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    Letting go of your birth family!!

    This is not a new channeling, but I read it last night and it touched me very deeply. I feel it contributed to some deep healing within...some ggod tears were shed. So I thought I would post it here for my light-family.It is long, but worth taking the time to read properly.
    Love Christy

    Letting go of your birth family

    Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

    Dear friends, it gives me great pleasure to be with you again. You are all brave warriors. Your very presence in a physical body on earth today speaks of your great courage and readiness to face up to darkness, within and without and to throw your light on it, the light of your consciousness. You are warriors in the spiritual sense and your weaponry consists of both compassion and discernment. One does not overcome the fears and illusions of your reality by love and compassion alone. These essential, predominantly feminine qualities need to be complemented by the masculine qualities of clarity and discernment. Compassion enables you to perceive the core of light in any expression of duality, for instance to recognize the light of someone’s soul even if their personality is full of negativity. Discernment makes you aware of the presence of fear and power-related energies in any such expression and it enables you to distance yourself from it, to let it go from your energy field.

    To know who you are you have to let go of what you are not. Discernment helps you let go of that which you are not. Discernment is the “energy of the sword,” the energy that helps you set boundaries for yourself and find your own way. I call it the masculine energy and it is a necessary complement to the feminine qualities of understanding and forgiveness. I am stressing the importance of “the sword of discernment” in this channeling, for it is very relevant to the issue we will discuss today.

    Today I would like to speak of your relationship with your parents and with your birth family in general. When you enter a path of spiritual growth, this issue will at some point be in the forefront of your attention.

    One might look upon your birth in a physical body as a fall into darkness, if you dissociate it from any notions of sin or guilt. The birthing process is really a plunge into the deep that you have consciously decided upon from some part of your soul. At the core of your soul, you have decided to take upon you this present incarnation, and you felt the trust and perseverance needed to “accomplish the mission.” However at the moment you plunge in, so to speak, you are soaked in a state of not-knowing, a state of temporary unawareness. As soon as you enter the material reality of earth, your consciousness becomes veiled or hypnotized by certain illusions which are nothing but the deeply ingrained habits of the majority of people on earth. This is the net that is cast around you.

    When you enter the earth life, the memory of “the other side” is still fresh and alive. But you have no words to express it, no way of communicating the truth of it, the simple things like the unconditional love and safety that surround you everywhere you go. The energy of Home is still self-evident to you, like the feel of water to a fish. But then you enter the physical world and the psychological reality of your parents. You reach out to them, you want to keep that sense of Home alive but it seems that you are cut off, like a net cast around the “fishy part” of you. This is the birth trauma that has physical as well as deeply spiritual aspects to it.

    The net that catches you as you fall is predominantly spun by your parents’ way of being, their basic outlook on life, their ways of relating to themselves, their hopes and desires for you. When you were born, the collective consciousness on earth was still in the grip of ego based consciousness, as it is even now. Times are changing, but there is a kind of beginning stage in which things need time to gain momentum before real, fundamental change is actually brought about. At present you are still in these beginning stages, and the inner work you do is vital in this respect. So when you entered earth, you entered a reality dominated by ego based consciousness and you got acquainted with it through the energy of your parents.

    When you enter the reality of ego based consciousness as represented by your parents, you get to deal with a number of pervasive illusions, of which I wish to name three important ones.

    1. The loss of mastery
    The first illusion is the illusion of the loss of mastery. This illusion makes you forget, while you grow up and become an adult, that you are the creator of everything that happens in your life. Most people do not recognize what happens in their life as their own creation. They often feel they are a victim of “greater powers” that make and shape their life. This is the loss of mastery.

    2. The loss of unity
    With the plunge into collective human consciousness as portrayed by your parents, you also lose your sense of unity with all that lives. The basic realization of the “oneness of all things” is slowly filtered out of your consciousness. You are encouraged to build your own ego. According to ego based consciousness, we are all essentially separate beings, struggling for our own existence, struggling for survival, nourishment and acknowledgement. We seem to be confined to our own body and locked into our own psychological reality with no true and open connection to “the other.” This is the illusion of separation and the tragic sense of loneliness that accompanies it.

    3. The loss of love
    And then there is the loss of love, meaning the sense of unconditional joy and safety that belongs to the very heart of you like a natural birthright. As you enter the earth plane on which the energy of love is not self-evident at all, you gradually start to confuse love with all kinds of energies that are not love, such as admiration, wealth or emotional dependency. These confused notions of love affect your relationships and basically make you continually search for something outside of you to regain that sense of unconditional love that is actually deep inside you.

    How these illusions or losses affect you depends on the specific energy of your parental house and your family environment. Generally the parental consciousness is a mixture of ego and heart, of fear and light. There are certain areas in which your parents are likely to be very attached to or hooked up with the illusions mentioned above. But at other points they may be quite enlightened, for instance by having experienced suffering and inner growth in some area which opened up their hearts. The specific way in which they are stuck in the illusions of ego based consciousness is different for each parent or family.

    When you enter this specific configuration of energies that makes up your birth family, your consciousness is wide open with hardly a sense of personal boundaries yet. As a baby, you take in your parents’ energies very thoroughly, like a basic imprint that has a deep effect on how you experience things later. There is no filter yet. It is only much later when you become aware of yourself as yourself, roughly during puberty, that you grow the consciousness needed to sift though these energies and find out what feels good and natural to you and what does not.

    First you attach yourself very strongly to the paradigm of your parents, and then as you grow older and gain more self-awareness, you start to question your parents’ outlook on things as you are looking for your own sense of identity. This psychological growth process is very much akin to the transition from ego based consciousness to heart based consciousness. The natural stages of earth life, the biological and psychological cycles and seasons, correlate with natural growth stages in the spiritual sense. The transition from ego to heart based consciousness often runs parallel with overcoming the limiting, fearful energies that controlled your birth family.

    The cosmic birth trauma that you experience when you are born as an individual soul (see chapter Cosmic birthing pain, p.121) is to some extent repeated every time you begin a new earth life. At the time of your birth, your parents belong to the energy of the earth. They have already adapted to this dimension, to the laws that apply here. Often these are limiting laws which are not at all self-evident to the child. The parents thus represent the ego based consciousness for the child, the energy of the three illusions. The child meets these through the parental home, and the way in which they have taken shape in the parents will influence the child strongly for the rest of its life.

    Especially in the first three months, the child takes in its surroundings very deeply. The energies of the parents sink into the child’s consciousness unhampered by rational thought or defense. On the other hand there is still a “piece of heaven” in its memory, a part of the child’s consciousness that is untainted by the illusions, that knows love, mastery and oneness as the natural state of being. This awareness collides with the ego based energies around it, and this is a deeply painful conflict. It can make the child want to turn around and go back “home;” it can cause grave resistance to life at the very start. It is actually the cosmic birth trauma repeated over again.

    How does the child handle this collision or conflict of energies? Most often, it shuts down some parts of himself or herself. Some parts of the child’s consciousness will go into hiding. The child will tend to comply with the energies of the parents, adapt itself to them, for it is wholly dependent upon them from the start. The child is in a very vulnerable physical state and it has a great desire to be nurtured and loved by the parents. Its memory of the natural state of oneness, love and mastery is actually the child’s gift to the parents, but they are often unable to receive this gift, once they have been veiled by the energy of the illusions. They are thus unable to truly receive the child.

    Parents have at some point been children as well, of course, and have gone through the same process. Parents do not consciously force their fears and illusions onto their children. However as adults they have unwittingly absorbed many energies of ego based consciousness.

    At the moment of the birth of a child, parents often experience a temporary awakening. Watching this innocent little creature coming out of the womb, entrusting itself to the world, so open and vulnerable, stirs a deep sense of awe in almost anyone. This sacred moment opens the gates to Home wide open in the parents’ consciousness and they – unknowingly – reach out to the divine core inside of them that knows unconditional love and oneness. They enter a sacred space for a while, and they feel who they are beyond the illusions. But often this is a temporary state of bliss, because afterwards things will settle down and “get back to normal.” Their ways of thinking and feeling will tend to fall back into the patterns they were used to. And thus the opening to heart based consciousness closes down again.

    And what happens to the child that grows up? Most children choose to adapt so strongly to the parental frame of reference that they lose touch with their original soul energy that they were still very much aware of in the beginning of their incarnation. In this first phase of life (until puberty) they are so involved in focusing themselves into this world and getting love and attention from their parents, that they themselves forget who they are.

    How does this affect the child? The child has an unbridled longing for love and safety and when it stumbles upon fearful, blocked parts in the parents’ energies, it will be confused by them. It will experience pain and a sense of abandonment. But it will hide these emotions from itself, because they are too painful to fully realise when you are in such a state of vulnerability and openness. What the child will do is put on blindfolds and create illusionary images of love. To survive emotionally, it will allow itself to be confused by the false images of the parents because if unconditional love is not available, conditional love seems better than none. The child will generally bend over backwards to get the love and safety it needs and remembers from Home. And therefore it will mistake the wrong energies for love. For example it will confuse love with a parent’s pride in certain achievements or a parent’s emotional need for the child.

    Whenever the child achieves something that makes the parents proud and the child is complimented for it, they may feel their heart open up from gladness that they are liked and appreciated. But if the parental pride is not from a source of genuine understanding of the child, if it is not based upon what the child itself aspires to but more on what society expects from the child, then the pride is really a kind of poison. The child is rewarded for living up to external standards, whereas love means that one gets in touch with the child’s inner standards – what they want to achieve in this lifetime for themselves. When attention is systematically focused on outer achievements, the child will be fooled into believing that achievement equals love and they will tend to grow a guilty conscience when they are not doing “what is right,” what they are supposed to do according to external standards. As an adult, they may become someone who does not recognize when their boundaries are crossed or when they are working too hard. They will simply find that they feel the urge to achieve all the time, not understanding why working hard has become an addiction.

    Another distortion of the true energy of love is when the child starts to confuse love with emotional dependency. Many children feel loved when they feel needed by their parents. They are actually filling a hole in their parents’ heart, a hole that the parents have not taken care of themselves, and when the child steps into it, it offers itself as a substitute parent. It seeks to provide the love and support the parents are missing inside. In this way, it wants to please the parents and get the love it so sorely needs. But this kind of service is not love, of course. It is a dangerous entanglement of energies that will create a lot of difficulties later on in both the relationship between the parents and the child and in the intimate relationships that the child will enter as an adult.

    Many parents have experienced a lack of unconditional love in their own childhood. They were not truly received by their parents either. This has left a deep seated pain and a sense of abandonment in their being. When they have a child themselves, they embrace it with mixed signals. On the one hand, there is genuine love in them but on the other hand, there is the subconscious need “to make up for the loss.” Parents often try to heal their own emotional wounds through the relationship with their child. When they do so unconsciously, they use the child as a substitute parent – the child needs to give them the love they so sorely missed in their own childhood.

    When that happens, the messages “I love you” and “I need you” get completely mixed up for the child. The child’s energy will not be her own anymore, because it will feel sucked up by the parent’s need, and this being sucked up will actually feel good to the child! It will provide a false sense of safety which by the time the child is an adult will make her feel like she is being loved deeply by someone when her energy is depleted and owned by that person. She will feel loved and appreciated when she is stretching her limits to give the most she can. She will interpret emotional dependency, even jealousy and possessiveness, as a form of love whereas these energies are diametrically opposed to it. This tragic loss of self is born from the association of love with need.

    So far I have stressed that when you come to earth as a child, you are submerged into an “ocean of forgetfulness,” a net of illusions that at first seems to tie you down very thoroughly. However from the soul level, you consciously allow yourself to be led astray. Deep down inside when you incarnate on earth, you trust that you will find the solution and the way out. It is your mission to find the way out of the illusions and to bring the “energy of the solution,” the energy of love and clarity, out into the world, available to others.

    At certain times in your life, there will be opportunities and possibilities that will help you fulfill this mission. As you grow up, you will meet certain people or situations that will invite or challenge you to find out who you are. You will be gently pushed or, if you are stubborn, violently provoked by life to “detangle the knot.” You need to let go of the false images of love that were part of your upbringing, part of your parents’ energy. This may trigger an identity crisis, similar to what has been described in the first part of this book as the first stage in the transition from ego to heart. It may seem that nothing is certain anymore and that everything you believed in is under scrutiny. Indeed, your soul will leave no stone unturned to bring you Home. Your soul will knock on your door incessantly until you open up and set yourself free.

    Major events in your life are always geared to offer you opportunities to grow and return to who you are. But it takes courage and determination to get to the bottom of this quest and to regain the energies of the newborn child, untainted by the illusions of the loss of mastery, love and oneness. You will likely find yourself opposed to your own soul energy for a while, for it may lead you astray from what you regarded as normal and befitting for you. Your soul may seem a wayward guest to you, as you have been getting used to the ways of the world, the ways of your birth family.

    It takes both the male energy of self-consciousness and discernment and the female energy of love and understanding to release yourself from ego based consciousness. Regarding your parents, discernment means that you distance yourself from the fear ridden and limiting energies they have fed you. Remember the importance of “the energy of the sword” that I mentioned in the beginning. To let go of your birth family in the spiritual sense, you need to be able to distinguish between their energy and your own and you need to be able to “cut the cords” that limit and suffocate you.

    This is not primarily about expressing anger and frustration to your parents or telling them where they were wrong about you. It may be a good thing sometimes to try to make clear to them your position on things or your feelings about them. But in many cases, they may not understand what you are trying to tell them. They may not resonate with the part of you that is “different” and at odds with their outlook on life. Releasing the ties to the parental energy means first and foremost to release the energy from your own mind and emotions. It is about looking within and finding out to what extent you implicitly live by your parents’ set of illusions, by their do’s and don’ts which were based on fear and judgment.

    Once you are clear about this and you allow yourself to let that go, you will be free to forgive them and really “leave the parental house.” It is only after you sever the cords on the inner level and take responsibility for your own life that you can really let your parents be. You will have clearly said “no” to their fears and illusions (sword of discernment), but at the same time you will see that your parents are not identical with their fears and illusions. They also are children of God simply trying to fulfill their soul mission. Once you feel this, you can feel their innocence and you can forgive.

