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    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry


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    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Empty Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry

    Post  Didymos on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:42 am

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Astro110

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Astro111

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Astro112

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Astro113

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Astro210

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Astro211

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Astro212

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    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Empty Re: Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry

    Post  Didymos on Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:18 am

    The Spregovori Letter as an Introduction to Dragon Astroanalysis 101

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Spregovori
    Sent: Tuesday, 28 December 2010 10:37 AM
    To: omniphysics@cosmosdawn.net
    Subject: chart-final v1

    This is what i have gathered and put together...given what u told me.
    Now if u are tired or don't feel like it...just look at it later...some other day etc....

    I might have put it together in a wrong way.

    I left some ??? marks from time to time...meaning "Ammm What?"
    I am sorry if there are too many of such marks...
    I am sorry if i asked questions but answers are already in the mail (that i do not see the relations)...it is likely to happen...

    Do you think that all the needed info is already in the mail or is there anything significant that you can add to it? Like more about house 8 and 7?

    If you feel there are things that you could tell but that time is not yet right for you to tell them (you once spoke about the logos authority) than i will understand (while having curiosity of a child of why why why...) but please just state at places that there is more but i have to wait.

    Thank you

    House 1:

    no balance

    triple conjunction

    Dragon in Gemini is what links me to Thuban as Cosmic ID, the Dragon Node in Gemini is my Cosmic Balance my New Moon harmonizing my Taurus Moon.
    These are Saros cycles (???) of 19 years, so at age 38 i would have a return...but since i find myself in these times of transform i cant wait like "normal" people to turn 38.
    I have to to fast track the Saros.
    Wherever the Dragon Node is there you will find the Father of Thoth - Balance of the judgment (???)
    In case of Sui it is in friendship house - my power house = connection

    Shows that my life perspective is cyclic in the ecliptic maneuvers over and below like the head and tail of a coin (???)

    In cosmic terms it means that the returns of the dragon node will also engage the 9 year root reductions of the elemental gematria10=1 and 11=2 and 12=3 9 instead of 12 (???)

    House 2:

    no balance

    Venus ( cancer shadowing it as cosmic mother energy - ???) rules house 2 and this makes me easy going in a manner of the possessions - the potential to have great troubles with matriarchy (???)

    Venus=Lucifer=Jesus(?), my dawning, (???) is in the same house as Mercury in the dreams. Venus is very potent (power trigger) because its my ascendant planet - brings me close to the morning star of the logos

    House 3:

    no balance

    ??? anything else?

    House 4:

    no balance

    ???anything else?

    House 5:

    social affairs, love affairs

    squares in elemental mutability

    Preventing me from being easy going (social etc) as expected are Saturn and Pluto - both reversed - slowing things down dramatically and this manifests in form of suppression and can become depression.

    the depression can be overcomed by creativity (computer games etc)

    House 6:

    the father energy is here (???)

    Saturn, pets again showing that the easy way for me is to find a greater cosmic family. Same as Fumanda.
    (my cosmic family are animals???)

    Sexuality comes in strongly because Pluto of Scorpio is strongly aspect-ed in this house.
    Sex also as a healing mode and relaxation.
    My sex house for is Capricorn, ruler of which is Saturn in the 5th house - best thing for me in terms of expressing kundalini is to forget all about laws and regulations, i should be the lawmaker myself (??? i
    should screw the rules and have a lot of sexual fun...mental or physical??)

    House 10:

    work, empty - no real job of fulfillment in the old world

    (what about new world???)

    House 11:

    harmonizing opposites of the planets(???)

    House 12:

    harmonizing opposites of the planets(???)

    great Healing in 12 = why Sui is so attracted, Sui's Cosmic ID is all abut healing and Chiron, Chirons are 20 degree apart relative to the ASCENDANT...my above and Suis bellow. Suis Chiron is in Aries, where my Sun is. She seeks healing in my Sun = DAWNING Trigger (???)

    Rest (meaning do not know where to fit):

    i am generally dominated by Jupiter

    family, communication, money all up in the air philosophy, sex, legacies, work are all empty

    empty houses MEAN I am free to create

    no midnight sun in the chart
    descendant meaning SUNSET is full to the brim

    my NEMESIS is Virgo in the midnight Sun (??? I have troubles with virgos?)

    Venus and Neptune represent Love minor and Love major

    ALL my planets from Jupiter to Pluto (except Chiron) are REVERSED = things develop deep and slow
    I do not 'develop' at the pace of most other males. Slowness is my strong Taurus energy, this puts the 'brakes' on my Aries fire impulsiveness.
    Slowed in terms of my life force and my Sun and so I feel this throughout my life in conjunct with my natural Aries ruler Mars conjunct my Moon ALL in Taurus.

    All of my outer planets are retro = even more slowing me down - self perceptions of my destiny or expectations.
    This forces me to, whilst taking a day by a day, to thoroughly INTEGRATE everything I experience and encounter (it becomes a part of me???) There are no shortcuts or
    easy ways out for me.

    Mars-Moon-Mercury ARE very close together with Moon and Mars EXACT = emotional WAR ZONES
    All my emotional basic structure is colored by this Mars, therefore the WAR ZONE. I am emotionally at war with myself, but this is greatly controlled by the Taurus sign.

    I find it easy to communicate with pets/animals

    triple conjunction in Taurus, the Sun is in Aries 16 degrees away

    redemption and awakening is ALL FOUND in friends and social
    interactions, this awakens my potential

    Now in regards to the future; my work, philosophy, legacy houses are all empty ruled by Neptune, Uranus, Saturn. So being empty means I CAN COMPOSE my own path WITHOUT influence from those houses, like the case with most other people.

    My chart is very difficult to LIVE 'normally'...but knowing the template allows me to make informed decisions

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    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Empty Re: Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry

    Post  Didymos on Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:19 am

    Hi Spregovori - Rock of the Logos!

    I have taken the liberty to publish your questions about your astrochart within a greater context of allowing anyone interested to become familiar with what this ancient omni-science is all about.
    I so shall utilize your questions and queries in a deeper context to allow anyone in possession of the basic natal template to begin a self-education about the interpretation of the nativity, the contract of the magneto attuned cosmic genetic encoding so to say.

    There are a number of Thubans here, which can greatly benefit in a Speed-Course of Introduction to Dragon Astroanalysis 101 and the numerologically inclined thinkers like Serafina could even consider a career as an Astroanalyst in the New World to help the older children of the human family in certain self realisations and discoveries.

    The validity of astrology in its geometric foundation applied to the magnetic energy induction of the 'frozen spacetime photo' of the natal chart are exhibited in the first message on this forum.

