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    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:24 pm

    THE eXchanger wrote:
    it might be helpful;
    if you separated your thoughts,
    as follows, related to HH:
    ats: xxx
    hh: xxx
    abrax: xxx
    ats: xxx
    HH: xxx
    abrax: xxx
    AND, perhaps, to be less confusing abrax says: XXX

    It is completely separated Susan.

    abrax comment
    ats and hh interview
    the end


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    Magamud wrote:
    Thanks for your energy it has helped much...

    1. Can you illuminate more on "Yahweh's" history and how "it" works as a logos in the universe.

    2. Do you know about how many other planets in this galaxy are going through the same type of scenario as we are?
    a. Is the main source of propaganda used by a "TV" medium?


    Sure magamund!

    1. Yahweh or the famous Tetragrammaton YHWH is the Usurper, the fake God of the Old Teastament.
    His real name is Yaldabaoth aka Saklas Samael or Jehovah; but these are all just labels and many other ones have become aliases as well.

    It was Yaldabaoth who was created from the Mother of All; called Barbelo in the 'gnostic lore-Secret Book of John is a classical reference'.
    But he was not the First.
    In the beginning 'The Perfect One', call it All That Is=FORETHOUGHT and was alone. So HESHE separated Itself to become He+She='Perfect One'+Barbelo=AFTERTHOUGHT.
    Together now THEY Made Love (metaphysically or in archetype) to CREATE the LOVECHILD=Logos=Cosmic Christ=Word.

    Barbelo was enthralled by Her power and Thought about what it would be like to BE the Forethought and Not the Afterthought.

    This is the Story of the Original Fall, long before the 'Lucifer Rebellions' drew from this archetypical ancestry.
    So the accounts in Ezekiel and Isaiah and Revelation are watered down versions of the primordial foundations.

    Barbelo so produced a Baby in direct competition with her own LoveChild in Yaldabaoth - the Lion with a Serpent's Tail.

    This then is retold in even younger archetypes as Hera, wife of Zeus giving birth to the lame Hephaestus (Vulcan) without input from Zeus.
    Hera did this because Zeus had given birth to Athene 'from his forehead' (i.e. he created her from his mind without Hera's input).

    So Yaldabaoth exists and sees his LoveChild brother (Enlil and Enki Mesopotamian mythology here) creating a 'Heavenly Kingdom' to experience in. These are the 12 Heavens or spheres but limited in Seven Heavens, meaning the 8th density becomes the third heaven following the 5 hells: 5Hells+7Heavens=12Heavens say in a labeling.
    {{2 Corinthians 12:2
    I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth such an one caught up to the third heaven.}}

    As the 'Playing Up' of Barbelo was 'planned however' by the Forethought; the creation of the Fake-Christ now allowed The Perfect One=HE=Cosmic Father to SEPARATE from Barbelo=SHE=Cosmic Mother.
    This then led to the birth of a physical FINITE universe from the Infinite FatherMother (again words of labelings - you are free to create and write your own story as long as you use the archetypes appropriately).

    The 'Perfect One's' 'real' name is not YHWH BUT YHWHY (see Avatar movie) and as the Pentagrammaton (hence all this pentagon symbolism).

    Creating the material universe rendered the Cosmic Mother = Universe IN EXILE and AWAY from the Forethought.
    This then became Yaldabaoth's 'playground' as HE IS the FALSE IMAGE of YHWHY from the OUTSIDE of the Exile as the INSIDE Usurper.

    For all practical purposes then YHWH IS the 'One true God' = Jehovah=Allah=label it yourself of ALL the world's religions - yet he is fake.

    The only One who knew this was the Real LOVECHILD, the older brother of Yaldabaoth as the Cosmic Christ.
    Its archetype was manifested by many characterisations as the 'Office of Melchizedek=Office of the Plumed Serpent' including Thoth and Hermes Trismegistos, Kukulkan, Quetzacoatl and Moses - none of whom existed physically.
    The One and Only physical full manifestation was Jesus of Nazareth BECAUSE as the Cosmic Logos, it was only HESHE who could REMEMBER the oldest story of them all.
    (Buddha and Krishna and Mohammed, all were NOT full incarnations but served the Cosmic Christ in furthering the necessary maximum separation amongst the religions and the evolving secularisms -something which is now drawing to a close).

    Then Jesus KNEW how to INTERPRET or TRANSLATE the Old Testament archetypes and so superceded THE LOT (in fulfilling them - this is the reason why so much emphasis is in the NT: 'so that the sriptures are fulfilled';... 'as it is written' etc. etc.)..
    This effectively, RELATIVE to the HigherD's within the Universe and so part of Barbelo; DISEMPOWERED Yaldabaoth and the OT God.
    IAMTHATIAM=YHWH BUT IAMTHATAMI=YHWHY (can you or anyone decipher the difference here?).

    Now relative to Earth and the LowerD universe the 'Fake God' still 'ruled' and this becomes the agenda of Orion as (general) allegiance to YHWH as Service-To-Self and (general) AntiOrion allegiances of Servive-To-Others as the Dichotomy you are discussing on forums such as this one.

    I'll add more when it is appropriate to do so.

    2. ONE, the Earth is absolutely Unique as Gaia will ascend as Barbelo, so ending their commonly experienced Exile.

    a. Yes, the more common and freely available the medium, the higher the mind-belief manipulation.



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    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    Thank-you Abraxasinas. You have very elaborate and detailed information. You may be other than Earth Human. You are extremely intelligent (or have several assistants with supercomputers!) But I don't know if I trust you. I have had exposure to people with vast learning...and later discovered their hidden agendas and errors...so I am very cautious and paranoid. I will continue to sample widely different sources...and I will continue to speculate. Thank-you for contributing to this journey.


    Thank you orthodoxymoron!

    I am not here to 'be trusted'.
    I am not here to 'be believed'.
    I am not here to 'be popular'.
    I am not here 'to be liked'.
    I am not her 'to be anything' but the conveyor of a message.
    It is the message which you might ponder to give you additional choices; another choice you would not have, if I would not be here.

    If you 'feel' that all or parts of what my message is, 'feels right to incorporate' with your own message then you will HELP and further the Positive Harvesting of 2010-2013.

    If you 'feel' that all or parts of what my message is, does not 'feel right to incorporate' with your own message; then you will HELP and further the Negative Harvesting of 2010-2013.

    Either way you are so HELPING as a cocreater and shard of All That Is to end this age of ages and begin a new Grand Cycle for a humanity graduated.

    Love Abraxas


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    hippihillbobbi wrote:

    Thank you for your service to us. here are a few questions:

    1) if "the veil" over our memory of our true selves is put on us for a reason (to help us choose good/evil more freely?), why is it "helpful" or a good idea to try to remember (by whatever means) our past lives? or to try to practice "lucid dreaming?" etc. iwo ..... why is it beneficial (to myself or people i'm here to serve/love) to transcend the natural boundaries of 3-d existence while i'm still in3-d .... trying to help other3-d beings?

