archives ❤(。◕‿-。)❤  - Page 2 Copyofi_background
    Hi all,

    I will share my views now for further consideration and expansion:

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    pure love is the beginning, fear is the ending.
    The beginning of what? and I assume that above, you were talking about love as in the feeling of loving another?... as a human emotion?

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    Love is the "Yes" switch and fear is the "No" switch of the basic binary logic which forms the tree of life, which is representative of the structure of the holographic matrix.
    Here you are not talking about "romantic" love.
    Love, (not the romantic one) cannot ever be a "Yes" switch as in a duality characterization because it is all encompassing. To use your definitions, then it would have to be observed as both the yes and the no "switch" put together.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    Love is fullness and wholeness, fear is emptiness and division.
    The perception that Fear is empty and divisive as in opposition to Love being full and whole sounds very nice, however I find contradictions here.
    Love is in fact whole... but that in itself means it has to include all, meaning FEAR with all its divisiveness and emptiness.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    When these two thoughts meet a universe is born
    A Universe is not born out of a sort of clash or explosion between two polarities. Universes can only be born out of wholeness replicating itself and turning inside out much like the cell "division" on a human embryo only in a much grander scale... what happens within, happens without.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    love comes into fear as light into darkness.
    Love does not "come" into fear because it already contains fear.
    Light does not "come" into darkness because it already contains darkness.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    Fear cannot come into love as darkness cannot come into light.
    Fear cannot "come into" Love, because Love already contains it.
    Love "has eaten" the fear... it means Light "has eaten" the darkness.
    This Light is the "Fire" of transmutation.
    Light shines in darkness because it is reflective of it. Darkness cannot see itself because it is not whole.
    We all have this Light inside. And in these times of "darkness" all we need to do is to shine our light like the Angels we are.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    Love has the upper hand because a choice made in love always provides greater opportunity and thus further choices than a choice made in fear.
    greater opportunity for what? .... learning?
    What about the choices made here while still in duality...in a world ruled by Fear? If Fear did not provide the best opportunity for learning, we would not have incarnated here. We knew this before we came.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    This fact and the law of probability assured universal expansion
    No single "law" assures Universal expansion. Multiverses expand themselves because that is what Love does. Universes follow only The Word...The Logos of Creation who wishes to know itself in an expansive way both inwards and outwards.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    of light into darkness, of fullness into emptiness, of love into fear.
    -Light into darkness? .This "vision" is a War. It's like saying US troops go into Iraq because there is a need to bring "light into darkness" out of "love" of course! lol
    -Fullness into emptiness sounds like "civilization" going into a virgin jungle to fill it with modernization and technology because there is so much "empty space" out there....
    -love into fear sounds like rape.

    I'm sorry...but Love does not go on a "mission" righting all the wrongs "out there", be it in society or in Cosmology. There is simply no need to.

    It's time to cut the mists with a Sword.

    Only when humans have MASTERED their fear, they can "eat it". They have to become it. Everyone has "the devil" inside. There resides all the Fear...the real and only true "darkness".
    Only the courageous stop running FROM fear and decide to look in the mirror. Yes, it does take some time to face it, acknowledge it, understand it and then absorb it... but to think that all you need is "love and light" to "defeat" it and ascend is a circular trap.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    That’s why there is no polarity in pure love.
    Yes, but not because love is "bigger and better", but because Love is ALL, including polarity.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    Nor is there any in pure fear. Because they are the two opposite poles from which the universe is created.
    There is no polarity in pure fear? No, no, no... Fear is one end of polarity. This Universe was NOT created out of Fear and its opposite pole: Non-Fear.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    One could say hate is the opposite of love...
    Hate, Fear, etc, etc, and so on and so forth.... is not the opposite of Love.

    Love has no opposite.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    I myself came to know true love by the releasing of fear.
    I am not implying this is your case, but many think releasing fear means to avoid it or to choose not to see it because it is "evil" and/or not very popular nowadays specially within the New Age lingo. And so, to those who still think that, I say:

    While it may be true that avoiding situations of Fear and trying yourself to avoid the feeling of Fear does help raise your vibration; It will be only momentarily and won't be long until the need arises to again keep avoiding it and/or judging it on a repeated basis in you and others. This will eventually drain you and will have you running in circles. What you resist, persists. Contemplate this.

    GB_Cobber wrote:
    I realised only fear that keeps us from being honest. Love demands it.
    Love does not need to demand. In the lower dimensions of duality, it will work itself effortlessly into whatever or whoever it is applied to.

    *I only share in hopes for us to come together in some kind of Unified Understanding of the fundamental structure of our Universe and therefore ourselves, which would help shed Light on how important it is that we are here at this time helping clearing the Mists... to create anew.

