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    The 'Grand Holy Cross of Gaia' and the Completion of the archetypological Reconfiguration of the Astrogenetics


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    The 'Grand Holy Cross of Gaia' and the Completion of the archetypological Reconfiguration of the Astrogenetics

    Post  Didymos on Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:24 am

    The 'Grand Holy Cross of Gaia' and the Completion of the archetypological Reconfiguration of the Astrogenetics'

    The Compression of History and the 13 Mirrors

    The Key of Daniel - The Lion-Tamer and the Warp-Time-Loop of Jerusalem's Captivity!

    ↑To the Future!
    From the Past!

    Greetings to all Thuban cave dwellers from Bluey TonyLove.

    A number of members here have encountered personal health problems and discomforts in sympathy to the global earthchanges experienced by Mother Gaia preparing herself for her own rebirthing following the warptime loop depicted in the diagram above.

    What is happening is that the entire Cosmic History since the Birth of the Universe so 19.11 billion years ago has become compressed in the Gaian History beginning in sentient biological lifeforms so 2.2 billion years ago (when the Oxygenation of the primordial terrestrial atmosphere stabilised to allow aquatic unicellular prokaryotic lifeforms to become terrestrial and leading to multicellular and eukaryotic organisms, such as homo sapiens).

    This cosmic and planetary history then becomes itself compressed in the warptime zone indicated by the Key of Daniel diagram above.

    The initialising mirror then halves the timeline in the 'double-mirror (of the cosmic baptism) and then becomes itself halved to begin the compression of the histories from June 3rd onwards to complete the warptime zone at the finalising mirror and coinciding with the insemination of the Virgin Cosmos leading to the Gaian rebirth and the reconfiguration of the universe in total. This process 'accelerates' not linear time measure as such but 'compresses' higher dimensional 'timeloops' in the successive shortening between a number of 13 mirrors defining the halving of the intervals in a geometric progression and as indicated and defined following.

    Then, as the Mirrors (as the witnessing starhuman or dragon acolytes) first ABSORB the histories in multidimensional energy interaction before REFLECTING the thus absorbed data and information; the logos induced data processors activated in the warpzone will encounter all sorts of hitherto unprecedented energy interactions within themselves

    Past life scenarios and hitherto unprocessed 'karmic' issues etc.; all will become apparent in the absorption and reflection of the witnesses, dependent on their 'quality' to act as Mirrors for the World Logos from the platform and perspective of their individuated Logii.

    All such logos activated 'witnesses' (decoded from Revelation.11 and Zechariah.4) will so find themselves in the precarious situation of personally and individually mirroring the cosmic, planetary and individuated histories back to themselves as internal processing, as well as reflecting and transmitting this information outwards into the universe as an initial MAPPING onto the quarantine zone aka the Noosphere of the Gaian 'Akashic Record'.

    Then the quarantined 'earth' (at so 2 million kilometers from the planetary center as a light-inversion string parameter of the multidimensional universe), will give access to this mapped data to any Extraterrestrial 'watchers' or observers external to the quarantine zone. This will then allow the ET familiars to prepare the Thuban fleet for the selfinvasion following the completion of the warptimeline at the appropriate nexus points.

    Without the human processed data, the Thuban spaceships cannot be prepared in the physicality necessary to enter the light-inversion zone from their plasmic higher dimensional selfstate; described in the 4D Materiality casting 3D LightShadows, just as 3D Materiality casts DarkShadows as 2D projections.

    Until the Gaian quarantine began on June 25th, 2008 and following the Summer solstice on June 20th, 2008; all ET races could not discern their own genesis and lineage in their own ancestry; which is that of the Dragons of Thuban and also known under many other labels, such as the Paa Taal or the wingmakers.

    In particular, the 'nature' of the source was well understood as the Creator or Prime Source or God or 'All That Is'; BUT the 'nature' of the logos had remained a total mystery apart from the human history in regards to the 'Cosmic Office' of the 77=Christ aka Hermes Trismegistos aka Melchizedek aka Kukulkan aka the 'Plumed Serpent of the 97' and many other labelings.

    From the quarantine nexus point however; the logos became activated from within the isolated spacetime region and the logos carriers (as the witnesses) could so send the data of the reactivated logos to the quarantine noosphere boundary to be mapped and accessed by all ET observers and preparers of the Great Cosmic Collaboration for the Gaian Universal database.

    The higher dimensional physics for this process relies on the 4D nature of Black Holes being able to function as spacetime manifolds in 2D surface areas mapping the data from an encompassed 3D in a twosided, yet transparent surface topology in the light-matter interaction of multidimensional spacetimes. This is a simple function of the holographic principle in the cosmologies and astrophysics of Hawking, Bekenstein, Maldacena, Susskind and the string exponents.