    This then couples the genetic astroencoding to the physical cosmology of the movement of the planets through the 12 houses as indicated. It is not the gravitational interaction of those planets moving across the ecliptic planes; but it is the geometry of the angular configurations, which induce a higher dimensional magnetic energy in the form of magnetocurrents into the planetary focus point of the configuration of those houses and the planets.

    The deeper omniphysics here then relates to questions what mass is as a form of condensed higer dimensional light; called 'the spirit' in colloquial usage and more technically Electromagnetic Monopolar Radiation or EMMR to distinguish it from 'ordinary' ElectroMagnetic Radiation always found to be a derivative of mass in say the fusion protons in stars being accelerated centripetally to produce this same EMR in the form of photons. To be a little more precise, the EMMR maps the thing called electric charge in the lower dimensions as a magnetic charge from the higher dimension and so defines what this 'spirit' is in terms of membrane physics (where the big 3 space dimensions are extended to 12 (1+2=3) in the additioon of collapsed much smaller space dimensions and with time a connecter dimension not relevant in circular closure, but serving the linear evolvements of the comsologies).

    Well lets do AstroLogos Science and leave the Astrophysics for other parts on the cosmosdawn.com forum and related ones on heaven and raven.

    The Dragon Astroanalysis is developed in parts; beginning with the natal chart for any time in the chronos or timeflow of the calendars, any calendar.

    This natal chart is simply a 'snapshot' of the planetary geometric configuration of the zodiac or mazzaroth (Book of Job) at any tiime, say when a Mother-Child Unity separates in the birth of the child in its Independence from the mother's womb in taking its initial breath of being a unique individual imprinted by the geometric magnetoinduction of the planatary cosmic hologram.

    This is cosmic, because the zodiac of a geocentric system represents a hologram for the greater cosmos, should the Gaian planet be defined as a binary focus point for this greater cosmos in a universe and cosmology holographically defined.

    StarTime aka Sidereal Time

    Ok then, to construct this blueprint, you require a StarTime, called Sidereal Time, which superposes any Local Times and Daylight Saving Time and Sea Time and Mountain Time or whatever.
    This eliminates the rotation of the earth in almost 24 hours as a factor of the geometries of the houses in a standardization, called Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time UCT/GMT at an arbitrary geographical standardpoint in London in the UK.

    So StarTime sets the movement of the earth within a relatively stable and static background of the stars and also define the Sidereal Year in such a way, rendering the 24 hours of the Civil Day as 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds StarTime compared to the Civil (Mean Solar) Day.
    In astrophysical coordinates this is called the Right Ascension and is standardized at 0.00.00 at the vernal equinox of the observer's meridian, about March 20th/21st at the present time but March 23rd/24th so 2000 years ago.

    StarTime so becomes halved in the equinoxes in Spring and Autumn of any of the two global hemispheres and this is standardized as the 'Point of Aries" at StarTime 12.00 or Noon and as 'Point of Libra' at StarTime 0.00 or Midnight 24.00.

    At the Aries Point or Vernal Equinox, the Sun crosses the celestial equator South to North as the Northern Spring Equinox and at the Libra Point or Autumnal Equinox, the Sun crosses the celestial equator North to South as the Northern Autumn Equinox.

    Longitude Correction

    So you got the StarTime of your birth in your chart as 13 hours 27 minutes and 47 seconds. As the March equinox is 12 hours your Startime for April 14th will be a little more then that and this is the 1 hour 27 minutes difference.

    But this is also calibrated in about 4 minutes as the extrapolation between midnight the day before your birthtime and midnight following, a 24 hour period.
    So you see that 1 day calculates as about 4 minutes StarTime in any day and this slightly adjusts the Sidereal Time in the Ephemerides, the latter are simply calculated (now by computers, in Kepler's day they did it by hand poor bastards) tables for the angular degrees for the planets moving around the ecliptic relative to the fixed stars.

    Now the earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours and so the westward change in the angles becomes 15 degrees per hour for 360 degrees as 15x24=360.
    Slovenia is not that far away from England at 14° 22' Longitude and so your longitude correction is small in just under 1 hour as the 15 degree calibration.

    As the earth rotates westwards, the people born east of London (like you and Reimar and myself) must subtract the longitude corrcetion, whilst people born west of London (like Sui, Raven, Susan, Lola and Mike) are required to add the same.

    MidHeaven, Ascendant and Eclipses

    This then allows the astroanalyst to calculate the ascendant and the midheaven in simply adjusting the longitude corrections to the StarTime to the UCT/GMT birthtime standardized.
    The Midheaven or Midday Sun is the Medium Coelum (MC) and is simply 90 degrees or square the Ascendant (ASC) and opposite the Nadir as the Midnight Sun in 180 degtrees.
    The Descendant (DSC) is opposite the Ascendant as Sunrise or Dawn and Sunset respectively.
    Now Eclipses always occur for the Sun-Moon-Earth system at New Moon or at Full Moon.

    At New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are Conjunct and in the same sign and because the Moon is next to the Sun it can block the sun in a Solar Eclipse, either partial or full.

    At Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in Opposition and in opposite signs and here the earth can block out the Moon in its shadow cast by the sun behind it and so a Lunar Eclipse can eventuate either partial or full.
    So those ecliptic phenomena are of great interest in astrology, as they imply conjunctions and oppositions of two of the major players in the twelve-tiered geometrical sector (or house) system.
    So this completes Step 1 of Dragon Astroanalysis 101.

    The Ephemerides and the Old Astrology as basis for the New Dragon Science

    Step 2 is to obtain or look up an ephemerides giving you the Sidereal StarTime for all the configurations of the House Rulers in the astrochart. You so fill the Houses as the 12 30-degree sectors in an equal house astroanalysis.
    I use the Swiss Ephemerides, giving data for 6000 years; as my book (American Ephemerides for the 20th Century) only spans from 1900 to 2000: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/swepha_e.htm
    Also I utilize an equal house system,. where each house is 30 degrees.

    There are other systems, like Koch and Placidus, which incorporate latitude corrections, all which render the houses unequal and there are adherents and detractors for all systems.
    But say you live in Finnland and are born in Helsinki, because the latitide is near the northpole the houses become greatly skewed with some three times as big as others or thereabouts.

    The Thuban astroanalysis is unique in that it uses equal houses and has reconfigured the rulership of the houses in Libra and in Virgo.

    Many old astrologers in whatevwer system do not accept Chiron as the new ruler for Virgo, but many others do.
    Most, if not all old astrologers use the dragon node as the Head and Tail of the Saros Cycle for the ecliptic (and as eclipse indicatior); but i know of no astrologer who has assigned the DragonNode to Libra as the new Moon ruler for the Solar eclipses.