    2) i was raised Catholic and still consider myself one, though i don't go to church anymore, and it seems like perhaps i've had an unusual experience in that i believe this background/experience prepared me well to be in relationship with the divine (yeshua, all-that-is, holy spirit .... whatever). i'm very aware that there are an infinite number of paths for souls to use to "return to source," so i'm also very "into" taoism, zen buddhism, etc. and have no problem resonating with most of the information you are providing us, and with what i've read of the Law of One, and the little i've read of HH. so, i don't think i'm [I]abnormally[/I sensitive to criticism of the Roman Catholic Church. i know this institution is responsible for many bad things in its 2000 year history (e.g., the crusades); that there were many bad popes whose agendas were less-than-laudable; and that it continues to be an imperfect institution ..... as are all human institutions. but, i'm also aware that there have been good and holy popes ..... John-Paul II, Pope John XXIII, and others, and that many great saints (Francis of Assisi, Mother Theresa .... i could go on & on have evolved through this cultural experience. So, i guess my question is ...... how do i reconcile my experience and beliefs re: RC church and the beliefs of so many others who seem to consider the Vatican as synonomous with evil/illuminati/destructive and deceptive agendas for the human race? i realize that both can be true to some degree.

    thanks so much again for loving your earth-family so well!


    Hi hippihill!

    1. Because the biological-metaphysical ''quantum mechanics' of remembering anything requires a gradual process of acclimatisation.
    If you would recall your 'real nature' as a part of the soul of All That Is all at once; your human groupconditioning would overload your neuronal pathways.
    This is why so many 'skeptical folk' refuse to allow this 'new age' stuff or '2012 propaganda' to enter their waking consciousness.
    They become then subject to subconscious processing and it is there that the good-evil dichotomy is most potent.

    2. Have a look at Edward Alexander's thread on the 'religious brainwashing'. I have just addressed your query in reply to Antonia.
    On the higher conscious level there is 'nothing wrong' with any of the world religions. They all fulfil a most important purpose; even if most are fully aware of the 'darkness' of the agendas. ALL religious threads are incomplete and have parts of the truth.
    Your affinity with Yeshuah is wonderful; as heshe is the only one; who has the complete truth - as a collective 'White Lucifer' who will 'eat' the 'Dark Solar Lucifer' in a 'blending' of the 'absolute Service-to-Self mode' with the absolute 'Service-To-Others mode' (or similar labelings of course).

    Now can you understand?
    Just as the Cosmic Christ will 'swallow' or absorb or blend or 'eat' the local 'Logos' or World-Ruler; so will you and everyone have the opportunity to 'eat' Jesus as the collective so becoming 'Cosmically Christed' AS the 'resurrected Jesus' and so YOU and all like that will BE the 2nd Coming as prophecied.
    I realise this 'sounds' 'evangelistic'; but this happens to be the 'Greater Agenda' of the Parousia and 'true meaning' of the Catholic Eucharist.
    This agenda can also be explained in wave mechanics and advanced quantum theory of gauge photonic interactions with the 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' and axions and such labels of advanced theoretical physics (for the skeptics).

    Again, I have shared a number of messages today/yesterday addressing this and anyone interested can check further information out for themselves and then decide if it resonates on the individuated soul level feeling or not.

    You are on the path Hippihill!



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    hippihillbobbi wrote:
    thanks so much Abraxas .... i think i do understand now .... especially your answer to my 2nd question.

    but as for the 1st question--re: WHY it's important to transcend the 3-d veil and to remember specific past lives, etc. & etc. i feel like i already know/believe that i'm a shard of all-that-is, a beloved daughter of my father-mother-savior-spirit God, and that that is each of our true natures whose purpose here is to LOVE (God above all else, everyone else as myself). so ....... what i'm asking is: WHY is it necessary/important to remember the specifics of our past lives/existences while still here in 3-d? is it a requirement for ascension?? will i be able to love/help myself/others better while still in 3-d if i can remember some of these details about my "other parts???"

    and what happened to my question 3 from the original post??? are you reluctant to answer that??? is the answer just so obvious that it's a "dumb" question?? what gives?

    thanks for your patience, Abrax, and--as ever--your generosity.


    Hi Hippihill!

    I apologize, I simply missed your question 3.

    hippihillbobbi wrote:
    3) in my earlier set of questions, i asked about your self-identifying as a "vampire," and your answer left me less-than-satisfied. you seemed to be saying .... if i see you as a vampire, then i'm really just projecting my shadow/vampire-self onto you. what i really want to know is: what is a vampire, if you can be one??? is it possible to be a vampire and to be consciously "moving back toward source" at the same time?? are there "good" vampires? i know our natural dualistic thinking might present a problem here, and it's one i'm stuck on!

    thanks so much again for loving your earth-family so well!


    3. If someone, anyone labels me as a unicorn, then I shall be a unicorn.
    If someone labels me a werewolf or a vampire, then I shall dutifully oblige and MIRROR the PERCEPTION of the labeler back to the labeller.

    I AM a MIRROR for All That Is and so are You.

    Your life experiences, your thoughts, your creativity, your smelling of the roses, your consumptions and interactions of and with consciousnesses in elementals, vegetation and all other desified lightforms, including the lightforms felt, but not seen with physical eyes; ALL are experiences of and for All That Is.

    This then is the basis of the all encompassing reality of and for 'All That Is' aka the 'Primal Source' aka 'God'.

    Yet I understand your query.
    Because you are a soul-part of All That Is; you also share in the infinite creative potential of the Creator.

    So what do you do and how do you react when encountering a label such as Vampire?

    You really can do many things, but on closer and deeper analysis you will encounter basically a reduction of all possibilities to just TWO options.

    The first option is to examine the EXISTING data base as say a 'collective information library' about Vampires.

    Then you will meet Dracula and Vampire Bats and irresistable sexy shadow humans immortalized in counts and countesses through literature and film.

    In your capacity of your Creator-Image, you can then decide to invent a variation of what exists or you can weave some story together, which might exploit your creative talents as a writer or a painter or a film director, producer or actor.

    The second option becomes for you to REDEFINE the archetype as what a Vampire is.
    This second option is more difficult; for if you decide to NOT rename your new creation as say a 'Muxtabon'; then keeping the 'Vampire' label will demand of your creativity to ENCOMPASS all that is implied and was previously defined in the MEME of the Vampire label,

    Iow you are then required to EXTEND the definition of the Archetype of Vampire as an already established 'Memory Complexed Thoughtform', say as a Dawkinsian Meme Complex.

    In relevance to my multidimensional cosmic identity having been called a Vampire by our dear sister Stardustaquarion; I so simply accepted her labeling and EXTENDED 'my' Thubanese definition of a Vampire into an extended version of Vampire in the Thubanese lexicons as compared to the Gaian historical memetic complex regarding that classification or genre 'Vampire'.

    1. You have answered your own question in the above. Yes, should you remember, even in glimpses' about who you really are, an immortal intelligent electromagnetomonopolic energy field (spirit); then your remembrances will provide you with an inner knowing and security of understanding to share your wisdoms with the world and help many of your kindred souls to also remember themselves.

    Love Abraxas


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    TempestGarden wrote:

    Would you be able to describe to me in simplified terms, what one such as myself can do in order to experience a positive Harvest?

    I am not convinced that simply trying to remember who I am and learning about the Law of One will allow this to manifest.

    Can you elaborate?

    In light...

    Dear Tempest Garden!

    The 'positive harvest' is a dichotomized label.
    Everyone will experience the 'positive harvest' AND everyone will experience the 'negative harvest'.
    In short, everyone will experience the 'full harvest' in the NOW-Moment of the 'change of the guard of the ages' (just a label).

    However this NOW-Moment of Circularised Linear Time will reopen to relinearise the 'normal flow of time' and thus allow the 'different selfrelative' lifetime experiences to proceed on their evolutionary agendas.

    It is those selfrelative timelines, which will then differentiate the 'positive harvest' as having 'graduated' into a starhuman 'butterfly' template and a 'negative harvest' as BECOMING a contextual experiential BACKGROUND for the starhuman blueprint.