    In a sense you have been the victim of your parents – your parents as they represented ego based consciousness in your childhood. You have temporarily and partly lived according to their illusions. In a way you had no choice, as their child. However to transcend your sense of being the victim here is one of the most powerful breakthroughs you can have in your life. It makes you a free person when you can recognize the deep energetic imprints from your childhood and consciously decide which ones benefit you and which ones you’d rather let go. This is mastery.

    You then no longer subconsciously adapt to the wishes and longings of your parents when they are not your own. At the same time, you no longer rebel against them either. You can see the false images they offered you as simply not belonging to you, period. You do not need to judge your parents for burdening you with these aspects. You can be loving and discerning at the same time.

    One might say that you are introduced to ego based consciousness through your parents and you transcend it through them as well, by letting them go in love and forgiveness and by recognizing yourself as the independent master that you are.

    Lightworkers and their parents
    At this point I would like to speak specifically about the lightworker soul in relation to his or her birth family. Lightworkers often carry within them an extra assignment in regard to their parents or birth family. When they come to earth, Lightworkers have the specific intention to awaken, to set themselves free from ego based consciousness and to plant the seeds of Christ consciousness on earth. More strongly than others, lightworkers want to teach and heal others, helping them grow towards a heart based consciousness.

    For that reason, many lightworker souls are born with parents or in families which are heavily stuck in the reality of ego based consciousness. Because it is their intention to break open stuck and rigid energy patterns, lightworkers are drawn like a magnet to “problem situations” in which the energy is stagnant, like in a dead-end alley. The lightworker comes in with a certain awareness, a certain spiritual sense which makes him or her “different,” not fitting into the family’s expectations or ambitions. The lightworker child will somehow, by what she radiates or expresses as her truth, challenge the family’s basic assumptions about life. She almost instinctively will do everything to get the energy moving and flowing again.

    While the lightworker soul thus wants nothing more than to be of service to the parents and the family, they might look upon her as the odd one out, even as the black sheep. When the inner beauty and purity of the lightworker child is not recognized as such, she will often temporarily get lost in emotions of loneliness and even depression.

    When they start their incarnation, lightworkers have the confidence deep down that they will find their way out, that they will overcome the limiting energy of their birth family. However when they are actually born on earth and grow up, they are exposed to the same dilemmas and confusions as any other child. In a certain sense they experience this confusion more deeply and more intensely. Because they are spiritually aware souls who are often older and wiser than their parents, they are very much aware that “something is not right” about the energy of their environment. On the inner level they clash head-on with the parents’ energies, not understanding or resonating with their mind set or behavior. This clash causes great distress inside them, gentle and sensitive as they are. They have to find a way to survive emotionally, coping with the fact that they both love the parents dearly and are very different from them. This causes a lot of psychological problems in lightworkers ranging from loneliness, insecurity and fear to addiction, depression and self destruction.

    Thus your journey to earth and to places of darkness where the energy is stuck and hostile is not without risk. It is a dangerous mission. Don’t forget why I call you brave warriors! It is for this reason; you are like pioneers who venture out into strange and unknown territory. There are no signposts or markers. The environment in which you start your journey is inhospitable and does not feel like home. You will have to create the energy of home for yourself, with only your own feelings and intuition as your compass. As a lightworker, you are a pioneer who wants to break the barriers of old and stifling thought patterns and release the energy stuck within. You are almost always the first one in your environment to do so. You do not meet your soul mates until later. It is the struggle by yourself that marks you as the true warrior that you are. You will have to find the way out by yourself and once you have done so you will attract likeminded spirits into your life, people who reflect your awakened state of being.

    The solitary struggle you all have to go through to discover your light is the heaviest burden for you. On the soul level you have chosen this path consciously, but to live through it as a child of flesh and blood is a painful thing that wounds you deeply. I urge you to feel and recognize this pain in yourself, because only by connecting to it can you transform and release it. Once you know that wounded child inside that took the cross of alienation upon its fragile shoulders, you will get to the core of your burden. When you get to the core, the solution is nearby. You only need to embrace the pain of that child with a pure and deep awareness. From this awareness an energy of compassion and deep respect will reach out to the child. You will lift the cross just by being with yourself and truly loving and cherishing that part of you that is “different.” This is how you bring the child home and fulfill your mission as the pioneer that you are.

    Resolving family karma
    The lightworker’s assignment in regard to their birth family is to become who they are. In doing so, they accomplish their mission. It is not their task to change their family; it is not your job to change anything outside of you. You are not here to make the world a better place. You are here to awaken yourself. And yes, when you do so the world will become a better place, because your light will shine upon it and bring joy and enlightenment to others as well. But do not focus on the world, whether it is your family or any other relationship you enter.

    The real work is to let go of all those bits of ego based fear and illusion that you yourself absorbed so deeply as a child. Getting to know these energetic imprints which partly created your personality, and releasing the parts of it that do not belong to you is a challenging and intense process. It is about peeling away all the layers of the onion; it is about being born a second time.

    By stressing the profundity of this inner process, this second birth, I do not mean to discourage you. On the other hand I would like you to have deep respect for yourselves. You are the bravest warriors I know. You are pioneers who, by kindling your own light in places of darkness and hostility, pave the way for a new consciousness on earth.

    It is not your job to kindle the light in someone else’s heart. It is up to them if they do so. You may offer a spark, you may set an example, but in no way are you responsible for anyone else’s awakening. This is important to stress especially with regard to your birth family. You often feel instinctively as a child and more consciously as a grown-up that you have to save your parents from their fears and illusions. Moreover you often think that you have failed in this assignment. You feel that you have not truly been able to help your parents in the way you had envisioned.

    This line of thought rests on a mistaken perception of what helping really means and what your assignment is with regard to your parents. In reality, the situation is this. From your birth onward, you begin to absorb your parents’ energies very strongly as if they were your own. You cannot easily distinguish any more where you begin and they end. Because you absorb their fears and illusions as well, you get intimately in touch with their emotional burdens. These burdens may have been passed over to them through several generations on either side of the family. There may be a karmic aspect to it, meaning that the same issue gets repeated over and over again until the “spell is broken.” This you may call family karma. There may be issues relating to an unbalanced male or female energy, energies resulting from old slavery traditions, issues pertaining to certain illnesses, etc. This kind of karmic burden is solved when the energy stuck inside of it gets released and thus is not passed along to the next generation. Family karma is resolved when at least one member of the family breaks the link by setting herself free from the emotional burden that she absorbed from childhood and that may even be in her genes.

    The family member who “breaks the spell” does so first and foremost by helping herself. It is about being focused on your own inner growth and expansion. This growth and expansion has an effect on the “energy of the family.” It opens up the possibility for members of that family to find the way out as well. The lightworker who has freed himself of the emotional dead-end ally provides an energetic trail for others of his family. This he accomplishes by his inner work and what he radiates because of that, not by actually trying or even pushing others to change and move forward. What she offers her birth family energetically is the possibility of change. Her energy mirrors the possibility of change to them and that is all she needs to do.

    Whether the family members pick up on the trail is entirely up to them. Never are you responsible for nor is your spiritual mission dependent upon someone else’s decision to change or not. You may have freed yourself of the karmic burden that your family saddled you with and be ridiculed or rejected for it by your family, and yet your mission will have been entirely successful. You will have crushed the hypnotic hold that karmic patterns can have over a family line and if you have children, the emotional burden will not be passed along to them. This is what your soul mission is about.

    Imagine you are living in a valley which is quite barren and dry. All of your community tells you that you cannot get out of this valley – it is all there is. You seem to be the only one to remember that there are much more lush and fertile lands than this. So after a lot of consideration, you decide to try your luck and climb out of that valley. The climb up takes a tremendous amount of strength and energy. Not only is the road very steep, there are no road signs or marks to hold onto either. While you are climbing up you leave a track behind you. At some point, you come up out of that valley and the landscape that lies before you overwhelms you with joy and a sense of recognition. You knew there was something out there that felt much more like home than your birth ground. Enthusiastically you peer down and look for your family. You would like them to join you and marvel at this great vista. You would like to share your victory. But you can see no one down there and when you notice some folks far off, they do not seem interested in your journey at all.

    This is what happens frequently to lightworker souls. I ask you not to mourn the loss of your family in this respect. You will have offered them a great service by walking out of the valley, by clearing the way and leaving a track. This track will stay there and it will be used one day by anyone who wants to climb out of that particular valley. The track is an energy space that you have made available to them.

    It is the building of this track that was your purpose when you were born with these parents and in this family. It is not your purpose to make your family go up as well or to carry them out of the valley on your shoulders! That is not your task. Whenever you try to figuratively drag your parents or family up that steep hill, you are hindering your own growth and you will be disillusioned and disappointed. It is not the way of spiritual growth and alchemy. Those others that you love and want to share your light with may choose to live in the valley for another century or more. It is up to them. But one day in their own time, they will uncover a little track that goes up and they will think: “Hey, this is interesting, let’s go up and try this; I am not having a good time down here anymore.” And off they go. They will start their own journey of inner growth, their own climb into the light. And isn’t it wonderful, isn’t it absolutely precious, that they will find marks along the way, a track for them to hold onto? They will have to go through their own struggles, but they will have a beacon set out for them which lightens their journey. As a pioneer you will have cleared the way though a wild and unknown territory and the road paved by you will be used with gratitude and honor.

    To be really free and to regain your mastership as an independent spiritual being, you have to let go of your birth family. You have to let go of them, not only as their child but also as their parent. Let me explain this double bind. The child in you needs to let go of the hope that your parents will offer you unconditional love and safety. It has to turn to you for this and you have to help it let go of the angry, sad and disappointed part of the child that feels betrayed by your parents. This is the child part. However you also need to let go of the part of you that wants to be your parents’ parent. It is typical of lightworker souls that at some point when they grow up, they start to feel like they are the parents of their parents. Because of their inborn desire to teach and heal and their developed spiritual awareness, they often see their parents’ fears and illusions clearly and they want to heal them. This may get you into a lot of struggle with your parents because your desire to help them is often intertwined with an unconscious need to be recognized for who you really are. In other words, the wounded child speaks through you when you try to help your parents, and it is a recipe for disaster when you try to help others through the wounded parts of you. You will end up more wounded and your parents will likely end up upset or confused.

    To let go of your parents means to let go of any desire to change them. You have to understand that it is not your task to lead them anywhere. Your mission is to deal with your own path – that is all. After you have truly parted with your parents, letting go of the double bind, you will find that a new space opens up between you and them, much more free and open. If they are still alive, the relationship with your parents may become less strained, as the energies of reproach and guilt will have left the scene. On the other hand, you may feel you do not want to visit them so often anymore. There may simply be a lack of common interests. In any case you will feel more free in this relationship, setting your own course through life without the need for approval by them or the tendency to get angry and upset if they do not agree with you.

    In your life, you may now get in touch with people who belong to your “spiritual family.” Your spiritual family has nothing to do with biology, genes or heredity. It is a family of kindred souls. Often you know them from past lives in which you bonded through friendship, love or a shared mission. It is very easy to get along with them, for you share an inner likeness; you belong to the same family. It is a kind of homecoming you experience. What made you feel different and lonely among other people first now becomes the foundation of your connection and mutual recognition. Bonding with your spiritual family is a true source of joy in earth life. The key to allowing it into your life is to find your own way “out of the valley” and to recognize the light within. When you are able to recognize your own light in an environment that does not mirror it back to you, you become independent and free. Unburdened by the karmic aspects of your history, the fears and illusions that held you down, you will attract relationships into your life which are based on love and respect and which reflect your awakened divinity.

    © Pamela Kribbe 2005

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

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    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

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    We May Actually Live Inside Black Hole!!

    According to modified general relativity equations, our universe may be inside a black hole, the black holes in our universe may contain other universes, and the black holes in those universes may contain other universes... I need a drink.

    If Indiana University cosmologist Nikodem Poplawski analysis is right, we may be living inside a black hole. His observations on the motion of particles entering black holes suggest that black holes may not be singularities, like Eintein's general relativity theory states, but bridges to different universes:

    Maybe the huge black holes at the center of the Milky Way and other galaxies are bridges to different universes.

    According to Poplawski, instead of matter reaching infinite density while going through a black hole, the particles rebound and expand again. This phenomenon, which is based in the Einstein-Cartan-Kibble-Sciama theory of gravity, would explain many of the observations that have puzzled physicists for year, and give an explanation to the direction of space-time in our universe.

    Source: http://gizmodo.com/5594790/we-may-actually-live-inside-a-black-hole-vincent



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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

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    Alfred Webre: Are You on a 2012-13 Catastrophic Timeline? Or are You on a 2012-13 Positive Future Timeline? Part 1

    by Alfred Lambremont Webre

    Seattle Exopolitics Examiner
    July 14, 2010


    This article is part of a continuing Examiner.com series on 2012-13 and its environmental, economic, social, and exopolitical impacts on our human society. It is recommended that Parts 1 and 2 of this article be read as a single whole.

    In the course of research on potential impending transitional changes during the 2012-13 time horizon, this Examiner.com reporter has identified what can be described as two parallel realities, each buttressed by independent sets of data and personal and institutional decisions – a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline and a 2012-13 positive future timeline.

    The two parallel 2012-13 timelines are quite opposite in nature. The cataclysmic timeline envisions 2012-13 as a time when the Earth is hit by destructive “solar flares, large meteors, tsunamis, world-wide coastal inundations, mega-catastrophe.” The positive timeline envisions 2012-13 as follows: “2012 heralds Earth’s entry into the Golden Age, and between now and then is a time of transition from life as you have known it into life totally in harmony with all of Nature.”

    As evidence of a possible 2012-13 catastrophic timeline, researcher Dr. Courtney Brown points to the results of a recent Farsight Institute remote viewing study of global climate change 2008 – 2013. Expecting to find marginal effects of global climate change on coastal areas in 2013, Dr. Brown reports, instead remote viewers found a catastrophic 2013 timeline.