    This is why it is justified to term the Thuban Astroanalysis as something new in redefining the configuration of the DragonNode as the Intermediary for the Cardinality of Aries-cancer-Libra-Capricorn or 1-4-7-10.
    The Libra New Moon for the 7th House so becomes the actual Mirror between the Mother's 4th House of Cancer to the Father's 10th House of Capricorn in the sense of the Pythagorean tradition from say their Mesopotamian/Babylonian origins preceded by even older ones in the mythologies.
    The Cancer Full Moon so mirrors Saturn in the New Moon of the Thuban Dragon, previously associated with just the ecliptic movement of the Saros Cycle.

    Thuban astrology, so does away with the dual rulership as the remnant of the time, the outer slower moving planets were not known.
    This was known as the Sun=Leo-Father and Moon=Cancer-Mother Starry family with the Children of the Planets in Pairs:
    Mercury for Gemini and Virgo; Venus for Taurus and Libra; Mars for Aries and Scorpio; Jupiter for Sagittarius and Pisces and Saturn for Capricorn and Aquarius.

    Virgo-Mercury;...became Chiron but not universally accepted as yet
    Libra-Venus;...became the New Moon DragonNode not considered anywhere but in Thuban astrology
    Scorpio-Mars; ... became Pluto
    Aquarius-Saturn;...became Uranus
    Pisces-Jupiter;...became Neptune

    So then Thuban astroanalysis reformulates this older system in the New Moon Libra in harmony with the 13th starsign of the Ophiuchus in effect doubling the 12 houses to 24 in both male and female aspects. It also now mirrors the Father-Mother axis in Capricorn-Cancer, instead of having them adjacent as the Leo-Cancer.

    The Leo-Cancer association was derived from the scriptural encoding, the birthright of the cosmic twinship of Abel-Cain and Jacob-Esau then becoming Mannasseh-Ephraim and Pharez-Zarah and something also underpinning the Annunaki mythology of Enlil-Enki from the older Egyptian-Atlantean symbology of the Liontwin of Egypt in Shu-Tefnut becom ing Geb-Nut and the Osiris-isis with Set-Nephthys.
    The fourth son of Jacob to Leah was Judah and so Leo. Because Jacob's second wife rachekl could not fall pregnant, she gave Jacob his third wife Bilhah, her handmaiden and Bilhah bore Dan as Cancer as the fifth child of Jacob.

    But the astrosigns go Aries-Taurus-Gemini-Cancer-Leo-Virgo- and so on around the ecliptic plane and so the starsigns were 'breached' in the birthright as the 1stborn to Rachel in proxy to Bilhah switched birthright place with the 4th born of Leah.

    This is the reason for Cancer being before Leo in the sequence of the older Mother Moon - Father Sun system ; which was 'corrected' with the actual physical manifestation of the Lion of Judah in the Logos from 6BC to 33 AD.

    This 'Coming' of the manifested birthright holder or 'Shiloh' or 'anointed one' so reconfigured the zodiacal parameters and symbols in the so called changing of the Age of Aries into the Age of Pisces.
    Well then, following all this background information, the Thuban astrologer consults herhis ephemerides and places the 12 planets given into the circular alignment qwith the zodiacal wheel, defined in the 12 houses as given.

    The natal Chart of Spregovori below shows what such a calculated Chart of Thuban nativity looks like with astrological symbols as indicated.

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Astror12

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    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Empty Re: Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry

    Post  Didymos on Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:47 am

    To Be Continued
    House 1: DragonNode in Gemini

    Your cosmic Id is colouered by the lunar cycles of the head and the tail of
    the dragon in the saros of 19 years duration
    House 2 of Possessions: Empty in Cancer
    House 3 of Communications: Empty in Leo
    House 4 of Family: Empty in Virgo
    House 5 of Creativity Double Conjunct of retro Pluto and retro Saturn in
    Libra and Scorpio
    House 6 of Health and Pets: Double Conjunct retro Uranus and retro Jupiter
    in Scorpio
    House 7 of Partnerships; Reverse Neptune in Sagittarius
    House 8 of Sex and Legacies: Empty in Capricorn
    House 9 of Philosophy, Education and Travel: Empty in Aquarius
    House 10 of Work and Career: Empty in Pisces
    House 11 of Friends and Socials: Triple Conjunct of Sun, Moon and Mars in
    Aries and Taurus
    House 12 of Dreams: Triple Conjunct of Venus, Chiron and Mercury in Taurus
    and Gemini

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    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Empty Re: Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry

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    Grandmother Arachne=Circle=Snake=Paul=50
    A Creepy Doom and Glory of the Apocalypse in a Dichotomy Monadised

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Nude1 Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Nude3

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Suedak10 Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Grandma_arachne
    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Context
    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Olgabe10

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    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Empty Re: Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry

    Post  Didymos on Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:01 am

    Was this written in the stars?
    Panic swept the world recently as the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that our current astrological system
    may be off by as much as a month.
    This news spread like wildfire, invoking all sorts of reactions from zodiac followers the world over.
    But is it true?
    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry 165353_1529050994859_1492236394_31138850_8096351_n
    Have we been wrong about our sun signs this whole time? Before you go breaking up with your lover
    or rushing off to have your Libra tattoo lasered off, let’s take a closer look at this issue.Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Astroclock

    Astrological Clock in Prague

    The “problem” with our astrological system, as it was reported, is that the slow wobble of the Earth
    over the course of 26,000 years (known as Precession of the Equinoxes)
    means that we are no longer aligned to the constellations in the same way as we were say 2,000 years ago.1
    Yes, this is true.
    However, it’s not news.
    The ancient astronomers were aware of Precession and took this into account in their observations of the stars.
    In fact, they probably knew more about this phenomenon than we know today!
    What’s more, this wobble doesn’t even affect Tropical astrology,
    which is the system used by most Western astrologers.
    Tropical astrology is fixed to the seasons, with the sun rising in each sign at different points in the year.2
    Sidereal astrology, more commonly used by Eastern astrologers,
    is based on the exact position of the constellations.
    It takes into account the position of Earth in relation to the galaxy, not just the solar system. 3
    Some say Sidereal astrology is more accurate for this reason,
    while others stick to the Tropical system that we’ve been so accustomed to these past 3,000 years.
    Still others of course dismiss this issue due to a lack of belief in astrology in the first place.
    Astronomers have chimed in, most often stating something to the effect of
    It didn’t matter then, and it doesn’t matter now.”
    Yet many people do believe in astrology, ranging from a simple resonance with their sun sign
    to consulting their horoscopes on a daily basis and for major life decisions.
    If you’re one of those people, put your mind at ease, there is no need to switch your sign at this time.
    Susan Miller, creator and astrologer behind Astrology Zone had the following to say about the subject:

    Please, don’t believe the hype.
    This is not a new concept.
    It’s something astrologers have been looking at for years.
    We have had time to test this, and it doesn’t work.
    Not only are astrologers the world over stating their confidence in the original system
    from a subjective standpoint, they are also sharing how the Tropical system has had a sound foundation since its birth.
    Dorothy Morgan of Natural Rites & Charms adds:

    In western Astrology we use the zodiac belt a 30 degree division of each section of the space around us,
    not the constellations.
    So it does not matter where the constellations are, we are using the relevant sections of the sky
    for which they were named 1000′s of years ago, not the stars themselves, just for this reason.
    In researching this article, we found a number of viewpoints and comments
    in regards to this topic.
    While a few people do seem to resonate with their “new” signs,
    the vast majority feel best sticking with their original sign,
    often in rather comical displays of their true astrological nature.
    Here are a few of our favorites:

    This is unfair. Why must I be a Taurus now? – Libra

    I’ll become a Pisces again someday…somehow… – Pisces

    Leo for life. I’m the only member of my family whose zodiac sign didn’t change – Leo


    This is the saddest day of my life, I don’t want to be a Leo! – Cancer
    If you’re familiar with the qualities of these signs,
    you can see how the commenters display their original sun signs quite perfectly.
    Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself in all this,
    is which sign you resonate with?
    Which astrological system works best for you?
    While astrologers will state adamantly that astrology is a science
    (and it is, a very precise system of measurement and observation),
    it is also a highly subjective and personal belief system for many people,
    and one that is open for interpretation.
    So if you have spent your whole life in resonance with your sun sign and/or birth chart a
    ccording to the Tropical system, there is no need to change now.
    However, if you read the “new chart” and feel more drawn to that sun sign,
    nobody will stop you from using this interpretation
    . Moreover, if you’re one of the lucky ones to align with the 13th sign Ophiuchus,
    you may be even more likely to do so.

    • Aries – April 19 to May 13
    • Taurus – May 14 to June 19
    • Gemini – June 20 to July 20
    • Cancer – July 21 to August 9
    • Leo – August 10 to September 15
    • Virgo – September 16 to October 30
    • Libra – October 31 to November 22
    • Scorpio – November 23 to November 29
    • Ophiuchus – November 29 to December 17
    • Sagittarius – December 18 to January 18
    • Capricorn – January 19 to February 15
    • Aquarius – February 16 to March 11
    • Pisces – March 12 to April 18
    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Serpentarius

    Symbol for Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder

    You might have noticed 13 signs in the chart above.
    Who is this Ophiuchus, and where did he come from?
    Ophiuchus is also known as Serpentarius, the Serpent holder.
    This constellation has also been known for thousands of years,
    yet was discarded by Babylonian astrologers
    to make for a tidier 12-sign zodiac.
    While Ophiuchus is no new discovery either, this has been another controversial topic
    in recent years among astrology enthusiasts.
    Should shifts in the position of heavenly objects change our astrological system, or not?
    Ophiuchus is not commonly included in either astrological system,
    though some astrologers do include this constellation in their readings.
    It seems those born within the dates of November 29 and December 17
    are most open to the idea, given that their sign may have changed to something more exotic.
    Some of the qualities of Ophiuchus the Serpent holder are as follows:

    Ophiuchus: interpreter of dreams, vivid premonitions, attracts good luck and fruitful blessings
    , lofty ideals, longevity, aspirations of healing the ills of man, architect, builder,
    reaches for the stars, receives the favor of those in authority, etc.
    There are a few interpretations as to who Ophiuchus represents, but the most recent and common theor
    y is that it represents a man named Asclepius from Greek mythology. In the myth,
    Asclepius found the secret to eternal life when he watched one snake revive another with certain healing herbs.
    Zeus struck him down with a lightning bolt to prevent humankind from reaching widespread immortality,
    but honored his accomplishment by placing his likeness in the stars.
    Due to its close proximity to the constellation Sagittarius however, it is less commonly used as a sign of the zodiac. 4
    Perhaps at some point in our distant future we’ll be ready for a new astrological system,
    by including new constellations or exacting more precise measurements of Earth’s relationship to the cosmos
    . But for now, the tropical system of astrology works just fine.
    What’s even more certain is that this recent revelation of ancient knowledge
    most certainly will not change who you are.

    "Will iT to be, so, it will be, and, so iT iS" 13 ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger ~ The eXchanger
    The biggest discovery in 13 centuries related to Ancient day - record - time - wisdom keeping solves The Puzzles of The Mayan Calendar
    The End Time of The 12th Grand Cycle as 16 DEC 2013, and, The Start Time of The 13th Grand Cycle as 17 DEC 2013 - Age of Acquarius started January 19th/20th 1998~ see 260 Kin Thread http://tiny.cc/q6ds3

  • Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Big_profile
    SERAFINA - Posted 13 Hours Ago

    Under this system, i can safely get out my bow and arrows, and, become a Sag !!!
    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry SagCorp
    instead of a SEA GOAT ~ Capricorn
    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Capp

    "Will iT to be, so, it will be, and, so iT iS" 13 ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger ~ The eXchanger
    The biggest discovery in 13 centuries related to Ancient day - record - time - wisdom keeping solves The Puzzles of The Mayan Calendar
    The End Time of The 12th Grand Cycle as 16 DEC 2013, and, The Start Time of The 13th Grand Cycle as 17 DEC 2013 - Age of Acquarius started January 19th/20th 1998~ see 260 Kin Thread http://tiny.cc/q6ds3

  • Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Big_profile
    SERAFINA - Posted 13 Hours Ago

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Ophip

    iT to be, so, it will be, and, so iT iS" 13 ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger ~ The eXchanger
    The biggest discovery in 13 centuries related to Ancient day - record - time - wisdom keeping solves The Puzzles of The Mayan Calendar
    The End Time of The 12th Grand Cycle as 16 DEC 2013, and, The Start Time of The 13th Grand Cycle as 17 DEC 2013 - Age of Acquarius started January 19th/20th 1998~ see 260 Kin Thread http://tiny.cc/q6ds3


    lots of other good ones at http://www.constellationsofwords.com

    "Will iT to be, so, it will be, and, so iT iS" 13 ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger ~ The eXchanger
    The biggest discovery in 13 centuries related to Ancient day - record - time - wisdom keeping solves The Puzzles of The Mayan Calendar
    The End Time of The 12th Grand Cycle as 16 DEC 2013, and, The Start Time of The 13th Grand Cycle as 17 DEC 2013 - Age of Acquarius started January 19th/20th 1998~ see 260 Kin Thread http://tiny.cc/q6ds3

