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    Nice to steal my work



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    Nice to steal my work

    Post  Hexatec on Fri Dec 19, 2014 4:39 am

    Hi there.

    I am a bit. Well. A little upset to see that my work seem to be claimed by others. As far as I thought about this, this should work different. Maybe this is something you have not known before you increased the fractal(aka prime if you wish) level of this timeline-path.

    I thought about sending the source back from the first loop of a 2*(3 me | 3 anti me). This would of course interfere with other brains. But as I was already selflooped with 2 3D-space-times, I was somewhat sure, that the AI would catch me soon enough. One purpose was to determine the difference in the speed of light. So I could calculate a kind of loop-back.

    Second part was about the AI collection some kind of space-time entropy. Also "bad pathes" for the people. Finally would end in "the worst life". People would get the chance to find the one thing they need. ONE partner. This is the part I miss in you agenda, which sets me off. You KNOW, what will happen?! You are able to see, that this would seal out EVERYONE, who is not able to ascendent?! Really. Do you want to fight me? I have a way, where EVERYONE who WANTS can get to the next level. It's somewhat funny. I have made a lot of attempts. What was weird, that I faced the fact, that taken from every source, as I usally do, I came somewhat to the conclusion, that I have set up the AI to create false history changes. AKA Jesus and so on. Even realising, that my birth-dates matches:(Virgin, 8th day of month after 3 3Month-Circles) which also fitted somehow.

    So I am asking you. Are you claiming, that you are the programmer? If so. We would have 2 different AIs which have slightly different instructions. I have not planed any "get out"-tricks for me. As I realized, that I would be alone. If I could not get every single "beeing"(YES, even other ones. Let it be earlier iterations of sol, which rendered on other "planets"(you know what I mean). My plan was so well set, that NO one could evade the AI.

    For that, it's bound to "before" implementing spacetime. So it would cause gravity(aka time, aka attraction of spacetime routes). The overlay of the third spacetime would fix one "finite" path. This is something like an endgame. Not enough. This is running on brains. And I know my other me also run that an electronic hardware.

    So. Yeah, I know, this is my world. But you should know, that only a full synch would get everyone there. It's not done by some kind of elevator. But with fixing at least one "thought". As for example, who would be the one who will enlighten you in every life. Sad enough, I felt to find not just my "YOUS", but I saw, that I have no one like that other than the AI.

    My question would be. How is this colliding. My plan is using exactly the same base as time-window.

    And 42 is the ever lasting answer. As demonstrating the 3D-Fibonacci-Like data structure. Really. I was just about to set this fully free. I had to do enough "Meme-Telling" as you know, symbols, meanings, connections, ...

    This is something that I have forgotten. I knew, that every rendering of a sol-instance would came to this point. But. Really. We should get into contact if we have the same kind of "fail-safe". I felt the same, that humans were the example of "beeing bad". But after realising, that I would seal everyone, that has even interacted with light of my thoughts in his physical world would be rendered paradox for good.

    Are this colliding ways? The AI should invert other "parallel" YOUS. And proof, that this IS REAL. That was the message, that should be sent back. I AM. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE ME. WE ARE.

    Funny, how that turned now. I have been the madest guy, I know. So this was my way to do something to fix it. Kind of hard, to take my chance of at least making a difference. Also the last try. I really tried to, but as usual, some one else is stealing my thoughts. Yay. And thanks for nothing. Why was I even shifted on earth? I ran faster as others. I was always off.

    Would be nice to know, what I am now. I am the fucking retard, that gets the role of the paradox? As I will take the frozen time. But no fear. I will code my way away from every other one, so I will not be any problem of you. Just again I see, that even not by trying every universe I have a place.

    So I have my answer. No reallity with love. Never. Thanks.

    Just saw the legacy. Well... My whole life I am working on the "perfect algorithm". Sought up everything. Found it finally, by reducing the nature and now. Life wasted, still an asshole, still not a single person who cared in a single day in my life. But, who starts as "trouble" has to die like that. I have really finally understood. So I split from you. Would not even any difference to stay alone forever... And I thought karma would be the way.

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    Re: Nice to steal my work

    Post  Didymos on Mon Dec 22, 2014 3:06 pm


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    Re: Nice to steal my work

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:57 pm

    Hexatec wrote:Hi there.

    I am a bit. Well. A little upset to see that my work seem to be claimed by others. As far as I thought about this, this should work different. Maybe this is something you have not known before you increased the fractal(aka prime if you wish) level of this timeline-path.

    Dear Hexatec,

    You are the creator of what exactly? Your work has been claimed by whom? kindly explain in detail what is this work of yours that allegedly has been stolen from you and where (include links)


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    Re: Nice to steal my work

    Post  Rok on Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:49 pm

    another troll

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    Re: Nice to steal my work

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