    In The Vesica,

    Xeia blue smile

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    Post  SuiGeneris Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:33 am

    Rok wrote:
    I am starting this topic here with intent of opinion exchange, guidance, elaboration....
    This is not my knowing. There is a part of me inside. Part that put it all together. The sources are many so are the information, but the understanding is not always there.

    Hi Rok,
    It is not your knowing?
    At what point do you think it will become your knowing?
    When you actually experience it and "processed" it yourself? If so... Do you think that always absolutely everything needs to happen to a human being personally in order to achieve an inner gnosis?
    What about the use of templates? Do you think that it's possible for humans to go through an experience and then relay that data "out there" for others to tune in and learn from?
    If you consider this, then...what do you think helps them tune in?

    Our emotions.

    Use them to bridge the gap between you and information.

    Rok wrote:
    Love as acceptance. You do not "warrior" what you dislike out of existence.

    lol... so true

    Rok wrote:
    Fear is not the opposite of love as love has no opposite. There is no such thing as non-creation. Everything that is, is a creation.

    Even a rock is/has consciousness.

    Rok wrote:
    Fear is a "mental distortion". It is a whisperer in the head. The one that always sneaks up on your thoughts and starts making "suggestions".

    or "conclusions"

    Rok wrote:
    Suggestions as of how something will not work, how this and that will go wrong, how doing it will hurt you, how you should do it to be safe and secure....etc

    ...the all too famous "worse case scenario" ...yes.

    Rok wrote:
    (whisperer:"bah what? you have lack of confidence due to your 3rd chakra being closed? are you insane? get some Prozac and on with the more important business of survival and safety")

    Whisperer: "Will you risk stating that all this data you have inside is your OWN knowing? What tha...! People will think you're an arrogant know-it-all and shit! They will point fingers! They will label me! I won't be liked! Aaaahhhhhh! Get your act together and act "humble"!!! big smile

    Rok wrote:
    So love is not something you do by buying flowers, saying it all the time, writing poems, having sexual relations, intimate relations, proclaiming it on radio...etc It is also not to be demanded, expected, proven, wanted...etc

    These are expressions of romantic love. What's wrong with expressing your feeling inside? ...with expressing your emotions so long they are genuine?
    There is a very clear distinction between this type of love and the idea of Cosmic Love that is the very fiber of Creation. Everyone on this thread seems to be confused about the two.

    Rok wrote:
    It might be that the above could use some other term.

    Why? Why make it more difficult than it is? It's simpler to call things what they are...expressions of love. When humans love, it is only natural to want to express their Passion in these and a myriad of other different ways.
    Our Passion is a gift and we should be proud to have it and courageous enough to be able to express it with no restrictions to the full extent of our imagination! ET's observe us and are in awe at our capacity to express love.
    The issue of conditional and unconditional is another issue altogether.

    Rok wrote:
    Love is. It is here. You are here. Accept it, allow it.

    Being able to recognize it, is a blessing...!


    Water=Feelings The second element to be mastered after the first one Air=Mind

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    Post  SuiGeneris Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:37 am

    Of course we all will come to different “conclusions” (as much as I dislike that word) because each has their own perspective and experiences that are fitting for them. But it is not because of this that the world continues to be a mess.

    This “mess” is only apparent… everything is in good order in the Universe. Order out of chaos. It is true that the most immoral and irresponsible people have been at the top of the heap, but their reign will only last until “the end of time”… which is upon us now in our time. The rats are not winning, for no one can go against the Logos ~ The Grand Master plan of Creation.

    And about the second coming… The Christ will not come; it is already here transforming everything from the inside out.

    As far as “surviving”, it depends on how fast people realize that the “nasties” are themselves really. This is an individual “ascension” process. Mass ascension will only come when people are already living in oneness, perhaps from fifth density onto the higher dimensions.

    People fall for the victim mentality very easily and truly believe the sorry state of affairs the world is currently at, is all the fault of the other ones or the evil ones right there and over there…pointing a finger, never taking responsibility for anything.

    Females are not superior to males as males are not superior to females. Male and female are simply two sides of the same coin. The female empowerment when taken to the extreme as the feminist movement for example, is another deception to create yet again more confusion. It is true that males need to become more like females, but only as much as females need to become more like males also. But this has nothing to do with being or becoming “gay” or not. It has to do with accepting the other side of yourself, because we all have both genders inside. This is a spiritual integration as well as a mental one, creating actual changes in the physical body.