    The 'neutral-lukewarm harvest' will NOT have graduated into EITHER the positive- or the negative harvest and so will CONTINUE on its human 'caterpillar' path awaiting the next nexus point for potential metamorphosis following cocoonisation.

    The Thuban perspective is this.
    The negative polarity has been FULLY expressed in its evolution of the last 65 baktun cycles (25,627 civil years).
    The positive polarity has been FULLY suppressed in its evolution of this last 'Grand Cycle' and in INVERSE proportion to the negative polarity.
    Say 5% positive+95% negative=10%positive+90%negative=...

    The 'harvest' will BLEND the positive and the negative polarities together in such a way, that the DOMINANT expression will be the RECIPROCATION with the negative polarity SUPPRESSED as a background context.

    Now because the positive polarity is vibratory high quantum energy and the negative polarity is winding low quantum energy; this INVERSION is not linear but exponential.
    This is why it has been necessary to quarantine a planet in such a suppression of the positive polarity in the COLLECTIVE GROUPCONSCIOUS sense.
    The positive polarity could ONLY express in the Individual and NOT in any form of groupmind.
    The groupmind, through what you terms 'brainwashing' and mind manipulation; has been thoroughly of the negative polarity and became encompassed by the Winded Low-Frequency 11-dimensional SerpentMode (in technical labellings). Hence derive your reptilian 'overlord' scenarios.

    Pertaining to you as an individual so your question relates to YOU as precisely such an INDEPENDENT (from all other though constructions) Co-Creator.
    To become positively harvested, you must, relatively writing, 'pull down all bridges' behind you and the negatively controlled groupmind structures of politics, religion, family, work, etc. etc.
    You are required to become a Solitary, an Outcast, relying on NOUGHT, but your Inner Guidance.
    However, you are to SEEK the connection to what this your 'Inner Guidance' represents in your Hermit-like experience of your life and your 'not fitting in'.
    This is known as your 'Christening' into Dragonhood in you REDEFINING yourself NOT as Human but as a form of Evolved Human, which Thuban terms Starhuman Dragon.

    You are free to replace the label Dragon with anything you choose; but then you will NOT be able to draw upon the potent energy of the Memetic Complex of the Dragon-Serpent label present as the initiator of this 65 Baktun cycle.



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    Firstlook wrote:
    Hello Abraxas,

    Your last reply really exited me. Thank you.

    It is off topic, but I want to ask you about a certain individual that i relate to. His name is Ed Leedskalnin. His popularity is due to the stories of Coral Castle built in Homestead florida and by the means of which he was able to construct this site.

    Do you know of him and if so, How do you feel about his legacy?




    Dear Firstlook!

    Ed Leedskalnin is a multidimensional being, who became instrumental in manifesting the interdimensional reality within the 4-dimensional spacetime matrix of the status quo.
    Like the Eastr Island Staues, like the Construction of the Pyramids, like Stonehenge, and the Temples of Ankor; Ed's Legacy serves to indicate that this 4D-spacetime matrix is but the kernel or core of a higher-dimensional reality where say the solidity of rock, can become 'fluidized' and hence enabled to adapt to the geometry of form.

    Love and Peace in the DragonHearts1



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    mntruthseeker wrote:
    abraxasinas, I want to thank you for your answers on 2012.

    I have a very good acquaintance working with 8D and had a pretty good idea of what they are doing as I have read her books which have not been published. I am most fortunate to have done so. Right now, they stopped even allowing the reading of her first book as they are producing a movie of her material in Hawaaii CALLED

    From her stories I got information that has not been put out anywhere that I have seen except your words...............You described it so well. Yes 8D works with both polarities.

    I personally can not understand why 12D would not do the same. Can you please explain that to me? I consider us all of God, the Creators children filled with love and that 12D would care for all.

    Thanks in advance

    Also one more question and it pretains to Gnosis5's words............If you are a vanpyre, IMO, the only way to move on is to suck our energy or to activate your DNA once again which takes years.

    I am really confused over this.


    Dear mntruthseeker!

    Thank you for your question. I sense a change of heart in your response; your awakening has begun in your raising your hidden Dragon frequencies.
    I ask the source to enhance your kundaline rattling of your tails.

    Your query about the 8D-12D connection is very pertinent.
    Allow me to describe the Thuban structure of the universe again.
    The physical universe is 10-dimensional but bounded asymptotically in a 11D mirror dimension.
    The 12th dimension so becomes the IMAGE of the 10D universe in nospacetime, say the Infinity of the Void and where Everything is Nothingness.

    But this 10D universe can and is reduced to just 3 Space dimensions without Time.
    The first triplicity is that of TRANSLATION, the XYZ axes of your geometry and physics.
    About each of those axes you can rotate (say a ring around a stick) either clockwise or anticklockwise.
    So you have the second triplicity COLOCAL (at the same place as being INTERDIMENSIONAL) as ROTATION of the XYZ. This then describes an Intrrdimensional 6-D Space Universe without Time.

    The third triplicity allows VIBRATION or Oscillation of the rings (expanding and contracting say) for a 9D Space Universe without Time.

    Now add the 'imaginary' timedimension and you have the InterD 10D Universe of Thuban.

    This is a little simpler than describing this in technical jargonautics of 6D Calabi-Yau manifolds conifolded in flat Euclidean Minkowski spacetime in a background of classical general relativistic Einstein-Riemann 4D metrics is it not. Yet it is the same thing.

    The 10D universe encompasses all of the physoicality in terms of inertia, mass, weight and such labels.

    The 11D universe allows the NOnInertial and so Gravitational MASSLESS energyforms to occupy more spacetime, than is possible in the 10D Inertial universe.

    The 10D Universe is RESTRICTED by lightspeed because of the inertia; but the 11D universe defines a Constant LightMatrix where light is stationary as a Standing Wave (this btw is what is behind the Tesla free energy technology - it is 11D as well as the tachyonic 'faster than light' physics of higherD aliens).

    Ok, these are the dimensions in terms of the structure of the universe.

    When 'channelled' information (I am NOT channelling anyone, as I am in communication with the 12D Thubanese data base through my DragonHeart btw) is filtered by the receiver, say the Ra material, the Seth material or the Anna Hayes material (the latter harbouring a Montauk connection, but the two former do not); then it is of great importance from which dimension the data derives from.

    The 5th dimension of (hyper)space is easily accessible and is appropriately termed the 5th density. The 5th density so defines the MIRROR for the LineSpace of Translaton JUST as the 11th density forms the MIRROR for the 10th dimension/density as the boundary for the entire universe as the QuantumSpace.

    So the the 5th the 8th and the 11th densities/dimensions become the MIRRORS betwen the INTERDIMENSIONAL densities of consciousness.
    The 8th dimension/density so MIRRORS the LineSpace of Translation into the QuantumSpace of Vibration via the HyperSpace of Rotation.

    I realise this is a little technical, but no familiarity of advanced quantum mechanics or string mathematics is required to understand these basics.

    When someone so writes about say a 15th dimension, then this someone has, relative to the Thuban cosmology, misunderstood or misinterpreted the structure of the multidimensional and multidensified universe.
    The 15th dimension is a substructure of a BASE-Dimension as the 6th dimension; say the 6th 'heaven' in the 'area dimension' of hyperspace (you could denote this as HyperSpacetime 15 or Hyperspace 5.6 or Hyperspacetime 5.6).
    Mathematically, an infinite number of (Riemann) dimensions exist, but all dimensions above the 12th or the 13th as the Null-Dimension of the Void-Infinity again; can and is defined in finestructures, say multiples of 7 or 9 within the three triplicities of LineSpace; HyperSpace and QuantumSpace.