    Day #0=December 8th, 2004 = 1st Mirror

    Day #1=December 9th, 2004


    Day #666=October 6th, 2006=MidMirrorweek-2

    Day #667=October 7th, 2006=MidMirrorweek-3

    Day #668=October 8th, 2006=MidMirrorweek-4


    Day #1334=August 3rd, 2008

    Day #1335=August 4th, 2008 = 2nd Mirror (counted twice)

    Day #1336=August 5th, 2008


    There are then 70 days or 10 weeks determined to reconfigure the astrogenesis as encoded in the Torah/Old Testament in the Book of Genesis. This transformation of the old astrosymbols and archetypes of the Zodiak begins on April 17th, 2010 and ends after 18 days on May 5th, 2010 for a 18 day interval of 6 re-creation days followed by a 'sabbatical' of a 'shortened' two weeks in 13 days.

    This 18 day interval then becomes both the Tail and the Head for the circularistion of the 70 days and so gives the 36=6x6 gematria associated with the solar transits through Aries, Taurus and Gemini into Cancer and culminating in the 'Crucifixion of the Gaian Mother' on June 26th, 2010 and in a particular celestial configuration of a Jupiter-Uranus [2°&½° Aries] Conjunction opposing Saturn [28° Virgo] and a Sun-Mercury-Dragon AntiNode [4°&2°&12° Cancer] Conjunction opposing a Moon-Pluto-Dragon Node-Galactic Center [2°&4°&12° Capricorn] Conjunction in the 'Gaian Grand Holy Cross' for the (Partial) Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon of June 26th, 11.30 GMT.

    More particularly, the Ascending or Northern Dragon Node or Dragon Head {Caput Draconis} describes the apparent path of the Sun against the relatively 'fixed' background stars AS the Moon's Intersection with the Ecliptic (the approximate plane of the planets revolving about the sun).

    The Dragon Head is mirrored in the Descending or Southern Dragon Antinode or Dragon Tail {Cauda Draconis}.

    Together this 18-19 year CYCLIC LUNACY becomes a microquantum for the Milky Way as the 'background of the 'fixed stars' and so describes the Ouroboros as the Dragon who 'Bites its own tail with its head'.

    This message then superposes a Logos Dispensation onto this recurring celestial phenomenon in applying the prophetic day-for-a-year counting key of Ezekiel. This then allows the reconfigutration of archetypes in using the celestial mechanics as a template mirror.

    It takes 18.60 Tropical Years (each of 365.2422 mean solar days) or 6793.5 days for a cycle of nutation to return the Dragon Nodes to their cyclic starting positions.

    Related to the Nutation cycle are the Saros and the Metonic cycles.

    These 18-19 day intervals then archetype the Saros Cycle of lunar and solar eclipses and a cyclicity known to Babylonian and Mayan stargazers and astrologers.
    A Saros ejncompasses 223 Lunations or 223x29.53=6585.32 days almost coincides with 19 Eclipse Years of 19x346.62=6585.78 (mean solar days).

    This also relates the Metonic Cycle which correlates 235 such Synodic months of the 29.53 day lunations to 19 Tropical Years of 365.2422 (mean solar days) (to a 2 hour accuracy) in 235x29.53=6939.55~6939.60=19x365.2422.

    The MIDWAY Point of the 21 Days of Gabriel/Pentecost then correlate the Mayan Calendar of the 260 Kin (Day) Tzolkien Count as shared and exposited by Serafina de Whynot in these messages.

    shared by Serafina

    The reconfiguration of the 'starsigns' as the aspects of the 'old humanity' so harmonizes the scriptural encodings with respect to the 'Sons of Jacob-Israel' as the 'breaches' between the 'starsigns' as the 'tribes of Israel. As every 'old human' has a birthday as one of the 12 sons; all 'old humans' so become the 'Chosen and Holy People of God' and then 'delegating' the 'office of the gentiles' to ALL Extraterrestrial sentiences thus able to become 'adopted starhumans' by nature of 'hybridisations' in 'dragonomies' or 'alchemical weddings'.

    The transmutations between starsigns is defined in the 'birthrights' and 'order of birth' of Jacob's Sons that is the starsigns of a dodecad or 12-tiered division of a circle into 12 months or 30 degree zodiacal sectors, one sector or 'house' for each tribe or 'sondaughter' or starsign.

    In particular two breaches are 'rectified' and harmonized; the first in the Judahic bloodline between the twinship of Pharez and Zarah and 'switching' order between Judah and Dan; and the second between the Tribes of Napthali and Gad as the 'exchange' between the signs of Libra and Virgo respectively.

    Star-Pentecost of May 16th, 2010 initiates and triggers the 21 days or 3 weeks of Daniel as encoded in Daniel.10.2,13 and the end of those 3 weeks then trigger the Imaging of the previous astrogenetic manifestations from April 17th, 2010 to May 5th, 2010 as the reflections for the 18 days between June 7th, 2010 and June 25th, 2010 about the 36th Day of the 70 days as the Midpoint Mirror of May 22nd, 2010.