    (114) Simon Peter said to him, "Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life."
    Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven."
    The Gospel of Thomas

    Always In Love,

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    Post  SuiGeneris Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:42 am

    orthodoxymoron wrote:I have done a lot of speculating and questioning. I don't feel confident about any of it...
    Watch 'Hathor' and 'Powers That Be' on hulu(dot)com...Watch the movie 'Avatar' and read between the lines.

    What did YOU read between the lines? Do you think it is just another flick like most think, or were you able to discern its true message?

    Indeed there are many questions here and everywhere... and these unanswered questions create uncertainty, insecurity, uneasiness, anxiety, fear... in a word...chaos.

    But is this chaos truly "evil"?

    Have you ever wondered if it was necessary?

    humans search for a way to define the darkside, what is it exactly, what does it look like? what is its name, Satan? Lucifer? Is it a man, a woman, a black woman, a green alien? an idea, something "real"?...etc..

    Their search will continue on and on...in an endless circle, unless they are willing to sacrifice their own selves to know the Truth. Their ego must "die", only to be reborn again and be rebuilt by the conscious self as a tool and not as a master anymore.

    This chaos is not only "out there" it is also inside.
    This darkness is not only "out there" it is also inside.

    If humans really want to be able to understand "evil" and all its 3D representations, they must first be able to understand themselves.

    orthodoxymoron wrote:I think we should study the esoteric subjects exhaustively - but I think this is a very, very dangerous pursuit - and one should use extreme caution. We are not as smart as we think we are - and we are easily confused and deceived.

    Sadly not many have the courage to go that deep. They sense (as you have) the "danger" when getting only "warm" on certain metaphysical or esoteric subjects.

    That is their own ego sensing its destruction, and it is the ego itself, who for its own benefit and safety confuses and deceives humans making them think "they are not as smart as they think they are" There lies the real problem, for truly, human beings are infinitely smarter than they think they are.

    orthodoxymoron wrote:We need to know the truth even if it hurts.

    Yes it is necessary... and the level of pain each will experience in this metamorphosis will be equivalent to the amount of deconstruction of the self each one has to undergo. Humans have been conditioned to fear the unknown, to fear pain and try to avoid it at all cost, to fear questioning...but it is only through the mastery of their own fears, that the "doors of heaven" will open and all their questions will be answered.

    If "God" resides within, then the "Devil" is also within. If humans fear the "Devil" then they will fear themselves, and they will never find answers to their many questions.

    orthodoxymoron wrote:...This could all be very important.

    It is indeed very important.

    With Love and In Love,

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    Post  Didymos Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:10 pm

    Great Gosis Xeia, especially your discourse with Rok and Orthodoxymoron!
    Well done, you are coming of the human age!

    PS.: Apparently you have 'worked out' the human ego; the one 'disharmony' (imo) was your support of moderation on behalf of Carol versus Starninja.

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    Post  Guest Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:43 pm


    By saying it is not "my knowing" i meant to state that, i did not go through all the actual experiences, to be able to develop some of the concepts myself...concepts like thought being a source and light being a building block of all that is, including human body which is a life form, thought into the existence, adapted to the conditions of this planet (sadly humans are now trying to adapt the planet to them). I did experience the "Earthly" things but those alone where not enough to make sense out of it without just presenting a believe of what love is to be.

    ADDITION: you actually did not comment on the entire post, just some parts of it...you left out the "main" thing that lead me to say it is not my info.

    Yes one has to experience the "process" itself to actually be familiar with it.

    I do not know about the templates. All is possible regarding that but at this moment it is just guess work and can be "taken into the account" but the lack of information and proper understanding (understanding not believing) prevents from applying it outside theory.

    ADDITION: could be that at this time it can not be applied at all given the "restraints" of this reality

    Emotions are there to balance reason and the other way around. Too much of just one can lead into great distortion.

    LOL - the "whisperer" part. It is not my data..not all of it. I just made a synopsis of various things (that includes "my data" but it is not just that). The sources i used even contradicted each other at some points so i went and "put the dots together" on what seemed "reasonable".

    What people term as romance is most frequently filled with the expectations and feedback demands (and you KNOW this!) In most possible state of honesty it can be admitted that making someone feel nice and happy does the same to the "doer" and as such it is in a way a selfish act.

    Example: he, unannounced, brings her the flowers he know she likes and she is all happy about it and it makes her all cuddly and stuff

    She is happy so he is happy. It could be said here that if he did it just to make himself happy than it is a self service action but it could also be stated that giving pleasure is receiving pleasure and thus empower it more and more...or simply giving is receiving (depends on what you give). So if he is faking it, she will feel drained in no time and it will lead to ....entropy (the same goes if she is in self service mode)

    I also think that some sort of distinction can be made. One is able to love all that is but...should that mean that one should be able to experience romance and intimacy with all that is? I do not see romance and intimacy as a need to express love. It can be part of it if one makes a choice to be part of it....but it is not a must.