    The 2013 catastrophic timeline is set out in an article by Dr. Brown, and in a presentation that has been shown publicly at only three venues including the recent 2010 IIIHS.org conference in Montreal in which this reporter spoke and participated. This reporter has reproduced the conclusions of Dr. Brown’s study from his notes, as the Farsight video of Dr. Brown’s presentation has been removed from its website.

    Dr. Brown indicated at his IIIHS presentation on July 7, 2010 that he has been threatened by intelligence agents from showing his remote viewing information at wider venues, and suggested that to this Examiner.com reporter that the issue of a 2012-13 catastrophic and 2012-13 positive timeline future be distributed to a wider public in articles such as the one you are reading.

    In his July 7, 2010 presentation, Dr. Brown states there are anomalies that suggest the U.S. government and elites are heavily invested in covertly preparing for the 2012-13 catastrophic timeline, while keeping the bulk of the human population in the dark.

    These anomalies (which are explored at length in the article below) suggest that decision-makers in the U.S. and other government and some elites have made the decision that the 2012-13 catastrophic future is the most probable future, and are feverishly completing underground facilities on Earth for the military, police, and key financial and political elites (as well as secret bases on Mars).

    The evidence that Earth has recently shifted onto a “positive, non-catastrophic timeline” is growing, however. For example, the results in the Farsight Institute’s 2008-2013 remote viewing study are skewed between a 2013 “catastrophic” timeline and a 2013 “non-catastrophic” timeline. Statistically, 39 percent of the remote viewing reports achieved a disaster score of “3” (Catastrophic), while 29% of the remote viewing reports achieved a disaster score of “0” (Non-catastrophic).

    If the Farsight remote viewing study is correct, it is statistically almost as much a certainty that a positive future will occur in 2012-13 as that a Solar flare-Planet X catastrophe will occur. Dr. Brown notes that Farsight Institute remote viewers once predicted an earthquake that would flatten Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on a specific date. Concerned about public safety, Farsight went public with that prediction. A 6.4 earthquake did occur in the LAX area, without consequent damage to the airport.

    In a remarkable coincidence (or synchronicity), both the Farsight Institute and a chronovisor probe in the early 1970s by DARPA’s Project Pegasus chose archetypal targets in Washington, DC right across the street from each other.

    Project Pegasus chose to view the U.S. Supreme Court building in 2013 via chronovisor and Project Pegasus participant and whistleblower Andrew D. Basiago “found that the Supreme Court building was under 100 feet of stagnant water” in a chronovisor probe. The Farsight Institute targeted the U.S. Capitol building in 2013, and some remote viewer reports viewed the U.S. Capitol in ruins along side deep water (See Farsight 2013 remote viewing reports in Slide Show in article below).

    The chronovisor is a device that uses a screen or holographic template to locate and display scenes from the past or future in the time-space hologram. The chronovisor was originally developed by two Vatican scientists in conjunction with Enrico Fermi and later refined by DARPA scientists.

    Mr. Basiago has stated that “that because the chronovisors did not identify absolute, deterministic futures but rather alternate futures in the “multi-verse,” this catastrophic vision of Washington, DC might be from an alternative time line that does not materialize on our time line.” Other Farsight remote viewers targeting the U.S. Capitol in 2013 did not see a Washington, DC devastated by natural catastrophe.

    Here, then, we have the 2012-13 catastrophic and 2012-13 non-catastrophic futures side by side. DARPA’s Project Pegasus chronovisor technology for probing future events in the time-space hologram was state of the art in the early 1970s. Project Pegasus itself was under the policy oversight of Donald H. Rumsfeld as a Nixon cabinet member.

    It may have been that Presidential-level decisions were made in the early 1970s to commence underground shelter preparations, on the basis of Project Pegasus and other time-travel intelligence about the 2012-13 catastrophic timeline.

    It is reasonable to speculate whether the U.S. and other governments and elites may have made a fundamental miscalculation and false decision in using secret forecasting technology to assume that a 2012-13 cataclysmic timeline will be the actual future, when in fact it was an alternative future that will not materialize as the actual deterministic future in 2012-13.

    It is also reasonable to speculate that the governments and political and financial elites have made a colossal moral error in creating safe underground bases for themselves, while making plans to leave an unwitting humanity on the surface to be ‘depopulated’ by a combination of giant solar flares, meteors from space, and a Mad Max scenario playing out – all of which is a future that does not materialize.

    Have these governments and elites trapped themselves into a cataclysmic 2012-13 timeline mentality or meme?

    An awakened and empowered humanity may find itself in a 2012-13 positive timeline, achieving self-governance.

    In 2012-13, as Dr. Carl Joseph Calleman stated in an interview with this Examiner.com reporter, “the universal alternating energy wave movements end, and Earth is set on a gradual setting of a potential to reach advanced utopian planet status – a virtual ‘Garden of Eden’”.

    This Examiner.com article explores the evidence for a (1) 2012-13 catastrophic timeline as well as a (2) 2012-13 positive timeline, and invites you – the reader – to go deep inside and ask: Which timeline am I on? Am I making plans for a 2012-13 Cataclysm or a 2012-13 and beyond Golden Age – or something in between?

    Remote viewing the 2012-13 cataclysmic and 2012-13 positive future timelines

    The Farsight Institute study incorporated highly trained former U.S. military remote viewers using remote viewing to study climate and planetary change between the years 2008 and 2013.

    The study involved the following goals: (1) To explore whether remote-viewing data can describe climate and planetary change; (2) To see if releasing information about multiple possible futures can influence which future is most probable. The study compared targeted futures in 2013 where scientists had been assumed to have accepted the extraterrestrial presence and validity of remote viewing, and where scientists still maintained an extraterrestrial truth embargo.

    Remote viewers viewed 8 targets in various continents in 2008 and 2013 (using blind controls) to view climate and planetary change during the period.

    The remote viewing targets included the U.S. Capitol building, Washington, DC in 2013.

    Farsight Institute: cataclysmic 2012-13 timeline

    According to Dr. Brown in his July 7, 2010 presentation, the study was expecting to find marginal differences in climate change around the globe in the interval between 2008 and 2013. Instead, 39% of the remote viewing reports in the study found a cataclysmic timeline in 2013. The ‘catastrophic’ remote viewing reports contain the following:

    (1) Destructive Solar flares;

    (2) Large meteors leading to Tsunamis;

    (3) Volcanism;

    (4) Flooding of coastal cities;

    (5) Self-organized refugees from coastal areas;

    (6) Breakdown of government;

    (7) U.S. government, military, political and economic elites have gone underground;

    (8) Breakdown of energy – no electricity;

    (9) Breakdown of food supply;

    (10) Breakdown of transportation – no cars, buses, trucks, planes or trains;

    (11) Loss of buildings on coastal areas.

    In his presentation, Dr. Brown comments that a ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ approaching the solar system and Earth’s orbit, and causing large scale solar flares as well as large incoming meteors is one scenario that would account for this pattern of remote viewing.

    Extraterrestrial disclosure and the 2012-13 catastrophic timeline

    The Farsight study found that the effects of the 2013 cataclysmic timeline are ameliorated if scientists are able to end the extraterrestrial truth embargo, as for example, at one of the 2013 targets – the Sydney, Australia Opera House. Remote viewers found no people at the Sydney Opera House scenario in a 2013 where the extraterrestrial and remote viewing embargo was still in force, but found that refugees were streaming out of Sydney on foot in a 2013 where scientists acknowledged the extraterrestrial and remote viewing reality. (See slide show below for selected remote viewing scenes from the Disaster “3” scores for 2012).

    2012-13 anomalies – U.S. government and elites hidey-hole plan

    Examiner.com readers can view a presentation at Project Camelot by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd on 2012 & A Golden Age.

    (See original article for video.)

    In his presentation on July 7, 2010 of the Farsight study, Dr. Brown mentions a growing list of anomalies that are indicators of an apparent high-level covert plan for the U.S. and other governments and elites to abandon their roles in surface society, and go underground sometime in 2012-13. These anomalies are indicators that the U.S., other governments, and decision-making elites may have concluded that a 2012-13 cataclysmic timeline is going to be the ‘actual’ future timeline (a conclusion that has not yet been established, as in fact Earth may now be on a 2012-13 “positive future” timeline).

    2012-13 “Catastrophic timeline anomalies”

    The following is a non-exhaustive list of 2012-13 “catastrophic timeline anomalies.”

    (1) U.S. is ending all human space flight vehicles in Feb 2011, indicating a risk that giant solar flares and large meteors or other ‘incoming’ from a ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ may damage U.S. space assets;

    (2) U.S. national debt is unpayable, indicating an expectation that existing 2012-13 world public order will be destroyed and debit will never have to be paid by the post 2012-13 United States of America. The U.S. debt itself has been analyzed as a false flag operation by City of London banking interests and the Federal Reserve Bank;

    (3) The Svalbard Is. (Norway) seed vault containing samples of the world’s seeds was recently inspected by the UN and will be sealed in 2011. The project, started by Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto and Syngenta and other GMO (genetically modified organisms) organizations, has been criticized as a possible part of a global depopulation plot;

    (4) Norway has built an underground shelter for half its population that will also house 2.5 million U.S. political and financial elites. ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ is speculated upon as a possible cause of the 2012-13 catastrophe, although there may be disinformation surrounding these reports of a Planet X object approaching the solar system. See Letter from a Norwegian politician and associated interviews at Project Camelot;

    (5) China is now building 200 miles per year of tunnels under its major cities to be completed by 2011, presumably reflecting a decision by the Chinese government to save the bulk of its population from the effects of a 2012-13 cataclysmic timeline;

    (6) Active major tunneling continues under the Dugway, Dulce and other covert DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) in the southwestern U.S. bases, and coal power plants are being built on the surface of these bases;

    (7) Google earth is intentionally obfuscating photos of this tunneling at U.S. underground bases;

    (8) Tunneling continues under the Denver International airport continues;

    Additionally, (9) An internet kill switch approval for the U.S. President has been passed by a congressional committee. If passed, the internet kill switch could be applied in a 2012-13 scenario to make it more difficult for a surface U.S. population to self-organize and form its own citizen-based government, once U.S. and other governments go underground and the internet is ‘killed’;

    (10) A Martial law matrix provides for the supremacy of the Executive and functional collapse of constitutional rights in the event of a “national emergency” such as a 2012-13 cataclysmic timeline or a period in which the U.S. government and elites disappear into underground bases.

    DARPA’s chronovisor probe of Washington, DC in 2013

    Examiner.com readers can view the Mt. Adams Statement on 2012 & A Golden Age

    (See original article for video.)

    Cambridge-educated environmentalist and attorney Andrew D. Basiago has revealed in previous Examiner.com articles that “between 1969 and 1972, as a child participant in Project Pegasus, he both viewed past and future events through a device known as a chronovisor and teleported back and forth across the country in vortal tunnels opened in time-space via Tesla-based teleporters located at the Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Company facility in Wood Ridge, NJ and the Sandia National Laboratory in Sandia, NM.”

    As previously reported by this Examiner.com reporter, “In one time probe to the future undertaken by Project Pegasus from a chronovisor device located at ITT Defense Communications in Nutley, NJ, Mr. Basiago viewed the US Supreme Court building in Washington, DC as it would be in the year 2013.

    “During this probe, Mr. Basiago found that the Supreme Court building was under 100 feet of stagnant water and reported this to the Lieutenant Commander from the Office of Naval Intelligence who debriefed him after the probe to the future was completed.

    “Mr. Basiago hastens to add that because the chronovisors did not identify absolute, deterministic futures but rather alternate futures in the ‘multi-verse,’ this catastrophic vision of Washington, DC might be from an alternative time line that does not materialize on our time line.”

    According to Mr. Basiago’s whistleblower testimony, “Donald H. Rumsfeld was the defense attaché to Project Pegasus during the early 1970’s, when Mr. Rumsfeld was officially serving as a counselor to President Nixon, a member of the Nixon cabinet and member of his Board of Wage and Price Stabilization.”

    In all likelihood, Mr. Rumsfeld, as the defense attaché to Project Pegasus, would have known about and possibly had control over the data about the chronovisor probe to the U.S. Supreme court building in 2013 and derived via “quantum access” and brought back to the early 1970’s for analysis by the DARPA research and development program under his administrative authority.

    U.S. Executive authority under U.S. President Richard M. Nixon or his successors can then have plausibly relied upon the DARPA Project Pegasus chronovisor “2013 Washington DC catastrophic timeline” information in making an executibve decision of the U.S. government to proceed with the development of a network of deep underground military bases (DUMB).

    If, as Mr. Basiago points out, “this catastrophic vision of Washington, DC might be from an alternative time line that does not materialize on our time line,” then the entire network of DUMB underground bases and socially repressive anomaly infrastructure (See above) used by the U.S. government and elites to implement this predicted 2012-13 “catastrophic timeline” would backfire against the governments and elites.

    Part 2

    Will a ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ materialize in our solar system in 2012-13?

    One popular meme or model of a 2012-13 “catastrophic timeline” hinges on the entry of a ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ into our solar system, creating the gigantic solar flares and large meteors that in turn trigger tsunamis, coastal inundations, and systems collapse on Earth.

    As a scientific control we can reasonably ask – Is a ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ headed toward Earth, to arrive in 2012-13?

    One indicator that a ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ may be headed toward Earth, to arrive in 2012-13 can be inferred from a Project Camelot document, a 2008 ‘Letter from a Norwegian politician’ stating, in part, that,

    "Planet X is coming, and Norway has begun with storage of food and seeds in the Svalbard area and in the arctic north with the help of the US and EU and all around in Norway. They will only save those that are in the elite of power and those that can build up again: doctors, scientists, and so on.

    "As for me, I already know that I am going to leave before 2012 to go the area of Mosjøen where we have a deep underground military facility. There we are divided into sectors, red, blue, and green. The signs of the Norwegian military are already given to them and the camps have already been built a long time ago.

    "The people that are going to be left on the surface and die with along the others will get no help whatsoever. The plan is that 2,000,000 Norwegians are going to be safe, and the rest will die. That means 2,600,000 will perish into the night not knowing what to do."

