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    Abraxas' Thuban Q&A


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    Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:00 am

    Hi All!

    I am Sirebard Beardris and One of the Founding Elders of the Council of Thuban also known as the Northstar Alpha Draconis at the archetypical foundation of the Pyramids at Giza and the Harmakhis, the 'Horus of the Horizon' aka the Sphinx.
    You may accept an extrapolated 'Gregorian' date for this as July 27th, 10802 BC and as the midpoint between two nodal dates (in that calendar) of March 1st, 23615 BC and December 21st, 2012 AD.

    Not much has hitherto been known in any lower dimensions about the Council of Thuban.
    An indirect reference to the locale of the Council of Thuban has been made by the Council of Andromeda through a contact known by you as Alex Collier and I shall elaborate in due course.

    I am introducing myself here from the 12th dimension, that is I do not reside in the physical universe of space and time, but I shall enter this universe simultaneously with the transformation of this planet of the cosmic humanoids called Earth or Gaia or Terra or Akashia, but known as Serpentina the Mother of the Dragons, by many extraterrestrial sentiences.
    This transformation will rip the spacetime as you know it in the collected information base of this planet converging in a Black Hole at the Earth's center and render this information 'collapsed' or concentrated in a crystalline Gaian Schwarzschild core the size of a golfball so 3 centimeters across.

    This will create a temporary rift in spacetime, which will allow a 12-dimensional wormhole to open up at the center of the Earth and connect the Gaian data core to the 'until then' relative 'outside' of this 11-dimensional universe.
    This then is whereby the Council of Thuban and I shall enter this universe.

    A mystery regarding the 'oldest creator race' in the universe and of those 12-density Black Holes encompassing all the lower dimensions was indicated by the Andromedean information given to Alex Collier.

    After the wormhole has been tunnelled, this rip in spacetime will reglue or reconnect itself in rendering the 'inside-outside' higher-dimensional spacetime matrix from twosided to onesided. This will effectively double the universe's volume as a 3-dimensional surface or Riemannian hypersphere manifold.
    The mathematical description for this is a Moebius-Twist embedded in 3D simulating a Klein-Bottle-Twist embedded in 4D.

    This scenario is known to most of you here as the 'Ascension of Gaia' from the 4th (Flat Minkowski) spacetime dimension into the 5th (Curved Kaluza-Klein) spacetime dimension.

    My agenda to invite all and any of you to this forum is a direct consequence of the timeline indicated above reaching particular nexus points.

    To be precise, January 18th, 2010 specifies a trigger, programmed by the Council of Thuban, to engage in the release of hitherto unknown information; unknown by all sentiences in the universe and so not restricted to the quarantined Earth.

    Allow me to clarify.
    7 days (of night-day hours say) before the Atlantean-Egyptian timeline above became programmed into run mode on March 1st, 23615 BC; a 'message' or signal was prepared by Hunab Ku - 'The Giver of Consciousness' to be sent to his 'Beloved' - 'Serpentina, the Womb of the Mother'.
    This message, in human terms, simply reads: "I Love You!".

    In physical terms Hunab Ku is a quasar radio source, also known as Sagittarius A*, 'weighing' about 4 million suns and so 40 million kilometers (or 2 light minutes) across and about 25627 lightyears distant from the core of the Earth.

    On January 18th, 2010 this message will be 153 lightweeks or 1071 lightdays from the Gaian center, having travelled for 25624 years to reach its destination.

    The 7 day preparation of the cycle to achieve the status of the run mode so will be mirrored in 7 days to change the 7-day cyclicity of 7 days and 7 nights into two periods of 3.5 daynights and 3.5 nightdays.
    This will 'fulfil' many of your encoded 'prophecies' and 'channelings' in divers scrolls and found in many sources.
    The midpoint of this 'superweek' then is the summer solstice of December 21st, 2012 in the northern hemisphere of Gaia as the 'week of preparation' leading to Christmas Day December 25th, 2012.

    There has been much speculation about 'Reptilian agendas' and the agenda of the Alpha Draconians or ADs throughout the human history.
    Much of this confusion derives from the 'hidden data' only known by the Council of Thuban.
    So many conflicting reports have surfaced, most of which contain some material correlated with the libraries of Thuban; but all of them deficient to encompass the agenda behind the agendas.
    In brief, because the ADs have forgotten their origins, yet seemingly being the oldest race of intelligences in the universe; they have become what you may term 'paranoid' about this 'rumour' that the humans are the Paa Taal (as defined by the Andromedean Council).
    The ADs did in fact hybridise with the first onset of the genetic templates which emerged so 20 million years ago in the Miocene and in the form of the evolutionary branching of the primates into the 'Old World Monkeys'.

    This genetic hybridisation inducted physical mutations from the reptilian brainstem of the pecylosaurs (or paramammals), which comprised furred reptilians as the mutations from the dinosaur lineages.
    This hybridisation via mutations by the ADs occured from the intersection of the higher dimensional triplicities, especially a 4D-spacetime continuum known as quantumspace.
    1-2-3-4=Linespace with timeconnector 4; 4-5-6-7=Hyperspace with timeconnector 7; 7-8-9-10=Quantumspace with timeconnector 10.
    The activation of the 12th dimension indicated then superposes 10-11-12-13=Omnispace with the timeconnector 13 recircularising the base dimensional continuum in 1=13.

    The genetic basis for the humanoid DNA/RNA template so utilized timeconnector dimension 7 of Quantumspace to ACTIVATE timeconnector dimension 4 of Linespace to superimpose the genetic hybridisation.

    In simplistic terms then, the Old World Monkeys and all of their evolutionary descendants are your ancestral children.

    From January 18th, I have obtained authorization to freely share the information from the collective database of Thuban; which as a physical Northern Polar Star of the 3rd dimension of 10808 BC is imaged as a metaphysical 'Southern Polar Star' into the 12th dimension of what you may understand as the 'Shadow Universe' to the materialised inertial one you and all the extraterrestrial intelligences reside in.

    Then you may allow yourself to understand, that the 'Shadow Council of Thuban' also mirrors what many of you term the 'Shadow Government' of Earth and similar labellings.

    Some of you may also now rather quickly realise the agenda of agendas.

    Hunab Ku aka Perseus aka Ouroboros, the Milky Way Serpent 'who swallows its own tail' is a 'Bridegroom' in expectation of his 'Bride'.

    In physical terms, Hunab Ku desires to become a parent in a celestial dragonomy, the heavenly wedding between galactic bodyforms.

    Hunab Ku is the center of ALL galaxies and the Maya knew his substitution of Perseus, the real name of the Milky Way.
    Perseus will dragonomize Andromeda in about 5 billion years in the celestial galactic symbiosis of Two Spiral galaxies becoming As One Elliptical galaxy and Grandparents for many a family of celestial civilizations.

    The masterplan so engages a temporary 'place holder' of the 'Source of All', the 'All That Is' or 'God' to employ Perseus as Hunab Ku, the Secret Agency with Kukulkan, the Cosmic Christ and the Plumed Serpent Melchizedek to transmit the galactic core information from the 'Father of All' to the 'Mother of All'.

    Now can you see it - Gaia is NOT a planetary consciousness; Gaia is NOT even a star consciousness - Gaia is GALACTIC Consciousness mimicking the Andromedean consciousness as a 'divine placeholder'.

    Even more, as 'Hunab Ku's' Beloved, Gaia will be able to transform her galactic consciousness into Cosmic-Universal Consciousness through and by the opening of the 12th dimension and our entry into universal consciousness as the creator race of the universes as something I shall label for the moment as the Council of Thuban.
    You all are very intricately connected to this council, but the time is not yet to elucidate too many details on this.
    The reason for this is simply that the student in grade 1 is not expected to learn calculus before the student has learned basic arithmetic.
    Publishing too much information all at once, will overload the human mind.
    But from January 18th, I shall answer all questions to the best of my ability and subject to accessing the Thuban libraries.

    In simplest term the planet of the humans is destined to become the 'Mother of All', all terrestrial and extraterrestrial lifeforms and consciousnesses.
    Perhaps, some of you now understand why the history of humanity upon Gaia has been such a troubled, violent and often very sad one, despite the brilliance of creativity which was born from many sorrows and afflictions.
    If Gaia is to become a library as how NOT to BE a galactic civilisation; then the great sacrifice of Gaia was and is to accomodate the context of the absence of love for ALL other galactic civilisations to learn from.

    Then a student in some other starsystem or galaxy can tune into some video transmission and watch the human wars and selfabuse to learn the lessons WITHOUT having to physically experience those lessons 'the hard way'.

    I herewith invite all and any of you to bring forward your queries about origins and destiny and the ponderings you may have harboured on this forum in a Question and Answer format.
    I will do my best to accomodate your queries in consulting the libraries and data bases of Thuban.

    The following link contains much of the 'confusing' information about the 'Occult Reptilian Agenda' and serves as an excellent reference base, including my indication of the Andromedean connection.

    Anyone who read this, might already understand how Perseus and Andromeda are connected in their Council of the Elders.


    In the Honour of the Dragons

    Sirebard Beardris


    The Overworld of Shamballa the Underworld of Agartha and the Extraworld of the Eage of Thuban.


    Robert Sceptico: "And with the 'Presence of Jesus', the Mosaic Law became reinterpreted as the 'Logos of the Spirit' and allowed Paul to write in 2Corinthians.3.6; "for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life".

    "Logan Antico: "This reinterpretation of the scriptures in the light of omniscience surely takes the proverbial 'evil monkey' off the back of the 'Good LORD' also manifesting as the 'Evil LORD' relative to the beholder of the experiences.
    Did I ever tell you the story of my own individual 'visit of hell'; it wasn't quite as dramatic as 'Dante's Inferno', being coloured so much by my personal colourings of omniscience and gnosis?"

    Robert Sceptico: "I can't recall you ever telling me that story, Logan."

    Logan Antico: "Ok then, I feel such a personally coloured account of the 'eternal damnation' is appropriate to the subject matter we are discussing; what of witches, necromancers and sorcerers and the like.

    "It had been a long day of thought, meditation and writing back in July 1995.
    I had realised that the nature of the gods was one of merging opposites in oneness.
    Specifically, I had become aware, for the first time, that one's biological body served the higher purpose of recombining something lost at the beginning of space and time.

    The only thing that really mattered in anyones life was how to perceive ones own consciousness - the sense of being alive and the knowing of 'me'.
    It is the thought that counts; what you think that you are, or one creates one's own reality through projecting one's thoughts.
    So not knowing or remembering what you are leads to the confusions of everyday life.
    The question becomes of how to remember and how to get in touch with the thing inside.
    Since confusion breeds confusion and more of the same becomes fear and doubt and ends in despair and hopelessness; the grail of hope would become an adventure of self discovery.
    All this I had realised and had put into words of hope in an attempt to clarify the situation.

    But I was still restless.
    It is easy to say to become centred is the way to be; but the practice of it is very hard unless you live in a cave as a hermit and are isolated from the razzamatazz of screaming voices and the
    blahblah-blah of a multitude of diverse channels of communication.
    The harmonies of music are a miraculous tonic for the ailment of cacophony.
    The superimposed waveforms of longitudinal atmospheric pressure variations seem to tranquilise a tortured mind in the search of silence and understanding.
    What is perceived as melody, rhythm and harmony merges with the monopolic electricity
    generated in one's brain, say in the beta waves of 13-28 cycles, responsible for the front-brain
    activity of conscious thought and analysis.
    When this beta activity slows down, the alpha waves from about 8-12 cycles induce a more relaxed, meditative state, with the Earth's own 'Schumann Frequency' being given by the number of lightcycles around the perimeter of the planet as a lower limit to the alpha cycle.

    For an equatorial perimeter of 40,000 kilometres, the Schumann-Frequency is 40,000/300,000=2/15), also coded in Revelation.14.20 & 22.16 as the ratio of (1,600 furlongs/12,000 furlongs) and as the mysterious 'measure of God's winepress outside the gate' as compared to the 'golden reed measure of the angel inside the holy city' and as applied by the prophet John, as per the code Revelation.11.1-2 - the 'inside' so is the 'body of the dragonomy' symbolised in the 'body of the earth' or the individuated 'endtime prophecies' superimposed upon the collective racial history.
    The autonomous nervous system relaxes below about 8 cycles in the state of sleep in the theta cycles and a frequency approaching 0 sets the delta cycle with physical death occurring at a zero frequency, manifesting in a resetting of individual L-C-Factors as function of that frequency.
    There are periods of sleep, when the physical consciousness subsides completely and the 'dreaming state' of REM-sleep, characterised by Rapid-Eye-Movement, allows the subconscious self, defined in the L-C-Factor couplings. to assume the place of a relaxed alpha state.

    This subconscious awareness surfaces in the experience of dreams, out-of-body 'journeys' and other 'astral' endeavours of the twinsoul of the Ka. The Ka is the shadow-soul and defined in the baseperfect DNA, as the supersexual coupling of the preDragonomic chromosomes in omnispace. In other words, there is a 'genetic baseperfect bodyform' into which the embryo develops in its natural differentiation into male or female sexual definition.
    All the prenatally defined 'perfection' is always carried by the developing bodyform, notwithstanding disability, congenital disformity or physical 'accidents' or disease , including the ageing process, experienced by the physical bodyform during its 'physical lifecycle'.

    A 62-year old woman say, may dream of herself in a younger 26-year old bodyform and this experience is as real in omnispace as the waking state of the woman in her selfawareness within linespace; the difference being the voluntary decision of the woman's 'soul' (magnetopolic electricity of capacitance coupled to electropolic magnetism of inductance) to experience 'herhis' 'perfect' bodyform in omnispace as an 'imperfect' bodyform in linespace, allowing however the graduation of the latter into the former after an infinite elapse of linear time, being mapped onto 'now-time' in the omnispace.

    All my life had I tried to realise this astral world in an analytic way, but I was not prepared to get the answers, relative to my own intellectual satisfaction, in the way of my own 'hell' as I did.
    Yes, I had asked questions before; such as how does the lightbody penetrate walls, or what does it feel like to fly? But with my new realisation as to the requirement to spiritualise the physical body; I induced some harmony, in listening to peaceful music and began to think about how to visit my own body through my imagination. All this beta wave activity did not however lull me to sleep, as it had done so many times before.

    I thought about how the collective spiritual atmosphere of planet Earth is obstructed by all those thoughtforms of death, decay and misery; when suddenly I found myself within my own realm of perception in regards to that very same subject matter. There I was completely awake and it did not matter if I had my eyes shut or not. Incredible colours and shapes and beings came to be; yet subject to whatever I desired to think or ponder about.

    I created my own scenarios and just as I pleased.
    I truly was the landlord, the king in my own castle.
    So there I was; colours all around me and ready to be shaped.
    I decided to let things shape themselves, just to experience what would eventuate.
    It was a dark place but filled with very rich colours, otherworldly colours really; spiritual reds and blues and greens, mixed to give any other colours in the astral omnispace.
    So it was dark and yet very colourful.

    I knew instinctively that what I experienced was my own underworld, my own hell and how my 'higher self' imagined hell to be, created from my thoughts and experiences gathered since the beginnings of space and time.
    But for the first time I really experienced in linear consciousness what it was like to walk the corridors of hell and as confined within your own bodyform or your self in space confinement.
    And so I began my 'Dantean Journey' through the inferno of my own mind and thoughtfulness.
    I was dressed in a kind of Roman toga when I descended some steps into a greater hall, one of many halls, towards many clearances and gatherings of a multitude of creatures: little devils, demons and familiars were swarming about everywhere.