    So that is why i said it should be given some other term.

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    Post  SuiGeneris Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:31 am

    Didymos wrote:PS.: Apparently you have 'worked out' the human ego; the one 'disharmony' (imo) was your support of moderation on behalf of Carol versus Starninja.
    The only "disharmony" my dear Wizard is your inability to perceive my femme motive, intention and purpose for said advise. wink
    Remember... not all is as it seems. Everything else is on good order.

    Loving you as myself,

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    Post  Inanna Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:23 pm

    Rok and Xeia --

    i want to add my words to Didymos' ... i am SO impressed with the WISDOM coming out of the BOTH of you !

    Rok ... the FIRST TIME i came back on this site (after a long hiatus) i was in the thread where the "Elite Insider's" thoughts were posted & you asked several questions. in my FIRST reply (which was erased accidentally), i commented on how much more "mature" and/or "calm" i felt you had become since last i was "around" on a regular basis. i was definitely WORRIED that this comment might sound "condescending," and i even apologized to you to that effect. but REALLY i was "Struck" by the "different vibe" i felt emanating from you ! hope you "hear" that like i INTEND it, brother ... cause i certainly DON'T want to say that i thought you were "dumm" or "immature" before ... or anything LIKE that. but the change ... SOME change ... was indeed OBVIOUS to me ... and i was SO impressed! maybe i just "sold you short" before, but i Don't Think So. you were "good" before ... and now you're even "gooder."

    and xeia, sister ... i could ALMOST say the same thing about you ! (so WAIT ... does this mean that it might actually be ME that's "grown & matured" in the interim ?!? i can only HOPE!) i knew you were a "Smart Cookie" BEFORE now ... but really, honey, recently i HAVE been EXTRA impressed with the depth of your Understanding/Perception ... and also with your sharpened powers of Expression. you speak Truth without Fear ... and you do it with Persuasive Clarity ... there's a new Power i feel coming from you ... it's WONDERFUL !

    jumping new guy omg dance cheers sunny3 wub band 2thumbs flowers trophy

    i LUV LUV LUV youse guys !!!

    Inanna Kali

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    Post  SuiGeneris Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:23 pm

    Carol wrote:It's been a rudderless ship from the onset. Bill likes to take off and leave everything up the the admin.
    The PTB were able to see this and it wasn't really that difficult for them to recognize what was happening in Avalon for some time now and take advantage of it.

    The year of the rabbit just started and it's already speeding full ahead...and JT, if you think this is crazy just wait 'till the end of March! Many ppl are concerned about march 15th and have asked me what do i feel about this prediction or that one...What i would say in general is that the energies are very strong and will get stronger starting March 28. It is normal that things are deteriorating as they are everywhere you look...we are in the middle of the Apocalypse...words cut like swords and everything is turning inside out.

    The recent "Pole Shift" at Avalon does not surprise me...some were able to see it coming for some time now, however, i do not see it as a deliberate attempt to bring down the forum completely... but only to control it better.

    The timing is impeccable... just before the new phase coming or mini fractal and not before some ppl who became a liability were removed from the scene. This is not a coincidence. I can agree it mirrors the chaos last year about this time with the AV1 fallout, but only energy-wise for Abraxas should not be compared to "Charles" as if they had the same intention, not in the least. Iow, the PTB knows the timeline and uses it for their own agenda. They take advantage of these influxes of energy coming to Earth, and prepare much in advance what steps to take and when, in order to bring about their desired results.
    Bill is not capable of orchestrating all of what happened on his own...he is being played and he may not even be aware of it, or perhaps he is but has decided not to do much about it since he has felt first hand the power these ppl hold and how dangerous they are, specially now when everything is intensifying.

    Atticus lied... Atticus hid, what else is new? I never trusted him, and it may very well be possible that he is lying about his illness just to gain sympathy. What a horrible thing to say right? But the PTB is capable of this and more.

    Now, he may be a "good person" in spirit, but he is nothing more than a pawn himself sent to INCEPT an idea into Bill's head, that he is a descendant of King Arthur (for pure manipulation), sent to gather all data possible from the inside through Celine of course (the easiest target due to her more than obvious condition) in order to ultimately oust her and Richard from the picture possibly even with the help of this "Gypsy" woman. (I'm a true gypsy and -damn is she giving us a bad name)...and why was this needed? because Avalon turned into 'Richard & Celine's forum' some time ago and through her chaotic influence, the forum would have eventually died off due to members' non interest in her personal pursuits.