  • Tonyblue

    A 13th (and 14th) New Starsign in the Reconfiguration of the Duodecimal Astroanalysis in the Dragon Nodes

  • Here (below from the address to Cornelia and astrologer Eric Francis) are some details from Laurie (LibraMoon) Corzett from seerseeker yahoo forum.
  • I agree with Laurie and Eric; yet would like to add, that things are a little more than they seem. The Tropical Zodiak is indeed extended in the 13th starsign of Ophiuchus.
  • Note the superposition of the Vedic Zodiacial Wheel with the Tropical (Western/Babylonian-Mesopotamian) One.
  • It can easily be discerned, that every 780,000 Days or 2135.57 Tropical Years (1 Tropical Year of 365.24219 'Mean Solar Days' is compared to 1 Civil (Gregorian) Year of 365.2425 'Mean Solar Days'), a complete Mayan precession of 26,000 Platonic Great Years of 360 Days each or 9,360,000 Kin in total realigns the two 'Circles of the Mazzaroth'.

    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry 375_zodiacs_Dibujo03

    So after one precessional cycle the Vedic (Sidereal starry background) and the Tropical (seasonal) Zodiacal Wheels coincide again.

    Rather the 13th Starsign defines an axis akin the Dragon Nodes of the Northern Head and the Southern Tail in the two transitions between Scorpio and Sagittarius as the 13th sign of Ophiuchus Arachne on November 22nd/23rd and the ingress from Taurus into Gemini on May 20th/21st/22nd as the 14th starsign of Arachne Ophiuchus or 'Dinah Spider-Serpent-Woman'.

  • As the 12 starsigns of the mazzaroth represent the duodecimal partitioning of a circle; the 12 starsigns are archetypically mapped as many things and particularly the 12 Sons of Jacob as the 'Tribes of Israel', with Dinah the 11th Child and only named daughter of Jacob becoming the one-to-one shadow mapping for each of the other 12 signs or 'brothers'.

    1. Aries=Reuben for the March Equinox of the Red Chroma under Mars
    2. Taurus=Simeon for the April Ingress of the Orange Chroma and the Point of Arachne after Decan 3 under Venus
    14. Arachne=Shadow of the Cosmic Twinship as the Black Chroma of the Yin or positive polarity
    3. Gemini=Levi for the May Ingress of the Yellow Chroma and the Point of Arachne before Decan 1 under Mercury
    4. Cancer=Dan for the June Solstice of the Lime Chroma under the Full Moon
    5. Leo=Judah for the July Ingress of the Green Chroma under the Sun
    6. Virgo=Gad for the August Ingress of the Aquamarine Chroma under Chiron
    7. Libra=Naphthali for the September Equinox of the Cyan Chroma under the (true) Dragon Node of the New Moon
    8. Scorpio=Asher for the October Ingress of the Turquoise Chroma and the Point of Ophis after Decan 3 under Pluto
    13. Ophiuchus=Dinah of the Cosmic Twinship as the White Chroma of the Yang or negative polarity
    9. Sagittarius=Issachar for the November Ingress of the Blue Chroma and the Point of Ophis before Decan 1 under Jupiter
    10. Capricorn=Zebulon for the December Solstice of the Indigo Chroma under Saturn
    11. Aquarius=Joseph for the January Ingress of the Magenta Chroma under Uranus
    12. Pisces=Benjamin for the February Ingress of the Purple Chroma under Neptune

    One can see, that all colour pairings in opposition, that is six signs or 180° apart will neutralise to either Black in Subtraction (say paint or mass in Einstein's Energy E=mc²) or to White in Addition (say ElectroMagnetic Radiation or EMR in Planck's Quantum Formula Energy E=hf).
    Adding the Primary Colour-Triplet Red-Green-Blue under Addition so yields Pure Whiteand the Secondary Colour-Triplet, (as Anticolours one-to-one to the Primary Colour-Triplet) Cyan-Magenta-Yellow will Subtract to Pure Black under Subtraction. Unequal mixing of the colours then enables the production of all the other colours and shades in the rainbow spectrum of the optical astrophysics.
    Red+Cyan=White under Addition and Red+Cyan=Black under Subtraction as the Aries-Libra Opposition or axis of the Mazzaroth in Houses 1 and 7.
    Similarly the Colour-Couplings Orange+Turquoise/Aquamarine for Houses 2 and 8; Yellow+Blue for Houses 3 and 9; Lime+Indigo for Houses 4 and 10; Green+Magenta for Houses 5 and 11 and Aquamarine/Turquoise+Purple for Houses 6 and 12.
    The Black of Arachne between Orange and Yellow then is harmonized as the 'Axis of the Cusps' with the White of Ophiuchus between Turquoise/Aquamarine and Blue as the superimposition of the colour-anticolour harmonizations in the purem neutrality of the Black under Inertial Subtraction of Matter/Mass and the White under Radiative Addition of EMR.

  • Thuban astroanalysis specifies the Dragon Head as the New Libran Ruler as the New Moon reconfiguration for the Saros cycles for the eclipses, with the Solar Eclipses at New Moon conjunctions harmonising the older Leo-Sun and Cancer Full Moon zodiacal 'parenthood' then replaced in the newer Saturnian Capricorn Father - Full Moon Cancerian Mother opposition.
  • The previous North-South opposition of the Dragon Nodes so become dynamic, with the fixed Northern Head of the Saros transforming into the Ourobos of the Milky Way (as ecliptic plane) as the tail periodically gets 'swallowed' or 'eaten' by the transiting New Moons in the Libran Balance of the Scales of the Mazzaroth in Dinah Ophiuchus or Dinah Arachne. This recurrent revisitation is accented whenever the New Moon conjuncts the Sun through the journey through the starsigns and so the Solar Eclipses.

    This description was made cosmic law on January 4th, 2011 in Capricorn and so the occultation of the Old Fatherhood became revitalised and redefined in the New Moon Dragon of the Archnisation of the Mazzaroth.
  • The 12 starbrothers so become shadowed in 12 starsisters and transmutate the 12 brothers into 12 bothersiste rs or HeShes and 12 sisterbrothers or Shehes in the 24 Elders of encoded scrolls, say as in Revelation.4 as the two interwoven circles about the Noahic Rainbow Covenant of the 'Coats of Many Colours' (Genesis.9.11-17;37.3). This is termed the Dragonomy of the harmonisation of the sexes in the liberation of Eve as the Mother of all Living in her archetyped descendant Dinah, Daughter of Jacob-Israel and Leah-Heal.
  • As Eve is the 'flesh of Adam', she cannot become independent until she, as Lilith or the Succubi of the archetyped 'Heaven' becomes 'real' in the 'Realm of the Earth'.
  • This renders the cellular mitosis in geometric progression as the three generations: 1-2-4-... in AdamEve=Adam+Eve=AdamEve+EveAdam in the natural bisexual androgyny aka a Dragonomy as the 'Heavenly Wedding' or the 'Alchemical Matrimony' of Self to Shadow Self.
  • It is then the Transformation of the Scorpio of Arachne-Dinah-Ophis into the Eagle of John or the Phönix of the Resurrection/Rebirth, which represents Ophiuchus Dinah Arachne as the Ophis-Dinah-Arachne Black to White Metamorphosis of the 'Tamed Serpent' in the Sagittarian Blueyness of the BiDragon of the Two Moons of the eclipses.