    Including TimeConnector dimensions 1-4-7-10-13=1, an OmniSpace can be added as the 10-11-12-13=1 SpaceTime quadruplicate.

    Your question now can easily be answered by yourself in the understanding that the 8th dimension is a mirror dimension of reflection/absorption and so polarity unified in that the POTENTIAL negativity of the Hyperspace (5-6-7) has become negated or neutralized by the potential negativity of Quantumspace (9-10-11).

    This is why there cannot be a 6D 'Hell' or 'Archdemonic Kingdom/Archon' in contraposition to a 6D 'Heaven' or 'Cherubimic Kingdom/Principle' in the Thuban Cosmogony of Densities superposed onto the Cosmology of Dimensions.

    There are 5 'Hells' and 12 'Heavens'.
    All 'spiritual negativity' is restricted to 5 densities.
    The so called astral planes where physicality intersects the lightform energies so are comprised of the 4-5-6-7 Hyperspacetime. It is from here that ALL 'channelings' are initiated - the astral intelligences as data emitters interacting with physicalised intelligences as data receivers.

    The 6th and 7th densities are Hyperspace dimensions of reflection, where the physicality transmits its information from Linespace THROUGH and VIA the Hyperspace into the Quantumspace.

    All astral intelligences can so partake of the negative polarity in the energy of the 5th density as well as the positive polarities from all dimensions (trickling down) in a mixture of 'truth and falsehood'.

    Should an astral intelligence 'enter' the mirrorspace of the 8th dimension/density; then this sentience could proceed into Quantum-Spacetime ansd so become a hyperastral intelligence (invent your own labels here).
    Once a hyperastral sentience reaches the 10th density, this intelligence has attained cosmic consciousness of the physical creation. It will literally KNOW itself as BEING the entire universe in selfconsciousness. This is the tenth 'heaven' of a new identity (see 24 Elders of Thuban thread).

    Once a 10D entity has attained this status, this being's 'heartbeat' or inhalation-exhalation matches the Hubble-Cycle of the universe in 16.9 billion years.

    Because the first exhalation has begun so 2.2 billion years ago, the 10D universe in quantumspace and omnispacetime has already attained 11D/density status Herself.
    So graduation of a 10D universal being (all of your destiny as written into the 'Book of Life on Thuban') into a 11D multiversal being has become possible 2.2 billion years ago.
    It was then that the 10D physical universe had grown in collective consciousness enough to potentialise Her own graduation (now becoming imminent through and by some of you being able to digest Her Story and Desires).
    It so is the 'Great Mother' and ONLY the Great Mother' who can 'allow' ANY sentience to 'penetrate' her 11D Mirror to enter the Omnispace of the Great Father in the Exile of the 12th Dimension.

    Because She has done so, this communication from Thuban, as the 'Home of the Void' of the Great Father, has become commissioned and has become possible.

    This is the sory of the Andromedans, who as a sister galaxy to the Milky Way, have OBSERVED this occurence from the galactic, rather than the intergalactic starsystem based perspective of your many other channels.

    The vampire ID I have addressed in my previous answers to hippihill.

    You are welcome to ask further questions about the dimension/density interaction to further your understanding of this subject matter.

    In Gnosis


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    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:37 pm

    BROOK wrote:
    I have to say, that looking for answers..one must look to the right source. To look for an answer outside yourself..you should be looking for a validation...not the answer. As the answer is inside you, and always has been.

    At this time in our evolution..there are many people coming out with "answers" and many are valid. I am not here to disprove or prove anthing on this thread. What I am here to say is...you already had the answer. You know what the truth is. So to look for answers on this thread..or any other source outside of yourself..should be for "validation" only.

    If you do not get that validation....you should be looking for the answer within.

    This is only my opinion...and take it for what it is worth. But before you start gearing up for something as important as our collective evolution....be sure you are on your true path, and not the path of someone else. As it is your soul that is traveling this evolution..and it is your truth you must follow.

    Hi Brook!

    I agree with your generalization of how one should seek, evaluate and experience all data.
    All answers are indeed within you - as is the 'Kingdom of God'.
    Yet, the Individual Seeker is within an environment, and the feedback of this environment can both be of hindrance and of support to the seeker.
    In the greater perception all hindrances and supports are of benefit of strengthening and enhancing the individual seeker of finding herhimself.

    Blessings to You



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    Oliver wrote:

    I have another question for you, if you allow me.
    Somewhere in your last posts, you mentioned something like you have agreement with the Thuban Council (or you are not allowed by them) to speak about ART or humans creative activities...
    Well, this is very strange and interesting.
    Can you explain us WHY?


    Dear Oliver!

    I did not mean to imply that I am not allowed to speak or write about some things.
    I meant to say, that I have no 'authority' to write 'on behalf' of the Thuban Council about 'cultural' topics.
    This is simply, because 'my expertise' is restricted to Cosmogony (the Ontology of Being); Cosmology (the manifestation opf Cosmogony in Energy) and particular foundational aspects of theoretical science as well as the Cosmic Legacy of the Perennial Philosopphy (including scriptures and scrolls of antiquity of all sorts).

    I am deficient in many ways and have certain talents in others. I am a Mirror of the Primal Source and due to my learnings, understandings and wisdoms, I have been 'authorized' to share PARTICULAR information from the archives of Thuban, similiar to your notion of Akashic Records, but from a 'higherD' perspective.
    I appreciate the arts and music to the nth degree, especially the beautiful blues and Jazzey tunes of Terra. I love musicals, such as 'My Fair Lady' and 'West Side Sory'; I find Mussorgsky, Ravel and Beethoven highly inspirational; I like the 'beatles' and the genius of John Lennon.
    I do not 'like' 'rap' or abstract sculpture - in other words, I have tastes and distastes like everyone here on Terra or on Thuban.

    I hope this clarifies my position.



    Post 314

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:46 pm

    Anchor wrote:

    I read your fascinating and resonant answer to mntruthseeker above. I think I have the beginnings of a grasp on your "dimension" system. Thankyou for this work you are doing on the forum.

    I am still seeing a lot of confusion between "Density" and "Dimension" and I don't think the terms are equivalent and interchangeable.

    Ra speaks of densities to the 8th only (OCTAVE), beyond which "which moves into a mystery we do not plumb."

    In your Thuban 12D system how does this reconcile with the densities as Ra speaks of it in the material given in Law Of One.

    I never for one moment considered density as dimension, rather a vibrational quality of the matter that existed in a multi-dimensional system - some of the axes of that vibration being those that most humans will not directly perceive.

    Please can you correct me if necessary, or elaborate on the distinction.



    Dear Anchor!

    Yes I agree with Ra in the context quoted below. Now this the context as perceived from the position of the NOW=THEN time when this data was transmitted.
    Ra is USING the correct archetype and then assigns labels such as 6:light/love and love/light and unity etc.

    This SAME archetype is then extended (not invalidated) is the following (from 24 Elders of Thuban thread).