    Project Camelot has also received independent confirmation of the existence of the Norway underground bases, complete with photos and maps.

    One source states that part of the cost of the Norway bases was covered by U.S. government funding sources. The Norway 2012-13 underground bases will accommodate about half of the Norwegian population of elites and specializes personnel (2.5 million), as well as another 2.5 million U.S. economic and political elites.

    There is, of course, the possibility that the reports of the 2012-13 Norway underground bases are disinformation themselves. However, the Project Camelot evidence and mainstream media coverage of the Svalbard Islands seed bank (recently inspected by the United Nations and to be sealed in 2011) tends to confirm their existence.

    The ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ meme

    Examiner.com readers can view this video presentation by Alfred Lambremont Webre at Project Camelot's Awake and Aware on 2012 & A Golden Age

    Following an eight-year investigation of the topic since 2002, it is the operating conclusion of this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre that the “catastrophic 2012-13 arrival of ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’” is largely a meme, or thought-virus with no corresponding reality to it.

    Scientifically investigation of possible, additional planets or suns in our solar system is a valid activity, and may yield results. This research activity should not be confused with the “meme” that ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ is arriving in our solar system in 2012-13 with catastrophic results.

    The following summary source states the case for the 2012-13 ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ as a meme.

    The 2012-13 Nibiru collision

    One source states, "The idea of [a Nibiru collision] was first proposed in 1995 by Nancy Lieder, founder of the website ZetaTalk. Lieder describes herself as a contactee with the ability to receive messages from extra-terrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system through an implant in her brain. She states that she was chosen to warn mankind that the object would sweep through the inner Solar System in May 2003 (though that date was later abandoned) causing Earth to undergo a pole shift that would destroy most of humanity. The predicted collision has subsequently spread beyond Lieder's website and has been embraced by numerous internet doomsday groups, most of which link the event to the 2012 phenomenon. Although the name "Nibiru" is derived from the works of ancient astronaut writer Zecharia Sitchin and his interpretations of Babylonian and Sumerian mythology, Sitchin himself denies any connection between his work and various claims of a coming apocalypse."

    Year proposed - 1995

    Original proponents - Nancy Lieder

    Subsequent proponents - Marshall Masters, Jaysen Rand, Mark Hazlewood, Pana Wave

    The source continues, "The idea of the Nibiru encounter originated with Nancy Lieder, a Wisconsin woman who claims that as a girl she was contacted by gray extraterrestrials called Zetas, who implanted a communications device in her brain. In 1995, she founded the website ZetaTalk to disseminate her ideas. Lieder first came to public attention on internet newsgroups during the build-up to Comet Hale-Bopp's 1997 perihelion. She stated, speaking as the Zetas, that "The Hale-Bopp comet does not exist. It is a fraud, perpetrated by those who would have the teeming masses quiescent until it is too late. Hale-Bopp is nothing more than a distant star, and will draw no closer." She claimed that the Hale-Bopp story was manufactured to distract people from the imminent arrival of a large planetary object, "Planet X", which would soon pass by Earth and destroy civilization. After Hale-Bopp's perihelion revealed it as one of the brightest and longest-observed comets of the last century, Lieder removed the first two sentences of her initial statement from her site, though they can still be found in Google's archives. Her claims eventually made the New York Times.

    "Lieder described Planet X as roughly four times the size of the Earth, and said that its perigee would occur on May 27, 2003, resulting in the Earth's rotation ceasing for exactly 5.9 terrestrial days. This would be followed by the Earth's pole destabilizing in a pole shift (a physical pole shift, with the Earth's pole physically moving, rather than a geomagnetic reversal) caused by magnetic attraction between the Earth's core and the magnetism of the passing planet. This in turn would disrupt the Earth's magnetic core and lead to subsequent displacement of the Earth's crust.

    "Roughly a week before the supposed arrival of Planet X, Lieder appeared on KROQ radio in Los Angeles, and advised listeners to put their pets down in anticipation of the event. When asked if she had done so, she replied that she had, and that "The puppies are in a happy place." She also advised that "A dog makes a good meal". After the 2003 date passed without incident, Lieder said that it was merely a "White Lie ... to fool the establishment,” and said that to disclose the true date would give those in power enough time to declare martial law and trap people in cities during the shift, leading to their deaths.

    "Many internet sites continue to proclaim that Lieder's object is en route to Earth, often citing its arrival date as December, 2012. This date has gathered many apocalyptic associations, as it is the end of the current cycle (baktun) in the long count in the Mayan calendar. Several writers have published books connecting the collision with 2012, including Marshall Masters and Jaysen Rand. Hazlewood has since changed his views on Planet X, and now says that there are intelligent alien forces acting to protect us as a species, and that we are set to ascend to a higher level of consciousness in 2012."

    Zecharia Sitchin, Sumer and the 2012-13 Nibiru

    The source states, "Although Lieder originally referred to the object as "Planet X", it has become deeply associated with Nibiru, a planet from the works of ancient astronaut proponent Zecharia Sitchin, particularly his book The 12th Planet. According to Sitchin's interpretation of Babylonian religious texts, which contravenes every conclusion reached by credited scholars on the subject, a giant planet (Nibiru or Marduk) passes by Earth every 3,600 years and allows its sentient inhabitants to interact with humanity. These beings, which Sitchin identifies with the Annunaki of Sumerian myth, would become humanity's first gods. Lieder first made the connection between Nibiru and her Planet X on her site in 1996 ("Planet X does exist, and it is the 12th Planet, one and the same.").

    "Sitchin however denies any connection between his work and Lieder's claims. In 2007, partly in response to Lieder's proclamations, Sitchin published a book, The End of Days, which set the time for the last passing of Nibiru by Earth at 556 BC, which would mean, given the object's supposed 3,600–year orbit, it would return sometime around AD 2900. He did however say that he believed that the Annunaki might return earlier by spaceship, and that the timing of their return would coincide with the shift from the astrological Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, sometime between 2090 and 2370."

    Science and the 2012-13 Nibiru

    The source continues, "Astronomers point out that such an object so close to Earth would be easily visible to the naked eye (Jupiter and Saturn are both visible to the naked eye, and are dimmer than Nibiru would be at their distances), and would be creating noticeable effects in the orbits of the outer planets. Some counter this by claiming that the object has been hiding behind the Sun for several years, though such a claim is geometrically impossible. Images of Nibiru near the Sun taken by amateurs are usually of lens flares, false images of the Sun created by reflections within the lens.

    "Mike Brown notes that if this object's orbit were as described, it would only have lasted in the Solar System for a million years or so before Jupiter expelled it, and that there is no way another object's magnetic field could have such an effect on Earth. Lieder's assertions that the approach of Nibiru would cause the Earth's rotation to stop or its axis to shift violate the laws of physics. In his rebuttal of Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision, which made the same claim that the Earth's rotation could be stopped and then restarted, Carl Sagan noted that, "the energy required to brake the Earth is not enough to melt it, although it would result in a noticeable increase in temperature: the oceans would [be] raised to the boiling point of water . . . [Also,] how does the Earth get started up again, rotating at approximately the same rate of spin? The Earth cannot do it by itself, because of the law of the conservation of angular momentum."

    "Many believers in the imminent approach of Planet X/Nibiru accuse NASA of deliberately covering up visual evidence of its existence. One such accusation involves the IRAS infrared space observatory, launched in 1983. The satellite briefly made headlines due to an "unknown object" that was at first described as "possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this Solar System". This newspaper article has been cited by proponents of the collision idea, beginning with Lieder herself, as evidence for the existence of Nibiru. However, further analysis revealed that of several unidentified objects, nine were distant galaxies and the tenth was "intergalactic cirrus"; none were found to be Solar System bodies.

    "Another accusation frequently made by websites predicting the collision is that the US government built the South Pole Telescope to track Nibiru's trajectory, and that the object has been imaged optically. However, the SPT (which is not funded by NASA) is a radio telescope, and cannot take optical images. Its South Pole location was chosen due to the low-humidity environment, and there is no way an approaching object could be seen only from the South Pole. The "picture" of Nibiru posted on You Tube was revealed to in fact be a Hubble image of the expanding gas shell around the star V838 Mon."

    Public reaction, fear, and the 2012-13 Nibiru

    The source states, "The impact of the public fear of the Nibiru collision has been especially felt by professional astronomers. Mike Brown now says that Nibiru is the most common pseudoscientific topic he is asked about.

    "David Morrison, a CSI Fellow and Senior Scientist at NASA's Astrobiology Institute at Ames Research Center, says he receives 20–25 emails a week about the impending arrival of Nibiru; some frightened, others angry and naming him as part of the conspiracy to keep the truth of the impending apocalypse from the public. Half of these emails are from outside the US. "Planetary scientists are being driven to distraction by Nibiru," notes science writer Govert Schilling, "And it is not surprising; you devote so much time, energy and creativity to fascinating scientific research, and find yourself on the tracks of the most amazing and interesting things, and all the public at large is concerned about is some crackpot theory about clay tablets, god-astronauts and a planet that doesn't exist." Morrison states that he hopes that the non-arrival of Nibiru could serve as a teaching moment for the public, instructing them on 'rational thought and baloney detection', but doubts that will happen.

    "A viral marketing campaign for Sony Pictures' 2009 film 2012, directed by Roland Emmerich, which depicts the end of the world in that year, featured a supposed warning from the "Institute for Human Continuity" that lists the arrival of Planet X as one of its doomsday scenarios. Mike Brown attributes a spike in concerned emails and phone calls he received from the public to this site."

    2012-13 "catastrophic timeline," U.S. secret Mars bases, and Alternative 4

    The 2102-13 "catastrophic timeline" is the apparent driver behind the establishment of U.S. secret bases on Mars, which this reporter has exposed in multiple Examiner.com articles.

    Some researchers such as Jay Weidner maintain that the 2012-13 "catastrophic timeline" was behind the founding of Skull & Bones, the secret society whose membership reaches into the power structure of the financial and political elite that is destined for the underground shelters in Norway and on Mars. Skull & Bones, aka Brotherhood of Death, alias the 2nd chapter of the Illuminati, incorporated for business purposes as Russell Trust, was established in 1776 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Some believe the "catastrophic timeline" will come in 2442.

    The Skull & Bones moniker number "322" is said to stand for March 22, or Aries, signifying Mars. Skull & Bones, as a 1776 chapter of the Illuminati was chartered for the purpose of implementing elite human survival colonies on Mars, and elite human survival colonies underground on Earth during a predicted 2012-13 "cataclysmic timeline."

    Independent Mars colony recruits Andrew D. Basiago and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower confirmed the existence of a secret human survival colony on Mars to this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre. Former U.S. serviceman Michael Relfe, who spent 20 years on a secret U.S. military base on Mars, and former DOD scientist and Project Camelot witness Arthur Neumann have likewise independently confirmed the existence of the secret Mars base.

    Mr. Basiago, 48, was a child participant in the DARPA time travel program Project Pegasus (1968-72) and later teleported to a U.S. base on Mars twice in 1981. Ms. Eisenhower, 36, the great-granddaughter of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, was the subject of a sophisticated attempt to recruit her into the secret Mars colony in 2006 that she broke free from after resisting its deeply rooted manipulations and chose to live out her destiny on Earth

    They described how the secret Mars colony is funded by black budget military and intelligence sources as a survival mechanism for the human genome in the event that solar flares, nuclear war, or some other cataclysm ends human life on Earth.

    Mr. Basiago termed the cover-up of the Mars colony “Marsgate” and called for a Congressional investigation of the U.S. presence on Mars, with its emphasis on military occupation rather than diplomatic engagement of the indigenous human society living in underground cities beneath the surface of Mars.

    Ms. Eisenhower stated that “Alternative 3” – the notion that trillions of dollars of resources should be spent to protect human life by placing it on Mars – should give way to “Alternative 4,” a new public awakening to achieve a sustainable civilization on Earth.

    Their historic, interactive exposé of Marsgate on Exopolitics Radio was based on direct personal experience. For Mr. Basiago, this consisted of the two trips that he took to Mars in 1981, when, at age 19, he walked on the surface of the Martian terrain after teleporting there from a CIA facility in El Segundo, California. For Ms. Eisenhower, this consisted of clandestine efforts that were made in 2006, when she was 33, to infiltrate her personal life and recruit her as a member of the secret Mars colony. She was recruited for a mission that would travel to Mars and learned that a colony had been under development there for several decades. It wasn't until later that she found the connection between the mission and the colony, in very significant ways.

    During the interview, the two emerging figures in the Disclosure Movement discussed their opposition to factors guiding the secret Mars colony. These include fear, secrecy, psychological manipulation of recruits, and the abuse of quantum access technologies and other covert methods to identify potential colonists. Mr. Basiago speculated that the Mars colony is being staffed by individuals who descend from specific Aryan bloodlines that contain a Martian genetic substrate and that do not represent the genetic diversity of the entire human race on Earth. Ms. Eisenhower, agreeing, also was exposed to and understood the archetypal aspects and significance of it. They suggested that this policy be reconsidered. In various venues, Mr. Basiago, Ms. Eisenhower, and this reporter have advocated a treaty between Earth and Mars society that would establish a Mars protectorate and normalize diplomatic recognition and immigration between the two planets.

    Mr. Basiago and Ms. Eisenhower issued a joint statement about human survival colonies on other planets.

    "It is a positive thing for the human race to put survival colonies on other planets. Earth has been struck by many cataclysms in the past, and so we should protect the human genome by placing human settlements on other celestial bodies. Yet, when secrecy surrounding such projects tempts government to rob the free will of individuals, and excludes humanity from debating a subject that implicates the whole human future, and diverts the destiny of a planet to serve an off-planet agenda, the conscience of a free people requires that such projects be undertaken in the bright sunshine of public scrutiny, not within the dark corridors of the military-industrial complex."

    The U.S. secret bases on Mars are part of plans implemented over the course of several centuries by elite Illuminati organizations in the mistaken belief that the 2012-13 "catastrophic timeline." Yet, science now establishes that a parallel 2012-13 "positive timeline" is materializing as the deterministic future.