    Why is Avalon so important for the PTB? It is not. It could be Godlikeproductions or any other forum, what matters is not the title or the host or even the amount of posts it has... but the members themselves and the energy they carry.

    Only one awakened soul can equal to 1,000 "Celine followers" or non-awakened ones for instance, in that their clarity of thinking and the energy they portray and share has great impact and can shape perceptions. This is crucial to them...and they don't need to hire ppl to read each and every word on every post to target "potentials" as someone thought, they have software that can very easily do that. Once the house has been targeted, they decide whether to own it or burn it, and i think in the case of Avalon they decided to own it, at least for a while... until it no longer serves their purpose.

    I waited to see Richard's actions in this past 24 hrs after Bill's initial announcement that he will ban him and his wife just to be sure of this. Celine apologized and pleaded to Bill not to ban Richard saying she will go... and i thought to myself of course she is offering to go... with Richard still as head Admin nothing will change for them at all. She could even re-enter later on under a different handle.

    I knew she was privy to member's PMs for a long time...even the ones we Thubans sent to each other at the time of Abraxas' ban. Yes John, this is something that has been done and will continue to be done by those who want to and CAN do it. Not all mods have done it... most do not know how to anyway or don't have enough access, but my intuition has always told me so. That's been pretty obvious to me... i don't know how it still escapes ppl, all it takes is to read between the lines and sometimes it's right ON the line!

    Richard and Celine, Atticus and GW and their "honor" and petty little games in the sandbox about who betrayed who and how, are really a distraction from what's really going on behind the scenes... energy manipulation. What's interesting to me is the final outcome and what will come after the dust has settled. Project Avalon is now "OPEN" and under new management, and i don't mean Bill, that's why i say "new". My guess is that GW will be reinstated as well as some members who were previously banned by Richard and perhaps later on even Bill will come out with a notice saying it will no longer be an "invite only" forum...all in the spirit of this new phase of "transparency". Anything can happen...

    We'll see...

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    Post  Admin Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:35 am

    Lionhawk wrote:Thuban Fleet.........

    Had a small little session today that involved this fleet. They are on their way alright. But regretfully won't get here.

    Xeia's Archives ❤(。◕‿-。)❤  - Page 2 Mother

    By the power vested in me from The Sacred Feminine ~ Mother Earth herself and as a mini fractal of her own BodyMind-MindBody Consciousness,  I, Waterflyer Xeia Kali SuiGeneris Leviathan of the Realms of Heaven and Dove of the Resurrection and as Andromedan Ambassadora & Captain of an ExtraGalactic Thuban Fleet Vessel; will now proceed to address your statements for much needed clarification.  

    Lionhawk, I honestly don't know what you are channeling in these "sessions" of yours, but whatever or whoever it is,  it's not Mother Earth.  If you are so interested in what you call "Thuban Fleet", you should at least come to a true understanding of what it is before you decide to attack it.  Let me update you it is already here, and will make itself known in due time.  It is inevitable.

    Mother also said she never invited them or their agenda.

    The Mother of all of Creation is not selective but all inclusive.  Oh how confusing all this must be for you....what you call the "Thuban Fleet" is in fact a Key and integral part of Mother's very own agenda for her upcoming birth.

    Then to top all this off, I was given a package of energy to sample.

    I sincerely advise you not to engage in "sample energy transfers" with unknown entities!  (Big motherly sigh)

    The energy sample was "like" along the lines of a devil worshiper doing a ritual to draw in an evil spirit and when the evil spirit finally came through, it basically decapitated the worshiper.

    Open your heart and learn to see who your real Mother is.  This "devil worshiper" you speak about is YOU.  YOU just did a ritual and drew in an "evil spirit" who fed you all these lies.  You did it last time and it zapped you in the leg!  Now you have summoned it again and when it finally came through, it did in fact decapitate you....since you have now officially lost your head.  You were warned...yet you did not heed any warnings...So be it.

    So maybe what doors you have opened is going to bite your butt when it gets here type of thing.

    The "door" YOU have opened between you and this FAKE "Mother" should be giving you great concern.  You let yourself wide open and these entities you channel already did some testicle zapping LOL...this time you might be bitten in the butt as you say....be careful what you wish for!!

    But then again, if your fleet doesn't get here what are you going to do next?

    My Thuban Fleet ISS here, geared and ready for action.

    To give credit where it is due.....  you guys never give up.

    We as Pioneers and Starhuman Templates know we are very much loved and our unwavering spirit is exactly what is needed at this time...