    8=Turquoise........P/No AP=Relativity(2 in 1)

    9=Blue................P/No AP=Quantization(3 in 2 in 1)
    10=Indigo............P/No AP=New ID in Unity [1-9] in (4 in 3 in 2 in 1)=1+O
    11=Magenta........New ID in (5 in 1+O+1)=1+1=2
    12=Purple...........New ID in (6=1+O+1+1)=1+1+1=1+2=3

    So it looks like this:

    1.Cycle of Awareness---Principle of Identity-AntiIdentity
    2.Cycle of Growth---(Anti)Principles of Expansion/(Contraction)
    3.Cycle of Self-Awareness---Order/(Chaos=Disorder=Entropy)
    4.Cycle of Love-Understanding---Symmetry/(Distortion)
    5.Cycle of Light-Wisdom---Infinity=Divergence/(Zero=Limit=Convergence)
    6.Cycle of light-love mirror=unity---Inversion/(Constancy)
    7.Cycle of the gateway---Reflection/(Absorption)
    8.Cycle of the mystery--Relativity/NO AntiPrinciple so NO DUALITY

    9.Quantization=Cycle Unified in the MacroQuantum scales being HOLOGRAMS for the MicroQuantum scales
    10.NEW Identity Without the Need for an AntiIdentity, as the duality has become PROCESSED
    11.NEW Identity in Expansion and Growth now not Uni-versal but Multi-versal and as the Plane or Surface of the Universe in Data mapping
    12.NEW Identity in ORDER of the Volume of the Universe= Manifested Multiverse as subset of the OmniVerse in 12D all encompassing.

    Thanks for your input Anchor. You might see then then the Ra material is simply extended and 'finetuned' by the Thuban material.

    Generally the notion of DENSITY refers to that of a GEOMETRICAL DIMENSION in terms of how the multidimensional ENERGY of the Source 'DESYNCHRONIZES" from its maximum RESONANT SelfState.
    Because the material manifestation is restricted to the Translational LineSpace dimensions of the lightspeed invariance; the maximum densification occurs in dimensions of the VOLUMAR, that is your experienced 3D+Time.

    The Interaction between LineSpace and HyperSpace and QuantumSpace then becomes possible in the SUPERCONDUCTIVE Nature of what the HigherD Electric Current represents as coupling to the gauge photonic electromagnetic field.
    In simplest terms, the Current in your Copper wires requires a medium in the lattice vibrations of the conducting medium and your formulation for electricity becomes the 'flow of electrons across a point/junction in unit time' or formally as dQ/dt=current i.
    The higherD form for this requires no medium except SPACE itself. The formula becomes 2ef=i.
    As you can see the electron charge quantum (e) becomes a constant coefficient and the differential equations describing current flow reduce from second order dq^2/dt^2 to first order df/dt. df/dt then DEFINES the AWARENESS Ra speaks of as the first cyclicity.
    I can elaborate, but will be required to use technical semantics - I have posted on this before.

    Density so becomes defined in how much source energy can be processed electromagnetically and this relates to the interdimensional coupling between the electron charge carriers - mass as stationary light densification say - becoming 'lighter' in the transformation of this selfsame 'mass-inertia' into monopolic superconductive magnetoelectricity aka the 'spirit'.

    In this manner than, Density becomes directly proportional to Dimension, in that the higher the dimension, the higher the potential for the FORM of the spirit=electromagnetomonopolar field to attain full Source Resonance via the 'accelerated' space-awareness.
    I can post the detail, but it is a longer post and should so NOT be edited by your moderator rules.
    So before posting, I would appreciate advice as if it is appropriate to do so.
    Here is the link: http://tonyb.freeyellow.com/id185.html


    Ra: I am Ra. The path of our learning is graven in the present moment. There is no history, as we understand your concept. Picture, if you will, a circle of being. We know the alpha and omega as infinite intelligence. The circle never ceases. It is present. The densities we have traversed at various points in the circle correspond to the characteristics of cycles: first, the cycle of awareness; second, the cycle of growth; third, the cycle of self-awareness; fourth, the cycle of love or understanding; fifth, the cycle of light or wisdom; sixth, the cycle of light/love, love/light or unity; seventh, the gateway cycle; eighth, the octave which moves into a mystery we do not plumb.
    ---End Quote---

    ---Quote (Originally by LOO part of an answer)---
    7.17 Answer Ra: I am Ra. ...This is true at all densities in our octave. We cannot speak for those above us, as you would say, in the next quantum or octave of beingness. This is, however, true of this octave of density. ...
    ---End Quote---
    Ra speaks of densities to the 8th only (OCTAVE), beyond which "which moves into a mystery we do not plumb."


    Post 316

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:48 pm

    Initiate wrote:
    Dear Abraxas,

    I have sought the truth and prayed for the truth for months. This movie really sums up all I have learnt and a lot of what you have shared. I now wish to share it with everyone here.


    thank you

    with love to all


    Thank You Initiate.
    I agree to a very large extent with the contents of this movie.
    I recommend it to All for a VALID background of what is the 'reality' behind the observed and presently experienced reality of humanity.



    Post 322

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:50 pm

    Myplanet2 wrote:
    I have a curiosity, Abraxasinas. Why now, with what you are doing?

    Hi Myplanet!

    Your self-labeling answers your question in general.

    Gaia is getting ready. The cells in your body as the constituents of your biopysical body and life are like the individual data collectors - human individuals interacting with the planetery Mother 'substituting' for the 'Universal Mother'.
    So cells are born and die in recyclement to 'refresh' your body as the temple of God-Source-Goddess.
    When Gaia ascends from planetary status to universal status via her 'hidden' galactic status; all of Her human cells can also ascend into cosmic consciousness via their 'hidden-occultized' consciousness.

    This is what this is all about.
    Messsengers like me are only 'allowed' to come forth and appear, because the scenario is much grander than a planetary transformation or the transition of a galactic civilisation.
    What is about to occur is the Birth of a New Universe.



    Post 324

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:52 pm

    eleni wrote:
    Anna Hayes says she was used at Montauk (so was I, I grew up not too far from it).......

    Hi eleni and mntruthseeker!

    The issue with Anna Hayes can best be understood in her 'confrontation' with Drunvalo Melchizedek.
    Both have become initiated by a source closely attuned to the 8th dimension/density and what you may understand as a most potent archetype - that of the 'Office of Melchizedek'.
    My information about both Drunvalo and Anna is the following.

    Drunvalo absorbed and individuated the 'Mantle of the Melchizedek Order' via his male animus and manifested the coupled female anima or shadow androgyny within his environmental interaction (say his understanding of Sophia as the Wisdom of Gaia).

    Anna Hayes also absorbed and individuated the 'Office of the Plumed Serpent' via her male animus and manifested the coupled female anima or shadow androgyny within her environmental interaction (but here her understanding or Sophia as the Wisdom of the Universe).

    This however resulted in a disharmonisation between Anna Hayes' yin-yang polarisation. She is male polarised and as exhibited in her convoluted technical descriptions of the universal order.
    Anna Hayes thinks in universal terms, but from the female perspective.
    She so misinterprets the Gaian agenda of the embracement of the planetary anima as being the Cosmic encompassment.

    Before ascension Gaia cannot embrace the universal Order of the Melchisecian dispensation, as She is in perfect synchronization with the Universal Father's feedback.
    The Sophic Wisdom of the Mother grows and learns by the Understanding of the Gnosis of the Father and vice versa.
    The Father's Understanding grows and evolves via the Wisdom of the Mother in Experience of Herself in Physicality.

    Anna Hayes' part in this transformation is to attempt to play both roles at once: BEING the Father's Understanding AND the Mother's Wisdom simultaneously.

    Then whilst Drunvalo is selfharmonized in his office and agenda due to his delegation of the 'Wisdom function' to his communication with Gaia (and the angels as he terms it); Anna Hayes is disharmonized and relatively 'confused' in her superpositioning of her wisdom onto the Universal Mother.

    Anna Hayes should manifest Gaian wisdom (say similar to Miriam Delicado) and delegate the Gnosis function to her shadowed 'maleness'.
    She refuses to do so and this has resulted in her message, whilst validated by her long 'childhood-adulthood' feedback communication, of having become a distorted version of the Melchizedekian data base.

