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    Answer a Question...Ask a Question...Personal Revelations...


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    Answer a Question...Ask a Question...Personal Revelations...

    Post  Lola on Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:00 pm

    It has become clear to me that our Heaven Family is a full kaleidescope of personalities... So in an effort to get to know each other better, I have decided to start this new thread...Hopefully we can have a little fun and perhaps grow a little closer in our mutual respect for each other and respective views and ideas...

    For this is what this Forum is all about! Discussion, Exchange of Ideas...It does not matter whether you are a supporter or a skeptic of any particular idea, ideology, of theological belief...What matters here is YOUR opinion...FOR EVERYBODY has a voice and EVERY opinion matters...It is the beauty of choice and self expression.

    RULES to follow...I will begin by Answering a question...Topic is irrelevant...Chosen at random! Let me be clear...No topic is off limits, No topic is Taboo...I will end by Asking a question...which YOU will answer and in turn, leave yours for somebody else...Feel free to use photography, artistry, or music to illustrate or communicate your message...I hope you are all encouraged and motivated to participate! Now, let us begin...

    Answering a Question: I enjoy making love to classical music...it intensifies the moment...living in the now...especially if the tune is macabre/dark...I enjoy the process of death and rebirth during the act itself!


    What do you Most Enjoy about the Sexual Act Itself?...How do you react or communicate your satisfaction?...


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    Re: Answer a Question...Ask a Question...Personal Revelations...

    Post  Didymos on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:32 am


    What do you Most Enjoy about the Sexual Act Itself?...How do you react or communicate your satisfaction?..."

    Aye dear Lola!
    I shall answer your question.

    The sexual act serves a primary purpose; namely to blend the polar sexual opposites in a primordial union of creator-creation monadic duality.
    As this prior energy state manifested 'All That Is', say the universe as presently experienced and containing all that can be said to be within it; the overall purpose and meaning of this sexact cannot be anything but a form of supreme or ultimate or divine selfexpression of the monad's own creativity.

    Therefore when any sub-logos aka a holofractal representation or image or 'child' of this monad engages in any form of sexual activity; this activity should become and represent a 'True Image' for this monad.
    So then any form of abuse, violence or exploitation between the engagees would not represent such a true reflection and would prove counterproductive in the greater contexts of this creativity.

    However any form of mutual consentual blending of the sexual potential and kinetic energies and including any form of eroticisms and multiplications thereof would honour and enhance the original monadic dyad or archetype of the source energy.

    In other words, the true appreciation of sexuality will always invite the original monad of the FatherMother in participation.

    If it pleases and invigorates the sublogi; then it will also please the encompassing collective - the sexual ecstacies of the holofractal data carriers and information processors so will energize the creator-creation dualism in the sharing of all things - autoerotic, one-to-one couplings and polyamoury.

    So the sharing of yourself as the lesser You with yourself as the Greater You fulfils all natural laws and cosmic initial- and boundary conditions for an energetic exchange of the sexual potencies.

    The Communication of whatever You do, so is ALWAYS to the monad, sexually energetic and otherwise - in the data sharing of everything with the omniverse.

    My question then becomes the following:

    If a cosmic sexuality is the foundation of creation, in reproductive biological terms, however encompassed by this greater purpose of logi reflecting the data of life back to the environments smaller and greater; then why cannot the human genus understand what is natural and what is not, in simply witnessing itself and within the environs it encounters?


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    Re: Answer a Question...Ask a Question...Personal Revelations...

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:05 am

    Hi Lola

    ::……not much happenened here on this , your new thread, yes, yes, muchn happem^nened

    bot it stays invisible,
    I'm afraid i can^t help here much in ' getting ourselves to know much better'
    as i had no sex for 10 years, with your species, i mean. With my sp, of course, also not, as it is not my playing field, with my self randomly………as my preferred focus was exactly non physical love–hard to perceive–any how, worth a try……and– i definitely succeded, as you could read from my welcome post to you, sweet!

    but– to recall from the past…….lol
    what was the Q……lol i never really experienced melting

    perhaps to oOo entangled with 3D/12-60REALity
    but, i enjoyed , of course, and i let my sweetie know, i enjoy…… there's a thousand ways, You, know.