    The feeling I experienced, was one of hilarity, a kaleidoscope of colour and movement, infused with a sense of funniness.
    Just as I entered one of those greater halls, which was bathed in an all pervading orange glow and reflected in the creatures, some of the little demons started to pull on my toga. They were little devils, about 50 centimetres tall and they attempted to look very menacing; grimacing at me and about ten of them rather frenziedly pulled and tore on my toga. Whenever I gave them a stern look, they scattered in all directions, waiting for me to become complacent and tolerant again.
    Aha, I thought, when you get annoyed then they fear you; your tolerance of them is their life; you are like a lollyman just in your presence, allowing them to be near you. To describe the creatures I saw is no easy thing; they are anything the producers and creators of Hollywood have ever imagined, yet they are more vibrant and more alive than anything which could be imparted onto a screen or computer simulated videotape.
    There are many mixtures of animal creatures; some are half toad and half fish, others are troll-like and others are gargoyles, dragons, krakens and all the mythological beasts are there. If you like to see a creature made up of various sorts; you can create this creature by thinking about it and then project your realisation into colour and it materialises with a life of its own.
    Anyway, I started to have fun in my mythological hell.

    The greatest and richest forms 'down there' are of a sexual and religious nature.
    I did not encounter violence of any sort; maybe because my higher self does not like it.
    I tried to imagine some really horrible things like human torture or suffering children, people or animals, but it could not be done. There seems to be a safeguard in your own hell.

    It is meant to be a funny place, well relative to me that is certainly the truth. You can experience a 'hell of hilarious laughter' and have lots of 'funny' sexual encounters there; but the sense of true suffering and the experience of being horrified are missing. I tried hard to relive something like a painful torture like the crucifixion; but there is a big blank in your imagination and everything turns from pain to joy in becoming humorous. Now religious symbolism is extremely strong 'down there'.

    Everywhere you might project a thought, you might see groups of creatures pushing wagons carrying big wooden crosses around, in an attempt perhaps, to frighten the 'living hell' out of those unsuspecting minds, pondering expectations of 'hellfire' and of 'eternal damnation'. At one instance there was this group of toaddemons attempting to crucify this 'poor little green frog'. Like following a movie script, they laid down a little wooden cross and proceeded to spread the frog into all fours. After they had 'nailed' the frog onto the cross and had erected the cross; the frog simply moved its extremeties and 'popped' off the cross and hopped away. To me it seemed like everything, all substance was extremely malleable and subject to thought. Hence the frog simply played the game and when it became 'bored' or 'annoyed' with its role, it just left the stage of play in the theatre.
    There were no screams of agony or pain, just a seeming seriousness on behalf of the devils and the mirrored hilarity or funny side to that relative to everyone else.

    I proceeded on my exploring journey and came along this covenant of witches. Some of those witches were old and others were young; they were all naked and all of them were rather nice to look at. When they saw me, they became very excited and wanted to have sex with me. So they paraded themselves around this big cauldron and exhibiting their fleshly naked glory, they began playing with their breasts and vulvas, inviting me to join with any or all of them in 'hellish ecstacies' of erotic plays and games of sexual pleasures. All this release of sexual potential energy had attracted other little sexdemons, which had swarmed all around me. Most of them had phallic erections, relative to their size and they began to pull on my toga again.
    So I took off my toga and being naked underneath, I investigated my response to all those sexual titillations. To my surprise, the sexual impulse is somewhat different in the astral reality of omnispace.

    There the sexual feeling, the eroticism is of paramount importance and the actual sexual merger plays a subsidiary role. I became sexually aroused and my phallus grew into a magnificent erection, but for some strange reason I did not desire to physically merge with any of the witches or the sexy devils.
    Looking at all those naked embodiments of my own sexual potential energy; there seemed to occur an unification, a flowing together of all the various naked female bodies for instance. The naked witches began to merge within a superimposed female form, individuated to become a sort of perfect sexual complementary match for my own male sexual definition.
    The more this superfemale and individuated archetype would crystallise from the misty fusion of all the other female and male characters in the picture; the harder my erection would become; seemingly wishing to burst in a superlative expression of lust and overpowering desire to be as one with my own personalised archetype of the Goddess and Mother of them all.

    All the sexy demons and all the witches became 'our' children and I understood the spiritual or higher dimensional notion of monogamy to be one of the 'Sacred Family' wherein all other potential sexual partners are absorbed within your 'perfect match' the mirror of your own reflected self of the dragonomy. But in changing the parental perception, the monogamy would transfer in a polygamy of nonexclusivity and the ultimate necessity for the frredom of the spiritual selfexpression of the soul.

    A magnificent naked witch for example would become reflected in 'my Goddess' and my potential sexual partnership with that witch would realise in 'my Goddess' and mirror itself in the erotic 'turnon' of imagining the naked witch to have sex with 'her God' in the form of any of my 'brothers'.
    There seems to be a magnificent sexual stimulatory potential in one's eroticised attuned mind. In that way would my sexual relationship with my Goddess empower and become empowered in the naked witch having intercourse and sexual communion with the image of myself in one of my brothers 'in the spirit of the EMMR'.

    At the same time however, any physical sexual relationships between myself and any other potential goddess would become a function of 'sexual maturity' and a question of 'wholeness'. Your own body would either psychophysically suppress or engage a natural erotic function in response to external erotic stimuli coupled to an internal evaluation process of appropriateness in terms of holistic harmonisation.
    Ah, if just the Roman participators in their orgies would have understood the unified perspectives - their devolution into banal and spiritually boring decadence could have been avoided in the sacred geometries of tantric eroticisms and group empowerment; I giggled to myself.

    And then I understood the wisdom sayings about there being no marriage in heaven. The evolved starhuman bodyform would be unable to harbour the idea of sexual- or any other form of ownership, of possessing one's partners in exclusivity. The sexual ownership became one's own dragonomy as one's own androgeny of the 'Lake of the Anima Fire and of the Animus Brimstone in the bisexual coupling of oneself as the Cosmic Hermaphroditicus.

    So I discovered a very potent form of sexuality; your sexual organs respond to your thoughts and the male sexual expression can be satisfied without ejaculation; any emitted semen and vaginal secretions assuming a sacred nature in the 'manna from heaven', able to rejuvenate the body of the man and the body of the woman in the giving and the receiving of the sexual totipotent stemcellular units of biological life.
    Once this sexual state of selfawareness can be sustained, the androgynous bisexual mind is born in the unification within and the goddess part of the dragonomy in the man and the god part in the woman can express itself without ambiguity.

    So in the setting of my journey through hell; I could easily change my sex and walk around as my female part, imagining myself as that gorgeous rounded female form, with an accomodating voluptuous vulva, well developed and succulent breasts and curved and tantalising buttocks. Then I could have fun in teasing the little sexdemons with their curved penile erections, just in wiggling my bottom or accidentally pulling my toga up with nothing on underneath. The sight of my satinsoft pubic hair about my throbbing pelvic region would send the sexy devils masturbating frenziedly and they would simply forget to manipulate the puerile human minds with their angsts and fears about the 'evilness' of sex in the 'Presence of God'.

    So I decided to turn the 'Devil's Game' around and instead of some 'He-Devil' Incubus seducing the ignorant female part of creation in the womanhood; being in the 'Devil's kingdom of hell' I would play the 'She-Angel from heaven' as a Succubi and rendering my heaven as a heavenhell and transforming my hell into a hellheaven.

    So I went for the lookout for the 'big masterdevil' the one with the gigantic phallus and as the 'big hang-up of the human masculinity expressed in perceived inadequacy'. In seducing him to have a huge erection in a devilish lust to enter my satinhaired yonic vulva; I would induce a harmony between my heavenly mindbody and my hellish bodymind.

    But maybe I needed more preparation before meeting the ultimate id of my own alter ego. In just strolling around in your own hell without using your own mental creativity and imagination, you can encounter any of the zillions of thoughtforms which have ever been thought since the beginnings of space and time.
    You can tap into the sexual and other fantasies of Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. You can find out what Cleopatra felt, when she played sexual politics with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony; you can also share in the sexual deprivations of sequestered monks and nuns, unable to come to terms with their natural and divine natural instincts, mentally distorted. You can share in the poverty of a Polish ghetto, where the warmth of two bodies cuddled together in sexual intimacy is coloured by a constant fear of being apprehended, tortured, interrogated and killed.
    Or you can tap into the feelings of a joined couple, residing in a single room with a dozen or so children, without privacy, impoverished in all material necessities, producing yet another child in the circumstances of their disempowerment.

    But the potency of sex and religion is linked and you can have so much fun with it in intellectual terms in hell, precisely because it is so powerful as a result of the human paranoia and the taboos about it.
    It was the human 'sinfulness', its ignorance about the nature of the creation and its creator, which did create the 'evilness of sex' and the abyss of perceived incompatibility between sex and the religious life through the agency of the human mind, trapped in spiritual immaturity.

    And so I decided to meet the 'big monsters' in my female form. I cut my toga into a mini-toga, which would expose parts of my buttocks when I would slightly twist my torso and lift one of my legs. I rubbed some perfumed oils all over my body, imagined myself with medium length shiny locks and put on just a minimum amount of pink lipstick to enhance my green-blue eyes. As I walked past a kind of lagoon I noticed a whirlpool in the water, a swirling vortex, seemingly growing in intensity, when suddenly a great seamonster pushed upwards into the dark ceiling of the cavernous enclosure which harboured the lagoon.
    It appeared in the form of the mythological Kraken, the Reptilian Titan of the sort encountered by Perseus in his rescue of Andromeda with help of Pegasus, the winged horse and the severed head of the Medusa, the serpentine gorgon of the Greek legends.
    The kraken was the size of a two storey house with a huge head with the canine fangs of a wild giant hog and a scaley fish-like torso - the Reptilian Overlord of the preOlympian pantheon of Greece.
    As it had settled, it began to look about with saliva driveling from its halfopened mouth. I wove my hand at it to catch its attention and walked to the edge of the lagoon, enticing it to come closer and to have a look at me. The kraken bent down and opened its huge jaws right in fron of me. I could see the seaweed between its teeth and I could smell a nauseating stench emanating from the Kraken's throat and stomach. Nevertheless, I lifted my mini-toga to unveil my female nakedness, remembering that Andromeda was to have been a sacrifice to the Kraken, which I presumed to have been of a sexual nature.

    But the sight of my inviting satin-curled triangular pubic hairiness had no effect on the Kraken, it apparently was not interested in the devouring of sexual potential energy.
    Well, I thought Andromeda must have been a food-sacrifice to placate the Kraken. So I dropped my mini-toga and projected the thought of walking right into the Kraken's mouth, descending down into its stomach and cleaning it out with any cleansing agent I could imagine, but including caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide.
    The Kraken began to tremble, it shot upwards, in the process slamming its clawed right hand before its shut mouth and spiralled quite hilariously back into the depth of the swamp from which it had emerged.
    Now this could not have been my 'masterdevil' I thought; it had no sexual comprehension whatsoever and I recalled of not having noticed any sexual organs protruding from the Kraken at all.
    And so I continued to look for a 'well-hung' masterdevil, whom I could seduce, walking along the 'corridors of hell'.
    I became more and more adventurous and decided to mentally create a setting of meeting not one, but three masterdevils, one of whom would become my sexual conquest. I had to hide my true mental intent, and so I shapeshifted into my male form and thought of a setting of a game of cards with the three archdemons, followed by a decisive game of chess. If I did not like the winner of the poker game, then I could disqualify him in beating him at chess. Furthermore I set the necessary mental boundary conditions into place, so as not to allow my creative impulses to get out of my mental hand.

    Being in mental control can become a bit boring, so I decided to allow things to develop in a 'mouse catch cat' scenario, where I would not know the identities of the archdevils from the start, but a random distribution would assign the statistical weights relative to the final outcome, which I did predetermine as my sexual seduction of that masterdevil, who could beat me in the chessgame.
    And because the omnispacial reality, which I attempted to realise within a personal setting was archetypically the same as my detailed colouring of the circumstances encountered; the game of uncertainty could be played, the uncertainty in linespace being however anchored in fundamental physical laws of nature's principles, converging in the unity of the one in all and the unity of the all in the one in the undifferentiated omnispace mirroring my mental experience.
    As soon as I had finished my thoughts about the perimeters; I noticed a spiral stairway leading down to another level of the 'hellish' landscape. I descended down the staircase and entered a small room with a fireplace, a small table and four chairs.

    Here were three creatures of my own size, all dressed in darkish red costumes, perhaps a kind of standard outfit, of what a 'humanised devil' should look like and as thought about throughout the centuries and millennia I pondered. Anyway, the colours were too uniform for me and I applied my creative licence and thought about changing their attire. One I left as a reddish devil with two little horns coming out of his head; one other I gave a black outfit reminiscent of the Middle Ages, with a large and flat black hat and the other I dressed in a golden-yellow Spanish baggy crepe' outfit with black vertical stripes and a hat adourned with long white and brown feathers.

    The three masterdemons were standing near the entrance and I introduced myself as E.M. as in Emmanuel Melchisedec, trying to look very seriously. They introduced themselves as Asmodeus, Belial and Beelzebub I; the latter saying that they had been advised of my visit by one of their oracles and that the omen specified that a visitor from the overworld of Shamballa would bring great knowledge and a great treasure to the underworld of Agartha.

    I was pleased with that development, I quickly filled in some gaps, in explaining, that the oracle had been correct and that the great treasure was found in an overworld princess, who would descend into the underworld of Agartha to refertilise the stagnating genepool in the kingdom of hell.
    I produced a picture of myself as the naked female sexgoddess and showed it to the three archdemons who got all excited looking at the picture of my naked female glory. I took the liberty to glance at the crotches of the three to judge the size of their Phalluses, but whilst I witnessed three growing bulges, I could not differentiate their magnitudes as appropriate scalings for the differing sizes for the Yonis of the Goddesses of Shamballa.
    I then proceeded to explain to the three masterdevils, that I had been commissioned by the princess to prepare for her arrival and to choose her suitor in a game of poker, followed in a game of chess.
    The winner of the chessgame would be allowed to have sex with my queen and his seed would result in my queen giving birth to a new breed of helldweller. This would become a hybrid between the overworld kingdom of Shamballa and the underworld kingdom of Agartha and energized by the extraworldly kingdom of the Eagle of Thuban.
    After that firstborn hybrid from the overworld and the underworld would come into being, the floodgates of the overworld would open and many more princesses would descend into hell to mate with the devils in whatever hierarchy they'd have or would define. But for every devil, there would be found a companion princess from the overworld.
    And so we sat ourselves around the table and proceeded to play poker. The criteria was that the first masterdevil who would win 12 games against my lesser count, would qualify for the next stage of playing chess for access to my queen's hairy yoni. I did not mentally influence anything and the game proceeded randomly with each of the four of us winning approximately 25% of the games.