    The astrogenetic images then become MULTISIGNED AND ORDERING CORRECTED in their actual mirrored order with Pisces Benjamin transmuting into the androgynous Phoenix Pisces around the by then established Ophiuchus-Arachne Polar Axis initialised in the November 22nd/23rd Scorpio-Sagittarius solar transit poleshifting the Northern Dragon Head as the PhoenixEagle with the Southern Dragon Tail in the May 21st/22nd Taurus-Gemini solar transit and mapping Day #19=May 5th, 2010 in Day #52=June 7th, 2010.

    Similarly, the summer solstice 2010 initialises and transforms the Multisignatures of the new celestial order in Day #65=June 20th, 2010 for the Phoenician Aquarius of Day #6=April 22nd, 2010.

    Day #66=June 21st, 2010 then transforms the Phoenician Capricorn and Sagittarius from their prior forms of Day #5=April 21st, 2010.

    Day #67=June 22nd, 2010 then crystallizes the Phoenician Scorpio and Libra from their precursive forms of Day #4=April 20th, 2010.

    Day #68=June 23rd, 2010 then defines the metamorphosis for the Phoenician Virgo and Leo from their older progenitors of Day #3=April 19th, 2010.

    Day #69=June 24th, 2010 then assigns the transmutation for the Phoenician Cancer and Gemini from their older symbolic parentage of Day #2=April 18th, 2010.

    Finally, Day #70=June 25th, 2010 shows the new Phoenician Taurus and Aries from their older archetypology of Day #1=April 17th, 2010.

    Day #71=June 26th, 2010 then WITNESS this described metamorphosis of the old archetypes in the celestial mechanics of the Gaian Great Cross of the Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon of the 'Father's Capricorn' opposing the 'Mother's Moon' in the Sun of the Mother in Cancer.

    The following Logos-induced Dream of Allisiam bears witness to the scenario just described in the above.

    The Mayan Calendar of Ourselves

    June 11th 2010

    I am floating in space against a starry background. I see myself as part of the big Mayan calendar round, a glyph on the outer edge. Inside the glyph which is myself, I see Leonardo de Vinci’s Vitruvian Man mirrored and reflecting within a square. I become aware that this image is inside of me and I am inside of the calendar, spinning through time. I see my connection to everything and everyone in each individual glyph and realize I can travel through the glyphs of the calendar, and can move into anyone or anytime I wish.

    Each glyph is a unique individual within the Logos body, our family contained inside the great calendar round. The gears of the calendar move slowly and we all move through each other in our collective memory. We become each glyph, each life and through our memory of the oneness of the Logos, we can experience our uniqueness within time.

    The center of the calendar is the Hunab Ku, the world Logos manifesting as the great mirror and creator of all the individual glyphs and times. And as I travel through this map of ourselves, I follow it to the center and realize the timelessness of our collective mind. The gears moving slowly, grinding into each slot, a pattern of life.

    I follow the lines of the Vitruvius through everything, the sacred geometry and fingerprint of our totality, it’s magnificent. I know the calendar is within all of us, as a record of our journey through individuality and time. I see fractals enfolding within fractals of the Vitruvian Man, like paper images stacking one into the other, all contained within the encompassing whole of the Mayan calendar, the Logos manifested in time and space. It is a record of our journey through our individual selves.

    I have been thinking about this dream for the last day and have come to believe that the Mayan calendar is a time portal, a time machine of some kind. I keep having dreams like this, where I see our connection to everything and I am downloaded with a ton of information. I am trying my best to process it all, but my understanding is not complete yet.

    I will continue to listen and absorb all I receive within my dream time and share it with all of you. It is my hope that my dreams may trigger within each of you, an understanding or rememberance of our connection and totality within creation.

    I am the dreamer….Allisiam

    Imagination is the capstone of reality, it sits above it all. Allisiam

    The Solar Transits between the starsigns so assume a particular significance in this 70 day period as the 'changing' and reconfiguration of the 'celestial order' of the archetypology.

    The solar transit from Aries to Taurus on April 20th/21st (coinciding with the Oilspill in the Gulf of Mexico in macro quantization) specifies the 'double switch' between Leo and Cancer and between Libra and Virgo as the core transformation.

    The solar transit from Taurus into Gemini on May 21st/22nd manifests the halfway mirror point for the 70 days as the 36th day and the solar transit from Gemini into Cancer on June 21st/22nd then becomes the SummerNorth/WinterSouth Solstice of 2010 and heralds the 'Great Gaian Cross Configuration'.

    The 'Gaian Mother' as the 'Sign of Cancer' so has manifested in the 'AntiGaian Father' in the 'Sign of Capricorn' under the auspices of the Leonine Sun of the 'Lion of Judah' aka the World Logos in the encoding of the MELCHISEDEC aka the 'Son Of Man' or 'The Plumed Serpent' of the Kukulkan/Quetzacoatlus; which represents none other than the 'Office of the Cosmic Christ 77 in labels such as Hermes Trismegistos, Thoth, Moses, Mercury and Lucifer in supplement to Melchizedek and in the OPPOSING and MIRRORING Dragon Nodes of the Ascending MotherFather on Cancer's South and the Descending FatherMother on Capricorn's North.