    But in case you haven't been paying attention, certain entities are not going to stand there and watch some Thuban fleet to come into this solar system to hijack another system.

    The only thing hijacked here is your logic my son.

    Let's just say our solar system has grown some balls over night and what used to be so easy to do in the past won't be so easy to do in the future.

    What is it with human boys always wanting to introduce their phallus into everything or thinking things would all of a sudden grow balls as if they were tomatoes? The past and future are both here in the present moment, but if you don't yet see it, then continue to expect things to get harder for you in the "future" for they shall be!

    The arrogance always acts like it forgot something.

    You seem to have forgotten your head somewhere indeed...

    That something also has a higher purpose that can't be molded by anything on the outside of itself since the Creator gave breath to it with a thought. That original thought is what the arrogance has forgotten.

    This here at least sounds as if you are trying to say something...don't think some New Age lingo will make up for original thought.  

    Notice I didn't throw in any complicated math in there.

    Considering you are a headless hawk, I will take it easy on you and will not throw any at you at this time.  But know that math is everywhere, It is part of the very basic structure of life itself.  Look at it this way...you ARE "complicated math".  

    I also was shown all this recently so I am sharing it with you since it concerns your group and I do hope you choose wisely as to what you expect might be a grand disappointment.

    I am disappointed at the level of blindness a human from the old world can reach...but all is in good order.

    All I know is that this Solar System is on a different path than the
    path of a hijacking dragon mindset.

    So this is all you know?  No wonder.  Not only the Solar system is on a path of change...the entire Multiverse is, and this "hijacking Dragon mindset" of which you speak has already ran it's course and it is now in it's last stages of development and ready to harvest.

    That old hijacking system decorated as a wonderful mysterious seductive piece of "  " isn't going to work like before.

    Do not be so afraid of being seduced, hijacked, zapped, beheaded....there's so much fear in your words...I sincerely feel for you.

    This solar system has woken up and many other factions are also going to find out the hard way.

    You are also one of the ones who needs to wake up...truly.  You are so immersed into "factions" and all these games in duality...evil entities...etc...

    But don't take my word for it. And I mean that. Good luck researching this out. If you try to do that, you won't need the math to do so. Just a helpful hint.

    We don't give any credence to your "word"...

    We don't need to "research" any NABS either...those who wish to find out what we are truly about can go to our sites and try to decipher our data by themselves or they could very simply approach us in a more intimate manner and ask.  No "mystery" here.

    You can't even be honest with yourself.  You are not trying to be "helpful", you are only spreading disinformation and fear with your assumptions.  

    It would be wise to stop what you are doing, and take a look in the mirror.

    In the Vesica,

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    Post  SuiGeneris Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:25 pm

    Hi SuiGeneris,

    It's Aaron.

    I am curious about how to raise my awareness. First I want to ask how you did it. Were you always a waterbender? Did you teach yourself? Did you have a teacher? I've always been an observer and fairly adept at teaching myself but there are so many choices available. I am fortunate to have some free time between now and January. I think this is a reasonable amount of time that should be committed solely toward personal growth. I want to push through some of the barriers that hold me back and you've helped me identify that I need to focus. Do you think you could help me focus on right and good things? I want to know what my gifts are so that I can help.

    <<< I am curious about how to raise my awareness. First I want to ask how you did it.

    [10:47:37 AM] Xeia: It is a process. It's like asking...how do you grow? You just do. The human being is wired that way. i know many are feeling left out, and that there will not be enough "time" left for them to "get it"...that feeling is justifiable because it is in fact true. Contrary to common belief, this process does not start nor does it finish in an accumulative fashion...(gathering information) it starts with the removal of obstacles and programmings that are deeply ingrained in the human psyche. This is the "emptying of the glass" of all the murky waters...iow, all the shit that you've been led to believe by the Matrix itself. it is scary...for you will feel as if the ground is moving under your feet..but this is a necessary step if you are to truly transform yourself from the inside out. later on in this process, there is indeed a time when you start to gather the correct data from sources given to you by Logos itself, but no amount of information will ever do you any good unless you start to live by it. This is also something that most are very scared of doing because nowadays that would mean living "by your own standards" and not what is being imposed onto you by society...you then literally become and feel...an outcast. The final stage in this process is too soon for me to discuss with you at this time.

    <<< Were you always a waterbender?

    [10:49:57 AM] Xeia: depends on what your interpretation of "always" is

    <<< Did you teach yourself?

    [10:50:10 AM] Xeia: yes

    <<< Did you have a teacher?

    [11:10:20 AM] Xeia: yes

    <<< I've always been an observer and fairly adept at teaching myself but there are so many choices available.