    The “2012-13 catastrophic timeline” and Dr. Wernher von Braun’s warning about a psyops ‘War against the Asteroids’

    In a 2004 interview with researcher Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Carol Rosin, President of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), relates her conversations with Dr. Wernher von Braun (whom she characterizes as a whistleblower) on Dr. von Braun’s deathbed.


    Dr. Rosin: Well, this is what he did not describe. I believe what was happening is that he was under threat.

    American "Enemy's List" to Sustain War Mode and Pentagon Budgets

    -Soviet Union




    Notice that “asteroids” or incoming threats from astronomical phenomena including meteors associated a presumed ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ is included among ‘America’s enemies.’ This means that the manufactured ‘threat’ of astronomical bodies, such as meteors associated a presumed ‘Planet X, Nibiru or red or sub-brown dwarf’ has, according to whistleblower Dr. Wernher von Braun, been considered by high war-planners as among the ‘enemies’ to be used in the Hegelian dialectic of ‘enemies’ that makes up the for-profit industry that we commonly know as ‘warfare.’

    Thus, it is possible to interpret the Norway underground bases, the DUMB military bases in the southeastern U.S., and all of the anomalies, such as a martial law matrix as part of a gigantic Psyops called ‘the war against the phony meteors.” The goal of such a Psyops would be to submit the human population to fear, enslavement, and loss of civil liberties during a national and international ‘emergency’ created around Psyops meteors headed toward Earth. Advanced electromagnetic technology, such as HAARP, can create a Project Blue Beam-like meteor emergency, if needed.

    This reporter has analyzed a possible false flag application of this technology over Norway (of all places) the night prior to Barack Obama’s December 9, 2009 Nobel peace prize speech.

    Deconstructing the 2012-13 ‘1859 Carrington event-like’ solar flare and pole shift memes

    In prior Examiner.com articles, this reporter has deconstructed the science behind predictions of the repetition of destructive ‘1859 Carrington event-like’ solar flares and Earth pole shifts as memes and scientifically improbable.

    Examiner.com readers can access one of these article by clicking here.

    In brief, “key data addressing our prior Examiner.com examination of the possible future shape of 2012 includes: (1) A NAS report and recent NASA updates on the 2012 ‘perfect storm,’ solar flares and power grid systems collapse; (2) Opposite data that we may be headed toward a solar Maunder minimum and new ice age; (3) ALTA and Web Bot reports on a ’data gap’ found between early 2012 running through May 2013, possibly due to solar flare activity. The year 2012 may also manifest for individuals as breakdown, breakthrough, or business as usual, depending on an individual’s perceptual modality and multi-dimensional identity.”

    Sources of 2012-13 ‘solar flare Carrington event’ meme

    Below is a summary of the conclusions of our Examiner.com analysis of a 2012-13 ‘solar flare Carrington event’ meme. The repetition of the 1859 Carrington event solar flare is the basis of a January 2009 National Academy of Sciences report that predicted that 2012-13 solar flares and a possible systems collapse of the electrical grid.

    1. 2012-13 & Catastrophobia – There appears to be a collective fear of earth changes and cataclysm in human society based on the historical prior cataclysm of 11,500 years ago triggered by a galactic superwave that triggered the Vela supernova, a fragment of which entered the solar system around 9500 BC. For a variety of reasons, the year 2012 has been front-loaded with memes that trigger humanity’s catastrophobia.

    2. 2012 Solar flare Carrington event – There are at least two possible 2012 futures, based on the current Web Bot:

    (A) 2012 solar flare meme - One possibility is that the Web Bot technology may be detecting the presence on the Internet of an escalating meme regarding a “repetition of a Carrington-type event during the 2012-13 solar maximum,” rather than an actual future event. This is the more probable 2012 reality.

    (B) 2012 Carrington-type event solar flare (unlikely possibility) - Another possibility is that the Web Bot technology has done what mainstream science now says cannot be “assigned with any reasonable accuracy,” and Web Bot is accurately predicting a repetition of a Carrington-type solar flare or related event for 2012-13. This appears to be a very unlikely possibility.

    3. 2012 Super-cataclysm memes – 2012 Pole shift, super solar flare, galactic super wave-caused super nova fragments appear to be memes propagated by catastrophobia, and are extremely unlikely to materialize in 2012.

    4. 2012 cataclysm memes and social manipulation – 2012 cataclysm memes appear to be used by a variety of institutions, ranging from covert military-intelligence, governmental and other agencies to organized religion for purposes of social control. See, for example, Basiago and Eisenhower reveal “Marsgate” and make case for “Alternative 4”

    2012-13 and the positive timeline

    Examiner.com readers can view the Mt Adams Statement on 2012 & A Golden Age

    Scientists and researchers in disciplines ranging from time science to meta-science can now provide a framework and infrastructure for understanding how it is that alternate futures in the “multi-verse” might be from an alternative time line that does not materialize on our time line as an absolute, deterministic future.

    As a Tesla technology quantum access time travel participant, Andrew D. Basiago was able to experience the 2013 U.S. Supreme Court building as being under 100 feet of stagnant water in an early 1970s DARPA chronovisor probe.

    The alternative time line under which that “2013 catastrophic Washington, DC event” can be identified as a “2013 catastrophic time line” as we have been discussing in these articles. Yet that alternative time line can be one that – although it was accessed by DARPA using state of the art quantum access chronovisor technology in the early 1970s – may not materialize in the our ‘real’ time line of 2013 as an absolute, deterministic future.

    The absolute, deterministic future of 2013 that materializes is a ‘positive future’ timeline, rather than a ‘catastrophic’ timeline.

    Whether the 2012-13 future that materializes on Earth will materialize as a ‘catastrophic timeline’ for some and a ‘positive future’ timeline for others is a very interesting question.

    This Examiner.com reporter has interviewed multi-dimensional contactees such as Anthony Kane, a relative of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King, whose inter-dimensional contacts have suggested that in 2012-13, timelines may materialize as a ‘catastrophic Earth timeline’ for some and a ‘positive future Earth’ timeline for others. Please read: 2012: Dr. Martin Luther King relative, contactee, brings UFO/ET message of dimensional shift in 2012

    On the other hand, the ‘positive future’ timeline may be accessible to all in 2012-13. This is the implication of the Dr. Carl Johan Calleman’s discoveries concerning the purposeful singularities at the core of our Universe and at the core (galactic center black hole) of our galaxy and at the core (our sun) of our solar system.

    According to Dr. Calleman, “alternating waves of universe core energy in turn are mediated through our galactic center and are what drive the evolution of human consciousness. Since the ‘Big Bang’ 16 billion years ago, these waves of energy have been disseminated in alternating format of ‘boom’ and ‘bust’ creating the circumstance of conflict and uncertainty in our reality.

    Dr. Calleman has found that “the alternating sign-wave universe core energy phenomenon ceases after Oct. 28, 2011, and [in 2012-13] Earth will be set on a gradual setting of a potential to reach advanced utopian planet status – a virtual ‘Garden of Eden.’”

    He adds, “We will in this coming night be witnessing the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind. What is exciting about this is that I feel that a relatively clear picture of how a new world is going to be born is now finally becoming evident. On the other hand, what is also becoming increasingly clear is that this birth is likely to become very demanding.”

    This seems to auger well for human self-determination, the dissolution of hierarchies and extraterrestrial disclosure in the 2012-13 period. If the universe core energy model put forth by Dr. Carl Johan Calleman and researcher Barbara Hand Clow is correct, human consciousness will no longer be subject to the conflicts caused by alternating expansion and contraction energy cycles, and the power of hierarchies that have and subjected humanity to repressive and militaristic regimes enforced the extraterrestrial embargo will be increasingly weakening.

    The very core of our Universe seems – in 2012-13 – to deconstruct the mentality that has enforced the “2012-13 catastrophic time line” throughout the U.S. and other governments, and financial and political elites.

    2012-13 Galactic genetic engineering

    2012-13 solar flares, gamma ray bursts, galactic center emissions may function, according to some researchers as a form of ‘galactic genetic engineering,’ upgrading our human DNA in the 2012-13 time horizon as part of the initiation of a ‘Golden Age’ on Earth.

    The Galactic DNA upgrade model suggests, as researcher David Wilcock states, “that humanity is on the verge of a near-spontaneous metamorphosis into a more highly evolved state of consciousness.”

    Biochemist Colm Kelleher observes that, "If one were to hypothesize a transmutation of the human body, it would be necessary to orchestrate a change, cell by cell, involving the simultaneous silencing of hundreds of genes and the activation of a different set of hundreds more. A Transposition burst is a plausible mechanism at the DNA/RNA level that could accomplish such a genome-wide change... that eventually results in the transformation of the human body."

    The transfigured body Colm Kelleher describes has been called the ‘lightbody’, similar to the description of upper-dimensional, human-like extraterrestrials.

    One source states, "Many ancient traditions worldwide maintain that humans not only inherently possess the potential for fully incarnating light at the physiological level, but that some have already achieved it, and millions more will do so in the very era in which we live. The historical literature “suggests that there are unusual physical, as well as psychological, consequences in humans to the attainment of the exalted state of mind known as enlightenment,” writes biochemist Colm Kelleher. “These reported changes include, but are not limited to, sudden reversal of aging, emergence of a light body and observed bodily ascension.” While many of these descriptions associate the lightbody with death, Kelleher makes it clear that a number of reports indicate that “transformation of the body can happen independently of death.”

    Multi-dimensional researcher Judith K. Moore, MA writes, “Scientists do not realize the codes they have discovered in DNA are not mindless. Rather, they are capable of consciousness and respond primarily to the Divine Plan of what can be called the Mind. of God. The so-called junk DNA is, in fact, inactive DNA time-coded to be activated when exposed to increased vibrations of enhanced Light fields. The DNA codes are sensitive to ultraviolet frequencies. As the solar resonance s magnified by increasingly powerful solar flares, the ultraviolet light spectrum on the planet is being altered. The increased megahertz of the planetary field activates a metamorphosis of the genetic structure, which will result in the rapid evolution of the species. The new spectrum carries light frequencies that stimulate dormant codes within the DNA of all life forms, preparing the planet for a quantum leap in evolution.”

    How can you know if you are on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline, or on a 2012-13 positive future timeline?

    Here one way to know if you are on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline, or on a 2012-13 positive future timeline.

    Find a quiet comfortable place to draw your focus within in solitude.

    Relax, breathe slowly and let go of the cares of the day.

    Close your eyes and imagine your ‘perfect place of peace’

    It can be a meadow, a beach, at the foot of a mountain, on a distant planet, anywhere your inner self feels at peace.

    Visualize yourself in your full potential and invite your full potential self into your place of peace.

    Ask your full potential self:

    "Am I on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline, or on a 2012-13 positive future timeline?"

    Listen to your hyperdimensional full potential self as she/he answers you.

    Be genuine and in integrity in this process.

    END OF PART 2.

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    Hollywood is being invaded by ... alien invader movies

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:36 am

    Hollywood is being invaded by ... Alien Invader Movies

    I guess I'm a total failure as a movie geek, since until I read this revealing post from Libertas Film Magazine's own quasi-geek Jason Apuzzo, it seems to have entirely escaped me that we are entering a bizarre new golden age of alien invader movies. Perhaps spurred by the success of "Cloverfield" and "District 9," perhaps spurred by the fact that all of the development execs in Hollywood read the same scripts or, hey, perhaps spurred by sheer inexplicable coincidence, we are about to be overrun with way, way too many movies about nasty extraterrestrials showing up on someone's doorstep.

    The current lineup includes Jon Favreau's "Cowboys & Aliens," due out next summer from Universal, which features space invaders landing in Old West Arizona; "Battle: Los Angeles," a thriller due next March from Sony, which depicts U.S. Marines fighting off an alien invasion (very loosely based on an actual World War II episode); "Skyline," an indie-produced alien invasion thriller due out this November from Universal; and "Super 8," a 1970s-era aliens unleashed thriller from J.J. Abrams that goes into production later this year.

    And, oh yes, there's also "Falling Skies," a Steven Spielberg-produced TNT miniseries due out in 2011, about more bad guys attacking us from outer space. Plus, Paramount just bought an alien abduction pitch for a low-budget thriller to be produced by Michael Bay. I wonder if it would be too much to ask if Bay agreed to be abducted by real aliens, ya know, just to see if all the story beats really paid off?

    This sudden obsession with alien invaders has me wondering: Why now? Trends usually happen for a reason, even if it isn't always clear at the time what that reason might be. There were a host of similar alien invader films in the early-mid 1950s (my personal favorite being "The Thing"), which film historians theorize were inspired by fears of the U.S. being invaded, either physically or ideologically, by communism. If you get two film professors together and let 'em watch the original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," they'll argue over the hidden meanings of the film for weeks on end.

    But what's up with all these new films? What new hidden fear do we have that is being sublimated into our movies? Glenn Beck, for one, seems almost grotesquely overwhelmed by fears of all sorts of hidden conspiracies, but I doubt that whatever is bugging him is the same thing that's bugging this generation of filmmakers. Could the collapse of the economy have spooked so many Americans that it's created an intense level of fear and unrest that is being channeled into film projects? And, of course, there's always the possibility (WOO-HOO) that there really are a few aliens poking around, looking to abduct a few of us. I guess anything's possible.

    If you have a theory, I'm eager to hear it. Until we get this figured out, I think I may be sleeping with a night light, just in case.

