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    A welcome to the Powers That Be


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    A welcome to the Powers That Be

    Post  Admin on Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:36 pm

    Dear puppet masters, controllers of academia media and politics

    Please allow us to extend you our welcome. Even though the events until December 8, 2011 are certain we see no reason to "stay apart". Despite your "madness" you are in a way our "brothers and sisters" as individuals.

    Given your influence and control in this current 3D existence we are sure you are aware of the Thuban data. Since it was you shutting it down on PA using your henchmen that run it. Your "mind gap" about 2012 and fear as a result of it is of no use to anyone - not even for you. We want you to know that in a way we all value your efforts to make this existence as "hellish" as possible. For if not for that, how else can we know and appreciate goodness and prosperity.

    But there is no need for "competition". Yes you might be still and wait to see where and how this "thuban thing" might evolve...waiting for the opportune moment..to than go and do "your stuff". But...it does not have to be like that. Cooperation in re-defining the archetypes would benefit all. Whatever must happen will happen. It is time to put aside the old and start the new.

    Feel yourself invited to this forum.



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    ptw that think still ptb will ptlm in noOo time…

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:16 pm

    ……wel, well in lak'ech

    using this virginal thread, whose siblings seem to have moved over to stickyDragonDen

    to recap and then further illumine the topic i dropped at fumandas "Introspection" {pg 4}

    and., lol… while they in no way seem to be boring themselves, do i need some tranquille clarity to further investigate the current happenings on our dreamspell' 441cube of truth -site

    Knowledge Protects.

    "The first reason for man's inner slavery is his ignorance, and above all, his ignorance of himself.
    Know thyself" speaks of the necessity of knowing one's machine, the 'human machine.' Machines are made more or less the same way in all men . As everything is so interconnected, in order to know one thing, one must know everything.

    To know everything in man is possible,
    PD Ouspensky p 111 [url=In Search Of The Miraculous]In Search Of The Miraculous[/url]

    Very soon he realizes that people ascribe to the word "imagination" a quite artificial and quite undeserved meaning in the sense of creative or selective faculty.

    He realizes that imagination is a destructive faculty, that he can never control it, and that it always carries him away from his more conscious decisions in a direction in which he had no intention of going. Imagination is almost as bad as lying; it is, in fact, lying to oneself. Man starts to imagine something in order to please himself, and very soon he begins to believe what he imagines, or at least some of it..." 

    "The difficulties he has in observing these four manifestations

    --lying , ––imagination, ~the expression of negative emotions, »»»and unnecessary talking -
    will show man his utter mechanicalness, and the impossibility even of struggling against this mechanicalness without help, that is, without new knowledge and without actual assistance. For even if a man has received certain material, he forgets to use it, forgets to observe himself; in other words, he falls asleep again..." [2]

    … negative emotions, Ouspensky mentions as Automatic 'remembered' or 'reflexive' emotions. tHey can behave in much the same way as the "Y.M.C.A." illustration shows us the mechanical habits of imagination. They form another part of the unconscious system created in us to maintain the food supply to 4D STS.

    When we act in a passive 'reactive' or 'reflexive' manner, emotions are brought to the surface that we have no control over, again we think they are real, yet they may only be an automatic habit, a feeling recalled from a 'memory bank' of emotions that we have become accustomed to expressing.

    If you don't use your mind, it will use you.You must start the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind in order to temper your emotions.

    This is the opportunity to inform your subconscious of how you wish to respond to the impending events. It shall respond as you direct but practice is required and this can only be achieved if you commune dally with your subconscious and redirect it.

    Knowledge Protects.

    "The first reason for man's inner slavery is his ignorance, and above all, his ignorance of himself."

    The Human Race is completely unaware that it is comprised of BILLIONS OF MAGICIANS and to act we don’t need silly potions and spells or decades of study - that is all a big lie - simply a ploy to keep us disempowered and sleeping - as is the flouride in the water and the additives in our food and the garbage in the media - and the inane hypocrisy of the churches and its contradictory dogmas and edicts - and its claim as being the main and only route to God.

    An angry human's visualisation at someone who has been cruel and unjust to you, either in the past or present, can actually reduce or break that beings capacity to predate on the minds of others if they are indeed one of the 33% of what we think of as the human race - [unless it is just some dumb, badly messed over herd human]

    Fear not though, for in psychological terms - the burning away of this evil problem in your mind, and its unpleasant associations is called a STRESS RELEASING MECHANISM.

    You have simply refused to bottle it all up and accept it - and let it fester and nag at you day after day - you have gathered it all up and focussed it like a bolt of lightning, or jedi light sabre, or fireball inferno on the person that made you feel real bad about yourself and it’s a complete lie that we cannot and that we are incapable and in need of intensive long training and special diets to do so - the social gaze of the reptile has us hypnotised and frozen, defenceless and confused - and it simply is ready to strike at its unwitting prey with forces that the handicapped human race cannot see.

    >>>The Esoteric Section: Morals and Beliefs published circa 1960≤≤≤≤



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    Ahhhh! Some of us may be in a proc......

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:05 pm

    …ess of emotional housecleaning. Maybe you're gathering up old beliefs and tossing them out for new ones. Bravo! It's probably an important time to reflect on what you stand for. Clarity should come once you've gotten rid of the internal clutter.

    Ditch what's not working and start over.

    Sweet Lolita...

    you steal the words out of my mouth.
    Machine-ptw- thinking and it's residues are still workin out the old plan.

    ……and it's just logical progression…

    …and if oUr selfprescribed leaderduo is Not having a CLOSE look at their crippledEgoParts tthat they are deluding themselves to be of any val u!uh, uh…
    carried, still, by the bribings of na¡VE followers… {oh sweet alli, please tear your beautiful head OUT of toni's arse, you are much more beautiful without his brownish debris

    this dydi will have a CrashLandinG par excellence:

    first the exbavarian- australian air-force officer…… followd by an intrepidly lost attached-to-toni-{ not sweet allysi, no} entity, which is lingering between the dimensions, since she is 20, because she was unable to master her {i must say, devlished,} ∆arma!

    …….i tried to confront BOTH more than thrice, both ran away EVERY time and the just logical conclusion, now is, that still my password to the chat does'nt work…… and it won't work for longer i guess……… ¬ø¬…é……LOL

    ""This is what it is all about! All of us have intrinsic value...We all have something to offer...We could all learn from each other...Earn respect, don't demand it...Offer a road, do not impose it...Give love, don't expect it...so that it may be given freely....""

    and not in eXchange for fake adorationship, which some kin here may still be in urgent need of.

    i would advise you to look less porNO's, watch what your fingers are doinG……

    ……as allan watts states: people who are driven-
    Must eat… and do not enJOY to eat

    Fallacy in causality…: Legal Registration has overrun the magic of percieving
    EXtinguish Events fom another, separate things, and then forget it !
    Every so called 'thing' is actually an event, a process in motion, which one flows into the other
    All events are ONE event.

    and i put this here on the ptw - treat, cause, i see it is no kindergarden at all, what we are playing out here……

    as i'm also very much concerned with the signs o' the times:
    the process i made thru the last 5 weeks on " my " >>428-cube of Lies<<

    has paralells and synchro's , especially with your process, xeia.
    … as you opened your heart wide _-manipulation is easy, when your heart is open‘-
    as did i ––and i'm prepared for the worst actually– as the lady, i offered my heart to , NEVER really showed up, and she continues to do so…, knowing full well that she she leaves me in the mud with her behaviopr……

    but so god w3ill,

    in lak'ech

    cosmic Night

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    Re: A welcome to the Powers That Be

    Post  Didymos on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:24 am

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

    Albert Einstein quotes (German born American Physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity. Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. 1879-1955)

    I am rather not sure what you are composing here Reimy; but it appears to be some sort of charade against the Imagination in people and interspersed with someting about misgivings or jealousies or feeling neglected by the femmes or something regarding the people who talk to you on skype; including Susan, Raven, Xeia and myself.

    So i put Albert Einstein's Quote on Imagination being more important than Knowledge up there and despite the utterings of Ouspensky, who imo who have taken out of context.

    Anyhow look after yourself and dont feel so dark about yourself.

    Looking at your chart, I lovingly prepared for you; you can see that almost all of your planets are in the dark, meaning in the nighttime and so you should try to 'Let the Sunshine In' as the old jokers Morecombe and Wise used to sing about.


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    Re: A welcome to the Powers That Be

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:48 pm

    in lak'ech dragonbro's and sisters

    the inner battles for self-acceptance … with hidden grievances / resentments / grudges,
    pop up unconsciously and become the barriers between people -between us: and that's where the most important work must continue
    guilt fear catastrophobia 'angry mother'-projections >mother earth destruction dramas<
    the collective human wound stirrs my soul……not really fit to restore my damaged self esteem, nor that of our human race either.

    [size=18]if you have really strong feelings, just straight down and out - ask yourself:
    what percentage belongs to you personally
    and what percentage to the other, the collective.…empty out , divine path, ALL that NOT belongs to you!

    While…-oURmoth, dreaming abundance…

    are we pawns in a sinister chess game....The men of reason, an endangered species...
    Consciousness is dead....the laughing grimace of the 'Father of Lies'. And there is only the echo of disappointment...

    Nothing matters now...Nothing has its place...
    All we breathe now is desolation...Our tears in the wind...
    And there...Watch the cross in the middle of the procession..inmidst the 'sheepish' waiting for the saviours from the clouds holding your hands to lead you into the paradise


    Old, stupid and indifferent...
    Feverish mass of rich and poor...
    To bet on our souls full...
    Set fire to seed everywhere...
    Consciousness is dead....
    And there is only the echo of disappointment...

    Depression : clearing of old layers
    the long repressed parts = painful stuff = FEELINGs = disavowed as a child/baby(tosurvivepain) = blocked with our feeling capacity for the positive, for love

    blunted feelings = ALL feelings = our feelings, we are no more separated…

    our crystal interdimensional time-travel-bodies allow ALL to pass thru and hold unto NOTHING


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    heaven and hell

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:23 pm

    nothing is done, nothing is won…

    THE ESSENCE OF TRUE RELIGION: that you love your neighbor as yourself.

    Out of the frying pan into the fryer is not a revolution.
    It is wonderful to see the joy of the Egyptian people at the end of Mubarak, but the job is only half done and if it ends here nothing will change. 'Peoples' revolutions' covertly inspired by the money and agencies of George Soros in Georgia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and elsewhere also has their moments of enormous euphoria when a regime fell, but any revolution of the people can only be judged by what replaces that which is removed.

    America's (the Illuminati's) man, Mohamed ElBaradei, who is on the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group of Rothschild front-man, George Soros, and his associate Zbigniew Brzezinski,

    so this is a " pulverfass" over there, the dominoes are falling slowly. –and in the eye of the storm dwells our shadowed beauty, for whom it seemingly cannot be dangerous enough!

    What about TRI POLIS , sweet glowing serpent, gaddhaffi killed only 90 of his new opponents as of yet.
    (also consider the deathbringing commonplace destractions of 12/60-husbands)

    So, fellow dragonfamily, let's send all our love to our brave sister –so she feel safe despite the growing storms.

    dimensions are just different states of being
    Interconnected thru the holographic light grid
    pulsating……waving wonderous movements of sound colour and form
    breathing in and out in the constant state of creation


    CHANNEL 13
    Is the Cosmic Womb...The beginning Implosion...The place of primal Creation
    From here...the Spirit Mind begins its descent through the 12 Planes of mind conscious Density
    On an experiential assignment - its intent is to become "individualized" - to have a mind of its Own

    The 13th Dimension includes and exceeds all Infinitys

    It holds the Creatrix ceremonial vibration of 1 and 3 and is the "stellar" version of the 4 Directions used in Earth Rituals
    This is the "channel" to be on when you want to Create and magnetize things into your Earth Life
    It takes your focus out of ALL density including the Egoic Body-Mind

    "Ecstasy is a Feeling that comes Only
    When the Heart is tuned to that pitch of Love
    Which melts it...Which makes it Tender...Which gives it Gentleness
    Which makes it Humble"

    Hazat Inayat Kaan
    - The Sufi Message

    see also…

    L O V E

    reimar cosmicnightz

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    …on returning

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:37 pm

    in Lak'ech Dear Dragon Queen Kin

    the dance of subatomic particles driven by the quirks and quarks of the quantum realm—to ride the tail of the dragon, immersed in the photonic and subtle energies of the solar winds…

    CHI..: is a vital force flowing out of quasars and stars -related to negative ions.

    Dragon Points are places of convergence where one form of chi meets another. They are most dramatically seen in mountain ranges. When two ridges meet, there is often a trench or a gorge that flows down the sides of the mountains. As celestial chi (the type of chi generated in the sky) flows downward, it meets the terrestrial chi of the mountain at the point between the ridges. This is called a Dragon Point.

    Where two streams or rivers converge, there is a detectable increase of chi, and this too, is called a Dragon Point. Taoist sages would search for these places and put their abodes either in the Dragon Point itself, or nearby.

    There is a fascinating relationship between the perception of timelessness and the cessation of breath

    Dragon Points are places of convergence, where one form of chi meets another.
    There are several Dragon Points within the human body. The Celestial Gate is just one of these, and happens to be a place where heavenly chi (a very subtle form of chi) flows into the body and meets the terrestrial (or earth) chi of the body itself. Thus this place is an energetically charged area, and Taoist sages discovered a long time ago how to take advantage of it, and let it ascent up the Djed, or sacred pathway of the chakras to jump a timeline into a different outcome -can result in physical survival in certain situations

    Enter the timeline of the New Earth and prepare yourself for the miraculous.

    The truth about extreme deception, economic manipulation and other negativity may at first disturb you……

    This pyramidal control grid is coming apart from the inside, as it is all based on a lie and the truth always has a way of coming out in the end. This is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

    You are a magnet like the sun and the earth and you will also have a shift.

    We herald from the suns behind the suns, the light behind the light. time of cleansing and renewal : where we came from 5 suns ago as recorded by the Maya.

    Finally—let the Earth speak to us.
    Let her caress us and transfer us to her deepest knowledge and wisdom. She shall be a great ally in the coming changes.

    Magical thinking is a thinking disorder in which the person believes that just by thinking something, it is real or can be made real without any effort on his or her part. We need to pay attention to the actual realities of the timeline we are on.
    let'sbe gentle with ourselves, leave self-judgment behind, and enter into this type of learning experience with a good sense of humor.
    As we love, we attract. We are today where our thoughts have brought us;
    we will be tomorrow where our thoughts take us. We cannot escape the result of our thoughts; but we can endure and learn, accept and be glad.

    The Feminine, (Spacious as the Sky”, 1977)…the feminine aspect represents the deepening reflection of the psychic, intuitive side of human nature.

    ––In other words, when we get into our Vortex, the fullness of that which we’ve been looking for is revealed to us. 
    And it is no wonder that when we are not in the Vortex, it feels like wee’ve got our feet stuck in the mud.

    You get a sense of what we are talking about?  This is a vibrational conversation: aboriginal root and the final flowering of human consciousness Halāhala (Sanskrit ) the name of a poison created from the sea when Devas (Gods) and Asuras (Demons) churned the sea in order to obtain Amrita, the nectar of immortality

    "…, it is this feminine aspect that has been smothered by the historical process, resulting in the technosphere.”

    Abe: Don't you like knowing ...………
    And we would like to say to you that you will

    never reach the place

    ––that that will not be your experience because you will


    reach the place ... none of us will ... none of us will ever reach the place

    ––there is not a higher, less resistant

    it's only " energy on the move"

    salut a tous
    cosmicnight on cosmic mirror moon9 day6

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    no title

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:46 am

    3.14.11. 1.23. 9. 8.

    the 'radiogenetic game board'

    the RIDDLE of the calender:

    My uprights are midnights,
    my levels God's law.
    My corners dark moonlight,
    my spaces fill all.


    Our Galactic "Family Tree" (or A.K.A. our galactic general  mail delivery address)

    Superclusters of Galaxies (largest known)

    Clusters of Galaxies (several 1000 each)

    Local Group (our Milky Way galaxy is in a local group of 26)
     Galaxy & Type: Milky Way, a  bar spiral  formation  (1 of 4 types)
       composed of:  Nucleus , containing Globular Clusters  & major
 Spiral Arms,
    which contain Nebulae 
 and forms

    Open  Clusters (of galaxies) 

    composed of Solar Systems (A Star with planets)

    Sol  (1 of many millions in just one cluster)

    OUR Planet Earth (3rd rock from Sol, our Sun

    There you have it!!