    Too many yes, and it is this way for many reasons. if what you mean by "choices" are things like: Yoga, Tantra, Buddhism, Religion, Science, Astrology, Physics, Magic, Atheism, New Age, etc...all of these have parts in them that can help anyone who already knows how to discern and not fall into a dogmatic approach...but ANY of these (and all others) can become a trap if you approach them from only one perspective...YOURS. In order to become your own teacher you need to eat ALL of these methods...SEE them for what they are and incorporate them INTO yourself. That way you don't only have one perspective inside you...you all of a sudden find yourself with all perspectives. It's all about integration. How could you become "all knowing" if you only see one side of the Prism? That doesn't mean following all of these at any given point, even though you are allowed to explore anything and everything you are curious about (as you should), you should always ALLOW data in...to be able to reach your HEART for It is there where your thinking "mind" is. And since everything in life happens in cycles....after your "data accumulation" period ends, your "shedding" can then begin again....but then it'll be a different type of shedding....on a more intimate level with yourself...one layer closer to the center of the onion...

    <<< I am fortunate to have some free time between now and January.

    [11:17:56 AM] Xeia: Use your time wisely

    <<< I think this is a reasonable amount of time that should be committed solely toward personal growth.

    [11:17:59 AM] Xeia: A few months is nothing compared to the grander scheme of things...in fact, human beings' ENTIRE LIFETIME is usually not enough to be truly committed to personal growth and achieve favorable results...hence reincarnation, karma, etc.

    [11:22:15 AM] Xeia: Right now it's "crunch time" literally, for time is compressing in all dimensions in order to reach a point of maximum polarization in everything and everyone...any effort that any human would give to the realization of the self will have great impact and everlasting consequences...and even for some who are ready....FOREVER

    <<< I want to push through some of the barriers that hold me back and you've helped me identify that I need to focus.

    [11:32:29 AM] Xeia: Not only focus...you need to hyperfocus. If you only knew what is really at stake...you would not wish for anything else at all, no matter what...anytime, anyplace.....to finally be ready for your next step. It is like a child, who is born to be an astronaut...to be the first one to make "contact" with "alien" beings....but right now has only began to crawl. It is something completely new for him....something simple yet extraordinary for him...from his perspective...form his pov. and in truth..it IS magnificent and fantastic for he has finally found something called self mobility and can now feel independent for the first time in his life...yet, he still doesn't know what it is to walk...he still doesn't know what it is to run, how does it feel like to jump off an airplane and "fly". How can you tell him what it is that he is missing if he is not courageous enough to take a chance to stand up for himself? to take the first steps? do you push him? NO!! you can't do that...for you will scare him and could potentially retard his growth...you don't interfere so directly...you only give support and offer guidance....it is the same way with humans and their "guides"

    [11:37:41 AM] Xeia: Everything happens at the right time. Everything in the Universe is a song of mathematical precision. Remember, when the student is ready...the teacher appears. And the real teacher doesn't tell you things so that he can be believed...the real teacher lets you find out by yourself, because it is YOUR own vision that needs to be changed or refined...the changes must happen from the inside out.
    [11:40:26 AM] Xeia: Only then will it be of any use to you.

    <<< Do you think you could help me focus on right and good things?

    [11:41:02 AM] Xeia: Yes, but most of all i could help you focus on the "wrong and bad" things.
    [11:44:59 AM] Xeia: If you pretend to focus only on the "good" so that you could feel "holy" and self righteous, you will be wasting your time...time that you don't have anymore.
    [11:45:58 AM] Xeia: you can't polarize yourself.

    <<< I want to know what my gifts are so that I can help.

    [11:52:34 AM] Xeia: The faster and ONLY way you could EVER help others, is by helping yourself first. Only when you've proved yourself worthy and you are finally given Gnosis by the Logos, you will be in a position of "helping" whoever you feel can benefit from you. Even if it is by being in your mere presence (physical, mental or etheric), others will be affected by your "higher Light"...by resonance.

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    Post  SuiGeneris Sun Jan 04, 2015 8:51 pm

    From our Thuban Coven...

    Xeia's Archives ❤(。◕‿-。)❤  - Page 2 Lonely-Sad-Man-21913_zps7a0df8f1
    You know it seems like from my experience with talking with so many people especially so called spiritual people it is just different variations of psychosis trying to find a common ground to work from. me and you mesh so well for example in that you love my friendship and the rawness I once showed you and the mystery I once possessed whereas I love your femaleness and your nature and find you quite sexy (in terms of attraction). but for most others it is like two speeding bullets hitting each other and bouncing off. my particular psychosis for example is always involving me believing I am more than I am using various characters from both myth and more standard modes of story telling. But truly I am but a simple lonely boy with but few secrets to share and a desire for life marred by an equal desire for death.  So really it all boils down to especially in the case of spiritual people, does your bs mesh with their bs...