    Photo: Sharlto Copley in a scene from the sci-fi thriller "District 9." Credit: TriStar Pictures

    • How much do you care about what happened at Comic-Con? Personally, I’m still trying to keep myself from confusing The Green Hornet with The Green Lantern. It all seems like one, big, infantile, hyperglycemic blur – you know? Here’s what I can tell you: the trend toward alien invasion pics is now officially out of control. Comic-Con saw presentations on Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens (Harrison Ford showed up to that panel), Battle: Los Angeles, Steven Spielberg’s forthcoming TV series Falling Skies, and the latest example of an FX-laden indie sci-fi invasion project (we’ve been talking a lot about those here lately) called Skyline (see here, here and here), that will be released by Relativity Media in December. Oh, and if that’s not enough for you, word comes today that Bobby Glicker (I loved his Iraq/zombie short Road to Moloch – why did he pull it off Vimeo?) made a spec sci-fi trailer that Michael Bay loved (supposedly it’s a cross between Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield) … and now the project has been greenlit by Paramount as a $12 million sci-fi alien abduction feature. And there isn’t even a script yet! So we’re going to get that project from Paramount next year … along with J.J. Abrams’ alien movie Super 8, and the Paranormal guy’s new movie Area 51, and the alien invasion movie set in Moscow called The Darkest Hour … and why are all these alien invasion projects suddenly being done? Is it that we feel that we’re being invaded? Lucas and Spielberg ignited this trend with Crystal Skull, and it still hasn’t let up.


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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  Inanna on Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:47 am

    WHY why why do we LOVE to SCARE ourselves SO ??? muahaha i haven't craved that kind of Adrenalin Rush (like the movie trailer seeks to provoke) since i was a KID watching "the Spider" and "the Blob" ... so it's Hard for me to Get It ?!?! wtf

    but of course ... that has NOTHING to do with the issue re: the "coincidence" of all these movies coming out so close together. disinformation??? fear-mongering?? distraction? a prelude to disclosure?? all that and then some??? WHATEVER ... it certainly makes for Provocative Speculation ! blue smile

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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:09 am

    yeah I mean some coming out really have some clear symbolism in them and i know it's to trigger the subconscious but others like Skyline is really out of control! It's gotta be to confuse people even more.

    It is interesting to see where "The EV3NT" is going though. At least there, the so called "Et's don't look like green little men or greys but they are shown as being humans like us and not only that, but they have been living here on Earth for some time... I consider that to be a positive thing, to instill that idea... after all it is true and sooner or later it'll be widely known. And of course the timeline is NOW....just look at the President.

    Xeia cheesy angel alien hands up green monster

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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  Inanna on Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:32 pm

    WOW -- that trailer was AMAZING ! 2thumbs if the series is HALF as WELL DONE as the trailer was ... it'll be a WINNER for sure! i LUV that Ritter boy who stars ... John Ritter's son ... who was a VERY cool and "good guy" so, in case you can't tell, Xeia, i am DEFINITELY more impressed with THIS trailer than the OTHER one (Besides the production values ... my GUT didn't "resonate" with the first one...LOL) "The Event" has ALREADY started, right??? have you been watching it, then, Xeia ... cause of course i trust your judgment in such matters. it's just that anything that smacks remotely of "fear-mongering" is a DEFINITE turn-off and red-flag imo. jedi

    let us all know if you caught the first episode(s) what you've thought so far...hope i haven't missed TOO much! and oh, btw, it IS interesting about their choice of actors for the President (boy that man's HOT !) ... and the President in some OTHER Alien-type flick (Independence Day maybe) was ALSO a black guy. WOW! just another "coincidence," i suppose ! love ya' ma soeur (can't think of the Spanish right now!) now ... back to my HOMEWORK ! book

    p.s. i may be p.m.-ing you soon ... either you or Didymos. blue smile

    p.p.s. did anyone else besides me catch the fact that the woman's name who's gonna be "cluing in" the President was "Sophia" ?!? that means "Wisdom" if i'm not mistaken ... wonder which archetypal Goddess(es) that corresponds to best?? sunny3

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    Xeia on the EV3NT

    Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:08 am

    I got your pm my dear and answered accordingly. mail

    Yes I've been watching the EV3NT. You've missed 3 episodes already but you can try to catch up before tomorrow (Monday evenings) either on NBC:

    or on hulu:

    I like the series a lot. It is always very interesting to see what is on national TV about this ET issue, meaning what is it that they want the masses to know.

    Yes I did take notice about the name of the woman leader being Sophia among other details and I commented on them as you can see on this Skype convo i had with Tony back on September 27:

    [3:16:11 AM] Xeia: Have you seen the new series "The Event"??
    [3:16:40 AM] Xeia: it started last monday on NBC
    [3:16:57 AM] Xeia: it has the word EVE in it
    [3:17:15 AM] Xeia: both EE mirroring each other
    [3:17:18 AM] Tony Bermanseder: no
    [3:17:44 AM] Xeia: http://www.nbc.com/the-event/video/i-havent-told-you-everything/1250176/#
    [3:17:50 AM] Tony Bermanseder: EVE of the NT=New Testament see
    [3:17:53 AM] Xeia: can you see that?
    [3:17:55 AM] Xeia: YES
    [3:18:10 AM] Xeia: but the E has a value
    [3:18:31 AM] Tony Bermanseder: New Femsale Creation
    [3:18:48 AM] Xeia: 55 i think
    [3:18:59 AM] Tony Bermanseder: 5
    [3:19:06 AM] Tony Bermanseder: EVE=32
    [3:19:08 AM] Xeia: can you see the link?
    [3:19:16 AM] Xeia: AHA!!
    [3:19:18 AM] Tony Bermanseder: wait
    [3:20:51 AM] *** Xeia sent Screen shot 2010-08-21 at 9.19.54 AM.png ***
    [3:20:56 AM] Tony Bermanseder: wont play in Oz
    [3:21:04 AM] Xeia: look at this hare smoking the Peace pipe
    [3:21:11 AM] Xeia: oh no
    [3:21:13 AM] Xeia: man!
    [3:21:58 AM] Xeia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4vumb8J-x8
    [3:22:02 AM] Xeia: can you see that?
    [3:22:32 AM] Xeia: teh 2 5's face each other
    [3:22:39 AM] Tony Bermanseder: yes
    [3:22:43 AM] Xeia: the new eve
    [3:22:56 AM] Tony Bermanseder: indeed you got that one right
    [3:23:02 AM] Tony Bermanseder: no more rib of Adam
    [3:23:08 AM] Xeia: nope
    [3:23:19 AM] Xeia: in fact he is coming out of US
    [3:23:34 AM] Tony Bermanseder: This implies Gaia as Cosmic Mother REMEMBERS her origin and destiny see
    [3:23:48 AM] Xeia: yes
    [3:23:54 AM] Xeia: can you see the youtube clip?
    [3:24:13 AM] Tony Bermanseder: BIrthing herself as Cosmic mother of All, all ETs included
    [3:24:18 AM] Xeia: yes
    [3:24:19 AM] Tony Bermanseder: yes
    [3:24:22 AM] Xeia: oh good
    [3:24:38 AM] Xeia: it's about "the event" that's about to unfold
    [3:24:49 AM] Tony Bermanseder: yes tell me more
    [3:25:14 AM] Tony Bermanseder: you watched it just give the details
    [3:25:25 AM] Tony Bermanseder: I can decipher from this info
    [3:25:44 AM] Tony Bermanseder: about what the symbols mean and what the ptb connection is
    [3:26:09 AM] Xeia: well
    [3:26:18 AM] Xeia: there is this underground movement
    [3:26:27 AM] Tony Bermanseder: i am reading the you tube comments
    [3:26:28 AM] Xeia: that has been already rounded up by the PTB
    [3:26:31 AM] Xeia: and her leader
    [3:26:35 AM] Xeia: is a woman
    [3:26:42 AM] Xeia: named Sophia
    [3:26:45 AM] Tony Bermanseder: what the underground
    [3:26:51 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Wisdom
    [3:26:58 AM | Edited 3:27:03 AM] Xeia: George Kavassilas names Gaia, Gaia Sophia
    [3:27:09 AM] Xeia: yes
    [3:27:12 AM] Tony Bermanseder: yes old hat Sophia=Greek=Wisdom
    [3:27:24 AM] Tony Bermanseder: WorldyWisdom
    [3:27:33 AM] Tony Bermanseder: of the Body must be female see
    [3:27:51 AM] Xeia: it started last monday and tonight at 9pm it's episode 2
    [3:27:52 AM] Xeia: yes
    [3:27:56 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Man have zilch female body wisdom as they cannot birth
    [3:28:27 AM] Tony Bermanseder: they have creator mode so whilst females have the creation mode
    [3:28:42 AM] Xeia: there is an assesination attempt at this black president
    [3:28:58 AM] Xeia: because he agreed to disclosure
    [3:29:03 AM] Tony Bermanseder: yes that's ptb confusion
    [3:29:09 AM] Xeia: the "aliens" saved him
    [3:29:19 AM] Tony Bermanseder: hmm what sort of aliens
    [3:29:24 AM] Xeia: by opening a wormhole and swallowing the entire plane
    [3:29:34 AM] Tony Bermanseder: lol thats true
    [3:29:40 AM] Xeia: they did not show us what kind yet
    [3:29:51 AM] Tony Bermanseder: because they dont know BUT
    [3:29:59 AM] Xeia: I will try to get you the series somehow
    [3:30:30 AM] Tony Bermanseder: you know that this 'broadcasting' to the ETs is also a part of the Akashic record now so you will indeed see ptb coming out with very close stuff
    [3:30:50 AM] Tony Bermanseder: no need it will get here Oz is little sheriff of USA
    [3:31:01 AM] Xeia: lol
    [3:31:25 AM] Tony Bermanseder: its a convergence see
    [3:31:30 AM] Tony Bermanseder: of the symbols

    If you would like I can further comment on the symbology of it after you watch all episodes and get up to date (I don't wanna ruin it for you) ... but yes, I've been able to foretell some happenings by the way I feel the series is going.

    hund and caress

    heart glitter

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  Inanna on Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:06 pm

    WOW Sui ... this is EXCITING ! thanks SO MUCH for the links... i WILL try to "catch up." i can tell this is gonna be one of those "Must See" shows for me ... and i REALLY appreciate your "turning me on" to it, xeia, cause there's SO MUCH right now that i'd LIKE to do ... and i'm trying to be somewhat "discerning" in what i use my time for ... there are just TOO MANY FUN things to DO right now, i guess !!! jocolor

    i love you, baby!
    hund and caress


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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  SuiGeneris on Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:21 am

    Award Winning Movie “Day Before Disclosure”
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    We now have the pleasure of inviting you all the see our latest documentary "The Day Before Disclosure" free of charge, right here on our website. If you like the film and wish to support our work, please consider purchasing our DVD's and merchandise. We also have a video archive called "Voices of the New Paradigm", which features full length interviews with people on the forefront of the transformation. Enjoy! - NPF

    Either purchase the DVD via the Webshop or via direct E-mail to: terje@newpa.no

    Click Here: http://www.thedaybeforedisclosure.com/index.html

    In the Vesica,

    Xeia Kali yea

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu


    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  Guest on Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:08 pm

    Any comments about this? (besides the possible fear propaganda)

    the rest of the parts are on youtube


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    Belated Reaction

    Post  Inanna on Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:13 pm

    Hey Rok --

    Just finished watching these videos for the SECOND time ... and WOW ... they are SUMPIN ! i watched 1st last week, but as so often happens lately, i got BUMPED from the computer before i had a chance to comment. anyway ... i'm kinda GLAD it happened that way now, cause i really did "Get" alot more out of them THIS time around ... LOL ... can't wait to NOT recommend them to my friends and family! ACTUALLY ... i was really impressed this go-thru with the high QUALITY of the videos ... high PRODUCTION values, i mean ... they've really got their ACT TOGETHER ... whoever "they" are ... which brings us to a very good question ...

    1) who ARE "they" that are orchestrating this newest anti-New Age/ET campaign??? they have $$$, it's obvious. and they have "smarts." and they want to scare us out-of trusting any ET scenario. WHO exactly benefits by that ??? is it "merely" the fundamentalist right-wing "Christian" leaders ... who fear losing their positions of power and authority ... and perhaps their means to fame and wealth ??? who ELSE ??

    These are just SOME of the things they want us to be afraid of:

    the Government
    the Vatican
    the Sumerians
    ancient gods of all varieties
    Ashtar-Ishtar-Inanna-Owl of Molloch
    Steven Greer/Stephen Bassett
    the Disclosure Project, etc.
    the Press Club
    Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes, all modern Presidents
    the Annunaki

    When you see it all in "black & white" like this ... it's really difficult to know WHO this really IS ... since MANY inside both the New-Age type groups AND fundamentalist Christian groups could ALL AGREE on these people/things as "good things to hate and fear." the lines seem to be BLURRING alot!

    and whoever "they" are ... it's NOT like they're trying to DISSUADE the public from believing in UFO's ... at least not in the FIRST several videos ... cause they're offering the IDENTICAL evidence that the UFO community offers to PERSUADE the public of the Validity of the phenomena. so, they are actually AIDING the cause of DISCLOSURE, even as they APPEAR to Vehemently Denounce it ... a "2 faced" approach which is EXACTLY what they accuse the Illuminati of doing!

    so, it's not the "raw data" that they're disputing ... guess that's getting a bit to ABUNDANT to do easily anymore ... rather, it's Greer et al's INTERPRETATION of it ... specifically that ET "arrival" is a GOOD thing ... that they are "benign." do ya'll AGREE here? PRIMARILY, then, they want us to think of all ETs as hotile, evil, demonic agents of Satan's agenda here on earth in the "End Times" ... Right?? so then ... WHO would stand to benefit MOST from such a situation ... a "persuaded populace" of FRIGHTENED (perhaps PANICKED) individuals ... DESPERATELY trying to find someone/something to "hold onto" ... during the chaos of Apocalyptic Times??? WHO does that MAKE HAPPY???

    Question #2:

    Is George Kavisalas(sp?) DELIBERATELY "aiding & abetting" "their" cause ... or is he just being "used" by them ... or is he being used as a "disinformation agent" by someone ELSE ... or WHAT???

    Well ... hopefully that's ENOUGH to get us STARTED ... OMG! there's such a WEALTH of "stimulating" material in those videos ... i might actually go watch the other ones on YouTube! the HARDEST part is ENDURING the "low vibes" the fear-mongering tends to promote hammer they are using Music SO effectively to "kick us in the gut" ... they are definitely NOT dummies ... whoever they are!

    THANK YOU, Rok, for these STIMULATING discussion-starters! and SORRY again to have taken so long to respond ... WELL WORTH our attention imo! cheers


    nanna bobbi


    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  Guest on Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:19 pm

    Yes the videos do have a....tune...