    The 'FatherSun' in Cancer so also becomes a 'MotherSun' and the 'MotherMoon' in Capricorn mirrors the astrosexual androgyny and twinship doubling in also becoming a 'FatherMoon'.
    In the German "Die Sonne" with a feminine pronoun contraindicates the 'standard' accociation of the Sun as male and the Moon as female with 'Der Mond' in German carrying a male pronoun.

    The 'Great Transmutation' of the astrogenetic archetypology then finalises on July 11th with the solar eclipse.

    The alphanumeric encoding engages the 18=81=6+6+6=9+9=9x9 gematria in the following definition: {1+8=18=R=5+13=E+M=EM=ME=WE=I=9=8+1=81=R+63=RK**=C***} and using the decoder key: A=1; H=8; I=9; Q=17; R=18; A*=27; I*=35; R**=44; A**=53; I**=61; R**=70; A***=79; B***=80; C***=81; D***=82; E***=83; F****=84; G***=85; H***=86;...}.

    Overall the LAWCIRCLE=MELCHISEDEC=MELCHI+SEDEC (New Testament) also redefines the older MELCHIZEDEK=MELCHI+ZEDEK=50+51=50+1+50=CIRCLE+1+CIRCLE=101binary=5 in the New SEDER=Last Supper in the encoding of SC+O=22+15=XO=ZK=37=K* for 50+14+37=101=86+15 with O=15.

    1stDay #1956=April 17th, 2010=Day of Aries-Taurus Reconfigured in Mars and Venus

    2ndDay #1957=April 18th, 2010=Day of Gemini-Leo Reconfigured in Mercury and Sun

    3rdDay #1958=April 19th, 2010=Day of Cancer-Libra Reconfigured in Moon and Dragon Node

    4thDay #1959=April 20th, 2010=Day of Virgo-Scorpio Reconfigured in Chiron and Pluto

    5thDay #1960=April 21st, 2010=Day of Sagittarius-Capricorn Reconfigured in Jupiter and Saturn

    6thDay #1961=April 22nd, 2010=Day of Ophiuchus-Aquarius Reconfigured in EagleSpider and Uranus


    18thday #1973=May 4th, 2010=Day of Pisces-AlphaOmega Reconfigured in Neptune

    19thDay #1974=May 5th, 2010=Day of Completion of the Reconfiguration


    26thDay #1981=May 12th, 2010

    27thDay #1982=May13th, 2010

    28thDay #1983=May 14th, 2010

    29thDay #1984=May 15th, 2010

    30thDay #1985=May 16th, 2010=Star Pentecost for 3 weeks of Gabriel's Shabuoth

    31stDay #1986=May 17th, 2010=1st Pentecostal

    32ndDay #1987=May 18th, 2010=2nd Pentecostal

    33rdDay #1988=May 19th, 2010=3rd Pentecostal

    34thDay #1989=May 20th, 2010=4th Pentecostal

    35thDay #1990=May 21st, 2010=5th Pentecostal

    36thDay #1991=May 22nd, 2010=6th Pentecostal=Midweek Mirror for the 10 weeks

    37thDay #1992=May 23rd, 2010=7th Pentecostal=Pentecost

    38thDay #1993=May 24th, 2010=8th Pentecostal

    39thDay #1994=May 25th, 2010=9th Pentecostal

    40thDay #1995=May 26th, 2010=10th Pentecostal

    41stDay #1996=May 27th, 2010=11th Pentecostal=MIDWAY Mirror Maya Shabuaoth

    42ndDay #1997=May 28th, 2010=12th Pentecostal

    43rdDay #1998=May 29th, 2010=13th Pentecostal

    44thDay #1999=May 30th, 2010=14th Pentecostal

    45thDay #2000=May 31st, 2010=15th Pentecostal=Mirrorweek Day1

    46thDay #2001=June 1st, 2010=16th Pentecostal=Mirrorweek Day2

    47thDay #2002=June 2nd, 2010=17th Pentecostal=Mirrorweek Day3

    48thDay #2003=June 3rd, 2010=18th Pentecostal = 3rd Mirror in {[1335+2671]/2=2003}

    49thDay #2004=June 4th, 2010=19th Pentecostal=Mirrorweek Day5

    50thDay #2005=June 5th, 2010=20th Pentecostal=Mirrorweek Day6

    51stDay #2006=June 6th, 2010=21st Pentecostal=Mirrorweek Day7

    52ndDay #2007=June 7th, 2010=Image Day for Aries-Taurus Reconfiguration of April 17th, 2010