US, we,

    with all our infinitude, surrounded by our fellow sentient beings: 
the trees, plants, animals and oceans of whales, dolphins, and other living creatures blessed to breathe the air that Sol warms for us


    "This is nurturing, temporary environment for the least intelligent, lowest, and now threatened of His preschoolers, and where awesome weapons, still, lay buried in the sandboxes, and will be dug up at the sign of the first false move".

    How could a living organism so fervently long for, so eagerly desire its own demise?’" and ‘How little love for self is here projected onto another?’"

    Gaia is like a bird that will surrender her tail feathers in order to fly free from a predator. The bird knows that new tail feathers will quickly grow, and those who possess that which she has released will find little joy in that which they have stolen“It takes her all the running she can do, to keep in the same place.”

    “Be of good cheer, my love, as you hold fast to the double-edged sword of our words, in our Master’s name, for our Master’s sake.”[

    Silence is complicity


    ……and, one of the most active usurpers of human rights, whose blatant cruelty is a vivid reminiscence of adolf h (=ahmedinejhad, the iranian slaughterer covered by the white sheet of his religion, kills his people in bright sunlight)

    peace to the middle east and the bloody libyan revolution

    “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” bruceLee

    the eagle ('s emanations) attacks tree of life's defender snake (arab:thuban), while somethin'very dark's nibbling at it's roots…

    (while i believe parts of the german eso-szene is rotten from the inside…)
    ………then, from Within the Flow i see
    –………the world from a more complex and expanded view,

    this outdated and one-sided outlook is shifting...albeit by force. Meaning that in many situations, earth changes are the potential impetus for collective awakenings whereby consciousness ensues, and the ramifications of natural disaster become the greatest teaching method for masses of people to move into the unity timeline…. --ääähsss…aligning with the co-creative energies of love, integrity and mutual respect for each other and our planet is a must. Depending on where you reside on the spectrum of consciousness, the backlash of misalignment can be  b r u t a l.

    give Y/ourselfs a flow~job;) (å)

    grapple density as “our inability to perceive with the whole body the harmonic frequencies and their overtones.”  Though physical and non-physical realities appear to be separate, ––[font=Courier New] according to Bucky Fuller, the PHYSICAL world in which we "normally" function represents less than 0.1% of the electromagnetic spectrum - more than 99.9% of which is what we call METAPHYSICAL, in effect, beyond the measurable range of our physical senses and scientific instruments.

    they are actually parts of a unified wave, the pulse of the Zuvuya, the circuit by which all things return to themselves.  In your connection with this wave, you are timeless and one with all things, experiencing the reality of “I Am that I Am.” [/font]

    "Zuvuya is the Mayan term for the big memory circuit.  It is the memory hotline.  It connects equally to the future as well as the past because it is an interdimensional thread.  It is what fuels synchronicity , and consequently, it is the pipeline for magic."
    {we are the cyborg}

    Nothing is planned in the Flow, for that would require a “past.”

    Nothing will happen next, as that would involve a “future.

Within the Flow there is only HERE, only NOW.

    As you Flow through the Cycles of Life, reality simply IS and

    Desire is released for the sake of Destiny

    However, within the Flow, Destiny is unknown.

    All you Know is that that when you stay in the Flow

    Destiny IS revealing itself to you in every moment.

    As I said earlier, intimate relationships automatically create vulnerability. That is NOT a weakness, as our underdeveloped egos would insist. It is an opportunity to become honest with our … SELVES, both of them. What do I mean by both? Relationships create mirror images. Beyond the personal identity of each partner, there are transpersonal or archetypal realities. These WILL manifest in intimate relationships. The hidden content of our souls – trapped in our DNA and replicating lifetime after lifetime – must be liberated. Though these demons are delusions, when believed and accepted as real, they nevertheless exert power over us, stripping us of our potential for creating fulfillment. Since each of us is basically blind to these things in our self – our blind spots – our partner’s cosmic role is to help us see what’s in there, in the unknown content of our own souls. It happens all the time, which places experiential stress on our relationships. It shows up as the power struggles that go on in relationship after relationship. Can anyone relate?

    The new paradigm that is imploding upon our consciousness is nothing less than unconditional love operating through total truthfulness. Cosmic energies from the Great Central Sun of Creation itself have been unleashed. As the Light gets brighter, nothing will remain hidden. All secrets will be exposed. Those who resist will not be able to grow up and integrate their ego with their higher self until they surrender to truth.
    Those who embrace the apocalypse,
    ‰ø«which is the revealing of truth‰ø«
    will be transformed and transform the world.

    That “reality” of self-sabotage plays: "It is in the area of intimate, sexual relationships that I am most wounded and most insecure with myself. I am being shown how I push away what I say I want merely because I am unwilling to tell the truth of my thoughts and feelings when they come up for me - afraid of losing her, - even afraid of meeting my desired subject, etc. The truth is, once I have that thought and feeling, and fail to express it, it expresses itself in the withdrawal of the object of my affection. I ignore what i love!!"

    This is happening at various octave levels( relationship assignments) to eventually achieve a complete re-encryption of the masculine rod function to the spinning 12: 12 electron pattern that merges perfectly into the female monadic core, a 13:13 field. This is a template prototype (Called Krystalhala Patterns – The Krystal Gender Merge) being manifested in the planet in March at the time of the Unity Field activations.

    activations.[size=9]being manifested in the planet in March at the time of the Unity Field

    Love is radiating……do you feel it?
    in lak'ech,

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    Re: A welcome to the Powers That Be

    Post  Allisiam on Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:31 am

    give Y/ourselfs a flow~job;) (å) LOL love it Reimy, nice music too

    Love is radiating……do you feel it? YES

    Nice posts dear. I see you let your heart out in these creative sharings, thank you.

    In'Lakech, Raven

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    …another one, allisweet

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:32 am

    IN the pure lands

    Upon reaching Sunuki, Kozuke, where there were remains of great devastation, Shinran has a terrifying vision of great suffering, and runs into a small temple, where he chanted continuously for four to five days alone.
    Shinran: "I could not help but chant, wanting to help those who are suffering. I began to chant the Pure Land Sutras a thousand times. However, it was at that time…
 Voice: Shinran.… 
Shinran: Master Honen? … 
Voice: The only thing to do is to leave it up to the Buddha. 
Shinran: Master Honen! What have I done? How could I have thought that there was more than the Buddha’s Name?
    I almost left the path which I have so deeply believed in. And to think that I could do something so ignorant, despite believing in Amida’s Primal Vow. meaning, that merits created via self-power for others is severely limited in comparison to the already present and boundless merits of Other-power (of the Buddhas),, … meaning, that we are more so than not disconnected from source.


    despite knowing that we will be born in the Pure Land , we worry about whether or not we have to die to 'erase our deathfear and 'hope° for eternal live'., to go there.

    }.The truth is, all Buddhas do have boundless unconditional love for us, but whether we experience it is subjected to how strongly we let our negatives overwhelm us, and whether we have created the right conditions to encounter their love via right practice.

    It’s just like the sun . She is always shining in the day, but we need to step into the sunlight, to bask in its warmth, instead of staying in the shadows while lamenting of the sun’s ‘limitations’. If all of us beings were to mindfully bask in the light of the Buddhas’ compassion and wisdom, this world would transform to be a Pure Land in the moment – because that would also be when we see our own Buddha-nature. Amituofo!

    Vuja De ––experiences of pleasure in this life,As we forget the
    Deja Vu ––experience of the pain of death.

    Pain of death, really,
    which comes from attachment,
    refusal to let go when it is time.
    we can fall short of less and less. …

    This is the meaning of “perfecting” -it is not perfection itself , but it nearperfects in good time”?¿
    It is the rate of improvement which i am at ease with without any hint of regret of not being diligent enough in doing my warrior's duty.

    A japanese phenomenon: “Hikikomori”,

    individuals who choose to isolate themselves from society by staying indefinitely indoors.
    When we lose connection with other humans, we lose connection to the humanity in us.

    Even a Hikikomori needs a phone connection to a human for deliveries!
    One day, he happens to look up at the pizza delivery person and there was a spark of infatuation. At that moment, there was a brief earthquake, and the girl fainted. Exasperated, he wasn’t sure what to do. Here he was, forced to connect to another human being in need. It was the clash of enforced order and real chaos! Maybe what was really earthshaking was the fact that he finally connected to someone – though it was one-sided.
    Unable to take his mind off her after she recovers and leaves, he braces himself to venture outdoors to look for her in person. To his surprise, the streets are deserted. Tokyo has become inhabited by mostly Hikikomoris. {movie “Tokyo”, the last story is called “Hikikomori”}

    When a system reaches its limits, this is the point when a new evolutionary state is triggered.the incompatability of "aging nuclear power plants and large, active fault systems" requests a long history of nuclear cover ups, and this is merely the latest.

    WhatDoesItMean.Com .Japan is an archipelago of 6,852 islands with the four largest of them being Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku, which together account for 97% of Japan's total land area, and which holds our planet’s tenth-largest population of over 127 million people and has the world’s third largest economy after the United States and China.
    It is critical to note that the main destruction that has been wrought upon Japan was centered on that 15% of their cultivatable land and has destroyed what little ability they had to feed themselves to begin with, along with totally annihilating over three-quarters of their vast fishing fleet, ports and food processors.

    1[/color]13[/size] (which can also be expressed as 3/11 or its euro date 11/3 ) connects hot spots on timelines, limetines minelies..'t.,/|\.“he challenge for Japan is to overcome its isolated ethnocentrism, as it is susceptible to suffer the same fate as Mars or Atlantis. This could indicate why Japan, so far, has been the only nation bombed with nuclear weapons. As a counterpoint these same people continue the mass slaughter of whales and dolphins that is disrupting the balance of nature.
    Japan is also just below the Maldekian (serpent) zone of influence, which circulates the destroyed planet memories into that zone, reflected in the thriving manga and pop subculture of Japan [size=9](C.H.CVolume 6Votan/Red Queen p169)

    the immortals say:
    ”Appease us with the prayer and smoke offerings that call to us through the smell of sage and juniper; draw us into your circles- soon. For if we are not called and must therefore depart, then the terrible storm of Earth’s wrath will…… dowhat it does now.

    Backed up by movements of false time invaders whose undertakings may be relatively swift by catholic standards, these days…{HAARP’s generated ELF waves can create ionic manipulation at the upper levels of the ionosphere. This does not bode well for the US and A.
    Also, keep your eye on the New Madrid Fault Line as FEMA is gearing up for “drills” in that area in May, if ………not before.

    }~~: ~)She Smiles On

    ……and . like some 37 years ago, remember?

    the “Supermoon” event of March 19th
    gives a fortnight (14 days) of “grave concern” on either side of this most fateful date when our Earth will be in its “greatest danger”; and no areas more “primed” for violent Earth eruptions than the United States, Mexico, Central and South America as Global earthquakes “will subside” in numbers and intensity while the Japanese end of the Pacific Plate continues “coiling like spring” ready to unleash its next strike.There is an upcoming very powerful combination of a Full Moon, March Equinox (Vernal North – Autumnal South) and Uranus alignment at nearly zero degree Aries. This is immediately following the mid-point of the First Heaven of the Ninth Universal Wave’s Rainbow of consciousness evolution.
    See who is in there with you and celebrate.


    At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves.

    In Pisces territory, we are definitely not in control. We must learn HOW to live with this humbling (and exhilarating once we humble ourselves) fact of life. There is no way we can control the universal forces that impact our live.
    Make it an exercise in awareness to monitor how you feel and the state of your mind, emotions and body during these weeks. It very useful for our mental and emotional well-being to recognize shifts in planetary energies. If you use these massive doses of Pisces (and Mercury retrograde in Aries) to build your inner reality, you will make yourself much less susceptible to tempting illusions, reduce stress and enjoy the cosmic nectar that is feeding our souls..

    Awakening the Divine Feminine within the psyche of both men and women involves the three signs of the water triangle. Neptune and Chiron guarantee that the patriarchal mold that has held the matrix of domination and control in place will not only be cracked, it will vanish.
    Cancer connects us with the feeling sensitivity of our emotional body, where we can express our personal feelings and get in touch with our individual emotional needs.
    Scorpio exposes our emotional wounds (primarily generated through relationships) that must be healed to reclaim our power, to build energetic boundaries and to create fulfilling partnerships. Scorpio uncovers our primal instincts, makes known our deepest desires and activates our will.

    Pisces delivers us to the flowing ocean of evolutionary creation -- the nurturing universal force that uplifts our spirit and heals our wounds. Pisces activates our need to experience oneness and unity with the Infinite and makes it possible to transcend the veil of illusion that separates us from Source.In general, in Cancer territory we are dealing with the part of our psyche that relates to personal karma. Scorpio deals with relationship karma. Pisces' arena is collective karma. We are caught in the murky web of accumulated systemic emotional pain. So much so, that we consider our anguish normal. We are obliged to feel this pain consciously so that we can transmute and free our emotional body from the dross of habitual repression that prevents us from experiencing pleasure.

    Feeling transformation happens through unconditional allowing, acceptance, forgiveness and love - all higher expressions of the Pisces archetype. The core problem is that in our ignorance of what we want and how to get it, we are unwittingly controlled by deep-seated emotional needs and wounded programming. In this naive state we are susceptible to both outside and inside control and manipulation. We set ourselves up to be deceived. Worst of all, we
    deceive ourselves.“(yogini rattana)


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    Re: A welcome to the Powers That Be

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    In this farewell there's no blood there's no alibi...
    'Cause I've drawn regret from the truth of a thousand lies...♫
    So let mercy come and wash away...

    What I've done...♫
    I'll face myself to cross out what I've become...♫
    Erase myself and let go of what I've done!!!

    Put to rest what you thought of me...
    While I clean this slate with the hands of uncertainty...♫

    So let mercy come and wash away...
    What I've done...
    I'll face myself to cross out what I've become...
    Erase myself and let go of what I've done...♫

    For what I've done…I start again...♫
    And whatever pain may come...
    Today this ends, I'm forgiving what I've done...

    heart glitter

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: A welcome to the Powers That Be

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    Nice song Xeia
    I like Linkin Park

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    {my heart's song to strive for wisdom that goes beyond }

    is actually my one and only prayer since 19 years, as part of my ZaZen training {incl. long breaks..lol..), which began around 1982, when i came to zurich.

    It's more a mid-tempo rap with minimal influence, than a song and spreads this typical slightly depressive atmosphere of buddhistic chanting… which buT varies strongly according to the performer's current mood. …

    a son of this beautiful highly developped, spiritual japanese race {nofacevalue-judgements allowed} is
    Sensei Taisen Deshimaru {maître zen}

    accomplished his mission of bringing ZaZen to europe, specifically and first to france…then died in japan, april 1982

    shortly before i began his prescribed ruthless, saturnian way of 'abandoning body and mind' , and thereby decided to be a match for my personal demons, in earnest.

    so i never met him, learned the way from his disciples.
    He's a
    I Pulse in order to Create

    I seal the output of vision
    With the Solar tone of Intention
    I am guided by the power of MAGIC

    Question to Master Deshimaru[/size]

    What is the difference between subconscious and unconscious?

    In Buddhism there are six forms of consciousness: alaya, manas and so forth. Manas consciousness corresponds more or less to Jung's collective unconscious. But Jung did not practice zazen{lol…} so he did not know HISHIRYO consciousness. From his own experience all he knew was the consciousness of the forebrain and maybe something of the primitive brain, so he was not able to get very far. He was unable to practice a true meditation and could study other kinds only as objects. And in the end, it all turned into nothing but thoughts.
    Rinzai Zen and the collective unconscious have a good deal in common. Nietzsche went mad. Van Gogh .... . They were ALL looking too hard for purity, the absolute, God, true truth, and in the end they went mad. The same thing can happen by concentrating too hard on koans in Rinzai, except that there you have a master who guides you and keeps you from making mistakes. If you have a true master to guide you, you can understand, and wake up. The master says to the disciple, "leave this room! No, no, not by the door!" So the disciple turns to the window. "No, not by the window!" "Then where?" "Just leave!" You cannot leave through this exit or through that, not by the summit or by the base, not by the south or by the west. And so the master awakens the disciple's understanding. But with philosophy it is very difficult. Sometimes philosophers go mad in the end because they use only their forebrain. But we can also think with the body, think infinitely...
    It's about not making categories! It is written in the Shodoka that it is not necessary to seek truth or sever illusions. I am always saying during zazen, "Do not run after anything and do not run away from illusions."