    "They" is you and me and anyone else...in my view.

    Afraid? First one will tell you he or she is just being opened to information and possibilities. Second one will tell you to fu*** off that all can go to hell and that while the gun is under the counter all things can "be sorted out". Third one will say that you are completely missing the point since you either closed yourself off or you are not getting the deeper meaning of it.

    Now you tell me...which of those three is more afraid/right/wrong?

    I only posted some of the videos that "seemed" more "relevant". I think there is a total of 20 videos. I never saw in the content of videos denying the ET existence. But "they" do try to make a point about either fake visit/disclosure and overall "dangers" of "outside influence".

    Yes "they" do present things using expression such as DEMONIC, SATAN, EVIL

    Jesus said that... JOKE! no Jesus quotes from me ;)

    Instead of Jesus I ll say that until i actually meet a DEMON (daemon) (or something) and shake hands or whatever...i cant really make conclusions about it. Someone stating a thing is demonic brings up many "interpretations", images and definitions in my mind...but vast majority of them was forced into there....forced or what is also called propaganda - btw i can say the same for Jesus...him or a demon...does not make much difference.. Things we were told about "God, hell, heaven...etc" and what that is like and suppose to be...burn that and throw it into trash...although that will leave you with an empty paper to redefine all of it...the problem of definition still remains. How will you do it? What will you base it on? Does it need to be based on something? What will you use? Your mind? Is your mind influenced by anything? Will you produce and original thought or will you wait for an input from "out there"? Can you or anyone...actually produce an original thought?

    You have a tremendous amounts of people...basing their view on something being "acceptable or not" on weather if it is like for example "God" is suppose to be like...since...to them...if it is no like "God said" (i am using upper case due to a name start) than it must be wrong whatever it is....you can spot this in many different places.

    Than there are people that keep telling (some also selling) what is to be and how is it to be...now how is that different from above? Do they have "insight" that majority lacks? Oh "great"...let me pick my candidate to follow...

    George Kavisalas is this: hey it will all be ok, everything will be in harmony of love and bliss....AS LONG....as you do it my way.

    Will you do it his way? Or will you do it your own way? Now...who is "right"? You might be wrong...you might risk making a wrong choice...no 5D for you... IF that is even where we/us/you/they are suppose to go...

    Inanna a ship comes down from "heaven". Something comes out of it and offers you a ride... What do you do...what do you do?


    Imagine waking up late on January 1st 2013, your head still a little dizzy from last night and this hunk besides you that kept you up for the most of the morning...and to your "surprise" all is as it was. People complain about low wages and high prices, there might be some terrorists warnings, there were 33 rapes and 88 robberies and 44 murder attempts during the night in city you live in, no one has ascended...in fact all the people you know are still there...that includes all your contacts on the internet, all channelers, all "teachers", all blowers, Earth is as it was, no tsunami, no volcano, no solar flare, the president is still in the white house and humans are still the only race in the entire universe.... Now....does that make you afraid?

    The videos are there to "tickle"...just a little... like this post.


    This is perfect opportunity for self called specialists (although not sure if any are on this forum) to call on me "reflecting".

    in hatred and sorrow uupppsss..i mean love and light


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    ET Fear Campaign

    Post  SuiGeneris on Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:27 pm

    1) I think "They" are what we call the PTB or dark hats or secret government, etc... who are of course also being manipulated from even "higher places".

    It is true that in the past they wanted people to simply dismiss the theory that there was life out there and ridiculed everything that had to do with it, nowadays that would be counterproductive for them since they already know that most people do believe in extraterrestrial life... more and more are awakening to that fact; so there's really no denying it.

    So now they want the masses to think ok, yes... there is life out there but you can't trust them. They are even using their scientists as front men to sell their idea like they did with Stephen Hawking:

    As well as with dis and mis-info campaigns. Say for example there is a real Galactic Confederation of Worlds and the PTB want the masses to not trust them...so they would write a "nice sounding channeling" and sign it "The Galactic Federation", now would that work as a successful disinformation campaign? I think yes. They've been doing that for decades, aiding the New Age since its inception to be infiltrated and eventually slanted onto their own view of "Ascension".

    I agree that it is the PTB's intention to sell their own interpretation of Alien visitations, disclosure and landings.. It's obvious they want to instill into people's subconscious the idea that they might be evil and that the "most intelligent people in the World" agree, since they know the mayority of the human populace require proof and if it involves "Science" (it must be credible):

    I guess nana, more than the PTB themselves, this scenario might "make happy" the unseen forces that control the PTB who apparently are trapped on 4D. Perhaps they think they could prevent Earth's ascension by manipulating the energy of the masses... Now of course you and I know that nothing can prevent this. And of course the reason they want to prevent Earth's ascension is because they know that their reign of Power is
    o v e r, and they will be "recycled" when the Shift happens.

    2) As far as your second question goes, I think George at least at this point so far, is not consciously trying to mis or dis inform, but is speaking his own "truth" as honestly as he can. He has to, otherwise given the amount of people waking up nowadays, he will be rejected from the start if he even tries to be dishonest.

    Now, having said that, remember that we all have a unique perspective on things and his own view, was already altered at some point by what he called evil ET's or greys. He said he did "awaken" to that and by the power of his own intention was able to get rid of this "dark" influence. He said he was deceived by the evil GFL and you know what? I think that could be true, however, at least to me, that doesn't necessarily mean that it was the real Federation who tricked him.

    He said he astral traveled to other dimensions where he had to materialize his body of light, and has been to the Sun and Moon, etc; that also could be true, however, it could also be that he traveled only to what he calls the fake dimensional sub-divisions 1 to 12 found still within the mental plane or the 4th dimension, where dreams within dreams within dreams are created. This same idea was "given" to him in order to be taught....and it can very well be that it was also used ON him as well.

    So now he, and those who take what he says as gospel, have a certain overall view on what the Universe is and how ascension will go that sounds very credible and very nice... but, now we FEAR the evil ET's... do you see this?
    I feel that the Et's that we "had to worry about" are out of the equation and powerless by now... The Lightships we see now in our skyes, are not being driven by them but by the divine forces, very different type of "ET's" if you will...so I agree with the notion that the so called "invasion" will be a self-invasion.

    I've spoken with him enough to realize that he is being deceived but mostly by himself. Not so much as far as the data he presents, since it is not original to him, and even before he decided to go public, all the data was already out there available for those who searched for it. Even the idea that the Earth was turning into a "star"... I easily figured it out by reading esoteric writings that took me a while to find, many months before I even heard it from him. He could have figured it out the same way I did.

    What I mean is, he is more than capable to misconstrue ideas in his head, and he does not need to be mind controlled by green aliens in order to do that. He can do that on his own. Most specifically, the idea that I might be an infiltrator geared to hijack his forum for example is proof enough to see how much his "heart" wisdom fails him. The same could be said for many other "gurus" out there who fall for this same kind of self-deception and auto-suggestions.

    If you ask me will you continue to listen to him? my answer would be yes sure why not. It is interesting for me to see what information is going around anyway.
    I think that in order to learn I have to be exposed to as much as possible. Of course as you go along, you tend to identify what is a total waste of time for you very fast, and usually for me it's not only the data that I take into consideration, but the entire environment surrounding it that is charged with a certain energetic imprint that gives me clues as to the "virginity" of the message. So the person and their emotional energetic imprint is important to me... be it via oral, Skyped, YouTube, written in a book, on a forum, etc. it doesn't matter; because it will affect the transfer one way or another...and of course the less corrupted it is, the better.

    With Love always,

    heart glitter

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  Inanna on Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:18 am

    WOW ! i appreciate BOTH your answers ... so DIFFERENT ... each so INTRIGUING ! Rok, i ESPECIALLY appreciated your closing questions ... cause i actually HAVE "imagined" both scenarios to some degree. in fact, when i ORIGINIALLY watched a series of GK videos ... he gave me a "clue" that seemed a very satisfying answer to your FIRST question ... i'll DO what i "discern" is the appropriate thing at that moment. that is pretty much how i TRY to live my life now ... so that really "rings true" with me. of course, i realize in George's view (at this time) that to go on the spaceship would be the "wrong" choice ... but even HE conceded that each "soul" will naturally gravitate to the place it needs to be. and i guess i do believe that. just like when we die ... our Larger Self knows what we need to do "next" ... and we naturally are "drawn to" the "place" or state-of-being that's RIGHT for us at that particular "transition." so i don't really worry about that FIRST scenario much ... though i admit i HAVE warned my kids to "think twice" if they are ever in such a situation! i told them what George said about it, and i told them what EYE think about it. (of course, my kids are 36 and 31 ... so they might have not thought anymore about it beyond "oh that's just mom being crazy again." LOL) and i DO remember at the time feeling an "adrenaline rush" of fear ... when George was elaborating on this Scary scenario ... of Beautiful Angelic beings tricking us into going with them so we can be their slaves! but -- since "fear" has become somewhat of a "red flag" in my discernment process -- this reaction made me listen CAREFULLY to what he was actually saying ... and to spend time processing it afterwards.

    as far as your SECOND question goes ... this might be "Heresy" i'm not sure ... but i don't really envision anything DIFFERENT necessarily from the scenario you're painting ... where "everything's the same/nothing's changed" after some certain date. i guess that's MAINLY cause of what Jesus is quoted as having said ... (NO JOKE ... i AM gonna quote him...LOL) ... about the time of "the End" ... he said then that "Only the Father knows." so ... as MUCH as i respect the Mayan calendar and all the scholarship that is behind the popular interpretations of its timeline ... and i ESPECIALLY respect the gnosis behind Tony's Scriptural decodings and the OmniScience associated with this "apocolyptic" timeline ... and Susan's gnosis in researching/deciphering/interpreting the timeline from her numerological-astrological perspective ... and i DO believe we are in the "end times" ... and that Transformation -- personal AND planetary is a very REAL "event" -- i DON'T place my "ultimate" faith in any details like dates or places or precise predictions. by the time i "leave this world" ... in WHATEVER manner (death, spaceship, merkabah) ... i'll be Transformed into My Wholer Self ... one way or another. of this i'm sure. and the Goodness of God/All-That-Is/Source is the "Firm Foundation" of the peace i have that WHATEVER Happens or Doesn't Happen ... "All Will Be Well ... All Manner of Things Will Be Well!" (julian of norwich)

    and Sui -- don't have much time to address your very THOUGHTFUL and detailed answer now ... cause i had to BEG to get the time i just spent talking to Rok ... but i plan to come back and re-read BOTH of your posts tomorrow ... when it's MY turn on the computer again! but for now, i'd just like to say THANKS a BUNCH, sweetie ... i'm glad you went into some detail here ... and i have some questions to ask you about a few things, i think. but ... i must say "au revoir" for now ... nighty night (it's night in Tennessee anyway!) ... and i LOOK FORWARD to seeing you guys SOON ! sunny3

    much love,
    Nanna bobbi

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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  4Rivers on Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:47 am

    Rok wrote:"They" is you and me and anyone else...in my view.

    in hatred and sorrow uupppsss..i mean love and light
    SuiGeneris wrote:It is interesting for me to see what information is going around anyway.
    I think that in order to learn I have to be exposed to as much as possible.

    With Love always,
    That 'pretty-much' sums it 'up' for me.

    This ain't the garden of eden
    This ain't the summer of love
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    I am you and you are me


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    Quick Quip

    Post  Inanna on Fri Oct 22, 2010 6:39 pm

    Hey ya'll --

    I can agree with you, Rok & 4Rivers, that the "they" are US ... in the sense that we are all "mirrors" of one another ... and connected by being different "facets" of All-That-Is ... but "they" is NOT us (or me) in the sense that they are interested in promoting FEAR ... is that not ALSO true??? so, i guess the KERNEL of my question about "their" identity boils down to ... Who Will Benefit if Fear Reigns??? Xeia thinks it's the PTB ... and i guess that makes MORE sense than any OTHER answer i can come up with. but for SOME reason, it leaves me "unsatisfied" still ... guess i thought "they" might be SMARTER than to think that -- once ETs actually Show themselves Openly -- the PEOPLE ourselves won't be able to "figure it out" ... meaning "figure out" whether to trust them (ETs) or not. i suppose they're still DELUDING themselves that we'll go along meekly like sheep and obey whatever they say ... b/c otherwise the "big bad boogy ETs" will "Get Us" ! but that just makes me wanna say ... Oh Cummon Now ... are you KIDDIN me ?!?! LOL

    Rok ... i "believe" in demons ... and i ALSO think they're "illusary" ... depends on the context, i guess. if i DID "meet one" as you put it, i'd do my BEST to speak/act from the Center of my consciousness ... the part of me that's most "directly" in-touch-with the Logos/Holy Spirit ... and in that way "protect myself" from this illusion of evil (Christians would call this "invoking Christ's name to ward-off the devil). i guess ANOTHER way of putting this might be ... though we experience Evil as "Real" in 3d ... i believe our "Higher/Over Selves" DON'T ... since they are not TRAPPED in Duality. so, though we have to Deal with it in this world and our every-day lives ... from a BIGGER perspective, we're just looking in mirrors and talking to ourselves, i guess!

    4Rivers --

    This aint the Garden of Eden ... YET
    This aint the Summer of Love ... It's only Spring Now
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    Much love to you, my Darlings! chat


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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  4Rivers on Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:17 am

    Inanna wrote:Hey ya'll --

    I can agree with you, Rok & 4Rivers, that the "they" are US ... in the sense that we are all "mirrors" of one another ... and connected by being different "facets" of All-That-Is ... but "they" is NOT us (or me) in the sense that they are interested in promoting FEAR ... is that not ALSO true??? so, i guess the KERNEL of my question about "their" identity boils down to ... Who Will Benefit if Fear Reigns??? Xeia thinks it's the PTB ... and i guess that makes MORE sense than any OTHER answer i can come up with. but for SOME reason, it leaves me "unsatisfied" still ... guess i thought "they" might be SMARTER than to think that -- once ETs actually Show themselves Openly -- the PEOPLE ourselves won't be able to "figure it out" ... meaning "figure out" whether to trust them (ETs) or not. i suppose they're still DELUDING themselves that we'll go along meekly like sheep and obey whatever they say ... b/c otherwise the "big bad boogy ETs" will "Get Us" ! but that just makes me wanna say ... Oh Cummon Now ... are you KIDDIN me ?!?! LOL

    I think distance is a key... in other words looking into the matrix, and not always being stuck in it.
    Otherwise we stay a slave to the web of deception. Imagine looking from 5D into this 3D matrix.
    That perspective will change everything... if you can imagine enough people looking from
    the same perspective, then resonance happens and also our accepted reality... without fear.