    53rdDay #2008=June 8th, 2010=Image Day for Gemini-Leo/Cancer Reconfiguration of April 18th, 2010

    54thDay #2009=June 9th, 2010=Image Day for Cancer-Libra/Virgo Reconfiguration of April 19th, 2010

    55thDay #2010=June 10th, 2010=Image Day for Virgo-Scorpio Reconfiguration of April 20th, 2010

    56thDay #2011=June 11th, 2010=Image Day for Sagittarius-Capricorn Reconfiguration of April 21st, 2010

    57thDay #2012=June 12th, 2010=Image Day for Ophiuchus-Aquarius Reconfiguration of April 22nd, 2010


    70thDay #2025=June 25th, 2010=Image Day for Pisces-AlphaOmega Reconfiguration of May 5th, 2010

    71stDay #2026=June 26th, 2010=Image Reconfiguration Completed in Gaian Ecliptic AstroCross


    85thDay #=July 10th, 2010= Completion of the LAW of the CIRCLE.

    86thDay #=July 11th, 2010=Solar Eclipse centered on 19.30 GMT. {MELCHI+SEDEC=CIRCLE+LAW=50+36=86=101bin=5+81=EC***=H***}.


    Day #2337=May 3rd, 2011 = 4th Mirror in {[2003+2671]/2=2337}


    Day #2504=October 17th, 2011 = 5th Mirror in {[2337+2671]/2=2504}


    Day #2587=January 8th, 2012 = 6th Mirror in {[5174]/2=2587}

    Day #2588=January 9th, 2012 = 6th Mirror in {[5176]/2=2588}


    Day #2629=February 19th, 2012 = 7th Mirror in {[2587.5+2671]/2=2629.25}


    Day #2650=March 11th, 2012 = 8th Mirror in {[2629.25+2671]/2=2650.125}


    Day #2661=March 22nd, 2012 = 9th Mirror in {[2650.125+2671]/2=2660.5625}


    Day #2666=March 27th, 2012 = 10th Mirror in {[2660.5625+2671]/2=2665.78125}


    Day #2668=March 29th, 2012 = 11th Mirror in {[2665.78125+2671]/2=2668.390625}


    Day #2670=March 31st, 2012 = 12th Mirror in {[2668.390625+2671]/2=2669.695313}

    Day #2670=March 31st, 2012

    Day #2671=April 1st, 2012 = 13th Mirror for the End of the Warptime Loop

    There are then precisely 666 Days between the 3rd Mirror on June 4th, 2010 and the 13th Mirror of April 1st, 2012.

    This synchronicity (or coincidence) with the 'encoded scripture' regarding the 'Number of the Beast' in Revelation.13.18 then relates to the 'acceleration' of the timeloops and also relates to a particular logos revelation I, as one of the witnesses, received on that date.

    I had known and published the Key of Daniel for a number of years since 2008; but did not discern the 13 mirrors for the timeloop acceleration until I became concerned about the members in Noah's Ark experiencing their discomforts and illnesses.

    For a number of days, I had experienced a change in the dreamtime. The boundary between the 4th and the 3rd space dimensions appeared to become more fluid; but I could not assign any significance or logos communication to whatever images and perceptions I could witness, remember and analyse.

    But then a particular sequence of images resulted in communique from the World Logos.

    Briefly, the history of the worlds became imaged in a interaction between personages, say akin an interrogation and questioning between a number of parties.

    There was a 'great world chart' and this chart showed the beginning and the end of the 'civilisation' in terms of a developing 'culture' trying to discern its beingness and reason and purpose.

    There developed an immense hierarchy of 'counterfeit material', controlled and processed by a graduation of personages distinguished by 'ranks'.

    Those 'ranks' did not cooperate very well and many 'ranks' attempted to withold information from other ranks and the other worlds to allow the timeline for this civilisation to proceed 'on course', relative to 'special interests'.

    One particular personage I talked to towards the end of a particular discourse said: "Why do you think I have held back for so long? Its all counterfeit!?"

    With these words a 'plastic money note' appeared and with it a room full of highly decorated 'ranks' appeared and the exact midpoint on the 'great world chart' crystallised the name 'Iffeldorf' of a small rural town of so 2000 inhabitants in Bavaria, Southern Germany and near the Alps.

    So the Code IFFELDORF=FIELD FOR F=FIELD FOR 6=1+2+3=1x2x3=ABC/ABBA=81=36+39+6=36+45=LAW+USE=LIFE FOR 10=USA+SU=MINDAMIND=18=9+9=666=999=9x9=81=81918=...

    The 'decoding' of the dreamstate data is of course arbitrary and self relative and I would not assign significance were it not for the presence of the 81 encoding.

    This also decodes as the 'PTB' and 'main (political) controller' of the 'counterfeit' (plastic money) in the perfect mirror symmetry of the USA as the symbol for the PTB in 'The United States of America' AS A WE manifesting AS A I in the MIND=US symbol of its archetypical alphanumeric encoding - USASU=81=IFFELDORF as the midway point of the 3rd mirror of the 'great world chart' as well as the diagram for the timeline of the World Logos.