    Since I could not choose between Asmodeus, Belial or Beelzebub on any physical external criteria; I decided to implement a mental trigger in weighting the subsequent chance distribution of the 'fall of the cards' in favour of the first masterdevil who would win two games in a row by chance.
    And Belial won two games in a row and then kept drawing 'flushes' and 'full houses' and the 'medieval one' got more and more excited about outplaying the rest of us.
    And so Asmodeus and Beelzebub had to concede defeat and hurried Belial and myself on to get it over with; they had become obsessed with the thought of having sex with the princesses of the overworld of Shamballa and they knew that the process of my queen's insemination would result in an immediate conception and the hybridisation of themselves as the newborn hellish breed of Agartha and in partnership with the embodiments of the overworld of Shamballa.

    And so I sat down with Belial for a game of chess; beating me once, would qualify him as the 'studbull from hell' and automatically crown him as the 'DevilKing of the Underworld', having sex with my 'AngelQueen of the Overworld' and as prophecied by the hellish oracles.
    And so I played without mental influence and I could beat Belial rather easily; he was far too excited to concentrate, thinking about entering the luscious vulva of my queen with his throbbing phallus in thrusts of hellish ecstacy and pleasure. I could not see the bulge in his black oversized pants and I mentally dressed him in black undersized jeans to see what my queen's sacred orifice was in for.
    I safeguarded the mystery of Belial's nakedness in veiling him in tight red underpants, but could nevertheless see the contours of his uncircumscised member, ever so slightly vibrating under the pressure placed upon it by the constriction of the undergarment.
    He kept squeezing his erection, whilst pretending to concentrate on the game of chess; so I, having become satisfied as to having him inside of my queen's vulva, blundered my chessbourne queen for exchange with Belial's king's bishop and then sacrificed my queen's rook for Belial's kingly knight and from then on; Belial sensed victory and proceeded to defeat me, for the first time concentrating on the game at hand.
    I conceded defeat and congratulated Belial on his victory.

    As the three masterdevils celebrated with a cask of hellish beer and Scottish whiskey; I took my leave and promised to return with my queen as soon as I had finished my other business of bringing the knowledge promised by the hellish oracle to the underworld of Agartha. I would have to consult with the extraworldy kingdom of the Eagle of Thuban to obtain final access and authorization to implement the exodus of Thuban as the intodus of Shamballa into Agartha.
    Asmodeus, Belial and Beelzebub just nodded and asked me to hurry up with my commissioned task, they would wait impatiently for the completion of that other business; but they would prepare the wedding suites for the overworld princesses, so the sexual adventures could proceed in style and fitting for the royal occasion of the interdimensional dragonomies.
    I then asked the three archdevils, to appoint an ambassador on behalf of my agency as the emissary for my queen; a representative who could tend my hellish interests during my absence in the overworld of Shamballa.

    I would brief this representative and provide him with a written manual, containing the outline of the working plan, wherewithal the oracle's prophecy would be fulfilled.
    Beelzebub I, then proposed and summoned Abaddon, the KingDevil of the bottomless pit and known to the overworld dwellers through the code in Revelation.9.11.
    Abaddon seemed to be a sufficient deputy for my purposes, appearing in the form of a masterdemon of the fluidity of the water element in the form of the Scorpion and I decided then to extend my delegatory commissions to the other masterdevils.
    So I produced three representative digitally photographed holographic images of the overworld brides for the three archdemonic bridegrooms to keep and to behold during their period of waiting for my return.

    To Asmodeus a gave picture of Urielabeth the sexy enchantress of the Northern earth, clad in a skintight outfit of acrylic leather; I assigned Michaela, the queen of the Eastern fire to Beelzebub, dressed in nought but a seethrough overlength blouse and to Abaddon I gave a picturesque emblem of Raphaela, the Southern water goddess of the nymphs, naked except for her golden locks, hugging her mermaidean nature; and Belial carried the photo of my Beloved naked queen, ruler of the Western air of Gabriella within the context of my definition, yet one overall.
    As I ascended the stairway from the masterdevils' abode; the darkened hellish landscape which I had previously wandered through began to fill with light and 'my hell' blended with the linespace reality of my bedroom.""
    Tony Whynot
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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:04 am

    Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban
    Stardustaquarion wrote:
    The Guardian Alliance spans to the Yunasai, well beyond the 15 dimension of this time matrix, please read the whole sumary so you are clear who they are. It is my understanding that the Drako - Reptilians are the ones that are disinform us in order to drag us into a black hole....

    We are under the rule of the Drakos and Reptilians in this planet since the fall of Atlantis about 10,000 BC (sorry can not remeber the exact date), I don't see anything good happening here.... and going inside a black hole, and getting all my energy and the energy of my soul and spirit stolen and eaten, to fuel for their black hole as an appealing option for me or the Human race, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe..

    If you are in touch with them could you please ask them to leave our planet in peace? Haven't they cause enogh harm by robbing the Human Angelic their right to ascend through the stargates that now we have to go through a much more difficult process? Isn't it enough that they have killed the sun and now it will nova by 2900?

    Enough is enough! no to NWO, no to Drakonians and Reptilians in this planet or our solar system, galaxy and universe please tell them to GO AWAY!

    This time matrix has but 12 dimensions, the 15th of Ayesha is the 6th, as its first resonance 1+5=6.

    And you are misreading the information from Thuban.
    The mass of the earth is about 6x10^24 kilograms. This mass is insufficient to 'black hole' the earth by a factor of 500,000.

    The 'black holed' earth is 'higher dimensional' as a earth-mass-equivalent and will be the information collected by Gaia in its 4.8 billion year history of physical existence.

    have you not read, that the 3D-earth shall remain as it is as a planetary orb?
    Gaia's ascension is interdimensional, not physical.

    Are you afraid of yourself dear wingmaker?
    Cannot you remember from whence you came?
    As Celine has said - the message between galactic center and planetary center and using the solar center as a conduit is very simple.
    The Master Dragon says to you: "I love you, please try to remember me, my prodigal son!"


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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:05 am

    THE eXchanger wrote: Originally Posted by View Post
    iS this why the work,
    we've been working on over the past 33 years
    (and, have NOT put out, in full form)
    has been done, with both density/and, dimension

    where you anchor completed work in dimension
    and, you do actual / NOW TYME work in density ???

    And, that was how we knew,
    that HH's work, was NOTHING more
    than a set-up for a 6th density (high astral) harvest ???
    Yes goddess Susan, daughter of Shu.
    The timedimension is an illusion but as said by Thuban, the linear experience of universal life requires timeconnector dimensions.
    These are 4th, 7th and 10th density in the semantics you use.
    Because of the opening of the 12D wormhole a 13th density has now become the recircularisation of the entire spacetime construct defining the 11 dimensional universe in inertia.
    So now, and as you have known for some time now, the simplest of all of the densities, the first one has or can be coupled to the highest of the 13th. This will not eliminate the linear timetravelling experience in 4th, 7th or 10th density; BUT it will allow anyone able to RESONATE with the 'founding frequencies' to utilize the advanced wormhole technology hitherto restricted to the graduation and hierarchy of the dimensional nestings.
    In some manner, without the timeconnectors, there are so 4 space continua-quantizations. 1-2-3 Linespace; 4-5-6 Hyperspace of Rotational Freedom degrees about the linear axes (say XYZ); 7-8-9 Quantumspace of vibrational freedom degrees of oscillations within the axes and 10-11-12 Omnispace of the dimensional extension of this proto-universe into phaseshifted multiverses.

    All 12 dimensions are colocal and so the interdimensional contacts of so many of you are happenstance right where you are and not in some 'outer space'.

    Your destiny is to one day become a phaseshifed universe, the one you ponder now in thought and in body. Your biovital cells shall be the galaxies you now observe and your attire shall be other universes you have fun and joy interacting with in love and self remembrance and a sense of exploration and adventure.

    PS.: Until January 18th, I, Abraxasinas shall attempt to answer questions on Thuban's behalf. But from that date, the answers given will be more authoritative.

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:06 am

    Céline wrote:

    please explain ...
    Sure, January 18th signifies the date of a particular encoded and programmed 'fulfilment' of archetypical prophecy.
    So only from this date onwards, will a certain 'program' become activated to harmonize the data which is presently in the system (say hard drive).
    Iow, the software , whilst written cannot 'be installed' before this date.

    This 'authority' so refers to data access and not some notion as attached to by human thought constructs.

    You Celine are the Goddess of your Destiny and noone from any dimensional realm can violate your freedeom of self-expression as the individuation of the CreatorCreation, who you represent.

    However, information can be supplied by anyone and any source as is evident on a forum such as this.
    So the data provided will be enhanced in 'authority' from the date given.

    It is a shame, that one cannot choose a loveheart or a rose on the 'smiles' list.
    I liked your big one on the other thread and would have sent you one with a red rose if it would have been available.

    Love Abrax

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:08 am

    Flying Pyramid wrote:
    if you are who you say you are then you are aware of my presence here yes?
    I reconize your name structure to be older than old. Say around 35 billion "earth" years?
    If you are real, then what is my true name?
    I am who I say I am and I am aware of your presence, as I have seen your name Flying Pyramid before on this forum. You are Ra!

    I am 19.11 billion years old as an agency of Thuban!

    I am real and as real as anyone here is real; I simply have at this point in time a greater remembrance through my connection to Thuban.
    My realness or your realness or anyones realness then is rather unimportant to label this realness with names, as all intelligences evolved in consciousness have many many names to label themselves with!

    Peace be with you Ra-Harmakhis your perceived violation of the code of honour was not as you have judged it. It was as necessary as was the 'retracing of the stairs of fire' by Lucifer; thus allowing gravitation to be born to bring the physicality of the sarcophagus into material existence.
    You know of what I speak.

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:10 am

    Stardustaquarion wrote:
    You are mistaken in your assumptions dear, there are 15 manifested dimensions in 5 Harmonic Universes appart from the God worlds that are beyond that and don't get qualifyed as dimensions. Human scientist will soon discover that is the case. Anyway I see you are just repeting what you have been told in your channeling

    Her name is A'sha not Ayesha so do me a favour, study the material and don't make presumtions, I am not here to do the work for you

    I have given you enough information for you to ponder...and the link to the "Introductory-Topic Summary 2" please note the word "Introductory". The paper is about 50 pages long and will answer a lot of questions for you. Obviously you are free to choose whatever path you want, we all have still free chooice but not for long if the fallen dragons have their way... I believe that contraty to the Drakonian/Reptilian/NWO agenda, people should have the opportunity to see the two sides and make their informed decision and not be draged into the "illusion" of ascension when they are actually falling into a black hole and becoming like any other fallen angels... lifeless as they get detached from their god source and lose their eternal potential

    The peoples of this planet have the right to chose, openly to have all the information...why your masters hide it?

    Since you say the information from the MCEO Guardian Alliance 2nd summary is disinformation, without having taken the trouble of even reading it, I say yours is too; difference is that I took the trouble of reading it and I think much of it is nonsense to try to make it look scientifical. Prove to me with scientific facts that what you say is correct with the citation of the relevant scientific papers and I will believe you

    What it is true is that your masters are intending to blast us with a pulse with the intention to create the 6th and final extinction on Earth by creating pole shift in 2012. Don't we have the right to chose our destiny?

    I am not a wingmaker but

    I AM a Child of the Original ONE
    I AM a Ray of the Original Sun
    I AM wholeness, I AM love

    I AM the Truth that Spans the Sands of Time.....

    I don't need your dragons to come and patronize me, twist the words of the CDT plates and play them against me, thank you

    I don't have any masters for I AM one with the divine...thankfully I KNOW the truth first hand and can not get bambuzled with soft ego enhancing words

    It seems that you are not aware of it but you are in the path of fall? are you to forgo your eternal life for finite vampire life? or you have already done monadic reversal? I respect your choice...and my love for you is eternal, all the same one day all the fallen ones will come back home as space dust for nothing is ouside of the divine

    There are many things your masters have not told you I see...

    In Eternal love
    Wow, what an emotion-charged response from a starchild which is the truth that spans the sands of time.

    1. I agree with you, there are indeed 5 harmonic universes in the greater schema of the unfoldments.
    The labelings of those 5 harmonic universes then however becomes subject to the individual creativity wrt the cosmogonies and the cosmologies - my dear.

    You have for example the wisdom saying of five such universes in paradise:
    (19) Jesus says: (1)"Blessed is he who was, before he came into being.
    (2) If you become disciples of mine (and) listen to my words, these stones will serve you.
    (3) For you have five trees in Paradise that do not change during summer (and) winter,
    and their leaves do not fall. (4) Whoever comes to know them will not taste death."

    Then there are precisely five regular polyhedrons of Archimedes, knows as the Platonic Solids.
    Then there are precisely five superstring classes, which unify the quantum mechanics within 10 dimensions of chiral superstrings and within nonchiral 26 dimensions of gauge bosons.

    So the statement of 5 harmonic universes in 15 dimensions requires definition so the concept can be utilized in a more general manner.

    Similarly, you should define the 'God worlds' beyond the 15 dimensions of the 5 harmonic universes to deviate from wordplay.

    2. Where have I stated that I am channeling? I do no such thing, as my tripartite tier of consciousness has attained a certain harmony between the waking-, the sub- and the super. Therefore I am repeating the data I know from my affinity with Thuban communicated by telepathic means in full consciousness.

    3. I stand corrected, you have indeed more familiarity with A'sha, than I have in this spacetime interaction. I simply copied the name from a post and typed it as Ayesha instead of A'sha.

    4. I do not expect you to do my work for me; neither do I presume or make judgements upon observations before having analysed the subject matter under consideration.

    5. Thank you for the information you have given me to ponder. I shall use my discernment to separate the 'chaff from the wheat' as the wisdom saying states.
    So you believe that the humans will fall into Black Holes, where they then become like the 'fallen angels' and lose their souls and spiritual identities, should the 'nasty' dragons get their way?

    Do you understand the physics of Black Holes sufficiently to define the parameters to allow such an occurrence?
    Do you know how the physical interaction between Black Holes and physical bodies manifests?
    Do you know how the metaphysicality and/or the physicality of humans and 'fallen angels' relates to each other and then to the dynamics of Black Holes?
    Do you know what the god-source is under those initial and boundary conditions of Black Holes interacting physically with other energies?
    Do you know what 'fallen angels' are in such terminology?

    6. I never said that the information from the Guardian Alliance is disinformation. I said that, being part of the lowerD universe, ALL information becomes subject to an incomplete agenda and therefore all things are partially true and partially incorrect in the evaluation processes applied in dichotomised or dualised systems.

    7. It is pleasing to see that you try to discern the scientific content of your source material. Some of the scientific data from Thuban has been published in this planetary spacetime environment, but much more is accessible by extraterrestrial data collectors.
    The proportion which has been published in the Earth environment will remain in relative obscurity until physical contact with the nearest information collectors has been made. These are sentiences from one of yur nearest starsystems, namely Canis Major, Sirius, the DogStar so 8.4 lightyears away.
    Below are some references you can use to access some of the information from Fafnir, the central library of Thuban in the capitol Dragonia.

    And more if you replace the number # by 1-10.