    So, the best was just to enjoy myself and let my lover be, as long as it lasts, the dream…… , and then
    often it exploded into 10 000 little pieces/ peaces / pieces

    so, the best to recall of the physical experience is of dual natURe

    the next to recall from th other bodies/paralelles is actu/ally just a drag……

    drag_Queens we ar()e dragOnQueens
    good for now, i love you, let's see if i can at least upload some pics
    tomorrow or so, i'll have a take on the current politics, as here ……–and over there– itbst'ill seems to ,enrapptUre itselfin an unending bauchnabelschlau, which has iz grace, –too, of course……böt, NotOnLy

    Hell you're all you've got.
    Consider it a gift. Come child step into the light let me have a good look at you.
    ~as you step from the darkness the shadows fall from her face, her eyes
    seem to pierce through the darkness and penetrate deep into your very
    soul their fire burning so intense you must look away ~


    Re: Answer a Question...Ask a Question...Personal Revelations...

    Post  Guest on Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:44 pm

    Didymos wrote:

    My question then becomes the following:

    If a cosmic sexuality is the foundation of creation, in reproductive biological terms, however encompassed by this greater purpose of logi reflecting the data of life back to the environments smaller and greater; then why cannot the human genus understand what is natural and what is not, in simply witnessing itself and within the environs it encounters?


    This is some of my "old" thinking...meaning...before thuban..yet it still stands:

    Reproduction of species...biological view...officially stands as the prime purpose of sexuality. Yet i can not agree this is so. The prime purpose of my Johny is to pee. If i do not pee I die. Sexuality is the secondary purpose of my Johny. Yet it is a strong secondary purpose.
    With proper "stimulation" i can get it up any time...i think i would have to be half dead or seriously sick to not be able to (when wanting to)....but that also signals that in that case...biologically animal view speaking...it would not be good for the species that such a male gives semen away....sperm wars mentality...Yet it is superficial to say that just the semen and the egg determine the outcome of a new life and the way it is.
    Primary purpose of sexuality, as secondary purpose of my Johnny, is energy exchange. If that is creative energy or not depends purely on intent and understanding of ones doing and there is absolutely no must of it to be a propagation at lest not when understood in "Earthly" terms we know now since creation can be anything and not necessarily propagation. And proper understanding is a topic of its own since it can be subjected to various philosophical arguments and self righteous presonal believes (like this post) so...
    Speaking of environs...the environment the person lives in.... it is precisely this that determines most of what "goes on" with people...before birth even. Mothers condition effects the child in the womb. If mother is malnourished the child is born weak, defective or even dies...there are not just physical effects but also emotional...what mother feels...effects the unborn child. Than the child is born and the environment influences the development of each and every one in unspeakable ways. The environment as we know it is in most cases corrupt to the extreme (that i hope is obvious, otherwise ALT+F4) Looking into this environment will give anything but an opportunity to witness itself in true form...what it will show is self in a distorted form given the environment individual lives in.
    Now if you take the environment on a cosmic scale and call it the universe the before mentioned word "understanding" takes you to the extreme....after which one can see that there is...in most cases...very little understanding but more of what could be called a belief of a "feeling" or just a "feeling" about something...meaning....it should not be taken as absolute. If one would be asked to witness itself in the universe a handy straight jacket and a tranquilizer might be in order...just take a "look around" (this and other forums alike)....since the individual being asked this question is currently present in the heavily distorted Gaia environment...thus anything he or she can "ponder" is heavily influenced by it...this post included.
    Yet most can "create" despite that. No need for anything but meat. The animal function of getting it up and getting it wet (the 2nd is actually not a must) works in most conditions. With the "modern" science even getting it up is no longer a necessity this the action or propagation becomes all but sexual, the male does not even need to eject...it can be "taken out" and "put into" the female egg.... We have a propagation...in some way...yet...what happened to all the sexuality and sexual energy - there is none in that case....yet we have the "creation"...simply using the "materials" applying the non conventional methods.
    No need for sexuality anymore in this case. An interesting thought would be if the "tube babies" principle can be applied on cosmic scale...and...what room is than left for sexuality one might ask... Soon there might be glass containers and people farms growing up embryos like they now grow up food....it will be creation...yet what kind - the "wrong" one or the "different" one is a subject of yet another "understanding"... The conventional methods will be substituted by non conventional ones...of which the future step is synthetic egg and sperm...

    And this is just about creating...a short excerpt from my mind of once...years ago...thinking and comparing human reproduction to a factory....we do not have the human farms as of yet....but we do have human factory products. This are ALL the children born in a marriages out of "necessity"...be it a material dependence (very popular today) or some cultural/religious way of how things are done "right"(this includes forced and arranged marriages, expectations of family and society in general etc)...meaning the was majority of today's population...now given the above...i do wonder what exactly should they witness themselves in...hmm...could be the ignorant parents that failed them and the family environment they create....etc

    The ways to do it, the how to do it, the whom to do it with, the love part.....was left out to make things remain "simple".