  • Dinah Ophiuchus Arachne so represents this 'Archetypical Mirroring' between the Blackness of the Creation in Sophic Wisdom of the (Particular) Body (or Universe) with the Whiteness of the Spirit of the Creator in Gnostic Understanding of the (Waved) Mind (or Metaphysical Spirit) in a form of advanced quantum mechanics of the wave-particle duality of the 'Alive Dead One' being the reflection of the 'Dead Alive One' and in the resolution of Schrödinger's quantum paradox of the 'collapsed wavefunctions' - it is both all of the time and no paradox exists in the physics of the higher dimensional mirrors.

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    Cordelia (Cordy) McConnell has sent you a message on PaganSpace.net The Social Network for the Occult Community

    Subject: new zodiac/weekend blessings

    OK, people. This is not a NEW sign. The constellation Ophiuchus (also known as Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder), the 13th sign of the zodiac, has been known about since ancient times,
    but it has been ignored.
    It was never added to the Zodiac chart as astrologers said that the Sun went straight from Scorpius into Sagittarius, disregarding the fact that the sun travelled through Ophiuchus for 19 days before entering Sagittarius.
    Basically what that means is that there IS another sign, but it's been lost.

    Western Astrology does not change. Vedic Indian astrology IS effected by this.

    However, there are all kinds of Zodiacs. For example:

    ARIES: April 19 - May 13 TAURUS: May 14 - June 19 GEMINI: June 20 - July 20 CANCER = July 21 - August 9 LEO: August 10 - September 15 VIRGO: September 16 - October 30 LIBRA: October 31 - November 22 SCORPIO: November 23 - November 29 OPHIUCHUS: November 30 - December 17 SAGITTARIUS: December 18 - January 18 CAPRICORN: January 19 - February 15 AQUARIUS: February 16 - March 11 PISCES: March 12 - April 18

  • The following Sidereal Zodiac below is for children born beginning 1990:
    AQUARIUS: March 26 - April 18 PISCES: April 19 - May 26 ARIES: May 27 - June 20 TAURUS: June 21 - July27 GEMINI: July 28 - August 27 CANCER: August 28 - September 17 LEO: September 18 - October 24 VIRGO: October 25 - December 9 LIBRA: December 10 - January 1 SCORPIO: January 2 - January 8 OPHIUCHUS: January 9 - Janury 26 SAGITTARIUS: January 27 - February 27 CAPRICORN: February 28 - March 25

    Attention All Astronomers -- The World is Flat

    Dear Friend and Reader:

    I wish I could put out a press release announcing that the world is flat, and send astronomers scrambling -- to return the favor for when an astronomer sends out a press release announcing that your zodiac sign is wrong. That's what happened this week when the following went viral faster than the dude who got rich dancing around like a dork in 34 countries:

  • Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry 375_zodiacs_Dibujo03
    The tropical zodiac is in the inner wheel, the sidereal zodiac is in the outer wheel. Notice how they are 'out of alignment' by about one whole sign -- to be exact, 23 degrees. This is due to precessional movement, which shifts the two zodiacs by one degree every 70 years.
    Either this is a joke or Parke Kunkle is truly ignorant of his own science. It's probably a bit of both.

    There are two zodiacs in common use. Kunkle is describing what is called the sidereal zodiac : the backdrop of the stars. It's not the zodiac used by most Western astrologers; it's the one used by Vedic astrologers, the kind in India, and a few in our part of the world. The two zodiacs are offset by about 23 degrees. I'll explain why in a moment.Here in the West, we use a zodiac that follows the seasons. It's called the tropical zodiac . It's based on the position of the Sun's rays and the tropics -- that's why it's called tropical. There is another one, based on the positions of the stars. It's called the sidereal zodiac. If Kunkle doesn't know this, it's like a race car driver not understanding the concept of a tire. If so, he also doesn't understand a long list of other concepts that must make it very difficult for him to do his work. Well, that's what grad students are for. Notably, the sidereal zodiac is a feature in all astrology software.

    In the Western or tropical zodiac, the Sun enters the tropical sign Aries the day of the vernal equinox each March. That's the day that the Sun's rays meet the equator directly overhead -- the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. (In the prior draft and in the audio I said 'at a right angle'. Same idea.) The Sun enters the tropical sign Cancer when the Sun's rays square the Tropic of Cancer -- the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, or summer solstice. The Sun enters Libra when the Sun's rays square the equator again in September. The Sun enters Capricorn when the Sun's rays square the Tropic of Capricorn each December, which is the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere (the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere).

    You then take those four cardinal points and divide them equally and you have the 12 signs of the tropical horoscope. There are no 'extra signs' added -- the tropical zodiac is a division of the 360-degree wheel of the year into 12 equal slices of 30 degrees. This is not rocket science -- but it is science.

    As mentioned, the Western zodiac begins the day of the vernal equinox . The position of the Sun that day is called the Aries Point -- or the Sidereal Vernal Point. If you read Planet Waves, you read about the Aries Point nearly every week . It's extremely sensitive. The position of the Sidereal Vernal Point or Aries Point moves gradually as the Earth wobbles on its axis. Currently, the SVP is at 5 degrees Pisces on the sidereal zodiac. Hence, the tropical sign Aries begins in the sidereal sign Pisces. And as the Earth wobbles, the SVP is moving backwards toward Aquarius -- hence "the Age of Aquarius." About 2,000 years ago, the tropical signs aligned with the sidereal signs. Now they have precessed backwards by about 23 degrees. And for that matter, so has Christmas.

    We don't adjust Christmas one day every 70 years but sure enough, eventually, Dec. 25 will fall in the middle of Northern Hemisphere summer, with no help from global warming.

    So, hear ye, hear ye! Vedic astrologers use the the sidereal zodiac, and most Western astrologers use the tropical zodiac. They have different purposes, and different philosophies. Both zodiacs work. Most Western astrologers are familiar with their sidereal chart -- it tells a different story, and can reveal deeper tendencies you may have noticed but not named. I'm a Pisces in tropical astrology but an Aquarius in sidereal astrology. If you're curious, cast your sidereal chart and see where the planets show up.