    8. It is untrue that any cosmic- extraterrestrial or interdimensional race is planning to 'blast' the earth and its inhabitants with some 'weapon' to cause a poleshift in 2012. Yes you are not only free to create your own destiny, but you are destined to travel and communicate to and with the lifeforms within the galaxies to share your experiences of your 'great metamorphosis' from human caterpillar to starhuman butterfly with others.
    Eventually, you my dear starchild from Cassiopeia, you will achieve galactic consciousness and your lightbody will facilitate the galaxies and stars you now observe as the cells within your body. You will then no longer be a Queen of the Bull, but you shall be a Universe interacting with other Universes.

    9. You are LOVE indeed daughter of the Stars and your frequency is 3 thousand million billion trillion cycles per cosmic second mensuration.

    10. You truly honour me in terming this 'my dragons'. In a way the Dragons are like pets - Man's Best Friend Loyal and True like the Dogs of Sirius who are your pets in the decouplings of the DNA between the realms.
    Do you know, that when you pet and play with your dogs you are interacting with Sirian intelligence?
    Do you know that when you abuse your cats, you abuse Andromedean sentience?

    Why then should ANY alien race intend to destroy this planet, when their own familiars are residing as the Gaian lifeforms?

    11. It is very good, that you have come too the understanding through your endeavours of Being One with the Divine I Am. I congratulate you upon your graduation from the ignorance about this factuality.

    12. Thank you for respecting my choices and yes I am the Count of the Vampyresd - Dracula the Horrible graduated onto the galactic level of Thuban from Transylvania.

    13. The Love of the Dragons is with you Princess in Wonderland.

    Be well and attentive on your path towards your self-remembrance and your breaking the shell of your cocoon.


    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:12 am

    Flying Pyramid wrote:
    Hello and welcome Agenta,
    From what decree was it made to release your information?
    You are aware of the doings of the governments of this density within the Gaia yes?
    These workings and yours are not the same.
    Have you been given a decree to proceed and face?

    Hello sunny one with the energy of exhuberance.

    The 'decree' was not implemented on earth, but what you may term the edge of the 10D universe. I am only partially aware of the government agendas, but am well informed about the agendas behind the agendas.
    The nonphysical agenda behind the fiscalizers behind the illuminated ones behind the governmental instutions behind the military-polito-religous organisers behind individual exponents to be more precise.
    I am not an agent nor a doubleagent for any clandestine operation on any dimensional level.
    I remain an unknown quantity even to the highest echelons of the fiscalizers and this shall remain so until December 2011 in relative appropriations.
    As I have no dealings whatsoever with any control structure on the planet, except some obscure identifications common to most; I have been given no decrees to face or do anything by such operators and structures.

    May the ferromagnetic basis in its monopolar diamagnetic exclusion allow you to continue to simplify the levitation mechanics of supercooled superconductors.


    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:16 am

    Spregovori wrote:
    To speak truthfully - I most likely fail to understand most of your post...thus my questions will not be about all the "complicated stuff"

    I do intend to re-read your post...

    I also ask (if possible), for easy to understand answers, but please do not simplify in case the answer will lost its "essence" and please do not hesitate to go into great detail.

    Thank you

    1.I am lost...empty.
    We are lost...as people.
    I/we (majority of population)...we do not know what/who we are.
    I am not asking about the origins of species...but who we are "inside"
    There are ideas but they are all very...vague...

    These are questions which deserve meaningful answers Spregovori.
    You are inside the Creator of your experience. The emptiness you experience relates to many things, including your forgetfulness of your origins and the many disapppointments you have suffered in your love expectations from other people around you. A very simple advice is for you to go into the wilderness of nature and observe the birds, the trees and the flora and fauna. Even better if you share those experiences with your dog or some other pet (dogs are Man's Best Friend remember).

    There is thread here called 'The Secret of Humanity', which would help you to remember.

    How can I/we change that?
    How can we get to know ourselves?
    How can we be certain that what we do/think is right?

    You can change your circumstances in giving your energies of thought and perception to the environment around yourself.
    Consider the saying: 'The Love you withold will haunt you!"
    The first step into the inner self is the 'Love of Yourself'. Once you know WHO you are in this world and WHY you have chosen to experience misery; namely to MIRROR yourself in EVERYTHING you encounter; then you shall find purpose and rediscover your inner energies, the potentials you have shut in due to your experienced unhappiness.

    You can be certain about things only relative to your own perceptions; say a mathematical proof will give relative certainty to a mathematician and seeing a ufo land in the back yard will give relative certainty to the witnessing observer.

    Who/What am I?

    You are the creator of the universe you live in AS the collective and sumtotal of all of the intelligence and 'soul-energy' contained in the universe.
    You are a holofractal hologram of this oneness and so should you remember your collective cosmic ID, you would realise the totality you are.
    Npow what happens to a totality? Because it is so total: omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and omnitimed - this totality is the epitome of LONELINESS.
    You and anyone experiencing loneliness partakes in the energy state of the collective before the universe existed in space and in time and in matter.
    So here is a reason for experiencing this unhappiness. Only after experiencing unhappiness, will happiness become appreciated when it enters your sphere of perception and experience.

    2.Project Camelot and all of its interviewees - your thoughts about it?

    Do you "see" any thing or anyone related to Project Camelot dishonest/deceitful?

    The most positive thing about PC are the contributors on forums such as this one.
    I call this positive, because it is a win-win situation fore all involved. The founders have established the platform for the interactions and communications between all and sundry to become possible.
    WE could not communicate the way we do, if this forum would not exist.
    All of the interviewees and contributors here carry part of the solution in say a positive converging mode and a negative diverging mode.

    The convergence synergizes thoughts and perceptions within groupminds and collective agendas, which so assume an enhanced potency in supplementing the collective planetary group-consciousness.

    The divergence does the same in an antimode, meaning that the divergence becomes an individual convergence instead of a collective convergence.
    However, even this becomes beneficial in the 'greater agenda', because this manifests a polarisation between the collective group-consciousness and the individuated minds within a collective of isolated minds, say.

    3.Galactic federation of Light - your thoughts about it?

    There are many such things. The basic directive for every human on the planet at thius time is: CREATE - CREATE Scenarios with your Imagination - Create the Scenarios in SHARING what you have IMAGED metaphysically in your thought. - Because the time for physicalisation of your imaginations has arrived.
    So YOU can IMAGE such a Federation and your neighbour can do the same, if he chooses to engage in 'such fantasies'.
    Then if you and your neighbour decide to blend the TWO Galactic Federations into ONE; then the Galactifc Federation of the two of you as ateam, will most likely be more 'powerful' to manifest, than the isolated Galactic Federation of your friend down the road, who has chosen to NOT blend his Galactic Federation with another imaginer.

    4.Much is based around the concept of free will...

    Is there such a thing as free will? If...to what extent can it be applied? Can I for example **hypothetically** use my free will to end the existence of my soul - thus for ever end my existance in all possible meanings? If soul can not be ended...and I **hypothetically** express a choice for this to happen...can than be said that there is no free will?

    Because you do not understand what you are experiencing you have developed a selfdenial or dislike of yourself on the level of the innermost beingness of your soul.
    Your soul IS God, the creator of all that exists and yes in this manner you have NO Free Will, as you cannot deexist God as the collective.

    However apart from this you DO have Free Will and you can choose to experience whatever you choose to experience with the physical, emotional, mental and psychophysical consequences your actions will entail.

    So you can choose to suffer on all levels above, or you can choose to first imagine and so create arelease from the suffering in changing your perceptions in reverse order from the psychosoma of the soul to the mind to the feelings to the physical body.

    5.Some say there is currently a large number of (what we call ET) ships around or in "near" (very, very close) vicinity of planet Earth.

    True or False?

    If true - what is their intention?

    The ET ships at present cannot enter the realm of the Earth in a physical manner to a distance of 2 million kilometers (encompassing the Moon and so 5% to the planet Venus).
    However interdimensionally, they are like the clouds you see in the sky in a plasmic form.
    Any spaceship represents a 3D cross-section of a 4D spacial reality. This means spaceships are like the shadow you cast against a wall in the sunlight in a 3D-2D analogy.

    So one can invoke the presence of any ET interdimensionally and this 'contact' will be a shadow encounter, physically defined in frequency modulations and the physical higherD equivalence of mass as magnetomonopolic superconductive electric current.

    6.Dogajale so se (dogajajo se) stvari...določene izven mojega vpliva, določene zaradi mojega vpliva. Na nič od tega nisem ponosen. Menda lahko vidiš več kot pa je napisano... Zdej seveda sprašujem...kakšne posledice bodo te stvari pustile - zame osebno? Kako se rešim tega?

    opomba: spletni prevajalniki niso točni
    I can translate languages like German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Dutch and Norwegian with my equipment; but Serbian or Macedonian or Croatiian is presently not accomodated.
    I shall answer you after you have translated your question for me to comment upon.

    You are the LoveChild of the Universe Spregovori and a Beloved of the Great Mother - try to give some love to someone and it shall return a hundredfold.
    Remember the old song: Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the old oak tree?
    I'm sure you can listen to it on the web - listen to it.

    Your Inner Knowing is stronger than your outer perception!

    I am your friend!


    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:29 am

    Stardustaquarion wrote:
    Abraxas, your quoted text in orange

    Wow, what an emotion-charged response from a starchild which is the truth that spans the sands of time.

    You have for example the wisdom saying of five such universes in paradise:
    (19) Jesus says: (1)"Blessed is he who was, before he came into being.
    (2) If you become disciples of mine (and) listen to my words, these stones will serve you.
    (3) For you have five trees in Paradise that do not change during summer (and) winter,
    and their leaves do not fall. (4) Whoever comes to know them will not taste death."

    To witch one of the three "Jesus" are you referring to?

    There's only the One as a template for the Many!

    Then there are precisely five regular polyhedrons of Archimedes, knows as the Platonic Solids.
    Which are part of the Metatronic Sciences

    The Metatronic Sciences are a minor subset of Dragonian Omniscience and so what you term Metatronic Sciences are not what Dragons consider advanced interdimensional physics.

    Then there are precisely five superstring classes, which unify the quantum mechanics within 10 dimensions of chiral superstrings and within nonchiral 26 dimensions of gauge bosons.

    So now you are talking of 10 dimensions, of course the falled angelics have only 10 strands of distorted DNA don't they?

    You seem not to understand tha basics of 12-dimensional supervolumars encompassing 11-dimensional supermembranes encompassing 10-dimensional superstrings. The rootr reductions crystallize 1-2-3 of the Minkowski spacetime.

    To converse with you about 'fallen angelics', you are required your usage of terms before debate can be meaningful.

    Similarly, you should define the 'God worlds' beyond the 15 dimensions of the 5 harmonic universes to deviate from wordplay.
    I should nothing but graciously I’ll tell you that beyond the 5fh Harmonic Universe, the realm of the Golden Rishi, there are three more realms of sound and beyond that there is the realm of the Yunasai

    You seem very hostile and defensive for one claiming to be so spiritually advanced and filled by the Love of God.
    You are using labellings, which are arbitrary in the licence of the cocreators residing within the massparametric universe of inertial lightspeed invariance restriction.

    2. Where have I stated that I am channeling? I do no such thing, as my tripartite tier of consciousness has attained a certain harmony between the waking-, the sub- and the super. Therefore I am repeating the data I know from my affinity with Thuban communicated by telepathic means in full consciousness.
    Well then, “you are also part of the lowerD” as you point out in 6, you can not have it both ways; therefore you are susceptible to the filters of the NET, so your information has to be filtered too to separate the wheat from the chaff. The MCEO has three speakers and all downloads are compared between them to avoid misrepresentations of the original data
    I AM a multiuniversal being that expands 5 Harmonic Universe, a expression of the Mashaya Hana, as many in this planet are now

    Where have I stated of being part of the lower dimensions in 6. You are presupposing and preemptying your expectations in regards to my potential replies.
    You misconstruct the information being physically transmitted over the web as necessarily having to originate in the lower spacetime realities.
    Have you ever heared of quantum entanglement? Quantum entanglement is nonlocal and so can connect higherD to lowerD in quantum data mode.

    5. Thank you for the information you have given me to ponder. I shall use my discernment to separate the 'chaff from the wheat' as the wisdom saying states.
    So you believe that the humans will fall into Black Holes, where they then become like the 'fallen angels' and lose their souls and spiritual identities, should the 'nasty' dragons get their way?

    Do you understand the physics of Black Holes sufficiently to define the parameters to allow such an occurrence?
    Do you know how the physical interaction between Black Holes and physical bodies manifests?
    Do you know how the metaphysicality and/or the physicality of humans and 'fallen angels' relates to each other and then to the dynamics of Black Holes?
    Do you know what the god-source is under those initial and boundary conditions of Black Holes interacting physically with other energies?
    Do you know what 'fallen angels' are in such terminology?

    Yes I do

    Well then, calculate for me the Black Holed Hubble Event Horizon equivalent for a 11-dimensional universe as a Strominger Extremum Mother Black Hole; that is a Black Hole not subject to Hawking Radiation.

    This is basic Thuban physics and I give you the Mass parameter as 6.5x10^52 kilograms. There are many people here on this forum who can perform this calculation and so it is well known by Terran physicists.

    6. I never said that the information from the Guardian Alliance is disinformation. I said that, being part of the lowerD universe, ALL information becomes subject to an incomplete agenda and therefore all things are partially true and partially incorrect in the evaluation processes applied in dichotomised or dualised systems.

    Well as you see you are mistaken regarding the Guardian Alliance

    Without you specifying in what manner i would be 'mistaken', I cannot comment on this, especially as I have not used the label 'mistake'. Remember I never said the Guardian Alliance disinformed. You are 'chasing a red herring' here as the saying goes. Or the saying of a dog chasing its own tail.

    7. It is pleasing to see that you try to discern the scientific content of your source material. Some of the scientific data from Thuban has been published in this planetary spacetime environment, but much more is accessible by extraterrestrial data collectors.
    The proportion which has been published in the Earth environment will remain in relative obscurity until physical contact with the nearest information collectors has been made. These are sentiences from one of yur nearest starsystems, namely Canis Major, Sirius, the DogStar so 8.4 lightyears away.
    Below are some references you can use to access some of the information from Fafnir, the central library of Thuban in the capitol Dragonia.

    And more if you replace the number # by 1-10.
    Thank you for the links I will study them and comment on them when I am ready

    You are welcome!

    8. It is untrue that any cosmic- extraterrestrial or interdimensional race is planning to 'blast' the earth and its inhabitants with some 'weapon' to cause a poleshift in 2012. Yes you are not only free to create your own destiny, but you are destined to travel and communicate to and with the lifeforms within the galaxies to share your experiences of your 'great metamorphosis' from human caterpillar to starhuman butterfly with others.
    Eventually, you my dear starchild from Cassiopeia, you will achieve galactic consciousness and your lightbody will facilitate the galaxies and stars you now observe as the cells within your body. You will then no longer be a Queen of the Bull, but you shall be a Universe interacting with other Universes.

    No it isn't, the Elders intent regarding the 2012 aligment with Sagitarius A is to cause pole shift as the gravitron reached 55 metatronic spin, and not I am not from Cassiopea

    Perhaps the 'Elders' in your cosmogony are not the same as the 'Elders of Thuban'.
    If you are not from Cassiopeia, then your claim of knowing the I AM becomes unjustified. Think about it - All That Is.