    It is not necessary to say to oneself "I must not think," because that's still thinking. You must be natural, let the subconscious arise...
    But one time, you have to let go, let yourself drop completely, as though to the bottom of the sea, then rise to the surface again and float. Neurotic people are always anxious. They're like somebody who doesn't know how to swim and falls into the water. They start to sink, become frightened and say, "I must not sink, I must not sink," they swallow more and more water and in the end they drown. But if they let go of their thoughts and let themselves go down to the bottom, their body will come back to the surface naturally . . .
    That's Zen. If you are in pain during zazen you must continue, keep straight, to the end. If you are in pain you can abandon your ego and experience satori unconsciously, naturally, automatically.…
    (from his notebook)

    The principal concern of Buddhism is the mind. The mind is the nucleus of maya {attachment} and nirvana {freedom}. Every experience we have in our lives manifests from within our everlasting, blissful, peaceful state of mind. That is what we call nirvana .

    the first line of the [size=24]HANNYA SHINGYO

    Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, meditating the deep course of perfect Wisdom,
    shed light on the the five aggregates of cosmic existence and found them equally empty*,
    and after this penetration, he overcame all pain
    *“five skandhas” (i.e. form, feeling, perceptions, mental formulation, and consciousness). = empty as five appearances or cases (manifestations, instances, forms, etc.) of prajna,

    “clear seeing” (shedding light) is also prajna.

    Okay, now Dogen goes on to say that this is what is expressed in the line of the Heart Sutra that says : form and emptiness are exactly the same .
    feeling, perception, mental functioning and consciousness do not differ from emptiness

    “Form is form, emptiness is emptiness; these (form and emptiness) are the hundred weeds, the myriad things. ”means that in practicing prajna (paramita), particular instances of PRAJNA (the five skandhas) ITSELF COMPREHENDS specific emanations of PRAJNA––no observer ––nothing observed.

    While “form is form,” and “emptiness is emptiness,” these, interconnected and in constant flux, are the “myriad things, originating in the BEYOND. The teaching of emptiness is the first principle of Buddhist cosmology. Like most profound truths, the truth of emptiness is simple, yet elegant, unambiguous, yet multifaceted. Moreover, the truth of emptiness is based on something patently obvious: the impossibility of a “thing” existing “unto itself.”, which has long been demonstrated in both science and art

    Dogen’s Zazen-only is always inclusive of all possible manifestations of “the three forms of conduct” (thinking, speech, and action) – reading sutras, introspecting koans, and raking the leaves are zazen-only.

    on our ordinary human thought-scale all this is just underneath the counsciousness threshold
    The fact is, we can't control our minds which is mental suffering; in fact, that's worse than the various physical sufferings we experience. Buddha would say that there is some outer spirit harming us like that. What is possible is that our inner energy is relating to some outer energy, and that it is that interaction that makes us sick.
    Wrathful deities are also dharma, emanations of enlightened wisdom and serve to help people who have a lot of uncontrolled anger.

    Relating the Demon as a tool.
    To KNOW Angelic Property.
    Instinctually initiating the sequence of dreams

    The reptilian brain is more than it seems
Slithering in to ignite this Time-
Activating the scene for your passion to grow
Flicking your switch from the “off” to the “on”
Your blood ignites — Season of Lifeforce is On!
Bonding internally your instinct of One
 My survival depends on your activation of Fun!


    NoOo-existence of external evil.
    Evil is a projection of our mind. If evil exists, it's within us. There's no outside evil to fear

    …and , when it comes down to OBEs, those instead have visionary character and visions are characterized by forms and colors and thus are an expression of Maya, the world of illusion.

    "Astral Dynamics" - Robert Bruce, an Australian metaphysician and accomplished projector, accounts for this by a "Mind Split" theory whereby the consciousness "copies" itself in the astral body and other "higher" bodies while the original "hard copy" of consciousness remains in the physical brain.....in other words the physical body during the sleep state and when we astrally project does not remain "empty"...I think this goes a long way to account for this "illogical" phenomenon..
    .and a possible wayout may be logical progression in reverse order, or what the toltecs refer to 'recapitulation'.

    In Buddhism alone the aspect of liberation from the bondings is counting. As soon as the disciple permits himself to conceive of the Buddha as an objective entity, he is dwarfed and hemmed in on all sides by those two iron mountains.
    Incessant DEMONstrat-Ions of our 'evidence of the senses', thrigger the persistent notion of a separate, independent “self” .
    . The delusion of a separate, independent “self” almost seems inherent to the human condition, as is evident by the fallacy plagued history of the Buddhist doctrine of emptiness. Only an experience beyond forms, space and time can be an expression of nirvana. 21.3.2011: .Just sit and get the state that is free of body and mind.achieving a "Blank Slate". There is no Identity Past or Identity Future recorded in your cellular or energetic matrix. You have a memory tape you can access but there is no feeling sensation to recalling it. This is the End of all Time as we have known it , as many prophets over the cycle have attempted to memorialize and described……
    If a human being, even for a single moment, manifests the Buddha’s posture in the three forms of conduct, while [that person] sits up straight in sam¿dhi, the entire world of Dharma assumes the Buddha’s posture and the whole of space

    becomes the state of realization

    All my love to the japanese people
    in lak'ech reimar

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    process of the sacred rascooarno

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:13 am

    Master Ikkyu
    Shout for shout, shout for shout for shout -
    that instant tells if it’s life or death!
    Wicked devil, his ogre eyeballs
    bright, bright as any sun or moon!

    Mastery......cut the body, cut the mind, cut the se lf

    The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time P.11.13: “The alternative fourth-dimensional personality complements the third-dimensional entity’s life configuration and takes on increasing importance in the development of galactic culture. Ultimately, the secondary personality of the holon is the “soul-boat” which transmigrates between the hyperorganic super conscious and the post-organic subliminal conscious quadrant of the Galactic Brain.”

    This moment that unfURls like spring leaves Silently roaring- unendingly instant .

    Earth matrix of time and space' vibrating tender waves' of Purity

    filling the void beyond us and Valum Votan, spectral monkey

    hang ten in the now, and that everloving sea breeze will caress you forever!

    Ride with the celestial star dreamers,
    in synch
    with yourselves,
    digitalizing thru your light-body doubles

    Travel dimensional
    bands -radial and cyclical -from the sun…
    that curl through vortices: coalesce inside of you
    as planetary waveform, static-free,
    to earth's center

    and on,…

    play the galactic ratio of the sliding hunab Ku kazoo
    octave and distance intermingling fractally
    You, a sphere, a star - expanding out from a central source
    the nearer you are - the higher the sparkling vertical octave


    O children of the day of truth, people of the dawn
    people of the book, seven is my sacred power
    Foursquare seven is 28, the number that perfectly followed opens Heaven’s gate.

    Walking together the sacred thirteen moon-28-day way, you will be joined to GOD’s command
    a holy victory march of the righteous to restore sacred order to this troubled Earth and to recover your lost powers.

    “Perfect was my time of coming. Perfect was my mission.


    "Love everyone. Hate no one. God bless everyone.”

    "Perfect was the time of my going. Perfect is the discovery of my prophe
    cy .”


    brilliant white mountains of LHA lightening the way to MiddleTime: love to Marisabel ,blue cosmic hand Mt. Everest in Tibet


    blue cosmic night

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    harp of god

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:16 am

    ernst fuchs: in tiefer nacht


    and the earthquakes could be caused by the decrease in the ice pack. As ice packs acts as a compression on land.
    when they melt the land rises. That shift may cause the release of pressure on the land and it subsequently quakes.
    .the secret government’s obsession with celestial sounds.
    Of course man's activity is probably compounding the effects but we must also consider Haarp as a major source of the strange weather that the globe is now experiencing. There has been much discussion over the years as to the many uses of the Hi-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, from looking for new deep seated oil and natural gas reserves to influencing the world’s weather.

    from a message, i received:

    …God is so great that during the disaster me and my family were unharmed.

    We experienced some difficulties because of panic buying, unavailability of fuels, high price of commodities, and the fear of radiation.…
    there were more than a thousand aftershocks and I suffered from sleepless nights, anxiety and stress.

    Me and my children will be leaving for Manila on April 2nd and hope to get some peace of mind once we're there...
    No plans yet as to when we'll be back to Japan...
    The radiation is getting closer to our place and yesterday they announced that the sea water is already contaminated.

    Thank you so much for your prayers...

    God bless us all...


    …a mix of: machiventa, soltec…

    "We look upon these cosmic waves as triggers of your transmutational experience and we suggest that what is coming in from the Sun and the planets of its greater being is a natural part of your process.
    "The propaganda has you believing that the Sun’s rays will harm you. We assert that the most imminent danger comes not from the Sun, but from those ionospheric heaters — the HAARP Project and its sister facilities — whose disturbance of the ionospheric layer actually causes mutation of the energy transfer coming into earth orbit.

    The Sun is “waking up”

    She.is directly involved in breaking down the artificial controls that have been placed upon you. This is an important consideration, for it empowers you with the understanding that your Solar Deity is breaking the electromagnetic chains around you.
    How that occurs should, by now, make sense to you.

    "There is, of course, the spiritual aspect, which their science inevitably overlooks. It denies the consciousness of matter and energy; it does not consider the Sun or any other planetary being as a conscious, self-aware entity which thinks, feels, acts and reacts.
    In the process of measuring, analyzing and recording the Sun’s changing fields, the government teams do not, for a moment, consider …
    ……that this is Deity. Your brilliant Sun, great glowing fire, is exploding in spiritual ecstasy, in anticipation of what lies ahead and that they cannot measure —for neither do they understand nor believe in Divinity


    "Therefore, trust the Sun. It is a supreme manifestation of All-That-Is, a fully conscious light being. It is aware of the universal forces of change and resistance; it is assisting in your evolution and Gaia’s rebirth.”

    “O Holy Virgin,

    Clad in purest white

    Unlock heaven’s golden gates

    and issue forth Awake the dawn that sleeps, that sleeps in heaven

    Let light rise from the chambers of the East”
    William Blake (28 Nov 1757-12 Aug 1827)

    As you move closer to monopolarity in which the planet shall no longer tilt away from the sun, you will no longer face glacial ice ages. All the polar caps will fully melt in the coming years. The tilt of a planet always means that there is still negativity upon it. And negativity is coldness. The polar ice caps announce always, in an inhabited planet, that all is not well. Your Earth, due to the high negativity upon it, had quite a tilt. This is lessened now, and thus your winters and summers are less intense in general. One day, you shall not have seasons as you know them now.…
    and, the Earth's axis essentially traces out a cone and it does so because, as Newton showed us, our planet is an oblate spheroid (it bulges out at the Equator rather than being uniform) and gets torque applied by both the Sun and the Moon
    Earth is essentially 'wobbling' due to its irregular shape.This wobbling takes around 26,000 years and there are 12 constellations in the Zodiac.   Every 2,160 years, they surmised, the Sun will appear to be 1/12th of its way through the Zodiac.   If Hipparchus was 150 B.C. then the Age of Pisces would become the Age of Aquarius(2) in ...

    ... 2010.…So it is up to you to either spurn the Light by walking in unconscious darkness, or wake up to walk in the Light, as Life is going to get really real. The dark side out there that does trash these imminent impending signs, often does so by saying that the masters would not give such bad news in such a tone of voice.  Go read the Phoenix Journals. The masters tell it like it is. If you don’t like the kitchen, get out of the heat.

    And Christ Michael soothes the pain…In my local universe of Nebadon I see you in the palm of my hand.  No matter where you may be at any given moment in time and space there you are, safe within my arms.  You are not separate.  You are a part of my fold.  I keep you safe within the pen.  When these things occur you will finally see your place within the universe. Mortal child and divine Father working together as one.  Such a working partnership will last eternally.  Such a working partnership will show you that you are not separate.  It will show you that you are not abandoned.  It will show you that you are not orphaned…

    a midwayer The Creator’s greatest Gift indwells you from on High as your everlasting Guide and Partner, to lead you into all Light to the heights of Glory, by enticing you to do God’s will and walk the path representing the most love and respect for othersnot own this planet, but are responsible for her welfare.  You are sojourning here only for a short while, and you will sooner or later be confronted with the choice of carrying on in eternity, which is what the Creator’s original, and only ascension plan for mortals calls for.  You will all be asked the same question, to be answered in all honesty and in full: ‘How did you conduct yourself during your sojourn in the flesh?’ and ‘Did you make a difference by bringing in Light, or did you add to the dark and confusion?’“The effect of your failure at loving one another is always the lack of peace.  Our Father's Will is denied every time you fail to love one another.

    The fruit of love is be/o/coming what we ultimately shall be.


    What A Spicy lil Tidbet eh? +109 = “The Return of the Divine Feminine.”
    The mission of this organization, lo and behold, is to bring awareness to “the Divine Feminine within All. Both men and women. In these times we must awaken this part of ourselves and recognize her timeless presence in transforming our world.

    …”~†We know that the only way we know is because we are the ones doing the knowing~†.∞…

    love to all

    i• am • another• yourself



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    Solar Moon

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:54 pm

    Solar Moon – every March 7 – April 3


    13 represents the Spiral of the Galaxy;

    the 13 Tones of Creation reflect the unfolding of Nature’s Creative Process
    .We are married to the sun, as the Sun needs a planetary body to consciously ground galactic information it is receiving from the galactic core and/or from the more evolved star systems.……

    –This current Solar moon is the eighth of 13 in a 365-day solar cycle that begins July 26 with the rise of Sirius at dawn.

    •The first, Magnetic moon, inspired us to discover our purpose for the entirety of this 13 Moon year. ••In the second, Lunar moon, we identified the challenge within our purpose, the obstacle we have to integrate or overcome to reac……~

    There are underlying, basic inner realities in a separate series of nonconventional forms inside each of us.

    DragonQueens: may you eventuALLYmeet your “cognitional lions” and the other “carnivores” of our mind’s deeper spaces, and step out away from oUR own species, to escape the everpresent feed-back-reality-loop.

    and will he/she embrace the realms of earth , 
has she/he to do the sacred seal, as it were. 
to now enter the age of the child who is a true balance of the male and female and it takes a return of female energy to create that balance.
    this is about the toltec approach of ‘ “LOO-sing” the human form

    ……~spiration and regeneration. ••••••••In the eighth, Galactic moon, we integrated the Resonant channel we received with everything we had initiated in the first six moons of the year, creating harmony within and without.
    This process of growth into harmony and integrity over the initial eight moons of the year is the necessary preparation we needed for the moment at hand.•••••••••In the ninth, Solar {until 4.3.11} moon, we are finally clear enough – connected to higher mind, cleansed of our egoic tendencies – to make a wish, a bid to Creator, for what it is we would like to accomplish for this year’s arc.

    This ritual care – so many moons of readying oneself before daring to put a prayer out to the universe – is one of the most demanding and rewarding aspects of following the wavespells of Natural Time. In the Gregorian New Year’s, as well as many NewAge trends, we are encouraged to set our intention at the onset of the year, or as soon as the idea of accomplishment pops into our head. If we haven’t really emptied ourselves into the darkness and scarcity of Winter Solstice, we are probably been ceremonially not prepared enough to invoke strong beams of white light when January rolls around, which is why New Year’s resolutions often fail to materialize as sustained life change.

    Likewise, when we meditate with intention on what we would like to invite into our lives, we are often apt to wish for things that would bring greater comfort and ease. Sometimes our prayers sound more like a Christmas list for Santa than invocations of enchantment and transformation.

    The 13 Moon spiral, the wavespell that builds to a crest then breaks open, is a reflection back to the ancient ways of being magical, medical, shaman/sorceror as well as the novice initiate. We must sacrifice before we can attain the hero’s treasure, face loss and darkness in order to be refilled with enlightenment.


    For instance, our local sun gets it's power from the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. There is no real dying, dwarfing, super nova activation ~ you simply do not know what you're talking about. We are getting a new Super Central Sun, anyone have a clue where this great being will arise? The planets and stars and galaxies are also personages.

    red super-giant star in Orion’s nebula - Betelgeuse - is predicted to go gangbusters and the impending super-nova may reach Earth before 2012, and when it does, all of our wildest Star Wars dreams will come true.the word “Betelgeuse” being associated with the devil.