    As for Ophiuchus. This is an old hoax. Historically, Ophiuchus has never been listed as a constellation in the sidereal zodiac. It is a constellation out there, but it's off the ecliptic (that is, it's not along the path of the Sun through the sky). I've read that Ptolemy mentions it in his literature as an off-zodiac constellation, meaning that the Sun never travels through it. In any event, there are some two dozen constellations that touch the ecliptic; but the sidereal zodiac uses just 12 of them.

    The origin of the hoax is a sci-fi author named John Sladek -- a satire writer who died in 2000. Sladek liked to prank astrology, and he has a whole novel about a fictitious 13th sign based on Ophiuchus he called Arachne that was "suppressed by the scientific community." The Ophiuchus hoax first made its rounds in the late 1990s and pops up again like those emails from the guy in Nigeria who wants you to send him your bank account number so he can transfer $15 million your way.

    Yours & truly,
    Thuban Astroanalysis and the Reconfiguration of Sacred Geometry Sign_white


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    THANK Heaven i can still claim to be an Aquarian !

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    Yes Inanna a stargate is named Inanna Joseph and that stargate is Aquarius.

    Have no fear lol.

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    What’s good in the Cosmos: January-February 2011

    Posted on February 14, 2011 by editor

    This isn’t the same ol’ astrology column you flip to in the back of Vogue. Nah. We’re talking about your place in the universe!

    That’s right, you heard me: your role in the cosmos, the patty in your big-mac experience, or maybe the tune in your rap. I prescribe to astrology in the academic lineage of Plato to Freud to Jung to Tarnas.

    We’re talking about archetypes, or universal and cyclical stories, that are simutaneously reflected in our psyches, global events, and the positions of the planets. Archetypes are like cosmic road signs telling you where the universe (including you) is at these days. As above, so below. It’s fractal, it’s quantum, it’s resonant.

    For example, right now with Uranus starting to align with Pluto in the sky at a right angle, the cosmos is feeling rebellious– and we are too. Not because we’re feeling the planets’ vibes, but because the planets, us, and everything else in our quantum reality is feeling and reflecting an archetypally patterned wave that underlies all energy. Everything is connected, and reflected and always co-created. The planets can give a clue to major themes to consider for yourself, your peers and for humanity at large as we ride the cosmic wave.

    With our economic and political systems joined at the increasingly French Revolution-esque hip, we’re due for some big shifts in our worldviews, our cultures, and ourselves.
    For example, we’ve got Uranus approaching a right angle with Pluto in Capricorn, soon to form a T-square (another right angle) with Saturn. We’ve also got a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction winding up and moving into Aries, and Neptune moving into Pisces until 2025.

    Neptune in Pisces will help us learn about ourselves deeply while Uranus in Aries will help us express this through our personalities. Together, these transits will help us wake up to the wild beauty of our own lives and how we fit into the big picture.

    Adding to this is Pluto in Capricorn. This pattern has been in progress since 2008, and has come with many social changes, some of them unsettling. We see this in the economic crisis, our government’s chaos, and of course a sense that everything might collapse tomorrow. Current affairs include examples like the recent student protests in London, or the rebellions happening in Egypt as I write.

    Now, here is a clue about 2012: the year that Uranus moving through Aries first meets Pluto moving through Capricorn with another square to Saturn in Libra. This is called the Uranus-Pluto-Saturn T- square. This is part of the cycle that delivers some of the most radical astrology ever documented by historians — the astrology of revolution and of revelation. This alignment happened during the French Revolution, the Depression and then again in the 1960s. Think of how this is developing — society changing, perhaps seeming like its falling apart, while at the same time we are awakening to our creative potential, and getting into the process of creating change. A place where we realize that we do have power, we can influence our world, and we can create a world that is just and sustainable for all.

    The Uranus-Pluto-Saturn T-square describes the place where revolutionary self-awareness meets the vast and sweeping changes that the world is going through. The world is changing, and many of us feel a profound need to rethink our role, our place of participation, or our point of influence.

    Unlike the 60’s though, don’t “tune in and drop out.” Tune in, and drop in. Know yourself, live in alignment with your values, engage in your community, and bring your gifts to build the kind of world you want to see! According to our archetypal cycles, now is the time.

    Leandra Jones is currently a student at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is working towards a Masters in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. She is also the proud mom of a teen daughter at Tam.


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    Nine Essential Features of Archetypal Cosmology

    By Glenn Perry

    Ever since I stated teaching archetypal cosmology at The Graduate Institute, I have been preoccupied with defining the topic. As far as I can discern, the term ‘archetypal cosmology’ originated with Archai: the Journal of Archetypal Cosmology, which was the brainchild of Richard Tarnas, Keiron Le Grice, and a group of scholars associated with the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. The inaugural issue was released online in late 2009. According to the editors of Archai, “Archetypal cosmology includes the study of correlations between cyclical alignments of the planets and archetypal patterns in human experience, but goes beyond this to address the theoretical basis of these correlations and their implications for a wider world view."(1)

    In November of 2009 and prior to finding out about Archai, I had begun developing a Master’s Degree program at The Graduate Institute (TGI) in Bethany, Connecticut. The main focus of the program was on archetypal astrology but would also draw upon diverse traditions in science, philosophy, and religion to examine the nature and development of human consciousness from a cosmological perspective. At the heart of the program was a question: If astrology works, what does this imply about the nature of the Universe? How can correlations between psyche and cosmos best be explained? As this question was also at the heart of my doctoral dissertation and had been a major interest for forty years, I had a wealth of material at my disposal and was eager to get started.

    A variety of models would form the foundation of the study, ranging from the Neoplatonic philosophy of ancient Greece to chaos and complexity theories of post-modern science. Human change processes were to be examined from multiple perspectives, including developmental theory, transpersonal psychology, and archetypal astrology. Students would identify incremental stages of growth and explore how consciousness evolves through stages and crises that correlate with planetary cycles. Most importantly, emphasis would be placed on traditional wisdom that depicts the Universe as a great chain of Being—a living, conscious, purposive whole in which lower levels reflect by virtue of their internal constitution the greater Being of which they are a component part. This, of course, is the ancient doctrine of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, which purports that human consciousness is both an extension and reflection of a transcendent intelligence that is immanent within all natural processes.