    And my question is:

    Should anyone ever take anything for granted if there are absolutely no practical experiences of any kind (personal or non personal) that can in some way back up or vouch for the told "outcome" ?


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    On Taking Things For Granted...

    Post  Lola on Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:49 am

    Dear Rok,

    Every day, there are things in our lives that we dismiss as luck or chance or simply take for granted. Certainly there are times when events throw us completely off balance or make us feel vulnerable or afraid. But I think that most of the time we are so involved with our daily routine, whether it be with work, errands, chores and the like, that we forget to notice the things around us that make our lives better.

    The truth is that, no matter what is going on in our lives, there are no ordinary moments, no minutes or seconds that are meaningless. And most of all, we will never get back those moments that pass without recognition. So, Rok, that is why it makes sense to look for and acknowledge the daily gifts that come from the universe.

    Only this morning I awoke to hear birdsong outside my window and then got up and made myself a nice hot cup of coffee and some warm buttery toast. Later during the day I came upon my purring cat taking advantage of a golden patch of sun glowing across my office floor. I enjoyed some playful moments with my dog, all the while feeling grateful for the little things, the many small pleasant gifts in my life, like hot coffee and a happy dog and singing birds.

    At first glance these things may seem rather unimportant, Rok, but when I think about what life might be like without them, I appreciate them all the more, and the bigger and more wonderful they seem to be. And if you think about it, you may agree that the little things are what either drive us crazy or make us happy. So, the little things in life really are important, even if they may not seem to be at the time.

    For me, the best thing about recognizing such moments is that when I pay attention and open myself up to them, I notice them all the more and feel like I may even attract more of them my way. The end result is that I am happier and more content with my life and consider each day different in its own way.

    Rok, little miracles happen every day. Flowers bloom, babies are born, the sunshine warms our skin and we get to be a living, breathing part of the living, breathing universe. I hope that this week you will take the time to recognize the warm, special moments that make you feel good about yourself and the world around you.

    Your friend... Lola,

    Having said that...What are you grateful for?

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    answer a Q that is not asked

    Post  cosmicnight13 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:08 am

    Postulate 11.9:  "Cultivation of the secondary personality through the structure of the assemblage points is for the empowerment of the fourth-dimensional holon to facilitate or capacitate construction of vehicles for time travel. The secondary personality is like the “armor and weaponry” of the holon to ride its time transport vehicle to destinations where unknown forces may need to be tamed or domesticated."

    to the great beyond
 stares back at my grieving frame - 
to cast my shadow by the holy sun
 - my spirit moans with a sacred pain -
and it’s quiet now

    the universe is standing still

    In quietness are  all things answered, and is every problem quietly resolved.

    Hello my dear crystal serpent, i found out, kin 25
    you are, a diamond snake, sprung from the tropical jungle, easily and unnoticed you slide thru any obstacle
    -dedicate to survive

    -remembering elegance of challenge -
    -ending up in blooming liberation

    i'm still stunned 'bout your horrorscopic enduring challenging life, you exposed here, so far
    (and about the hidden beauty)……and you're living how'¿

    well, my life's not a honeybuzz in the stomach either, but seems cozy safe in comparison to your's.here in moneyTown in the heart of the beast-
    but i jump niches in this blatant sick ecoNOmic idiot's play, they sur ve us now for far too long
    and i like football - and as long as haifa'sFC plays, you may be halfway safe.

    i'll go to hamburg tomorrow.

    Help me heal the ancient wounds.  
    Slowly, the glittering snakes glide and slide, 
    Insinuating intimately into my deepest roots. 
    I’m inside the Serpent Mother now, 
    Coiling, writhing, turning, squirming, 
    Our bodies merged – one  skin, one spine.

    The space within expands to spaciousness, 
    Our little band of travelers on the spirit boat, 
    Sailing serenely along the darkening streams
    Carried by the currents of collective fate, 
    Through the millennia, one great stream, one great Snake.

    The Great Serpent’s body expands once more, 

    the shimmering body of Diamond Rainbow Serpent,
    Mother of All Organic Life on Earth
    – the great Earth with all her sibling planets, 

    Companion worlds, Moon, Mercury and Mars, 
    Spinning and whirling in stately serpentine orbits, 
    Around Primordial Mother-Father Sun.
    The barque of hundreds of millions of years sails on, 

    Great Cosmic Star Sun Serpent, 
  Wheeling majestically around the Milky Way ,
    Galactic Center, Dark Source of All

    Good Night, Travel Wellno this one noteither, lol


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    Re: Answer a Question...Ask a Question...Personal Revelations...

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