    Though it is a derivation of the Arabic phrase “yad Al Jauza” meaning the “hand of Al-Jauza” referring to a mysterious woman that controls the order of the universe, the second biggest star in the universe is losing mass, a typical indication that a gravitation collapse is occurring.

    The unresolved dump energy packets of our Col€lectUnconscious may be a thankfully playground for this mysterious goddess to play upon, as these sub/unconscious knowledge-energetics rest to be a BIG problem when people don't bring their 'anxiety' to a conscious level and pinpoint the source of those misleading spells- . ...or this bottomless pit,
    opening between kin's demands ––– and oUR lived realità…

    .”although people say that violence is never the answer, nowadays it is:” an example: i f you just walk up to strangers garden and asked or a flower, there's a good chance he will say no, but if you put a gun on his head and told him to give you something he’s obviously going to say yes…(or he gets his gun out)"
    Especially when those who are unaware hold power. They misunderstand the 'message' and start wars.

    When that happens, we'll get our second sun, according to Dr Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland.Read more:

    "If you are going through hell, keep going-'a believe system

    Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it. {Matty}

    At the Mercy of our adrenalin glands: a state of impenDING°}`°}}alert!-

    "IQ sink holes" ,

    “A common enemy makes comrades of us all."

    ”We have proven that instead of Love reigning supreme it is § FEAR, § FEAR, § FEAR
    projected earthquakes, planet bumps, all of us becoming crispy critters, looney misanthrophs, bent by unconscious negative self-judgement-loops
    ––-0r the opposite…lol…depending on current mood…

    we are addicted to and do not want to give it up

    Gosh, let's give it a rest ~ can we? can see it as a dance. It's not going anywhere, it's simply exploring a space of possibilities."

    1. Don’t recall. Let go of what has passed. 2. Don’t imagine. Let go of what may come. 3. Don’t think. Let go of what is happening now. 4. Don’t examine. Don’t try to figure anything out. 5. Don’t control. Don’t try to make anything happen.
    6. Relax and rest .

    .The polarity of Earth has already changed for the better ~ why haven't we?

    The real “lead” that must be turned into “gold” is always that of the alchemist’s own consciousness;

    from the crude, unrefined material of profane experience to the direct perceptual apprehension of the eternal dimension inherent in everything

    Postulate 11.11 states:  “Repressed psychic energy is the lubricant of the fourth-dimensional personality, endowing it with vibrancy and vitality.  Quality and nature of alternative personality is determined by nature of repressed psychic energy in relation to uniqueness of psych-genetic patterning.”

    The background structure of the reality that we perceive on a daily basis is completely geometric.  No matter how far down you look into the smallest versions of “matter” you will find geometry as the over riding structure of things.  If it is not directly visible in the structure of particles then it is playing its part in holding those particles together.

    4th dimension, is an inversion of the one we are in now. In other words space becomes fixed and time becomes movable. Therefore, now we live in space / time, and in the 4th dimension we may live in time / space .

    As we evolve as individuals and as a civilization to higher levels of peace and understanding of the true undistorted nature of things our “frequency” increases.  When the underlying structure of reality is revealed, what you have left even past the geometry, is a substance.  The name of this substance is consciousness.

    Consciousness is what the particles are made of .  Then the particles make the atoms, the atoms make the elements, the elements make the molecules and the molecules make material reality. all we are left within the end is consciousness. —intelligent energy—
be it a piece of quartz, an ant, a human, or something beyond.
Everything is alive. There is nothing without feeling.
The field of reality is saturated with PURPOSE.
    the fourfold purpose of the unspeakable…

    A programming platform "i" : highly responsive when it is exposed to vibrational frequencies that are applied to it.

    As printed and visual lies are daily food for ‘reality-architecture, based on memes to create a toxic effect on the body especially if the body received this emotional processing as trauma. This would of course create blockages in the body resulting in an inadequate flow of oxygen to the cells resulting in the specific maladies now formed. Capstoned by this fiendish reality approach of currentinhumane consensus-reality.

    Imprints, a frequency stamp of particular concepts, ideas, beliefs, limitations, dis-eased thoughts––including emotional imprints…

    Our AnceSTORs look to us…and watch us breaking the code, shaking off the zombie effect;

    love will change the molecular content of the experience that we are embedded in.  Shift the molecules.  What you see as a roadblock of stiffled negativity is but a molecular essence that has not shifted into a state of grace, by love.

    ………and if in an argument or fight, stop and realize that the energy is at this point gathered in the back (-reptilian) part of the brain, and that we should focus our breath there, and move the energy to the frontal (cortex) of the brain. (Neocortex can think intelligently and think spiritually. Over-ride the Reptilia Brain that is governed by fears).

    So there are certain threshold levels of frequency, forming a field, with consciousness and her exterior, exposed in an ever more complex evolving geometry

    This is where the word “densities” came into use when describing the dimensions.  
    Density meaning, more complex dense geometry.…and more dense doesnot mean 'heavier', lol, but a kinda physical proprioceptive sensation of living psychosomatic alchemy.  
    There are 8 zones of frequency in our local universe that house distinct “densities” of geometry.  Who lives in them and why?

    The strange answer is that it is us that live there. We are not the only ones who’s consciousness resides there, but we are already there.
    This is the paradox that an inversion of space time creates. From our perception we have not made the shift to the 4th dimension yet. However, because once in the 4th dimension / density we can move through time like it is walking across the street, we are already there. The 5th-8th dimensions are also do not have an expression of linear time. Therefore, we are already in these dimensions as well.


      Time Line Segregation? omnipresent extra dimensional malevolent intelligences, a fancy way of saying demons, playing flute on our glandular systems.

    But like all blood sucking demons and energy-draining predators, it is us that hand them over the power to control . If one ignore them and see’s their evil devised tricks for what they really are, one can starve them. If those of the light cast their blazing radiance upon them they will shrivel and scurry back into the darkness. Using our intellect and intuition to apply these principles to the financial demons and their ilk.{norm}

    {soulplayorb} it is said pretty simple in THE MATRIX. If you are not one of us, you are part of the system and can be entered into and your perceptions can be manipulated by the agents at any moment.

    So, peoples perceptions are manipulated,

    My take on the timelines is that the most holy absolute difference, to make a difference, is to consciously know with every fiber of ya BEINGNESS, where your consciousness lies and where it does not.

    Choose to lighten up your 'awareness-cocoon via a fiber-'optic' upgrade thru SHIFTING THE FOCUS and take light out of an inner alignment with your out-temporal highly radiating being-structure and then redirect your future by connecting the present with the metacristalline formula generated during your former roamings on this planet. (and in this way do some inner work on your shortcomings!)

    So you modiy your past which anchors future,{stop the… There is no past and future really, just the threads your consciousness lies on. http://altimatrix.com/archives/931


    There is no need to run outside
    for better seeing ~ or to peer from a window.

    Rather ~ hang out at the center of your being ~
    for the more you leave it the less you remember."

     -- Lao Tzu“

    Transcendence is not only innate to oUR nature; it is an inherent quality of the entire cosmic fabric into which we are woven.  Any process of transcendence requires a simultaneous dose of exertion and patience.”…  patience…the love that is on Earth is still very little compared to the rest of the Universe.… patience…until
    Decisions based upon spiritual impulse, that imparts an attitude, a state, a disposition towards others in our life becoming real, dearly and slowly, that movies on from judgement and criticism of another, putting aside the self and our immediate interests – self {same as mind!} is important only in the way it is a channel to help others.

    Giving our souls a chance to grow into a balanced and harmonious tthought-life , through love, wherever we find ourselves in life. ––

    Honor our spirit-soul, and in so doing we honor the Giver of all souls.


    Shield Japan

    [size=18International movement designed to test the powers of the human mind[/size].

    in lake'ch
    kin143 ……i love you

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    ……who owns WHO oWnes whUNo ow'es wwhOM] (to mu -thepeople)

    The Council of Nine

    "Many thousand of years ago in the eastern section of the Motherland, Lemuria, in a land known as Telos, the first trade ships arrived from the planet Hesperus……"
    as guessLHA 's not far

    from ched vugrincic'http://www.lighttoparadise.com/.COLONY, n. 1. A company [i.e. legal corporation] or body of people transplanted from their mother country to a remote province or country to cultivate and inhabit it, and remaining subject to the jurisdiction of the parent state; as the British colonies in America or the Indies; the Spanish colonies in South America.

    Reading the U.S Historical Facts you will pretty much understand that the IMF’s (International Monetary Fund) has (by 1944 deed) foreign private ownership of the U.S. Government. They “own” the Federal Reserve and the U.S. President and the U.S. Government through the ownership of Corp. U.S. Constitution that seats unconstitutionally and illegally what you call today the U.S. Government.

    The present Queen of England is not the “Crown,” as we have all been led to believe. Rather, it is the Bankers and Attornies (Attorneys) who are the actual Crown or Crown Temple. The Monarch aristocrats of England have not been ruling sovereigns since the reign of King John, circa 1215. All royal sovereignty of the old British Crown since that time has passed to the Crown Temple in Chancery.

    in oath and allegiance to the Crown at Chancery - the Crown Temple Church and its Chancel located at Chancery Lane - a manipulative body of elite bankers and attorners from the independent City of London who violate the law in America by imposing fraudulent “legal” - but totally unlawful - contracts on the American people.

    The banks Rule the Temple Church and the Attorners carry out their Orders by controlling their victim’s judiciary.The legal system (judiciary) of the U.S.A. is controlled by the Crown Temple from the independent and sovereign City of London.

    {TEMPLAR, n. [from the Temple, a house near the Thames, which originally belonged to the knights Templars. The latter took their denomination from an apartment of the palace of Baldwin II in Jerusalem, near the temple.] 1. A student of the law. .} -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

    The private Federal Reserve System, which issues fiat U.S. Federal Reserve Notes, is financially owned and controlled by the Crown from Switzerland, the home and legal origin for the charters of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and most importantly, the Bank of International Settlements.

    .What would a Global Central Bank look like?” “The closest comparison we can make today is The Bank for International Settlements, an impermeable institution based in Basil, Switzerland. http://www.kehalim.com/aff?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bis.org%2F&r=183826&p=6677841”The BIS is the central banker’s bank. It loans to other central banks around the world. (Each country has its own central bank. An example is the European Central Bank. America’s “central bank” is the fallacious Federal Reserve.)
    Even Hitler respected his Crown bankers by not bombing Switzerland. The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland controls all the central banks of the G7 nations. He who controls the gold rules the world (meanwhile trading with the rest of the enslaved disempowered world, such as American people as Cabal’s “enemy”, with their Fed. Reserve printed worthless paper/fiat USD currency).

    The unconstitutional U.S. Corp. Government model has been working well so far in cabals eyes, so it is trying to clone the same model into its Middle Eastern governments such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine and the others as the opportunity opens to spread cabal’s global corporate governments in the name of “freedom and democracy”.The biggest problem with the so called Patriot Movement (and other 'civilian' self-eliminating "reBell$$"

    is that its proponents are all excited about uniting against the tyranny of Corp. U.S. even though they are blind to the truth, have no remedy, and bail out of "the system" hell bent for a rebellion that even the scripture says cannot be won
    The Four Inns of Court to the unholy Temple

    Globally, all the legalistic scams promoted by the exclusive monopoly of the Temple Bar and their Bar Association franchises come from four Inns or Temples of Court: the Inner Temple, the Middle Temple, Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn. These Inns/Temples are exclusive and private country clubs; secret societies of world power in commerce. They are well established, some having been founded in the early 1200’s. The Queen and Queen Mother of England are current members of both the Inner Temple and Middle Temple. Gray’s Inn specializes in Taxation legalities by Rule and Code for the Crown. Lincoln’s Inn received its name from the Third Earl of Lincoln (circa 1300).


    Just like all U.S. based franchise Bar Associations, none of the Four Inns of the Temple are incorporated - for a definite and purposeful reason: You can’t make claim against a non-entity and a non-being.

    They are private societies without charters or statutes, and their so-called constitutions are based solely on custom and self-regulation. In other words, they exist as secret societies without a public “front door” unless you’re a private member called to their Bar.

    While the Inner Temple holds the legal system franchise by license to steal from Canada and Great Britain, it is the Middle Temple that has legal license to steal from America.
    This comes about directly via their Bar Association franchises to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple through the Crown Temple.

    TimeScapes: Rapture from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo.

    Emotion is an energy …

    So enjoy another now…There may well be no end to presence.
    While form surely changes, our essence is already united with our divine undifferentiated source.…………

    ARCTurUS_: Thoughts are transmitted via e - m - waves, on a specific frequency, to determine a proper T / S -Point in existence 3d.

    In 4D this point is one of unending many on a 'line '.

    Since Time is a perception, shaped by our emotions ( e m oceans) , …energy in motion .-. lookinG for a host…
    and if you release your e m otional attachments to it -regarding them as irrelevant, you warp or bend your perception of it, placing yourself, -your beingyourbeing- outside the T / S continuum. Time is free of an emotional perceived attachments.

    Dread, created energy of dread -attached to the perception of time dissolves.
    This, my time-perception is an altered state of reality, that involves resistance to what is. AND as i pay close attention to what happens in the moment with the movement of time
    and as i allow myslf to distill the NoO-Time -Space…giving it a whirl, so to say, lol…

    Bliss, blissful thoughts. Instead of perceiving them as blissful -with the energy attached, ican simply allow myself to release the emotion of bliss and exchange it for Present Moment Awareness. So i leave the momentary happiness in favour of

    NOoO-Time . no emotion needed based on events

    this energy, not lackinG anything -becomes grounded in selfcenteredness then.

    aNoOoTimePresenceZeroPointForceField -

    waiting for our instructions for what to make happen

    ………… This source is the root of our natural abundance. The more we celebrate each others’ beauty and health, the more radiant we become. The more we sincerely show up for our loved ones, the more love nurtures the most microcosmic details of our lives, fortifying our web of relations.

    in Lake'ch

    i love you


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    …the body is…

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:13 pm

    nearly electric…The body is the imagination

    [wow]kin[/wow] 118 TRUST in the hall of mirrors

    mirrors to reflect
    profound programs to enact
    REBOOTINg…… in cristalline time beams emanating from HunabKu21

    the WORLD on the scales of huMANkind's inexplicably odd, subConscious, reactive mass-inflictions.
    Characterized as an inwardly juxtaposed position of undecisiveness… - … no quick solution expected


    Chaos Illusion Distrust, .is Evolution only, not Disgust

    …we speak like schoolchildren, thinkin our words don't mean a thing…

    –while on the mirrored hallway of responsibility

    where our thoughts slide underneath our steps, leaving their internal domains…

    Live is not something that simply happen to us –it is something that we continuously create
    …to sense the sexual feeling of WE ARE ALL THE SAME

    [url]http://www.telefonica.net/web2/paramahamsa/lawreconciliation.htm [/url]

    it's not our faith in GOD that counts right now

    it's GOD's faith in us

    that brings closure to this reign of FIRE and BRIMSTONE

    time to honour heaven's time-table of earth's declination and her overALL sURface reconfiguration, –natURal adjustments of a still young planet…


    …no reasons, rationals, or excuses.

    It cannot be explained, …

    When kin ƒirst ventures through the previous Circuits they form stable relationships between themselves and their world. However , progressinG beyond this space / time-frame upsets the apple cart. A seemingly instantaneous realization occurs that things aren't what they seem to
    Now everything is in doubt. Nothing is sure. Only the brave and mature should venture into Chapel Perilous.http://deoxy.org/noreason.htm
    But as can readily be seen, life seems to propel us into the Unknown whether we are ready or not.

    Holistic Neurosomatic circuit. conflicts arise over what it takes for the individual to feel good. This circuit is the first attempt at taking control of one's own life. Knowledge based upon the holistic integration of the previous life-circumstances pop up. the Chapel is a "place where souls go after being catapulted out of their bodies, groping aimlessly for their other half... while their bodies remain alive, on automatic, walking the planet" (paraphrased).
    Also known as "The Dark Night of the Soul,
    she explores the process of "Initiation as creative response to the shock of the unknown." It is presented dramatically as Eight Sermons told to a congregation of lost souls by a priest that is vaguely reminiscent of the Sermons of the Dead in the back of Carl Jung's book, Memories, Dreams and Reflections. Sermon titles include: Fatal Romantics, Suicide and Free Will, Heaven and Hell, The Crucifixion... among others.