    Rok ... i "believe" in demons ... and i ALSO think they're "illusary" ... depends on the context, i guess. if i DID "meet one" as you put it, i'd do my BEST to speak/act from the Center of my consciousness ... the part of me that's most "directly" in-touch-with the Logos/Holy Spirit ... and in that way "protect myself" from this illusion of evil (Christians would call this "invoking Christ's name to ward-off the devil). i guess ANOTHER way of putting this might be ... though we experience Evil as "Real" in 3d ... i believe our "Higher/Over Selves" DON'T ... since they are not TRAPPED in Duality. so, though we have to Deal with it in this world and our every-day lives ... from a BIGGER perspective, we're just looking in mirrors and talking to ourselves, i guess!

    That, [ i guess! ] part might be all those nasty demons need to break down someones defenses.

    4Rivers --

    This aint the Garden of Eden ... YET ...Let's do it!
    This aint the Summer of Love ... It's only Spring Now] ...A spring-board into Eden!
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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  Inanna on Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:56 pm

    "That, [ i guess! ] part might be all those nasty demons need to break down someones defenses."

    TRUE dat, 4Rivers ... True dat!

    and thanks SO much for the LOVE POEM ... it's BEAUTIFUL !

    This aint the Garden of Eden ... YET ...Let's do it!
    This aint the Summer of Love ... It's only Spring Now ...A spring-board into Eden!
    Hello, hello turn your radio on ... Beaming and Receiving ...Full spectrum this time!
    I am you and you are me ... Halleluia !!! ...With Love!

    nanna bobbi

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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  Guest on Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:27 pm

    I had no mirrors in mind in my last replay to your post. Just that you/us/we are part of the processes that happen here (Earth). We directly contribute to them. If we contribute to the "outside" is a question to ponder...if u take each thought u have as a living manifestation on some other level...things can get quite interesting...imagine (or better not) all the "demons" you have created thus far...and now you want to push them away...how rude... ;) Back to topic....

    Their "interest"..and whatever that is and may be...can go as far as you/us/we enable, facilitate, allow, help, deny, prevent...etc You/us/we are part of it.

    Majority contributes to the final result. If the final result will be fear than majority will benefit. An example is every day war...they just "hate it", but still, they will go and die for "motherland"...they do not mind it...there is "no other way" and it is a "right thing to do".

    When/if any of the ET actually show them self indisputably (not some white dot or crap youtube video) than you will see how fast you can change your underwear and to what extant crap is bothersome to you (yours or from others). It will shatter your entire belief structure (most cant see the chain of events when this happens) and gave you the opportunity to "put your money where your mouth is" and not just to you...but to all.
    No one has all the necessary combined information, understanding and feeling experiences to just simply be a smart ass (like so many on most forums are) and tell it "how it will be". Most of the ET "community" people consider themselves awake (i wonder what they use as a standard for comparison) and majority of them knows shit about what they would do. Sure yes, most have mouth full of it now...but just now...

    As far as majority of people goes (general public)...well i would not put too much hope into their initial reaction.

    I remember what i felt at what i think might be my 1st actual sighting (that was not just a white dot but very close and unusually fast forming wide cloud-white trail on a black night sky that suddenly ended) I was still on AV1 at the time..subscriber....posted it there and got a reply from Australia about very similar experience (joke is the person that replayed with it was 1st banned based on new standards there)..so let us suppose it was something "different" (there is no actual proof than my visual memory). It was a feeling of release, feeling of wanting to cry (not from fear), feeling of overwhelming excitement...and it was "just" some white stuff up there on the sky i never saw again or heard of... I know myself i know how i react in "situations" but that was new to me and completely unpredictable.

    Inanna...a ship "lands" something comes out...your eyes meet (let us suppose it will have eyes)...what do you do? Will any of the "facts and theory" help you than? "Facts and theory" that came from...where exactly and why to follow them? (like i alredy wrote in previous post)

    Demons are. Like you are. We all are. How poetic isn't it? Inanna what is a demon and who told you that?

    An "equation" for you:


    What does X equal?



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    Soul Harvest Deception

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:09 am

    Pleadian Contactee Colleen Thomas warns of hostile Alien Invasion planned for Oct 2010 part 1 of 3

    Source: http://video.godlikeproductions.com/video/Pleadian_Contactee_Colleen_Thomas_warns_of_hostile_Alien_Invasion_planned_for_Oct_2010_part_1_of_3

    DECEPTION PROJECT pt12 - new world order, new age deception & the soul harvest agenda

    This guy went from this:

    To this:

    Posted on Facebook by Roy F. Stewart:
    Roy F. Stewart: Re UFO Disclosure dis-info, tied into New Age Deception, & True NWO and Alien Agenda, here is an interesting Video of a Man plugged into our Space Brothers. ? ? ?

    Meet Rob who is in communication with the Nordics who many believe are the beautiful Pleiadians, our Space Brothers, here to help us...and yet it seems they a...re a cover for the dark pan-dimensional beings who actually wish to hold humanity back. Let him tell his story, let them speak through him. Fake? Well, as a film director and one who has studied acting and actors Im goin to say no. You decide. Fear mongering OR information "they" (aliens, illuminati, ets, demons, NWO, et al) dont want you to know? You decide? Why? You tell me.

    Note 1) Rob (person speaking in video) is not the creator of the video and 2) first thing Rob says is that they lie to him...Uh oh, Red flag! 3) Rob/they and creator of video say that "they are the ships" 4) Recently, increased sightings have appeared, and I perceive more will be coming 5) as previously stated in previous posts, Spiritual Discernment is Paramount!

    Warning: Not for the faint hearted.

    This is this guy's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FreedomOfTheSoul

    Roy F. Stewart continues:
    The following are two comments made by the creator of the video itself (answering questions) obtained where this video lies on youtube:

    "there are ethical ET's out there, But they are not within Our MATRIX. THEY CANNOT HELP US, it is somet...hing we must do ourselves or we will never have the strength to exist in a reality beyond the small Box of dualism we are within. "There is Good out there," but until we resolve this situation with the parts of our collective consciusness that refuse to move on from the Other 3 worlds before ours. We will not be free to join our family in the cosmos or BEcome fully conscious."

    "at this point in our awakening, we need not trust any outside force, what we perceive as aliens are fabrications of the real truth of who they are (illuminati in hollywood, media, etc). they never want you to connect demons with aliens, but what they truly are, are pan-dimensional beings, existing in and between dimensions of all realities, these beings have always been here, the true benevolent ets are outside the box because they respect that this is the game of duality for us.."See More
    October 17 at 1:40pm ·
    Roy F. Stewart
    ‎@Kay & @All: The man, a "civilian", IS in contact with ETs who are in fact demonic entities thus exposing the UFO deception, especially the one, in which good guy ets may be here or will come here to help us save the day. This took place ...recently like within the last year. To his credit, he did this on his own. However, be advised that there was, may still be a top secret think tank comprised of several US intelligence agencies including Air Force intelligence, Naval intelligence and others that came up with the same conclusion
    years ago. Unfortunately, even they dont have all the answers: http://beyondthegrassyknoll.com/audio/TFDPoct2.mp3See More
    October 18 at 11:52am
    Roy F. Stewart
    Well, the way I see it, there are 7 possibilities...

    1) A Disclosure occurs (partial disclosure, thus false disclosure) AND the ETs buddies are here to help us (A Lie, see video and audio interview))

    2) A False Alien Invasion occurs (project ...blue beam or human engineered craft) designed for us to huddle up and launch the NWO (A Lie)

    3) An Actual Invasion with real ET craft from warring ET enemy of Man (return of more Anunnaki or Drac Reptilian beings (death and destruction, NWO for survivors)

    4) No Disclosure, no invasion, BUT business as usual for the pan-dimensional beings who obtain their sustenance from our energy and seek to obtain our souls (see audio interview above)

    5) A Rapture that many believe are good Space Brothers to take us away to another planet OR Angels to carry Jesus believers away before the armeggedon battle (A Lie: Death above and below, NWO for any survivors, see video above)

    6) A combination of all six occurring simultaneously. or

    7) We finally wake up, take our planet back and figure out the means to eliminate any and all threats and causes of 1-6 from any and all nefarious beings, creatures, humans! (and proceed with an ascension)

    I choose #7, which do you choose?See More
    October 19 at 10:09am

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  4Rivers on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:31 am

    Was it not also foretold that many would not be able to handle the new energies?

    As for the invasions... is it not obvious (unless he is faking) that this fellow
    has just been INVADED... shields 'up' - make it so number one.


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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  Inanna on Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:06 am

    Hey again ya'll --

    WOW ... this is such an INTERESTING thread ... and i've only read the last couple of pages or so! i have GOT to go back & read what i've MISSED for sure!!

    i hardly know where to START ... so many thoughts and questions are TEEMING through my brain! POOR Rob makes a VERY convincing case of the "reality" of the scary scenario GK seems to be talking about as well. and i am NOT trying to say that this may not actually occur ... it very well MAY ... i don't really know myself. and i mentioned that i had "warned" my kids that this could be the case (just "in case"). if you asked me (either before OR after the last videos Sui posted) whether or not i'd feel "inclined" to trust aliens who are asking me to board their space ships so they could save me ... i would DEFININTELY say "i don't THINK so!" but ... i ALWAYS reserve the right to use "discernment" IN the MOMENT ... when i actually am FACED with such a need to "choose."

    i sorta feel the need to STOP here and explain what EYE mean by "discernment." perhaps there is "consensus" among us here re: what this means...but lately i've felt like EYE might be using this term "differently" than some people. for me ... discernment is the PROCESS of trying to "follow God" in-the-moment ... whether they are the BIG and Dramatic moments ... life threatening ... soul threatening ... OR the more typical moments which usually fill our days ... e.g., what is the BEST/HIGHEST/MOSTLOVING way to "spend this time" ... to Be Here Now. and i do that NOT because i am AFRAID i'll make a "wrong move" and get myself into trouble (or a Nordic spaceship) ... but because over my 60-year lifespan in THIS incarnation, at the very least, i have had a Relationship with God ... through which i have come to know in the very depths of my Being ... that God/All-That-Is/Source/Ground-of-Our-Being is ULTIMATELY TrustWorthy. That is His/Her/It's Very Essence. S-He "has my back" ... and Always Will. so ... "discernment" means to me to try to "choose" during all these Big and Little moments the "way" that for me in that PARTICULAR instant God is Going. this metaphor may be too simplistic to make sense to ya'll. and, if so, i am truly sorry. but i'm BASICALLY just saying that since i'm a daughter/shard/piece of my "daddyGod" ... i've come to "Know" in my BONES that ... when i "ask for a fish" he's NOT gonna "give me a stone" (Jesus/a Gospel).

    Just to be CLEAR, however, i want to assure you, Rok, that i DO believe in demons and the reality of evil (as i said above) ... i "respect" them/it. and i CERTAINLY don't think i'm too good/holy/learned/above being tricked/tempted by demonic forces. but i ALSO know that the Dark beings/forces that exist are ALSO "part of God" ... since that's ALL THAT IS ! and so ... even their "darkness" and their "temptations" are ULTIMATELY used in the service of the GOOD/God. and ... since God/Good is "FOR me" ... i.e., continually "pulling" me and "pulling for me" as i struggle in this world of duality ... when i ask for Guidance in WHATEVER moment ... i am GIVEN it ! and i've had decades Longer than some of you here to Experiment with and learn how this stuff works! i'm not saying that necessarily makes me "better" than anyone else at discerning ... but i am definitely at a point in my journey where i feel i can trust my "inner voices" more often than not ... as i said not long ago in another post: "my Spirit recognizes Truth and Truth-Tellers ... though my mind is sometimes not as quick to "decode the symbols." iow ... i more often "know" something clearly than i may be able to explain to you How/Why i know it. but this kind of "knowing" is MORE than just the sum total of my education and experiences ... though of course those are important pieces ... this "knowing" is the PRODUCT of the discernment process ... which includes the conscious/subconscius "listening" to the Holy Spirit/HigherSelf. so, if i can't really trust myself in this way to be able to "hear" "what God's saying" or to see "which way God's going" ... then i might as well just GIVE UP NOW ! that's ALL i've got!!!

    so, Rok ... i seem to be talking to you MOST directly for some reason (about "discernment") ... these are not just New agey pretty-sounding words to me ... this is the Realest part of my life. that doesn't make me better or smarter or safer or anything ... but it DEFINITELY gives me Peace ... REAL peace ... that WHENEVER i really need to detect Good from Evil / Benign ETs from Bad ones / Angels from Demons ... i WILL be able to do exactly that ... it will be "just another day" (albeit a BIG one!) in my life on this earth. and God will be Faithful ... i Know this.

    i'm sure i'll want to say more later ... about those Fascinating videos ... but i've Worn Myself "Plum Out" here ... going "on and on" about discernment ... and i need a break. hypno

    i LOVE you, Rok, and ALL my precious peeps! kiss to you

    nanna bobbi

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    a new-to-me "Old" Video

    Post  Inanna on Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:46 pm

    Came across this video this morning ... and wondered how ya'll might think that this DOES/DOESN'T "fit in" with these various scenarios ... ya'll may ALREADY have seen this (hell! ... it might even be on our forum somewhere!) nanna just starting getting "back into" this stuff 11 months ago (since in my '20s) ... so there's DEFINITELY alot "out there" that i have MISSED completely ! it's AMAZING i found YA'LL (thanks to AV1) ! chat

    much love,

    Inanna Kali


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    Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

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