    How do you feel about this?

    This craziness you call psychosis is more than understandable at times like these, it is excusable and perhaps even necessary.

    Necessary to be able to carry forward all these waves of quantum energy in the form of new patterns of thought, or at least to be able to hold them while the 3d world goes through its physical transformations.
    Something that a conformist mainstream old world mentality would not be able to handle simply because it is not "crazy" enough to imagine anything out of the norm; so new energy can't find a reliable anchor in those vessels.

    Yes, many lose themselves in trendy ideas only to later realize that maybe they went too far or it could be that they would never see that they did, or they find themselves way too comfortable to sway from what they started...they find a cozy nook with like minded people and close their search because in that group-mind they think they have found the truth...or at least what they consider enough of it.

    And you could find really crazy people even if there wasn't any new age....and within it, within this new mental environment some may become truly psychotic, specially if they had a predisposition for mental illness, but i would dare say that is not often the case...
    But so long you stand in your own truth, that which comes from your heart as well as your mind or heartmind, you should be ok.

    You mustn't think you are "losing it" or label yourself psychotic or anything else that carries a negative connotation because then you would only be feeding the doubt that inevitably always lies somewhere hidden inside of you.

    Instead, always give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

    You don't want to send the wrong message to all of those cells in your body...in this you have to be very careful, since you don't want to incept yourself with notions that may eventually...if left unchecked...could stagnate you into numbness and despondency.

    Why not give yourself enough leeway to at least dream the dream?...if you feel that maybe you are not ready to try to live the dream yet.  Specially if you feel with all your heart that "your story" is real....why kill it at its inception? why sabotage something that not even you know for sure that it is not real?

    How could you create your life if you don't first visualize it and see it as you wish it to be?
    how could you live in a world of instant manifestation, if you do not first practice how that is done in a world where the slow passage of time allows this to be?

    So how could you ever know for sure if you are this...who you think yourself to be....how could you ever become it, if you do not even allow the possibility for it ever to become true...in mind? and even more so, what if you already were this, and you are only being set up to remember yourself little by little?

    If you come across an idea that you heard from someone or you read it somewhere or you dreamt it, it doesn't matter, and it ignites a "spark" in you, an image or a remembrance or even if it's just a feeling...if it speaks to you somehow...do not just dismiss it thinking it is impossible for it to be associated to you or it sounds too crazy or whatever...and much less if it is someone else who is telling you that it cannot be for you or you cannot be so...

    Just listen to your gut feeling and keep it stored somewhere, it may be that if it is relevant to your evolution, in time you will make the connections needed to understand it fully, and if it isn't, in time you will simply not remember it...your mental computer has the capacity to do that and of course so much more.

    It is to your own benefit then to be open to all the information that you come across that makes sense to you, no matter how the state of your current conditioned mind or your "sane mind" might want to judge it or how much it may want to fight you to destroy it.

    This is a practice that the older generation for example has a much harder time with because of all the years of indoctrination and them living within this group mind for so long...unlike the younger generations, who are already born say mentally 'upgraded' and have no problem with considering something that makes sense to them as viable and true.

    Maybe you can agree that having self doubts is a natural thing, and some call it healthy and yes maybe to a certain degree in certain instances...it is, it is inevitably a part of life for sure; but when it comes to something you inherently know...an inner gnosis, there is no room for doubt.  when you are just coming to an understanding of who you are and what you are, doubt tends to dissipate progressively as your experiences gradually show you more and more of exactly what you want to find out.

    A day will come when you stand firm in your own truth and you will no longer doubt who you are, and it will be then and only then when you will feel strong enough to remake yourself anew according to your own wishes and desires.

    You will be the master, you will own the slate...you will be both the painter and the painting and you will no longer ever believe that you are 'more than you are', since you will finally realize that there are truly no limits to you and what you can become.

    Myth is real, and you can use all modes of story telling to make yourself a story that in the end will be worthy of you.

    Perhaps you feel as a simple lonely boy now, but the mere fact that you thought about these things shows your keen self awareness, and this is a lot considering the state that humanity is in right now.

    Hold on to your desire for life because therein lies hope, the Fire to keep moving forward and to never stop searching; and let your desire for death be...the death of everything that you know does not belong, everything that would stop you from reaching your goals...everything that would keep you from imagining yourself as you want to be.

    No matter what happens, never stop dreaming...

    In the Vesica,

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