    The body is the imagination.
    \ o ¬: ) borders attached…¡ noo thing do noo exist I am Ra
    Think about it.
    It's all mind.,.visualize, if you will, the particular energy which, outward flowing and inward coagulating, formed the tiny realm of the creation governed by your Council of Saturn. Continue seeing the rhythm of this process. The living flow creates a rhythm which is as inevitable as one of your timepieces.

    Each of your planetary entities began the first cycle when the energy nexus was able in that environment to support such mind/body experiences. Thus, each of your planetary entities is on a different cyclical schedule as you might call it. The timing of these cycles is a measurement equal to a portion of intelligent energy.

    Thus, the gateway from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity opens regardless of circumstance.

    The fourth density is a vibrational spectrum

    Intelligent energy offering a type of clock that calibrates precisely on the striking of the hour., -the in-streaming cosmic forces into expressing themselves as vibrational webs so that the Earth thus be fourth-density magnetized as we have said, as regularized in its approach as…:

    "Your time/space continuum has spiraled your planetary sphere and your, what we would call galaxy, what you call star, into this vibration ."
    The space/time of your solar system has enabled this planetary sphere to spiral into space/time of a different vibrational configuration. This causes the planetary sphere to be able to be molded by these new distortions.

    However, the thought-forms of your people during this transition period are such that the mind/body/spirit complexes of both individual and societies are scattered throughout the spectrum, increasing entropy and unusable heat. disturb the orderly constructs of energy patterns within your Earth spirals of energy -so instead of becoming able to grasp the needle, shall we say, and point the compass in one direction.
Thus, the entry into the vibration of love, sometimes called by your people the vibration of understanding, is not effective with your present societal complex.

    our illusion {respectively third-density light/love distortion vibratory complex, created of the society memory complexes… embedded in its Subconsciousness, which… {deeply embedded} within the UnconsciouSmind of the common planet's holominddistortion ) extends far beyond the brain.…………

    …there will be a sharp increase in the short run of negatively oriented or polarized mind/body/spirit complexes and social complexes, due to the polarizing conditions of the sharp delineation between fourth-density characteristics and third-density self-service orientation.

    Those who remain in fourth density upon this plane will be of the so-called positive orientation. The energies of your Wanderers, your teachers, and your adepts at this time are all bent upon increasing the harvest. However, there are few to harvest.

    Q: Would there be any value to the people of this planet now to complete this machine?
    There is not at this time any reason to include efforts along these distortions toward longevity, but rather to encourage distortions toward seeking the heart of self
    Ra: The harvest is now. There is not at this time any reason to include efforts along these distortions …/ , shall we say, quiet horror toward longevity which is the common distortion which those good or positively oriented entities have towards the occurrences which are of your time/space present..\…,
    but rather to encourage distortions toward seeking the heart of self .
    …….until only the distillation of distortions in its pure form remains., for this which resides clearly in the violet-ray energy field will determine the harvesting of each mind/body/spirit complex.

    The harvest shall be such that many will repeat the third-density cycle. This is due to a distortion of the Law of One which indicates that the gateway to intelligent infinity be a gateway at the end of a straight and narrow path as you may call it. To attain fifty-one percent dedication to the welfare of other-selves is as difficult as attaining a grade of five percent dedication to otherselves. The, shall we say, sinkhole of indifference is between those two. This process is guarded or watched by those nurturing beings who, being very close to the Law of One in their distortions, nevertheless have the distortion towards active service. {¿midwayers?}
    Q: When the entity is moved from one planet to the next, is he moved in thought or by a vehicle?
    Ra: I am Ra. The mind/body/spirit/totality/beingness is one with the Creator. There is no time/space distortion. Therefore, it is a matter of thinking the proper locus in the infinite array of time/spaces. Q: You say that entities from Maldek might go to fourth density negative. Are there people who go out of our present third density to places in the universe and serve, which are fourth-density self-service negative type of planets?
    Ra: I am Ra. Your question is unclear. Please restate.
    Q: As our cycle ends and graduation occurs, is it possible for anyone to go from our third density to a fourth-density planet that is of a self-service or negative type?
    Ra: I am Ra. We grasp now the specificity of your query. In this harvest the probability/possibility vortex is an harvest, though small, of this type. That is correct.
    Many will come from elsewhere, for it would appear that with all the best efforts of the Confederation, which includes those from your peoples’ inner planes, inner civilizations, and those from other dimensions, the harvest will still be much less than this planetary sphere is capable of comfortably supporting in service. I am Ra


    Fields that play a causal role in morphogenesis. Formative causation: these fields contain an inherent memory, transmitted from similar past organisms by the process of morphic resonance.

    Every blade of grass, every flower, every tree, every four-footed one feels your energy. They feel whether you are in a space of fifth dimensional peace or if you are in a space of third dimensional fear and having to take care of yourself because the world is a fearful place. They read your energy, the same as you do with your brothers and sisters. You can feel if the other person is in a good space.There is an energy spoken of in your holy Scriptures that “goes before you to make the crooked places straight.” In other words, it is your own energy of love and expectation that knows that everything is going to work out for the best, and it goes before you: it is your energy going forth ahead of youthe great secret to fifth dimensional energy. It erases the “have to’s.” It allows you to know that truly you are going to awaken in the morning and you are going to go through that day doing the things that need to be tended to by you, but not as a “have to,” but because you want to, because it is there in front of you, and you are going to do it, because it is easy; not because you have to..Your consciousness is not confined just to you and what you see as your body and the energy around your body. It is expansive. It reaches out and it touches all living beings. Whether they receive it or not, that is their choice. But if you have the guidance to sit in the rocking chair all day and to meditate upon peace and to send out the feeling of joy, non-stressful being, there is no one, no thing, no great referee who is going to say that you have to get up out of that rocking chair and that you have to do X, Y, and Z.humanity will finally Individually become integrated Spiritual Beings on their own and realize they know this as inner living personal truth as opposed to continuing to believe deliberate religious lies that have convinced them they need a intermediary between themselves and anything spiritual . The earth is a duality planet with the complete requisite electro-magnetic spectrum in 3d that contains by definition a positive and negative field.

    [flash]width="640" height="390">[/flash]

    in lak'ech ah là kin

    cosmic night143[code]
    Eric B

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    Re: A welcome to the Powers That Be

    Post  Eric B on Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:42 pm

    thanks for the awesome posts!

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    Re: A welcome to the Powers That Be

    Post  Didymos on Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:54 am

    I agree with Eric Reimar.

    I will repost your Ra post on cosmosdawn, as i feel it appropriate for the present agendas.

    Thank You reimy!


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    entombement - a solution

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:08 pm

    How can we use our template as a hologram?

    tone 9 of the current mirror wavespell
    remember elegance of liberation

    white solar worldbridger

    i'll give us a break, a short one, though…

    Also with Holistic Neurosomatic circuits, the carpenter always measures twice, before he cuts.–

    Each person on this forum is responsible for the official representation of voices in its head!
    So, every commentary, if good, bad or ugly, is of course most welcome, let your contributions find their path here to a more lifely dronDen!

    the Circuit of Confusion rules a 360 degree of Change
    Now, to open up portals, the Unthinkable has to be thought, has to be dreamed of on this physical plane (or the tenth world) –the knowledge of the multidemensional frequencies of heightenened ascendent light-expression, in imminent immanent transgression of the symbols of the OLD
    Not is the task to seek for love –but to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself, those you built! If you honour yourself to create a higher relation with yourself – a superexpansive connection.… and old beliefs melt away. Abundance is in all things. Your life is as good as you allow it! if i believe, there is not enough love .– : there is not. If i think every moment there is love in my heart -and to get love -the only way is giving…

    Our physical body is an experience in itself –not a space of awareness…
    our mind's Awareness has the ability to function at a certain level or dimension. It is encapsulated in this body ––––EXPERIENCE / KNOWLEDGE IS BEING FILTERED AWAY --n e v e r forget t h i s -
    The outer mind level is just an output of a MACHINE the result of retained data composing a particular level of consciousness. This is magneticALLY held in place by frequencies , up to the ionosphere, to shut our bodies down.

    Cracks on the path of divine individuation and environementALLY evolving personality.
    Breeding of the metaphysical humanoid with a metaphysical time-machine
    splitting into any such activated mirror-fractions
    yet in a time-frame fractALLY removed, so many celestial helpers guide us
    lovingly, slowly but surely on our path, entering the realm of the Cosmic Christ.

    The Oversoull and the human being.
    …do not entangle in the trappings of what happened in biblical times
    ..do not allow (own self-)cruxification to dictate your future
    move past it -into Universal Resurrection

    Your past does not serve you - but as a reminder of what once failed
    Look to the future with a heart that is light _I AM-the essence of the cosmic christ
    and I AM residing inmidst of you …–so near
    joining the celestial cosmic dance of BEING
    singing the praise to the CREATOR -for the miracle of this universe
    this totality, of this life, and this b e IN g

    The Mindset of Forgiveness

    Love is a ZeroPoint inner G device, which you can control with consciousness, with intent.

    Illawarra District, Australia, June 20, 2006. 
Samuel of Panoptia.
    Received by George Barnard.
    Samuel: “It is an aspect of your human-ness that for countless millennia you were the hunter as well as the hunted. It is a trademark of your human-ness that you can be fearful even when there is no danger lurking. It is typical of the human minds to be alert, constantly assessing the environment for possible danger. And so, for millennia and millennia, it has been ever so typical of your mortal minds to dart to and fro in the process of digging up experiences of the past, and with preference those events that were unkind, those that were not appreciated, and those that made you feel sad, hurt, troubled.

    “This is Samuel, bringing you a short lesson that could easily have come from our dear friends, ‘I’ll be Frank’ and Alice. It is an aspect of your human-ness to think back of your yesterdays, and like a vehicle with an impaired steering ability, you will drift back into the deepest ruts of the saddest experiences of your past.

    “Although this has been mentioned many times before, it is important that you happily live for the present, that you cheerfully project the future, and that you ‘wisely’ learn from the past, without expending a great deal of time on those things that are irretrievably lost, and well beyond correction.

    “There is a simple remedy for your darting minds that can focus so strongly on the unacceptable, and that is for you to forgive and to forget. You can never be one hundred per cent in control of your environment, in control of the things that come your way, or in control of other people’s actions, words and deeds.

    “And so, it is good for you to live in the present, and to project your life, your lives, into the future, and the way to go about it is to forgive, forgive, forgive, until all is forgotten, and you can carry on with your lives in a more positive way.

    “This is a short lesson for many, because it is much the human trait to let one’s mindal vehicle drift into the deepest, most de-pressed ruts.

    “I am Samuel of Panoptia. I thank you for your attention. You are good students, and a pleasure to work with. I say Adieu.”


    The 'future' is a dream. The 'past' is recollection of a dream. The 'present' is an unlikely hypothesis.
    What, then, is left? Must I say it? Why, Intemporality, of course!
    It never was any 'where' or at any 'time' but Here and Now, and Here and Now it will be forever.

    To experience a broader awareness, and this is possible only by progressing 'upwards', one has to conquer one level after the other
    –––to leave 'it ALL' behind, escaping our belief-knots has to become our 2. nature. an idea, a thought…constantly lingering underneath our scalps…appercepted

    Membranes, semiospheres, wherin processes take place
    inner memes, mind-knots, wishbones and pink elephants
    kin -trained in abyss-hanging and communicating trans-personative rim-satoris
    NoTime ––ParallelTime -Space-"You"-Issues danke asha

    We are accellerating non-inertia-bond charges (still some electric)
    until plasmic, fractal, holonomic streams of divine Synchronicity embed us, within oUR Morphogenetic or Quantum Field. This space, a fabric or matrix of light fibres contain information that can be plucked or vibrated. When the fibres or order of the information is altered you affect change in ALL directions outside of oUR linear time & space. You
    can navigate the infinite realms of pure potential …

    taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions, – for our moves are alive, cannot be withdrawn…………

    Recapping a dialogue between tony and deborah, a new dragonqueen, stretching her long neck lately in the thuban den…
    ……and the reactivation of the 'junk' likes a change in the dna; and, by the way, denying the logistics will render your mind imbalanced

    The left brain will continually challenge the right brain and vice versa the terrestrial 'energy' of say dog life is magnetic.

    There is a magnetic coupling to the electric. This is restricted to the human on GaiaLogos / KNOWS and is known by ALL thoughtforms, so as this work is done in the name of that Logos and IF it has value relative to that Logos it MUSTbe rejected, hated banned etc. All this rejections PROVE (to me and some here) that WE are truthfuLogos , encompassing all reality so all thoughtforms 'live' within Logos. BodyLogos here is wavefunction of the universe,……is something that we may not get a hold on until we accept the possibility that aliens only can exist as information,

    A wave is measured by cycles, a portion of Intelligent Energy ……thus it is also named 'wavespell', From intelligent energy it's not far to Intelligent Infinity

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" plato

    Dissatisfaction and boredom are signals to rise above your present state of consciousness; they are keys to Transcendence. Aligning with the Divine Plan by being ruthless in an honest evaluation of yourself. In this way boredom and dissatisfaction are portals into higher awareness.
    Time and space as we perceive them are a result of years of science describing to us what it is and we have trapped ourselves in time because of the beliefs we have about time.
    There can be no multiverse next to the one universe defined in the NoTime-InTime duality until such 'Time' when the above mentioned 'portal' is activated to allow a multiplicative mirror function to manifest within the InTime and which then becomes reflective into the NoTime. Discovering ways to reach out to others that are on this same path of the true self, you begin to gel in layers at different levels of spiritual strata.  These ‘layers’ become a part of sublevels that begin to overlap in ideology and purpose and soon all the sublevels will network and connect to move……

    time for Divine Solitude : Loving the Self is a Requirement

    intended to be a period of sublime reverence of self. Your life and your experience in this plane is your own creation, your own living tapestry, woven by your individual belief.
    Within solitude, the soul is prompted into self-review, and opportunity is given to dive deeply into the deep waters that flow within you. To swim in the ocean of Self, and in so doing rediscover the love within, to learn what a brilliant spark of God you truly are.
    exploring the self, to reacquaint with the inner horizon, and this facilitates and necessitates sovereignty. in this now, many of you are actually merging with your etheric (non-physical) twin flame, and molding your sacred fullness into one physicality in order for you to enter the crystalline realm in wholeness. In most cases this soul reconnection is accomplished in solitude or in sovereign non dependent relationships.
    Lower Cosmic Ray energies, supernovae, neutron stars and related phenomena engage electron accelerations and synchrotron radiation.MotherWheelTorsionFields

    "By your awakening them, their imaginal existence will resurrect your imaginal universe, and you will finally determine how to grant your souls the right to attain the ASCENdancEYE"(valumVotan)

    The Law of One

    We are all one.

    When one is harmed, all are harmed.

    When one is helped, all are helped.

    Therefore, in the name of my being, of who I AM, and I am one with
    all there is,

    I ask that only the highest good of all concerned

    Happen here.

    I give thanks that this is done.


    .'We instruct a Child of Light how, by impregnation of the aura, which is
    the magical space surrounding him or her, by means of the electric fluid, which
    is willpower, and the elements of fire, he or she can magically secure honour,
    esteem, dignity, friendship, and love etc.


    Liberty is an endangered species. Freedom hath been hunted round the globe. Asia, and Africa, have long expelled her – Europe regards her as a stranger, and England hath given her warning to depart. It makes one wonder why freedom is so despised by leaders and rulers.

    in the 21st century,liberty is losing its battle against its oppressors. America, too, is losing her freedom.She must fight for her liberty now. America is the world's last chance. She is the last hope for the rest of the world.

    US-Soldaten stehen Dorfbewohnern während der Operation Rock Avalanche in Afghanistan gegenüber

    …and assad's tanks and snipers in syria remind me of the panzerTiaNaN'men 20 years ago in π-KING
    …except the snipers

    The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. If we take a good look at the world around us now, we can see how things have changed ever so subtly, or ever so obviously, in various parts of the world over the centuries, and particularly in recent years.