    In Search of a Name for an Emerging Field

    After the courses and general framework of the TGI program were established, the only question was what to call it. We wanted a name that would honor the astrological content of the program and reflect its cross-disciplinary status as an emerging field—yet, not wave a red flag that could jeopardize its authorization by state agencies. Upon reading the Archai journal and its definition of archetypal cosmology, it was obvious we were talking about the same thing. Synchronistically, both Archai and The Graduate Institute were describing a new, multi-disciplinary field of study that combined archetypal astrology with multiple other disciplines—depth psychology, history, philosophy, consciousness studies, mythology, cultural studies, the arts, biography, and the new sciences. In the inaugural issue of Archai, the opening article by Keiron Le Grice announced, “The Birth of a New Discipline”. Indeed, this was exactly what we were doing at The Graduate Institute: participating in the birth of a new discipline, heralding an emerging field.

    The pairing of ‘archetypal’ and ‘cosmology’ is significant. Archetypes are akin to Ideas in the mind of a divine Being, universal patterns of meaning that serve as templates for phenomena at every level of the Universe. They not only inform and animate the psyche, but are operative in planetary movements, biological processes, everyday events, societal institutions, and virtually anything we can experience as human beings. Archetypes are metaphysical principles that constitute the hidden, generative matrix of life, the within of things, the interiority of the Universe. As such, the word ‘archetypal’ alludes to the imaginal, symbolic capacity of the mind to make meaning by constructing stories that serve as metaphors for deeper, underlying principles that exist beyond our senses or rational intellect. Archetypal language harkens back to earlier periods in human history when myth and story were our primary means for making sense of the Universe.

    Conversely, the word ‘cosmology’ refers to the scientific study of the origins and structure of the Universe, and relies upon an objective, empirical way of knowing to gain a more precise, material understanding of that which unifies and is fundamental. For most of human history, cosmological thought was formulated in mythological, religious or philosophical language, but more recently has become a science that combines astronomy, physics, and biology into a grand, all-encompassing account of the Universe as a whole. Cosmology is the big picture, the mighty frame that pulls together all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle into a comprehensive model. It is important to understand that cosmology is not simply astronomy; it is the study of cosmic forces and processes such as space, time, and evolution; it examines the evolution of energy into matter and matter into consciousness. It investigates the physical constituents of that which is infinite and eternal—the constants of Nature, laws that endure over long periods of time, non-local forces that extend over large regions of space.

    Whereas cosmology is the rational study of all that is, archetypology is the imaginative study of the Universe. One deals with the without of things, the other with the within. As an emerging field, archetypal cosmology bridges these two styles of reasoning – the objective/rational with the imaginal/symbolic—in a kind of sacred marriage that yields a fuller, non-dual, panpsychic understanding of the relationship between psyche and cosmos. Archetypal cosmology directly implies that all objective bodies in the Universe—from planets to subatomic particles—possess an interior, subjective reality. Nature has a within and a without; it consists of external bodies with internal experiences analogous to feelings, ideals, and intentions. The very words ‘archetypal cosmology’ suggest that the Universe has an inner and outer dimension, mirror images of the one reality that is both Psyche and Cosmos.

    Clearly, archetypal cosmology covers a lot of ground. It provides a model of the Universe; yet, is a personality theory, too. It has philosophical ramifications, but also constitutes a research methodology.(2)
    As a way of understanding people and working with clients, it extends to the practice of counseling. Given the complexity of archetypal cosmology, it might be useful to summarize some of its main features.

    Nine Essential Features of Archetypal Cosmology

    1. Correlates planetary cycles with archetypal patterns in human experience

    2. Aspires to methodological rigor and epistemological humility in knowledge claims—thus, is research oriented, evidenced based, and value-neutral

    3. Extends psychological astrology’s growth oriented perspective and renders more precise its explication of the intrapsychic realm

    4. Situates astrology within an archetypal ground, defining archetypes as cosmological principles that are both transcendent and immanent, and which shape, inform, and animate Nature at every level, within and without

    5. Recognizes the multidimensionality, intra-dimensional variability, and polyvalence of astrological archetypes, which underscores their inherent indeterminism

    6. Emphasizes the co-creative, participatory role of the psyche in shaping behavior and attracting formative experiences, thus highlighting the self’s responsibility for its continually evolving fate

    7. Establishes synchronicity as the key to understanding feedback relations between internal and external reality (as symbolized by the horoscope); and for overcoming the modern dichotomy of a living, purposive, evolving self embedded in a dead, random, mechanistic universe

    8. Draws upon science, philosophy, and religion in formulating a theoretical basis for the observed correlations between psyche and cosmos, thus paving the way for a broader world view
    9. Focuses on the interiority (ensouled nature) of the cosmos—its consciousness, intelligence, and apparent teleology—and how this interiority is both the ground of psyche and the basis for an interconnected, evolving cosmos that is hierarchically structured and holonomically organized

    While these nine essential features could be fleshed out and more fully explained, I trust they suffice to provide a quick glimpse into the general nature of archetypal cosmology.

    Archetypal Cosmology & Conscious Evolution

    While conscious evolution is not a formal feature of archetypal cosmology, it constitutes a natural complementation. Conscious evolution can be defined as the intent to cooperate with an evolutionary process inherent in nature. Since archetypal cosmology recognizes that evolution is a key feature of the Universe, a major goal of the TGI program is to facilitate the evolution of consciousness through archetypal pattern analysis. This involves analysis of the central archetypal dynamics operating in an individual’s life as symbolized by the birthchart and as manifest in their character and everyday experiences. Archetypal pattern analysis also addresses individual responses to personal transits as well as collective human responses to world transits.

    As the art of prognosis, astrology utilizes planetary movements for predicting the quality, meaning, and duration of specific time periods. Rather than simply describing event-outcomes, however, planetary movements can be depicted as windows of opportunity for the actualization of natal potentials. Concrete events both reflect and serve as catalysts for changes in awareness; thus, planetary movements can provide insight into the precise timing of developmental processes, allowing us to appreciate how inner and outer reality coincide, reflect, and transform each other.
    Courses in the TGI program include not only the history and theory of astrology, but also how astrology can best be utilized in a counseling setting. Students learn astrology as a psychological language, diagnostic tool, and developmental model. Again, its value as an aid to conscious evolution is especially emphasized, most notably through experiential work that combines archetypal pattern analysis with personal mythology. Support for conscious evolution is built into every course, encouraging students to collaborate with planetary cycles toward the unfoldment of their highest potential. This infuses the learning of astrology with tremendous, personal significance.
    * * * * *

    [1] http://www.archaijournal.org/about.htm

    [2] See Rod O’Neal’s “Archetypal Historiography: A New Historical Approach,” Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology, I, no. 1 (Summer 2009): 71.

    Association for Psychological Astrology
    133 Injun Hollow Rd.
    Haddam Neck, CT 06424
    (415) 479-5812

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