    In the Honour of the DragonHeart of the World Logos

    y TonyLove

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    Jupiter Impact: Mystery of the Missing Debris

    Post  Alienne Laval on Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:01 am

    Jupiter Impact: Mystery of the Missing Debris

    June 11, 2010: On June 3rd, 2010, something hit Jupiter. A comet or asteroid descended from the black of space, struck the planet's cloudtops, and disintegrated, producing a flash of light so bright it was visible in backyard telescopes on Earth. Soon, observers around the world were training their optics on the impact site, waiting to monitor the cindery cloud of debris which always seems to accompany a strike of this kind.

    They're still waiting.

    "It's as if Jupiter just swallowed the thing whole," says Anthony Wesley of Australia, one of two amateur astronomers who recorded the initial flash. The other, Christopher Go of the Philippines, says "it was thrilling to see the impact, but the absence of any visible debris has got us scratching our heads."
    Jupiter Impact (Anthony Wesley flash, 500px)
    A color composite image of the June 3rd Jupiter impact flash. Credit: Anthony Wesley of Broken Hill, Australia. [more]

    Indeed, it is a bit of a puzzle. "We've seen things hit Jupiter before," says planetary scientist Glenn Orton of JPL, "and the flash of impact has always been followed by some kind of debris."

    For instance, when fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter in 1994, each major flash observed by NASA's Galileo spacecraft produced a "bruise," a murky mixture of incinerated comet dust and chemically altered Jovian gas twisting and swirling among the native clouds. Just last year, in July 2009, Wesley discovered a similar mark thought to be debris from a rogue asteroid crashing into the planet.

    So where is the debris this time?

    A possibility offered by some observers is that the flash wasn't an impact at all. Maybe Go and Wesley witnessed a giant Jovian lightning bolt.
    Jupiter Impact (Chris Go movie icon, 200px)
    Click on the image to view a movie of the impact recorded by Christopher Go of Cebu City, the Philippines.

    "I consider that very, very unlikely," says Orton. "NASA spacecraft have seen lightning on Jupiter many times before, but only on the planet's nightside. This dayside event would have to be unimaginably more powerful than any previous bolt we've seen. Even Jupiter doesn't produce lightning that big."

    Nor could it be a flash of lightning in Earth's atmosphere fortuitously happening in front of Jupiter. Simultaneous observations of the same flash from widely-spaced observatories in Australia and the Philippines rule that out. For the same reason, it couldn't be, say, a terrestrial meteor or any other phenomenon in the atmosphere of Earth.

    In short, the flash really happened at Jupiter.

    Curiously, the impactor (if indeed this was an impact event) struck right in the middle of Jupiter's South Equatorial Belt (SEB), one of the two broad stripes that girdle the planet. This is "curious" because the SEB itself vanished earlier this year. Orton has proposed that the missing belt still exists, it's just temporarily hidden underneath some high-altitude cirrus clouds.

    Could those very same clouds be hiding the impact debris?

    He doesn't think so. "The flash came from an altitude above any cirrus layer, so the debris should be plainly visible—if there is any."
    Jupiter Impact (SL-9 impacts, 200px)
    Clouds of debris mark Jupiter's cloudtops following the SL-9 impacts of 1994. [more]

    The best remaining hypothesis is that the impactor was small, packing just enough punch to make a flash, but without leaving much debris.

    One thing is sure: "Jupiter is getting hit more than we expected," says Don Yeomans, head of NASA's Near-Earth Object program of JPL. "Back in the days of Shoemaker-Levy 9 (SL-9), we calculated that we should see an impact on Jupiter once every hundred years or so. We considered ourselves extraordinarily lucky to witness the SL-9 event."

    "But look where we are now," he continues. "Anthony Wesley has observed two impacts within the past 12 months alone. It's time to revise our impact models [particularly for small impactors]."

    Clearly, researchers have a lot to learn, not only about how often Jupiter gets hit, but also what happens when the strikes occur.

    "We're continuing the search for debris at a number of major observatories, including Hubble," says Orton. Future observations sensitive to very small amounts of debris and to gases pulled up from Jupiter's deeper atmosphere may yet reveal what happened to the flashy impactor of June 3rd—or lead researchers in new directions entirely.

    Stay tuned!

    Author: Dr. Tony Phillips | Credit: Science@NASA

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    Re: The 'Grand Holy Cross of Gaia' and the Completion of the archetypological Reconfiguration of the Astrogenetics

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    Thank You Ashera for an excellent research item on your behalf and providing a 'physical' correlation 'point' for the timeline nexus point for June 3rd, 2010 as the 3rd Mirror of the World Logos timeline.
    Love and Honour
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    Re: The 'Grand Holy Cross of Gaia' and the Completion of the archetypological Reconfiguration of the Astrogenetics

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    The female sun is known in India too, a passage of the Samaveda says:

    "Advancing, sending forth her rays, the daughter of the Sky is seen. The mighty one lays bare the darkness with her eye..."