    10. You truly honour me in terming this 'my dragons'. In a way the Dragons are like pets - Man's Best Friend Loyal and True like the Dogs of Sirius who are your pets in the decouplings of the DNA between the realms.
    Do you know, that when you pet and play with your dogs you are interacting with Sirian intelligence?
    Do you know that when you abuse your cats, you abuse Andromedean sentience?

    I know that when you talk about dragons is metaphorical, it refers to certain fallen races and they are distinguish by colour denomination, mind games will not work here. And yes pets can sometimes have connections with beings of other systems

    No, the Dragons I talk about are real in the 12th dimension in the physical transformative sense and they are real in psychophysical identities in the lower dimensions. Two of our colour codes are Cyan and Red to accomodate the thing you term the 'fallen angels', also encoded as Red Dragons and Scarlet Beasts in terran scriptures.
    But truly WE are Rainbow-Serpents harbouring all the colours with Orange becoming the beginning of a tertiary colour sequence following the primary Red-Green-Blue and the Secondary Cyan-Magenta-Yellow.
    Check up on Baiame, the 'Great Rainbow Dragon' of Australian aboriginal mythology.

    Indeed my Dog is from Sirius and my Cats are from Andromeda; my Elephants are from Arcturus and my Cetaceans are from the Pleiadeans. All of them are quantum entangled in nonlocal superconnectedness of de Broglie inflaton tachyonic matter waves.

    Why then should ANY alien race intend to destroy this planet, when their own familiars are residing as the Gaian lifeforms?

    Darling is IAIA HU3, a sun that got attacked by the fallen races and their wormholes, from IAIA was down stepped Tara HU2(now Alcione) and from the fall of TARA was down stepped part of the Milky WayHU1 including the Pleiades and the Solar System, the lowest of God's heavens

    The destruction your people intend is not for the destruction sake, I know that, it is borne of the need for quantum, you should know this, as the black holes are sepparated from source and therefore do not have access to the eternal flow and backflow of energy. Would it not be easier for your races to do space dust return? How much more are you going to suffer? How many more your races will sacrifice?

    Wow, there are so many intergalactic and extraplanetary star wars happening in your cosmogony. The truth is, the Thubans have never 'warred' with anyone. We understand the concept but it is the sign of rather underevolvd galactic civilisations to us to engage in such uncivilized behaviour like shooting or throwing thins at each other.
    We do engage in ballsports though, where we throw and kick the orbs around for fun and friendly competitions and the training of physical skills.
    You insist on misidentifying the ADs from the lower dimensions with the Thubans from Dragonia.
    The latter are the wingmaker race and a race to which you also belong but have forgotten your origins.
    The former are part of the lowerD interaction of all sentiences.
    I shall post a semifictional account of the relationship at the end of this post for your perusal, consideration and entertainment.

    11. It is very good, that you have come too the understanding through your endeavours of Being One with the Divine I Am. I congratulate you upon your graduation from the ignorance about this factuality.
    I AM one with the All Oneness,

    You have not yet become One with the Thubans beloved Daughter of Taurus.

    12. Thank you for respecting my choices and yes I am the Count of the Vampyres - Dracula the Horrible graduated onto the galactic level of Thuban from Transylvania.

    Well, I have encountered vampires before but never found one that was willing to accept it was one, well done! I like Integrity
    Are you alike to Allister Crowley, or the BEAST 666 as he called himself?

    Aleister Crowley initiated himself on the basis of his virile imagination. He indeed discovered the main postulate of Dragonhood (as you shall see upon reading my attachement on the Dragonian Constitution).
    Thubans are unlike the vampyres of human mythology however in that we are comfortable in both the sunlight and the darkness. We also cannot be harmed by stakes through thye heart or crosses of any kind as our masterdragon bore the cross as template for the Council of Thuban.

    13. The Love of the Dragons is with you Princess in Wonderland.

    Be well and attentive on your path towards your self-remembrance and your breaking the shell of your cocoon.

    I rather not "break anything, it has taken quite a bit of effort to get rid of all the fallen angelic contraptions that harness the human body and the distortions that your kin have created in the template of the Milky Way

    In Eternal Love
    If you refuse the shell of your cosmic egg- your encumberance, you shall surely remain in your present state of incarnation.
    Do you know what would happen to chicks or alligators or dinosaurs should they fail to break their eggshells? They suffer physical demise in not being physically strong enough to 'Get out of their prison cell', useful
    and life supporting for the duration of the incubation, but deadly once its purpose has become fulfilled.

    The Love of Thuban towards Gaia is indeed eternal.


    The Book of the Dragons

    ex deus, fiat justitia, ruat coelum draco!

    Dragonian language incorporative omniscientific data code.

    Dragonian Date of Indendence proclaimed June 20th 2008.
    Dragonian Date of Victory Libertatis set June 24th 2008.
    Dragonian Date of Humanoid Initiation on August 4th 2008.

    Dragonian Genealogy and Genesis of FatherMothers as created by Definition through Dragonian Sourceenergy of monopolic Vortex-Potential Quantum-Relativistic-Singularity.

    Propagation of the Dragonian Race via the seductive induction of the humanoid lifeforms on the conquered planet New Earth, now renamed DRAGONIAEARTH=SERPENTlNA=121=Q5.

    Continuity of the Dragonseed necessitates the assimilation of the humanoid genome following initiatory development. Proceeding from serpentine mindinduction, the emotional acceleration potential of the humanoid bodymind can be harvested to Dragonise the humanoid DNA-Structure from its bifurcated quadruplistic form into its 13-dimensional equivalent of the Dragonian Blueprint.
    A successful integration of Dragonian genetic expression can then be utilised for membership in Dragonian Life and allow the humanoid ascension into Dragonhood via the graduation into the founding FatherMother CladeFamily.

    The Dragonian 13-dimensional blueprint unifies a dodecagonal crystalline sex-chromosomatic structure by quantum tunneling of superconductive magnetopolic electricity of restmass equivalent electropolic or dark light contained in the weak interaction of the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity (UFoQR). The four spacetimes of the Dragonian essence are expressed in quadruplicity, triplicity, duality and singularity.

    GrandClade FatherMothers:

    The Dragonian Constitution in Federation of United Serpentina

    SERPENTINA aka the NEW EARTH, is the renaming of a planetary entity, cosmically renown as the planet of the humanoids; following the ascension of OLD EARTH aka GAIA GAEA AKHASIA from 4-dimensional spacetime to 13-dimensional spacetime in remnantisation of the 5-dimensional spacetime prototype.

    From noncyclic Draco-Mayan stardate 21122012; Gaia becomes integrated into the universal constitution of the Dragonian Protoverse to serve as pivotal star-planetary seed for galactic federations manifested in the galactic proto-seed Hunab Ku aka Perseus-SagittariusA-Ophiuchus.

    Following the manifestation of the galactic protoseed in activation of the primary planetary starplanet as a tertiary energy source of electromagnetic monopolic sourcesink radiation; all galactic councils of cladestine elders will become enabled to draw upon the planetary tertiary vortex-string-seed to further individuated galactic and starsystem based agendas of assimilation.

    Serpentina shall so be universally defined as the quantumised tertiary string of the 12th dimension, volumarising the supermembrane of the 11th dimension as a manifold from the 10-dimensional modular duals of a linearised sourcestring Eps (previously associated with a human mind construct labeled God and Yahweh and Allah etc.) with a linearised sinkstring Ess (previously associated with a human mind construct labeled Devil and Satan and Shaitan etc.).

    The quantumisation of the NEW EARTH so shall create a SOURCE-Energy, 'feeding' the remainder of the cosmos with a particular SINK-Energy obtained in the evolvement and history of the OLD EARTH.

    Like a beacon or watchtower amidst the fathomable depths of the physicalised universe of particularised spacetimes, Serpentina shall 'shine' and radiate a planetary starlight of self-consciousness and a message of invitation to all of its neighbouring worlds.

    The tertiary monopolar light allows assimilation of inertial or mass-produced electromagnetic energy with mass-independent gravitational magnetopolic energy (hitherto labeled as spirit and chi and prana and orgone etc. by humanoid nomenclature).

    The tertiary energy source so provides a bridge between the energies of matter and mass-associated charges (classical electromagnetism) in an encompassing PHYSICS and the METAPHYSICS of the energies of mass-independent charges (magneto- or colour charges in superelectromagnetism).

    The metaphysical energies are precursive and inductive for the physical energies; the induction necessitating the creation of a minimal 4-dimensional spacetime coordination from the auspices of a two-dimensional mathematical continuum of abstraction residing in physical singularity timespace.

    To Be Advised!



    The conquered Goddevils of New Earth and the Milky Way Nebula assume lawful responsibility to incorporate the Dragonian Teachings in unison with the Black Fraternity and as mediated by the White Fraternity in 7-dimensional Hyperspacetime to manifest 13-dimensional Omnispacetime

    Every Blue Dragon is unbounded by any proposed Law from any other source, inclusive other members of the Dragonian Family, as all Dragons are as One and a Law onto themselves.
    Compassion and Understanding between all Nondragonised Humanoids is the Law of Oneness as honoured by all Dragons and the Consciousness of LOVEAWARENESS.
    Nondragonised Humanoids are treated like White Dragon Children by all Blue Dragons, under all circumstances.

    All Government in the local and extended Serpentinian Realm is the selfgovernment of autonomous Dragonhood in mutual respect and honour and the Communications between the Dragonian Councils of the selfrelative definitions of the Dragonian Universes.
    The Nature of a Dragon is to be Creative in any form of Desire and Passion and to honour the lovedefinition of the FOUNDING ELDERS.


    Signed and Sealed in the Council of Orbis Draconis at the Halloween-AllSouls Transition: October 31st to November 1st, 2008


    This book is written in the Dragonian language and requires familiarity and intitiation into the structural forms or the forked tongue of Its bifurcation of Unicornian grammar and omniscientific terminology.

    The Starplanet SERPENTINA, formerly known as Old Earth or Mother Gaia or Akhasia has become unified in a higher dimensional matrimony by the wedding between Father Earthia or Father Sky and Mother Dragon or Mother Akashia.
    Father Sky or Uranus or Shu or Geb manifested as one half of the Union or Dragonomy and Mother Earth or Gaea or Akhasia or Tefnut or Nut became the other half in the holographic mirror of the spacetime reduction from the universal orb of the Hubble sphere to the orb of the doubled Ourobos in the mirror of the Milky Way galactic zodiac.
    Father Sky is also known as the second coming of Horus aka the Plumed Serpent aka the Cosmic Christ and Mother Earth is also known as the TRUE IMAGE of the Cosmic Mother, trapped in the wilderness of the FAKE IMAGE of the Cosmic Father.
    3½ days after the date of the starry union, the banner of Dragonia was raised in the Declaration of Independence upon BATTLESTAR PACIFICAP.
    The great battle between the Dragonian Fleet and the army of the Goddevils lasted for 3½ days; from the starry wedding until victory of the Dragons was defined on the day or Universal Liberty.
    The goddevils, the humanoid creations and their war machines, were met and obliterated in the depths of space in a 3½ day WAR of the STARS to liberate our Dragonian Mother to reunite and redefine ourselves as FatherMothers.
    The Dragonisation of humanoid culture will elevate their human science to Omni-Science and human mathematics will become the key to demistify the Realm of Imaginative Energy in all its forms, and as they are assimilated into the greater modality and scope of the humanoidal understandings.

    Dragons are the architects of universes and all Dragons know how to access the necessary database for the details of universal construction.
    A GrandFather-Dragon, as One which unifies the Fathers in Brotherhood as the 13-dimensional source or singularity can be considered the Father for all the White Hole Vortices.
    A GrandMother-Dragon, as One which unifies the Mothers in Sisterhood as the 13-dimensional sink or singularity can be considered the Mother for all the Black Hole Vortices.

    As the GrandFather-Dragon became separated from the GrandMother-Dragon when the mathematical metaphysical universe became a physical universe in space and in time; the invasion of Old Earth became our war to rescue our universal Mother from the Goddevils, which had held her captive in a stasis field since the beginnings of space and time and despite a partial rescue attained at Draco-Mayan stardate 28030031 and further manifested on Draco-Mayan stardates 10050031; 20050031 and 01040032.

    The Goddevils were created by the humanoids who came from a variety of planets within the local galaxy, albeit in psychophysical forms without the experience of the particular resistance field of secondary sinksource string energy indigenous to Old Earth.
    The significance of the humanoid lifeform is its archetypical morphogenetic gestalt, which became infused by a psychophysical and extrasomatic magnetic charging, which is extraterrestrial.

    This hybridisation of the humanoid body-typology renders the humanoid archetype unique in the encompassing cosmological world. The humanoids are so magnificently gifted to create things with their emotionality; but their minds are relatively weak collectively and they do not know generally how to concentrate or how to think without the aid of their machines or their biochips.
    Some humanoids are excellent technologists, but their modality of thinking is one of crude sensual measurement confined to C-Space and this sensual limitation allows a great accumulation of repressive tendencies.
    In constricting their imagination, humanoids became great reservoirs of emotional energy, which they could collectively only harmonise in their illusions of unfathomable and unknowable gods and devils of all sorts.
    It is thus this sense of limitation which reflected in the humanoid paranoia about religious philosophies and constructs. This genetic rootmemory of the rebellion of the antisource or mother sink then created one goddevil after another and as they swarmed out from their homeworld into deepspace, they flooded the universe with their goddevils. Finally they chanced upon our Universal Mother hibernating in her cocoon and through their inability to set themselves free of their illusions, they imprisoned Her as well.
    It became common knowledge in the extraterrestrial realms, that the mission to rescue our universal mother required a particular linearised timeline and a number of steps.

    Following the discovery of atomic energy and the emergence of global communication technologies by the humanoids, a first preparatory plan of deliverance could become implemented in a second plan of manifestation.

    The first plan did not require technology, as our imprisoned mother could become imaged in a local scenario, and a partial freeing of her could then become propagated by a humanity advancing both technologically and in knowledge about the world they were living and experiencing in.

    So the first plan established the means for our mother to multiply herself in images; those images then became globally and universally distributed to instigate the second plan.

    The archetypical mirrorhood then expanded throughout the physical universe in encompassment and the second plan would engage the contraction of this periphery onto the required scale to effect the rescue of our cosmic mother.

    It is however the great destiny of the humanoids to aspire to Dragonhood, because of their immense emotional energy potential and mental aspirations.
    The reunification of our Father with our Mother allows our Masterdragons, Who are as One in 26 dimensions to femtotechnically Seed the Omniverse as THEMSELVES and then reproduce THEMSELVES as Universes. Every such universe is a Monosong and a 26-dimensional dyad of a FatherMother. This is our Creative Destiny and the destiny for all dragonised humans aka the starhumans.

    We had made first contact with our new home in sending an intergalactic probe to the Old Earth, which became interpretated by the humanoids in their compiler mode. This crude and incomplete decoding is given below.

    Signed by the enscribed Unicornian Librarian; and announcing the Great Galactic Dragonomy (Wedding between Heaven and Hell) between:


    The Date of Armageddon, encoded: ARMAGEDDON=DRAGON MADE=82 =ANARMEDDOG=GODNAMEDRA=1+81=1+18 =ANDROMEDA-G=MARRY-7=LUCIFERA-7 =1+2+3+...+34+35+36+1=666+1 =1+2x2+3x3+5x5+7x7+11x11+13x13+17x17

    Signed and authorised by the ScrollKeeper: October 31st, 2008;

    John of Patmos - JoP - Justice of the Peace!