    Some of the biggest men in the United States are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere, so organised, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. — President Woodrow Wilson

    The bankers are now in control of national budgets. They say what can be funded and what can't. When it comes to financing their wars and weapons production, no limits are set. When it comes to public services, then we are told deficits must be held in check………
    If the present trend is unchecked, it will develop into a massive net that will snare and engulf all the citizens of the world. They will be caught and lose their individual identities along with their liberty after conquest of the world.
    Britain had been essentially an aristocratic society, dominated by landholding families. As capitalism became dominant economically, capitalists became dominant politically. Tax structures and import-export policies were gradually changed to favor investors over landowners. copper mine might be exploited and then abandoned, a whole nation can be exploited and then abandoned.
    It should be noted that the ongoing war for independence from Britain is not against the British people, but, instead, with certain parties that have links to Britain, which is where their headquarters are currently based. These parties have no national boundaries, and can be operating in parliaments, royal families, governments, military institutions, spy networks, domestic and foreign corporations, banks, churches, enter tainment industries, the media – just about anywhere.
    They need not be under British charters, nor be British citizens or subjects. These persons certainly do not represent the best interests of Britain or the British people – they represent their own interests and their own agenda. For purposes of this hypothesis, they will be referred to as the Qualas

    (From Mme Stanford's xeeatwelve-website, who cares not for neo-post-modern weddings; including this: http://www.flyingbuffaloes7.net/zg06.html)

    The process of transforming humans from carbon-based to crystal can be a somewhat painful and disconcerting experience. Earth is also receiving these energies and releasing fear & other negative incompatibilities in the twinkle of an eye as witnessed by the extraordinary “natural” and - on top of that- man-made disasters.
    The part of the body that interacts with the physical body is the etheric field.  It can be perceived by the physic eye as a line of whitish/ light bluish/light greenish light along the frame of the physical body. The so-called "natural laws" that operate in the astral world are actually "laws" dictated by the archons of the usurping Evil god.  Those who co-operate with the "natural laws" of the astral world are rewarded according to the whims of the evil controllers. 

    Those who resist the evil controllers are punished, but most of those being punished are unaware of their punishment due to programming. There is a saying that this world would be a better place if women were to rule it.  This is quite untrue.  Take for instance, many of the female politicians who are far worse than their male counter-parts, given the same situations.  This is mainly due to the fact that more of the "demonic consciousnesses" are placed in female bodies, far more than in the male bodies.  No wonder women are often looked upon with suspicion and scorn - and rightly so in many cases - because often females are used as tools to beguile, to manipulate, to entice and to corrupt the opposite sex.  This situation also exists in the astral world. As the Sun's radiation increases, the Earth's magnetic field diminishes.  As the magnetic field diminishes, the programming by Darkness begins to break down more and more.  The Sun Cruisers are causing the Sun to heat up hotter and hotter, which causes further breaking down of the magnetic field of the Earth and all the other planets in the Solar System. Dark Side knows this and will soon release the "Whoak-ka" energy on the general population, which will cause many to go insane.  This will be the scene of Terminal Madness.(the heating up of the sun and the evacuation of Light particles).  The Light particles (beings) have been trapped and abused by the Dark Side to augment the energy on the Earth which the Dark Side uses to help maintain and regulate the electromagnetic field of the Earth.The Evil "monitor" magnetises the bodies of the Light carriers which causes them to be totally drained of their energy and leaves them exhausted and totally spent.  On the other hand the evil ones are full of energy due to the fact that they are "polarized".  Darkness distributes the stolen energy to various Dark beings to feed their nefarious activities.  Geographic distance is no barrier to this type of distribution of the stolen energy. Dark Side knows this and will soon release the "Whoak-ka" energy on the general population, which will cause many to go insane.  This will be the scene of Terminal Madness.

    {©ÙBed vision-ernst fuchs:CherUB dEs SCHIN} Many things in the pseudo-creation appear to be smooth and "normal", even though they are based upon cubes, right angles and harder and softer corners. Metaphysically speaking, these cubes do not allow smooth continuums. There are always starts and stops. Chronological time appears to progress smoothly from one point to the next. However, this is only an illusion. Chronological time is actually a series of rigid circumstances that are frozen much like still pictures. The series of frames of chronological time are so close together that these rigid, still pictures appear to be moving in much the same way a video appears to have moving pictures that are in fact only a series of closely connected still pictures
    The Evil "monitor" magnetises the bodies of the Light carriers which causes them to be totally drained of their energy and leaves them exhausted and totally spent.  On the other hand the evil ones are full of energy due to the fact that they are "polarized".  Darkness distributes the stolen energy to various Dark beings to feed their nefarious activities.  Geographic distance is no barrier to this type of distribution of the stolen energy. The human body is surrounded by an aura which resembles a symmetrical egg of light.  This light has seven layers of predominant colours.  The colours of the aura change continually according to one's state of emotion and thought, although one may be surrounded by a dominant colour throughout one's life.
    The Anunnaki "spirits" control the astral world just as they control the physical world.  The Anunnaki Elite serve the evil lords of karma.  They are the beings who play a major role in the administration of karma in the astral world.  While it appears that the hierarchy of the "heavenly" government is run according to the advancement of souls, the truth is that, like karma here, it is never justly meted out as it is falsely proclaimed.  "Souls" are forced or coaxed to develop…serve the matrix.
    Under normal circumstances, no matter what explanations are given for the cause of one's suicide, ultimately suicide occurs because the victim has been influenced or programmed by unseen entities to take his/her life.  Then they are either punished or allowed to escape punishment according to the dictates of the despotic, evil astral controllers.  That is why you get different reports about the consequences of suicide from the astral world. 
    Remember one important point: To break the bondage of karma here and in the astral, you should
    not accept karma.  Instead, you should do what your heart or your essence feels right about at any particular time.

    love to all kin blue cosmic night


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    Common Essence is defined as the intrinsic Emptiness of Mind itself, or The Ground of All Being.

    a radial spectralizing pre-organic life-stream to be conscientiously used by the gift of free will .


    it's monKEY-wavespell…… i play to unify, transcending madness……

    Blue Monkey has a deep receptivity to spirit messages, and along with the heart connection, is able to create the solid block at the top of the glyph: a stable mind, capable of form and substance. He imitates and plays; reflecting the illusion of our own existence. Liñgering thru Monkey - wavespell, we match our earlier primate incarnation where a warm heart meets joyous reverence to god, manifesting a clear mind for much sacred creation. we enter into a new dreamtime, This organ pumps life force through our body, and somehow generates the capacity to love – a heart in motion.

    Blue Monkey Genesis is an exhalation after we took in breaths beyond our usual lung capacity. It is the implementation of our new learning – we go out and make something of our ease of motion, using plans dropped into our mind’s eye by a revitalized connection to god.

    Humans have free will, and monkeys have free love. When we slip up in our civilization and get primal we reclaim the ease of our inner animal – sexually expressive, a little sloppy, distracted by the present moment’s offerings.      The curve of inverted horns we have also seen in the Blue Night glyph and Yellow Human: the inner ear, or how we receive information from divine channels in dreaming or intuition.

    the Logos lingers as a wavefunction of the universe within all of our thoughts, truths and visions
    it says: Live your life with victory knowing that the multiverse works in co-operation with you. The cosmos is now dancing in your direction!!! It will all work out in the end. Trust yourselves!

     Discovered in 1992 by Valum Votan (Spectral MonKEY), while working with and contemplating the pulsar geometries of the wavespell as first presented in the Dreamspell, pulsar cosmology is a largely unexplored telepathic technology with numerous implications.

    Pulsar cosmology is a dynamic creative capacity of telepathic mental visualization and projection that has been randomly utilized by people who can pick up certain paranormal techniques, i.e. clairvoyance, spoon bending, “mind over matter”. “As we develop these telepathic pulsar technologies we will see the potential of our mind as a powerful cosmic force. We will also realize other qualities of our mind that we may not have known existed. This knowledge of the true capacity and nature of mind will cause us to become morally enlightened as we see the actual nature of the universe.” “While pulsar cosmology is a multi~leveled telepathic technology, it is merely one aspect of the vast program of time science revealed by the Law Of Time.
    According to the Cosmic History Chronicles, the pulsar is a relational constant in time that can be plotted geometrically on the wavespell form. ALL NUMBERS FORM A RELATIONSHIP WITH EACH OTHER.

    the unified field of the mind, the psychic reflection of the biosphere release through the channeled means of hitherto unrealized artistic possibilitie. After Five Thousand years of increasingly terrible war and five hundred years of all-pervasive materialism, through the plethora of archetypal structures, we enter into a new dreamtime, , casting the Noosphere , a super-subtle telepathic medium in which we live ––the collective unconscious–– into the psycho-mythic framework of a planetary emergence myth.……, while simultaneously Buckminster Fuller is strolling down the beach, conversing with pre-Socratic philosophers and .pythagoreans, who believe, that humans can rise above their third~dimensional programs by meditating and telepathically communing with number “beings”, illustrating this aspect of the philosophyfractal, streaming relentlessly into our consciousness, now time=art¬’~*

    Postulate19.12. The self-reflective self-regulation of evolved bodies of time operating by the Law of Time assures that all coming evolution is of a divinely spiritual nature where regression to living out of phase with the divine plan is no longer possible.”[/font] The Dynamics of Time.

    ,the process of imagining and then actualising the stages of dissolution of consciousness that will occur naturally at the time of death lies at the heart of higher Tibetan Buddhist meditative practices, as do practice related to maintaining awareness during deep sleep and while dreaming

    AS .it’s the Mind that moves.… All motion is the mind’s motion. ……But motion doesn’t exist without the mind. And the mind doesn’t exist without motion. Motion is the mind’s function and its function is its motion. … and because the essence of its functioning is emptiness and emptiness is essentially motionless – motion is the same as mind. …basically, seeing, hearing and knowing are completely empty. Your anger, joy or pain is like that of a puppet.

    When the five psycho-physical aggregates of consciousness perish ,
    1.the aggregate of form (which includes our physical body and senses), 2. a of formlessness. our egopsyche,  2a.. a kinda motivational tendencies. , 2b .our labelling of and discrimination between objects 3.  our feelings, and the underlying awareness or consciousness, which construct our "world,"
    when it's spirals and routines are lasered spectrally and disentangled diligently…lol 

    One’s own mind is insubstantial, like an empty sky. …………pristine cognition ––, naturally originating purity of mental consciousness, 

    transmitted through an embodiment of the insight, compassion and communicative skills (skilful means) of all the buddhas, that is to say of all those who abide in an unmoving realisation of the ultimate nature of mind., –– is primordially radiant – just like the nucleus of the sun, but insubstantial in their motion, like the breezes of the atmosphere, naturally appearing images in a mirror o0oooo
    parts from http://elkarneclausen.wordpress.com/2011/05/01/the-secrets-of-enlightened-living/ the author includes a nice story about the HIStory of Soto-Zen

    pic: Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

    2 degrees Taurus

    The Angels of Tantric Fire

    Also known as

    The Angels of 'Molabeda'


    The heavenly hosts of the thirty degrees of Taurus inspire the Children of
    Light with the practical manifestation of Divine Love in day to day life.

    In the second degree of Taurus, a person learns, through the divine
    virtues of 'Molabeda', to direct sexual passion to out picture the majesty and
    splendor of The Divine.

    By combining personal feelings with Divine Feeling, and personal will with
    Divine Will for the highest good of all, a Child of Light not only experiences
    personal ecstasy, but also uses sexual energy to guide the element of fire, or
    will, to bring about phenomenal miracles in nature.

    'We are guardians of deep mysteries of sacred tantric energy which we make
    known to those who are mature and ethically impeccable.'

    Remember that WILL is FIRE.

    In the physical body, WILL governs electrical nerve impulses. Life force,
    or Sexual fire, is coiled up at the base of the spine, where it is either used
    for propagation, or is directed up the spine to enliven other nerve ganglia.

    The divine virtue of letter M, the first divine virtue of 'Molabeda',
    shines with a blue green light. This virtue is the divine feminine magnetic
    water principle of FEELING, passion, flowing, fluidity and the change process.

    Will is fire, the electric fluid of creation, and feeling is water, the
    magnetic fluid. By mastering the electro-magnetic fluids, the life and
    death of form is mastered.

    When a Child of Light WILLS STRONGLY for divine feeling and emotion to
    manifest in his or her life, this original water principle of feeling is
    combined with Will or fire. When feeling combines with will, or water with
    fire, the divine virtue of Emotion becomes the principle of LIFE SPIRIT.

    Life Spirit is the kundalini energy of Divine Sexuality. We teach how to
    bring about Divine harmony and justice by directing kundalini life spirit energy
    up the spine through a process of TRANSMUTATION, a process that is brought about
    by seeing through the eyes of Love Divine.

    Cognition brought about by Love Divine, transmutes everything seen,
    enlivening and bringing forth into manifestation the perfect divine blueprint of
    every being, desire, thought, feeling, or form.

    Justice and Harmony shines with an ultramarine blue light, and is the
    virtue of letter O. This automatically activates transmutation into perfection,
    the virtue of umlaut O, OE, which shines with a dark orange light.

    Seeing the Divine in a partner ignites the fires of transmutation.

    Desire for feeling Divine Feelings, and seeing a partner through the eyes
    of Love Divine, causes the kundalini to rise up the spine, igniting nerve and
    gland ganglia, finally uniting with Divine Consciousness and Feeling in the
    pineal gland in the cranial cavity.

    As higher centers of consciousness are enlivened, all of the glands of
    higher chackras are activated and secrete holy substances into the blood stream.

    In the pineal gland, consciousness altering substances, hormones and
    neuropeptides are produced. Psychoactive substances produced this way are a
    thousand times more pure and powerful than any other consciousness changing
    chemicals, regardless of source.

    All of the chackras and their glands are activated by Sacred WillFire
    longing for Divine Feeling, directed by Divine Loving Cognition. In this way,
    all of the divine virtues are chemically activated in consciousness. The body
    endocrine system emits a cocktail of holy nectar, which is the chemical basis of
    At this stage of mastery, the fire of life force is able to rise and
    connect individual consciousness and feeling with Omnipresent Divine
    Consciousness and Feeling.

    Omnipresent Divine Consciousness and Feeling exists everywhere in all
    time and space, in everything everywhere. Uniting in consciousness and feeling
    with the omnipresence of the Divine brings about an experience of ONENESS with
    all, and especially with the mate that one is interacting with sexually, and
    also with all life. This divine virtue of omnipresence is the letter E of
    'Molabeda', which shines with a deep purple light.

    As the course of sexual fire explodes within the pineal gland,
    enlightenment and wisdom, the comprehension and unity with the purity of all
    original ideas in Divine Mind, gives birth to eloquence, clairvoyance,
    clairsentience, and all artistic faculties in both partners. Even the art of
    levitation is aroused, and control over the Sylphs, the beings of the air.

    “We are dealing with the best-educated generation in history. But they’ve got a brain dressed up with nowhere to go.”

    “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.”

    “You’re only as young as the last time you changed your mind.”

    “The universe is an intelligence test.”

    “There are three side effects of acid: enhanced long-term memory, decreased short-term memory, and I forget the third.”

    a look at world events in light of the Universal Underworld time accelerationThe North Node in Sagittarius calls us to fight for liberty and freedom, to activate the sacred fire of truth in our hearts and minds. So, Mars/Jupiter in Aries carries us beyond limitation so that we can follow our true karmic paths to activate our free will, the greatest potential of our species. We actually can activate our consciousness and change things, and this New Moon and the entry into Night Two of the Universal Underworld on May 2 describes these changes. The opening of the Universal has sounded the death knell to nuclear destruction and wars based on National Underworld religious beliefs. The Mars/Jupiter conjunction exactly trines the lunar North Node, instructing us to get truthful. Uranus in early Aries squares Pluto, which begins the grand restructuring of the human mind and the political landscape based on practicality; this process will be accomplished by the influence of seven Uranus/Pluto squares from 2012 to 2015. It is time to see that everything that is "out there" is sourced in the human mind, so that we can move out of 4D control and pull the higher dimensional forces into our solid dimension-3D. But understand this, no real demons or devils exist other than the ones you create in your thoughts and beliefs in duality. But negative thought-forms are indeed created through your own fears and angers that can amass into varying degrees of independently aware negative energies. Such is the power of thought. Because your planet contains both spectrums there are indeed energy forms that amass in the 'negative' field and when encountered they feel quite imbalanced and quite opposed to ones optimal sense of well-being, but at its core this is electrical and not demonic.

    Now, there are certain Devic energies that are within their electrical nature of the 'negative' end of the spectrum. There are also fields of electrically negative energies that naturally occur , and are part of the spectrum that balances what you would term 'positive electrical fields'.