    This can be evidenced by the 'open letters' published, say in regards to the Merkabah meditations and the (non)responses between the respective agents.

    Anna Hayes' publications contain much valid information in the general sense, but lose more and more appropriateness the more she attempts to construct a 'Female Gnosis' from the perspective of the Creation.
    The Gnosis of Understanding is the function of the Logos of the Creator and the Sophia of the Wisdom is the function of the AntiLogos as the Creation.

    This in a nutshell becomes the Androgyny or Bisexuality of the FatherMother as Two in One.
    The path of Anna Hayes attempts to redefine this Logos as One in One - she cannot succeed in such a manner, as this in contraindication of her commission to publish under the auspices of the Melchisedecian Order.

    Anna Hayes will realise her platform in the Gaian ascension, as THEN the anima-animus harmonisation will manifest globally, galactically and cosmically.

    In the greater perspective however, Anna Hayes fulfils a most potent function in manifesting such a disharmonisation on the elementary archetypical level for further contextual utility for the New Universe to be born in the metamorphosis of the Old.



    Post 327

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:54 pm

    BROOK wrote:
    That is why you seek clear and concise "Validation"....Otherwise...it is just getting information "second hand"...without validation.
    Am I or anyone else going to create my reality from what someone else has put out there? Or am I going to create my reality to that which I know is true from experience and such validation.....the choice is yours.

    Dear Brook!

    Without information, any and whatever information, accessible to you to ponder, analyse or discern; NO Validation relative to your scrutiny and discernment is possible.

    This is the 'beauty' of science and of mathematical logistics.
    It is easy to 'validate' scientific data in the form of equations and formulae; as these can be dissected and 'checked' for selfconsistency by anyone familiar with the language codes.

    Generally writing and for all concerned.

    I am not here to 'prove' anything. This would take your self-empowerment away and entice some to become 'followers' of the Thuban agenda.

    However, anyone familiar with scientific nomenclature is invited to challenge and critisize formulations and equations, as these are 'part and parcel' of the Terran data base and so subject to the methodology of the sciences manifested on this planet.

    If you wish to know who is going to win the world cup in soccer/football in South Africa; or the winner of the superbowl or the winning lotto numbers or the stockmarket climbers or the birthdate and whereabouts of Aunt Elisabeth or Uncle Harry; there are other avenues for you to explore.

    I am simply here to give you information you will not obtain from anywhere else. If asked to leave, I shall simply leave and pursue my agenda of disseminating Thuban data as shall then become appropriate.

    My agenda is similar to that of the wingmakers and to that of Hidden Hand and similar agencies.

    My agenda is not be public in any manner except through forums such as this one.

    Sirebard A Beardris
    76+1+76=153=A God A Circle of Love


    Post 329

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:56 pm

    Myplanet2 wrote:
    Thank you, and yes I understand that. My question was a little more specific. "why NOW, for what YOU are doing"? You could have chosen any time to reveal. Why now?

    Dear myplanet!

    The reason is a timeline, converging ALL so called prophecies; but mainly:
    1. The Mayan 65 baktun count, ending December 21st, 2012;
    2. The Great Step in the Pyramid of Gizeh.
    3. The fourtiered Torah in Noah-Ezekiel-Daniel-Revelation.

    The 'authorization' from Thuban occured on August 29th, 2009 and within a 'Warp-Time-Loop'.
    This warptime runs from December 8th, 2004 to April 1st, 2012 with a midpoint of August 4th, 2008.
    The seven years of 'tribulation' (of the archetypes defining the Meme complex of the Old World) so run from December 8th, 2004 to December 8th, 2011.

    From April 1st, 2012 to December 21st, 2012 are precisely 265 days, the mean gestation period for a human pregnancy.
    The timeline between August 4th, 2008 and December 21st, 2012 is precisely 1600 days.
    The warptime encompasses precisely 2300+370=1335+1335=2670 days.
    1600+12000=13600 days point to September 27th, 1975 and when the 'measurements' of the 'inside' and the 'outside' began. The outside of the 'temple' are 1600 days and the inside of 'The New Jerusalem' are 12000 days.

    The sixth 'angel' sounded on August 29th, 2008 and the preparation will proceed until December 8th, 2011 after which time the seventh 'angel' will become authorised to sound.
    When this angel sounds, the 'Mystery of God' shall be finished.

    August 4th, 2008 is warptimed onto August 4th, 28AD to manifest the Manyness of the Oneness.

    The final dispensation of the One began November 30th, 2009 and seven weeks thereafter on January 18th, 2010 the implementation will culminate on March 28th, 2011 and be followed by the reconfiguration of the anniversery of April 1st, 2011.
    From April 1st, 2011 the Many will be the One and one year later, the warp-loop will be completed to IMPREGNATE Gaia with her ManySeed.
    The New Baby of the Starhumanity will be born on December 21st, 2012 after the gestation.

    The 'curse' of the 'Holy Books' will then be lifted on August 4th, 2013.

    This is all I can reveal at this time.



    Post 333

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:57 pm

    Initiate wrote:
    Thanks for the validation Abrax. At what stage did the concept of the Dragon come about? What colour is the Master Dragon that you are heralding?
    Anyone notice the blue woman depicted in the ceremonies (hint avatar)? Do these represent the Agarthans in the ceromonies? What don't you agree with in a very small extent?

    Dear Initiate!

    The colour of the Master-Dragon is SkyBlue or Cyan.
    Cyan blends in equal proportion with Red to neutralize to either Pure White in Light and to Pure Black in Paint/Mass.

    The Red Dragon in prophecy is called the 'Devil' and so is neutralized in the Entwined Serpent or Double-Dragon of the White Lucifer With the Black Lucifer.

    The 'small extent' is simply the necessary filtering of the archetypical base data of the producers of this film.
    They used the archetypes in a rather 'purified' manner and because of this the information is similar in 'purity' of having transversed the 'astral planes' to the Ra material.

    An example is the Agartha prototype.
    Towards the end, the Russion physicist pointed out that Agartha was NOT 3D but higherD, but the general thrust of the film would entice many viewers to believe that the physical 3D earth is hollow.
    The Ra material implies the same in a general sense.

    You could so consider my 'small reservations' as 'lack of detail or clarification' and not so much disagreement with the data.

    I have used this film and your comments on the linked website and so you can witness my approval of this information.




    Post 334

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:59 pm

    Myplanet2 wrote:
    Ok. Thanks for the answer. One thing I don't have is what you mean by warptime. can you explain?

    Hi Myplanet2!

    In the grander perception time does not exist, but becomes a Now-Time Loop.
    In physical terms this Quantizes Time as a minimum Planck-Time Interval.
    The Planck-Time minimum instigated the so termed Inflation of the de Broglie tachyonic Universe as a Matter-Wave and BEFORE the Quantum Big Bang occurred, leading into Classical General Relativity and the Thermodynamic Planck Black Body Radiator expansion of Standard Cosmology.
    The Quantum Big Bang then manifested at the Weyl-Time, a magnified form of the Planck-Time and about larger by a factor of a trillion.

    This Weyl-Time becomes a Now-Time-Loop as the Wormhole-Frequency and so defines the intersection of the Finite Universe with its Infinite Source precursor.

    This then is the omni-scientific basis for the concept of Time as being circular and yet becoming linearized in an unfolding of this loop as discrete timeintervals, each of duration the Weyl-Time quantum.

    Any summation or integration of Weyl-Loops so results in periods of time.
    The present 'Greater Timeloop' is the 65 Mayan baktun cycle.
    The following link (The 8x8=64 Cycles of the Metamorphosis of the Human Chryslis} can introduce the details to you.