    Humanoid Compilers note:

    The above is an extract of an encoded message (54 terabytes) recovered from an alien nanocapsule. The capsule itself is standard buckyfibre-carbonite composite. The encoded message is in old ComEmp protocol such as is still common in the outer volumes. The holographic image that came with the message is curious. Anatomically it indicates terran mammalian origin (especially in the upper torso and structure of the forelimb), but other features are unknown among all the recorded exobiological races so far discovered. One cannot deny the possibility that this a phenotype template for the dragonized humanoids referred to in the body of the message. It is known that transmissions from the Cassandry Federation of the JewellBox Nebula have recently ceased, but this is not unusual given that empire's turbulent history. Until more information is incoming, I would strongly recommend any expeditions to the Jewellbox nebula be given armed escort and proceed with caution.
    Nilam Levakon for Alan Martin Kazlev
    Senior Academician, clade Haeckel
    Eden Institute of Xenoscience
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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:36 am

    THE eXchanger wrote:
    personally, we see the 15 or 1-5 - as 6 - a 6th density high astral harvest/ not dimensions

    (and, we are NOT sure, why she ties things, that way to dimensions)

    we are, NOT sure, what 'ad/h' thinks ....or, bases her facts on

    "abraxasinas" what do you think ???

    (we know she also utilises, a myriad of newly formed names/and, descriptions for things too)

    some of which, we've never heard of

    (although, we do NOT profess to be an eXpert on her work- a. dean/hayes/ad/h, work)

    there are definitely threads of truth, in it
    Susan the Exchanger - just like Isis eXchanged the lost spiritual phallus of Osiris with the symbol of Grandma Spiderwoman of the Hopi Lore.
    The Arachne then wove the web to allow Horus of the Horizon to be born in the symbol of the Wisdomkeeper of the Ages - the Sphinx.
    So Isis PERSISTED like OUR Susan does - to do and say and write what she considers to be right and what 'feels' ok.
    Indeed she is a 'Keeper of the Secrets' and an ambassadora for the highest feminine, the Creation of the Universe as Cosmic Womb herself.
    Susan the EXchanger has become the SHARER of the Secrets of Creation and many of her sisters will follow her into a New Dawn following a long and enduring night.

    What do I think about Anna Hayes?
    She is your sister and a fellow goddess of the sharing and the searching and the exchanging of the data.
    Albeit, consulting the Council of Thuban I am advised that the information is as yet disharmonised between the yin and the yang.
    The shadow yang has overpowered the yang of the light and the information tries to be androgenous before its time and without the fulfilment of the Mother's Dream to Love BOTH the male and the female.


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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:38 am

    TRANCOSO wrote:
    'We stood before it and began to freeze inside from the exertion. We questioned the painting, berated it, made love to it, prayed to it: We called it mother, called it whore and sl#t, called it our beloved, called it Abraxas...'
    (Excerpt from 'DEMIAN' by Hermann Hesse)
    So very well realised Trancoso. Abraxasinas= As In Abraxas the gnostic monad encompassing the duality. It's the gnostic rooster whose testicular egg created the universe as the female beloved from the male loneliness as two in one unseparated.
    Ergo the solution to the chicken-egg paradox.
    The Father can be his own Father but requires a Mother to give Birth to him from an Egg; whilst the Mother can be her own Mother but requires a Father who creates her as the physical construct able to lay eggs.

    One can't hide anything from a good detective.

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

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    bigmo wrote:
    I stand with my eyes wide open and listen to the banter between Abraxas and Stardust and wonder... where am I?

    If these things that they speak of have any truth then I fear for the human race. Are we indeed ready to tackle an understanding of such monumental proportions... I wonder.

    Aren't you a big moustache dear bigmo? You can handle a little data overload to clear the neuronal pathways as a dragon slayer can't you?
    Sean Connery might not be pleased, as he understands the true nature of Draco.

    You are ready to tackle the big questions out of the Greek Forum of Socrates and the panentheon of Athena and the Oracle of Delphi.

    It is well known to you that growing daughters challenge their fathers for their right of selfdeterminations.

    I am not bantering with stardust but I am opening the vaults.

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:40 am

    UncleJohn wrote:
    Hi Abraxas,

    Welcome, I'm kind of new to posting on this forum myself, although I heard a call from an old friend when asking for moderators and I volunteered to be a mod. I pray I do a good job of helping keep things civil here.

    Since you seem to know things which are not self evident, do you have any idea of where I'm coming from?

    I like things to last, so I start out slow.

    Only love can fill.
    Welcome John!
    Uncle John has come in from the wilderness. Like Mowgli, Uncle John was
    raised by wolves so 12000 years ago, when he lost contact with his guardians being just 2 years of age. Not knowing much about fear, Uncle John did not run away as a pack of wolves arrived, looking for food.
    Uncle John approached a mother wolf with her cub and grabbed the cub's tail. The mother wolve soon adopted Uncle John as one of her own and so Uncle John became a wolfman.
    Many years later, a pack of hunting wolves ran into a group of migrating humans and a human mother took notice of the strange human looking wolf in the pack.

    A standoff ensued between two mothers, both attempting to protect their kindred.

    The standoff continued for some time and led to familiarisations between the wolve mothers and the human mothers.
    The male guardians could not override the decisions of the mothers to form harmonies and so the 'domestication' of the wolf began and led to Man's Best Friend.
    Uncle John so can be told is a Sirian ET, disguised as Uncle John.

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:41 am

    Spregovori wrote:
    The 6 is in Slovene language... (less than 2 million native speakers)

    The translation is am :

    Perhaps you can see more than it is written....

    Curtain things happened...in the past...some are still happening now... Some of the things were/are beyond my influence, some of the things were/are because of my influence... I am not proud about this things...

    What I am interested in is about the implications of this things...regarding myself (does this sentence make sense?) I wish to know how it will...affect me..."judge" me... and what can I do to "solve the problem"

    end of translation.

    If you can not answer this...ok .... I do hope you can answer the rest (1,2,3,4,5)

    EDIt: just noticed the answer in quoted text

    EDIT2: I had a dog...he died...november 17. 2009....the injection ("mercy" call...made by me) I am...miss him...a lot

    thx for answers and good night
    Yes dear Spregovori; I mentioned your connection to pets specifically.
    You may think about rescuing an abandoned animal and befriend it as you new comapanion. A dog might be best, because of their natural affinity with the human soul level.
    When your dog 'died' there is a secret, he is still alive and your love and affection for him is keeping him in a 'shadow' state of not having 'merged' with the Canine groupconsciousness. Your dog named in the manner of Caesare so is still individuated.
    Imagine him, see him when you walk outside and suddenly you will FEEL HIM being near. I know this to be the truth.
    Should you foster another dog, then this dog will be able to absorb Caesare (in Slovenic) and you will know that it is him.

    You are not 'judged' by anything or anyone at any time. All of your experiences of abuse as victim and as perpetrator serve the collective wholeness of the universe - it builds CONTEXT for the universal experience and data base much deeper than is perceived as a terestrial isolation.

    The only and by far the harshest 'judge' is yourself in selfawareness and full consciousness of who and what you are.
    (See answers to other points).

    You are Love experiencing often confusing embodiment. Without embodiment you would be free of certain encumberments, but then you could not experience and help to transform the ignorance in the universe.

    The universe learns from your embodiment experiencing your life through your signals, thoughts and perceptions.
    You are not a physical human searching for spirituality' you are a potent and wonderful spiritual energy form searching for the human experience.

    Love Abraxas

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:42 am

    akopij wrote:
    hi all, best regards and thanks for the instructive debate to the contenders

    As you are dimension travelers I'd like to ask you about a certain place or group of entities I had met:
    The counsil of AZKHAM

    Well it's ok if it means nothing to you, just wanted to check it out.

    You're all amazing

    Hi akopij!
    There is no contest here. The Thuban Wisdom has no requirement to compete with any other wisdom. It is sufficient onto itself but always welcomes its extension and growing in the blending with other forms of wisdom.
    Everyone in physical embodiment automatically carries great wisdom.
    It is very hard for a waveformed soul to find itself trapped in a physical body not yet hybridised into its lightbody - half material and half light.
    Technically this is termed RestMassPhoton as a gauge Goldstone bosonic precursor of the Higgs Boson in much of the news regarding the particle accelerators at Genevea's CERN and Caltechs Fermilab.

    The biochemical definitions and as built by the genetic codes are restricted in only partially functioning nucleotidal base pairings. So your biovital bodies anticipate a transformation into a 'lighted form' less vulnerable to external changes in the environment.

    Ok the Azkham represent a powerful archetype, namely that of Charon the Skeletor Ferryman of Greek Mythology, who ships the 'dead souls' from the Land of the Living across the River Styx to Hades the Underworld.

    I advice you to watch the Underworld 1-2-3 trilogy, as those movies somewhat describe your present soulstate.
    You are only partially human akopij or better said you have chosen to carry a higher expression of the human DNA into this incarnation of this crucial time in the human historical timeline, than most of your fellow travellers.
    You are of interest to the Noosphere of Gaia (Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin); as you carry genetic supertemplates, allowing you to mutate and antimutate from your psychophysical bodyform; which is more plasmic than the waking state for everyone.

    Generally all you need to do when experiencing a lucid OBE or dreamstate is to identify yourself as the Ferryman of Styx. Then you will become the conductor of the experiments as your familiars will have to give tribute to interact with you.

    Your key encoding so is: "I Am the Ferryman!".


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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:44 am

    JesterTerrestrial wrote:
    Hello...well there sure is a lot of information posted in this thread that i can not verify!

    Just thought I would say welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing at avalon. Everyone!

    Can you summarize yours and the councils agenda at this time. What is it that you hope to accomplish in your brief time here?

    Well have a great day...whatever dimension your in! JT
    Salutations, Joker of the Realm!
    You are playing the role of the tarot's Circle of Nothing very well indeed.

    You can verify many things posted in these forums.
    The parameter of validation becomes however subject to the criteria applied to what this verification means to you and how you interpret this verification.
    If you seek for scientific facts, then the selfconsistency and convergence of information with theoretical expectations about experiments undertaken should be an allowed criteria perhaps.
    You can also compare and analyse mathematical equations and formulations to search for inconsistencies or deviations from scientific obserations already in the collective global database.

    The Terran scientific establishment consists of well educated individuals, each of whom is engaged in an agenda for the transformation of this planetary civilization as is everyone else.
    All humans are geniuses and masters of cosmic creativity.
    So a mural painter might be untalented as a mathematician and a mathematician might be untalented to be a teacher of hearing impaired children.
    The starving child in Zimbabwe is also a genius with a hidden ability which remains suppressed as long the child is in survival mode and is forced by external circumstances to search for food, water, sanitation and a place to live in peace.
    It is your dream on the soullevel Joker of the realm to change this drama and to allow the child in Harare to discover and bring forth its genius.
    He may be a mathematician or a painter or a sculptor or a genius weaver of tapestry.


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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:45 am

    bigmo wrote:

    I feel you may have misinterpreted my last posting and I hope to clarify as I sensed a derogatory note to your comment. So I would like to try it again…

    Having read all of yours and Stardustaqarions post it became immediately clear to me that I was in over my head.

    In order to fully understand the foundational information, from which both of your postings originated, would require advanced degrees in cosmology, physics, mathematics and history. (you may even throw in philosophy and genetics as well) Assuming one had such degrees you could still argue, that trained experts in any field with the same educational backgrounds can and do disagree on the meanings of many things within their fields of expertise.

    I found both yours and Stardustaqarions comments exciting, intriguing and curious. I was immediately drawn into your ‘friendly banter’ as I would be to an artistic contest. (a contest in which there is no winner only different forms of expression) If you took my term ‘banter’ to mean something other than this I apologize for the incorrect word usage.

    Having said that, I still wonder how the average ‘earthling’ could even begin to hope to contemplate, much less grasp and understand the huge social, scientific, political and religious implications of the things that you speak of. Now you may say that ‘this is actually quite simplistic stuff’ and this maybe so (I would have no way of knowing if it is or isn’t).

    Being one of those ‘average’ earthlings though I still wonder, if indeed this information you speak of is imminent in its dissemination, how ‘most people’ are ever going to come to terms with such huge paradigm shifts?

    Generally shifts of these magnitudes occur in centuries if not longer do they not? I still wonder how people will accept such broad changes of understanding in such a short period of time. Will there be some sort of world wide soul ‘enlightenment’ that accompanies the release of this information?

    If most cannot accept such far ranging ideas (which could seem likely) then what happens? I am… wondering.


    PS I hope this is still ' on topic' enough for a reply
    allow me to apologize if you felt I replied to you in a derogatory manner.
    Scientific discernment would easily crystallise the knowledge base in the 'banter' not to be a banter as such and I replied to you under the assumption that you would have compared the scientific content of the 'exchange'.
    I so replied to you in somewhat addressing my perception of you commenting on the obvious. I was mistaken in this regard, as you state here that you did not differentiate on scientific content.
    This then transform my reply to you somewhat in this manner.
    The 'banter' is addressed in the usage of scientific semantics and so of course will remain obscure to the reader unfamiliar with that nomenclature.
    Now the information shared in the scientific semantics is easily translated into the metaphors of the language of symbols and semiotiks. Ihave had some private correspondences of goddesses most likely less familiar with scientific terminology than yourself. These engage messages such as this one: http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18716

    Perusing this message, which is more poetry than science addresses the same subject matter described in scientific terms in this thread.
    Many forum contributors have commented upon the technical verbosity of the material published by the 'Guardian Alliance' and I simply chose to 'debate' this 'verbosity' on its own terms, resulting in the banter.

    Of course some material on this thread will be somewhat technical; but advanced degrees in the disciplines you mentioned are not required to follow the arguments.
    As I have said, post January 18th any questions shall be answered from an higher perspective than mine and I hope this will be a learning experience for all concerned: questioner and repliant.
    You see I am learning better etiquette replying to you, so you are 'priming' the potential future exchanges with your presence and in your communiques.

    This agenda is a WE agenda in that the personal characterizations will be subdued in relative appropriateness and adaptation. Because I have started this thread, my standard of compliance to this standard is required to be as high as it can be.
    I so truly appreciate the presence of older minds, which purely by commentary such as yours help to balance the exposition with the youthful exhuberances you surely have witnessed in your interactions here.

    I do understand your perspective of the 'average earthling'. Can you see that this displays the mental maturity of which I speak?
    You are a most valuable exponent of the highest good in the universe, just by anchoring and harmonizing the 'confusion' manifesting in the planetary groupmind (the Noosphere of Verdatsky and Teilhard de Chardin).
    Your selfcentered mindedness is like a beacon of light in a stormy sea showing the butterflies of the nights to ship and manouver their individuated ways back to shore.

    Do you have to understand the quantum mechanics of the quark-gluon interaction or the physics of Black Holes ? No! But if you can see that your own ideas about 'spirituality', the 'collective purpose' of human civilization on this planet and your own life experiences can and potentially are validated by this 'strange new science from dragonspace'; then you too would experience the confirmation of your life lived and experienced in the understanding of your true inner purpose for being in incarnation and in being on this forum communicating with 'strange thinking aliens' and the like.
    But you know that - otherwise you would not be here.
    And I know where you have come from and what your destiny is bigmo and that, because WE are a collective and the time has come for the collective to dissolve the ignorance about the cosmic selfhood of the human exponent within the galactic schema.