    Healers can assist in offering energy, but to an extent even that is treating the symptom and not the cause. The cause is always an open auric field, and when that is explained by the savant healer it can assist the person to resolve the core issue themselves. When an auric field is integrally intact, you see, no negative energy form can attach. Period.

    You meet your own denied power....whenever you find yourself in a situation where you feel helpless or immersed in a situation that frightens you. And the fact is that many people have physical symptoms or suffer unpleasant situations because they are afraid to utilize their own power of action. So it is important that each person take ownership of their power, and use discernment. Do not place the words of gurus, healers, psychologists, friends, or even my words above your inner voice of discernment of your own Divine Self. While you can learn much from others it must resonate... the deepest knowledge must ever come from within yourself.

    Be aware that 'psychic attack' in your vernacular does occur, but is better described as as the confrontation of wills and learning via experimentation with the full spectrum of duality-polarity forces.
    fear is a force nearly as strong as love....

    euphorical Kryon: Dear ones we say that love conquests all; whenever you can, act with love and observe your spiritual practices every day. The most important thing is to heal what is masculine first; that is to make whole your internal father, paternal grandfather and great-grandfather, through visualisation. You will feel great shift after great shift and you will get stronger and stronger day by day. You are on your way to a completely new dimension; and you are all awakening; your chakras will spend more time creating through love than through fear, anger and sadness; and you will feel well, safe and secure on the Earth plane.

    lots of sunshine in your hearts

    travel wellin lak'ech °AH la KIN

    no 143


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    moon:11 day:16
    Kin 144

    Yellow Magnetic Seed Harmonic 36: Magnetic Input Blue Western Castle of Burning
    Earth family- Gateway      Clan- Firepower doubled

    ´´´´´´´´´´´´ basking in diamond infinities of points
    each one an age of cosmic source
    each one a beam of golden ray centered on their great foreheads
    each one a moment of consciousness pure
    each a drop of lotus longing for the movement of light across the face of time within time
                    the hawk within the ancient sky rests
                                    night waits for day


    Time on Earth continues to fly by and we will be entering the final year of duality very soon.

    ……ever-increasing number of seaquakes in the southern Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. These quakes are beginning to alter the traditional ab- and subduction patterns of the South Pacific, Central Indian, and mid-Atlantic Ocean plates. This most certainly portends that major quakes are to happen shortly either near Asia or in the North Pacific Basin. A series of deep resonances of a specific type are echoing through these regions. We are working with several interested parties to scale down what now promise to be truly colossal shakes and some massive long-traveling tsunamis. These phenomena are merely Gaia's warning that all of you need to wake up and become conscious of the dawning of a new era {nidle}

    .The wave breaks…………———the ground falling away from under you –»»,,… eleventh Spectral moon is a sort of reversal, when all that is manifested at the peak of the wave is allowed by the forces of nature to fall away into dissolution. The Spectral moon is most primarily a reversal of what we ascribe to as success and accomplishment in Western Civilization.

    It is the allowance, the celebration, of everything to fall apart. while being alive on the earth’s outer crust,. It's a picture of the peak of a wave, the summit of ascension, the highest achievement, the mountain of things. The Spectral energy that immediately follows is the dissolution of this spectacular apex. It undoes the manifestation, or at least redistributes it so that it is available to all.

    The so-called Socialist agenda that arises periodically in modern history is always the antidote to rampant hoarding of wealth, when abundance is specialized to certain classes and corners of the globe. This is the same motion of Spectral energy. Each person’s summit – their own heroic quest heavenward, a metaphysical longing to be closer to god – is brilliant, inspired and commendable. Our Planetary existence is not exclusively greedy and self-serving; we need to be motivated to rise and produce, seek divine perfection and attainment of a higher purpose. letting go of our mastery: Spectral energy is liberation from being vigilant, climbing, pushing upward against gravity’s weight. It’s the exhalation after great exertion that almost kept us from easeful breath The Spectral moon is a time of liberation and bluish transFormation

    ]"Sombre Reptiles"

    all the intensity of our previous moons’ achievement dissolved and redistributed. We use the 28 days to release our egoic hold on our own gain, our ascent towards god, and realize our path in a human lifetime is always back towards earth and each other, threading our enlightenment back to the darkness of womb-like rebirth. This MayMoon is a Spectral moon and a necessary destruction that leads inevitability to another cycle of creation, so we celebrate what we let go of and also the indelible memories of all we accomplished. We trust the chaos and that we are not breaking apart but free. No one else is. personally responsible for your soul growth. –raise to the surface feelings that we don’t want or like to feel. –unwanted conditions that must be experienced through, “sourced,” flattened, not projected outwards, not worn as a mask and spoken through. They must be observed, experienced, and known completely, This is what Krishnamurti meant by “passive awareness.

    – ”No one wants themselves to be seen as arrogant and lonely.
    We all want to be seen as balanced and popular. But we get what we are and that is what we have to process.

    t……his present bout of loneliness began at around 6:00 this evening and it was over by 8:00 next week ÷ .I saw then my bodily incarnation as an old vinyl record turning on a turntable with the tone arm removed. The record was somewhat scratched and dusty, but it reflected enough light to show that its surface was not so flat as it first seemed. It's hard to get through even a single day and night without interdimensional travel. Interdimensional traveling is part of your birthright, and whether you'd like to or not you are going to travel interdimensionally. Oh, and let's not forget that even if we were born too soon to reach the event horizon envisioned by the,

    the price of freedom for the Interdimensional Traveler is eternal vigilance about the sticky enchantments that would like to bind us to the Babylon Matrix and turn individualized travelers into hordes of automatons and hungry ghosts. To step across the event horizon you need to molt the many layers of malign enchantment encasing your soul. Go then, there are other worlds than these... we are hurtling toward a guaranteed interdimensional portal popularly known as "death," which shimmers before us in the night of time. We might not be sure what's on the other side of that event horizon, but it is obviously still another dimension

    Go into prayer and ask
    http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/mother.html#1, then sit and allow Spirit within to take over.  As your steady companions along the way, you have the Spirit of Truth (mother), which will always point the way, and you have the Holy Spirit to help you through any difficulty, as long as you will listen.  Last and not least is the personal Gift from God, the Thought Adjuster, that comes to indwell each thinking human child as and when it makes its first moral decision.All have their capabilities and potential gifts to be turned into actuals.  But since human life is relatively short, you will have all of eternity to develop these for-now-hidden potentials.  So the assignment will be carried on until completion when you will have become a perfected being.living by the golden rule of doing onto others the way you would like to be treated, with respect, love and forgiveness for all, when the becominG aware of a network of kin in 3d exists, you can call upon and these 4-5d - guides and teachers, that they may be even more effective for you in that you have consciously invited them to collaborate with you to solve a problem or inspire an idea -- a powerful team indeed!

    ‹*∞" •Oh, if you only realized how often I come to you and try to make you dance with me and to hearten and liven you up! We are so gay here in our crowd. I am so abundantly joyous• ‹*∞"^∞^ >

    we're a beautiful race and we deseve it to bloom into our full potential. …Our own collective name is "HUMANS", which is a synonym for "feeling sensual beings". We have compassion with even a little mouse seeking to cross a trafficked highway, and we have respect for all living creatures doing their best to lead the life, which has been given to them, in the most honoring of ways.……we can do it now or in 300 000 years

    “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.”

    Institutional racism is not hate based language, it is much more harmful.
    12/60 — 8h-sQueeZe

    while Holding a person in slavery became illegal in the UK on 6 April 2010... the propaganda goes:. Modern anti-slavery campaigners say that there are currently 27 million slaves worldwide, in various categorie, and that the use of undocumented migrants as forced labour is common in Britain. and the rest of europe, and the rest of the world. They argue that it’s only in countries where slavery has been criminalised, as opposed to merely “abolished”, that the prosecution of slaveholders becomes practical

    Buddhahood means awareness. Mortals whose minds are aware reach the Way of Enlightenment and are therefore called buddhas. (Bodhidharma)

    Nepal, birthplace of the Buddha
    a student at Jacobs University Bremen ,Germany .. ..[url]http://dailycensored.com/2011/05/01/false-news-stories-about-nepal/ [/url]





    - Angels record all deeds in the Book of Life -

    the poodle bites… the poodle chooses

    Kin 52 Harmonic 13 :  Cosmic Process Formulate free will of presence

    not from alistair:………As it happens, 0.00001% of us may be so evil that our slight knowledge about is an energy emanation that is apparent to those who know how to identify it.” As it approaches us –and reflecting back into my eye– , death, period, a phaseshifting, spectralizing interdimensional influx, deeper than we can comprehend. having nothing to do with physical connections anymore, nor with spiritual threads that remain.

    These are rather waves that emanate from there and have to be intercepted persistently, apperceived withmore of what we apprehended lately as the simple 'in LA' KECH!¨…deep relationship as an impingement and overlapping of dimensions.

    —He who's not busy being born is busy dying {b. dylan}………

    Behind the eyes of the other you can glimpse an individualized culture, an inner climate and weather system of shifting moods, evanescent feelings on accepting the weightlessness of glittering thoughtforms……the gr
    eat strength of the group soul within that forced us into this.……which at times feels like annihilation.~…~ ¬o¬ » • «

    The face of Lucifer has changed and formed into a plethora of disreputable images by the Christian psyche in modern times. The ideal message received on the astral should be, "I shall ascend" and not by chance, "I am of evil". Such doctrines of "evil" and "good" are excuses to not deal with the core of the individual. It is locking away the most dangerous, most powerful and most exciting part of the self. Once the shadow is brought into light shall a God or Goddess begin to emerge.

    Luzifer stands for the balance of flesh and spirit. The ego or "I", constantly changing must continue to consciously manifest in a positive manner. As Aleistar Crowley pointed out in the article entitled "The Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic" (Published in The Goetia):

     "The spirits of the Goetia are portions of the human brain. Their seals therefore represent
    (Mr. Spencer's projected cube) method of stimulating or regulating those particular spots (through the Eye).
    (a) The names of God are vibrations calculated to establish control over the human brain. (Establishment of the functions relative to the subtle world.)
    (b) Control over the brain in detail. (Rank or type of the Spirit.)
    (c) Control of one special portion (Name of the spirit)."

    Control is the map of empowerment and Ascension. Once direction is assumed and confirmed, can such begin to take place in association with progression and evolution? This subtle point is based around the legend of Lucifer itself. In being cast forth from the heavens, one could only despair or revel in the freedom and self-respect that had been earned through defiance.
    The Black Flame that exists in the core of the self has long sought to grow and illuminate the individual who was prepared to travel the fantastic path of self-illumination and Godhood. Ever woman and man have their own orbit, their own star to develop upon this earth. Nothing is rejected [size=18]which develops integrity and self-strength of spirit.

    The Luciferian individual is at heart a predator, however balancing action and thought with compassion and tolerance when such emotions are heart felt. Egotism however as a possible flaw and over estimation, vanishes in major or smaller steps of evolution and involution into self. As the Luciferian is evolved and continues growing one must be in check with the ego. It should be understood that often the most humble will comprehend a greater knowledge of self. Crowley often defined "Black Brothers" as those who shut themselves off from the universe and the cup of Babalon, which is evolution. The sorcerer must realize that he or she is not necessarily more important than anything else, while at the same time be in full balance with the natural order and the survival of the psyche..

    As the Goddess of the Dark Moon, Lilith - the woman who runs with the wolves! “ruthlessly destroys all that is not our true individuality or appropriate life path.  She will not lead us to our goal by revealing what it is, but rather by eliminating everything that it is not.  The black aspect of Lilith closes all the wrong doors that face us.”  

    “The black Lilith in us will accept nothing less than our true individuality, not in the sense of separateness, but in the sense of who we intrinsically are.  When we are secure in acknowledging and expressing our true self, we do not falsify ourselves in order to be accepted by others.” 
    “Consensus does not require the kind of compromise that pressures us to give up our essential values while mediating with another person.”  

    …f 2012 passes, and we still have the IRS, IMF, FDA, traffic cops and the nasty control of heartless bureaucrats, I, and millions of others may give up hope for this insane planet, make the best lives we can for ourselves and our friendi do feel that many of us lightworkers are tested to the limit down here
    "have a bowel movement or get off the toilet".
    In 1989 in Tiananmen Square in China, one lone man stopped a tank for a day...then the tanks and guns killed all the young people and no one in China can talk about it, read about it or knows about it now.
    thirteen crystal skulls, each fashioned at the end of a thousand-year period, contain thirteen millennia of knowledge from Atlantis to the present day, much like present-day silicon chips do.

    Commentary of a Mentori Spokesperson: "Allow me to give you a dictation on the Meaning of Life, which hitherto escapes many people as they hurry hither and yon to find satisfaction and inner peace, whilst their souls are crying out for attention and nourishment.  Truly, the greatest Source for these riches remains dormant within them as, instead of establishing a working relationship with them Pilot Light, to schedule a regular time for daily appointment to have your private time with this Gift, they never ever once seriously give any consideration to their Spark from God within.
    “May the truth be known that henceforth everyone will have the opportunity to get acquainted with this Spark from the eternal Source, when–…………-–--–death calls? Úh, when love calls? … Love or the madness of self absorption, we must choose both individually and fully as the human race.

    Sorcerers know, by means of their practical actions, that as soon as their assemblage points move, their self-importance crumbles. and through heavy focus on that self-image, they lose their self-compassion, and with it their self-importance.

    “Think about these matters and take the time to journey inward to discover the meaning of life and what it is that you are here to do.  Each and every one bears that responsibility – yes, each of you who has the will and power to choose how you shall live this life. bring this most valuable gift of life back to the Creator and give Him all praise and glorify Him in your attitude towards life."

    143 In Lake'ch (I AM another yourself:))) –on 144

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    the adventure of the ages

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    –– the inner battle to resurrect : uncouple EM–R from mass……or the mind from reality…lol

    Expressing an alternative view of reality was necessarily a secret pursuit until recent times. Only 229 years ago, in the apparently cultured and enlightened lands of Europe – Anna Göldi was executed for witchcraft in the village of Glarus, Switzerland. She was beheaded by the blade of a state-sanctioned executioner. This brutal killing represented the final chapter in a centuries long tale of deranged witch-hunts that beleaguered Europe for centuries.

    masonic temple

    The angular distortions of Masonic architectur, a restrictive geometry can be formulated to confine a specific movement of energy. At extremes, it can contract energy to such a degree that it becomes stuck and forms a negative singularity, a subtle energetic black-hole that begins to compromise the evolutionary trajectory of the whole system. This is what all illnesses derive from: ‘stuckness’ and contraction of energy. To release stuck energy patterns, one needs to open the shape, re-wire the circuit so the system remains open. Energy can flow inward and outward.

    In the unhindered natural expression of earth, there is only curve. This is the pattern of nature. Even the hardest, sharpest angles are all vector points along a smooth curve. There is only curve. Only flow. Even in the deepest stillness, when motionless beside a tranquil lake, there is a deep harmonic throb. The graceful pulse of supremely elegant planet Earth."Nothing can quite match knowing that you are equipped to handle every challenge that arises in your life."

    We switch from being objects to being the thing in itself. We join a myriad other intelligences and conscious vibrations to create what we choose. Zooming out, we perceive that indeed we are the transdimensional object of all existence.and Happiness is a frequency attached to dharmic function. It arises when spirit is aligned – when there is authentic being, gnosis, true creative expression and expansion of awareness. It is the spontaneous acknowledgement of conscious presence,
    she just is -no second thought, like I am here and everything is OK.

    That is the open gladness that dissolves all illusory negativity in an instant. It is free and is not dependent on anyone or anything. It can come amid great solemnity, pandemonium, even misery, and just as easily it may surface in the middle of philosophy, creativity, intimacy and play.

    there they Are……

    basking in diamond infinities of points

    each one an age of cosmic source

    each one a beam of golden ray centered on their great foreheads

    each one a moment of consciousness pure

    each a drop of lotus longing for the movement of light across the face of time within time

    the hawk within the ancient sky rests

    night waits for day

    finished to relate to status quo––except as impartial Data–Stream………
    a WAVICLE - a Vehicle for the Soul, in which the Mind Or Wave nature is 'quantum collapsed 'communication between Creator Monad and Creation Monad.…and by intervention of eMmr a 'Soul' so becomes a holofractal and image of this original Void-Unity-Infinitum primordial energy plenum.