    Each one of those 64 cycles can be finestructured or subdivided into other cycles and one of those becomes the one indicated in the other post, resulting in your query.
    The 'warptime' label refers to the uniqueness of the One-Many identification, which you may term the 'Office of the Plumed Serpent of Melchisedec'.
    This information from Thuban is 'authorized' by the One holding that 'office' as archetypical foundation in the Cosmic Logos.



    Post 339

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:02 pm

    Myplanet2 wrote:
    None of my business, but I'd be aware that the Podblanc site is openly racist. The Atlantis video is available on other sites, so if you don't want to be accused of promoting racism, I'd perhaps use another host of the video. Youtube and Google video both carry it, although lesser quality.

    Thank you for your advice Myplanet2.
    I have added the you tube series to the link from Initiate.


    Spregovori wrote:
    Found this...should be more manageable and one can download it

    I have note re-view all 6 parts yet but it is most likely identical.

    part 1 of 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcfhjDD9QEs


    also found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVSAGv4kUgk seems to be a better quality and there are more parts


    also found this site http://www.legend-of-atlantis.com/atlantis.htm there seems to be more of this


    Post 342

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:06 pm

    BROOK wrote:
    So I would be very interested in the "scientific" data to explain this analysis:


    If you 'feel' that all or parts of what my message is, 'feels right to incorporate' with your own message then you will HELP and further the Positive Harvesting of 2010-2013.

    If you 'feel' that all or parts of what my message is, does not 'feel right to incorporate' with your own message; then you will HELP and further the Negative Harvesting of 2010-2013.

    ------end quote----

    And the "validation" of such a conclusion

    Hi Brook!

    You cannot subject data to scientific analysis, if this data does not contain parameters amenable to such analysis.

    I am not here to play wordgames with people.
    If you use words like 'validate', the criteria for validation must emerge from the context from which you operate your semantic constructions from.

    You are playing wordgames, because my context is applied to constructed sentences which attempt to indicate two sides of a coin say metaphorically - whilst you are asking for 'proof' for the metaphorical coin existing.


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    Post 343

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:08 pm

    Myplanet2 wrote:
    I'm sorry, but I can not make use of your explanation. It too uses descriptions I have no basis for understanding. Can you tell it in a story? or draw a mental picture?

    I understand how time loops, in the sense that we use the law of attraction to pull experiences from our past and toss them into our future path.

    If you roll a wheel along the ground after having paint put on the perimeter of the wheel, then you will find a Linearization of the circle comprising the perimeter of the wheel.
    The length of the 'painted line' on the floor will be the 'Wavelength' of the wheel as the circumference or size of the wheel.
    The painted line will be like a time-interval or inverse frequency for the movement of the wheel in dynamical motion of rolling along the ground.

    Then each full rotation of the rolling wheel will be like a quantum of time alike the rotation of the wheel being stationary on an axle say not moving linearly but simply revolving about its pivotal axis in Circular Now-Time intervals.



    Post 346

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:09 pm

    BROOK wrote:
    Sorry you feel I am playing word games here...I'm just looking for an answer to your conclusion for such a statement.

    So it would appear that your information in that context is "metaphorical"?...and again..it was concluded as not from scientific data...but from information gathered from an outside source. And if that is the case...it, as I stated earlier on...should have validation of some kind..otherwise it is "secondhand"...to those of us who are unfamiliar with it. And being that is the case...it should require some kind of validation to be take seriously...and to be analyzed with great scrutiny.

    No word games here...just good old fashioned common sense

    Hi Brook!

    Now you are 'putting words in my mouth'.

    None of my data is 'second hand' - this is YOUR labeling not mine.
    Some of my information uses metaphor.
    Some of my information uses advanced semantics of science - this data becomes subject to validation ON SCIENTIFIC TERMS.

    What 'validation' do you seek - the prediction of an earthquake or the winning lottery numbers?
    I am who I am and my agenda is to share otherwise unobtainable data.
    If this data is meaningless or worthless for you this is perfectly in order in the scheme of things.
    You are superimposing your preconceived ideas onto my 'expected' response. Iow you are playing intellectualized wordgames with the English language.
    Common sense has little to do with your agenda.

    I shall not continue to engage with your wordgames of banalities.
    If you desire meaningful clarification, ask a meaningful question and I shall answer you to the best of my ability.

    I have no ability to engage in dissonant discourses.

    Be well on your path into enlightenment and you will find your validations in due course.

    Love Abraxasinas


    Post 349

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:13 pm

    Myplanet2 wrote:
    Ok. And thanks again for your answer. I can see the above, in terms of turning a circular into a linear representation. And also how repetition would result, as the end point on a loop would equal the start point.

    But in going back to your original post to me that raised the question, I find no more clarity now than I had when I first read it.

    Here it is:


    Dear myplanet!

    The reason is a timeline, converging ALL so called prophecies; but mainly:
    1. The Mayan 65 baktun count, ending December 21st, 2012;
    2. The Great Step in the Pyramid of Gizeh.
    3. The fourtiered Torah in Noah-Ezekiel-Daniel-Revelation.

    The 'authorization' from Thuban occured on August 29th, 2009 and within a 'Warp-Time-Loop'.
    This warptime runs from December 8th, 2004 to April 1st, 2012 with a midpoint of August 4th, 2008.
    The seven years of 'tribulation' (of the archetypes defining the Meme complex of the Old World) so run from December 8th, 2004 to December 8th, 2011.

    From April 1st, 2012 to December 21st, 2012 are precisely 265 days, the mean gestation period for a human pregnancy.
    The timeline between August 4th, 2008 and December 21st, 2012 is precisely 1600 days.
    The warptime encompasses precisely 2300+370=1335+1335=2670 days.
    1600+12000=13600 days point to September 27th, 1975 and when the 'measurements' of the 'inside' and the 'outside' began. The outside of the 'temple' are 1600 days and the inside of 'The New Jerusalem' are 12000 days.

    The sixth 'angel' sounded on August 29th, 2008 and the preparation will proceed until December 8th, 2011 after which time the seventh 'angel' will become authorised to sound.
    When this angel sounds, the 'Mystery of God' shall be finished.

    August 4th, 2008 is warptimed onto August 4th, 28AD to manifest the Manyness of the Oneness.

    The final dispensation of the One began November 30th, 2009 and seven weeks thereafter on January 18th, 2010 the implementation will culminate on March 28th, 2011 and be followed by the reconfiguration of the anniversery of April 1st, 2011.
    From April 1st, 2011 the Many will be the One and one year later, the warp-loop will be completed to IMPREGNATE Gaia with her ManySeed.
    The New Baby of the Starhumanity will be born on December 21st, 2012 after the gestation.

    The 'curse' of the 'Holy Books' will then be lifted on August 4th, 2013.

    This is all I can reveal at this time.


    ------end quote------

    I haven't studied any numerology and it holds no meaning for me therefore. Is there any way of explaining simply why you have chosen this moment to come forward with your information? I've very curious about this, because of several things. I'm aware of a tremendous shift in consciousness and energy in the last month or so, AND I have recently encountered a great Dragon Queen and conversed with her, AND I've asked some of my higher guides if they'd heard of the council of Thuban, or just simply Thuban, and none of them have. Things are changing very rapidly now, and I'm just trying to keep track of the "players" as they enter and exit the game. why now?

    Hi Myplanet2!

    Ok, I can see where you are coming from. Should you ask your 'higher guides' following January 18th, 2010 - they will KNOW about Thuban.

