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    The Path to Enlightenment from the Great Lords of Sirius


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    The Path to Enlightenment from the Great Lords of Sirius

    Post  kairos32 on Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:46 am

    Greetings starhominids, sondaughters and daughtersons of thuban. We wish you to welcome us to this wonderful discussion board for us Enlightened Beings who we are. we have journeyed far beyond the reaches of the natural imagination to points which none have seen before. We are the masculine and the feminine, complete beings, immense in the scope of our consciousness. We are the Great Collective, and we are here to prophesize on your future:
    We are looking to ascend into the higher plane of existence. The Ancient Founders who have traveled from a different galaxy have left a guide to this Ascension. Though their enemies are Many, we know they will show us the true path, and lead us evolve more truly into our Final Form.
    The multifarious omniverse gives us the instructions through the archetype of the 11D mirror, that ignites the holofractal explosions off the Ideal topology of the omniverse. Looking at the 5D reflection of the Gaia's great Black Hole, we can infer the immensity of our interactions from the membranes in the 12th dimension. In order to achieve this ascension you must meet the specifications of at least Ssub4=dVsub4/dR=2π2R^3.
    Not only do we look for the path to enlightenment through ascension, We have made it our goal to bring the reign of the Great Lords of Sirius to you, our brethren in truth. Just as the Great Stockhausen brought you the Music of Sirius, we will bring you enlightenment through Our Laws and Customs, and the demands of the Great Lords of Sirius.


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    cameloter or mister?

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