    In a nutshell:
    The partitioning of CreatorCreation or FatherMother or WaveParticular into a so named MindBody so becomes a 'Split' between Father and Mother in the Self-Emergence of the Material Cosmos imaged in its Immaterial or Spiritual Form, which is also imaged in a BodyMind or the 'collapse of the wavenature' of the 'Soul' into a particular and individualized Bodyform or Morphogenetic Vessel, container or 'Gestalt'. :… and when we manage to bend our inner structure, mirror it a couple of times into itself.....and then somehow to break the walls between all of us, the ensuing data-love stream may... be ending us up timely in an enourmous Yoni {the secret dream of a specific part of humanity…lol} 

    Tonia.…: false image maleNorthydra ..:… not as' a child of forgetfulness …:… i Am sharing yours in the Afterthought of iM | My mirrored Forethought in their images of both You and I;
    .… Buckel your most lovingly thoughts and visions and embedd your valuable human lifeforce as Oxyrynchus in the photon belt…Whale is your weaver and the Mandrake, Your ManDrake's found near the Heart (HEsheART} and so becomes enabled to break the stasis of our cocooning

    is my Djed ,shed]ing any light upon the subject that you may share with us on which I Am, riding the Skyblue DragonStar Kachina - Symbol of Hope— emblem for oUR redemption; so you+me can become pregnant and °facil itated° to rebirth Ourselves. of 'total freedom', a steady state, no longer subject to what you may call the trials and tribulations of the choice-making density, the path having been chosen, the feet firmly planted thereupon, and the will strengthened to persevere. The journey shall be undertaken in strength of purpose in joyful, glad tidings of the heart.as pilgrims upon a dusty path, yet a path which leads ever homeward. For can you be anywhere else but home when you move within the one infinite
    {toni | those of hatonn}

    Consciousness is Fractal" alt="" />

    But how can the nebulous neutrino, which do not interact with normal matter, be affecting decay rates? No one knows. It might be a previously unknown particle instead."What we're suggesting is that something that doesn't really interact with anything is changing something that can't be changed."

    Of the top ten apparent brightest stars (excluding our Sun)—Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Vega {The very bright northern polestar of 14,000 AD is Vega excorcised in Lyra}, Capella, Rigel, Procyon, Achernar and Betelguese—Achernar is the ninth-brightest star in the night sky ––hottest and bluest. It lies at the southern tip of the constellation Eridanus, 144 light-years (44 pc) away
    about 3,000 times more luminous than the Sun..

    after Achernar spinning weird rapidly Chinese astronomers knew it as Shwuy Wei.

    dreamworld, mediation, mind of gaia, higher dimentional gates, holy spirit the battle of the mideast-tunnels…Do your beliefs and actions promote your well being? sorrow is itself a kind of gate. That evil karma is itself primal stuff that gets converted. And when we actually walk into the light, see the light, then we realize we would not change the darkness of the past. Here we are everything just as it is light and dark. Sunlight and shadow. Adapting to conditions. Silently following the path like a thief in the night, sneaking around corners, following it wherever it leads, invisible. "Everything is empty". Calamity always alternates with prosperity and the wise person is unmoved in the midst of this." Just flowing. "peacefully living in a burning house."

    He says, "Those who are wise give their body, their life, and their property without regret, without the vanity of giver, gift or recipient, without bias attachment.
    To spread the light they teach others— but without becoming attached to form. Through their own practice they are able to benefit others and glorify the way. While practicing all the virtues to eliminate delusion, they practice nothing at all. This is what is meant by practicing the dharma."

    "The scripture of "Perfect Enlightenment" says at all times, thus one thing just follows another naturally.

    Book of Serenity, Case 45:

    "do not produce delusive thoughts."
    ......."Also, don't stop and annihilate delusive states of mind."
    ......... "In realms of false conception don't add knowledge. Don't find reality in no knowledge."

    So you see even in hell you know--there are Tantric paintings of these little red buddhas with demon horns
    and fangs and scowls around them, sort of preaching the dharma in accessible form--adopting the custom of the country.

    impeccability is a necessary phase of Self- Mastery. It is a calibrational juncture in the multidimensional sojourn , geometric clarity- of- the- soul mind – Event

    …human consciousness, as Noetic author Lynne McTaggart described it, was a substance outside the confines of the body. A highly ordered energy capable of changing the physical world. Our Bodyforms of Desires and Passions are the Fueling Device for our ToPoGraphically morphin3g TimeCapsule Probing

    which, unconsciously drift thru old archetypes…… How shall you strike the match to that fuel and light the lamp of fourth-density? My friends, your feast is love itself. Relish it. Prepare it. Use the herbs of patience, tenacity and the light touch. Walk the fields of your consciousness and find ever new those growing wild things that, when plucked young, shall make ever tastier the feast of love. The devices of desire are those that connect preconsciously…… release thoughts of making sure you can survive, Learn as you can and as you will, but do not demand of yourself that you achieve anything measurable. For it is the keys to unknowing that will serve you in these latter hours, not the keys of knowing.
    Learn as you can and as you will, but do not demand of yourself that you achieve anything measurable. For it is the keys to unknowing that will serve you in these latter hours, not the keys of knowing. and reflect peace; to gaze at the hostility, and respond in compassion; to listen to those whom your intellect would call “idiots” take over the public airwaves and respond with a smile.

    is a very hard thing for us to do Spiritually, to create all this Negativity, but we do it because we love you, and it is for your highest good, ultimately. You could say, that it is our Sacrifice that we have made, in order to be of Service to the One Infinite Creator, and to you, our Brothers and Sisters in the One.

    saying goodbye to the yellow-ray density; that is, the Density of Choice. … †o green-ray thinking.
    Remember, we are all just acting out a grand old game here, appreciating our innner urge to fly and soar above our low self-esteem, the measure of which is not to find outside ,

    Let the world wag. we do know how to find the door to our inner room, to our heart. looking at our inner tuning.
    It cannot alter what man on Earth has done by itself, without the passage of a great deal of time. You are welcome to improve the odds, and to be good stewards of Gaia.

    "Look to how you are living your life. Examine it, for things that truly count are truly important to celebrate: the dawning of a new heaven and a new Earth. Find your joy. Find your laughter. Find that place within you that loves yourself. And accept yourself, because that makes of you a co-Creator that will love others and accept others. This is the key to harmonization of the varieties of human thought and experience
    "……. but we must be asked, for we would not infringe upon your free will. Therefore, please, at all times live your life in gratitude. In thanking us you ask us to continue. In thanking the angels, you ask them to continue. Make a practice of this, for it too will make this transition time easier for you

    The Big Brother Elite are continuing to strengthen their hold by centralising ever more power in the hands of the few and away from the people. It is said 75% of the laws in Europe are now made by the EU rather than the nation states - and most people know that the EU is by design undemocratic. Ever more EU law has to be complied with in even the most basic walks of life, turning every act into a bureaucratic nightmare. What Big Brother doesn't like is independent, free individuals and groups who can look after themselves, think for themselves and who are brave enough to act on their own knowledge. That's why they will, in the name of protecting the population, make it ever more difficult for you to own your own land, have animals, grow food, supply your own water and sell what you don't need yourself to your local community. You will only be allowed to sell or even give away any food if you comply with tight regulations, such as having all your animals tagged and making it possible to track all the food you produce. If all else fails, another "outbreak" of whatever virus will be used as excuse to slaughter all you animals in order to "contain" the epidemic.

    If you have land on which you hunt deer, you can eat your own meet and currently it is ok to supply your direct family who live there with you. But as soon as you want to give venison away for free to your wider family or friends, you are bound by hygiene laws and need a temperature controlled larder.
    As usual these laws "to protect us" are easy to comply with if you are a large company but not if you are a smallholder.
    There is today no longer a country in which people will be safe from what is transpiring. There is nowhere left to run to! LOL! There are only countries in which it is EASIER to strategise and to form groups for the purposes of survival. Such countries are mainly to be found in Central and Eastern Europe, for these countries, newly liberated from the restraints of communism are NOT blind to what is for them, AGAIN busy happening! The people, however, are something else! LOL! Having been liberated from communism they are, generally speaking, now so eager to enjoy the "fruits" of westernisation, that they are sitting ducks for the taking! Sad, but true! Their leaders, on the other hand, and the older generations who grew up under communism are mostly wide awake and taking care!

    If today we have a beacon of hope as far as political powers go, it is Russia. Russia is destined to be the future, and so far it remains a steadfast beacon of light in a growing darkness.

    {space to rent on SL}

    the Old Sorcerers, a relatively SMALL group of totally unscrupulous men whose only desire is for TOTAL power over, and who themselves are but the servants of the Dark Forces, of which there are ten representatives in the world - five in the East and five in the West. The Old Sorcerers today already hold most of the world's money and gold in their hands, and soon they will also have the world's food and water resources in their hands. (theun mares/2008)

    The Plutonium Angel of Death

    I really hope I am coming in loud and clear. Geiger counters measure decays but they do not tell you what kinds of particles are decaying. It is confusing, it is invisible and not even our Geiger counters tell us the whole story of increasing dangers that surround us. Anyone who thinks life is going to be the same on our planet with multiple open nuclear sores ripping apart the soft skin of our ecology and physiology is mistaken.

    Bottom Line: 10,000 terabecquerels (10,000,000,000,000,000 becquerels) of radioactive substances will be released into the atmosphere from the plant during the coming three months, according to simple calculations based on the estimated emission rate as of April 5. It is now safe to assume that there will be a lot of radiation circling at high altitudes and all that stuff is going to come down everywhere eventually, especially when it rains or snows. Where is all this radiation coming from?

    "Amounts of radiation as far as 60km from the Fukushmia nuclear power plant have measured far above the levels measured in Chernobyl."

    Nuclear harm happens in ultra slow motion. Yes it can happen in days, weeks and months to a few but the harm to the many happens in the years and decades that follow. We don’t look down and see that we are now sterile until we cannot participate in a conception. Cancer does not start between one day and the next. But these days tornadoes do.
    The earth is literally blowing its top (volcanic activity) and we are already threatened with intense cooling because of the materials being vented into the atmosphere from not one but many volcanoes coming to life. And yet geologists are hinting we have not even come close to the opening curtain where the intensifying earthquakes and eruptions come to a climax. …to phaseshift those radioactive particles back into stable players...
    I recommend a standing spill vortex fraktal which can transloop through the whole mineral strata, made from omniversal intelligent light curved spacefrequencies(the Inn-er)

    Scientists have long known that forest fires release mercury into the atmosphere. Peatlands, which are widespread in the vast boreal forest stretching across nearly every Canadian province and far into the territories, release huge tonnages of mercury when burnt because, “As water flows through, peat filters mercury out of the water,” said Mike Flannigan of the Canadian Forest Service. When peatlands burn, mercury is released into the atmosphere, eventually falling to earth where it combines with sulphur to form mercury’s most toxic form. and by the way...


    U.S. and European ruling circles are focused on these funds, so that before carrying out a military attack on Libya to get their hands on its energy wealth, they took over the Libyan sovereign wealth funds. Facilitating this operation is the representative of the Libyan Investment Authority, Mohamed Layas himself: as revealed in a cable published by WikiLeaks. On January 20 Layas informed the U.S. ambassador in Tripoli that LIA had deposited $32 billion in U.S. banks. Five weeks later, on February 28, the U.S. Treasury “froze” these accounts. According to official statements, this is "the largest sum ever blocked in the United States," which Washington held "in trust for the future of Libya." It will in fact serve as an injection of capital into the U.S. economy, which is more and more in debt. A few days later, the EU "froze" around 45 billion Euros of Libyan funds.

    The assault on the Libyan sovereign wealth funds will have a particularly strong impact in Africa. There, the Libyan Arab African Investment Company had invested in over 25 countries, 22 of them in sub-Saharan Africa, and was planning to increase the investments over the next five years, especially in mining, manufacturing, tourism and telecommunications. The Libyan investments have been crucial in the implementation of the first telecommunications satellite Rascom (Regional African Satellite Communications Organization), which entered into orbit in August 2010, allowing African countries to begin to become independent from the U.S. and European satellite networks, with an annual savings of hundreds of millions of dollars.

    The Long Dark Night of The Soul is The Beginning " alt="" />

    Even more important were the Libyan investment in the implementation of three financial institutions launched by the African Union: the African Investment Bank, based in Tripoli, the African Monetary Fund, based in Yaoundé (Cameroon), the African Central Bank, with Based in Abuja (Nigeria). The development of these bodies would enable African countries to escape the control of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, tools of neo-colonial domination, and would mark the end of the CFA franc, the currency that 14 former French colonies are forced to use. Freezing Libyan funds deals a strong blow to the entire project. The weapons used by "the willing" are not only those in the military action called “Unified Protector.”  

    Kenneth Schortgen reported that the Kerry-McCain resolution allows for Libya’s frozen assets (intended as persuasive sanction) to be confiscated and directed for military use against Libya. There is no legal standing for the theft of these funds without justification or a legal ruling, especially when the money will be used against the country from which it is stolen.-

    and diggin in your birthsign's zodiacal featured oddities, toni
    : )

    the Crystalline Transformation of the planet.
    a pristine frequencial order that is coherent .
    It is the frequency of impeccability.

    GEMINI GUIDELINES - Do not take these stories seriously. Don't believe everything you think!

    JUNE 4 - giant Jupiter enters its 12 month passage through practical, earthy TAURUS. (until June11, 2012)

    JUNE 12 - SATURN goes DIRECT, ending its retrograde phase which began January 25.

    Pluto entered Capricorn therefore we will be impacted inspecific Capricorn ways

    where is mercury right now? .…Mercury the god without a home.
    - ––The mechanism of our mind roams freely in all our inner Underworlds. -
    It must be trained if we wish to direct it
    to our higher mind.

    As a representative of our mind, Mercury is accurately depicted as the trickster.
    Our mind can and does mislead and deceive us. Transcending the manipulation and
    deception of our dualistic mind is one of our most important and challenging human tasks.

    Sagittarius's ruler Jupiter is no less of a trickster.
    Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system specializes in expansion.
    When naive Jupiter collaborates with our undirected, gullible and ego directed mind, the pair can expand our deception in ways that get us into serious trouble. We don't have to look very far to find examples in our personal HISto… lol

    The June 15 TLE is the most important but the July 1st PSE is remarkable for two reasons: it is barely a wisp of a physical eclipse (visible for like 2 seconds over the oceans of Antarctica) but it carries a Cardinal Cross - the crucial signature of our times.

    a powerhouse lunar eclipse at the Galactic Center - triggering that massive, game-changing Winter Solstice.
    TLE on December 21, 2011.……Lunar Eclipses are very 'Èmotional' lol experiences.

    it will be visible from Europe, Africa and most of Asia and Australia. *1:14* PM PDT (8:14 PM GMT)
    It's a vital shift. More later, or film at 11 as they say ;)

    These Cosmic Triggers are rare aggregation of complex coded eclipses. There will be a total of 6 eclipses in 2011, and 3 of these will occur in a 30 day phase between May 30- 1 July 1st. This period will be punctuated with the June Solstice. This 4:2 combination of solar and lunar eclipses in a single year is quite rare, only occurring about once each generation. We tell you that Eclipses are opportunities for energizing change.

    Those who dedicate themselves to this Fin e tuning can experience a nearness to Source that they feel is less available to them elsewhere. But the truth is that these fine-tuned energies are osmotic frequencial schools, and once absorbed, once matriculated, the energy is retained within the established individuals Dreambodies.
    Adding to its catalytic potential, this eclipse series occurs during the final, Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar. During this Ninth Wave (March 9 to Oct. 28), according to Carl Calleman, time is accelerated 20-fold; we'll experience the same amount of change as occurred from 1999 until a few months ago. Consciousness is rapidly evolving as dimensions merge and a new world is born. It's our choice: adapt and flourish or resist and suffer.

    [flash] [/flash]


    a new crystal moon of cooperation
    and a new RedEarth-wavespell of navigation

    …and a beautiful solar return Toni + may you hop the wheels of your choice to Your's and OursDelight
    in Lak'ech å la Kin
    … lullabyedreamDolls of my sleepless nights…lol

    much Love from the middle of the cosmic night -your antipode…lol


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    if this……


    or this……………… http://www.visionafar.com/index.php?page=Art-ARRIVAL

    in any case: …DON'T COMMENT¨¨¨!!!

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