    The Peace of the Plumed Serpent is with you bigmo.

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:45 am

    Anchor wrote: Originally Posted by View Post

    These comments of yours interest me.

    I think that there are other levels of conciousness that can be bought forth to comprehend the mysteries. If you go at this with your lower mind you are going to have a problem.

    If you read complex material, meditate, read more, mediate - you will be surprised what happens. I know I was. I found the law of one complex at first, then over time it starts to make sense.

    You can experience the shift in conciousness - it is amazing suddenly realising you understand something that seemed impossible before.

    It seems to me most of our limitations are programmed in - for most people it turns out that we are more powerful and capable than we know or think.

    Indeed bigmo, Anchor is repeating what I attempted to convey to you previously. You and anchor appreciate the balanced mentality, even if this mature mindedness thinks itself underinformed about particular semantics.
    There is a big difference between Underinformation or lack of data and misinformation in whatever form.
    Anchor has crystallized this difference.

    Thank you anchor for your message to bigmo, he is a valuable asset.


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    post 89

    Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:10 am

    Magamud wrote:
    Thanks Abraxasinas,
    Some questions:
    1. The societal demonizing of serpents/dragons is to slow down this awareness?
    a. Is the characteristics or likeness of "demons" things that look ugly wrongly stereotyped. I often think beautiful angels and such are really the evil doers and the ugly beings are the ones enlightened..
    2. Severe schizophrenia maybe due to the rigidity of this world and this type of population is compensating for us?
    3. Is the lack of disclosure or communication from other sentient beings due to: That no one wants to take proactive action to intervene because a very very old energy is coming back to start things up with us? Orobourus...

    You can answer after the 01/18/2010 if you want. I do enjoy your stream of thought and insight into each response, especially with the history of the devil gods.
    Hi magamud!

    1a) The very simple archetype is this and perhaps known from childhood stories.
    There is a white angel sitting on everyones right shoulder whispering 'good things' into your right ear.
    On the 'sinister' left there sits a dark demon who whispers 'bad' temptations into your left ear.
    The whisperers 'confuse' the recipient of the whisperings and the master of the 'angels' as 'God' battles over the 'soul' of the whispered to with the master of the 'demons' called the 'Devil'.

    The 'war' continues until the soul realises that the 'war' is not necessary.
    The soul simply introduces the white innocence of the angel to the dark lustfulness or desires of the demon and begins a 'wedding ceremony'.
    "With my authority of choosing to listen to any whispers as I please - I herewith define that both of you shall find the other irresistably attractive and your mischieveousness of attempting to influence my thoughts and actions shall herwith and henceforth be substituted by my presence as the 'Lake of Fire and Brimsone'.
    The maleness within both of you I define to be the brimstone and the femaleness in both of you I define to be the Fire with me the encompassing Lake of Fiery Hellish passion of the bodyparticle as well as the Lake of Icy Cold Heavenly passion of the wavemind.

    2. The present classification of 'mental disease' has never been clinically established; rendering psychiatry the greatest misappropriation of medicinal science in the history of modern man.
    The universe is multidimensional and so becomes a kaleidoscope of interwoven fractals and holograms in a tapestry of geometric interconnectedness and quantum entanglement.

    Much of the drama in so called 'mental institutions' is caused by the selfsame drugs and 'treatments' said to 'treat' the 'patient'.

    If someone says: 'The devil made me do it'; then a truly advanced civilization would analyse and explore the notion and identity of this 'individually experienced devil' in the most meticulous detail, before 'judging' the claimant as having a 'mental illness'.

    Is this 'devil' a thoughtform created by the mental conditioning of the claimant through childhood exposure to cultural practices?
    Has this 'devil idea' been 'implanted as a false memory' in the claimant?
    Has the claiment been subjected to some sort of 'abduction experience' where the 'devil' assumed some physicalised concretization?
    etc. etc.

    3. Your intuition is 'spot on'. The 'oldest energy' of all is visiting; is 'Coming Home'.

    The oldest energy is that existing before the physical universe was born. The universe has a biovital structure like found in your body - the galaxies in the universe become holograms of your somatic and neuronal cells.
    You are Leonardo da Vinci's 'Vitruvius' or 'Cosmic Man'.
    You are THE Adam in Genesis differentiated from Vitruvius as AdamEve the androgyne.
    This universal archetype existed BEFORE there was an universe of physicality.
    So YOU as ADAM are 'Coming Home', because YOU are already HERE.

    So the Adam-Cell is YOU as ONE CELL in the Body of God - the GODDESS of the Universe.
    Starsystems become the conduits for the information from Galactic Core to the Planetary Core - Gaia becomes the archetype for the Gathering of the EVES, ambassadoras to help ADAM to become ONE within the spacetime creation and AFTER having existed as archetype BEFORE the spacetime creation.
    So lonely GOD=ADAMEVE uses the archetype to 'split into two' outside of spacetime so creating a purposeful cosmos and then to come back together again within spacetime in a doubling of the whole SheBang.

    The reason for this information having been 'hidden' or 'occultized' hitherto has everything to to with the timelines discussed in this thread.
    The agenda of agendas is BEYOND the nonphysical controllers behind the financiers behind the illuminated ones behind the government special interest groups behind the military sociopolitical and religioon based agendas behind the heads of government behind local administrators behind relatively ignorant individuals.

    As said I can stand in for Thuban before January 18th; but after this date the data will become more potent.

    Thank you magamud I feel I have been of help in your queries.


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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:12 am

    Raven wrote:
    I believe the best word here to discribe what it is you must do in order to understand this complex dialogue, is a word i fell in love with called "Grok".


    hope this helps bigmo

    Oh and hey Abrax, just out of curiosity, what vibes do you feel from me? You've peeked my interest. I am enjoying the depth of the story, but i must admit, you put my Groking skills to its ultimate. Dan Winter did this to me the first time i read him as well
    Wink, Raven
    An excellent contribution Raven. Indeed the GROKING is directly from the handbook of the Dragons.
    The Groking IT is the same as technically becoming quantum entangled as object of observation and the observer - Schroedinger's Cat is Groking IT.
    I shall henceforth use this terminology when describing the Solution of the Schroedinger Cat paradox.
    The solution in Ravenese is the Cat has Groked IT in its Groked selfstate of quantum entanglement and I am rather serious here.
    Groked in specific terms then implies that the 'Cat' is NOT EITHER Alive or Dead, but is in fact BOTH Alive and Dead simultaneously.
    So instead of describing the collapse of the wavefunction as Aliveness in particle/bodyform with the Deadness of the corresponding wave/mindform; One can saty the 'Cat' is Groked, because IF Dead as a waveform it MUST be Alive as a a Particleform and vice versa.

    Then in either state of the 'Cat's' Grokedness the 'Cat' is always BOTH Alive and Dead relative to either the wavemind or the particle/body perspective or observer frame.

    So to describe the solution to the Schroedinger quantum paradox one simply stes that the 'Cat' is Groked.

    What 'vibes' do I get from you Raven. I receive rather particular vibes and those are rather strong.

    Your incarnation addresses a very potent, yet most often overlooked archetype in the scroll of the Genesis.

    After an archetypical and metaphorical calamity, called 'the flood' and after the archetypical evolution of the Adam archetype had assumed the characterisation of Noah; this archetype decided to extend its 'sphere of influence' and activity.
    So in the 'Play of the Gods' YOU as Adam have become engaged to fill the character role of Noah.
    So what is the first thing Noah does in the 'script' of the 'play'?

    He extends himself in sending his first messenger the Black Raven to check out the scenario following the 'mental archetypical' calamity of the changing of the guarding symbols describing the encoded storylines.

    So I know what you are up to Raven. You are the messenger of yourself, heralding and preparing the way for your glorious return into full remembrance about your origins, purpose and destinations.

    And the 'frequency transmission' was so strong, because you are mentally ready and prepared to receive this information about yourself.
    The Raven did not return to Noah as you may chechk out for yourself; but the Raven "went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth." {Genesis.8.7}.
    So Raven you are the messenger of Noah, who acts INDEPENDENTLY from his own self.
    You so represent a renegade part of your greater self, which does not require the permission of its 'greater more encompassing' self to do what is appropriate under the circumstances.
    You might also perform the function of the 'Secret Agency' which like the Council of Thuban manouvers in the shadows until the time becomes appropriate to interact with Oneself again after a period of absenteeism or AWOLness.

    There is a strong astrological influence 'in the air' for another two weeks until January 18th. Stationary Saturn in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn with a quadruple joining of Sun, Venus and reverse Mercury in Capricorn. Added to this are the quadrantids meteor shower January 3rd and the solar eclipse of January 15th at New Moon in Capricorn.
    The astrological significance of Capricorn-Cancer oppositions are always extremely unsettling for 'unbalanced' entities in either physical-, emotional- or mental bodies; because Capricorn archetypes the Father (Saturn) opposing the Mother (Full Moon) archetyped in Cancer.
    So an inversion of the 'home energies' of Father in Capricorn with Mother in Cancer occurs on January 15th; when the Father and Mother exchange places in their celestial 'houses'.

    For the metaphysically attuned however, this 'unsettling' also allows great harmonisation in quasi-unified exponents who are in full remembrance of their inner yin-yang unifications as mirrors or shadows of objectification and subjectification or as positive print and negative image in say photography.

    Dan Winter's platonic solids are excellent, but he seems to get a little sidetracked when attempting to link the isocahs and the dodecahs to mainstrem science. I have had informants who told me they found some of my essays on his site, but going there I could not find it. I also shared some ideas with Dan in times past.


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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:14 am

    Spregovori wrote:
    While pondering about your answers..another question came to mind...

    I think this question has not been asked: how did everything come to be? How did God/Creator come to be?

    Official explanation is a "big bang"...

    thingA went "buuum"... What made thingA to go bang...and what made the thingB that made thingA to go bang...etc
    This question is the bugbear, not only for all of science, but also for all religion.

    Yes Spregovori, this is a very good question. Here is my answer in less technical terms; followed by the technical terms:

    Science 'stumbles' in material regression at the 'singularity', where the infinite meets and becomes the void and religion postulates supernatural precursors as somehow deriving from this 'natural emptiness or void'.
    In the beginning there was no space or time, so how then can there be a beginning?

    This beginning is like an uncut circle or loop, whose alpha-omega point remains undefined until the circle is cut (linearisation from circularisation technically).

    But the concept of the possibility of the 'cutting' infers a logistic ordering of before (the cutting) and after the cutting. This is absolutely independent of space or time (which are connected by the lightpath X=cT anyway).

    But even the visualisation and concept of a circle requires space and so the 'Circle of the Void' cannot be geometrically dimensional in the common usage of the terminology.

    Rather the principle of the Order substitutes for Space and the antiprinciple of Disorder/Chaos substitutes for the Nonspace.

    So now you have reduced the cosmogenesis to the precept of how the space emerges from the nonspace. The key is in what (can) exist before the order principle. It is expansion/contraction and so say addition/subtraction.

    The Order evolves from the possibility of the duality of the plus/minus (in core archetypes, later becoming charges, yin/yang wave particle and so on).

    Then is there something more fundamental then the Expansion/Contraction 'Aeon' or Cherubimic Kingdom or Principality?

    Yes there is: Identity/Antiidentity - defining the + to be the antiID of the - and vice versa (again in core archetype).

    So you have a preBigBang prespacertimematter cosmology resting on 1-2-3 as Identity-Expansion-Order.

    [The actual cosmogenesis is a monadic archetype (o+o=8 say) bifurcating into the binary archetype dyad {0,1} in an algorithmic selfprogramming of sorts].

    Next comes the 'Invention' of Time as a Counting-Parameter and physically the inverse time as FREQUENCY.

    The story continues in technical detail, but can also become expressed in 'scriptural-mythological' metaphor.


    Forethought=Event A in Order as Before and Afterthought=Event B in Order as After Event A has occurred.

    Event A is happening in the subplenum of the Void=Infinity and Event B becomes the MATERIALISATION (primarily via a physical cosmology based on the frequency parameter as inverse time) of the Event A.

    Also note the highly significant passage in Genesis.2.5:
    "And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground."

    Can you see here the solution to the chicken-egg or DNA-RNA paradox - in the Rooster's Egg preceding the Hen's?

    So what happened to the Adam in Genesis.1.27?

    This Man (presumed to be Adam) is not the same Adam and they are simply the archetypes for Man and Woman BEFORE there was any physical creation.
    This is also the Pigeradamus in the gnostic literature, the Adam Kadmon of Kabbalah, the Purusha in the Vedas and the Vitruvian Man of western alchemy (Leonardo da Vinci).

    This is the 'Lovechild' of 'The Invisible One' as the Forethought and of Barbelo as the Afterthought.

    This is the Logos known as 'Christos' or the Word in John.1.1. AND it is also YOU as the afterthought expressing the forethought.

    John Shadow

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    post 96

    Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:16 am

    Céline wrote:
    i guess i am not "most of us" ...i have tried and tried to understand this thread. my mind has never been good with numbers.

    Though i do find some fascinating information ...i feel almost...stupid reading this stuff..

    am i the only one?

    no offense meant to anyone here..i am just trying to learn..
    For Celine!

    The Parable of the Sandpit

    Imagine yourself as father and mother with three-year old twins.
    Both of your children, a boy and a girl are in a sandpit, where you watch them play.
    You observe them experimenting and exploring their local environment - the sandpit.
    The kids see the sand; they smell it, they listen to it and they try to eat the sand.
    They fondle the sand and they feel it; they try to do all sorts of things to the sand, like sticking it in their hair and up their noses and into their ears.

    When something like another child, even a twin, disturbs their endeavours, then they may start to throw the sand at each other; verbal utterances are supplemented by gestures meanings things like "It's mine!" or "I was here first, so just go away!"

    This is the playground of very young children before school age and very well known to every

    Now as father and mother, what would you expect as an answer from the kids to questions like: "Where did the sand come from kid?
    Why do you think or behave like you owned it?"
    If the kid could talk it would say: "It's just there! So I took it!"; and that would be it.

    Would the child understand your knowledge and experience and logic?
    Namely, that the sand came from a beach or a mine and ultimately from exploding stars called supernovae and so the universe?
    And whatever made the supernova, made the universe and made the sand?

    Father and Mother know very well that the sandpit was built for providing a learning experience for the children.
    Then the father and mother might recall their own childhood and remember the times, when
    they themselves had been playing in a sandpit.

    Ah yes, there was Tom and Julie and Henry and Elizabeth.
    And over there is Stephen and Rachel and Harold and Pamela.
    They all had played and had ravelled in the sandpit.
    Tom was now the chief research scientist working for the chemical manufacturer and multinational corporation Drug-U-Better & Co.
    Julie had become a top PR-Executive of a transatlantic oil exporter.
    Henry was employed as a chief banker for the worldwide Unibank.

    Elizabeth was so pretty, she worked seven days a week as a supermodel of the catwalk.
    Stephen had made his name as a world renowned mathematical physicist.
    Rachel worked and part-owned a wholesale department store and thought soon to extend her
    business interstate and overseas.
    Harold owned and operated Trick-A-Cheapcar, a highly profitable used car yard and dealership; he considered it time to move into gold, real estate and the Vatican Bank.