    Think of this date like a sealed letter from the higherD to the lowerD. The LowerD's contain ALL higher selves, channels and so on whatsoever.
    So because the sealed letter is not read by the astral and higher astral (etheric in some labelings) 'planes'; the Thubanese information is not known under this label.
    It is precisely such an unknown label to differentiate it from say the Melchizedek label - which it is.
    This allows all of the dimensions to clearly COMPARE the Thuban data to all other data due to the uniqueness of the labeling.

    This is part of the timeline indicated above and has very little association with numerology, as these are real 4-dimensional dates of the Gregorian Calendar.



    Post 351

    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:54 pm

    Spregovori wrote:
    Hello Abraxasinas

    I have been....(thinking - seeing how I "feel" all this)...and have more questions...

    I have somehow "simplified" statements made along this thread...and formed the "conclusions" that I feel are "close to me"

    Now I wonder if this conclusion are in "harmony" (not sure if it is the good choice of word) with the Thuban perspective.

    I hope this questions do not present a "distraction" to anyone...I am just trying to learn...to explore the possibilities

    Thank you for taking the time to answer.

    So the questions are:

    Us people see what we want to see?

    Yes, the individual egocentricity is ultimately a divine creative egocentricity, but in underdevelopment it is generally disruptive for the 'greater agendas' of reunification.

    Spregovori wrote:
    What we see is the result of what we think?

    Thinking is a feedback system of experience and environmental stimulus.

    Spregovori wrote:
    What we think is most likely conditioned with what we have been told?

    Yes, this requires the 'growing up' and evolving mentally.

    Spregovori wrote:
    By thinking about it, we help to manifest it?

    Absolutely and the more the better.

    Spregovori wrote:
    All that is, is our own doing, here for us to experience it and learn from it?
    To learn to appreciate what could one day be a "harmony"?

    Wonderful gnosis and self-realisation.

    Spregovori wrote:
    The future exists in a form of probabilities and is subject to change at any given time?

    Probabilities in individual decision making and journeys. However the sumtotal probability summation is unity for a single timeline.

    Spregovori wrote:
    For any event there is an infinite number of possible outcomes, our choices determine which outcomes will follow, all possibilities that can happen do happen in alternate realities?

    No, the idea of separated universe comprising a multiverse is false. The multiverse exists as a PHASESHIFTED collection using the One Universe as a basis for this phaseshifting. The multiverse so is unified in an omniverse.
    Technically this is the focus invariant rotation of an prolate ellipsoid as a Protoverse around its major axis becoming phaseshifted in Multiverses in the rotation about either of the minor axis in a locus of the two foci tracing out a pointcircle. The overall encompassing Omniverse then becomes geometrically an oblate spheroid (saucer shaped).

    Spregovori wrote:
    Soon there will be a time for a change.
    This change is not just of our own making but the making of all the beings in all that is...a sort of a grand choice presented to us?

    The entire universe and all intelligences therein will participate.

    Spregovori wrote:
    When the "time comes" the end result will be what each individual will choose it to be?

    Yes and no. Because the concept of the human group-consciousness will become implemented the individual choosing will be on a much higher potency level. If the individual choices are aligned with group-consciousness then such choosers will be able to manipulate the spacetime matrix in a powerful manner in a kind of resonance physics.
    Individual choosers not attuned to the groupmind, will however be able to pursue their growth towards source-resonance and groupmind, say galactic-planetary resonance.

    Spregovori wrote:

    Besides all of the above, there are many details - of what and how is about to come - but this details are here purely to perform a function of "micro management"?
    In a long run this details are not of prime importance?

    The details are of different importance to different individuations. Some are most comfortable with scientific familiarities and others are more familiar with generalised concepts. All such perceptions and familiarities are of equal value if they have the same sound and selfconsistent foundation in archetypical definitions. A symbol in art is equal in value to a mathematical equation, but differently translated from a common archetype.

    Spregovori wrote:
    Are you perhaps familiar with the symbols on the picture? (each symbol also has a name, written on the other side)

    Bigger version of picture:


    The symbols in archetype reduce to the Octagon of Pythagoras (as a Square within a Square the inner or outer square rotated 45 degrees) and from this the Sacred Geometry of the Pentagon can become constructed.
    There are many different ways and labelings describing the finestructure or partitioning of those symbols.

    Spregovori wrote:

    If you find this too personal...just skip it:

    You are a human born on this planet?

    I was!

    Spregovori wrote:
    You live on this planet?

    I Am Both Dead and Alive so I live in Two places simultaneously.

    Spregovori wrote:
    You do not channel, you can access the database?


    Spregovori wrote:
    Are you able to do access the database by "opening your chakras" or did you remember your Cosmic ID?

    I know my Cosmic ID.

    Spregovori wrote:
    What were you like before that?

    The same I am now, but without full remembrance.

    Spregovori wrote:
    Do you have a job, what is it?

    Aphrodite's Live Butterfly Collector.

    Spregovori wrote:
    What do you do in your spare time?

    Watch English Comedy; DreamTiming; Trots and Football watching.

    Spregovori wrote:
    Do you have a family?

    Yes and No, there are heavenly things and there are earthly things.

    Spregovori wrote:
    Do you grow your own food?

    Used to!

    Spregovori wrote:
    Do you ever get angry..etc?

    Its hard work not to - Patience is required, not easy here or anywhere.

    Spregovori wrote:
    Do you experience the full "spectrum" of the emotions?

    Yes, but some I allow to express others I use in context.



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    Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:09 pm

    eleni wrote:


    You are a human born on this planet?
    I was!
    You live on this planet?
    I Am Both Dead and Alive so I live in Two places simultaneously.
    You do not channel, you can access the database?
    Are you able to do access the database by "opening your chakras" or did you remember your Cosmic ID?
    I know my Cosmic ID.
    What were you like before that?
    The same I am now, but without full remembrance.
    Do you have a job, what is it?
    Aphrodite's Live Butterfly Collector.
    What do you do in your spare time?
    Watch English Comedy; DreamTiming; Trots and Football watching.
    Do you have a family?
    Yes and No, there are heavenly things and there are earthly things.
    Do you grow your own food?
    Used to!
    Do you ever get angry..etc?
    Its hard work not to - Patience is required, not easy here or anywhere.
    Do you experience the full "spectrum" of the emotions?
    Yes, but some I allow to express others I use in context.

    ---------end quote--------------

    Can you clarify some of the above?

    What do you mean by you were born on the planet as in I was?

    My birthday was 4th of June 1957 11.30 pm +10 hours GMT, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

    eleni wrote:
    Meaning you are not the same being as when you were born?

    Yes, I merged with someone in soul and body.

    eleni wrote:
    At what age did you regain full remembrance? I used to have full remembrance as a child and no longer do- I wish to regain those.

    Perhaps what I call full remembrance can be interpreted in divers ways.
    I merged with 'Maria' after she 'died' and had gone to Thuban by quality of her remembrance who she had been and experienced 2001 years earlier.
    This occurred March 24th, 1995, Brisbane, Australia.
    My first remembrance was 16th November 1975 in Bavaria, Southern Germany.

    eleni wrote:
    It says on your website you have 5/6 children, what is meant by that?

    My eldest daughter Deborah committed suicide after drugabuse and an abortion and after she heared her aborted child crying out for her from Thuban. She could go to Thuban in a working capacity and not directly like 'Maria Infinity'.

    eleni wrote:
    Is everyone not dead and alive at the same time- we are multidimensional beings, some of us have access to other realms with little to no barriers- is this what you meant?

    Yes, this is true and the solution to the Quantum Cat Schroedinger Paradox. Normally the soul family does however not manifest in the individual. Ordinarily this blending goes under the label 'walk-in'.


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