    ...before the impact of Latin language replaced her by Sol Invictus (finally equated with Jesus).

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    KOIOS (or Coeus) was one of the Titan gods, sons of Ouranos (Sky) and Gaia (Earth), known as the Titan-god of the inquisitive mind, his name meaning "query" or "questioning".

    His wife, Phoebe, was the goddesss of the prophetic mind. Together, the couple may have functioned as the primal font of all knowledge, both that born of heaven and derived from earth (Phoebe daughter of Gaia).

    Also known as Polos, this son of Ouranos (Sky) was probably the god of the northern axis of heaven around which the constellations revolved (the Greeks called this heavenly axis polos).

    In ancient times this point in the heavens was marked by the star Alpha Draconis in the constellation Draco. His wife, Phoebe, was the complimentary goddess of the navel of the earth, which stood at the centre of the flat world-disc.

    Clearly Koios functioned as the prophetic voice of his father Sky, just as Phoebe was the prophetic voice of her mother Earth. Like Delphoi, navel of the earth, the axis of heaven was also guarded by a Drakon: the constellation Draco.

    The children of Koios and Phoibe were Asteria and Leto

    The daughters of Koios represented the two main branches of prophecy: Leto presided over the prophetic power of day (waking consciousness), whereas Asteria presided over the prophetic powers of night (dream consciousness).

    Asteria is the Greek form of Ashera. And in this context she is seen as a daughter of Phoebe (my early youth heroine - as Phoebe Zeitgeist) and as an expatriate from Phoenicia... (or Barr Ilu?).

    Some myths tell that the island of Delos was called Asteria in ancient times, and that she fell from the sky.

    The Greek made Asteria the aunt of Apollo finally, and one could ask if not Delos was the original place of the Delphi oracle...
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    Crux was visible to the Ancient Greeks, who regarded it as part of the constellation Centaurus. At the latitude of Athens in 1000 BC, Crux was clearly visible, though low in the sky. However, the precession of the equinoxes gradually lowered its stars below the European horizon, and they were eventually forgotten by the inhabitants of northern latitudes. By AD 400, most of the constellation never rose above the horizon for Athenians.

    Crux was rediscovered by Europeans during the Age of Discovery. Amerigo Vespucci mapped Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri as well as the stars of modern Crux on his expedition to South America in 1501.

    The separation of Crux from Centaurus is generally attributed to the French astronomer Augustin Royer in 1679. Other historians attribute the invention of Crux to Petrus Plancius in 1613, noting that the constellation was later published by Jakob Bartsch in 1624.

    Cultural significance

    As a highly distinctive asterism, Crux has great significance in the cultures of the southern hemisphere.

    In Australian Aboriginal astronomy, Crux and the Coalsack mark the head of the 'Emu in the Sky' in several Aboriginal cultures, while Crux itself is said to be a possum sitting in a tree and a representation of the sky deity Mirrabooka.

    A stone image of the constellation has been found at the archaeological site of Machu Picchu, Peru. In Mapudungun, the language of Patagonian Mapuches, the name of Crux is Melipal, which means "four stars".

    In Quechua, the language of the Inca civilization, Crux is known as "Chakana", which means literally "stair" (chaka, bridge, link; hanan, high, above), but carries a deep symbolism within Quechua mysticism.

    The Māori name for Crux is "Te Punga" – "the anchor". It is thought of as the anchor of Tama-rereti's waka (the Milky Way), where the Pointers are its rope. In Tonga it is known as Toloa—duck; it is a duck flying over, heading south, and one of his wings (δ) is wounded because Ongo tangata—two men—α and Β Centauri threw a stone at it. The Coalsack is known as Humu—triggerfish, because of its shape. In Samoa the constellation is called "Sumu" (triggerfish) because of its rhomboid shape, while α and Β Centauri are called "Luatagata" (Two Men), as they are in Tonga.

    In Indonesia and Malaysia, it is known as Buruj Pari (The Stingray). In ancient Hindu astrology, the modern Crux is referred to as "Trishanku".

    Among Tuaregs, the four most visible stars of Crux are considered iggaren, i.e. four Maerua crassifolia trees.


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    Phase Synchronization

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    Re: The 'Grand Holy Cross of Gaia' and the Completion of the archetypological Reconfiguration of the Astrogenetics

    Post  Didymos on Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:41 am

    Hi Travellers in Noah's Ark (and acclimatizing Dragons of the Cocooning StarHuman Butterflies)!

    As many have realised by now; the 'times are a 'changing' and things just dont work any more as they used to do.

    The time of gurus and teachers has become surpassed by a time where introspection and adaptation for and to a seemingly chaotic future for the human planetary traveller have become akin to a kind of 'survival mode'.