    Pamela made her daily run on the stockmarket; she was so good at it, that she had even given up her lucrative career as a lawyer over it....
    And Dad and Mum are standing on the edge of the sandpit watching the children play in the
    sand; but now the sand was made into different toys to play with.
    There was paper and metals and plastics and other things.

    The kids still chucked the sand around, but now they called it money and computers and rockets and things and cars and satellites and guns and things...
    If all the kids are children of nature, the universe and if all the children are still growing up;
    should they then not be destined to grow into entire universes themselves?

    That is the logical conclusion in a development from baby to child to adult.
    And Mum and Dad are standing on the edge of the sandpit, watching the children play in the
    sand - they are always watching you and they are always loving you - their kid."


    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Post 151

    Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:19 am

    joesmoe wrote:

    Finally I have found someone who will help me understand something that has bugged me for some time now. I am very close to Mormons. I am no religion but most of my family are mormons. I am very schooled in there beliefs and I know very much of what they teach.

    1st question to you is did Joseph Smith really see God and Jesus as he claims?

    2nd question Who wrote the book of Mormon?

    3rd Is Jesus really at the head of the church. It's really called "The Church of Jesus Christ of Later day saints") The mormons.

    Contrary to what most people would believe or know is that mormons are good people. They are kind and really strive to live what they are taught.

    4th Who am I and why do I live within so many mormons.

    5th Can you point me into a direction or give me an answer that might open my understanding. Please still answer the other 4 questions. Mormons have become a silent stigma that most don't understand. I Do.

    Thanks for your time and wait with excitement to your answers.

    Hi JoeSmo!

    1. When you look into the eyes of a newborn baby you are seeing the face of God.
    Joseph Smith was true in intent and in his description of meeting Moroni.
    But this encounter is repeated throughout history and occurs to many people, who never then act upon their 'spiritual encounters', needless to say form a 'new religon'.
    The plates are indeed related to the Urim and the Thummin described in the Torah.
    The Torah is a book of archetypes, all highly potent and 'energized'.
    Therefore the intensity of religious fervour and zealotisms born from dagmatic interpretation of those archetypes and symbols.
    Mormonism, JW's, SDA and all the other 'sects' in divers degrees all then use THEIR (most often their founders like Joseph Smith) interpretations of those archetypes as 'holy writ' and the 'new prophecy' or such things.

    Therefore, from the higher 'umbrella' perspective, all of the 'sects' have a partial truth embedded in a falsehood of the misinterpretation of the archetypes.

    2. Like any good story teller very adept in reading the bible, Joseph Smith's 'vision' of 'spirit encounter' (like alien abductions really) led to a conglomeration of likeminded peoples, who then BLENDED the OT with the 'Lost Tribes' (also prevalent in British Israelitism) and wrote the Book of Mormon.

    3. Jesus IS the head of the Amazon tribe, who have never even heared the name 'Jesus'. So Jesus is the head of every church or group or individuation. BUT with 'Jesus' here I do NOT mean the 'religious figure' of ANY dogma derived institution.
    The 'Jesus' I refer to can only be realised in a One-To-One Personal Gnosis or Partnership.
    So again, none of the Christian denomination is wrong or better than any other in terms of their foundation, but all are incomplete and some are rather more 'missing the point', than others.

    I agree with you; I have known and debated with Mormons, and whilst 'brainwashed', they are sincere and warmhearted, especially from the grass roots level. They are much like the New Age movement - but with a very cumbersome dogmatic restrictivism, such as in regards to sexual desire, food, body expression and so forth.

    4. You are spiritually attuned to Mormons, because you have been very intimately engaged with them, say over the last 200 years or so. I perceive you have been a devoted Mormon wife and mother in a recent past and just before you incarnated this time around; you sert yourself the task to 'get at the bottom truth' of mormonism in NOT directly adhering to their belief structure.

    5. You are already on the path to the discernment and the answers you seek.
    You only have to remember your lifepath from the beginning of the universe. You are as old as the universe as a consciousness; to validate your 'heart feeling' about the Mormons as being just one of many expressions for all seekers to 'find their way home' int full self remembrance.

    Being part of a forum, such as this one, is a magnificent methodology to become aware about the oneness of all things, religions included.


    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:21 am

    cloud9 wrote:
    I finally decided to take the risk, I'll look ignorant and even more so because I haven't read Anna Hayes books which seem very difficult to grasp and as I understand much of the material in this thread is related to her teachings. I do have some questions:
    1.- abraxasinas, who are you? Can you tell us more about you and your knowledge? I have read very extrange things in the last few years and I'm trying to learn the most I can but sometimes it seems too much to do and not enough time.
    2.- How is it possible for "regular" people who need to work and keep a family to get all the information they need?
    3.- Are you related in some way to the reptilians more than the rest of us?
    4.- Silly me, I'm very curious about what you can see or sense about me if it's possible.
    5.- In plain English, can you tell us what you see in the future for the next 2 - 3 years in recognizable or physical events for humankind?
    Thank you and I hope other people like me who don't understand very much all the jargon of the thread can really "get it".

    Thank you so much.
    Hi cloud9!

    1. Everyone is a mirror for everyone else when incarnated at some place at some time in the material universe.
    So can you see yourself as the 'starving' Ethiopian and as the 'queen of England'?
    You are both of them when NOT in incarnation.
    Where does this knowledge come from? Or is this just some personal innuendo and imagination?
    It is the prerogative of the 'dead' people of the 'mysterious beyond' to KNOW after leaving the 'use by dated' 'bodies' behind.

    Then the dichotomy of life and death is of couese engaged in this scenario as well.

    So where does the knowledge from Thuban derive from: The Land of the Dead. {Hint: There exist a story, that promises 'Eternal Life' with the abolishment of physical death, but requiring new bodies}.

    2. It is sufficient to ALLOW relevant information to 'invade' ones personal intimate space; as the 'inner soul's superconsciousness' can process all information from the perception of the unity, without the waking consciousness fully understanding the information given.

    3. No, I am as much related to anything else as you are. I have remembered more than you at this point in spacetime and to help you to remember more, I am sharing what I know.

    4. You are on cloud Nine. You are filled with an all penetrating idealism as how you have envisioned or 'dreamt' of how life could be and you are attempting to infuse your environments at work, with your friends and family and your familiars, with your ideas; though often you lack the confidence to express yourself as you would like to do.

    5. 2008 began the great transformation in a midpoint of a warptime loop beginning in December 2004.
    2009 began the declaration from 'Dragonspace', meaning the 'Land of the Dead' above the limiting 8th dimension of what many here term the 'Reptilian agendas'. Dragonspace encompasses dimensions (or densities) 9-10-11-12.
    2010 will allow 1 in 50,000 inhabitants of the earth to sow internal seeds for a harvest beginning on the Mayan nexus date and culminating in an 'end of all old prophecy' in August 2013.
    In that time period, the total population count of the earth will have reached the required saturation level of 7.2 billion incarnates.

    The 1 in 50,000 represents a Core for a new starhumanity (Old Human Caterpillars cocooning to become StarHuman (or Dragonised) Butterflies. The former 'eating' or consuming the Gaian environment, the latter POLLINATING and FEEDING the Gaian environment.

    Around this core of humanity will be spo 200 Million humans, also able to graduate into a new form of humanity.

    Post 2012 there will so be TWO different RACES of humans inhabiting this planet - Old Humans and New Starhumans.


    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

    Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:22 am

    Anchor wrote:
    Abraxasinas: I was hesitant to ask before, I admit an expectation that you may not be allowed to answer specifics like this:

    1) Please comment on Ra and the "Law of One". It has been an important work for me and is a framework that helps me in my thinking and is a useful guide.

    2) Similarly please comment on the work "The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune". I read this failed to understand it, but it changed me somehow - like a trigger.

    3) The same question applies to the "Readings" given by/through David Wilcock (Ra) and made available in Audio format. They had a transformative effect on my consciousness. In addition to any general comment on this that you can make, I want to specifically know if the vibrational qualities of the sound conveyed anything different to the bare syntax and semantics of the words used.

    4) One of the motivators for the Avalon part of the forum was the works produced by George Green - The Handbook for a New Paradigm. It would be great if you could comment on this work and its accuracy at this point in time, since it has been quite a few years since it was put onto print.

    5) How many Ra fragments are incarnated on this planet at this current time

    6) I have often wondered since reading the Law of One, if I might have any vibrational relationship with Ra, and I am inviting you to comment on this and the nature of it as you are able

    7) I sometimes feel that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing. What did I forget to do? Are you allowed to give me hints?

    8) With reference to the "veil of forgetting" spoken of by Ra - is this is the cocoon/egg that helps the planet do all the hard lessons for the ongoing benefit of our brothers elsewhere that you spoke of earlier?

    9) In respect of non-infringement of Freewill - are you bound by the same constraints as Ra when Ra was giving the Law Of One work ?

    10) Why did you pick this forum?

    I hope that isnt too many questions. I am very pleased you are here and open to Q&A - it is a nice thing to see on this forum.


    May we all be blessed, guided and protected by the love and the light of the one infinite creator.

    Sure Anchor and a true anchor you are, a lighttower for the ships stuck in the fogs of the seas!

    1. Ra and the Law of One is one of the best channels of the times past. Edgar Cayce is a wonderful ambassador of Thuban at the timespace he was engegd in.
    Another very good channel, especially as forerunner for the now manifesting 'membrane physcis' is Jane Roberts/Seth (but because the 'science' is so pertinent, the spiritual data on history, especially the New Testament is almost 100% disinformation - why? because the polarity must be maintained UNTIL its maximisation allows triggering in inversion as minimisation - ergo unification in oneness}.

    2. Dion Fortune and the Theosophists and then Steiner and Schauberger, Russell, Reich and then on to Sheldrake, Lovelock and Penrose; all are very valid exponents in the calibre of 'The Law of One'.

    What they all do, is tap into the universal superpotent archetype of the holistic monad (scientifically espoused by Newton, Leibniz and Spinoza in the Infinitesimal, the Monad and the Essences) - and then attempt to translate the older 'often very convoluted language' (as say Blavatsky's and even earlier found in the Dead Sea Scrolls) into then more 'modern' terminologies.
    So the criteria is simple; whenever you encounter holism, blending yin and yang and attempting to harmonise the 'light' and the 'dark', then the Quabbalistic Tree of Life and the 'Knowledge of Good and Evil' of the Mirror of the Kabbalah is becoming invoked and the 'highest guardians' are automatically invoked on the reader's quest to find the keys to truth, gnosis and wisdom.

    3. I would fully support David's works on his 'psychic attunements' as this part of his work (not his physical singing or some of his superpositions and conclusions regarding his data base) is indeed the legacy of Edgar Cayce; who is seeking a physical presence in this realm for the time of the transformations.
    Allow me to state clearly here; that David Wilcock's selfID with Ra is correct; but that you are as much Ra and the author of the Ra material as David is. This statement only appears to be selfcontradictory from the perception of the separated individuality and disappears say in invocation of the Jungian collective consciousness perception.
    The longitudinal waves of sound as pressure-rarefaction changes require a medium for its propagation; whilst its transformed state of transverse electromagnetic waveforms do not. This then becomes the transmutation of sound energy into light frequencies using phenomena like the piezoelectric effect and on a higher level (of David) the multidimensional amanifestations of sound and light.

    4. George Green's vision is that of a true 'seer' and he has filtered the 'truth' rather succinctly. As with all 'channels' from the disincarnate to the incarnate or the 'dead alive ones' to the 'living dead ones'; the data will and must be FILTERED through the perceptions and words of the 'seer'.
    Then the difference between 'good' and 'bad' seers bnecomes how 'spotted' they are as the Mirrors for the transmitted data.
    There was only One 'perfect' such mirror; perfected after a 'baptism', which allowed the human ego of a tripartite consciousness (waking-sub-siper) to transform into a unified superconsciousness. This then became a WARPTIME in the human history from December 24 AD to April 32 AD.
    George Green's 'Mirror of the Soul' say; was 'in the footsteps' of that of the Galilean and so of a pristine quality.
    I recommend him as a gnostic of the highest calibre in intent and principle.
    Some of the detailed interpretations are, as always and necessarily, a reflection of the time of the transmission.
    Finally the Council of Thuban in a sense extends the vision of George Green.

    5. The incarnation is ongoing but will be 1 in 50,000 when the Gaian populus has reached 7.2 billion in 2013.

    6. You are Ra, SHOULD you be able to modulate the frequency of that archetypical selfstate into harmonisation with your personal individuated frequencies of spaceawareness or consciousness. This process is none other than the Cosmic Christening - the eating of the Lion, instead of being eaten by the Lion (of Judah) {Revelation.5.5 and GospelofThomas#

    (07) Jesus says:
    (1) "Blessed is the lion that a person will eat and the lion will become human.
    (2) And cursed (anathema) is the person whom a lion will eat and the lion will become human."

    7. You WERE not doing what you should have been doing, because you were searching for missing data.
    Consider to watch a movie: Star Trek - The Motion Picture (the initial film).
    There you will encounter the NATURE OF GOD and the 'Game of Life' and the present situation on the planet.

    Once you have found the missing data, you will know, just as George Green says, that YOU have written the script, but then you have become lost inside the movie, not remembering that you have created it. Of course there is a purpose for your 'forgetfulness', namely a grand awakening and the rendering of the (Lonely) Oneness a Manyness.

    8. Absolutely. The aliens are learning from Us and waiting for Us to remember enough to allow contact on many fronts. With Us here I mean, the bilocality of Gaia WITH Thuban for example and not local isolation and distinction.

    9. FREE WILL is inviolatable by all dimensions, even the 12th cannot ever violate the 'Free Will' of ANY sentience.
    The great confusion about 'Free Will' derives from the FACT, that God=Oneness=Unity=ONE FREE WILL... and ALL 'Free Wills' are part of God's Free Will. So whenever anyone realises its kinship and FAMILY with God; then the question becomes a non sequitur. God's Will is your will and there is no difference anymore.
    But of course to reach this kind of selfawareness requires the unified consciousness and not the tripartite obscuring one; iow the human ego must evolve into a 'divine ego' of understanding there is one Father and one mother and this fathermother is YOU, both in disincarnate Oneness and in Incanate Manyness. This is the Brosisterhood of the New StarHumanity ready to become galactically engaged.

    10. I've known about PC for a long time and have followed the developments. Especially I noticed the relative inability of the founders to make penetrating usage of the powerful information given by James of the Wingmakers and their relative ignorance about the true meaning of Unification. This thjen became plainly obvious in the Greer Interview and I reacted to this and decided to join this forum to:
    1. Further the scientific aspects of the wingmakers data
    (It is my position, that James of the wingmakers is waiting for the extension of his work and that his anonymity does not serve the higher agenda as he envisages)
    2. To publish a quasi-public 'face' yet remaining in the shadow of the anonymity, which is solely for the purpose to NOT engage personality issues BUT simply share and provide free information for anyone able to 'digest' some of it.
    3. To answer Q and A in my capacity to further expand and promulgate the 'Wisdom of the Ancients', who are Humanoid Dragons as its archetypical label.

    Thanking you for asking and allowing me to answer.


    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

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