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    The Archetyped CosmoGenesis of the Human Metamorphosis


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    Re: The Archetyped CosmoGenesis of the Human Metamorphosis

    Post  Didymos on Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:47 pm

    Inanna wrote:Didymos --

    do you think it might be possible for you to summarize the various components in this thread where you "wax eloquent" over the OmniScientific theories/explainations detailed above ???  i mean ... like could you just give us "lay people" like me some idea of the IMPLICATIONS of what you're saying with all this scientific-speak.  i ASSUME from my skimming (avoiding anything that looked too brain-taxing!) that scientists are "discovering" some cool STUFF out there that corroborates and/or amplifies some of the "themes" you are fond of from a Thuban point of view ... so, if this assumption is correct ... maybe you could describe in REGULAR words precisely what this "advanced science" is showing us and why it's important ... why it matters on a SPIRITUAL level ... why we should care.   omg

    as one of your LEAST "scientifically minded" but most "perennially persistent" friends & followers ... HELP !    wheels

    thanks, didymos.

    much love,

    inanna kali

    p.s.  it's the SECOND part of the thread i'm referring to here, of course.  i think i "got" the parts BEFORE "The Omniversal Hypershpere ..."  it's at THAT point that my brain reserves became DEPLETED by the scientific jargon!  LOL  THANK You, Sir Didymos !    blue smile  blue smile  blue smile    

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