    Has all the accumulated knowledge and data base of the Akashic Libraries become superfluous and subject to their replacement by mottos of: 'every man for himherself' and 'anything goes' into this future scenario of the unpredictability?

    No, not at all; but what has indeed become 'out of date' is the linearity of the timelines as inaugurated at the birth of the cosmos, the universe itself.

    So the established structures are not to be abandoned in their manifested order; but they are to be Reformed, Translated and Reconfigured akin a Disk Defragmentation followed by a Disk Restructuring or a ElectroMagnetic Energy Transmission and Reception 'upgrading' itself from analogue to digital.

    This then will transform a planetary civilization trapped in its own linear data processing AS the Cosmic Information for and of the Creator as the holographic encompassment of hisher own holograms in partitionings into its galactic successorship.

    The often described warptime line, culminating in the Mayan calendars of the Tzolkin and the lunar cycles described elsewhere; so define this 'End of Linear Time' and not the end of the 'Unfoldment of the parameter of time' as defined in the Principle of Order (Event B cannot occur before Event A has occurred independent on the duration [linear time measure] between events A and B).

    In this manner then, the idea of 'Time' as a specific accumulation and summation of 'lightpath intervals' {it takes so 1/10²³ standard seconds for light to travel across an atomic nucleus}; so can become CIRCULARIZED in a loop, then defining the colloquially standardized 'NOW-Time' as a 'Moment of Creation'.

    It is not the summation of Now-Moments DEFINING the unfoldment of time alone any longer; but the Parallel-Moments of the adjacent timeloops are SUPERPOSED onto the 'Flow of Time' hitherto restricted in perception to its linear interval accumulation.

    This message so serves the purpose to share the final unfoldment for the linear 'time running out' in the established structures of the planetary civilization called humanity.

    This 'Ending of the lightpath in linearity' so manifests in a seeming 'contraction of times and histories'; both collecting the cosmic past centered on the 'human history in colocality with Gaia' and collecting the cosmic future in colocality with the 'Greater Gaia', namely the Universe and all other 'Extraterrestrial Intelligences' itself.

    As stated in the short timeline below; the final two years the warptime loop and the following 20 months for the completion of the timecount (or calendar) calibrations define a 'Time of Fluidity' and CoCreative potentiality, where the older 'structures become reconfigured.

    The older structures and models of the linear hierarchies so are NOT to be abandoned; but they are to be redefined and restructured in a COLLECTIVE endeavour of RECREATION, rewriting the Genesis of the Universe itself.

    Much of this can be discerned in the Q&A threads and the messages found on this forum of the Thuban archives and its associativities like the birthofgaia heavenforum.

    The below timeline for the completion of the warptime is 'in progress' and developments will become apparent as a direct mirror effect of the human collective group consciousness.

    As One of the Ancient TimeKeepers; I shall keep the readers of the Thuban messages informed about further developments.

    The StarHuman-Gaian CoCreation for the Decoded Noahic Timeline of Genesis Renewed

    {In Progress for the Duration of the Warptime baseline of the World Logos with 'events' to be advised}

    A= March 24th, 2010 = Noah's Rainbow Covenant (+0) = April 1st, 2012 =Q

    Midpoint #1= April 20th, 2010---------------Gaian Bleeding='Oilspill'---------------------February 23rd, 2012

    B= May 18th, 2010 = Removal of the Covering (+56) = February 5th, 2012 =P

    Midpoint #2= June 5th, 2010---------------Gaian Mirror-----------------------------------January 18th, 2012

    C= June 23rd, 2010 = Dove of Peace (+36) = December 31st, 2011 =O

    Midpoint #3= June 27th, 2011---------------Gaian Cross----------------------------------December 28th, 2011

    D= June 30th, 2010 = Raven Searches (+7) = December 24th, 2011 =N

    Midpoint #4= July 4th, 2010---------------------------------------------------------------December 21st, 2011

    E= July 7th, 2010 = Land Appears (+7) = December 17th, 2011 =M

    Midpoint #5= July 27th, 2010-------------------------------------------------------------November 27th, 2011

    F= August 16th, 2010 = Waters Sink (+40) = November 7th, 2011 =L

    Midpoint #6=September 22nd, 2010-----------------Fall/Spring-Equinox---------------------October 1st, 2011

    G= October 29th, 2010 = Mount Ararat (+74) = August 25th, 2011 =K

    Midpoint #7= December 23rd, 2010---------------------------------------------------------------July 1st, 2011

    H= February 16th, 2011 = End of Rising Flood (+110) = May 7th, 2011 =J

    Midpoint #8= March 8th, 2011------------------------------------------------------------------April 17th, 2011

    I= March 28th, 2011 = Flood Begins (+40) = March 28th, 2011 =I


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    Re: The 'Grand Holy Cross of Gaia' and the Completion of the archetypological Reconfiguration of the Astrogenetics

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